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-— - ■ ** ■
3_^BM»y»TTIJ_g ; TA.e>-
FRIDAY _OB_l_a.-:'.::;;::MARCH, 18 I8_)
xkwb-apsc* uwi.
J_*a___***-*** are required to give in. tier by
__ _lr~* * subacriUer dors not Is.'(. bis
taper eruas _i,. cilice: and give the lesson
lor 11* not be In* taken. Neglecting to do so
■lake* • j__si_,_si,r responsible to tbe pub
__>h»r l_r the paymeut.
Any person whs takes a paper regularly
I om the postofflce, whetlier he has subscrib
ed or not. Is responsible tor the payment of
the subscription.
A person ordering his paper discontinued
Snnst pay all arrearage*, orlbe puhltsherniay
•J.ntlnue t* semi it until payment is mail.,
and collect tb* whole arautint, whether It 1*
taken Iroia tbe office ur not.
Tbe court* have decided that refusing to
ake.a paper and periodical from the posi
•fflce, or removing and leaving them uneall
•tf lor is|)ri»i«/uc'i« evidence of intentional
ou'e-ii,____. interest
VOX-. IB _____• __l.
YsTISMI NG to eugag" iv oilier husl
" ne.s, I offer for sale mv Interest in the
J-'ATiva VißOiNiaN. It is the only paper
juhllsbed la Ihe coiintlrsof Urnuge, Wnill
•on, Ureene and Lou.sa; has a lurge sub
scription and advertising list throughout
Vliglnls end the Houtli, as well as I many
of ll.aNoril_.ru Wales. Helng located In one
ofthe most flourishing sections ol the eoun
trv.*t the Junction ol the two lending Itall
loalsof the .Slate, It furnishes aflneopen
lx.g for an enterprising newNpuper man, und
could be made to pay for itself lv two years
i'.r fmther information, adtirrss
January 38,1070. Oordonsvlil*,'
We are so much pleased with th* fol
lowing from the Petersburg Index that
our brother editor must pardon us lor
copy ing itiu full:-"In the stirring lime*
•i war, when Virginia was a battle
ground and her people leader* In a
Struggle as glorious a* it was vain, when
we were ever the prey of great excite
ments, now in the delirious j*y ol vic
tory, now ;n deep despond, as some
disaster wrung «,ur heart* : in those
days the present was nll.oach bom had
It* appointed work, little tune was had
for thought, none for regret. But a
harder las. than war was to be ours,
t*> live through deadly years of uacer
tainty, of chan.. or hop* deferred, aud
the heart sicknes* that follows ll._
Then, we had full time for fear or the
S future, tor weariness of the present and
idle, vlckening, yearning for the past
that may never c*m* back. But now,
st length, we begin to pluck up heart
snd to front w hate .er is before us. Ami
now only, can we ju-tly weigh the ioss
ts we have met and fully appreciate
what is left to us. The broken ami the
nulancholy, who, though their hand
he put to tbe plough, yet must evei
look back; these form one estimate;
while far different is that of the young!
th* ardent, and the aspiiing. The olle
point* to our lo»t autonomy, to our
scarred and deserted field*.:_ ourgreat
debts, to the thousand mound* thi t
cover tho b*loved dead, who died In
Not in vain, say th* other; their cause
was Virginia* honor, their death won
**r glory. We have lost greatly, but
*•• have gained a new and nobler name
imong_en; we, the youth, the new
Virginia, risen from the ashes of the
*»r, have gained experience, modern,
don «elfdeninl. discipline, persisten
cy, energy; good thing* all.
Some how thus, the balance might be
struck, ami not unjustly, for the war
snd the yesrs. called ol peace, since Ap
pomattox Sunday, have been a reality
t«ach*r. Nor, when w* reckon jp our
condition, must we forget, the sun
shii'.ss and th* eartli brings forth her
Increase, now, as t en. tv* have lost
great possessions; but ourselve*remain.
The family, and the home are not gone;
ths virtues which strengthen and the
f rases which adorn a land are not per
ished. By many a wandering stream.
In many a sheltered valley, on many a
gentle hill, by Potomac and hy York.
by James and Roanoke, on mouutain
aud ou plain, still shine the hospitable
light* of our country home*. There
Still the stranger is adeemed; the pom
sti,l make good their claim; still' tbe
simple piely of old guide* Ihe house
hold, whose daughter* grow to comeli
ness aud virtue, whose sou* to truth
•nd honor. Still, at the Christ***!
tide, gather to the old home Its children
snd it* grand children, to join the same,
•ver widening circle, to hear the le
gend* their father* heard. And.as here
and theie isa vacant space, th* chii. I
dren listen with bated breath to le«rn.
how their cousin died among the guns
or Gettysburg or drew his ia»t*b.eath j
•s the sun went down on Hhiioh. Time
robs the tale of its bittemc is; we make
of our ions and brothers our ancestors,
and, In their glory we rejoice. Around
th* hearths of our country homes, what I
memories gather, what noble hopes
arise. There, spite of battle and siege
an.! rouf, »t'.ll lives that nnboiight grac*
ot nations, which Burke once mourned.
as dead in France. For is il ha* not
diad, nor shall. Sol ngas.sun shine*
•nd water flows, ror Virginia—so long
will ns-.tle in our homes tho*e lious*
h*ld virtues, truth, and honor and char
ity, of which th* grac* ol life is but th* '
A people's virtue suffers no defeat in :
war, nor i* lost when worldly gn*d* are '
gone, it is 1 '.ather the cloak to which we j
cling in adversity, aud which prosper!- i
sty's warm su i sometimes makes weari- '
sons. It the Virgin,'., of the past he :
dear to ut, indeed, we Will cherish its ,
memory, not with vain repining nor '
•die despair, but with a noble pride in | !
it* memory, bidding us so to shap* our
life ti_at we, in our turn, shall be dear
to those win. come .after us. Toauchan
•nd. no people ever l.iek.'d the mean*. c
Th* losves we have suffered W.U. day | ,
hy day, grow small*!- as time bear* v* j ,
•a, but, were they an huiidr.d toil.' I j
gr*»ter. yet think what remains lo us; j v
ourselves and our native land ; hop*, i h
•nd our country h*m*»."
M I •
|C 3** We are under obligation* to our s
friend, W. it. J., for several numbers „
of the Tyler (lexas) Reporter, ll* I o
jnu. t excuse us for not copying the t
glowing accounts of Texas prosperity/. I r
fur we are totally opposed lo present
ing any inducement- to emigration l
fiom our old Stat.). which has abutulian ' *
n*ed and space lor all within her hor-! -
*___F* WalUing has Ixsu 3«flncd to bs
From the Leonard Scott Publishing
Company, New York, we hay* the re
print of Blackwood'* Magazine tor Feb
ruary, and th* North British Review
for Ihe quarter beginning with Janua
ry 1870.
