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Holbrook argus. (Holbrook, Ariz.) 1900-1913, May 05, 1906, Image 3

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To sweeten,
To refresh,
To cleanse the
and Gently ;
There is only
one Genuine
Syrup of Figs;
to get its bene
ficial effects
Dispels colds and
headaches when
bilious or con
stipated; For men, women
and children;
Acts best on
the kidneys
and liver,
stomach and
Always buy the genuine Manufactured by the
Sm Francisco, Cad.
Fall of a Man Who Wus Km ployed to
Prevent Dishonesty in Other.
' Criminologists must find the fall of
the ' Bostonlnn who robbed a surety
company of which lie was mannger of
$100,000 a fascinating study in the
metaphysics of larceny. Here was a
man said to be of ".exemplary habits
and a most generous disposition," who
gave $."0 a day to the poor, in many
ways a model husband and father, and
la devoted pillar of the church. Besides
being surrounded by all the, ordinary
influences which should have taught
hiin that theft is a mistake as well a.s
a crime, the surety company's manager
I was engaged in a business which drove
1 home to him with uncommon force Its
; daily illustration that the way of the
i transgressor is bard. It was bis busi
I ness to give bonds, at a price, for men
j in osts of financial trust to insure
! their employers against loss by einbe.-
element. Frequently he was called,
j upon to prosecute and punish dofault-
ers. Yet all the while he was stealing
: from the church, stealing from the wld
; ov and orphan, stealing from the char
itable society and presenting the para-
1 uox of stealing from a company whose
business ,it Is to Insure against losses
I by theft.
i It may be that some day the selen
j lists will demonstrate the theory that
I no horrible example and no fear of
I punishment can check the passion for
; embezzlement once It seizes on a vic
tim. Perhaps the Rockefeller research '
bureau eventually will transfer . the
disease of larceny from the purview of
the police to the domain of baeteriol-
ogy and by isolating the germ of ein
1 bezzlcment will bold the army of fall
en bank cashiers up to public pity in
: stead of reproach. Just like victims of
smallpox. Meanwhile, we suppose, the
' primitive and brutal method of at
taching them to a chain with an iron
ball on the end of It will continue to
1 be practiced. New York Press.
Louisville, Ky. n(.Ww,w, tfewYbrkJW.
The genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale by all first-class
druggists. The full name of the company California
Fig Syrup Co. is always printed on the front
of every package. Price Fifty Cents per bottle.
Not Committing HimselC
A man who is noted for the reluc
tance with which he declares definite
find positive judgments was talking
to some friends In his office.
A flock of sheep, newly sheared,
passed by.
"Those sheep have Just ben shear
ed," observed one of the visitors.
The non-committal proprietor of the
office gazed out the window while his
guest waited. Finally after the last
bheep had passed, he said:
. "It looks like it. on tills side." .
j An Insinuation.
I "My store was robbed last night," said
the grocer.
"You don't say!" exclaimed the early
' customer. "Jid the thieves get away
j with very inucliV"
I "I haven't made out, a list yet," re
; plied the grocer, "hut I know they took
j three barrels of sugar."
I "That being the case," said the e. c.
j "they'll probably have sand enough to
taekla a bunk next lime.
Lewis' "Dingle Binder" straight Tic cigar.
Made of ripe, mellow tobucco.so rich Id quull
ty that ninny who formerly smoked Kic clgurs
now smoke Lewis' "Slngfu Binder." Lewis'
Factory, Peoria, III.
'ot II In Function.
"I want to know." said the irate mat
ron, "how much money my husband drew
out of this 'bunk Inst week!''
"I can't give you that information,
ma'am." answered the man in the cage.
"You're the paying teller, aren't you?"
"Yes, but I'm not the telling payer."
riTC Permanently Cured. No fits or nerv-
llu ousness after first day's use of I)r
Kline's Great Nerve Iiestorer. Bend fo
FRKK &2.00 trial bottle and treatise. I) It
R. H. KLINE, Ltd., 931 Arch St., Phila
delphia. Pa.
