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m A. PEASE, Publisher .... - PB tte te,t B.eW,M
Santa Ife Route
Effect July 1, 1900.
10 00
10 SO
7 30
4 25
0 05
12 50
2 SI
t 00
4 SO
5 45
C 0-2
.Kansas City.
..Denver .
La Junta
.... Albuquerque. ...
..Kazajo Springs..,,
Joseph City
....Cation Diablo ...
7 ON. a
7 68
9 28
11 12
ia S5
Lv Ash Fork
raciuo -rime.
Peach Springs....
Ar Mojava
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco...
12 45
a io
S 45
t 50
9 82
12 55
t 15
8 25
12 55
S 45
4 20 p
1 40 p
11 25 a
8 15 a
4 10 a
2 10 a
12 15 a
7 SO p
1 55 p
9 00 a
5 55 p
7 50 p
8 45 p
11 62 p
2 85 a
12 85 p
Lt Ash Fork...
Jerome Jo...
Congress Jo..
Ar Phenix....
2 45 p
S 15 pi
0 50 p
40 p
Trains Nos. 1 and 2 is the regular Dally
Overland Express and runs every day in the
yenr. This train Is equipped to accomodate
fasaengers traveling on all classes of tickets,
t carries Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
through from Los Angeles to Chicago, and
also Vestibuled Pullman Tourist Sleeping
Cara, In addition to these it carries a Re
elining Chair Car no extra charge being
made for seats.
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, the
Moqul Tillages and the Petrified Forest . in
Arizona can be reached only via this line.
Folders and descriptive books will be fur
nished on application.
General Passenger Agent,
Las Angeh
Bles, Cal.
H. L. RHODES, Local Agent,
Holbrook. A. T.
St. .iotas
Stage Line.
DAVID K. fDALL, Proprietor.
Leave Holbrook dally
Arrive Holbrook "
..9:90 a. m
..5:00 p. m
Holbrook to Woodruff Si, to Concho S4:50,
to St. Johns , to Springerville S8.
Return ticket Holbrook to Woodruff 11.50,
to Concho S3, to St. Johns S10, to Springer
Missionaries half rate; must show their
College students half rate.
Fifty pounds of baggage allowed each
He for all packages under 101b to any point.
From Holbrook to Woodruff lc per pound
over 10.
From Holbrook to Concho 2o per pound
ver 101b.
From Holbrook to St. Johns 2 per pound
over 101b.
From Holbrook to Springerville S;io per
pound over 101b.
Mo more
passengers or packages billed
"dead head'
unless Dy special oraer irom
All cAsh sent at owner's risk.
All perishable articles shipped at owner's
quids liable to leakage or breakage
hipped at owner's risk.
Not responsible for loss or damage ef live
fowls and animals in transportation.
StOD-over PriYile&es
point on the line. Fifty pounds of baggage
carried free for each full-fare ticket.
furnished at the Station and Woodruff.
earefnl and accommodating drivers.
EXPRESS CARRIED to all points along
the line at low rates.
For full particulars inquire of any of our
agents or postmasters along the line.
John R. Hulet, Agent, Holbrook.
.... OPENS ....
JUNE 1, 1900.
TN ADDITION to the peerless
J- attractions of former summer
seasons at Coronado Beach, the new
and unique attractions of a Tent
City is provided for those who
choose the freedom of the Tent
rather than the luxury of the Hotel
Excursion Tickets at Extremely
Low Hates will be Bold by the...
-sá:ítaíb route
It has been demonstrated by ex
perience that consumption can be
prevented by the early se of Oue
Minute Cough Cure. This is the
favorite remedy for coughs, colds,
oroup, asthma, grippe and all
throat and lung troubles. Cures
quickly. F. J. Wattron.
On the first of August we will vacate our present quarters, and in i
'order to save expense
Our aim is to open our new store with a Bran New Stock, which is
I Wetzler in the East at present.
Come early and get first choice.
Low Rates.
The Santa Fe Company offer the
following low rates: To Denver,
Uol., and return jo&. uates 01 saie, i
July 5, 12, 19, 26, Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23, j
30, 1900. Final limit 90 days.
San Francisco and returen $55.
Dates of Bale same as to Denver.
