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I nil
Published every Saturday at Holbrook,
Navajo County Arizona, by
C. O. ANDERSON. Editor and Proprietor.
Enterad at the postoffice at Holbrook, Ariz.,
an sccoud-clajs mail matter.
One year
Six months
Three mouths...
í Si !
1 00
Advertising rates made known on applica
tion at this oüiee.
The Doings of The Week in
Holbrook and Surrounding
A. B. McGaffey has moved his
familiy into the Zuck hotel.
Joe Bargmau has moved his fam-
i - . ii... tt:. l -
liy into me .uua uUu.
Geo. Scott returned from Kansas j
Mtv Thursday, i
j tj
Excursion trains are now passing
this point daily for the coast.
Archie Cameron returned from
Kansas Cuy this week.
Ben Schuster of St. Johns retur
ned from Chicago Thursday.
R. C. Cresswell come up from
Winslow Thursday.
i i t I 1 : .
... . .. ,r I
MSiuuK nitu uia stater .tits. uuus.
C. C. Bryant shipped a lot .of cat-!
J rr i
tie to Denver Saturday.
Dr. Reed will spend the Fourth
of July at Snowflake.
Misses Lulu Hatch, Addie Savage
and Louie Savage were down from
Woodruff Wednesday. I
Q. R. Gardner and C. J. Owens
were here Wednesday finishing up
their wool shipments.
Geo. Harman, a representatiye of
H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, 111.,
was in town Monday.
Bert Gravely returned from a vi
sit to Iowa Wednesday. He will
leave for Whiteriver in a few days.
A number of parties were down
from St. Johns last Saturday with
Ezra Hatch was down from Taylor
last week and paid this office a social
Mrs. J. L. Fish and children went
to Pinedale Tonday, where they will
spend a couple of months - during
the summer. .
Mrs. Flower, a sister of Mrs.
Woods, arrived from Dallas, Texas,
last week. She intends to remain
here in the future.
County Recorder McAllister had
a severe sick spell last week, but is
now able to be around again and at
tend to business.
On Saturday John Conner took
Rev. John Waldo Ellis to the Petri-!neeoluu njaKO ms e-'tPe an al" it gives out they conclude as to the ' to realize that this is not the ideal ! our state boards of health, state au
fied Forest. They returned the temPt-was mat ie to arrest him. The j condition of the brain. The skull ; cattlecountry.E . St. George Creighe ! alysts- or food commissions better
same day.
Last Friday Mrs. F. J. Wattron
and children returned from Los An
geles, where they have spent the
last five months.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lackamp, Elston,
Mo., write: "One Minute Cough
Cure saved the life of our little boy
when nearly dead with croup." Ad
dress F. J. Wattron.
Company "B" of the 25 Infantry
came in f rjm Fort Apache Saturday,
and Sunday morning started for San
Francisco. From there they will go
to the Philippines.
Dr. Dryden came up from Wi ns
low Thursday and extracted a need
le which through and . accident had
become imbedded in one of Mrs.
Wattron's legs. Los Angeles phys-
ícians located it with the X-rays,
but on attempting to extract it it
would move, and they were unable
to secure it.
A pure whiskey agrees with any
food, in fact aids digestion. It tones
the stomach, increases the How of
gastric .juices and so promotes
strength and flesh. A pure whiskey
like HARPER whiskey. F. J. Wat
tron, Holbrook, Ariz.
-If your watch needs cleaning or
repairing, leave it with the express j
agent, who will pay express charges j
both ways, and send it in to II. E
Fox, the official railroad inspector.!
Regular railroad charges and gu?r-i
anteed for one year. ;
Mrs. Capron, wife of Signal Ser-,
geant Canron, passed through hire .
on her wav to Denver to Join lier
husband, who was recently ordered
to thai place.
You caivt cure dyspepsia by diet- ;
' ing. Eat good, wholesome food, ;
j ami plenty of it. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests food without aid from
th stomach, and is made to cure.
Address F. J. Watt ron.
Govenor and Mrs. N. O. Murphy L
parsed through here Monday on the ;
IhJed XoL The ovenJ was re- i
turning from the Rough Riders re
union at Las Vegas, and Mrs. Mur-
phy from a trip to New York. j
De Witt's Little Early Risers bone- i
fit permanently.
They lend gentle
a.-.ssance to n.tttu-, uu.
sistance to
pains or weakness, peruianeu. i? cui-
t:.. i t: ;i,.,t- f
Address F. J. Wattron
-r , T v cuv, V Tí!
iirsl3 j., . k 1 1 1 1 1 i. . i-i ij
Decker, John Hunt, John Bushman,
T XT TT( L T AT C.n mil T IT -
j-i. n, iwnu, xj. -.i. ,
Kicnaras lett weaoesaay on -no. a
going to Salt Lake City, where they
will speud a couple of weeks.