The April number of "Petersen's
I.adie.i National Mngazsne'' comes i„
advai cc of all other*. We believe it Is
quite a favorite with the ladies, aud de
servedly so.
We return our thanks to Messrs. El
lyson and Taylnr.|Nrws Dealer-, Rici •
snond, Va., for the February number ol
Ihe Baltimore Medicu! Journal, tor
which useful monthly, they arc the »
gents for Virginia.
The Educational Join nal of Virginia.
We are very glad to add our mite to
the commendations th* pre*, showers
on this young periodical. We wish it
the greatest success, and are sure il will
prove valuable to teachers and scholars.
Whs n v.c g ye the names ot the Editor*
we *ay enough lo the educated people
of Viigiuia; they are iless.s. C. H.Win
ston. I). Lee Powell, Thos.lt. Price,
and John 11. St.rother. The Journal is
published monthly in Richmond, only
11.00 per annum. Business Agent M.
W. Hazlewood. P. O. Box, 41H! Rich
inonil Va.
i Monthly Report of th* I.epnrt
)f Agriculture for January 1870,
en received.
—We a,u*t acknowledge the re
f Zell's Encyclopedia Xos. 117 lo
for to Frie.
athingtou special iv the Baltl
elegram says it is very amusing
I the causes assigned by Radical
■rs and Radical newspapi"_ f,n
narkable decline in tlie value ol
They put these causes in the
ng order :
The great confidence foreigner*
n th« superhuman influent-* ami
S ul General Grant in our n.i
lv She extraord nary financial
displayed iiy our Financial 3.
--', in what he is pleased to call Ini
g scheme.
The largely increased values o
iiliic.tlni.s ot the South, Inoluditi.
i which answer the same pin pus,
inch gold, and which have *cry.
.store the iiitetclmuge ol cm
•s between this ami Ihe iia'.iiiin
upe to something like an equa
lin gross. None but the veriest
rill deny that tile last namei
; the only OH* enumerated whicl
I the sligh est (fleet upon oin
•)'. and that cotton Is still kinji
liat relate* to our financial ami
rciiil piospcrity.
dent Grant, under good advice.
• tilions to recognize the valid
ol the New _oik Legislature oi
id tie Irregular actum oi the
I Indiana iv support oi llie Fit-
Amendment, and hence post
is proclamation declaring it a
[Im luiulaiiif ntal law. _>'o piuc
n. wo are told, will be issued
inigii-ss shall I iniially receive
lid Georgia. Without Georgia,
New York and Indiana, only
six Slates have latilhd the
at ut. Tiie President lias cx
a desire to Inaku the pruciania
il g the curieiii week. bil. ills
.end upon the action ol Cun
icgard to Georgia and Texas.
I oi lad. no .Soutuciii Blata lias
this aiiieiiiliiieut. What uas
>ne has been by coercion, or
Called "Provisional Govern
anil of these tne Statu* under
it It Ut lon know nothing,
• indebted to Messrs. West and
n. of Richmond Va.. for the l»l
--moks, me latest issued by the
1 Harper aud Brothers, New
of the Prince ol Wales's Visit
East. Journal ol a Visit to
, Constantinople, the Crimea.
', «c. in lb- Suite ofthe Prince
iuc.ss of Wales. liy thy H,,„
illiamrrev. I.mn, Cloth 11..*>1l
l's Novel. Th* Kule 0 i the
or, Koine in the Niu tee'itli
y. Ily G*n. Gartlialdi. Bvo.
nO cento,
the Worldawav. A Xov»l._
-. A. C. Steele, Author of
uhnrst." Bvo, Paper, 60 CIS.
—— -
sdvices tell us thai we have
c commander or Ike Bombay
ly, and that I c can yet ileal
his name from the stain now resting on
it and prove himself guiltless ol Che bar
barity with which I,e is charged. The
pa*senger» on the Bombay deny hear
lug the *i.nal guns Irom the hapless
Oneida. They aver that neither they
nor the Captain "knew the amount oVI
damage done lo Ihe ship they striek."
Would it not have been better to stop
and investigate than to leave the ship
[to Its fate? A more awful tragedy
surely never was enacted on the piti
less ocean.
Til* Virginia House of Delegate* ha*
passed a bill in relation to homestead*
ill that Statr. Lnder it,, provisions a
householder can only dispossess himself I
ol the homestead right by solemn re
linquishment in Ihe form of* deed, duly
(•••corded iv the clerk's office. The
Fredericksburg Herald my* - ,t is esti
mated there are one hundred thousand
))»isons in the Stats who will be enti
tled to tiie privilege* of this act —that
is, that number possessed now el home
steads ofthe value or «_.<KX) or more —
II this number shall claim the exemp-1
tior. then the Slate will have proper))>
ot the value of (_0U.000.000 withdraw..
from Ihe channels ot commerce ami not
•object to the ..iw» ol trade."— BuUo
On tha subject ot -relief for the debt
ors," we have read much aud thought
much, and would say now, In brier, that
while shrinking from anything that
look* like repudiation, we must *j_ree
with those who urge *oin* arrangement
by wh.ch the present unhappy state of
*__-n'_ can be rem .'died. The legis!-.
lure surely will rr.-Jiond to the i tnver
sal petition for relief from the bitrilcH*
vow weighing down the vast majority of
our people. We leave it to wiser head*
than ours to suggest in what form tills
■ must come.
*• We are very glad lo receive tie
speech nf Hon. Thomas Martin of th* j
Maryland Legislature, on a bill pre
s-nted by him for the appropriation of j
amm of money to bury aud enclose
the remain* ot the Confederate dead st i
r*lni Istokout, Hi- '
The question of removing and selling
tbe present penitentiary is beginning
to attract considerable attention. The
friends of the measure urge that as the
city is growing westward the property
J wiuilil increase in value were the peul
! t utiary to be remuvi-d; ami were it to
I rem iin where it is, it might retard the
growth or improvement ot ihe city in
i .mi direst ion. It is also urged that it
would cost no great ileal more than ihe
valu* Ml the property to remove the in-
I siiiutio.i, and that w liar it would now
cost for necessary increase of act-niunin
dstions would cover the dittereace.—
id settle Ihe question. Ihe joint Com
uiltterou As) luins and Prisons on Fri
day presumed the following bill iv the
"Be it enacted by the General Assembly.
That the Governor lie authorized ami
directed forthwith to appoint s com
uii'S'on ot :hr«e freeholders to ascer
tain what ihe present location of tho
penitentiary can lie sold for, aud what
a new location can b* obtained lor, to
gether with the silvan agrs of such new
loesiion. and what it will cost, to re
move the present penit.-iiliiiry build
ings, or erect new ones on a new site
ad.ipi-.il in ih« » ants <>l such an insti
tution; nnd also lo report, alter full In
quiry, tne expediency of tho sale and
removal of the present penitentiary.
