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How Gen. Miles and his staff were cheered as they rode through the streets ot
Ponce, Porto Rico.
Alwaya Clothed in the Very Plainest
Kind of Frocks.
Those wise little mothers who decry
the American habit of overdressing
wee bits of babies will be Interested to
know that Prince Albert, the small
mite of 4 years, who is in the direct
line of succession to the throne of En
gland, wears the plainest kind of
frocks and bonnets. The children of
the royal family are always clothed
simply. Their little arms are unham
pered with frills and furbelows, and
ribbons and bows are not continually
getting into their precious mouths or
' tickling their soft, pretty necks. Little
Prince Albert, whose picture is here
given, wears tucked skirts of pique and
blouses of the same material, trimmed
with braid of plain white or turkey red.
The children of many of the well-to-do
Americans are costumed in small gar
ments every bit as costly.
Prince Albert's younger brother.
Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George
of York, who is one year younger than
the eldest baby of the Duke of York's
interesting family, plays his baby
games in ordinary frocks of nainsook,
trimmed perhaps with a few dainty
tucks or edgings of delicate hand em
broidery. The little sister, Princess
Victoria, who was 1 year old April 25
last, has for everyday wear plain fine
little slips that have neither heavy
lace-trimmed flounces to hamper her
small legs or elaborately made yokes to
fret her infant mind.
Beautiful Mrs. "Jack" Wilmerding'a
Friends Claim She Is Not Insane.
For some time past New York society
has been deeply interested in the un
fortunate case of Mrs. "Jack" Wilmer
ding, the beautiful scion of the Vander-
bilit family who is confined in the
Rloomlngdale Asylum. Her friends
claim that she is not insane and that
ehe is the victim of conspiracy and
they have gone to the courts to secure
her release.
Mrs. Wilmerding was Marie Allen
the daughter of Vanderbilt Allen, and
grandniece of the old Commodore Van
derbilt, She was a pretty, dashing girl,
and "Jack" Wilmerding fell in love
with her and married her in 1892.
Husband and wife were both fond of
gayety, and Mrs. Wilinarding spent
money freely. She was not without
some fortune of her own, and her
gowns were the envy of many women
who had more wealth but less origin
ality. The marriage was unhappy.
There were violent quarrels and dispu
tations until things were brought to a
climax one night in Delmonico's, when
"Jack" threw a plate of ice cream into
his wife's pretty face. A separation
followed and Marie went to live with
her father, Who was in Italy.
Her nervous system was entirely
broken, and at her father's advice she
returned to America to seek rest In a
sanitarium. In a few hours after her
landing she was in Bloomingdale Asylum.
Quintain Said to Be the Only Snrviv.
ins Specimen in England.
A curious clause, taking one right
back to the middle ages, appears in the
title deeds of a bouse which is now to
be sold im the village of OfEbam, in
Kent, says the Westminster Gazette.
Scheduled as part of the "messuages,
lands, hereditaments and premises" is
the village quintain, which still swings
on Its stout oaken post before the
house, and the purchaser must coven
ant to keep the relic of a bygone pas
time in good repair. One end of the
swinging crossbar of this quintain (said
to be the only surviving specimen in
Once Secretary of the National Demo
cratic Committeev Now in Alaska.
From a national convention in Chi
cago to the Klondike is quite a loug
step, but it has been undertaken by
Charles A. Walsh, who was secreuiry
Of the democratic national committee
when the convention was held in the
Windy City in 1SÍH5. Mr. Walsh and
his party camped at Caribou crossing
on Lake Bennett, to wait for the ice to
break up, so they could proceed on their
way to fame and millions.
The politician left civilization with
the Iowa-Alaska Mining Company, of
which he is secretary, and for two
months the party was in camp, engaged
m the construction of two steamboats.
Two of the party were drowned by
breaking through the ice. Four men
and a dog team started out on a little
trip, but the ice was unsafe and the
whole party broke through. Thomas
A. Barnes and a friend named Richards
sank in forty-five feet of water and
the other two men were saved. The
dead were buried on the island near
the camp.
'alsh and his party expect to return
to Iowa laden down with the yellow
wealth of the Klondike.
The Islands Compared with Bom of
Our Seaboard States.
A good Idea of the size and extent of
the Philippine Islands, about which so
many conflicting statements have been
made since the group came into promi
nence a few months ago, may be olv
taiued from an observation of the ac
companying map. The islands are
there shown superimposed upon a map
as a part of the Atlantic seaboard of
the United States, beginning at the
north with New York and extending
through South Carolina. The Philip
pine group and the States are drawn to
precisely the same scale, so that the
comparison is accurate.
The total length of the group, from
the northernmost point of Luzon to
the southern extremity of Mindanao, is
about 950 miles, or fifty miles less than
the distance from the northern boun
dary of Xew York to the southern
point of South Carolina. The Philip
pines have never been thoroughly sur
veyed or explored, and consequently
the estimates of the total area of the
several hundred Islands of the group
have differed widely. The most trust
worthy calculations fix this total area
to be between 114,300 and 115.500
square miles, an extent of territory
equal to the combined areas of the
States of New York, New Jersey, Penn
sylvania and Maryland. The largest of
the Philippine islands, Luzon, upon
which Manila is situated, has an area
of 40,875 square miles, being thus of
almost exactly the same size as the
State of Virginia and over S.000 square
The United States are certainly entitled to
retain possession of the Philippine Islands ii
the peace commissioners so ie-irte, for the cost
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Well Located.
