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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 1922.
Consolidated with the Morenci Leader
Published Every Friday by
W. B. KELLY, Editor and Manager
Entered at tjie Postoffiee at Clifton, Arizona, for transmission
through the mails as second-class mail matter.
Payable Strictly in Advance
For the United States, Mexico and Canada $2.50
IA11 other countries in Postal Union $3.00
Beginning next Tuesday morning, January 2nd, the newly
elected county officials will enter upon their official duties. For
the most part old famiiliar faces will be seen in their accustomed
places. Judge Laine will continue to preside over 1 the Superior
Court with Ben Fehrman as Clerk; Mrs. Jessie L. Johnson will be
gin her second term as County School Superintendent; "L. N. Calli
cotte will again have the custody of the county records, and W. J.
Collins will transfer from the office of Treasurer to that of Assessor.
In the office of the Board of Supervisors and in the office
of Sheriff new incumbants will take their places. The new sheriff
being W. T. Witt, former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of
this county and the two new supervisors being Minor O. Simms,
of Clifton and.W. W. McMillen, of Morenci.
Both the sheriff and the Board of Supervisors will have ap
pointments to make on January 1.
In making these appointments -the members of the Democra
tic party in Greenlee county have a right to expect that the ap
. pointees shall not only be efficient and trustworthy, but that they
shall be Democrats as well.
The campaign in Greenlee county, -which resulted in a
splendid, victory for the Democratic ticket from top to bottom, was
achieved by constant effort and energy on the part of the Demo
cratic workers throughout the county and the concerted action
trough t about under the diretion of the Democratic County Central
The Democratic workers of the county and the Democratic
County Central Committee, as well as the rank and file of the Demo
cratic party, will be dissappointed if any1 Democratic officer or any
Democratic board goes outside of their own party in making their
' It does not follow that among our Republican friends in this
county, few in number, but very select, that efficient and trust--worthy
appointees could not be found, but the Republicans, as
well as the Democrats, subscribe to the rule that "to the victors
Toelong the spoils." -
iHoscow Is directing a widespread campaign in the United
States for the overthrow of the American government, declares,
JWm. J. Burns, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation before
the House Appropriations Committee. .
- He declares documents obtained during the; past year ''clearly-
Indicate' -the Communist Internationale is- behind a strong " "move- '
meat among negroes, labor unions, and various'' social organiiations
and women's' clubs," Its ultimate purpose being to undermine these
organizations with the view of overthrowing the United States gov
ernment and establishing dictatorship of the proletariat.
Reds have established "schools", where, radicalism is taught
-without interference by the government. Such schools have been
found in Seattle and near Boston and are springing up in other sec
tions. i "We have no authority to stop it," Burns decked.
Burns testified 358 new radical publications had sprung up
In the United States the last year and there are now 611 in circula
tion throughout the country.
Mere suppression, arrests and deportations will not defeat
this evil in the United States. We must beat the agitator at his own
Same. His radical propaganda must be counteracted just as steadily
as he spreads it. Enlightenment of the masses and not force alone
will hold this nation safe against the inroads of; the Russian Reds.
Our people must be shown, the fallacy of these arguments
nd the condition of Russia today is the strongest object lesson that
ean be advanced to show why sound thinking Americans should
steer clear of any program that has "landed the! people of a nation
in the plight that Russians find themselves in today.
The recent elections in western states emphasized one point
the people, want a reduction in the overhead cost of government
Laying aside rall arguments and prejudices for or against any
candidate, the people have shown unmistakably that they wish re-
duction in present tax burdens. It is useless to tell the people
that they are to blame for present state expenses. They may have
voted for the tax raising measures but in nine cases out of ten
the average citizen does so not realizing the aggregate burden he
la heaping upon himself.
Any man who reads the country papers of the states west
f the Rocky Mountains could draw but one conclusion, namely,
the people were demanding a new deal in public affairs. Incumbents
In office who failed to recognize this condition have been defeated
"by candidates who saw the situation.
Candidates who have gone into office on a tax reduction and
efficiency program in public affairs must make good with their
pre-election promise if they wish to escape condemnation of the
people. Holdover public officials who are in office must also re
cognise the present state of public opinion and trim their sails ac
cordingly. - v
Every line of private business has reduced expenses. Bvery
Aepartment of state, city and county 'governments must do the
same. This does not mean curtailnig efficiency. It simply means
giving more service for the same money and where possible, better
service for less money.