•■§_. The said commission shall re
ceive Hie same compensation at is al
lowed number* of the • ',• tleral As_.ni
'ly while iv the .Qttutl di-charge nl
their Unties, an.l lliev shall rcpnrl to
the Governor wiitiiu [hilly da) s after
tli.ir Mppoiiiliuent.
"§This act *>iall he in torce Irom and
alter it* patvage."
I The feeling of iusecu ily among heavy
wholesale dealers in all dcpiin rnenisol
trade is inleiise. Operaioi s leel thai
inereliaudise is a dangerous eousniosilty
until ths tliianee, are tl.in and staple,
linkers in cotton and other product*
j feel the declifie iv |pnl severely. Ko
I ini «re.-t, however, ha* MiH'cr ed as much
las dry g .oils, Thi department ~i
tr*de h*« gone to sleep. A. T. Stew,
sit. it is usse t 'd, is the nn.y merchant
who has (lour an active hu.lueta. ami
his operation* have beau carried on by
forced sal. s.
,' The depression everywhere i* only
1 an internal sluggishness, a I,antral con.
comiutiit ol a lulling market, which \, ||
. .nun be dissipated in prosperity, j t j,
believed that should gob', too])' rrac'
J par, ns lliere is now every evidence ii
will, the volume „( ~.i:.„ia ti, i u ..j,,
I unrcased Hud in rlie insane mania sj
, gold gambling will cease lo hamper thi
. niei'CHiiitile anil con,inercinl Interestso
; tile coin.try. There is a keen eye eve
rywhei _• watching Ihe movements of thi
market, mid a feeling that gold ns laser
, clmnilisc is about to expire after a 1.0
, madic ami eventful lit* of u-n years.
--j Gold opened yesterday at. 111. and clo*
ed, after rapid an,l extreme fluetua
turns, at 111 —Herald.
_ The report of the commit;e* of tin
Senate on Virginia giving it ai than
opinion that the r. quiivmcut* of ih»
new Cons, ituiionol'c ointy judges tliai
[ they shall lie "leamedin the law of the
, State"'makes it necessary that all lli«
. I county judges shall beliccnsed lawyer*
. is meeting with criticism from lb*pre*,
. of the Slate which it deserves. Tin
, Richmond , ispatvh sho «s clearly thai
. '.he cniistruclioii ; » tar-fetched ami
I strained. It is said ol other judges thin
, they must have practiced law a certain
> number of years, but of lilt- comity
judge, that they must simply he "learn'
.ed In the law o'l t!ie Slate." W u hoi,
. with Hie Dispatch that a legal education
. may have been receive- ou the bench.
j I or lv the clerk's oin •)-. or at college, n:
. al home , v. n. and .h.it the Leg! liture
wlieihet Ihe cindidnte lias ii.id it or not,
, 111 • •*_ sf ci iteruiii,' - -ai st lis coiuuiit.
i tee, "ol a legel education l» [|nit il,,
- j party <i_* obtnincd a license a* a law
. yer." f. very sensible man in the Stair
• will dissent .run this »tat__noiif. For
all over th St»t. men may be found
with .i law-lici-use in llieir pocket . li.
arc not learned iv the law, ami nevri
j will be; while many old clerk's and ol,|
I magistrate- have obtain-.! such learn
ing in llieir exp. rienc..— Christian Sun.
j sum OAK.
A desperate effort is making to cloak
Gen. Sheridan's Piegan inns.acre. It
' is now said thai General Sully did an
1 I uiiotn,-t-r like, wronr act j n telegraph
. ing the diets, and that Inspector Ccn
( erai Ilardie lias expressed ••ilic iipinimi
that file chastisement was necessary."
Wiiat is nil thistra-li'. What has it lo
do win, the killing in coll blood o.
ninety women and fifty children, some
oflhcm b.-ibesal the breast. Sou.ethiug
else must be said ere this becomes other
thaua most bos*,detestable, brutal and
bloody murder. These are strong
terms, but the undented statement iv
I this e».«e deserve thorn, It Is 'die to
J lell 11. nl rape iiml till).iter nil th* ixird-
I er. Surely liie little paj,|>oo.r« never
I killed anybody, and even Sheridan will
j not .■itrritnite rape to the squaws. lias
It been men slain. . it_li is the fate n|
! war, but to cut ih>: throat* ot women
sick with ihe small pox. and to sho a
.loan to.ldiing infants- eveif If tin y
were red- is n monstrous eiime. An
investigation is imp. r.itiv-lv druiuud
[ eif. iiml ii Is consonant to Justice that
Ihe T.ines and the Tl Ihune should r<m.
'■ur iv the m-citsit)' of Ihe same.-A". F.
oath or omci,
The tollowing I* the oath of nfllc* to
be taken hy all officers ol the Staia. on
• nteriiig on the discharge of any fuue
t.ons a_ olHcers, a* passed by the House
1 of !>>■ legates ;
"I. Be it enacted by th* General As
sembly. Tliat all persona before enter
ing upon tiie discharge of any .unction*
as otlleers oi this Slate, shall take and
subscribe tiie following oath or aflirma
tiou :
••I. ( do solemnly swear
(■.rsllii in) thai I will support anil main
tain the Constitution am) laws of the
United Stales am) the Constitution and
laws ~f ihe State of Virginia; that! re
cognize and accept ihe civil and polili
cal equality of all men before the law.
and that I will faithfully perform Ihe
duly of to the best of my soility. I
So help me God.
••_. Section* .ne, two and three ol
chapter thirteen, Code ol Virginia
(1_«0) are hereby repealed.
"8. This act ..nil bo in lores from its
ICF" Editor Tiochelort i« still S.na
tionalizing Paris. He hashi-eii writing
diatribes in his prison, which w ere pub
lished in bis paper, th* Marseillais'.. -
This pastime has now be-n prohibited
by the government, anil the crazy edi
tor shut up more securely. A batch of
••raw rceriiits"--<_>u-ci ipt.« -made * de
monstration in front of Id* prison n
night or twu ago, which *h<>*v* that he
-till wields some little power among
t ie 1. _•*"' clns«cs.
