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Holbrook argus. (Holbrook, Ariz.) 1900-1913, January 07, 1905, Image 8

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Don't try cheap cough medi
cines. Get the best, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. What a
record it has, sixty years of
cures! Ask your doctor if
he doesn't use it for coughs,
colds, bronchitis, and all
throat and lung troubles.
"Ilwve found flint Ayer's Olinrry Pectoral
Is the liitHt iiiHilirhie I Pitn irOHirrilto for bron
chitis, lulluonzH. compIis. ami Imrrl cohlg."
M. J.ookma.n, M.U., Itlmca. X. V.
3Aii.. We., f I 00.
All clrmrtMt'i.
,i. o. a ykii cn.
1,oh-i!!I, M:ms.
Correct anv tendency to constipa
tion, with Em.H doses of Ayer's Pills.
A FIourlshliiR Game.
"As to the cause of education," said
tbe Montana man, "I um glad to say
that it Is flourishing with us."
"Plenty of schools, ehV" was quer
ied. "Well, one every few miles or so,
but I was referring more to the sehool
ma'ama than the schools."
"In what way?"
"Why, we've had fourteen In our
district in the last two years, and ev
ery one of 'em has got married and is
living ns happy as a clam. We are be
hind In some things, but when It comes
to the cause of education we give a
schoolma'am her pick of a dozen can
didates, and if she can't find one to
suit her as a husband we know she
ain't up on geography and 'rltbmetic
and let her go."
The New Drugless Treatment permanently
euros all diseases Druus cannot cure. Home
treatment at small cost. Herd symptoms and
we send particulars. Investigate at once,
Wii 8. Main St., Los Angeles.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup th a best remedy to use
for their children during the teething
Try, Try Again.
Summer Guest 1 have fished in that
stream of yours for a week, and haven't
got a bite.
Hotel Keeper Well, most likely the
Esq haven't much appettie this hot weath
er. Try 'em with chewing gum.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles. Your druggist will refund
money if PAZO OINTMENT falls to
cure you in 6 to 14 days. 50 cents.
The Little Boy's Idea.
The little stars are out so late
xn fields of blue they roam;
I wonder why the mother moon
Don't call her children home?
I know they're sleepy in the skies
Just by the way they blink their eyei.
Atlanta Constitution.
To Break in New Shoes,
Always shake In Allan's Foot-Ease, a powder.
It cures Ijot, sweating, aching, swollen feet.
Cures Corns, Ingrowing; Nails and Bunions,
At all Druggists and Shoe stores, 26c. Don't
accept any substitute. Sample mailed FRED.
Address Allen B. Olmsted. Le Roy. N. Y.
Pa'sj Theory.
"Say, pa," queried little Johnny
Bumpernlckle, "what does this paper
mean by a double-minded man?"
"It probably has reference to some
fool bachelor who is thinking of get
ting married, my son," replied the old
ffst i il rMi "lifljjri
Iliutfta wmss ail klk t sua.
Best Cough Byrup Tastes Oood. Urn
in time, noia oy aruggists.
L A.V.V.
1905-lTb. 1
God made woman superior to man
superior In her sphere only.
We hav to win what we git, and
what we don't win ain't hardly worth
If I hav to prove everything that I
think or say, I am reddy to quit now,
anu let life go bi default.
Error Iz very nimble at the start,
but the staying qualitys of truth all
wuss wins the race at last
Like master, like dog, iz a truism;
I never knu a hatcfull, mallshus kur
but what waz Tiaff-brother to hUs
Don't forglt this, nil sweet boy the
world is all watching to see yu miss
the bull's-eye. Beat them, ml sweet
boy, if yu kan.
The strongest intimacys scorn to
exist, not between two hartes, but
whare the bed ov one controls tbe
liarte ov the other.
What I write cums to me like the
flight ov a wild pigeon; If I don't seize
it and write it down, it Is gone forever;
and too often, In grasping for it, I only
git a sorry bunch of tale feathers.
The only way to get rid
of pimples and other erup
tions is to cleanse the blood,
improve the digestion, stim
ulate the kidneys, liver and
skin. The medicine to take is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which has cured thousands.
After the Honeymoon.
Youngwed Er what kind of cake
Is this, my dour?
Mrs. Youugwed Why, It's marble
cake. I baked it myself.
Youngwed I wish you would bake
a few more Just like it.
Mrs. Youngwed I'm so glad you are
fond of it, dear; but why do you want
so many?
Youngwed I er think It would b
a good Idea to replace those old wood
teps at the front door with marble.
For forty years Piso's Cure for Con
sumption has cured coughs and colds.
At druggists. Price 25 cents.
