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Published every Saturday at Holbrook,
Navajo Couaty Arizona, by
C. O. ANDERSON. Editor and Proprietor.
Catered at tha postoffiee at Holbrook. Ariz.,
as seooua-ciass mail matter.
One year
Six month
Three months.
....12 50
.... 1 50
.... 1 00
Advertising ratea made known on applica
tion at this office.
Tee teyal is lee eielMst eraea aailae paw ear
fcasaa. Actaal teat ahew It ese eae
talra tarta sr ttea any ether bread.
Akiolutcty Pur
asm km Mtrasa eo., tn wat.
On the second Wednesday evening- of each
month and on the last Sunday of each month
there will be services at School House morn
ing at 11 00 and evening; at 7 .&Suuday school
at 2 ;i0 each Sunday.
Rkt. P. A. Simpkiki, Pastor.
COL. A. 0. BR0DIE.
Ter Ceuncilman-
For Assemblyman-
For Sheriff -xp
.. . r.J. WATTRON.
Tor District Attorney
j . W. NELSON.
For Treasurer-
For Recorder.
For Probate Judge.
For Surveyor
For Supervlsors-
The- Doings of The Week in
Holbrook and Surrounding:
.Jim Walker was in town on Tues
C. C. Bryant was in from Taylor
Bert Maupin came in from the
ranch Tuesday.
Julius Wetzler went to Concho
the other day.
Ed Garvin, the popular section
foreman at St. Joseph, as in town
the other day.
W. W. Willis came from Snow
Bake on Wednesday on business.
N. M. Cameron and George Ten
oy are in from the range for a few
H. M. Tanner and the Messrs.
Richards were up from Joseph City
W. C. Barnes shipped several car
loads of cattle to Denver on Wed
nesday. John Rarrigan a brother of Mrs.
J. H. Toung died of fever at Taylor,
Tex. recently.
Mrs. Stowell went to Apache Mon
day where she is employed in the
Indian school.
P. A. Simpkina did not t preach
Wednesday night at the school
T. G. Norris and T. S. Bunch, re
turned from St. Johns where they
Isave been attending court.
Isaac Thomas is driving stage for
D. K. Udall.
Lieut. Parsons passed through
Holbrook en route for Fort Apache
Signal Sergeant Steve Karrigan
is at Ponce Porto Rico. He is long
ing to return to American soil.
Peter Christopherson, Ed Brad
shaw and Horace Lillj white were
in from Woodruff recently.
Mrs. W. H, Walch went down
to visit her husband, who is telegra
phing at a station east of Wiuslow.
George Amos is back from an ex
tended trip to Oregon, where he has
been visiting relatives and old time
The Misses Alice and Mattie
I Woods returned from Adamaiina
Saturday where they have bten visi
ting with their uncle and aunt Mr.
' and Mrs. Hanna.
I Mr. Burns of Los Angeles, repre
senting the legal department of the
Santa Fe Pacific Railroad company,
stopped over a day at Holbrook
this week.
Mrs. Blevcns returned from Nava
jo Springs, where she has been visi
ting her daughter-in-law. who has
, been quite sick.
I Messrs. Wilson and B irbi?3 re
turned from St. Johns where they
have been attending court, and inci
dentally looking after political matters.
Judge R. E. Sloan and Stenogra
pher Stockton returned fropt St.
Johns Monday. On Tuesday Judge
Sloan went to Chicago where he
will attend the peace jubilee.
Mrs. Rindes and three children
arnv d from Los Angeles last Fri
day and are now located in the Con
ner building, and Mr. Rhodes though
usually good natured and obliging
is unusually so now days.
The City Meat Market will be
kept open between the hours of 8:30
and 11:00 a. m., and from 4:00 to
6:00 p. m. On Sundays from 8:30
to 10:00 a. m. Fresh vegetables
every Saturday, and fresh fruits in
their season. F. M. Zuce, proprietor.
