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II. A. VISASE, Publisher Published in the best interests of Xavajo Count!
Effect Julg 1, 1900.
No. 1.
No. 2.
10 00 p Lv Chioago
1Ü 5J a Kuustts City
3 20 a Denver
7 81) a Pueblo
4 25 a La Junta
9 0 p Albuquerque.....
12 50 a Grants
2 31 a; Wingate
8 00 a1 Gallup
4 30 ai Nazajo Springs..,..
5 4a a Holbrook
5 55 a) Penzance
6 02 a Joseph City
7 05 a "Wiuslow
7 5S a Canon Diablo
2i Flagstaff
11 12 a1 Williams
12 3i p Lv Ash Fork
i J'uuitic Time.
7 40 a
5 45 p
10 00 a
5 50 a
10 SO p
8 30 a
5 00 a
3 23 a
S 00 a
12 58 a
11 35 p
11 21 p
11 16 p
10 40 p
9 42 p
8 42 p
7 18 p
5 55 p
4 20 p
1 40 p
11 25 a
8 35 a
4 19 a
2 10 a
12 15 a
7 30 p
1 55 p
9 00 a-
12 4.) p! Seiegman.
2 10 pi....
3 45 pi....
5 50 p....
9 32 p!....
.Peaol, Springs.
12 55 a
. .Barstow
3 15 a!Ar Mojava..
8 2 ai . Los Angeles
12 55 pi San Diego
b 45 p Snn Francisco.
6 00 p'Lv Ash Fork Ar 5 55 p
7 5J pi Jerome Jo 7 50 p
8 45 p Prescott 8 4 'iri
11 52 pi Congress Jo 11 E2 p
2 35 a ir Phenix Lvl 2 in .
Trains Nos. 1 and 2 is the regular Daily
Overluii'l Express and runs every day in the
year. This train is equipped to accomodate
Lsspnwrs traveling on all classes of tickntsri
t carries Pullman Palace Sleeping t.ai s
through from Los Angeles to Chicago, and i
also Vestibuled Pullman Tourist Sleerinff
Cars. In a-hlitim to these it carries a Re
clining Chair Car no extra charge being
made foreats.
The Grand Canyon of the Colorad of-tiie
Moqui Villages and the Petrified Forest in
Arizona can be reached only via this 1úsís.A .
F'olders and descriptive books will be -fm-nished
on application. f. u
JOHN .1. BYRNKj , .
General Passengor'-A sent.
Los-Angeles, Cal.
H. L. RHODES, l ocal Agent, ,
Holbrook. A. T. ' j .1 ,i'if 'I
- Arrical and Departure -ofi-WaLs.
1 :8 p. in. I
7 :00 a. m.
5 :U0 p. in. I
7 :00 p. m. I
7 :3J a. m. I
i Departs
No. 2 X.. I 1:3b p. m
..Ft. Apache....... S:30 p. m
...St. Johns I 9:30 a. m
Youngs I 7:0) a. m
Keams I 8:00 a. m
5 :4) a. m. I No. 1 I 5:50 a. m,
Mail departs for Young Mondays and
Thursdays and arrives Wednesdays and Sat
urdays. Mail arrives from Keams Canon Tues
days. Thursdays and Saturdays, aud departs
Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays.
Inline x
Stage Line.
DAVID K. I'i)AlL, Proprietor.
Leave Holbrook daily 9:30 a. m
Arrive Holbrook " 5:00 p. m
Holbrook to Woodruff II, to Concho 14:50,
to St. lohns i-i. to Springerville li
Keturu tir-fcet Holbrook to Woodruff 11.50,
to Concho id, to St. Johns 110, to Springer
ville U. .
Missionaries half rate; must show their
College students half rate.
Fifty pounds of baggage allowed . each
2"c for nil packages under 10rt to any point.
From Holbrooi- to Woodruff lc per pound
From Holbrook to Concho 2o per pound
over lOib.