Stopover allowed west of Barstow
Return limit 90 days.
. If your school district needs new
seats, furniture, or school supplies
of any kind, let me quote you prices
before ordering elsewnere. All
inquiries cheerfully ana promptly
answered. W. H. Clahk,
27 Holbrook Ariz.
One Minute Cough Cure is the
only harmless remedy that produces
immediate results. Try it. F. J.
Notice to Voters.
Notice Is hereby given, that at a regular
meeting of the board of supervisors of
Navajo county, Arisona.beld at their office
on the 2nd day of April, 1900, it was ordered
that a re-registration of all the voters of
Navajo county, Arizona, be made. Register
closes October 17, 1000.
Act No. 87, twentieth legislative assembly:
Sec 1. "No recorder, justice of the peace,
or other officer authorized to register elec
tors In any of the counties of the territory of
Arizona, shall register or take the affidavit
for the purpose of re-regi.tratlon of any
elector within this territory, unless tuch
person desiring to be registered shall pro
duce and exhibit to the registering officer a
receipt showing that he has paid a poll tax
for the year in which he is registering.
Sec. 2. "This act shall not apply to any
person who is by law exempt from the pay
ment of a poll tax. But in this event the
person desiring to register must make affi
davit to the facts that entitle him under the
law to an exemption from the payment of a
poll tax.
Seo. S. "Any of the registering officers
enumerated in section 1 of this act, or any
that may hereafter be qualified to register
electors, vho enters the name of any person
upon the great register of the county in
which he Is an officer, without requiring the
person seeking to be registered to exhibit a
poll tax for the year in which he is being
registered, or taking the affidavit of such
person showing he is exempt fri m the pay
ment of poll tax, shall be guilty of a misde
meanor and subject to fine, upon conviction
therefor, of not more than one hundred
(1100) dollars or imprisonment iñ the county
jail not less than thirty days nor more than
sixty days, or by both such fine and Im
prisonment." A. F. McALLlsnm,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisor of Navajo
County, Arizona Territory.
First publication May 12, 1900.
To California and the Seashore
Special low rates will be made by the Santa
Fe Route to San Diego, Long Beach, Loa
Angeles, Santa Monica and Redondo on
Thursdays of each week from May 24th to
August SOth. Tickets will be good for 90
days from date of sale and to stop over at
any point west of San Bernardino. The rate
from Holbrook will be S35JX) for the round
The California seashore resorts will be un
usually attractive this year. At fair Coro
nado a new tent city has been organized.
Tents are laid out in streets along the beach
in front of Hotel del "oronado. The city has
electric lights, grocery store, etc. Large
orchestra in attendance at pavilion every
evening. Hot and cold plunge. Coronado's
water piped to all parto of Tent City, Still
I water, surf bathing and fishing are at hand.
Tents furnished and unfurnished can be
rented at a reasonable charge. At Laguna
Beach may be found a quiet family resort
of summer homes. Cottages are for rent.
Ooeanslde has a fine beach and is surrounded
with points of interest. At Redondo exten
sive improvements have been made and the
famous Seventh Regiment Band has been
engaged for the season which insures the
best of music at this delightful resort by the
"Sounding Sea." This is the resort of moss.
agate and shell hunters. Fishing from the
wharves is always good. The Summer Chau
tauqua at Long Beach will be fully up to the
standard; while Santsj Monica will have its
usual crowd of pleasure seekers. Los Ange
les, the busy metropolis of Southern Call
fornla, will be alive with visitors who make
this their headquarters for side trips around
the Kite-Shaped Track," the beaches, Mt.
Lowe, etc., etc. 'Spend your vacation on the
Pacific Coast. Agents of the Santa Fe Route
will cheerfully give you all the desired
There are no better pills made
than De Witt's Little Early Risers.
Always prompt and certain. . F. J,
of moving we offer our
nail Orders will be filled at BED ROCK prices.
Reports from Phenix resulting
from the investigation of damage
by the recent drouth, the state of
the orange crop has not -been dam
aged so Beriously as first reported,
and there will be three-fourths of
a crop.
Editor Anderson, of the Range
News, has ordered a cylinder press.