He Phrenologists locate benevolence
exactly at me top of the head. .
?;ie i es. as lar tmm t ha nn,
book as possible. Op to Date. v
Ko household is complete without a bottle oi
the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It is a pure
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physicians. Don't negleerjthis necessity. '
The steamer Reina de Los Angeles,
flying the Stars and Stripes, with Col'
Ray, and 400 United States troops, has
arrived at Manzanillo, to take posses
sion oi me piace.
Capt. HiicKlnson, of the Massachu
setts, Has a Splendid Record.
Capt. Francis J. Higginson, of the
Massachusetts, is a naval hero of the
civil war. By a singular coincidence
he is a native of the States for which
his ship was named. He has a splen
did record. He came out of the acad
emy in 18G1 and Just in time to go into
the war of the Union a finished young
naval officer. He fought in the bom-
i f
!? "rateen
1 Wmt
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There is more Catarrh in this section of
country than all other diseases Tint tnrorfca,-
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure
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Great Nerve Restorer, Send for FREE S2.00
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bardments of Forts Jackson and St.
Philip, of the Chalmette batteries, in
the capture of the Judith and m th
taking of Xew Orleans. He assisted In
the bombardment of Fort Sumter, and
In 1864 was assigned to the academy,
where he remained until after the war.
Then he was transferred to the Asiatic
station, next to the European station,
and then to various posts In many
parts of the country. He got his com
mission as captain In 1S91.
England) is shaped like a sruare tar
get pierced with a number of holes into
which the point of the player's lance
would enter. When struck it would
swing round, and unless the player
were nimble the sandbag hung on the
other entl of the crossbar would swing
round and unseat him. Here is a chance
seldom met in these modern days of
getting back into medievalism. The
owner has only to don the contempo
rary costume, tilt at the quintain and
imagine that the clock has been put
back a few centuries.
Cara Used in That City Are of
American Manufacture.
All the street cars In the city of Ma
nila were made in America, says the
Street Railway Journal. The open
cars are 13 feet 6 inches long over
dashers and have a seating capacity of
twenty passengers.
These cars are drawn by Philippine
horses, which aje about the size of
Juggernaut Story a Fake.
The ghastly stories told of many of
the Indian fanatics who, at the relig
ious festivals, throw themselves be
neath the wheels of the Juggernaut car
are for the most part Imaginative.
These car festivals, which sometimes
attracted as many as 100,000 pilgrims,
have certainly resulted In loss of life;
but it is stated these deaths were pure
ly accidental.
miles smaller than Xew York State.
In length Luzon extends for about 473
miles and would reach from a point
slightly north of the northern boundary
of New York almost to the mouth of
the Potomac River.
(Mindanao, the next largest of the isl
ands, has an area of 3T.25G square
miles. It would require the combined
territory of TV est Virginia and Mary
land to equal the island in size. Min
danao extends nearly 300 miles from
north to south, or, In comparison with
the part of the map upon which it is
superimposed, it would reach from the
mouth of the Roanoke River, in North
Carolina, to Charleston, S. C. Project
ing from Its western coast, Mindanao
has a long, irregular peninsula, which
makes the extreme width of the island
something over 300 miles.
The two smaller islands of Mindoro
and Panay, upon the latter of which is
the port of Hollo, are each over 4,000
square miles In area. Together they
equal in size the State of New Jersey.
Samar island, southeast of Luzon, cov
ers 7,000 square miles.
There are estimated to he 'about 1.
200 islands in the Philippine group,
though any accurate statement is im
possible. Probably not more than one
third of these are inhabited. It is as
difficult to obtain correct statistics re
garding the population of the Philip
pines as it is to get a definite statement
of their area, because a careful census
has never leen taken. Various writers
estimate the present population at fro:u
8,000,000 to 10,000,000.
Sixty-two Children. ; W
A remarkable tale of human fsf nnch
ty is told by the London Daily News.
An Italian peasant woman named Gra
nata, married at 28 years, has borne 63
children. She began with a single
daughter, followed by six boys at a
birth, then by five more, and these by
triplets twice and four at a birth. After
this she limited herself, like ordinary
women, to single babies and twins, but
wound up with another batch of four.
Cses of the Fan In Japan.
The uses of the tan are many and
various in Japan, where it is carried
by men. women and children. A but
terfly shaped fan in the hands of the
umpire at wrestling and fencing matches
is made to express a number of message
perfectly understood and promptly at
tended to hv the combatants.
1. .
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What hasbecome of the old-fashioned
people who on a hot afternoon used to
make their own soda water?
Newfoundland dogs, and it was, there
fore, necessary to make them extreme
ly light and at the same time of the re
quired strength. The street railway
company Is known as the Traosvlas
de Filipinas.
Ie:;ths from Snake Hi tes.
Fully 20,000 of the population of In
dia are annually killed by snake-bites.
The most deadly of all Indian reptiles
i appears to be the cobra di capello,
which is greatly dreaded by the bare
legged Hindoos. With a view to re
ducing the mortality, the government
tried the effect of offering a reward for
snakes' heads; but, instead of diminish
lug the number of these reptiles, it ouly
increased it, as it was discovered that
the natives were breeding the suukea in
order to secure the reward.
jF .lltl'
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