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The Remarkable Experience of a Prom
inent Statesman Congressman
Meekison Gives Pe-ru-na
a High Endorsement
Congressman Meekison of Ohio.
Hon. David Meekison is well known
'not only in his ownState, but through
out America. He was elected to the
Fifty-fifth Congress by a very large
majority, and ia the acknowledged
leader of his party in hie section of the
Only one flaw marred the otherwise
complete success of the rising states
man. Catarrh with its insidious ap
proach and tenacious grasp, was his
only unconquered foe. For thirty years
he waged unsuccessful warfare against
this personal enemy. At last l'eruna
-came to the rescue lie writes:
"I have used several bottles of Pe
runa and I feel greatly benefited
thereby from my catarrh of the head.
I feel encouraged to believe that If I
use it a short time longer I will be
fully able to eradicate the the disease
of thirty years' standing." David
Meekison, Member of Cougress.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of l'e
runa, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Belief About the Earth.
Newton, the great Sir Isaac, surmised,
Although be could give no reason (or
the conclusions be bad reached, that
in tbe course of time tbe earth would
become perfectly dry. Others, mostly
De Verne, Professor A. L. Hamilton
and tbe younger Lysauder. all believed
that eventually tbe earth would be
come as dry as tbe proverbial chip.
Even In this day and age tbe theory
bas many adherents.
rT8 PrmanintlT Cured. Jo tin or nerroninea
III after Writilaj'ni.oof Dr. Kline' Great Nona
Restorer. BvJd for Ffi.BE 94.00 trial bottle and treat
u. i)B.B.U.KuHi.I,td..U31ATcbBU.Philwlelphia,Pi.
Ilad Seen One.
Dan Leno, the English comedian,
told of appearing before a swell Lon
don audience at the bouse of a lord.
'.Tbe languor of his listeners made hlra
feel not too happy, and he was glad to
retire to tbe dressing room allotted
him. While he was removing the
grease paint a very young peer, who
had strolled after him, stood watching
the process. He told Leno In the most
approved drawl that some of his say
ings had really been rather funny, "es
pecially that one. ,vou know, where
;your wife made a pancake on a grld
lron and the pancake slipped through
and put the Ore out. That made me
laugh awfully, because I know what
a gridiron Is. I have seen one."
ITfie Adam'i Irish Mohs Cough Balaam
Prescribed by the best physicians for
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis
and all throat and lung troubles. 25c,
50c. At all druggists.
mints WHrMt
& !L"EiMFAi&""Tr;
Counh Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
In time. Sold trf druffoints.
No 47
Che Tyranny of the Sniiill and the
Helplessness of Mankind.
The "tyranny of littleness" Is the
cruel despotism not of one muster, but
of a multitude of small ones. Witness
the Ironclad sway which any sovereign
ruler of the kitchen may wield over a
helpless household. What happiness or
misery Is bestowed lightly by one who
turns a toaster or brews a pot of cof
fee! Wo are all slaves to milliners and
tailors. The milkman holds us helpless
In his clutches. The chore man orders
us about. Tbe ma Id of all work beck
ons, and we follow. We bow and
scrape before the haughty plumber.
We who would strike down mon
archs and measure swords with min
isters of finance, what sorry figures
we cut In the community If slighted by
the laundrymon! We scarce can hold
dur own against a surly rallwny por
ter, and It Is but by the courtesy of
Master Boots that we emerge from
our hotel apartment. And who shall
stand before the overwhelming power
vested in an offended waiter? We
cannot even mount a trolley car If the
conductor and motorman choose to Ig
nore us.
Tbe man who rules the Stock Ex
change cannot rest at night because an
Infant's voice banishes dreams. He Is
a victim to the Insect world. Who
will abolish the tyranny, of flies and of
Behold the tyranny of horses, dogs
and cats, to which the great majority
of mortals submit without a murmur.
What muster Is as exacting as a tight
shoe or a torturing collar? A parrot
or a pet canary can sadly try men's
souls! Yes, "things arc In tbe saddle
and ride mankind."
Who will do Justice to the tyranny
of the depraved Inanimate taskmasters?