The Duke do Montpenaier. banished
hy lvi sister-iii-law sahcl a irom Spain
and hut recently allowed to return, has
k.lled Prince lliuri da K.iiirbnn in a
old blooded duel; the particulars of
winch arc ginn in the cable despatches
this mm :n,ig. Th,. affair has created
some excitement in r'-vnlntlnniz'-d
.Sualii not withstanding it is simply al
B .un ton lauiilv matter. The dead
Prin-e was a brother of ex-Qiern La
balls'* husband aud a couain of the j i
The following Is the eharg* d*livor*d
by Chief Justice Dowe. at Laramie
Wyoming, Monday, to the et ami jury,
composed ehiellv of leinales. Judge
Howe said :
'■Ladies and gentlemen of th* Grand
Jury—ltWan innovation and a great
novelty to see, a* we do to-day, ladies
summoned to serve as jurors. The ex
tension of political right « am! Iran •hi. c
to woman is a subject that is ag'tatiug
til* whole country. I have never tak
en an active part iv these discussions,
but I have long seen that woman was
a victim of the vice., crimes and im
morallities nt man, with no power to
protect and defend her.ell from these
••I have long f. It that such powers ot
protection should lie eonfeiod upon
worn <v. and it has fallen in our lot here
to act as the pioneer iv the movement,
and to teat the question. The eves of
the whole world are to-day fixed upon
this iury of Albany county. There is
not the slightest impropriety In any
lady occupying tint position, aud I
wish to a-.ure you that the fullest pro
tection ot the court shall be accorded to
yon. It would be a tnos: shameful
scandal that in our tempi* of justice
ami in our courts of law anything
should be permitted which the' most
sensitive lady might not hear with pro
priety and witness.
■And here It t m* add that it will be
a secy day lor any man who (hail so
far forgot Ihe courtesy due and paid
hy every American gentleman to eve
ry American lady a* lo even by a word
or act endeavor io deter you from ihe
• xercise of the** right* wi.h which th*
law has invested you. i will conclude
with th; remark that this i* a question
for yoe to decide lor yourselves. No
iii*n has any right to Interfere. It
. eeiu_ in be eminent), proper for wo
men to «it upon grand juries, which
will give lhem the best possible oppor
tunities to aid lv (oppressing the dan*
1 o! infamy which curse the country,"
Washington, Mart* 13 i B7O
The bill to fund I--V _«««____, __«•
1 to provid. for th- ,__!_____ _!* " d
' nar litems -' ," r,,1 "«-P' lu n of specie
tr. u_ ' ' T ""h p«*s*d th«. Senate on
r ,_;■:• »'•" received in Ihe Hou.e y*s
,l ' .)iay and laid temporarily on th*
I speaker's table. To-morrow it will be
referred to the Committee i n Banning
and Currency, who»e member*, il U
•d'eved.are generally opposed to it.
Ie Western member* declare that the
lin practical operation proves lor s
itractlon ol the currency. Tho ns
uai bank interest, which is. ot eonrss
eh stronger on tbe lloor of thi
use than in ihe Senate, feels vert
tide lit ot its ability lo defeut Hit
, ur at I cist lo strike out that »»c
--i requiring the national bank* t.
bailiff their old bond* lor lb* new,
las a co ns equ* nc. to reduce tboti
mot of circulation.
lie bill as it. passed Is variously eon
led in tiua-icial quarter., and uu
rou* telegram* were received front
w York vc*terd*v a*king explana
is. One was to this effect : A-cord
_ to Ihe seventh section, banks ara
' only required to take up their .e.liri.
ties that liave uiut'ired oi do matiiri
within a year, aud yet the bill in mi
I- place exacts that they shall cx
c allot their securities within i
Sonii ol those, currency fi'a an.
do not mature lor twenty years
he bank* want to know' i'l the)
blisjed totxthauge the latter elasi
mis for the new ones. It they »r«
lefclareil that tiie difl'ci'rues he
i Ihrfwo oiil be virtual repnilia
>y th* Government.- Telegram ir
tore Sun.
• (/'.«_>_. give* an account ot a hor
*mi iiiy.teiimts affair in Spain
iil tlrsi heard hy tergraph. an.l
i it says ii. would' not believe hail
ie details (yet incomplete) heei:
nied by a letter lr*ui if* own cor
iiilent. M. Minimi i. The story l<
n February 17. a band oi penpU
«r in,', stated), broke into a
at Alcira. a I title village near
cia, at tlnce in Ihe morning.—
got in by making a In.lv iv the
The ;;;__. or th- QWN_. of tins
was M. Balnea. He was iv bed
is wile. The invaders pnll.d
•ut of bed and put gags in their
*. T_HSJ then wont to the room
six children were sleeping,
children they b*und wllh ooids.
en. iv sight of their patent* they
ul their eye* aud tongues. Ar
il., they cut oil tin, lest of M.
i ami his eldest sou. Named Vin
iil purposely l-lt the flMion
ie heel iiu_*verrd, and then they
hem up head downward. Alter
chicvi-iiients they ransacked the
made a good breakUsS, jeering
r victims all the time, and leu
ise at daybreak. Two of the
hare been arrested. On* named
and Balulia. is * ne*r relation I
ainily. lie went by the alias of
The other man in custody Is '
Violent MorOs, alias Tort*.. I
uihcr ol the gang 11 ur-i stated
id not Kb (lie house, ami ther. -
s supposed that ih.i were im
o execute a vendetta ala Corse.
{ more i* yet known ol tin* a*.
ig ci-ia,*.
IVasliingf,,ii correspondent of
i' York World say* :
y wa* considerably agitated
day in consequence of a report
■ a spread concerning one of it* I
nt members, an oltl«.r In ihe
ho notue tun* tiii.c, ma. tied a
own lady ol great beantr and
Th* . tory go*» that the gen
ii question has been iv the hab "
ly Healing hii new wife, and
ilneedav. in a dim.ken fit, ho
i-r out < f door* aud locked up
i lami y piate iv one *f the
ik». Last evening th* wile
train for IM Isburg, where she
r ft lends, and which she de
* will never leave, at least to
r husband. Ihe gentleman,
t* hi* marriage, wa* a
and the lather et two lUiisjh
have already gained a com.id
putation for' their beauty and
MsSSouM, Th* >lis__t-ecim-i.t
dan rx.-ilem. it and a con -
i) in fashionable circle* (ucli
t been felt for many years
w York Commercial Advertiser
ugly say* : There is thi* con
lor out mercantile interest*
-liftVning so severely In the
s_.HO in K old. that when the
reached a revival ot trail*
wll! lollow. They may -iow mom co ,
»id»rable loss by the deprecation in
values ot stock ou hand, but lho*e who
are able to weather the storm will b* I
i) ore than compensated by the activi
ty which »i,l -ue. ceil the long period
ol stagnation which ha- prevailed. A*
allair. appii.xini.il* io an ante-war
condition, tiie people will be heller a |
[ l to Hake pun bans, ami buyer* a I
•tor (ho country « lu> have been hold
ing back will come forward.
The last number of this admirable
paper cm.tains a large and striking pic
i in»e riititled ••Shopping in Broadway,"
from a sketch drawn hy Major Wm. B. I
M vers ot Richmond. V*.. whoso talent* j
i arc meeting th* recognition tbsy d«- |
Mr. William Waller, **on-ln-!sw ot
th* Ist* President Tyler, died in
hync'iburg .Saturday.