"What might have been if that !
little cough hadn't been neglected j
is the sad reflection of .thousands of
I consumptives. One Minute Cough
Cure cures coughs and colds.
dress F. J. Watt. on.
, r TT -, -, r
Mrs. Adam Hauna returned from
St. Louis where she has been for
several mouths taking medical t rai
ment. She brought a little child six
mouths old with her. that she had
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in my family for rears and i
always with good results," says Mr.
W. B. Cooper of El Rio, Cal. "For
small children we find it especially
effective." For sale by F. J. Wat
trou, druggist.
Jacob Hambliu of Xutrioso, W. El.
Reynolds of Luna Yailey, N. M.,
V. 11. Gibbons ofbt, Johns. C. F. ; Tr-e eveut was celebrated "at the ! 0 , , , ,
AiiHorson rf St Tnlin? TT T, ATarhlo ' i t -r i i n JaT baby has been continually
Aiinorson or t. jonns, xt. 1j. -uaroie J10me of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Roseu- I , , , , .tl ,. , , ,
nf f!nni-lm don 1A Pmslir -inri T) : n ,, , , , , . , , troubled with colic and cholera 1U
ot tonmo, ueo. 11. crosoy ana u. walJ. m the presence of the bride s 1 , . - ,,,,,,
K. Udal of Rnrine-erville came down ' i: i: , lautum since his birth, and all that
- o- .
on Thursday's stage and took the j friends. She is an estimable ladv,
afternoon train for Salt Lake City, j wi and favorable known in Albu
Guu;shct wounds and powder- ; qu erque, and Mr. Wetzler is one of
burns, cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds ! the most promising young business
from rusty nails, insect stings and ; men iu northern Arizona. They
ivy poisoning, quickly healed by Do are now pleasantly located in the
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Positive-j Schuster residence. The Argus
ly prevents blood poisoning. Beware ' joins with their maDy friends in
of counterfeits. "DeWitt's" is safe
and sure. Address J. F. Wattron.
Friday night Sheriff Wattron and
Deputy Bargmau captured Fañisto
Ramerez, who about three weeks ago
stabbed Santiago Montano in a fight
On bliver CrseK. He Was VlSltlUg
some of his friends , here and had a
horse tied close to the premises so
orneéis ouiwiLteutne wuysconnurei
surprised and captured him before
hada chance to carry out his
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield, O., can be determined after some prac- j cern of Smith and T left several alum? .
writes: "I suffered from piles seven j tice and any disease cr fracture be-j years ago, going to British Colum- Meantime, it will aid the house
or eight years. No remedy gave me trays itself by the peculiar souud. j bia. In Navajo county Henry Hun- wife in designating the alum pow
relief until De Witt's Witch Hazel j Some skulls, according to the doc- ! niug is out of the cattle business en- i ders to remember that all powders
Salve, less than a box of which per- ! tors, give out a veritable sound of : tirely and has invested in sheep. sold at twenty-five ceuts or less per
manently cured me." Soothing,
healing, perfectly harmless. Beware
of couterfeits. Address F. J. Wat
The Fourth of July will be cele
brated at Hclbrook and the follow- !
ing will be some of the features:
Reading of the Declaration of Iuu ependence j
ly ...F. M. Zuck. I
Barbacue from 12 to -3 p. in.
Horse Races. j
Horse Race free for all (00 yards lrst
! yarda-o yards and turn a stake-lTSt prize I
110; 2nd prize Í5. Pony Kuce. lrst prize J7.50.
2nd prize, 12.50.
Foot Races. i
Boy's Foot Race age batneen 9 and 12 lrst
prize, f2; 2nd prize, tl. Lemon Race boys I
under 9 years lrst prize, T2; 2nd prize, Í1;
3rd prize, ?150. Free For All Foot Race, lrt
prize, Í3; 2nd prize, i'2.50. Men's Sack Race,
lrst prize, ÍJ.5J; 2nd priza, f 1.50. Boy's Sack
Race, lrst prize, f2; 2nd prize, tl; 3d prize,
10.50. The program will close with fireworks
in tha evening, and a grand bail at the pub
lic hall. Red uced rates on the railroad. All
are invited.
