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Holbrook argus. (Holbrook, Ariz.) 1900-1913, June 21, 1902, Image 1

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The Holbrook Argus
VOL Vll.
No. 26
Items of Interest Gleaned
From Exchanges.
Flagstaff and Williams will j
celebrate July Fourth.
Geo. W. Ma uk. an old resident !
..f Arizona, died at Phoenix last I
Wednesdav. June 18th.
. " 1 u ,i, M,..-
It is reported that the Mm-
. ' .... , , ,1, i-
1.10ns will establish a branch of
... , ,M.r
1 heir church at Clifton.
A meeting of the Arizona Wool
Growers' Association. f,rt'mral
division, will be held at Flagstnfl
July 10th.
Thirteen carloads of sheep were
shipped from the stock yards at
Flagstaff Sunday, by Caamphell
S: Francis, to Kansas City.
The next meeting of the grand
lodge of Knights of Pythias will
be held in Yuma. Make thedate
along about February, please.
T. C. Job. of Preseott, and L.
S. Clark, of Flagstaff, have
formed a law co-partnership and
will have their office at Preseott.
Sam Webb. Jr.. son of the presi -
dent of the Democrat Publishing
Company, Phoenix, wasmarried
last Sunday to. Miss may Gordon,
, . The earliest of the .watermelon
crop is being marketed at Yuma,
savs thc Sun, but no very large
ones have vet been brought to
town, thc small ones command-
ing good prices, however.
Acting ' Governor Stoddard
Inst Mond..y granted a pardon
to Fred A. Guimoiid. who was
serving a 15-month sentence for
embezzlement, having been sent
up from Jerome last. December.
The Williams and Winslow ball li'ial return limit DO days after
1 1 w:.,oW., c date ot sale; stopovers will be
teams olaved at Winslow Sun-; . . ' ,, . .
1 - . granted on both going and re-
day and the tormer. were defeat- tun, trip 55 for thc roull(1
ed by a score of 24- to 8. Ourrip Tickets must be executed
Winslow boys will down every- j at destination on day of depart-
thing on the line this season, if
we are not badly mistaken.
Surveyor-General Hugh H.
Price will soon let a contract fop
surveying 250,000 acres ot land
in the northern part of Arizona.
Tile cost of this work will aggre
gate $50,000. The land is prin
cipally timber land and is quite
President E. P. Ripley has de
cided not to await congressional
action, and the proposed new
hotel to be constructed by the
Santa Fe railway company at
the Grand Chnyon will be rushed
to an early completion. The
site for the new house will be
300 feet in the rear of the present
Prof. C. W. C rouse,. Indian
agent at YViiite river, who has
In-en in the citv for several days.
returned home Monday. He is
loeated 80 miles from the rail
road and says the trip is not one
that a person would make any
oftener than the most urgent
business required. Judge Crouse
says that the government is
making a sanitarium out of the
lot for the reeuperation of rc-
I tnung soldiers irom me tump-,
I pines, and lor those soldiers'
1 ' , . ,
whose physical eondition does,
not warrant theirihschargeirom !
1 1
the service. There are two bnt-i
iu.rjcs 0f artillery and two troops ;
f cavalry stationed at the fort '
ilt thc ,)rescr tjnu.t mt they are
exiting orders to stiirt for the
Philippines. They will be re-
placed in a lew weeks with four
companies of infantry now on
the way here from the islands.
It'is claimed that Fort Apache
'?' themosthcnlthtulplaces
th l'ltc K '"alicl soldiers.
il" '',s """ tht s,,1,1,crs ;,a
sent there from the islands are in
posscssi(M1 ()f their strength thev
wi ,K, rc)));m ,)y ((t)i.rs
tnrning. from thl f;ir t..lst
Filthy Temples in India.
Sacred cows often defile Indian
temples, but worse vet is a body
that's polluted by constipation,
Don't permit it. Cleanse your
system with Dr. King's New Life
Pills and avoid untold misery,
They give lively livers, active
bowels, good digestion, fine np-
jJetiU-. Only 25c at all dealers
medicine. "
Reduced Rates.
Summer excursions to Denver,
dates of sale June 20, Julv4-1l-18-25,
August 1-8-15-22-29;
"". returning
Fourth of July Rates, Julv ;J
nnh 4, tickets will be sold be
tween any two stations on the
S. F. P. -east of Needles at the
lowest first-class one way tare
for the round trip; Winslow,
$1.50; Flagstaff, $4.20; Williams,
5.75; Gallup, $4.45; Albuquer
que, $11.85. Final limit for
return July 7, 1902.
The sale of excursion tickets to
California points and return is
authorized as follows:
For sale every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday during the
months of Mav, June, Julv. Au-
gust and September, 1U02.
Transit limits. continuous
uaiisiti'e vum. in DiiiM'Mi 11. ciien
Stop overs within final limit
will be granted either east or
west bound at Harstow and
points west or south thereof.
Final limit Kites, November
30, 1902; San Francisco ' via
Bakersfield or Los Angeles,
$55.00. Los Angeles. Redondo,
$35.00. Santa Monica, Long
I leach, Last San Pedro, via Los
Angeles $35.00. San Diego,
Cornado lieaeh $35.00.