From Holbrook to St. Johns ii per pound
over 10(1.
From Holbrook to Springervllle 8c per
pound over lOib.
Tío more passengers or packages billed
-"Mead head11 unlets by special order from
D. K. Udall.
All cash sent at owner's risk.
All perishable articles shipped at owner's
A 11 liquids liable to leakage or breakage
shipped at owner's risk.
Not responsible for loss or damage of live
owls and animals in transportation.
StOD-over Privileges a"
point on the line. Fifty pounds of baggage
curried free for each full-fare ticket.
furnished at the Station and Woodruff.
careful aud uscommodating driyers.
EXPRESS CARRIED to all paints along
the line at low rates.
For full particulars inquire of any of our
agents or postmasters along- the line.
John R. Hulet, Agent, Holbrook.
Pleasant Valley
Stage Line
Leaves Holbrook for Heber
aud Pleasant Vallev
londatis and
Passengers aid Express at
Low Hales...
;cf?T' Trade Marks
frifrTT'S'i' DESIGNS
'P Copyrights &c.
Anrone sennlng a sketch and description may
inlcklv ascertnin onr opinion free whether an
Inrontion is probnhlv patentable. Communlp.
lonsntrictlyconnnentlid. Handbook on Patenta
jcat fre. Ol'bist nirenry for .ecuring patents.
l'titents t;iken tbrouL'h Munn A Co. receive
tprrtal nvticc, without chnrge. In the
Scientific Jlmerfcan.
A hRndsomely ITlustrated weeltly. I-nnreat c!r-
dilation of any prientinc journal. Terms, $3 a
,veir: fnar months. $L Sold by all newsdealers.
fnch Office, S5 V SU Washington, D. U
In order to Reduce our IflflENSE STOCK, and to i
make room for our New Fall Stock, we have decided to
sell Everything at the Lowest Possible Price.
Come Early and get Your Pick.
Mail Orders Promptly.
JUNE 1, 1900.
N ADDITION to the peerless
attractions of former summer
seasons at Coronado Beach, the new
and unique attractions of a Tent
City is provided for those who
choose the freedom of the Tent
rather than the luxury of the Hotel
Excursion Tickets at Extremely
Loto Hates will be sold by the...
Sheep Brands.
Posto ffiee Show Low, Arizona.
Range Navajo and Apache counties.
Triangle on left jaw.
Overhalfcrop left, sharp
Sharp left, overhalfcrop
Crop and overhalfcrop
right and left.
PSDlhfc. jig&'S Swallowfork and two
rw--fíC "ts le', overhalf
,üjtoi crop right.
Crop and hole left, and.
overhalt crop right.
Postoffice Taylor. Arizona.
Range Silver aud Show Low creeks and
ftavnjo county.
Firebrand On
right jaw.
Earmark Swallowfork left
for ewes, reverse on weathers
Postoffiee Show Low, Arizona,
Range Show Low creek and Navajo county
right side
Also bar (-
of nose
) on right side of nose.
Earmarks Swallowfork, underbit and over-
bit lett and split right for
ewes, reversed for weathers.
Postoffiee Show Low, Arizona.
Range Show Low creek and Navajo county
Firebrand On nSai Tarbrand-
left side of
Earmarks Croo and S&s&ttJS overbit
left, and crop an ! un wvüJ der bit
right for ewes; reversed on weathers.
Postoffiee Heber, Arizona.
Range West Black Cation.
Firebrand on nose.
Earmarks Cron PSi and split left
overcrop ri-ht SaVnai for ewes, re
versed on weathers-
Postoffiee Taylor, Arizona.
Range Navajo and Apache counties.
Firebrand ,
across right side of nose. 1 armart"
Earmark Y split in left for ,
weathers, reversed for ewes.
Postoffiee Woodruff, Arizona.
Range Heber and Little Colorado river.
Firebrand I , .
on nose. Tarbrand-
Earmarks Un-?!fclSjg53ern't 'e and
uderslope tciyArf right for ewes,
reversed on weathers.