The News is a good reliable journal
and we are glad to see the evidences
of liberal patronage which that stock
paper deserves. Continual prosper
ity to you. Prospector.
The Tennessee mine, at Chloride,
is to resume operations on a large
scale. More men will be put on
at once and the ground between
the 400 and 500 level will be exploit
ed in a hurry. Hereafter the ore
reserves will be increased as fast as
possible and prospecting of new
ground will be one of the features
of mining on that lode. Miner.
Dr. R. E. Holbrook learned long
ago, doubtless, that it was danger
ous to "monkey with the buzz-saw,"
but did not know that an electric
fan might be just as dangerous, un
til a few days ago, when he thought
lessly put his finger in a fan, with
the intention of stopping its motion.
He succeeded, and as a memento
has a finger cut to the bone. Re
publican, j
The postoffice department has un
der consideration a plan whereby
the names of postoffices shall be
placed on stamps where sold. The
idea is to provide means for identifi
cation when stamps are stolen from
any postoffice, and also to prevent
boycotting of postmasters, a prac
tice in some of the smaller towns of
the country. It will be possible un
der the new rule for the depart
ment to keep accurate account of
all stamps sold and render justice
to the boycotted postmaster. Cit
izen. Dad McGinley, an old prospector,
while sleeping on the ground was
bitten by a skunk last week. The
skunk did not let go until Dad got
to his feet when it dropped to the
ground and made for the brush with
Dad in pursuit. It was caught and
killed and proved to be the most
dreaded of all our mad animals.
Dad did not wait for a horse to be
found but walked to town for treat
ment. His doctor told him that the
whiskey that he had saturated him
self with during th6 past two weeks
would prevent any serious results.
Globe Times.
Mr. I. E. Solomon, who will be
gin threshing his wheat and barley
crops probably next week, says the
present year's yield was never
equalled on his land, which lies un
der the Montezuma canal below
Solomonville. Mr. Solomon will
clear up this year about 2,500 sacks
of wheat and 5,000 sacks of barley,
average yield on all his wheat and
barley land promising to be not less
than 60 bushels to the acre. Much
of Mr. Solomon's land lies in what
is known as the San Simon flood dis
trict. It has been observed this
year that the land which has been
flooded frequently by the flood wat
ers of the San Simon is the very
best in the valley, when measured
by crops' product. Bulletin.
entire stock at a great
being purchased by our Mr. Julius ,
Interesting Bits of Information Gath
ered from All Parts of the State.
The scaffold which is expectEd to
execute the death sentence upon the
Halderman brothrrs is being put in
to shape ready for work. The date
set for the hanging of the con
demned men is August 10th. The
prisoners are hopeful that executive
clemency will yet save their necks
and as the time draws nearer are be
coming more anxious, though still
hopeful. Nevertheless, prepara
tions are being carried out to be in
readiness for the execution and the
scaffold which has not been in use in
Cochise county since the memorable
hanging of the Bisbee murderers in
1883 is again being inspected and
put into condition for service. The
death watch is being placed over
the prisoners and every precaution
taken that no attempt other than
legal barriers will stay the execu
tion. Prospector.
Mrs. Reed, whose letters from
abroad were such pleasant reading
in the Arizona Republican, has re
turned, and writing from Cohasset,
Mass., says of the day she left Troy,
N. Y., for Boston: It was hot
enough to put to shame any August
day on the Colorado desert. Talk
about hot weather; I do not think
that we of Arizona have any cause
to find fault with our climate. We
came through Boston where every
thing seemed to be fairly sizzling
with heat, and there was no relief
whatever until we reached Cohasset
at six o'clock. Even here a few
minutes from the beach, we have
days that fairly prostrated us; there
is no life left ia you and everything
you touch seems to stick to you.
Moving a Magazine.
The work of raoviug the big printing-press
plant of The Ladies Home
Journal has begun, and within a
month the manufacturing part of
the magazine will be in its new
home. There will be forty-five
printing piesses in the new seven
story building, and 17,600 square
feet of floor space. The executive
offices will all remain in the pres
ent large building which covers four
city lots. The entire plant is now
the largest of any publishing house
in America.
Notice of Sheep Rodeo for 1900.
mi i , .