Two colored soldiers whose names
could not be ascertained, beeann in
volved in an altercation Saturday
night. It seem that one of them, a
somewhat raw recruit, had become
hilariously drunk. The other one.
a man who had been in the service
for fifteen year?, nt tempted to get
the recruit to cnuip. The recruit in
reí u
rn for this kindness slashed his '
bfiiejai tcr with a krifo 'c:ti:rr a
gash an inch deep and s?'--rral inches
long in his throat. The company
surgeon dressed the wound. It is
uut known whether the wound is
dangerous or not.
DeWittV; Little
.arlv- líisers es- : i
j pel from the system all poisonous,
, aceiimnlatior.s. regulate tlitt sinm--
, . .. .. . .. . , ..-.
.ESS '
and vigor for the daily reutine. Do i
not gripe or sicken. - Address F. J.
An exchange gives the following :
i which is a coov of a school
bov's i
complaint to the board of d!
T)ineciors Vv
who is i
. , , -,
nit? ititcur Uin iiie cer) tciv.
i Ma told her to whip me oftener than
ho did the other scholars so thev
i wouldn't think she was partial. I
..... , .,
:s j
write to let vou Know tnat tins is
too tu; She is an old maid
and I
. . i ... t
gets mai oecause sue can t get mar- f
ried and when she gets to feeliug
that way she larrups me. I hate to
spy such things bout my sister but
it is so, and 1 write to inquire if you
can't slop her licking me or get her
a husband. Anv old thing 'will do,
so it's a man.
A diseased stomach surely under
mines health. It dulls the brain,
kills energy, destroys the nervous
system, and predisposes to insanity
?.úd fatal diseases. All dyspeytic
troubles are quickly cured by Kodol
Dj spepsia Cure, lt has cured thou
ands of cases and is curing them
every day. Its ingredients are such '
that it can't help curing. Address'
F. J. Wattron. j
Fred Wetzler and bride arrived!
from Albuquerque Monday. Last
Suudav he was married to
Miss !
Frances Rosenwaid at Albuquerque. !
i iiiJiiiDuiaiD i fltll. 1 f3 rtUCl a iev
wishiug them a long and happy mat
rimonial career.
Certain diciples of Charcot, not
ably Giles de la Tourette, have re-
centlv evolved a new science, or
j rath?r a new aid to diagnosis, in the
sound nf tlm s-llll. Thov bnilm
; siu,u wjtu a iittie hammer and ac -
cording to the character of the note
.0f a child gives out a note of a.
iher pitch than that of a man. ,
jn qJJ ae the skull souud rises
again. The thickness of the skull
a cracked pot and so the popular .
term "cracked" for a person of ec- I
centric intellect is fully justified.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
alum. They axe injurious to health.
The Week1 II;irrriliii8 in Thin Quit
Little. YillHge.
Woodp.cff, June,29, 1S99.
The late showers were much ap
preciated. End Greer of Springerrille was
seen in town this week.
He reports
prospects as being
, , , ' " i
pari or tue country.
,r. ,r . , , , , , i
Miss Maria Gardner -who has been
con G tied to her r
mouths, is around.
!or several
i we anticipate quite a good tuno
ion the Fourth of Julv.
i Georga Bryan of Pine-Tale was:
here recent! v.
Solomaiii of Taylor spent Sunday
i -r . ,
llore' aii',ODn JK'Laws OI -i-ppb.
A company of Colored soldiers
through here last F.idayon
A Frightful Blunder. j
Will often caue a horrible Burn, ;
Scald, Cut or Bruise.
Arnica Salve, the best iu the world,
will kill the pain and proiu')! Iv heal
it. Cures Old Sores. Fever Sores, ! closed against t he sheepmen, this
Ulcers. Boils, Felons, Corns, all ; iudustry, which is now t he greatest
Skin Eruptions. Best Pile cure on source of reveuue to northern Ari
earth. Only 23 cts a box. Cure , zona, will be totally and permansnt-
guaranteed. Sold by J. F. Wattron,
Whvt Clilco" Saw at Snowflake tlie !
Fast Week.
Sxowflae, J une 29, 1S99.
Mr. and Mrs. John McNeal and I
theirson Dan are taking iu the town.
John Wardell is at home again,
Claud Youugbiood has returned
from the railroad.
Preparations are being made for
the celebration of the Fourth cf
July and we expect to have a hot time.
Messrs Smith, Hanson and Hunt
i have gone to Salt Lake City.
! Miss Sena Hanson is visiting with i
Mr. and Mrs. Neils Hanson,
The Willis boys have gone
Apache with freight.
iIrs- Jauios Porter is in town re
ceiving meaical treatment.