City BARBER Shop,
Louis Underwood, Prop.
Honing and Putting Razors in
Shape a Specialty . . . . All
Work Guaranteed First-Class
Shop in Gbeeb & Woods' Place
V Notice in "Inventive Age"
y Book "Bow to obtain Patents"
r Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured. 1
r E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington; 6. C
JpfiSubscribe for the Arofs.
Has it v ki v: :aG.
Yours to serve,
Bishop Marble of Concho was iu j A. & B. Schuster received a car
town during the week. load of wagons Thursday.
Mrs. Vinyard has pone to Navajo ! James Scott, the prosperous sheep
to keep house for Hugh Lynch. j man, was in town Wednesday.
T. J. Riley, the photographer, re-1 Henry Kemperuich has returned
turned to Fort Apache Tuesday. j from his trip to California iuvigor-
J. C. Owens aud his sou Clarence j ated atld refreshed,
were in from Woodruff Tuesday. j Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne went to
T. W. Seery was in last Saturday ! Taylor Thursday to visit their
laving- iu supplies for B. Lautry & .
Sons' camp at Penzance.
Lieutenant Fosliay of the Ninth
cavalry was in charge of the escort
that took the monthly treasure box
to Fort Apache Mouday.
The Santa Fe Pacific paid off on
Saturday. That fact, together wilh
the presence near town of thecinder
gang, gave us a livelv Suudav.
Mrs. Annie Thomas arrived Thurs
day from Utah to visit her mother,
Mrs. Greer, who was here from
Concho to meet her daughter.
Joseph S. Fish, who spent a month
in the Argus trying to learn the se- j
crets of the "art preservative of j
arts," has returned to Snowflake
On account of the Democratic
convention September 1 the Sauta
re raci tic will sell tickets tc Wins
low and returu good till September
2 for 61.80.-
Louie Yuck Kee wishes to an
nounce that he has purchased the
restaurant business of Hong Sing,
and is prepared to serve his custom
ers in first class style.
J. P. Wimmer aud family aud the
Christofersou family parsed through
uere Wednesday ou their way to
Utah. We understand the change
of residence is permanent.
On Tuesday BertMaupiu brought
in S. C. Vromau, the Pasadeua pho
tographer, aud M. li. Harued truin
the Moqui country, where they had
witnessed the snake dance.
The Santa Fe Pacific offer the t
followiug low rates from Holbrook j
to Albuquerque, account of New:
Mexico .territorial Hair; Jt.bU lor
the round trip. Tickets ou sale
Sept. 17 to 21, iuclusive.
The quicker you stop a cough or
cold the less danger t here will be of
fatal lung trouble. One Miuute
Cough Cure is the only harmless
temedy that gives immediate results.
You will like it. F. J. Wattrou.
For the summer carnival at Flag
staff August 27, 23 aud 29 the Sauta
Fe Pacific will sell round trip tickets
at one and oue fifth fare for the
round trip. Tickets on sale August
2o, 27, 23 and 2J; fiual limit for re
turn August 31.
We are glad to note that some
much ueeded work is being done ou I
taken the next fiood of water wiU
do irreparable damage Uo the busi-
uesspartot town. A little expense
now will save all damage iu the
ir , ., ,
H. H. Scores is busily engaged
f,t,n. tttr Ytttz hm Muwr clnru ill i r .
Ukllllg Ui3 iiuiiuiiiq A r i ..,.
poses. A. JVl. iSoyer aud U. a. les
torman are putting in shelving anil
counters, and expect to have the
place ready for occupancy by Sep
tember 1 .
The Gallup Gleaner is twelve
vears old and it shouts wilh iov in
its last issue over the fact. And
well may it, for the Gleaner is a
splendid representative of its sec-
tion, as well as a credit to the terri-
torv. Springer (N. M.) Stockmau.
