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I 9
From South Africa, the Klomlike ami
Australia gold is being shipped in lare
quantities. IMS years ouiut win nearly
double that of an v previous twelve months.
Thesaleol'Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is ;
also increasing very fast. This famous j
remedy will cure dyeisia, indigestion,
constipation, nervousness and weakness.
An fcye to Baitlness.
Optician My dear sir. your case is ,
hopeless. '
Customer And am I doomed to blind- '
Optician It is inevitable. I think :
you'd better look at my beautiful line of j
artificial eyes at once. Jewelers' Week- ;
No household la complete without a bottle of
the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It Is a pure !
and wholsome stimulant receommened by all
physicians. Don't neglect this necessity.
The German Fire Department.
"I bave the honor to annonnce, cap
tain, that the fire is iti the fourth story,
and our ladders and hose will reach on
ly to the second. "
"Indeed? Then we'll have to wait
till the fire gets down to the second. "
-Fliegende Blatter
' -
1 -
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure, 2oc.
; Sapsuiith (sentimentally) "What is
sadder than to have loved and lost?"
i Hennypeek (promptly) "To have loved
and got her."
! Artist How do you l'ke the portrait?
' Sitter Well, I don't exactly like the
nose. Artist Neither do I; but it's
: yours Tit-Bits. i
Doctor "This medicine Is to be taken I
on an empty stomoch." Patient I
: "That's all right I'va just been to a
five o'clock tea." ' j
nicks "Every dog has his day, my '
boy." Dick Hicks "Then why do they j
! light?" Hicks "I suppose it frequent- j
I ly happens that two of them have the ,
; same day." Life. j
j Indignant Woman This dog I i
. bought of you came near eating my lit- i
tie girl the other day. Dealer Well, !
i you said you wanted a dog that was j
fond of children, didn't you? House-
i hold Words.
Hiram (describing his trip to the
, city) I went Inter the store an' got in
one of them things that take you right
up tew the roof in a jiffy what d'yer
; call 'era, Marthy? Martha Them's
, shoplifters.
! Smithers (society poet) "I am thlnk-
Tne Elaborate Chinese Novel.
It is a proof of the high degree of
elaboration to which fiction literature
in China has been carried that most of
their novels are thickly interspersed
with poems of all orders of rrerit No
stronger evidence could be afforded of
i the tact that whatever they luck it is
1 not literary finish If anything, they
j have this in excess These pnems are
j introduced in a variety of ways The
hero sends one in a billet doux to the
I heroine, or be overhears her sinking
j one or perhaps a poetic contest is struck
1 up, the fine on defeat being generally
! the compulsory drinking of so many
I extra flagons of wine Wine drinking
and poetizing almost invariably go tu
, gether in Chinese novels, though wheth
! er they do so in real life we are unable
j to say Above all things, every uiau
j who sets up to be anything in the way
! of a hero in Chinese fiction must be
1 prepared to extemporize by the ream in
j inimitable poetry. Kev G P Can
1 dlin in Open Court
The tongue is divided into three re
gions of taste, the first of which is chief
ly sensible to pungent and acid tastes,
the middle portion to sweets or bitters,
while the back is confined entirely to ; lng of issuing a volume with wide ruar
the flavors of roast meats, butter, oils gins. Do you like the idea?" Miss De
and rich and faily substances. ' Facto (warmly) "Indeed, you cannot
; make your margins too wide for me. I
Ae pay $100 if we cannot prove that we ! . blink verse " TTirlem XAfc
can save you MONEY on everything you auore mank- erse. llanera uiil.
buy. We are saving the people of "the Miss Farvenu (just home from
i-acinc oast tnousanus 01 uonars every
DomeMtlc Repartee.
! She had put on her hat and gloves
: and was moving toward the door, when
; he looked up from his newspaper and
j asked :
! "Where are you going?"
j "A husband with good sense never
' asks his wife where she is going."
j "But I suppose a woman with good
sense has the right to ask her husband
j where he is going?"
j "A womau with good sense never
does anythiug of the kind, because if
she has good sense she never marries, so
she has no husband. Ta, ta!"
And it never dawned on her that she
had called herself an idiot. Pearson's
month. For full uarticulars. address. Gil
bert Clements' Sons, '218 California St. San
Francisce, Cal., Wholesale and Retailers of
family Supplies.
abroad) There we saw Venus de Milo.
She was very lovely, but she had no
arms. Miss Geraldine Parvenu (who Women Evervwhere Exoress their
: stayed at home) Did you look on the
The Lcudon Standard says the Scot- j door oi her coach ?-Detroit Journal,
tish race is the most clannish, the most "Oh, mamma, don't read any more
ubiquitous, the most pertinacious and 1 about cannibals being wicked for cook
the most instinctively coherent in the : ing the missionaries. Why, my own
"'I'- ! dad's as bad as any of them; I heard
When coming to San Francisco go to ; him tell you himself that at dinner last
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush Street Am- nignt he toasted all his friends." Ally
onio n fr Ii nrnnao n rilan W nnni un.1 Knn H "
iivaiivi u uiu ls-.uu iiiuii. ..a-wui auu Jk
Gratitude to Mrs. Pinkham.