The Portland Oregonian remarks that most men's ideas of a
Jiving wage 1b two dollars a day more thanf they get
When a man asks your advice you should try to find out what
lie wants to do and then govern yourself accordingly.
The' alliance between Great Britain and Japan has just been
renewed for another year, and the announcement was a shock to all
who rejoiced last winter in the passing of that alliance as a by-product
of the Washington arms conference.
Its end was regarded by many competent judges as the big
gest accomplishment of the conference, because it removed an un
natural bond between Europe and Asia and brought together, in a
free and friendly working agreement, the two great English speak
ing peoples. - .
There is no need, however, to accuse either Britain or Japan
of treachery. The renewal of the alliance comes about automatically,
for the simple reason that France, at the moment of its expiration,
has not yet ratified the Washington four?power Pacific treaty. The
four-power treaty itself provided for such a contingency.- Japan,
chief loser in the new arrangement, was not asked to give up her
claim on British loyalty until all four powers had ratified.
It is reported now, from Paris that the French government,
after long hesitation, is disposed to ratify this treaty, along with the
naval limitations pact. Under h'e circumstances, France would cer
tainly gain nothing in American esteem by further delay.
The destructive type of extreme radicals arrogate to them
selves the right 'to appropriate the name "Progressive."
That group by that predatory act provokes the ire of the reaf
constructively progressive element. Only sanity in legislation can
command approval and support.
Real "Progressives" are as strongly -opposed to radicalism on
the one hand as they are to the dry-rot of reactionism on the other.
Theirs is that sane common ground on which the great mass of
Americans have always shown their Inclination to stand under val
iant leadership. i
- The term "progressive" has a definite significance and mean
ing expressive of that type of Americanism which revers organic law.
They insist that American law ts fundamentally intended to
serve the people and that respect for law depends on the sincerity
adn the integrity of that service.
Prtogressivism means that the processes and methods of gov
ernment, when and where they fail to serve men and women, must
be changed and made to function for human welfare and happiness.
That is where it parts company . alike from blind and unintelligent
reaction and the dragnet of untried experiments.
When radicals meet and appropriate the designation "Progres- '
sive." the group is attaching to itself a label to which it is nof-en-titled
and' is bidding for popular support under false pretenses.
Tax-exempt bonds are increasnig in volume and are snapped
up as rapidly as issued.
, They draw from the reservoirs of liquid capital vast sums
which would otherwise be available for. industrial investments.
They cause' an additional tax burden to be imposed to meet
interest and sinking fund requtrtaentsi,-''1-?-'r'
' They reduce taxable property of the country by increasing vol
ume of non-taxable wealth.
They exempt from taxation a class of wealthy citizens who
secure all the benefits of government without sharing directly in its
expense or responsibilities.
Unless prompt measures are taken to prevent the continued
issuance of such securities which have now reached the gigantic
total of $30,000,000,000, the nation. will be-confronted with, a serious
political and economic upheaval from ' this cause alone.' A con
stitutional amendment is- needed to remedy the situation.
No nation can exist successfully with one-half the wealth
"taxed and the other half not taxed.
No; they never did put any of the war grafters in jail.
Every prospectus of a company selling oil stocks is a gusher.
And now we've got to have the bonus fight all over again.
Women may think they rule the world, but the milliners of
Paris are all men.
We are not certain whether Greece was a victim of bad: judg
ment or bad advice.
There is something wrong somewhere when children rather
go to school- than stay at home.
Ever notice how cross some motorists get when a train crosses
a crossing when they want to use it.
Mr. Ford says our currency should be reformed. He ought
to know; he has cornered most of it.
A lot of trouble would have been; avoided if we had made an
end of Turkey when we had the chance.
"Skirts Are Coming Down", announces a headline, and the
Columbia Record announces that the show is over.
The Episcopal church has dropped the word "obey" from it
marriage ceremony. But does it really make any difference.
: '
But, then, the Greeks had something comnig to them. They
made a mistake when they-called Constantino- bftcti? to" the; throne.
"Prohibition is being seriously discussed in Mexico,"-according
to a news item. Would you regard that as a good sign or not?