The National Bank at Winchester
has never charged nor* than ti percent
interest on loans since its commence
ment, and is satisfied to receive 0 per
cent, now, notwithstanding th* law
allow* them 12.
A meeting of a portion of the colored
].«.,, >le of Richmond wa* held in that
city on Thursday night which wa* ad
dressed in a very incendiary harangue
by '-Hon." I ha* li. Porter. A series
of resolutions were adopted, appealing
to Congress lo purcu* towards Virgin
ia the same c*ur*e which has been par
snled in the ca»e ol (icorgia. They
were handed over to Poi-fer, who wiil
doubtless iv due lime lay them before
Congress. ""*
The ichoollioiis* at State Hill, ia the
lower end ol Powell's Fort in :lu* coun
ty was entirely burned on th* nigh;
ot Ihe 21st tilt. Mr. Plauger wa* teach
ing in th* home al the tune, and bad
s iccee.led In extinguishing, dming the
day. a lire which originated in tbe ceil
ing from the stove pipe, nnd it Is proba
ble thi tir* rekindled during the u'glit.
Quite a lot of books, slates, Ac, were
burned with the building.— Shenandoah
Bishop Janet is at l.vuchbiirg. pre
siding or*r the se-sion of the Washing
ton Conference. During his stay there
- be ha* been the recipient of appropriate
Chri-liaii cntirte-ies from distinguished
■liuister* of th* Math-all.. Church
So.i Mi. Bishop Karly. too ir._t_.lo
call lv person, sent hi* .arr'.ig, to fcrtfl_
i him to hi* house, ami _ f the conclusion
• of a picasant interview invited Bishop
Junes |o take tea with htm Sunday
i evening. Key. Mr. Ktrly, s_., ol _'
I Bishop, and 8.-v. A. G. _fro«,. ./"•
• siding Elder, also i ailed"-, ,„-l' f__"
i Norvell House, wher-v ~„ £' "'" ■* •'*
1 near'a *Lr° U "-'y < " 0 ".. tot 0 nig cam*
■i*mb- , :n '" ,, -" t dissolution! Three
| t»- i_/* tl,u eoMr l Including the
■ ' '""Jdi'/.g Justice, refused to sit on the
nsne-n. because on* of their number had
b .nsented lo teach a negro school.
Thi* for the tiin. suspended ail busi
i ne._, to the great mcoiiv*i,ieiice of
s c-oni.sel ami cheat.. Finally, however
I the obnnxioii* mrnib, r was ejected,
- and th* toiiil organised with uuohjec
• t.unabi* Material. The** justice*, it
I will he reme-iiheieil, belonged t* tile
t Kadieal party, are all military appoin
s tees, and took the ironclad oath. And
. yet this party claims to Ue the especial
» friend of thy negroes
• There were only «ix women on tn*
r J^' x, d I'ir.v recently empanueled in
• Wyoming Territory, and three of them
. wan unmarried. Soute of the ct-es
. are said to have contained develop
, -cuts not exae'ly tit for ears polite.
r Whether the female jurors wore veils,
or blushed in public, is not stated.
. This is the first authentic suh.titn
. tlou ofa lv tit by a petiicoa jury, am'
i It cime to no verdict in any cause, M
. wa* to hay* been expected.' But th*
. world moves, am! that ia itooinp.ii,.
, tor any liirl- inconvenience* which
. may attend if* progress. The '-coni
k lug woman" loom* grandly tip she
. will be » prlT»te in the uiiiiiit. special
. ennttahir. on election day*, a Fourth ol
„ July speaker, a member or the chain
,l gang, or anything el-*, which suit* her.
i. She will ,-i*i me the privileges ol eili
, I senship. ami must (hare is* duties.—
„ Richmond Whig.
T-ionaLK is NoaiH caholika.
a I A special dispatch from IVasHaioi
To the New York Evening Post says :
General L-U-.fW.il has just arrlVei
here fioui So lb Carolina. U. brings a
.'oniuiunicHiion Irom l.over»..r Mold,-,
.to tie rresiilni;. officially calling foi
. traopg to nippies* the disorders |i
I Allamane* ceunty, w'dch the G..ven,o
I lias, by proclamation, declared to be
,|in a state of Insurrection. Th* re
. quest will be laid belor* th* President
s on Monday.
c I <>euertil l.ittlefi*ld repr«sents that
, th* Ku-Kliix have caused a perfect
r rr 'gn or terror in «eve al of the I), mo
. Cralic counties ol the State, ami ill *i
j murder* are or daily ocurrence. il
I peace is not restored the Governor will
j slio-tly declare several other counties
| in a state of insurrection.
. A bill ha* been Introduced in the I
r New York State Assembly defining I
• Ihe rights or .narrivd met, and equal <■/.
iiigthe rights ot man anil wii e . The
bill provide* that a husband hay mr
i children by his wire shall have at, ts
- tale lor life in property left by h.-r
• He shall not be liable for debt* con I
■ traded by bil wife before m.tiri-ig.
; n«r lor debt* contracted by h-r with
i[ his consent, except for ihe support
h*r**ll ami childret.. Ue may .ell
i real e»:afe without the euns.nl or I
i wit*.and a: his death Ihe wile shall
.Milled only to dower in hi* roal i
. _________ TO S_i_ _EA_ ESTATX.
i letter Irom New Yor . ol Satin day
.here is a marked prewure just new i
Mrll real estate, lion-** of almost
rv description in the upper part of
"he city.a. well as in Brooklyn,can be
had on very easy term*. In ma.iv
eas«* sales have been efleeted by tn'_
purchasi * paying down oily a year's
iThls would seem to" indicate
io!der» have no ci iifidencn in
«iuitig riisling prices. In Jer
tv there I* a great deal of proper
erti-ed. without finding a soliia
der. tloi. |«,. The eflcct ot this
I tin .gs mii nut*, a* May-day
near, hsnxiously looked tor. "
Whitteinore has writueu s let
;he negroes ot his Ist* dlstrictjin
J iroliui, announcing himsali as
date for reelection. Hn'**_rs
■ resignation was hasty an" un
ity, am! that I.nan and other
I brethren in emigres* have
_pr*««uij the wish that he might
rued to hi* old seat. This con
vict* Gen. Logan ot prosecuting the
cadet-hip trade lor buncombe only.
To the Veters of Or an«- CoeuaiyT"
1 respe: Ifully otter myself as v cnndiil.ite
for tbe position of Attorney for the Com
monwealth, nt the earnest solicitation7f
my friends; and under an agreement wl_
Mr. Lewis B. Wllllama, -ho bus rilled in"
office with so much ability, "that heaivev
nT .'m,.'" I . lal »»__«" »nd should bis
disabilities be removed, I -iihUruvv In his
favor. If elected I promise to exercise Hall
Ihecneralesor my mind andhnitv to dis
charge he duties of the nffirvwlth fidelity
iin.ler..lii. W . H. TAI.i AFEllltO.
l'cbrimly 11, 187 U.
