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Mr. Wolf will shortly publish a sketch of Judah
■Roanofce, V)a.
Mr. S. Levy left last Friday evening for Baltimore
and New York on business, also to attend the en
gagement reception of his brother-in-law, Mr. Hei
man Alexander.
We were pleased to see in last week's Jewish
South news from our neighboring city, Petersburg.
Cards are out announcing the engagement of Mr.
Heiman Alexander, formerly of Roanoke, but now of
Brooklyn, to Miss Leah Marks, of New York City.
We extend a hearty maseltoph to our friend and his
Is it beneficial to Hebrew Sunday schools to give
prizes for best scholarship? We would, like to hear
from some superintendents and Sunday-school teach
We were pleased to meet Mr. M. Lewis, of Salem,
Va., on our streets last Saturday. Come again soon,
friend Lewis.
A happy and prosperous New Year to all subscri
bers of The Jewish South, also to its owners and
co-laborers in the worthy cause.
Gbe Grageo_ of „ejecteo Immigranta In Hew _orft.
Never anywhere, writes David Christie Murray
from New York in the Sheffield Telegraph, have I seen
a more pitiable crowd than that composed of re
jected immigrants, all penned together in one big
cage in that building on Ellis Island. We went in
among them, accompanied by the Assistant-Com
missioner and Dr. Wheeler, and by the aid of one or
two interpreters we talked with some of them. They
pressed about us with piteous eyes and beseeching
gestures. One poor fellow, a Russian Jew, tried to
kiss the Commissioner's feet in the agony of his-im
ploring. Another came to ask what he had stolen
that he was penned up there. He had a few ragged
papers in the pockets of his ragged coat, and held
them out to us. He, too, was a Russian Jew, and
what a hell his life had grown to be you may guess
from this. He was shovelled out of Russia into Ger
many, and shovelled out of Berlin before he had
known its soil an hour. He had come straight here
as a last resource, and here again the dreadful official
shovel was under him, and he was being spaded out
of the very land of freedom. He cried pitiably as he
told his tale, and was it any wonder ?■ Think of it!
Three of the greatest Powers in the whole wide
world will have nothing to do with him, and com
bine, unconsciously, to ruin him. Tyrannous Russia
sets her face against him like a fire. Army-ridden
Germany has a bosom of flint for him. Free America
turns her back on those imploring hands and eyes.
Into what sort of horrible, inconscient corporate
monster has our civilization grown? How helpless
it is to guard itself from being cruel! poor,
little, helpless, ignorant, dirty, ugly Russian Jew!
The worM has no use for you—you may go hang or
drown. We never wanted you. We shall never miss
you. God help you, poor wretch. I protest my
heart has ached over you, but is that of any use or
service? And why should America take you in to
swell her growing tide of poverty? Go back again.
But whither? If there can still be good fortune in
the world for you, make haste and die, poor friend
and humble brother. You have, in common with the
rest of us, a refuge in the grave. But how hard we
make the road to that cold shelter.
Owing to representations by Mr. Henry Landau
to the English members of the Council of Administra
tion of the Jewish Colonization Association, imme
diate steps will be taken with the object of putting a
stop to the scandalous treatment of Jewish emigrants
from Russia. It is anticipated that sufficient funds
will be provided to secure the appointment of trust
worthy agents in towns on the Russo-Ger'man fron
tier and other parts of Europe: These agents will
have entrusted to them the charge of protecting the
emigrants from the oppression and frauds to which
they have been subjected by unscrupulous emigra
tion agents. Mr. Landau will probably undertake
personally the delicate task of appointing suitable
Book and Job Printing done neatly and promptly
at this office. 'Phone 303.
I. i i ! I ';'., ! I . ,
' ■. i: ■. f I : i*,- • i ■ ■ • < f •
5658. Calendar. 1897-8.
, .__ , _ _ , , , ~,j U|
Day. Observances. Hebrew Date Vomtnot.
•<:mm ii ■' ltat,.
, i •• (). i '." !: m i ■' ~-:i ■
Monday .. . Rosh Hashanah Tishki Ist Sept. 27th
Wednesday. Fast of Gedaliah ...... Tishri 3d Sept; 29th
Wednesday. Yom Kippur Tishrj lOth Oct. 6th
Monday ... Succoth TishWi 15Th Oct.' 11th
Sunday .... Hoshanna Rabbah Tishri ~.2181; Oct., 17th
Monday,. . Sh'mini Atzereth Tishri 22d Oct. 18th
Tuesday . . Simchat Torah. Tishrti; n■ 1 23d Oct. 19th
Wednesday. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Ist Oct. 27th
Friday .... Rosh Chodesh Kislev ' : Ist fcPOv. 26th
Monday. Channukah .... Kislev 25th Dec. 20th
Friday Rosh Chodesh Tebet Ist Dec. 24th
1898. ■::• ; ; !,; .•
Tuesday... . Fast of Tebet Tebet 10th Jan, 4th
Monday Rosh Chodesh Shebat Ist Jan. 24th
Wednesday. Rosh Chodesh Adar Ist Feb. 23d
Monday. .. . Fast of Esther Adar 13th March 7th
Tuesday... . Purim Adar 14th March Bth
Thursday . . Rosh Chodesh Nissan . Ist March 24th
THURSDAY.. Pkssach Nissan 15th Aprii, 7th
Wednesdy. Pessach, 7th Day Nissan 2Jst Ai;rii, 13th
Saturday. . Rosh Chodesh Iyar Ist April 23d
Tuesday.. . Lagh b'Omer Iyar 18th May 10th
Sunday .... Rosh Chodesh Sivan Ist May 22d
Friday .... Shabouth Sivan 6th|May 27th
Tuesday... . Rosh Chodesh Tamuz Ist June 21st
Thursday Fast of Tamuz,, Tamuz 17th July 7th
Wednesday. Rosh Chodesh Ab Ist July 20th
Thursday... Tish'a IV Ab Ab 9th July 28th
Friday Rosh Chodesh Ellul Ist August 19th
Friday Rosh Hashanah Eve .. Ellul 29th Sept. 16th
Note—The Hebrew day begins with the sunset of the day
preceding the corresponding common date.

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