Which Are They ?
Him Have you ever read
peare's works?
Her No: but I've read his plays. I
wasn't aware that he had written any
' Rather Indefinite.
"Say," remarked the village lawyer
aa he entered the general store, "1 want
a ribbon for tuy typewriter."
"All right, sir," answered the new
clerk. "Do you want, one for her or for
I100 REWASTt Si 00
The readers of this paper will b
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science baa
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to
lie medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires ' a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby de.
itroying'the foundation of the disease,
and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and ft,
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors bare so much faith in Its
curative powers, that they offer one
hundred dollars for any ease that it
falls to oure. Stnd for list of testi
monials. ' V
Address, F. J. CHUNKY ft CO., To.
ledo, Ohio. Sold by. all druggist,, 71
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation.
Cheering; Thonirht.
The cook came to the professor to re
port that the cabbage he had ordered for
dinner was all right in the center, but
she had had to throw nearly all the rest
of it away.
"Ah. well," said the professor, "let us
make the best of it. Its errors are of the
bead rather than of the heart."
Feminine Attraction,
Dolly Yes, the prettiest girl in our
Sunday school sold kisses at 0!) cents
each to help along the church fair.
Somehow the young men were sby
about taking them at that price,
Dick No wonder. You must have
been trying to attract the girls. Young
men are not looking for 00-cent bar
gains. Chicago News.
Navajo Wrestler.
Wrestling as u form of athletic ex
ercise seems to be common to all na
tions r.nd throughout all history. Curi
ously the tribes in the interior of Af
rica have been found to be skillful
wi'estlers. as are the natives of India
! and the Indians of America. The rules
i governing wrestling matched among
the Xavajos. singularly enough, are
1 very simila'" to those recognized among
civilized people for centuries.
W. L. Douglas
'3i& '3:2? SHO ESSE
I IV. L. Douglas $4.00 Cilt Edge Line
cannot oe equalled 01 any price.
The State of Oklahoma would en
ter the Union with a population esti
mated at nearly 1.250,000. about that
of such States as Conncctii lit, Mary
land, West Virginia and Nebraska.
Two-thirds of that population is now
within the borders of Oklahoma and
one-third in Indian Territory. In area
the proposed new State, with its 70,
430 square miles, exceeds slightly Mis
souri and almost equals North Da
kota. In the sixteen years since Okla
homa was erected Into a territory it
has grown more rapidly than any
equal section of the West in wealth,
population and variety of resources.
The clothing with citizenship of the
prosperous native tribes of the Indian
Territory Is a most significant depar
ture. The laws of exclusion will be
lifted at one stroke from virtually the
whole population of 400,000. New
Xork World.
lift fell'
3-a5irH CAPrrAL 2.500.000J,
Knuaulnor FrankneM, . .
Father (of heiress) Young man, how
do you expect to make a living for your
self and a wife?
The Y'ottng Man Mr. Means, I- have
been so absorbed in trying to win your
daughter's affectious that I haw never
given a moment's thought to that. Chi
cago Tribune.
41 0 flflfl REWARD to anyone who can
! 01 U,UUU disprove this statement.
( If I could take you Into my three large factories
I at Brockton, Mass., and show you the Infinite
! :are with which every pair of shoes Is made, you
would realize why W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoer
I cost more to make, why they hold their shape,
in mr, wear longer ana are 01 greater
Intrinsic value than any other $3. SO ahoe.
W. L. DouQlam Strong Mmdo Shorn for
Mmn, $2. SO, M2.00. Boy' School
DrmmmShomm, $2.30, $2,$1.73,$1.BO
CAUTION . illKiHt lllinn linvimr W.I..mnF
I'laa shueK, Tiike no substitute. None genuine
"nuwiii uis iinme unu price Riampeii on Doitom.
fast Color Cutlets used ; they mill uei wear brastu.
Write for llliistrHtnri Catiilojr.
W. Lu DOUGLAS. Itrockton, Mass.
L. A. K, U.

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