St. Johns Herald Suggests an Arte
sian Weil in the Valiey.
Why doesn't someone organize a
company and raise through general
subscription money to sink an arte
siati well in the valley of the Little
Colorado, asks the St. Johns Herald.
This is a matter of general interest
and everyone should chip iu to put
down a test well where it would be
of use to the public if water were
The question of water supply has
come to the point where artesiau
water must answer the calls for the
acqueous fluid needed by our varied
The Herald is a firm believer in
the possibility of obtaining artesian
water anywhere, along the valley,
and that, too, at no very great dept h
All that is needed is someone to
start and make the test, ali.the rest
Dial n 1. 1 ' 1 ' iiiiii.v 1 .ii- v . 1, 'iiiti.. 1 cai
a bountiful water supply-will fol
Items of Interest Picked Up By A ROUS
Reporters in Holbrook and Vicinity.
daughters residing at that place.
Agent H. L. Rhodes went to Cal
ifornia Friday morning to spend a
few days with his family. George
Andrews takes his place here in the
Santa Fe office during his absence.
H. M. Tanner of St. Joseph called
at this office Thursday and made us
happy by leaving the price of a
year s suoscripcion. oucn caiiers are 1
alwa3rs welcome at I tie Argcs otoce.
C. F. Testerman has lots of fruits
and VPget ables and all Sorts of good I
thinsrs to eat at his Woodruff home. :
Through the Argus he extends an
invitation to all his friends to call
and help him enjoy them.
Dr. Stallmau, the dentist from
Williams, will be iu Holbrook
Thursday and Friday, August. SO
and 31. Satisfactory terms. Gen
tle treatment. Good results,
at Mrs. Connor's.
Oillce I
Supt. Charles Burton with his
( . -n P , .. i i .
amily, Professor Y oorhees wit h his
wire ana iier sister, i roiessor ieei
ham and wife and Miss Ware all
went to Keam's canyon on Saturday
last ready to take up their work in
the Moqui Indian schools again.
Superintendent Ralph Collins of
the Albuquerque Indian school ac
companied the party aud will bring
back some of the Moqui children for
more advanced and careful traiuiug
at that place.
A special train of three coaches
went through Monda-, having ou
board ,1. M. Earr, vice president and
general manager of the Sauta Fe
system and W. G. Nevin, general
, manager, A. (j. Weils, treneral super-
iutendent, I. L. Hubbard, division
superintendent, G. W. Smith, chief
master méchame, and R. B. Burns,
chief engineer of the Santa Fe Pa
oi tic. A tour ot inspection ot the
Sauta Fe Pacific aud connections is
to be made by these gentlemen with
a view to improvement ol the serv
ice. Dr. J. C. Norton, territorial vet
erinary, was here Wednesday ou
m:i :. u :..
official business. He came in re
j spouse to the joint request of Messrs.
Egger and Scorso to examine some
horses belonging to Seladon Mou-
tauo that were exhibiting symptoms -lrs- Wilson of I lioenix las. week,
of glanders. Two of tho horses hile playing in the si reets the lit
were dead when the doctor arrived le fellow was fatally bitten by a
and he was unable to say positively
e disease was glanders. A
j th,rd. s fo,"V to b( dls-
j fasfd but th caf Ul symptoms
n developed sutbciently to
I enable the doctor to declare its ua-
antine, however, and will be kept
isolated from other horses until the
diseased devwlops sufficiently to!
show its nature, when a final dis-!
position will be made of the matter.
Glanders is a very clausrerous dis-
ease for men as tell as horses, and
it is to be hoped that with proper
i precautions it will
not spread any
j further,
There is no cure for it. and
animals should be killed
and burietl or hurned without delay
to prevent infection of others.
. . . . .
A quiet wedding witnessed only
by relatives of the conl raetiug par-
ties was celebrated Thursday even-
ing at the residence of John Conner.
Mr. Gi:orge Y. Sharp aud Miss
Lizzie Cox, both of Pleasant Valley,
were tho nrincinals.