Anesneep roaeo ior tne range
east of Show Low will commence at
. t T- 1 , . . . .
ice cig íaite on tne White moun
tains on August 10th, Richard Gib
bons, captain. The sheep rodeo for
the range west of Show Low will
commence at McClure's lake on the
Blue ridge on August 10th, James
D. Houck, captain. Both rodeos
will work towards and finish at
Show Low.
By order of the eastern division
of the Anzona Wool Growers As
sociation, James Scott,
Albert F. Potter, Chairman.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. F. J. Wattron
Ml 9 .
in reiuna your money H you are
not satisfied after using it. It is
everywhere admitted to be the most
successful remedy in use for bowel
complaints and the- only one that
never fails. It is pleasant safe and
reliable. 4g
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle cakes 'palatable and wholesome.
Heretofore the Santa Fe Pacific
Railroad has held in force to points
in Arizona the transcontinental min
imum freight rate. That if, no
package, however small, would be
handled for less than about $2.
This gives all the small business
to the express companies. The
Santa Fe has now recinded this rule
and made a 25 cents minimum to all
points along its lines in Arizona,
and New Mexico. The effect will
be to allow shippers to stnd by
freight a great many small packages
of fruit, vegetables and other mer
chandise at much less cost of trans
portation than before. It will no
doubt greatly increase business
along the line from Los Angeles
east. Coconino Sun.
"We have sold many different
cough remedies, but none has given
better satisfaction than Chamber
lain's," says Mr. Charles Holzhauer,
druggist, Newark, N. J. "It is per
fectly safe and can be relied upon
in all cases of coughs, colds or
hoarseness. Sold by F. J. Wattron,
The California Consolidated Pet
roleum Company has behind it some
of the strongest men, financially, in
California. They are determined to
make their oil company the most suc
cessful on the coast, and they have
the brains and capital to attain this
result. They are cautious and con;
servative, but withal aggressive, and
their policy is to absorb the weak
and become the masters of the field,
and beyond any reasonable question,
the California Consolidated Petrol
eum Company will earn for its stock
holders dividends that will send the
stock many times above par, and
make many investors comfortable
for life, if not rich. . Its stock should
be bought before it advances, as it
surely will.
Stock redeemable on demand at
any time within 30 days from date
of certificate. All money paid in
installments refunded on demand
at any time within SO days from date
of first payment. If you ( do not
want your stock, send to Company
and you will promptly get every
cent oí your money back.
Note. A void baking powders made from
alum. They , look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to heal tit'
For an Editor to Recommend
Patent Medicines?
From the News, Brevard, N. C.
It may be a question whether the
editor of a newspaper has the right
to publicly recommend any of the
various proprietary medicines which
flood the market, yet as a preventa
tive of suffering we feel it a duty to
say a good word for Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme
dy. We have known and used this
medicine in our family for twenty
years and have always found it reli
able. In many cases a dose of this
remedy would save hours of suffer
ing while a physician is awaited
We do not believe in depending
implicity on any medicine for a cure
but we do believe that if a bottle of
Chamberlain's Diarrhoea Remedy
were kept on hand and administered
at the inception of an attack much
suffering might be avoided and in
very many cases the presence of a
physician would not be required. At
least this has been our experience
during the past t wenty years. For
sale by F. J. Wattron, jrlruggist.
CFinrt publication Jnly 21 last Anar.23.)
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Prescott, Arkaoaa,-...,
July 18, 1800.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notioe of hi Inten
tion to make final proof in support ot his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Clerk of the District Court, at Hol
brook, Arizona, on August 27, 1900, via:
Rafael Montano, of Taylor, Arizona, for the
se!4 w!, section 10, township 11 north, rana
22 east. , -He
names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, via:
Senabio Santistevan, Fernandis Baca, Sim .
flicio Baca, Ginlo Montano, all of Taylor,.
Arlsona. . ' '
Frxdibick A. Tbitxb, Tb.
A gentleman recently cured of
dyspepsia gave the following appro-,
priste rendering of Burns' famous
blessing: "Some have meat and
cannot eat, and some have none that
want it; but we have meat and we
can eat, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be
thanked." This preparation will
digest what you eat. - It instantly
relieves and radically cures indiges
tion and all stomach disorders. F
J. Wattron,

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