Henry Ford has been indulging in some sharp talk lately.
But if yon had as much money as he has. accumulated yon would
talk big, too.
That preacher who eloped with a young woman, leaving a
wife and nine children, declaring that he was misunderstood, is mis
taken. The country understands him perfectly, and knows where
he belongs.
Editorial Pen Points
The next job is to learn to write
it 1923.
Yes, they are still having peace
conferences in Europe.
Most self-made men gave them
selves too much tongue.
Matrimony alsya proves that two
can live as foolishly as one.
Europe asks for our moral support,
and for more loans along with it.
Lloyd George may have been lick
ed, but he is still able to talk back.
In the old days martyrs were burn
ed. Now they are made to dig coal.
People like to be bossed. Look-, at
the way they submit to the traffic
cops. .
The small boy's objection to a
bath is that it has to be repeated
too often.
Paople who get ahead in the world
are not backward about keeping up
a front.
About the best the government can
promise is that taxes will not be
any higher.
These flappers might have known
that bobbed hair wouldn't be stylish
for long.
Co-operation is necessary in nearly
everything. You can't even make
love without it.
It is to be hoped that the new Mrs.
Hohenzollent will treat her- spouse
as he deserves.
What has become of the McCor
mick family, and their marriage and
divorce troubles?
Many a man ha called a girl a
dream, only to find after marriage
that she is a stern reality.
About the worst insult we can im
agine is give a negro a safety razor
for a Christmas present.
Most of us would not worry so much
about the weather if it were not for
thermometers, for then we would
not know how cold it isr how hot,"
We met a remarkable man the other
day. He could name every number
of President Harding's cabinet
Another thing the average man
needs is an ash tray' that will be
where he wants it when he needs it.
There .'is no need to worry about
anything' elsie now. Congress is busy
Tpassihg'rthe appropriation bills.-
A woman candidate is charged with
buying; votes. But whoever heard of
votes being offered for 98 cents?
When a small boy goes to school
with clean finger nails it is a sign
that he has the right kind of mother.
There would be fewer traffic acci
dents these days if automobiles had
as much sense as horses used to
. A New York photographer is ' to
pick the country's 22 fairest women.
He doesn't care about being popular.
If all the reformers would go to
work there would be a still further
reduction in the wages of unskilled
PIRTLEVTLLE, Dec. 21. Rosalie
Benson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Scoville Benson, of Pirtleville, is In
a serious condition from drinking a
preparation of lye and water. The
child is past 3 years old.
Mrs. Benson had prepared the mix
ture in a pitcher as she intended to
carry it from room to room and add
it to the scrubbing water. Little
Rosalie did not heed the mother's
warning not to drink from the pitcher
and swallowed some of the water.
Her face and throat were badly
burned. The attending physician be
lieves the child will recover, but her
condition is grave.
YUMA, Ariz. Dec. 20. Amos Sapp,
deputy sheriff up at - Swansea,
brought down Presiliano Mesa, the
Mexican who shot Jesus Pasos. in a
gambling quarrel on December 12,
Wednesday night and the man was
given a preliminaray hearing before
Judge Stanley in the justice court.
According to an eye wfttneag. the
tvfo men wsejre playing- tfar&s and
quarreled, and Mesa pulled a gun and
shot Pasos to death. Mesa fled to
the hills, but was caught by a posBe
and brought to Yuma He was held
over without bail to the superior
court. The witness is being held un
til the trial. Mesa has signified his
intention to plead guilty and will no
doubt be given a speedy trial and
W. W. Lane, county engineer of
Pinal county, has been appointed as
sistant state engineer by Frank
Goodman, named by Governor Hunt
as state engineer after January 1.
Mr. Lane is now in Phoenix and has
spent some time during the past two
dajte in familiarizing himself with
the work of the state engineering de
partment It is rumored about the
Capitol that Charles . Addams of
Phoenix has been appointed chief
clerk in the highway department. Mr.
Goodman has not announced the re
mainder of the appointees in hla department
Sunday School
f Lesson T
Teacher of English Bible In til Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright. 1922, Western Newspaper fiitaa,
GOLDEN TEXT The Spirit of the
Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed
roe to preach the gospel to the poor.
Luke 4:18.
