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have repeatedly solicited permission to speak. The
note urged in forcible terms the desirability, in the
interest of both countries, of a speedy conclusion of
the present agitation.
The presentation of this note led M. Dupuy, the
French Prime Minister, to bring pressure to bear
upon the Court of Cassation, which, however, by a
majority of three decided to continue the proceedings
(its own way and hold a supplemental inquiry,
lich is now virtually ended.
Mr. Vizetelly learns that eighteen of the Judges of
c Court of Cassation are in favor of revision of the
eyfus case, and that fifteen of the Judges are op
posed to that course. It is probable, Mr. Vizetelly
adds, that on a full vote of the Judges of the United
Court of Cassation the revisionists will have a ma-
R 4 Unto the success of a sermon two people con
nate, and without their joint efforts the sermon
st be a failure," writes lan Maclaren, in the May
Ladies' Home Journal, of * 4 The Art of Listening to a
Sermon," the first of a series of articles by him. "One
is the preacher and the other is the hearer, and if
some art goes to the composition of the sermon,
almost as much goes to its reception. In the art of
the hearer the first canon is practice, for it is a fact
that the regular attendant not only hears more but
also hears better than the person who drops into
church once in two months. No doubt if the preacher
has lungs of brass, and the hearer is not stone deaf,
a casual can catch every word on the rare occasion
when he attends, although for the past six weeks he
has worshipped at home or made the round of the
neighboring churches. The voice of a competent
speaker is not so much sound merely, but is so much
music, with subtle intonations and delicate modula
tions; his pronunciation of a word is a commentary
upon it; his look as he speaks is a translation of it;
his severity is softened by the pathos of his tone; his
praise is doubled by its ring of satisfaction. A
stranger's ear is not trained to such niceties; it is the
habituated ear which reaps the full sense. Besides,
every speaker worth hearing creates his own atmos
phere, and one cannot hear with comfort until he is
acclimatized." J^^^^^^H^^^^^H^^MiMH
Three million Jews live in Russia, where they are
shut up in the western provinces and villianously
treated. If he ventures to live outside the Jewish
pale in Russia a Hebrew has to carry on some hum
ble trade, and the richest banker in Odessa, if any
Russian has a grudge against him, may be compelled
to wore as a cobbler, on pain of banishment.
Naturally the Jews retaliate, and delight in get
ting Russian officials and nobles under their power
with loans of money. One million five hundred
thousand fews live in the Austrian Empire, where
they are persecuted. The present mayor and corpo
ration of Vienna were elected for the express purpose
of bullying the Jewish community. France has 80,
--000 Jews, Roumania has 100,000, Germany 700,
--000, Holland 80,000, and Italy 50,000.
Great Britain has 80,000, including many of our
most notable and popular public men.
Europe has 6,000,000 Jews, America 350,000,
Africa 500,000, Asia2so,ooo and Australasia 20,000.
So, altogether, there are 7,120,000 of this nation,
which is pretty fair, considering that 3,000 years
ago they only numbered about 3,000,000, and the
whole civilized world has been massacreing and bul
lying them ever since. They seem to be by far the
most capable race on earth. There is not a single
art, industry or science they have not excelled. — Cin
11iititiii inquirer.
"As I understand it," said the heathen, "you pro
pose to civilize me?" ''Exactly so." "You mean to
get me out of habits of idleness and teach me to work?"
"That is the idea." "And then lead me to simplify
my methods and invent things to make my work
lighter?" "Yes." "And next I will become ambi
tious to get rich, so that I won't have to work at
5659. Calendar. 1898-9.
Tiny Observances. Hebrew Date C^^f W
Saturday . Rosh Hashanah Tishri Ist Sept. 17th
Monday.... Fast of Gedaliah Tishri 3d Sept. 19th
Monday .. . Yom Kippur Tishri 10th Sept. 26TH
Saturday . Succoth Tishri 15th Oct. Ist
Friday Hoshanna Rabbah Tishri 21st Oct. 7th
Satukday . Sh'mini Atzereth Tishri 22d Oct. Bth
Sunday .... Simchat Torah Tishri 23d Oct. 9th
Monday Rosh Chodesh Heshvan Heshvan Ist Oct. 17th
Tuesday... . Rosh Chodesh Kislev.. . Kislev Ist Nov. 15th
Friday Channukah Kislev 25th Dec,. 9th
Wednesday. Rosh Chodesh Tebeth.. Tebeth Ist Dec. 14th
Friday Fast of Tebeth Tebeth 10th Dec. 23d
Thursday . . Rosh Chodesh Shebat.. Shebat Ist Jan. 12th
Saturday. . Rosh Chodesh Adar Adar Ist Feb. 11th
Thursday . . Fast of Esther Adar 13th Feb. 23d
Friday Purim Adar 14th Feb. 24th
Sunday Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Nissan Ist March 12.h
Sund y. ... Pessach Nissan 15th Mar'h26th
Saturday . Pessach, 7th Day Nissan 21st April Ist
Tuesday... . Rosh Chodesh Iyar Iyar Ist April ll'.h
Friday Lagh b'Omer Iyar 18th April 28th
Wednesday. Rosh Chodesh Siva.n.. . Sivan Ist May 10th
Monday ... Shabouth Sivan 6th May 15th
Friday Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.. Tamuz Ist June 9th
Sunday Fast of Tamuz Tamuz 17th June 25th
Saturday.. . Rosh Chodesh Ab Ab Ist July Bth
Sunday .... Tish'a BAb Ab 9th July 16th
Monday Rosh Chodesh EUul Ellul Ist August 7th
Monday,. .. Rosh Hashanah Eve .. Ellul 29th Sept. 4th
Note—The Hebrew day begins with the sunset of the day
preceding the corresponding common date.

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