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Holbrook argus. (Holbrook, Ariz.) 1900-1913, November 22, 1902, Image 3

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Anthrax In San Joaquin County Jewelry Store
Robbed Accidentally Shot Death Prevents
Trial Hall Carrier Drowned
Frank Deshida, a young man, was
accidently shot and instantly killed
while duck shooting near Haywards.
County Veterinarian Eddy makes the
startling statement that there is an
thrax in San Joaquin county, and that
both cattle and horses are affected.
The British ship Clydesdale', 125
days from Newcastle, Australia, has
arrived in San Francisco. Eighty per
cent iusurance was paid on her.
At Tonopah, Frank Golden's jewelry
store was robbed. The robbers ran
sacked the place, securing watches,
diamonds and money to the amount of
George II. Biatt, mail carrier be
tween Stewart's Point and Annapolis
Sonora county, in attempting to swim
the swift current of the Qusia river,
was swept from his horse and drowned.
Benjamin F. Tilley, jr., has been
appointed to a cadetship at Annapolis
by Secretary of the Navy Moody, lie
is a son of Captain B. F. Tilley, cap
tain of the Mare Island navy yard.
Death has intervened to prevent the
trial of John B. McCoy, a former Sac
ramento policeman, on a charge of
forgery. When the cane was called tiio
assistant district attornev stated that
the defendant was dead.
Reports from Tina, Cochise, final,
anu eania !uruz counties, Arizona, are
to the effect that there were slow
steady rainfalls Monday afternoon and
night. The average rainfall in Pima
county was one inch.
Grabbing Timbe: Lands
In a report filed with Lewis E. An
bery, state mineralogist, Special Agent
Horace Stevens of the state mining
bureau, who was sent out recently to
investigate tho alleged illegal locations
of mineral lands and interference with
thy rights of miners in the Susanville
and Marysville land districts, makes
some staitling charges. Ills report
bristles with interesting allegations
anu not a lew conclusions winch are
just as interesting.
Stevens opens his report by relating
, iiis personal experience in the office of
Surveyor General V. S. Graham, who
declined to allow a draughtsman in
the employ of the mining bureau to
have access to certain plats of land,
on the ground that other draughtsmen
had falsified originals. This episode,
he says, is significant , as revealing
some of the tricks employed to prevent
any true segregation of government
lands, and he expresses his surprise
that, under the citcumstanccs, the
mineral interests of the state have
been given any consideration at all.
At Marysville, Stevens says'he found
that C. E. Sweessy, an official of the
United States land office, appeared as
an attorney for record for 160 out of
170 selections of tracts under the forest
reserve lien land laws, embracing over
27,000 acres, and that Sweezy admitted
to him that he had made selections
under the scripper law' of 111,000 acres,
27,000 in the Marysville district, 70,000
in the Susanville district and 14,000
at the Redding office.
At Oroville Stevens found that tho
Diamond ' Match company, wnich he
was informed had refrained as far ts
possible from interfering with mineral
rights, owned 35,000 acres of patented
land and had secured control of over
20,000 acres more. As this corporation,
was in his opinion, unquestionably op
erating in a mineral belt, he suggested
a more searching investigation than he
was able to make.
Continuing he says: "One of tho
most extensive employers of the forest
reserve lien as a basis of getting title
to mineral landjappears tojbe Jacob II.
Cook, who is working in the interests
of Wheeler Brothers, the New York
capitalists. He lias located a large
acreage in the vicinity of Camel's Teak
in Plumas and Butte counties, nearly
all mado in the dead of winter, or at a
time when the snow was so deep that
it was eimply impossible to determine
the true character of the land. He
has enlisted community sympathy by
all sorts of glittering promises as to
railroads, saw mills, paper mills, etc.
to be established and has swallowed
the necessary non-mineral affidavit at
one fell swoop."
After showing that part, at least, of
one of Cook's claims had been worked
for years as a placer claim, and citing
other instances of the point he makes.
Stevens continues:
"Such of tho territory as I traversed
between Moiretown and La Torte, by
the Lumpkin niM and Camel's Teak
route, has not been prospected to any
great extent. Important mineral dis
coveries are certain to be made there
if prospectors are permitted to pursue
their exploration unmolested. But if
the region is allowed to fall into the
hands of syndicates everybody will bo
excluded from the lands and for the
next twenty years, if, as alleged, all
this wholesale grabbing is done in the
interest of a gigantic eastern lumber
trust, those forests will become as
silent as midnight on the desert of Sa
The special agent says that Quincy,
Taylorsville, Crescent Valley and
Greenville were prolific in accounts of
the manner in which miners have
been imposed upon, but states that he
was unable, on account of the lack of
time, to investigate them thoroughly.