;- .t
$1.00 to $1.50 per day; rooms 50 cents to
$1.00 per day ; single meals 35 cents. Free
coach. Chas. Montgomery.
I Amicable Adjustment. j
"I want you distinctly to understand, :
Emil, that when your colleague's wife I
has a new hat I want one toa "
"Calm yourself, my dear. We've set-
tied it between us. You're neither of
you going to get one." -Fliegende :
Now at Burlingame will remove to its beau- i
Co., Cal., and re-open January 10th, 1898. !
Address, Ira G. Heitt Ph. D.. Menlo Park, t
CaL ;
St. George's Bay, Kewfoundland, i
contains an immense coalfield fully 20 j
miles in length and 10 in breadth. It j
has been estimated that if the output
were to reach 250,000 tons per annum,
the coal bed would not be exhausted in I
a centurv. j
A powder to be shaken in the shoes.
Possible Boarder "Now, my friend,
I enjoyed my dinner very much, aud if
it was a fair sample of your meals I
should like to come to terms." Farmer
"First of all, stranger, wus that a
fair sample of your appetite?" Brook
lyn Life.
Visiting Humorist I saw a new gag
to-day on the Jersey mosquitoes. Jer
seyite (soberly) Dou't deceive yerself,
young man. Yew may hev seen suth
in' on 'em that looked like a gag, but
ten to one It's only some new-fangled
contrivance fer gettin' a better holt.
"I don't know whether to regard this
young author as a marvel of courtesy
or a phenomenal specimen of assur
ance," said the magazine editor's as
sistant. "What has he done?" "In
closed a stamp to be put on the check
In payment for his article." Washing
ton Star.
Wife (who has the foreign language
"spasm" "John.
Tin. T. A. WALDEN. Oibroo, O a, writes:
" Deab Mrs. Pixkham: Before tak
ing1 your medicine, life was a burden
to me. I never saw a well day. At
my monthly period I suffered untold
misery, and a gTeat deal of the time I
was troubled with a severe pain in my
side. Before finishing the first bottle
of your Vegetable Compound I could
tell it was doing me good. I continued
its use, also used the Liver Pills and
Sanative Wash, and have been greatly
helped. I would like to have you use
my letter for the benefit of others."
often. ÍTom no apparent
cause, become languid and
despondent in the eaTly days
of theiT womanhood They
drag along always tiTed,
never hungry, breathless
anu nitr a palpitating C
hear after slight exercise
so that merely to walk V I Zs
up staáTS ii exhausting. JH I ItiUd'íT
Sometimes a shon.dTy cough
leads to the fear tha.t they
are "going into consumption?
They are anaemic, aoc
tors tell them. Yihith means
that they have too little
blood Are you like that' Have you o little blooa?
More anaemic people have been made svrong. hungTy.
energetic men and women by the use of Dr. Williams
Pink Pills foT Pale People than by any otheT means They
ui c u( luiilt. in mc WOTIGL,
Miss Lulu Stevens, of Gasport, Niagara Co., X. Y., had been a very
healthy girl until about a year ago, when she grew weak and pale. She
lost her appetite, was as tired in the morning as on retiring, and lost flesh
until she became so emaciated that her friends hardly knew her. The doc
tors declared the disease anaemia, and gave her up to die. A physician
who was visiting in Gasport prevailed upon her to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People. She did so, and was benefited at once. She is now
well and strong the very picture of health. Buffalo (N. V.) Courier
The genuine are sold only m packages, the vir&pptT
Always be&rtng the full name. For i&le by Ml drug
gists ot sent . postpaid, by the Dr Yfilliams Medicine
Company. Schenectady. N Y., on receipt of price, fifty
cents per box. Book of cures free on request.
nrs. FLORENCE A. WOLFE, 513 llulberry
St., Lancaster, Ohio, writes t
"Dear Mbs. Ptskham: For two
years I was troubled with what the
local physicians told me was inflamma
1 tion of the womb. Every month I suf
fered terribly. I had taken enough
medicine from the doctors to cure any
1 one, but obtained relief for a short
j time only. At last I concluded to write
to you in regard to my case, and can
I say that by following your advice I am
I now pef ectly welL"
v v-.-.-i
At thii season of the vear your feet feel
swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. If
vou have smarting feet or tieht shoes, trv
Allen's Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts: ting on splendidly with my French? I
makes walking easy. Cures swollen; and : am really beginning to think in the
sweating feet, blisters ana callous spots. Ke-' . Tx , . ,. . , , ,,
Ueves corns and bunions of all pain and is language. Husband (Interested in I1I9
certaacureforChilblains.Sweating.Jdamp 1 paper) "Is that eo? Let me hear you
or irosteaieet. we nave over tnirty tuous-! think a little while In Freuch." Our
and testimonials. Trv ito-rfai. Sold bv all
druggists and shoe stores for 2oc. Trial
package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olm
sted, Le Eoy, J. Y.