A diamond necklace changes the his
tory of empires. A courtier's cloak
may pave the way to royal favor. A
glove, a handkerchief, a gloss slipper,
what things to conjure with! Slaves
of tbe lamp! Slaves of the ring!
Ah, the supremacy of trivial things,
that one reul tyranny to which we all
bow down! Is there no hope thnt we
may some day throw off the heavy
yoke? Well Is It for us to meditate
upon this vital problem which touches
each so closely. And ns we medltute I
we mny grow wise enough to break '
some of the multitudinous shuckcls
that hold us spiritless and helpless In
the power of the urch tyrant. "Little
Things." Caroline Tlcknor In Brundur
The Strain on Parent.
"What Is mohair, mammy?" asked
Sally Peterson Jones, looking up from
her slow perusal of the newspaper and
keeping her place on the page with a
dusky forefinger.
Mammy Jones began to rock faster.
"You know w'ut hair Is, I s'pose, don'
you?" she Inquired.
"Oh, yas'm," responded Sally prompt-
"Well, den, does you know w'nt a mo
Is?" nsked her mother rocking still
"No'm," admitted Sally with great
"Well, chile, you can't 'spec' me to
take de pluce ob a natchel blst'ry ob j
animals fo' you," suld her mother calm-
ly, allowing the rocking chair to slack-
en Its speed. "W'en you've bunted up
de mo In one ob your schoolbooks an' ,
know Jes' what he looks like, come to
me, an' I'll 'splaln de rest. But chlllen
mus' und'tuke Bome work on dere own
eddlcn.tlou. shorely. 'Taln't right fo'
nayrents to do It ah"
A Carious State of Affairs.
You must be very cautious how you
treat your neighbor In Isle of Jersey,
for he cun have you arrested on the
slightest pretext and if be has a
grudge against you can bring about
such n cularalty by simply giving a fic
tional account of your misconduct to
the nearest lawyer. The latter will de
mand a line, and should you decline to
pay It he will cause you to be thrown
Into prison to await trial. Then, even If
you are acquitted on the ground that
the charge Is unfounded, you have ab
solutely no claim against your persecu
tor, though you may have suffered a
couple of months' Imprisonment for
nothing-. London Tlt-Blts.
Lnceraakinjf by Hand.
Making late by hand Is a well de
veloped art In Paraguay. It was taught
the natives 1:00 years ago by the mis
sionaries and has been transmitted
from generation to generation till It Is
now quite general throughout the re
public. .Some towns ure devoted to
making a certain kind of luce. In one
town of 8,000 or 0,000 inhabitants al
most all the women and children find
many of the men make lace collurettes,
handkerchiefs and ladles' tics. An
other town makes luce embroidery and
others drawn thread work, such as
centerpieces, try mates, teucloths and
dollies. The designs used In making
tbe luce are taken from tbe curious
webs of the sctuitroplcul spiders that
are so numerous there. On this ac
count it is called "naudutl," an Indian
name which uieuus spider web.
"She seems to have abandoned ber
moral suasion ideas relutlve to tUe
training of children."
"She has?"
"Well, 1 was largely Instrumental In
bringing about the change. You see,
she has no children of her own, and I
grew weary of her constant prcuchlng
and theorizing, so I loaned her our Wil
lie." "Loaned her your boy?"
"Precisely. She was to have him a
week on her solemn promise to confine
herself entirely to moral suasion."
"Did she keep her promise?"
"She did. hut at the expiration of the
week she nunc to me with tears In her
eyes and pleaded for permission to
whalj him Jiif onci.'
itiyosotls i.t"'K tmeiiot) needs partial
shading, but i:ot the shade of a tree.
Plant unions taller flowers or around
rosebushes, and It will do well.
rienty of yellow blossoms should be
secured for places which luck sun
shine. Yellow Is gjod iu almost every
situation and Is the cheeriest of tones.
Good cultivation causes an abun
dance of fibrous roots to be made. Tbe
growth of any plant Is largely meas
ured by the number of Its fibrous
When the cold wave flag is up, freezing weather is on the way. Winter
is here in earnest, and with it all the miserable symptoms of Catarrh
return blinding headaches and neuralgia, thick mucous discharges
from the nose and throat, a hacking cough and pain in the chest, bad
taste in the mouth, fetid breath, nausea and all that makes Catarrh the
most sickening and disgusting of all complaints. It causes a feeling of per
sonal defilement and mortification that keeps one nervous and anxious while
in the company of others.