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Fewkes arrived
from Washington Tuesday morning.
They will go to the Moqui villages
where Dr. Fewkes will observe and
study the ceremonies connected with
the Moqui dances. Dr. Fewlet is a
scientist of note, and is connected
with the Smithsonian Institute.
Julius Wetzler is chuck full of
business nowdays, and is on the go
almost constantly. Wetzler & Co.
have established a branch store at
Williams where they will carry a
full line of drygoods and gents fur
nishing goods. Mr. Paradies form
erly with A. & B. Schuster of this
place, and Mr. Salter former man
ager of the business house, of Max
Saltzman will conduct the business
there. The Wetzlers are hustlers
and we prodict for them unqualified
.- Tat Donohue, an old timer in this
country and for many years an em
ploye of Mrs. Ellen Greer, commit
ted suicide at Phoenix last week.
He had taken Mrs. Greer and daugh
ters to Tempe, where they will re
side for this winter. He was ready
to return to their ranch in Apache
county when he went to Phoenix on
a spree. He lost his money and
gold wat ch and becoming despond
eut over his losses he took poison.
Mrs. Greer at Tempe was notified
and had his remains buried at her
expense. His many friends here
were pained to learn of his rather
tragic end.
"My boy came home from school
one day with his hand badly lacer
ated and bleeding, and suffering
great pain," says Mr. E. J. Schall,
with Meyer Bros.' Drug Co., St.
Louis, Mo. "I dressed the wound
and applied Chamberlain's Pain
Balm freely. All pain ceased and
in a remarkably short time it healed
without leaving a scar. For wounds,
sprains, swellings and rheumatism
I know of know of no medicine or
prescription equal to it. I consider
it a household necessity." The 25
and 50 ceut sizes for sale by F. J.
Miss Eliza Jervis, who has been
visiting Mrs. Putman in Pleasant
Valley for several weeks returned
home Tuesday evening much im
proved in health and appearance.
She was accompanied by Mrs. Put
nam. Owiugto over-crowding and bad
ventilation, the air of the school
room is often impure, and teachers
and pupils frequently suffer from
lung and throat troubles. To all
such we would say, try Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. For coughs,
colds, weak lungs and bronchial
trouples no other remedy can com
pare with it. Says A. C. Freed,
superintendent of schools. Prairie
Depot, Ohio: "Having some knowl
e ige of the efficacyof Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, I havo no hesitancy
in recommending it to all who suffer
from coughs, lung troubles, etc."
For sale by F. J. Wattron.
Among the candidates for the leg
islature on the republican ticket in
Maricopa county we notice the
name of J. W. Benham. "Will
Benham" as every one here knows
him by, came to this county in 1883
and for nearly twelve years was iden
tilled with the cattle business here,
being a partner with Hon. W. C.
Barues in the Esperanza Cattle com
pany, la 1892 Governor Murphy
appointed him a member of the
Livestock Sanitary Boaid which
position he filled for several years
with great credit to himself and th .
industry he represented. Later, on
he removed to Phoenix, where he
and Mr. Barnes established a very
successful wood and coal busines
which Mr. Benham now manages.
He is an act ive, enterprising young
republican, full of vigor and en
thusiasm, and will make his mark
as a member of the next legislature,
and especially prove a valuable man
to the live stock interests of the
territory. The cattlemen of Mari
copa county should support him
loyally, and we predict his election
by a healthy majority. None will
be more pleased over his election
than his many friends in this end
of the territory.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Porter started
to their home at Joseph City Mon
day. Mr. Chester Houck was seen on
our street today he is on his way to
Show Low.
Mr. S. U. Porter was bit by a
hog and kicked by a horse the last
of the week, but at this writing is
Mr. Jones stopped over night in
our little village.
Mr. Archie Cameron was in town
to all of their total sum of happiness
and give a better opportunity for
the cultivation of the social and
ethical nature. All will emerge upon
the duties of the other six days in
week better qualified mentally and
physically to grapple with the tasks
before them.
