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Mr. Isaac Caron is in Washington.
Mr. Julias Edel is oat after a short spell of
Miss Einerich, of Petersburg, is the guest of
Miss Flora Hutzler.
Mr. Joseph Goodman is home from college
for the holiday season.
The annual meeting of the members of the
Mercantile Club will be held Sunday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Miss Stella Myers is spending her vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Myers, of
west Franklin street.
Ribbi Edward N. Calisch will open the pro
ceedings of the House of Delegates with prayer
each day this coming week.
The Sir Moses Montefiore Congregation are
making preparations for the establishment of a
" Talmud-Torah School."
Dr Mark W. Peyser was on last Tuesday
night elected assistant secretary of the Acade
my of Medicine and Snrgery.
Mr. Henry C. Ezekiel, formerly of Richmond,
and now residing in Cincinati, is engaged to
be married to Miss Jessie Myers of that city.
Ribbi Edward N. Oaflscn will deliver a lec
ture in Petersburg on Tuesday Jan. sth. The
proceeds are to be be gjven to the Citizens
Committee on the Relief of the Poor.
The Board of Directors of the Home for the
Aged and Infirm will meet one night this
week (probably Thursday) at the residence of
Mr. M. Thalbimer, on west Grace street.
Mr- Ash Harris Dead.
Mr. Ash Harris died at his home in Henrico
near this city, at 1 o'clock this morning. He
leaves a wife and one son. The time of the
funeral is not set as we go to press.
The Juniors Danced.
The initial german of the Jnnior Cotillion
Club was given at Sanger Hall last (Thursday)
A large number of friends of the participants
was present, and the scene was quite a gay
one. The flag and lantern figure was especial
ly pretty.
Mr. Albert Wise led the figures with Mr.
Le Roy Cohen as assistant.
The couples who took part were : Mr. Al
bert Wise aad Miss May Goldenberg : Mr. Le
Roy Cohen and Miss Irma Rosenbaum; Mr.
Sydney Hutzler and Miss Maoel Dallman ; Mr.
Lee Sycle and Miss Inez Goodman ; Mr. Lee
Reinheimer and Mies Sadie Levy ; Mr. Clar
ence Hutzler and Miss Beulah Eichel; Mr.
Milton Binswanger and Miss Cora Bins
wanger ; Mr. Morton Eichel and Miss Essie
Straus; Mr. Leonard Sycle and Miss Miriam
Rosenheim; Mr. Samnel Sycle and Miss
Stella Myers ; Mr. Joseph Goodman and Miss
Corinne Rosenbaam; Mr. Simon Block and
Miss Rita Myers.
A light supper was served after the dance,
and when the young couples sought their homes
they unanimously voted the first affair of the
" Juniors " an immense success.
The german of the Cotillion Club at the
Masonic Temple last Wednesday night was
one of the most delightful yet given by that
The figures were gracefully led by Mr. Samu
el Bendheim with Mr. Dan Whitlock as a most
efficient lieutenant. The favors were very pret
Among the strangers who attended were Miss
Lily Anaheim, ot Charlottsville, Mias Moritz,
of New York ; Miss Eisfield, of Burlington,
lowa ; Mr. Ledderman, of New Yoik. and Mr.
Morris, of Petersburg.
Officers of Paradise Lodge.
At its meeting last Sunday night Paradise
Lodge, B'nai B'rith, elected the following of
President, Rabbi Edward N. Calisch; vice
president, S. L. Bloomberg ; assistant monitor,
H. Marks; secretary, Isaac Held ; financial
secretary, Ellis Bettigheimer; treasurer, A.
Cohen ; warden, Herbert T. Ezekiel; guard
ian, Armin Pollak ; trustees, Louis Nachman,
Harry Marks, B. Weinberg, Aaron Rothschild,
and Joseph Hutzler.
Mr. Julias Straus, first vice-president of the
Grand Lodge of this district, will install these
officers at the next meeting of the lodge, Jan
nary 28th.
A Charming Whist Party.
On Thursday evening, December 21st, every
recherche affair was given at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hirsh, 824 west Franklin
street, complimentary to the Misses Eisfeld,
of Burlington, lowa, and Moritz, of New York
The guests were received in the beautifully
appointed drawing-room, everywhere decorated
with palms and lamps. The graceful foliage
, and soft lights made the entire scene a pictu
resque one.
Progressive whist was played until 11:30.
Beautiful prizes were given to the fortunate
winners. The first ladies' prize was won by
Miss Fiorie Greenwald, and the consolation by
. Miss Eisfeld. Of the gentlemen Mr. E. Gunst
i! carried off the first honor, and Mr. Seymour
Sycle th consolation.
A delightful course supper was served in the
, spacious dining room. Huyler's can lies in
. dainty favors were served to esch guest. The
table decorations were pink, and the effect was
. heightened by the rare old silver and cut glass.
, Mr. and Mrs Hirsh were assisted in receiv
l ing by their charming daughters, Misses Estelh
• and Florins.
An Historical Sketch by Rabbi S. Hokwitz, of
Petersburg, Va.
It is an undisputed fact that Spain has given
to the world her fall share in the line of Jew
ish savants. Bat no century, either before or
after, has produced such a triumvirate ia Jew
ish learning as has the twelfth century. Rabbi
Abraham ben Mair (Ibn Ezra), Rabbi Judah
Halevi ben Samuel, and Rabbi Moses Maimon
(Maimonidee), who compose this triumvirate,
first saw the light of this world ia Spain; but
strange to say none of them breathed their last
in Spain.
Abraham Ibn Ezra was born in Toledo about
1089. His parents were very poor, and were
not in the position to enable him to obtain a
thorough education. Bat being highly gifted
by nature, and having a strong desire for know
ledge, he travelled from place to place, sat at
the feet of great and wise men, and listened to
their words until he reached the goal of his
ambition. While still young he gained both
distinction and renown.
He acquired great eminence in almost all
branches of science—theology, philosophy,
mathematics, medicine, astronomy—all yielded
their tribute to the treasury of his learning.
He had a perfect knowledge of the Hebrew,
Chaldaie, and Arabic languages. Bat this
vast amount of knowledge was overshadowed
by the Rght of his spirit.
In all his travels he came in disguise as a
poorly clad scholar ; and whenever it was dis
covered that this poor scholar was no other
than the great Ibn Ezra, he was not permitted
to leave that pl..ce without being the recipient
of a great many honors. Bat whenever possi
ble be preferred to remain unknown.
As nature blessed him with all the qualinca
■ lions of a great man, just so was he blessed
with a well-educated, highly-accomplished
partner for life. He married the daughter of
the already well-known rabbi, Judah Halevi—
and in a most singular manner did he obtain
• her marriage
It ia said when Rabbi Judah Halevi was
, fifty years old and had a strong desire to travel
. to Palestine, his wife kept urging him, day
after day, to marry off his daughter before he
started on his journey.
, In order to qaiet her insistence, he swore one
i day that to tbe first unmarried Jew that would
r enter his house the next morning he would
► give hi* daughter.
, Fortune brought Ibn Esra that next morning
into tbe house of Rabbi Judah Halevi, dressed
, as usual as a poor scholar. Personally Rabbi
i Judah did not know him in his disguise, bat
, within in a short time, having conversed with
i him on different topic ,he recognized, in spite
, of his modesty, the great spirit, and received
him as one of his disciples.
j Not so was it with the wife. She was
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