.-- -
-, 1
. . .
Dumb Animals.
First Theosophist "This settles it; I
resign from the society." Second The
osophist "What's the matter?" First
Theosophist "Why, one of my tenants
has gone off without paying his rent
and left me a note saying he would try
to square with me in some future ex
istence." Xew York Herald.
A recruit, wishing to evade service,
was brought up for medical inspection,
and the doctor asked him: "Have you
any defects?" "Yes, sir; I am short-
Permanently CureJ. No fits or nervou- If htf" "How can you prove it?"
neu after first day's use of Dr. Kline's 1 Easily enough, doctor. Do you see
Great Nerve Restorer, Bend for FREE 82.00 Í that null .in xnnitor In fhQ n-nr
: "Yes." "Well, I don't." Tid-Bits.
! Mr. Giglamps (who has been caught
1 by keeper with some fish In his basket
local applications. as they cannot reHCh the nmi- taklnir iypl "Oh pr vill vmi
eased portion of the ear. There is only one unncr 'aking Size) Ull er w ell, OU
way to cure deafness, and that is bv constitu- see, fact Is, my glasses er magnify a
tional remedies. Deafness is cauef by an in- ,111 Mnko thlrura IiwiL- i..,
flamed condition of the mucous lininifsof the -U Ucal- Jlale tilings look, l.uger
Eustachian Tube, when this tube gets inflamed than they really are!" Keeper (about
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear- -i.-o .m.ii, 4I ,i, .,,.
ing, and when it is entirely oiose-ddeafness is to receUe smaller tip than meets the
the result, and unless the inflammation can be 1 occasion) An! makes yer put down a
i shillin' when yer means 'alf a crown,
I sometimes, 1 dessay, sir!" Punch.
j "Hold on!" cried tre proud young
father, as he rushed down the aisle
on! Before the baby is chris-
tened I want to change his name."
j "Why," the good man asked, as he was
about to sprinkle the child's head,
I "George Dewey Well wood is a good
! name .isn't It? Why should there be
rtrs. W. R. BATES, nansfield, La-, writes t
" Before writing to you I suffered
dreadfully from painful menstrua-
do you know I'm get- 1 tion, leucorrhoea and sore feeling in
the lowerpartol tne bowels. Aowmj
friends want to know what makes me
look so well. I do not hesitate one min
ute in telling them what has brought
about this great change. I cannot
praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound enough. It is the greatest
remedy of the age."
Practical Remedy.
Caller (with manuscript) Then yon j
can't use the poem? May I ask what ;
ails it? i
Editor Well, it lacks what might i
be called the true poetic fire.
Caller Couldn't that be ah im- '
parted to it some way?
Editor Well, you might try stick
ing it in the stove. Chicago Tribnne.
trial bottle and treatise. Da. R. H. Kiam, Ltd.
WO Arch St., Philadelphia. Pa.
By 1
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed forever:
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will eive One Hundred Dollars for anv
case of fteaíness cause by catarrh that cannot j
be cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure. Send for cir- "hold
eulars, Iree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
.Sold by PrufcKist. 7''.
Hall's Kamily Pills are the best.
Poker Diet.
Daniel O'Connell'a sarcastic and
graphic description of a lady of stiff,
cold and formal manners is very happy,
"She has all the characteirstics of a
pokei except its occasional warmth."
This recalls the story of the two Irish
servants who, discussing the stiff and
unbending manners of the young lady
of the family, agreed that "when she
was a baby her mother must have fed
her upon boiled pokers, underdone I"-
A Serlona Omission.
"Here's something queer, " said the
man who is always looking for flaws.
"What's that?" asked the man who
was reading the news over the other's
j "This account of the death of Cap-
tain Biddleby. I've read it through
J twice now and I can't find it said any
; where that 'the news of his death came
; to his friends with a shock.' " Cleve
land Leader
Boya Were Escorted to School Just
as Girls Are Now.
The extraordinary care that the Gre
cian boy received in his formative years
made his moral training more effective
than that inculcated by the most careful
of modern parents. His general educa
tion, coupled with skillful and continu
ous physical instiuction, produced a
moral cultivation very similar and fully
as strict as that the Christian father
Jeerus necessary for his daughters.