Rates to Analon, Catalina Is
land and return, $37.25.
For the annual meeting of the
National Educational Associa
tion, at Minneapolis. Minn., the
Santa Ee will sell 011 July 3rd and
4-tli ticketstoMinnenpolis, Minn,
and return, from this point, at
the rate of $51.85 each.
Tickets will be for return leav
ing Minneapolis or St. Paul not
earlier than July 14, except that
by depositing tickets with Joint
Agent not earlier than July 8,
nor later than July 14, and upon
payment of a lee of fifty cents at
time of deposit, return limit will
lie extended to leave Minneapolis
or St. Paul up to and including
September 1. 15)02. All tickets
to be limited to continuous pass
age in each direction, going trip
to commence on date ol sale and
return trip 011 date of execution.
Joint agencies at Minneapolis
and St. Paul will lie conducted in
the name of E. E. MacLeod,
Chairman W. P. A. A fee of 25
cents will be required lor the ex
ecution of each ticket.
C. II. Brown.
(if TK
Ktlim Iiiy .Mining Coinpiui.v.
Tin- undersigned citizens ul the Cnitcd
States, ilo hereliy voluntarily ussorlute them
selves together tor Iln? purpose of forming u
corporation under the laws of the territory
of Ariz-inn. itn! ilo adopt, -execute. unl ac
knowledge the follow iug as the Articles of
Incorporation of such corporation:
And we ilo hereby certify;
AltTirl.B 1.
The name of the corporation shall he THE
Antl it principal place of transa-ting busi
ness hIiiiII lie in the town of Winslow, Navajo
eouuty. Arizona territory, iiial such hriiiieh
offices us may he design itcd liy the houril of
directors of the roiiiiai..v, hereinafter pro
vided for.
Thc names of thc corporutors of' this eor
poration are .1. X. Woods, Julius l.esser, B. A.
Sawyer aiul V. 1). Hritton.
AHTK l.t 111.
The tceiieral nature of the liiikineM pru
iiommI to be traiiNaetefl liy thib eoriioration
Ik nilninv. inilliiiff. Hiiieltiiitf and redi.etioi.;
the liuyi.iK. Helling. leiiHin. Ikj.iiI iiiK am.
workiiiKol mi '., ore and liiilllon:tlietniild
iitg of inads. trainway and railroadH; to
ai'iiulre liy iinrchiiKe or otherwise and to
clispoHoof thi? same, stork of other eorpora
tioiis. real estate, inill-NiteH. and water riffht
ami work or otherwise develop the Ha.ne;
erect the necessary lii.ildiiiKS, iiiiIIn, macl.in
ery and applia'i ( and purchase material
tor the same; to .nine for gold, silver, copper
lead and other minerals, and to sell, mill,
reduce, smelt, retlue or otherwise prepure
the same fur market ; to handle and control
Inventions and letter patent relating and
Incident to mininif, milling and smelting of
ores; tu conduct and carry on a general mer
chandise liiisiiiusR, ho row money, issue
liouds, and mortgage, pledge or otherwise
dispose of all of Its corporate property for
the security or payment of any of it in
debtedness, and to do any and all things and
acquire all prope. ty. real and iiersonul,
which may be convenient and neces ary to
carry into ett'eet the object lor which thin
corporation is formed, and said capital stock
may be used for the purpose of pnrchaHing
property for the company.
The capital stock of this eorp"'ation shall
be one million (f'.OOO.UOO) dollars, divided into
one million (J.ilOiMMI) shares ol the value of
one dollar per share; and the same shall
be fully paid and non .assessable.
Thecaiial stock of this corporation shall
be issiu'd mid paid for upon the conditions
ami at the times as hereinafter provided for
liy resolution of the board of directors of
this company, and the stock of the company
may be exchanged for mines and other
property ntsiieli prices and upon suchterinH
as flie board of directors may deti'rmine.
AHTH'1,15 v. i
The time of t hecoiiiiiten -emeiit of this cor
poration shall lie the day upon w hich these
articles are tiled in the office of the secretary
of the territory f Arizona, and said corpor
ation shall terminate twenty-tlve (211) years
The government of thi corporation Is
vested in a bo in! ot directors consisting of
not Ics than seven ( I nor more than eleven
(II) members, a'l of wh'ftn shall be stockhold.
ers ot the cfii'ooriitioM who shiill be eleeted
hi th" iiniiiiitl t. if kindlier meeting and
shall h il l office for one (I) year from the date
of their election ami uiliillticatiiin. and until
their successors are elected ami (iialilicd.
Any vacancy In said board shall be HI led by
the remaining members thereof. Ami such
board ol iliriH'to- s hal! have poer Ut hold
aii.t meetiuu and transact any business for
thc eoinpnn.v at an time or place within or
without the territory of A rly.ona, and all the
acts of such hoard shall be valid, provided -that
a majority of all members of the board
shall be present mid vote in favor of such
act or acts. mid such vote shall be complete
evidence ol th.) sufficiency of notice for the
meeting: and said board of directors shall
h'lMi the power to establish by-laws and
make all rules ami regulations necessar) for
the management ol .he affairs of this cor
poration, not iii'-onsisteut with the const itu
tin., mid I. iws of the I'nitcd States and the
laws of the territory of ri.oea.