A Cure for Bllllous Colic.
Resource, Screven, Co., Ga. I
have been subject to attacks of bili
ous colic for several years. Cham
berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrh
oea Remedy is the only sure relief.
It acts like a charm. One dose of
it gives relief when all other reme
dies fail. G. D. Sharp. For sale by
F. J. Wattron.
Andy's ' Observations of the Hap
pening of this Hazy People.
Tatlob, Oct. 13, 1898.
A small compauy left Taylor
Thursday morning with the inten
tion of making a trip to Southern
Utah and return by team. The par
ty iucluded Mr. and Mrs- Walter
Brimhall, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Allan
Mr. and Mrs. John Staniford, Mr.
and Mrs. Cassin Brimhall.
Mr. Willard Hatch and family
started a day later but will overtake
the party.
Mr. John Staniford and Miss Ida
Palmer were married in Taylor Oct.
4th. Relatives and friends of the
two were invited to attend a ball in
the schoolhouse in the evening.
The daucing was conducted quietly
until nine o'clock when the curtain
hiding the stage was drawn aside
showing the bridal party. The
wedding coremony was conducted
by justice Ezra Hatch. After which
Mr. and Mrs. Staniford joined in the
The Taylor school liegan Monday
Sept. 26, with au enrollment of a
bout fifty-five pupils. The teach
ers are Misses Ina Pomroy and Lulu
Mr. John Jackson and Victoria
Hancock were married Oct. 5, at the
the home of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Frank Perkins. A reception and
dance was given in the evening.
e -
MessJs. Hill and Fish wenf to Win
slow last Saturday to take in the to
litical situation. They returned in
It Saves the Croupy Children.
Seaview, Va. We have a splendid
sale on Cough Remedy, and our cus
tomers coming from far and near,
speak in the highest terms. Many
have said that their children would
have died of croup if Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy had not been given.
Kellam & Ocrin. The 25 and 50
cent sizes fcr sale at F. J. Wattron.
foi the
The Petrified Forest Reserve.
The vigorous efforts, that have
been put forth by some of the Hol
brook citizens, notably Messrs. Zuck
and Barnes, to have the national
government set apart the Petrified
Forest near this place as a national
park is at last bearing fruit. Mr.
W. C. Barnes this week received a
communication from Forest Super
intendent Benedict asking for fur
ther information as to the amount
of land necessary to eover entire
park and other data necessary for
the carrying out of the national
park idea, which Mr. Barnes answer-
as fully as possible. It is worth
while to say that one year ago Gov
ernor Murphy succeeded in having
the land around tho forest with
drawn from entry under the land
laws and last year Governor Mur
phy and Mr. Barnes called on Com
missioner Herman in Washington,
and had a long interview with him
on the subject. It is a matter of
congratulation that this move is at
last to be carried into effect.
The Movements of the People
Past Week.
Hebeb, Oct.13 , 1898.
Mrs. Farrell and ber daughters
started to their home at Gorden
Canyon on the third.
Bob Penrod and Garf Farrell star
ted to Mr. Ellison" on the 5.
Mr. Shelly and son Thomas went
to Joseph City the first of the week.
Mrs. Neilson has been quite sick
for a few days, but we are glad to
say she is now improving.
Mr. Carter passed through here
on his way to Pleasant Valley deliv
ering pictures.
Mr. John Nelson returned from
St. Johns Friday.
A surprise was given Sunday even
ing in honor of our departing friend
Mr. H. L. Porter and family; Mr. J.
Porter, Mr. Alva Porter .The evening
was spent in various amusements un
til a late hour when lunch was serv
ed. Mrs. Shelly gave a quilting and
sewing bee on tne inn. All baa a
good time.
Mr. Ramer and George Sharp
were in town the last of the the
A Move In The Right Direction.