Hy Smith was at homo this -week.
we could do for him did not seem to
give more than temporary relief, un-
til wo tried Chamberlain's Colic, ' the authorities have under the di
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, j red ion of Congress, adopted regula
Sinee giving that remedy he has not ; tions to prohibit the usé of alum in
been troubled. YTe waut to give i bread altogether.
you this testimonial as an evidence
of our gratitude, not that you need
it to advertise your meritorious rem
dy. G. M. Law, Keokuk, Iowa. For
sale by F. J. Vv'attron, druggist.
T!l elinmont. nf nntllo frnm f l
: section this year h-as been as usual
i very heavy. Cattlemen are besrinninsr
in Apache county sold out and
moved to Colorado last year. The
: Phelps boys at Sprinsrerville are ore-
; paring to leave and the larire con-
The Esperanza cattle company is
shipping their cattle to ranges in j Pure cream of tartar powders are
the Raton monntains in New Mexico, usually sold at from forty-five to
while the Aztec Land & Cattle com- fifty cents a pond.
pan3- is reducing their holding here I
as fast as convenient. Up to date ! Spain's Greatest Need,
this spring they have shipped out Mrs. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
over 9.000 head with further ship-: Spain, spends his winters at Aiken,
mentj to follow in, the near future. ! S. C. Weak nerves had caused se
This leaves the country practically vere pains iu the back of his head,
to the sheepmen to whose purposes On using Electric Bitters, America's
it is more naturally adapted. Dur-1 greatest Blood and Nerve Remedy,
ihg the early spring and summer it all pains soon left him. He says
is impossible to run sheep in the val- j this grand mediciueis what his coun
lev of the little Colorado, Yerde. and i try needs. All America knows that
Salt rivers.-". As no rains fall in those j
localities during the spring and
early summer, the whole country at
that period is not hing but a parched
and arid dessert devoid of vegetation.
The rains which fall in the summer
and fall commence iu July and Au
gust. T-,'3i the grass and prepa-
Igion for a winter rang"?.
When the cold weather sets in in
the mountain section the sheep aro
moved out and winter in those val
leys. Iu the spring the feed in
these valleys become exbaustpd.
D roug Lt, intense b at, lack of shade
and water necessite driviug th'-ii
back into the mouutains, where the
melting snow and early soring rains
have produced excellent feed. Plen-
. , , , , ,
ty of water, good feed, fino shade
i , . , .
cüi, h iiiw temperature comQine to
niak.? the mountain section an ideal
il!liji'r r:mr,a
It will be e.'isily seen from this
Í hat. owing to tht physical couEg-ur-.tioii
of northern Arizona, it is es
pecially adapted to the sheep indus
try, lt will further le seen that
these two sections of it, with their
opposite climate and natural condi
tions, are indispeusible to a success
ful operation of sheep raising, and
and that without a free and unre-
stricted use and occupation of both
t his industry will be utterly ruined.
This summer range lies wholly with
in the bounds of the forest reserve,
and should this reserve ever be
ly annihilated.
'"During the hot weather last sum
mer I had a severe attack of cholera
morbus, necessitating my leaving
my business," says Mr. C. A. Hare,
of Hare Bros., Fincastle, Ohio.
"After taking two or three does of
1 Chamberlain's ,Colic, Cholera and
i Dlho Remedy I was completely
j relitved anl few hours was able
to resume ui? work in the store. I
"rely recommend it to any one
! ainieted w,,h stom3 or bowel
tJ. 1 1 M n 11 T-T tTT ,
or J " i-
! ' 00
Protect Our Food.
The doctors inform'us that alum
is a poison, and that alum baking
powders should be avoided because
they make the food unwholesome.
Prominent hygienists, who have
giveu the matter moststuly, regard
these powders as an evil that should
be suppressed by state action. Iu
Minnesota and Wisconsin alum pow
ders are not permitted to be sold
unless tly are branded to warn
I consumers of their true character,
while in the District of Columbia
Are not the people of other states,
as well as those of Minnesota and
Wisconsin, entitled to warning of a
danger which is apparently menac
ing them at close hand, and is not
the whole country entitled to abso
lute protection, as the people of the
District of Columbia are protected,
by legislation which is entirely pro-
i üutilwecan have the orotection
in the" form of 'a statute, how can
serve the public than by publishing
i in the newspapers from" time to time
the names of the bakiuar powders
i which they find to be made from
pound aro of this dangerous class.
it cures liver and kidnoy trouble,
purifies the blood, tones up the
stomach, . strengthens - the nerves,
puts vim, vigor and now life into
every muscle, nerve and organ of the
the body. If weak, tired or ailing
you need it. Every bottle guaran
teed, only 50 cents. Sold by J. F.
Wattron, druggist.

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