The follow ing limned iiersuus shull consti
tute thc hoard of directors of this corpora
tion iiiitil thc lirsf annual meeiinu i.f stock.
I holde sand until their successors are duly
I elected and iiiialllicd, to-wit : .1. X. Woods,
I Julius lesser, h. A. Sawyer. W. I). Hritton,
; V. W. Nelson, It. II. McDonald and Kdw. Enos.
. The number ol lf rectors to be elected at the
I annual stockholders meeting, not less than
I seven nor more ilinn eleven, shall be state d
I In the cull lor said annual meeting, to serve
' for the next ensuing year, which said ni.m
. bar shall be lixed by lesoliitlou of the board
of directors lit their meeting next prior to
; the Issuance of such notice to the stock
holders. AHTK'I.K VII.
I The officers of this crHiratiou shall be u
president, vice-preslileut. secretary and
treasurer, and such other otliccss us the
I board of dire tors may deem ni-ccksnry for
I the purpose of transacting its business; pro
vide!, that the president or vice-president
may also hold the office of treasurer: such
! officers to be elected by the board of direct
ors.; mill the fallowing named persons shull
be the officers of this corporation until the
Hrst annual inei.iuif of the stockholders
hereof and until their successors are dill
elected and ipuilitlcd. to-wit, president, 4 . X.
Woods; vice-nresideiit and treasurer, Julius
lesscr: wretary. W 1) Hritton.
Provided, that none of the ollicers of this
eorporatioiiexccpt directors president, vice
president, seoetary mil treasurer are rc
tiuired to be stock holders of the corpora
tion. AllTK'l.E VIII
The time lor holding the annual meeting
of the stockholders of thin corpoi atiou l
fixed for the Hrst Monday in the month ul
, December of this year.
The higho-t amount of iiidcbteduess ur
liabilitv. eitlcr dire"t o i 'iitiugcut. to
which this corporation is ut any time to
: M.bjeet itself is Five Hundred Thousand
(.-)KI.(MKJ.l Dollars
' The private property of the stockholders
! of this corporation shall be exempt from
any ami all liability for the payment of cor
porate debts.
In witness hereof, the corporators here
of have hereunto set their hands and Heals
this Hrst day or May, A I). VM.
.1. X. WOODS. (Seal)
E A. SAWYER, (Soul
Territory of Arizona, f 'oiii.ty of Navajo, ss.
Before me, K. W". Nelson, a Notary Public
In and for said county it.nl territory, on this
i day personally upieitued J. X. Woods, Julius
1 Ixesser, li. A. Sawyer and W. V. Hritton,
known to me to be the iiersons whose names
are subscribed to the toregoiug urticlen of
; incorporation, mid acknowledged to me
that they executed the same for the purposes
I und consideration therein expressed.
Given under my hand nod seal of office thls
lst day of May. . It. IVM.
My coniuifssiou expires Dec. t, HKiz.
Seall K. W. NELSON.
Notury Public.
Filed and recorded at the reipiest of K. W.
Nelson. May 2. IHUiS, ut V a. m., und duly re
corded in Vol No. 1. Articles of Incorpora
tion on pcgcit Non. H4 to HI, records of Navajo
county. Arizona.
ISeul A. K. MoAl.USTEK,
Filed In the office of the Secretary of
the Territory, ut I'hoenix. Maricopa county,
Arizona, at U o'clock a. in.. May H, A. L. 102.
first publication June 21.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at. Preseott, Ariz., May 14, 1M02.
Notice is hereby given that the follow ing
uumed settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of the Probate Court, ut Holbrook,
Ariz., on July 10th IU02, viz: Joseph S. Mc
Cleve, of Taylor, Ariz., for the SWUNW!
mi 8W4 and SK'4SW'4 Seo 32, T. 11 N. R.. 20
He naiues the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, und cultiva
tion of, said luu 1, viz: George Hrynn, of Piue
dule, Ariz , Albert Crandall, of Taylor, Ariz.,
Roy V.IJolbnth. of Taylor, Ariz, und H.J.
Hrewer. of Piiiedule Ariz.
V. A. Thitlk.
(First Pub' May 81. I1HI2.)
Notice for Publication.
I.und Office at Preseott, Ariz., May U. 1WK.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed not ice of his intention
to make filial proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of the Probate Court, at Holbrook.
Ariz., oa July 1, IIKI2. lz: James Y. Ue. of
Woodruff. Ariz., for the SUSW1., and S'-SH :
Sec, KT. Ill, N. R.. 22 K.. "
He names the follow ing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion, of said laud, viz: C. A. Gardner, of
SnowHalte, Ariz.. Frank Campbell, of Wood
ruff, Ariz.. John I.. Fish, of Woodruff. Ariz.,
and Joseph t Fish, of Woodruff. Ariz. ' '
F. A. Tuiti.b,
Register. .
i iFirst Pub. May 24, llKtt.)

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