To th* Voters of orr._ge.
The unilci_lini.il respectfully announces I
hiiuscltii candliiate for visit siifrrage al th* '
approach!!!*; election, furtlio office of Cleric
or the County nml iln-uit Courts of m.nr
I »uniy, old pledges himself, if Itshouid lo
your pleasure lo elect him, to discharge tho
• lotus oi the offlee with i!illu;eiice , mil rtdel.
«*__ ~ , lUCHAI.D CHAPMAN.
. ebruary 11, jstii.—hi.
To niK Votki.'so, rata i otumraj* dranoh.
l '.• rebv announce mysell us n eandld* >•
for the office ofClerk oft a* circuit and __ou
ly Courts oi ibe lounty.
Should it be yiuir pleasure to *_*at m., I
shiill endeavor to perform the luties ol tiie
offlee faithfully. Very respectfully,
JOII.V <;. Wn.l.lA_tS.
Orange C. 11. Va., Feliriuny li, UTS,
To the Voter* of Orange.
I announce myself a candidate tor theof
flo-ot Coinninuweallh'K Attorney al theap
proachliig election, and solloit t'lie sui.iion
ofmy fellow eltlaens. if elected, I Miifon
deavor to dlsehann- th* duties of the offlee to
$tti..r_Ui.tt.au. $.»„e.
I -«-^~.
IV Greene Circuit Court, No., inb*r
term, INS..
'I It Hume, who sues In his own right as on*
lof the creditors or .John S. Shelor deed a*
Administrator debouts non of such deced
ent, an ias \.l)ii ni st rator of Mary I' She
lor deed, Willis Dunn und Martha his
Wife, and William B Haney and Barbara
Ann Ins wife—Coiiipluliiiu'uia
Ami WOT,
[ary U _ici__e. Wlillnin T Chapman lat*
Sheriff of Green, county und us suld eom
miiis'c Administrator or Hubert I'ritchett
il,-easel. J,,nn Guav.-s, UobertS Bunslev,
.lam, s .Mi-Mullen, and William T Sim's,
Trustee of tho Greene Humane s-ciely,
Joun B I. ing, John G Dulauey, Wlllhun
I- Melone, and Lewis J Sheior, Matilda!;.
Shelor, rtooert K. Shelor. and John w.
Shelor, of whom tho four last mimed are
Infants, under the aged of 21 years,—De.
tin c.,ii,id,-ration whereof the Court doth
IJudge, order, and decree, tliat it be referred
. one of the Commissioners of this Court to
,ke tne following accounts. Ist. An ac
)unt of the- transactions of Ihe late Mary
. Shelor, deceased, as Adiiimlstr. trix of
,lin .1. shelor, deceased, 'id. An account ot
. 11. Hume. Adminlstiatni- deliouls non oi
>hn _. Shelor, deceased. ;id. An account of
tbe real nud personal assets of each of said
decedents, shewing tiie value of any lands,
and the amount of all Incumbrances thereon
and their priorities if any, Ith. An it unit
of the debts oft tie decedent, John r>. Hbeler,
and t heir priorities If any, lie fore the taking
oi which he shall warn tne creditors by no
tice to be published four weeks successively
In the Native Virginian, a newspaper pub
lish.-d at liordonsville, Va., to prove their
claims before blni, on n day to be iiaiucd. or
else submit to be excluded from all shr.re if
the ttssests. W hi,-li ■*_____; ;',',., __!.'. . «_••
nilssloner, shall, stale, settle, and report, to
the Court with iihy matter specially stated,
deemed pertinent by blni, or required by
him. or required by any of tbe parties to be
so stated, —Extract from decree.
Cokh'Bs' Orrtca _Jl_J__*-- v, .
I*J- .-«• ** h .n«eres,e- 1 J,.
i,, «' ,er *' b -" -...tilled that I haveuppilint-
I lie lit.-. uay of April. t WO.as the time, and
> _Ulee aforesaid as the place, for Inking
ie accounts directed to lie taken by said
icree. and the creditors of John S. Siiel*
■ceaard.arn hereby noil fled to appewr h*>
re me on (hut day und prove their debt*
;ioust said Shetor.
Given under my hand ns Comrolssioner
said Cour , tills day und year aforesaid.
March 4, ItCO.
TF Greene Ciremt Court, November
■S- term, UttS),
Jon G. Miller-Plaintiff,
Kobert l). Blokey and Sallle his wife, »*rn
est Mlllier. Henry Miller, Siliau Miller
lllcbard Miller and William ,K. Niched*
Adm'r of Richard 11. Miller, decease.:—
Among other things the Court doth ad
judge, order and decree, that it be ref* ed to
one of the commissioner,, of this Court to
take, state and sett Ie the accounts, to wit •—
Ist, An account of the administration of W.
.. Nlchol upon the estate of tha said Kich
ard 11. Mil er, deceased. 2nd, An account of
ti,.- personal assets of the suld Klchard 11-
Ml.l*r liable lo the prvnient of debt*. 3rd
An nceonnt of the debts of the plaintiff, ami
alt other outstanding debts against said
Klchard H. Miller, and if any liens their
prlorlus*. Ith, An account of the annual
and f,e simple valueof the real estate In Ihe
bi. I nod proceedings mention..,, whten ac
counts the Commissioner is directed tore
port to the Court with any matter uliich he
may deem pertinent, or wnich any party
may require to he ho reported. But t..f„r'e
taking suld accounts, the said Commission
er is to give notice by publication In the Na
tive Virginian, a newspaper published at
'.ordonsvllle, Va., once a week formur suc
cessive weeks. In which all the creditors are
, , warned to come in and prove their
debts, on pain of being excluded from paril
c pation in the assets of said estate, which
shall be deemed equivalent to personal no
tice toall tho parties, except Win. F. Nlchol
Ad mr us aforesaid, who is to have actual no
tice.— Extract from decree.
A ' o|)V—Teste,
DANIEL f*_l___n, Cl.rk.
Comm'h'm OrriiE, Stana_:i>svi__,«, )
_. , March I. l*7n. f
the parties interested In ihe foreuoing de
cree and the creditors of Itlehnrd H. Miller
deceased, are hereby notified that I have ap
po.nted tbe Ith dny of Apr;,. ISM ns tha
lime, and my offlee aforesaid a the p ace
lor taking Ihe account* and receiving pns.f
or deb!* ugainst tiie estate of 111 hard II
Ml.ler. deceased, when and where the. are
required tonttond -"h the urn marr roach
ers nnd evidence to enable in* to r.p ri
Given under mv hand as I'ommlssfon. ro.'
said Court. AKXHCIt.-.-___l__,-l, c.i:.