FITS Permanently Cured. No fits or nev
I I I O outness after first day's use of Dr.
Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Send for
FREE. 12.00 trial bottle and treatise. DR.
R. H. KLINE, Ltd., 931 Arch St., Phila
delphia. Pa.
Has Secret of Youth.
Nikola Tesla, the great student of
electricity, is 47, but 'looks ten years
tbe standard after 4!JyearB
test, Tbey alwuyB produce
tbo Urgent and uuri'Ht
crops, am dealers nvll
Heed Aiiinml
A mi mi I R
request, tt 9
RRV &.CO. g
T, MIOH. f J
lree on
D. M. Ferry
Condltiou vs. Theory
"Shay," began the loquacious party
who had been trying to assume more
than bis share of liquid trouble, "I've
(hie) got a the'ry 'bout (hie) whazzer
matter "
"To th station house with your the
ory," interrupted the policeman, as he
gathered him in, "it's your conduct that
confronts me."
SJSV to plant anything but Jft'i?5
Color more goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One lOct package colors Silk, W eol and Cotton equally well, and Is gua
antecd to give perfect results. Ask dealer, or we will send post paid at lOcts. a package. Write lor free booklet bow to dye, bleach and mil
colon. JIONROB DRUQ CO., Unlonvllle, Missouri. ,
Uses Pe-ru-sia for Coughs, Colds, Grip and
Catarrh A Congressman's Letter.
In every country of the civilized
world Sisters of Charity arc known.
Not only do they minister to the
spiritual and intellectual needs of the
charges committed to their care, but
they also minister to their bodily
With so many children to take care
of and to protect from climate and
disease, these wise and prudent Sis
ters have found Peruna a never fail
ing safeguard.
Dr. Hartman receives many letters
from Catholic Sisters from all over
the United States. A recommend re
cently received from a Catholic in
stitution in Detroit, Mich., reads as
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sir: "The young girl who used
the Peruna was suffering from laryn
gitis and loss of voice. The result of
the treatment was most satisfactory.
She found great relief, and after fur
ther use cf the medicine we hope to
be able to say she is entirely cured."
Sisters of Charity.
The young girl was under the care
of the Sisters of Charity and used Pe
runa for catarrh of the throat with
good results as the above letter testi
fies. Send to The Peruna Medicine Co.,
Columbus, Ohio, for a free book writ
ten by Dr. Hartman.
A Good Head.
Sub-Editor A correspondent sends us
a full account of a cock light, with pho
tographs of the steel spurs used, tho
cock pit, (spectators, birds in battle, etc.,
with every round described.
Great Editor Glorious! Oct it nil in.
Sub-Editor (doubtfully) But this is a
family paper.
Groat Editor Y-e-s I know. Head
it "A Brutal Sport Where Were the
He Conld See It.
Wife According to the program,
this play has a moral, but I fail to
see It.
Husband (who paid ?5 for seats)
Oh, it's plain enough. A fool and his
! nioner are soon parted.
Reason for It.
"What on earth possessed you to bite
Miss Ethel's beau last evening?" asked
the house cat.
"Well," replied the bulldog, "I heard
her telling him he was nice enough to
444) OOO
The following letter is from Con
gressman Meekison, or ruapoioon.
Ohio: .
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus-,
Gentlemen: "I
have used several
bottles of Peruna
and feel greatly
benefited thereby
from my catarrh
of the head, and
feel encourager
to believe thai
its continued use
will fully eradi-l
cate a disease of thirty years' stand
ing." David Meekison.
Dr. Hartman, one of the best known
physicians and surgeons in the United
States, was the first man to formulate
Peruna. It was through his genius
and perseverance that it was intro
duced to the medical profession of this
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Pe
runa, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
How Celluloid la Mads.
Colluloid, the chemical compound
which bears so close a resemblance to
irory, Is a mixture of collodion and
camphor, Invented in 1855 by Perke
glne, of Birmingham, whose name for
a time it bore. The process of manu
facture Is as follows: Cigarette paper
la soaked in a mixture of nitric and
sulphuric acids until it becomes nitro
cellulose. After thorough washing, to
free it from the acids, tills cellulose la
dried, mixed with a certain quantity
of camphor, and coloring matter If re
quired, and then passed through a roll
er mill. It is next formed Into thin
sheets by hydraulic pressure and after
ward broken up by toothed rollers and
so.'Ued for some hours in alcohol. A
further pressure and a hot rolling proc
ess finish it. and results In ivory-like
ghoets half iui inch thick.
Most men remember obligations, but
not often to be grateful; the proud are
made sour by the remembrance aud th
vain silent. Simms.
David Meekison.

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