A pedagogue, generally an old and
trusted slave, led the boys to school and
called for them after it closed, carried
the bocks, looked out for the little boys,
kept the older ones from fighting and
falling into bad company and had a
general oversight of their conduct and
treet form. He was by no means a
cchoolmaster or even a private tutor, not
even being allowed to enter the school
room. Oftentimes ignorant in the ex
treme, he was chosen simply because of
his loyalty to the family and some
times, I fear, because he was unfit for
any other occupation. Though the butt
of the boys' ridicule as well as that of
thecomio poets and low wits of the day,
be did an incalculable service in preven t-
I ing vicious companionships and keeping
I pure the minds of those intrusted to his
The child was never sent off to board
ing school, but boys attended the day
school ; town life prevailed. Besides,
that sentiment that zealously guarded
the hoy's purity with a pedadogue from
! his sixth to his sixteenth year could
1 brook no intermission of personal o. .r-
sight. Education was essentially pri-
vate, the state having jurisdiction eim
! ply over the moral and not the profes
I sional standing of the teacher. Popu-
1 lar SnÍAmiA Mnnthlv.
LLLMW 111! ilul 1 I 1 1 A J T I -J IV
Something new. Not made of strong
alkalies, but acombinationof vegetableoils
and Borax, pulverized as fine as flour.
Made in California by white labor, and su
perior to any Eastern washing powder.
Send to us for a sample. For sale by all
New England Soap Co.
Iwere famous y ears ago their fame
throws every year as the seeds
moat to be relied on as always
the beMf. For sale bv lead inte J
. dealt r everywhere, five cema t
per paper and always worth it.
insist on having them, nun
no nK buy terry's.
191 seed Annual is tree. .
. M. FK Kit A CO.,
UetrolL, Jllck.
I believe Piso's Cure is the only medí-
i tie that will cure consumption. Anna
M. Ross, Williamsport. Pa., N'ov. 12, 95.
Pure Tea
in packages
at grocers'
a change?" "I want to add a little to j
' it. Make it George Dewey Hubson
; Wellwood, and let the ceremony pro ;
j ceed." Cleveland Leader..
They had come to Chicago on their
wedding tour. While taking in the
Bights t'iey wandered into the Art Mu
seum, and, pausiug before a reproduc
tion of the Venus of Milo, the bride re
marked: "They must think the peo
ple who come here are awfully ignor
ant." "Why so, dearie?"' asked the
other half. "Why so!" she exclaimed,
with an air of superior intelligence;
"get on to that sign, 'Hands on!' bang
ing on that thing; just as if any fool
didn't know they were." Culcag?
Daily News.
Good News
It Comes from ftany Homes flade
Happy, "Dyspepsia is
For years Hood's Sursajiarilla lias bi'en
curing dyspepsia. It is curing it today
and it will continue to cure it when iven
a fair opportunity by those who suffer
from this disease. If you have dyspepsia,
take Hood's Sarsaparilla. If you have a
friend sullering from it. tell that friend to
Hood's Sarsaparilla
America's Greatest Medicine fur Dyscpsia.
Hood's Pills cure all liver ills. 25 cents
i.llkHi WHtUE Áil FISf 1AUS.
Best CouKh Hyrup. Tasiee Ouud. Use
in time, win !t dniKirists.
! &
I ft
I &
! ft
; ft
! ft
: ft
j ft
I ft
' ft
! ft
! ft
; ft
i ft
I ft
: ft
: ft
: ft
. ft
; ft
i ft
' ft
: ft
Established 1780. $
Baker's I
Chocolate, SI
celebrated for more
than a century as a j
delicious, nutritious, 3
and flesh-forming
beverage, has our
Yellow Label
on the front of every
package, and our
Chocolatiere."on the "i
Is it Wrong?
Get it Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revealed Remedy will do it. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get it rom
your druggist or any wbolesale drug house, or
(rom Stewart it Holmes Drug Co., Seattle
Dorchester, Mass.
This Paper is Printed
Jr'yia i l droia
ff&Üg Oumntotteii
Ejn not to iriamre.
I m HiffM for unnatural
dincharoii), luilamuiHtiouti,
irritations vr ulceration!
of mucous cifin brant.
ramie!!, ami not atrin-
THEtViNS ChEMT It Cl. "ul or roionuua.
Mold by Drnccruta,
or aont in plain wrappr,
y Mfreffl, prepaid, for
l.nft, or 3 iwrttl'", J.7S.
Cirrnlar wnt on rtHfnrot
P. N. D. L. A.
No. 72
" WW--
Insure your Crop now
It's easy and cheap and sensible, in
fact you can't afford not to. One of our
pumping plants dont cost very much
but will pump oceans of water.
Send for catalog. (
Hercules Gas Engine Works
305 MARKET ST, San Francisco, CaL
3-, ';v-
r ; i T -

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