TI r,.,nnv- r.-.rT,nrl
Jieo Jackson with the grace ami
diguity that distinguish him on such
The young people are well known
here, and the Argus joius wilh their
many friends in wishing them a
happy life.
Wish Him Success.
The Arizona Range News has been
enlarged and improved much in ap
pearance and matter since C. O. An
derson took charge of its destinies.
Mr. Anderson's many friends in Hol
brook are pleased to note these evi-
1, . lit
- 1 dences of prosperity and the Abocs
congratulates him on bis success.
Snowflake. j
Mr. Grnvely
from Holbrook was here '
Miss Sadie Woolford has been spending the
past week at Sliumway.
Mrs. Lois H. "West returned to her home in
Salt Lake City last week.
Silas Fish and Francis Hulet started for
Provo Thursday to attend school.
The Misses Elva Heep and Hilda Maneor
are over from St. Johns visiting relatives.
Mrs. Eliza Rogers, accompanied by her
son and daughter, went to Woodruff the first
of the week.
The baseball nine here known as the Wild
cats went to St. John last week mid played !
a match game of ball. The game was c:c- :
clared a tie, so the St. Johucrs are going to
come over here soon.
Mrs. Lizzie Hurst returned to Whitlow
last week.
Lars Peterson and AI Stevenson were in
town Monday.
Johua Allen is now "running" George
Bryan's cattle.
We had a fine ra:n here a few days n;?o,
but it came too late to help the crops any.
Daniel McNeil has arrived f roza Mexico to
stay a few weeks. He reports everj thing
lovely in that part of the world.
Charles Brewer and family and Frank
Kenuey have returned from the Gila and will
make their home here in the future.
Mr. Tilomas1 rancho was broken into a few
days ago and a number of valuable articles
stolen. It is supposed the thief stayed here
the same night, but no one see-ins to know
which way he went.
We were visited by a heavy rain storm this
Mrs. Clark
was in town a few days this;
Mrs. S. D. Rodgers, son and daughter spent
Sunday visiting here.
J. D. Smithson lias returned from Apache,
accompanied by his wife aud children of
Charles Gardner and Frank Owens left, for
Fort Apache a few days ago w th freight for
Uncle Sam.
Miss June Bushman of Joseph City is stay
ing with Mrs. L. H. Hatch, who has been ill
for some four months. -
The Wimmer and Christofferson families
left fo:- Utah Tuesday. They will make their
iiuim--Biuuiciniiuuic. iiiej nave lung ueeii
Pesi(!cut8 of this place and wi1 be mssed by
homes there in future. They have long been
their many friends, who wibh them all kinds
of good luck.
The Salt, river valley has had an
extraordinarily heavy Hood, which
has been worth thousands of dollars
to ranchmen iu the valley.
It has beeu announced that the.
Oalltorma limited trams Will lie run
daily OU the Santa V e during t he
winter. The daily service will com -
California limited trams will lie run
menee about December 1.
Work is to be commenced imme
diately on an arch for the Williams
tunnel. I he benches will he t welve
feet wil h a 9 foot arch. The work
will probably require a year.
Mr. J. W. Fiemmii.g, territorial!
miuo inspector for the last six years,
has resigned his position. Mr. Flem
ming was- appointed by Presidí ut
Cleveland and on the election of
.. 7,.
ey sent in his resignation,
but it was not accepted.
! A most singular accident, hap-
rüea ro tQe ,lUle !jo' '.,r MT- a,!a
Fcorpion. It is the only neatn ever
recorded in Arizona from a scorpiou
It is said the Mormon expedition
headed by Benjamin Cluífs, a young
professor, was compelled to break
up at Nogales, having run against
an entanglement at the customs
house which resulted in liuancial
disaster. Nine members of the
party will go ou south and fifteen
will return to Provo. Ut'ih. The
part v found that the Mexican cus-
i torn laws imposed . tas of flnX) on
I their out fit ami in " order to get
j through the line they
wer forced I
i to sell twentv horses to raUe 1 1
1 money necessary to get through!