PRIMARY TOPIC Favored Btorkee of
the Quarter.
JUNIOR TOPIC Jesus Went About Do
ing Good.
How Jesus Ministered to the People.
-Some Characteristics of Jesus' Ministry.
Since all the lessons of the quarter
save one are from Luke, and the cen
tral and unifying" theme is Jesus
Christ, n profitable way to couduct
the review, ns suggested in I'eloubet'n
Notes, would lie to assign the follow
ing topics to pe members of the
class to nurke a brief report upon:
1. Christ's Mission to the World.
2. Christ's Helpers and How He
Used Them.
3. Christ's Divine Power and How
He Exercised It.
4. Christ's Methods of Teaebln.
5. Christ's Lore In Its Many Mani
festations. 6. Christ's Courage and How He
Showed It.
7. Christ's Foes and Hla PeaKaes
With Them.
8. Christ's Pity for Sinners.
9. Christ's Passiug Through Hunt
10. Christ as a Missionary and an
11. Christ's Relation to the Father.
12. Christ's Preparation for the
Climax of His Lire.
Another way would be by summar
izing each lesson, stating the out
standing topic and teaching- of each
leason. The following suggestion
are offered:
Lesson 1. The birth of John the
Baptist, whlcuVroui the human stand
point was Impossible, was announced
to his father, Zachariat. For hla mo
bellef he was smitten with duiubaea.
God expects of his ' servant unques
tioned belief In what He promise.
Lesson 2. Jesus was born la Bethle
hem just as the prophet had foretold
some 700 years before, and at the age
of twelve years he consciously e-
tered into the services of God's hoase-
Though conscious of His divine-beiA"
nd mlrelonV He lived a lift of filial
obedience. -?: - k -
Lesson S. Jehu the Baptist's tola- -liitry
was a preparation for the com-
tag of Christ. He fearlessly preached
repentance and pronounced Judgment
upon the Impenitent Though a mighty
preacher, he humbly declared that
Christ was Immeasurably greater
than himself
Lesson 4. Jesus Christ after His
baptism was led by the Spirit into
the wilderness to be tempted of the
devil. The purpose . was to test thre
reality of the incarnation. The re
sult was complete victory a demon
stration of His ability to save to the
uttermost all who trust Him.
Lesson 5. Isaiah foretold the. gold
en age upon the earth when Christ
will reign.
Lesson 6. While Jesus was here He
healed all kinds of diseases and east
out devils. He authenticated His
mission and proved His power to for
give sins by miraculous deeds.
Lesson 7. Jesus . taught the dis
ciples the principles which should
govern in His kingdom. Only those
who have been horn from above ran .
love their enemies.
Lesson 8. While in Simon's houn
at dinner, a woman who hml been a
notorious sinner anointed Jesus' feet
Snd wiped them with her fealr. The
sinner's gratitude to Jesus for for
giveness Is measured by the appre
hension of sins forgiven.
Lesson 9. Jesus went forth through
out every city preaching the clad tid
ings of the Kingdom of tod. The fact
of salvation for sins through a cruet
fled Redeemer is truly glad tidings.
Lesson 10. Jesus sent forth inlt
slonuries with the realization of the
big task before them, and with power
to perforin supernatural deeds to au
thenticate their mission. Those who
realize the bigness of their task will
earnestly pray that the Lord will
snd forth laborers into His harvest.
Lesson 11. Jesus' reply to the ques
tion of a certain lawyer, "Who Is my
neighbor?" shows that the all-important
consideration is not "Who la my
neighbor?" but "How oaii I show thar
I am a neighbor T"
Lesson 12. A certain rich man la
his perplexity over his prosperity de
cided to provide larger stores snd set
tle down to a life of sensuous Indul
gence. The one who lays op treas
ures on earth and la not rich toward
God is a fool.
Consolation, Love, Faith, Hope. Life.
May Consolation smile on every
pain, and Love put her balm on every
wound that life beHrs! May Faith
strengthen you all In your unavoidable
trials and Hope whisper through all
sorrows that this terrestrial life of
ours Is a mere shadow of tlie Life that
never dies. Mazxlnl.
Charity Among Yourselves.
, But before all things have a eon
Btant mutual charity among yourselves
jfe? charity covers a aauiataat !

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