In spite of all efforts to prevent it,
Che filthy secretions and mucous mat
ter find their way into the Stomach
and are distributed by the blood to
every nook and corner of the system;
the Stomach and Kidneys, in fact
every organ and part of the body, be
come infected with the catarrhal
poison . This disease is rarely, if ever,
even in its earliest stages, a purely local
disease or simple inflammation of the
nose and throat, and this is why sprays,
wasnes, powders and the various in
haling mixtures fail to cure. Heredity
is sometimes back of it parents have
it and so do their children.
In the treatment of Catarrh, anti
septic and soothing washes are good for cleansing purposes or clearing the
head and throat, but this is the extent of their usefulness. To cure Catarrh.!
permanently, the blood must be purified and the system relieved of its load!
of foul secretions, and the remedy to accomplish this is S. S. S. which has
membrane and is carried through the circulation to all the Catarrh infectedi
portions of the body, they soon heal, the mucous discharges cease and the
patient is relieved of the most offensive and humiliating of all complaints.
S. S. S. is a vegetable remedy and contains nothing that could injure the
most delicate constitution. It cures Catarrh in its most aggravated forms,
and cases apparently incurable and hopeless. Write us if you have Catarrh,
and our physicians will advise you without charge.
Be Will Fly tho lied Siitiinl Mote
Quickly Thau a Wo num.
"If there is any one thing that makes
ino want to get up and talk right out
In meeting it is to hear It said of n
man that 'ho blushes like u woman,' "
said the social philosopher to a repre
sentative of the New York Times.
"How women ever gained the repu
tation of having run up a corner In
blushes Is beyond my comprehension.
The report does her a grave Injustice,
for as u matter of fact she not only baa
no monopoly In blushes, but does not
make use of the share that properly
belongs to her. There are some wo
men, of course, who Mush If you oven
blink nn eyelid Iu their direction, but
as u general thing men blush mucu
more readily and more violently than
"This Is not a random statement that
1 am making for tbe purpose of hear
ing myself talk, but a sober deduction
founded on careful observation. For
years I have made it a point to study
the sexes In moments of embarrass
ment, and the statistics I have Jotted
dowu prove that in nine cases out of
ten the average mnn will fly the red
signal of distress much more quickly
than the average woman. This holds
good In all sorts of situations.
"Crack a Joke at a man's expense,
be blushes; ply him with awkward
questions, he bk'shes; subject him to
some humiliation or let some ludicrous
accident befall him In public, and be
straightway rivals the boiled lobster
In hue. A woman may redden slightly
under tbe en me circumstances, but ber
blush Is diluted and perfunctory com
pared with the brilliant, sunlit glow
that suffuses the countenance of man.
"I don't attempt to explain the phe
nomenonphysiologists und moralists
may do thut If they enn but mereiy
flvc the facts for what they are worth
n the hope thnt the next time a story
writer has a crop of blushes to dispose
of he will ring a few changes on tbe
old phrase that has done duty for Ken
rations and say of the heroine lhac
ihe "blushed like n mini.'"
Manchester, Va., March 6, 1801.
Gentlemen: I had all the symptoms
that aooompany this disease, uoh as
mueua dropping- In the throat, a con
stant desire to hawk and spit, feeling
of dryness In the throat, eoug-h and
pitting- upon riaing- in the morning-,
oaba forming- In the note, whioh re
quired muoh effort to blow out, some
times causing the nose to bleed and
leaving me with a alok headache. Z
had thus suffered for five years. I
I oommenoed to take S. S. S. and
after I had taken three large bottles,
I noticed a change for the better.
Thus encouraged, Z oontinued to take
it and in a short while was entirely,
Main and Vine Sts., Ztiohmond, Va.'
no equal as a blood puriner. it restores
the blood to a natural, healthy state and'
the catarrhal poison and effete matter,
are carried out of the system through the
proper channels. S. S. S. restores to the
blood all its good qualities, and when
rich, tmre blood reaches the inflamed'
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