-March .', WO,
riß t
A I' Kul a held iv th. Cler .'oOflte* ot
-*•- th. Circuit Court of Orunie county, on
M.niliy the rib day of Marc i [XT.,
K-.per and William Murray late un
dertakers und partnsr.s, trading under the
name and Arm of Itoperand Murray, Wm.
_ Coghiil and Ilar,"..nl*M., his wife, former
ly Hurlcula M. Cognill—l'lalu'ttT..
Itob*n S Brock, Administrator of Isaac P
(lurk, -ud William M Clark, Tho*. Clark.
Joseph II Chirk, (ieorge W Clark, Je*s* c
Chirk, Marshall 1) Clark, and Catherine X
Clurk. Which suld William M..Thomas
Joseph 8., George W., Jesse c„ Marshall
p.. and C itliurino E. < 'lark are the heirs at
law of Isaac P Clurk d, c'd—_h_f*nd_.n.«.
The object or this suit Is to subject the land
of Isaac P. i lark to the pav.neiitof his debts
_,". ?'' J'ldaiiient, nnd otherwise, there be
luj no personal estiiie to pa;,' !!". __.na_._-
Aud It appearing Dy iui,i_..it !U_t th* de
fendants Wlllium M t.'lark. Thomas Clara
Jose_.il! Clark. George W Clark, Jess,, c
J, ark, Marshall I) (hira and Cailiaro,-t;
t lark, ure.non residents of the State of Vir
ginia, on the in-itlon of .the Plaintiffs by
counsel. It Is ordered that they do appear
"*f" within one month lifter duo publication
oi this order and do what Is necessurv to pro
tect their interests, and that a copy' of this
oraar be published once a week for four suc
cessive weeks In the Native Virginian a
newspaper published in the village of Gor"
uoiisvllle and that another copy thereof be
posieu at the rrout uoorof the Court House
of .said county on the first day of the next
A Copy—Test*
xi. _ ~ .—_*?*_ *k *"Oors»,CUrk.
MSJQh, 11, Itto.—L. B. Wl_,_lAHs. p. «.
A I'Rules held in the Clerk* OlHce
■**■ of the Circuit Court of Orange on Mon
day, the 7th day of March, IS7O,
Will lam H. Cnruthers and Ann H. hi* wife
Monteiia < lark In hi* owi right and as Exe
cutor of Wiiliain 11. Clark, dec it, Amanda
L. Mark, Joseph Tulloss in hisown rlrht
and ..* Administrator of Mary J. Tulloss
deceased Molly Tulloss, William Tulloss!
Elizabeth Tulloss, Infant children of sahf
Joseph and Mary J. Tulloss, John Wil
liams, guardian ad liteen for said Inftint*
JiunesVV. Clark, Edwin I>. Clark Indiana
H. Clark. If iehurd Hawkins and 'Norvella
V. bis wife, and Hlchard 1.. Nelaon—De
Tho object of this suit Is to nl'taln a »ettie
men t of the Kxeciitional account of Mon».-l ; n
• lark apon the estateof VV'll.him D Clark
<le<-e__.eilla lull exhibit or the present condi
tion of the siud esiate, and a distribiitlon
theroorus presrii bed by the will ol said W
S. *3f* l _."_ 0 ',' "i'Pearing that Amanda L
Clark, Klchiird Hawkins and Norvella V
ilawkins are non-resident and absent' de
fendants It Is ordered that I hay do appear
liyre within one month after due piiblieatloa
or this order and do wliat is necessurv to
Pfotoct their Interests, and that this order
. •• piiollsb.., once n week for four successive
we-k- in the Native Virginian, v newspaper
published a! Gordonsville, Va., and a copy
thereof be posted at the iront door ot the
louri-lious,. of Orange County on the first
nay of.he next regular term of the Court.
A f '.py-Tesie,
Eor M. 1). Hi (joins. Clerk.
March 11, 1870.-MAi.aav, P . q, ' "' j
» I nt. ii\ U-i,i-«n s
AT Rules held In the Clerks'Offlee of
_*■ the Circuit Court of Orange, on Monday
t'icTth day of .March HCt). "
J»«-p'i G Gnlleher, John J Young, and Den
nis 1- Rrashenr lata merchants and part
ners lv trade under the rtrm and style of
Gallelier, Young A Co—Plaintiffs.
A... INST, '
Wwnril Besle, Joseph J Halsey Admlnlstra
iVnP ii * » U o S*>aineU deed, Thomas T
<L„: v! Herndon, John M Ilerndon.
m_f. .a . ""'wlnn, Geo. ge r.eale, SKQ
Heule and Alexander X _vr__a-Delnt*
Theohject ofthisisultl.towibtect the land
H, ' uk ""hies i„ the ps*.
■ I ti',- ".'r 1 '' 1 '. 1 ", ""*""'• Jndgment to tfie
{'"".'i "'""'"' [> l ''ng r,.> personal esiate to I
pa> tbu same. And it. npiwiiriuc !>■ iillldn
vll thai the defendant BrouU S Hern lon '»
a non resldenl of the si„t, ~f vtrg. a, on
oru.ll-'".",'!'';"," , »;» , '«"»l"s by counsel i, i"
, „ ut ll 1 " rto "l'l"'«i' here within one
ontliuf er due uhlVatlon of thU order
and do what U necomory to protect his In
[ ■••st aid thai n copy „f |l,ls order be pub.
sued one* a ue.' Ihrfbur so-Craslv* weaki
ii , , : ' ; lxo v,r 't'itoi. anewspniiei pun
siied in the viduge of Gordonsville, anrt
•not another copy thereof he posted at th '
! 1,-ni it or-if the Court llousenii tlieltrsld,-.y
or li, ne.stCounty Cuiu-t.
JuIlN G WILLIAMS, Pep'ty Clerk,
v ~._ _ f»r M DHiooins, Clerk,
waiwh 11,1*70— wk i.i. v. k. i-. q.
lisp received and for sab-, 50 bush.
V els prim, Clover S< el and 5 tons No I
I c nviun Guano.
Cooper, Shadrach Coopei
AJ Willi* Cooper, Lewis Cooper, Aibart*
Coo: er. Dorcas Bell. Willi*** _k.ll, Thomas
Bell, Gilbert Bell, Jauie* Taliaferro, Solo,
mon Taliaferro and Henry Tallaferro
Thomas N. Maeoo, Administrator d. b. n
w. w. a. of lteuben Mnein deed, Jasies M
Macon, Lucy Conway, Philip 11. Kry, Ex
ecutor of I'hlltp ». Fry, deceased, Lewis M
Williams, Elhanan ltow, Kichurd H Boat
war*. Joint M. Hood win, Executor ofjobi
Vi'o-ifolk, I. T D Enulconer, Sheriff of Or
KiiK»-,aini as such committee A dminlstr*
tor of Loudon Cooper, Washington Bell
l_lw_.nl 1 born ton, Nellie Thornton, Jam,-,
Payne, C 0 Macon, deceased, and Ambrosi
Macon deceased, ilettle Coo .r, Ms!the.