The business men of Holbrook
have after considerable discussion
and agitation on Sunday closing
agreed that after the first Sunday in
November the stores will be closed
on Sundays, and no goods of any
kind will be sold whatever. The
businessmen and their clerks who
are confined to their places of busi
ness from 15 to 18 hours out of
twenty-four, feel the need of of hav
ing one day in the week for rest and
recreation. Furthermore the cus
toms of the frontier days are gradu
disappearing through the influences
of more permanent established so
ciety. With the advent of church
services and Sunday school in town
it is proper that the business ele
ment should adopt the regulations
practiced elswhere in every well es
tablished and orderly community,
and thereby assist in giving the Sab
bath day its proper significance as
recogoized thrrughout the Chris
tian world. It is to be hoped that
people throughout this section will
cheerfully conform to the new order
of things and assist the businessmen
iu their laudible efforts in this direc
tion. It will result in an increase
Highest Honors World' Fair,
Yellow Jaundice Cured.
Suffering humanity should be sup
plied with every possible means for
its relief. It is with pleasure we
publish the following: This is to
certify that I was a terrible sufferer
from yellow jaundice for over six
months and was treated by some of
the best physicians in our city and
no avail. Dr. Bell our druggist, re
commeded Electric Bitters, and af
ter taking two bottles I was entirely
cured. I now take great pleasure
in recommending them any person
suffering with this terrible malady.
I am gratefully yours, C. A. Hogar
ty, Lexington, Ky." Sold by F. J
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulteran
Proclamation of Klection.
TlBBITOBT O Asilos. (
Whereas. Under an act of the legislatsve
assembly of the territory of Arizona entitled
"Elections," approved March 6th., 1887, it is
provided that there shall be held, throughout
the territory, upon the Tuesday after the
first Monday in November, A, D.. 1888, and
every two years thereafter, an election for
members of the legislative assembly and such
other officers as may be required by law,
shall be chosen at such election : and
Whereas, It is further provided in said act
that at leat thirty days before each general
election the governor must issue an election
proclamation, under the great seal of the ter
ritory, and transmit copies thereof to the
clerks of the boards of supervisors of the
counties in which such elections are to be
held ; such proclamation to contain a state
ment of the time of the election, and the of
fices to be filled, and the offer of a reward in
the form prescribed by said act:
Now, therefore, I, Nathan O. Murphy, rov-
ernor of Arizona, in pursuance of the duty
enjoined upon me. do hereby order a general
election to be held on the Tuesday after the
first Monday in November, A. D 1888, and the
offices to be filled at such election, I do
hereby designate to be as follows, to-wit :
One delegate to the Fifty-Sixth congress of
the United States.
Twelve members of the council of the leg
islative assembly of Arizona, and tweuty.
four members of the house of representa
tives of the legislative assembly of Arizona
apportioned agreeably to existing laws as
Number of
Countiua Members of
Apache 1
Coconino 1
Cochise 1
. 12
Number of
Members of
. .4
And there shall be elected In each couaty of
the territory, one probate judge, one district
attorney, one sherlfl, one treasurer, one re
corder, one surveyor, two members of tha
board of supervisors, and in each of tha
counties where the office of tax collector has
not been consolidated with the office of
sheriff or treasurer, one tax collector shall
be elected: also, in the several precinta of
each county, one justice of the peace and one
constable, and in such precinta as are entitled
to two justices of the peace and two consta
bles, that number shall be elected. There
shall also be elected in each county of the
first class one county school superintendent.
And I do heaeby offer a reward of fifty
dollars for the arrest and conviction of any
and every person violating any of the pro.
visions of Title IV, Part 1, of the Penal Coda.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and caused the great seal of the terri
tory to be hereunto affixed, this 28th day of
September. A. D 1898.
(SEAL. N. O. MrspHT.
By the Oovernor,
CHZ.Bi.ll H. Axis.
Seoretarr of A riso a.

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