: wit h the balance of the horse" and;
j outfit.- !
Ai,l t-.'-i i . 1 lt,c! irtm ic I n !
rh lunio.vi . i - i ii i -. . ifi'iii '-if ;
Arizona, i-aued by the growth of j
the iniiiirir business in the territory
savs the Phoenix Gazette. Besides
j " Morencia & Southern
j Bií!,ee & Nacossari, which
aid I lie
are now
unfler construction, tliere is railroau
. u - i i- t i
i territory. One of the most iinpor-
taut moves in the railroad business
1,1 ,lje territory is Wio cot.vei ;i-r ot :
' t tie narrow gnugo roan oetwpen
Clifton and Lordsburg. n dlslr.uce of !
seventv-two miles, into a standard 1
gauge, thereby greatly increasing,
the capacity of the road and bring- j
ing it into a condition to meet the!
growing shipments of ore. I
On account of the serious illness
- , . , ,
OI MTS. lease we are UUlQie n no
any work OU the AliOUS ail 1 Harry
Zuck has been secured to attena
the business for US. Any business
intrusted to him will receive prompt
attention and any money paid hiui
will be duly receipted for.
Do you take the Aeguó? If not, I
you shouhl.
i ted rJ fi te fepS 4
.d fctf ' ' fv
-.jN- t:iz& n- a vs- wzn
Used in Millions c Plomes 40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle cakes palatable and wholesome.
You will never find any other pills
so prompt and so pleasant as DeWit ts
Litlle Early Risers. F. J. Wattroa.
The vvolf iu the fable put on
' sheeps clothing because if he trav
eled on his own reputation he could
not accomplish his purpose. Count
erfeit" rs of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve couldn't sell their worthless
selves on their merits, so they put
! them in boxes and wrappers like Del
Witt's. Look out. for them
Take ,
i onl DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
j .. , ,.
! 11 res piles and ad skiu deseases.
F. J. Wat t ron.
Millions will be spent in politics
; tus y(,:,r. We can't keep the cam- j
j witllollt money any i
' ;
limn n von ' I ' io t
vigorous without food. Dyspeptics
used to starve themselves. Now;
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat and allows you to eat all the
good loon you want, it rameniiy
cures stomach troubles, F. J. Wat
t ron.
: ct
Chinese are dangerous enemies,
for they are treacherous. That's
why all
couutei bits of DeWitt's
j Witch Hazel Salve ara dangerous.
; They look like DeWitt's, but instead
: of the all-healing wiich hazel t hey
all contain ingredients liable to ir
ritate the skin n'.r.l cause blood pois
oning. For pi!s, injuries and skin
disoases use the original and genu
ino DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salvo. F.
J. Watt i on.
Durinir the civil war, as well
in our late war with .Spain, diarrhoea
was one of the most troublesome
disease.? the army had to contend
with. In many instances it betvme
chronic and
the old soldiers still
sutler from it. Mr. D U'itl Ta3'lor of i
. , r i r r 1" in ..,!
ii U Iklii.', VJIIXHC w., if.., ,c uuu
of these
USC-S Cliamnerlain S
! Colic, Ciioolera and Diarrhoea Eem-
,.,i t,u .,,.,.
fuitnd anv-
,: , , , , ,. i
, thin" that would give una such
i quick relief. It is for sale by F.J.
Wattrou, druggist.
(First publi. ati.iii Ju'y 1 lait Aug. 23.)
Xotlcc for Publication.
Land Onite at Prcccott, Arizona.
July lii. ltti1.