Hell, Jennie Hell, H.irah Bell, Courtneyßell
and James M Macon, Adm'r of Hear]
Macon, ileceased —Defendants
Extract from the decree entered In tbe o
bove suit October sth, 1S8II:—"Th* Courl
oth udjudg*, order and decree that it be re
erred to one of the CDBRimssloners of tlih
Eurt to state, settle and report to tbe eourl
« following accounts to wit.
Ist. The account of Philip H Fry, Adralnl*
rator, w w a of lteuben Macon, de'd, whicl
iVhlllpll rry,Ex*.;u or of Philips
ie account »r Thomas N Macon, Ad
tordbn w wnof Keuben Macon.do
i the taking of which accounts thi
missioner is to regard as prima fa
sti any account* which the sail
Kry and Thomas N. Macon mi]
•tolore settled, and which have beel
d by the County Court of Orange
ndP-tted to record, subject hovrev
iiircharged and lalsifled by any par
account of all hires receive*
Fry, Administrator a*afc- „ t,
>ulh of Ambrose Mac" ..eaald ai
account of all b<—- "**.
na*N >' .s. receive* ort %,
..neon. Ad*_;ni*tr_ir.r .i i.,
-«!ilKei'_ llfl , u( .-; nl » t, * tor «» b '
'. account snowing what amount c
voidd have been required to d*fr*
ns*s of ciinying the slaves of tli
lien Macon to Liberia ns directed ti
of said Keuben Macoo, with an
emed material by the slid Con
■r. or which any party to lateral
■ taking the said accounts the **|.
■ioner is directed to give node* ■
nud plac* of taking the same b
on of notio* for four week* surcew
be Native Virginian, a newspaa.
lin Gordonsville, Virginia, wblc
leetned equivalent to personal ni
the partie*, except to Pntllu II Kr,
'of Ph lip Fry, deed, and T__.ni a
, Adinl nist rator, d b v w w a of lieu
in deeaased, who must l.avu _-:*,
o.VKii's Orric;., Oiiaxox C, H, I
Feoruary 23rd, I*7o. /
Jes interested In the account* dt
the decree of which the sliove Is ai
re hereliy notlS -d that I, have fixe.
.i>-the -i.i us, of March WO an
at Orange C. H. Virginia a* tt,
plac*, lor taking said accounts. *n
lereby required to *t_M*_.
•'l*79 ' ' 25a**
ir._W_r_o>JEE-5l SOflt'K.
ene Circuit Court, Novemb*i
od It.ddte— PlalntlfC
). Melone, Adm'r with the will an
tV ul ontine Hi.l.lie, deceased Win
ie, A. D. Melone, John ,W. Crew
ir of the last will snn testament <>:
I. Crew, deed Wra. T. Chapman
rnTof Ureene Count v mid a* *v. _
tee Administrator of llobert l{i_.
■a»o_, Wm. Uiddle, sod o. Va!. n.
die. Nancy Martin, James Tuia. i
.iildle mid Frances hi* wile Vm
md Kllen bis wife, Martha' 1,.
n Uoblnson, Sheriff of <;i_enero
icli committee Adm'r of Valentin.
■ir,. deceused, Mary Kiddle An>
. Idow of Fielding Kiddie d.cd -
uts, '
other things the Conn doth ad
ST und decree, tha . 11 be' refered to
Commissioners of tills Court lv
count of tne transactions of Kieh
uiic, Adm'r c t a of Valentine Itld
ccased; an account of the debts ot
r. Valentine Uiddle, deceased an.l
rules. If any; an account ol tbs
irsonal estate of said testator hi.
pavmeiit of his debts, stiewinc ilia
value ol all lands v. liieh the tS»t*.
iseil mid the incuinbram-es tliere
tiiking the suld accounts of th*
ig debts of the estate, the said
.in r shall warn the creditors by
ie published for four successive
he Native Virginian, a i..-•.,....
icil at Gordonsville, Va. to prove
:, before blin on a d y to ,:e nam
-. be excludeil from oariie t>atlii_)
is of the estate, which a- -oun__
mfhlulouerabajl take su.te and
report to the Co.irt,'-tth'anv
■lally stated deemed p--r, ll>* u> I r
■equlrod b> any of the patitc»»i«
1. Notice et til* time and _~,',„
il the iieeotinl* aforesaid. If iub
lesohl newspaper shall buequiv
. olial service us loail parlies ri
ll Administrator, who must hay _
:e, Or., Ac— Extract from dti-rtt
A Copy—Teste.
DANIEL Ml _______ Jr., Clerk,
rFtcx,St-Sa».svuii Va.,i
■ interested in the foregoing A*,
•ditorsof Valentine Uiddle Sr
..r.-liy notllteil that I have ai.'
l-ith day of A prll 1870, as the time
cc aforesaid as the place fur Isk
comits, an 1 receiving proof of
n and where they are required
Hi neaessary vouchers and cvi.
labie me to report thereon,
ler my hand a* Couimi. sionsr of
Iliden. and P. B. Hi.l.n In
right and a* Administrator ot
Isn deceased -l'lalmitl*
« and Martha Ann hi* wllh. aa_
Iden, Ac —Defendant*
in decree, entered (n above soft
"The Court doth adjudge order
y consent of parties that'one or
loners of this court take stab*
■ account* of P B. Illden a* adT
>f Joseph 111, leu, deed which
said i-. It. i_!d*n 1* dlr.'etod to
> him ; ulso lo take and slaw an
he personal assets ol the said
n, and of ihe outstanding un
its and liabilities of lb. said
1, showing in* priorities there
-ouiit of the real estate of ili_
Hlden, and of the fee aimel.
alue lliereof, and of each Dare .1
mblication in some convenient
r at least four weeks of the lima
aklng the said aeeounls •sail
lo pan,„ikHl service upon s
cent V. ft Hiden, Adinlnlst.*
--i Illden, deceaaeil, William C
ones A Madison, upon « hum'
Ice Is required, and the said
r shall by a like publication of
ill the creditor* or the aald Jo
deceased, to pre*«nt and flla
■lefore the (aid Commissioner
same, on pain of not Seine al
ive any part of the asset* of
h Hlden In case of their falls
»'s Omrjc, c-s».orc, H l
February _3rd, 18JU. /
interested in the accounts or
•creeof which the above Is an
ireby not iited that I have nx*d
ie I.th day ot March 11,70 and
ang* C. il., Virginia, as the
time and p,ac. for taking saldf aecounta-
Aiidall creditors of the said Joseph Hi.t.n
are hereby warned tobeprescnt and file their
claim* before meal laid time and place aud
to prove tbe same, on pain of not b*in_ al
lowed to receive any part of the assets of »aid
Joseph Iliden Incase of their failure so to
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