Washington Notes
United States Minister Francis has
informed the state department that a
new Servian ministry was installed at
Belgrade on October 20.
Secretary Wilson is confined to his
home by a severe nueralgic cold which
has developed since the recent political
campaign in which the secretary took
an active part. Ills' ailment has been
much relieved, but it will be some
days before ho is able to resume his
duties in the agricultural department.
Admiral Dewey, who will have
supreme command of the fleets en
gaged in the Caribbean sea maneuvers
next month, will hoist his four-starred
flag on the president's yacht, May-
flowei, at the Washington navy yard,
December 1, and will sail the same
day with his large pergonal staff di
rect for the raval bas9 at Culebra is
land. The officials of the Coast and Geo
detic Survey of the government bureau
having been in charge of the surveys
made by the United States in Alaska,
pronounce as incorrect the report at
tributed to a Victoria, B. C, news
paper that encroachments have been
made by an American surveyor on
British territory in the neighborhood
of Portland Canal.
Match Company's Plant
A franchise lias been granted to the
Diamond Match company by tho Butte
county supervisors, and would appear
to settle definitely where the mam
moth plant of tlio concern is to be lo
cated. The company has been granted
ihe right to build a railroad from its
timber holdings on Magalia Ridge to
Durham on the SouthernPacific, forty
miles above Marysville. It is under
stood that the work of construction will
be begun at once. A pulp mill will
be included, this being a new feature
in the company's business.
Remarkable Discovery is Made by a
Party of Americans
A remarkable story, authenticated
of the discovery of hidden Aztec treas
ure of fabulous value has just been
reported to the Government authorises
at Tepic by Pablo Mertino. the par
ish priest of Icsca, Mexico. The
priest makes a statement, which is
concurred in hv several reliable wit
nesses to the occurrence, that a party
of Americans, headed by an archaeolo
gist who gave the namo of Heverick,
arrived at Icsca several weeks ago and
went from that place into the moun
tains, accompanied by three Mexican
guides. The archaeologist got his
bearings by means of a chart which he
claimed to have copied from an Aztec
stone tablet in the National Musuem
in the City of Mexico. He located a
vast cave in a mountain near Icsca.
Immense stone images stood about this
chamber. In one end was a handsome
altar, above which burned a bright
flame supplied by natural gas from a
crevice in the wall. It has probably
been burning for many centuries. In
a chamber adjoining the main temple
was found a great store of ornaments
and utensils belonging to the Aztecs
or some other prehistoric race. Twelve
burros were required to transoprt the
articles taken from the cave to San
Bias.' It is said to be the largest and
most valuable collections of ancient
relics ever discovered in Mexico.
Found Hanging to Tree
The body of Braggion Verquera was
found hanging in a tree near tho
Guadeloupe mine by William Curtis,
who was hunting quail. Verquera has
been employed at the La Franco win
ery, but disappeared a week ago. It is
believed to be a clear caso of suicide.
He was a native of Italy, aged 32
AVcgctable Preparationror As
similating HieFoodandRegula
ling the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfur
ness andRest.Contains neither
OpiunxMorphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic .
flmpim Seal"
Jtpvrrmmt - ,
Wianyiwen. rtavsr.
Aperfccl Remedy forConstipa
Ron, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
ftiifltett a pell , p n (ft
co 9. to ko cunrc union
W. L. Douglas shoes are the standard of the world.
W. L. Doaaiaa made and aold more mm' Good
yuar Welt (Hand Sewed Prorn Jioe In the flmt
nix month of 1002 thaa any other manufacturer.
Mfl flftfl KKWAKD will 1 paid to anion h
W I UiUUU ran dinroT Uila Matemrnt.
iSfaSa. JU03.820 1 $2,340,000
K Best Imported and American leathers, Heyl't
Patent Calf, Enamel, Box Calf, Calf, Vlcl Kid, Corena
Volt, Nat. Kangaroo. Flint Color Eyelets aacd.
. I Tha imniiln have W. L. DOUGLAS'
lBUiiiMi nRme aaa price ataniped, on bottom.
pShoet by mail, 25c. extra, lllus. Catalog free.
Secured the Flag but Was Drowned
John Nystrom, a Swedish sailor oir
the United States army transport
Sumner, sacrificed his life while at
tempting to save an American flag,
w hich had been torn by a gust of w ind
from the stern of the vessel's launch.
Ho plunged into the water and se
cured the banner, but was caught
by tho strons ebb tide and drowned be- .
fore he could be reached by a boat.
If you wish success in life, make por
serverance vonr bosom friend, experi
ence vour wise counselor, cauliin your
elder brother, and bore your guarding
genius. Addison.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
AjjK Use
U' For Over
Thirty Years
the eiNTaun eaanai, Maw rom city. i
the . t
1 X3r It U X

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