Notice is hereby given that th3 following
named settler has tiled notice of his intc-n-
tiontomaUe final proof in support of his
I claim, and that said proof will be made be-
1 fore Clerk of the JJiati-ict Court, at Hoi-
t orooK, Arizona, on rtuiíusi i, a-.w, viz:
( Kaae Mo,ltall(Ji ut xmi,,,., Ar2uua, for thf
' .i sw. section ÍO. towiiohi U north, ransre
to, 22 east.
j He names tha following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva-
j tion of' saia m,"' viz:
' Se:1,,ioSa",i-itavu"' Fernaudis Baca. Sim-
inicio Baca, Giuio Montano, all of Taylor,
Fizz.vb.uich A. Tkitlk, Jb.
Jíegister. t
Note. Avoid baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed wilh it without injury to health.
Hot For the Grand Canyon!
The Santa Fe and Grand Canyon
railroad is now iu operation from
Williams, Arizona, to Anitas Junc
tion, Arizona, a distance of 47 mile3.
The railroad is under construction
from Anitas Junction to the head
of Bright Angel TraiL on the rim of
the Grand Canon, a distance of 20
miles. Pendiug the completion of
the railroad, the stage will meet the
trains at Anitas Junction and carry
passengers to
the hotel near the
head of Bright Angel Trail. The
time schedule between Williams aud
Bright Angel is as follows:
I Train leaves Williams daily '....12:30p
Arrives nt Anitas Junction 8:(10 p
St,,e leuves Anitas Junction.
arrives at Bright Angel 6:C0 p m
leaves rlrlfrat Angol ..i:aupm
Train arrives at Williams 6:80 p m
17..., ...1 fx... fr.,m W;iliHmD tn Rricrht Anoel
Win" low. V. '.'. . . . . KA
Holbrook l-"0
" ?iavajo Springs 2.1.00
" Golluo 2J.Ü1)
H. L. Khodks. Agent,
Holbrook, A. T.
Fce Sale A high bred young
: i,oar. Weigh 250 pounds not
fat5 but in good order. Also a lim
ited number of . White Leghorn
chickens. Inquire of Fraiik A.
Zuck, Stone hotel. "
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. F.J. Wattrou
will refund your money if you are
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Notice to Voters.
Notice is hereby given, that at a regular
meeting of the board of supervisors of
navajo county, Arizona, bold at their oflioe -on
the 2nd day of April, lfltf). it was ordered
that a re-registration of all the voters of
Navajo county, Arizona, be made. Register .
closes October 17, 1900.
Act No. 87, twentieth legislative assembly :
Sec. 1. "No recorder, justice of the peace.
or other officer authorized to register elec-
tors iu any of the counties of the territory of
Arizona, shall register .or taUe the affidavit
f:ir tlm nitrtinnfl nf rf-renitriit.inn nf nnv
I elector within this territory, unless "ucU .
person desiring to be registered shall pro
duce and exhibit to the registering officer a
receipt showing that he has paid a poll tax
for the year in which he is registering.-
Sec. 2. "This act shall, not apply to any
person who is by law exempt from -the 'pay
ment of a poll tas. But iu this event the
person desiring to register must malie aui
i davit to the facts that entitle him under tho
! law to an exemption from the payment of a
j poll tax.
j Sec. 3. "Any of the registering officers
t enumerated in section 1 of this act, or any
jtlifltmay hereafter he qualified to register
, tlei-'tors, who enters the name of any person
upon the great r-aister of tho eo-inly iu
I which he is an officer, it hout requiring tha
person seeking to be registered to exhibit a
poll tax for the year iu which he is being
registered, or taking the affidavit of such
! i.ersoir sIiokídb he is nerapt fn m tie paj-.
I mont of null tax. shall lxi r-nilt.v i t o, .
meuor and subject t fine, upon conviction
thertfor, of not more than one hundred
I (t 100) dollars or imprisonment in the county
j jail not less than thirty days nor more then
i sixty days, or by both such line aud im
. prisonment." A. F. McAliisteb,
"Clerk of the Board of SuiKrvisors of Navait
County, Arizona Territory.
First publication May 12. IVQO.

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