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farmer and the Party wire.
When the Independent telephone conf-'
pan lea Bret begun to come togetTier In
conventions to exchange experience!,
one fact was always commented upon
with great curiosity by tlie nianngers'
of town or city plants, sails' Success.
This was that they Invariably met with
failure in their endeavors to Induce
formers to put In what are known ns
"lockout'' devices by means of which
every telephone on n party line becomes
practically n private wire.
In cities, the party line Is considered
a great nuisance, because there is no
privacy in conversations, and all the
bells on the line are rung each time n
subscriber calls. Naturally, the manag
ers of plants figured that this objec
tion prevailed In the country also; but;
almost without exception, they found
that one of the great attractions to the
farmer was that his telephone did ring
every time the other sixteen or twenty
people oil the Hue rang up, and that he
could hear or be overheard In conver
sation. It was a practical demonstra
tion of the social hunger the farmer
has endured for centuries, and which
Is now ended, thanks to the arrival of
telephone competition.
The I'nlveraltlea of Swltaerlaod.
Geneva Is only one of the universi
ties of little Switzerland. Basel,
founded in li4i); Lausanne, founded as
an academy In l.":!7, and as a univer
sity In 1S!K; Zurich, founded in 1832;
Bern, founded in 1834; Freiburg,
founder! in 1889, have each secured
a high educational place, though In
Its historic Impresslveness Geneva
Is unique. Hut Geneva and her five
companions are noble Illustrations of
the spirit and power of democracy.
Their supfxirt is derived largely from
the cantons in which they were located.
Although the constitution of IMS au
thorized the federal government to
erect and to maintain a polytechnic
school and university, the university
has not been established. The can
tons support their universities with a
willingness which Is as great ns
obtains In the States of the Amer
ican I'liion touching their respective
State universities. The University of
Zurich is maintained by a common
wealth of but 3.10,000 people, and with
in an area of less than 700 square
miles. Basel,' with a population of
less than 100,000, supports Its univer
sity. They are examples of the power
of an enlightened democracy which
Interests Itself in the highest educa
tion. This Interest !s not couflued
either, to the cause of liberal learn
ing, for the technical schools of
Zurich are among the best of the
world. Harper's Magazine.
Tired of Waiting:.
The little !oy was five years old
and It was his tirst year at school.
One morning lie did not wish to attend
so he told his mother he was very
sick. His mother, being a very kind
hearted lady, tried to reason with him,
and said:
"Just think how bad your teacher
will feel when she calls the roll and
she says, 'Itobert Nolan.' and there
will be no little Robert to say, 'Pres
ent.1 "
'That's Just It, mamma, I have said
present every day and I haven't re
ceived any present yet." Magazine of
He was looking at Niagara Falls.
"Splendid I Magnificent!" he mur
mured. "So the spectacle touches you, too?"
ventured a fellow spectator. ,
"Touches me !" roared the first.
"Such splendid horsepower, such mag
nificent energy! And me running my
mill by steam! Say, It more' than
touches me. It breaks me all up."
Philadelphia Ledger.
Shedding More Information.
Mrs. Chug water Josiah, what is a
pronunciamento? '
Mr. Chugwater Pronouncing amen to
anything yon want to indorse. I should
think you could tell that by looking at
the word itself.
Secret of Longevity. j
"I see that Dr. Lnsalle has been com
municating his Ideas of longevity to
the Academy of Medicine. '
"They are those of Flourens, who
set them forth' In his lectures at' the
Sorbonne. But Flourens had not the
same opportunities for busing his thed
rles on a broad foundation of statis
tics. Reasoning from analogy, he con
cluded that human beings ought to
live five or six times longer than It
took them to attain the full adult state
that Is to say, from twenty to twenty-five
"It takes a cat eighteen months to
grow up.' and the creature, If left to
die a natural death, does so at an age
varying from ten to twelve years. The
dog takes two years, and lives to
twelve or fourteen ; the horse five, and
goes on to twenty-five or thirty. A
well-constituted human being ought to
live from a hundred and twenty to a
hundred and forty.
"In ndditlou to the cases of longevity
cited by Flourens, Dr. Lnsalle gives u
long list. Some of them take one's
breath away. For Instance: Peter
Cssortan, who died recently at Tenies
var, in Hungary, at the nge of 183. and
an old man (name not mentioned) who
has Just turned his UOOth year in an
asylum at Pnlsk. He burled his wife
In his 133d year. Would It not be well
to send a scientific commission to Pulsk
to Investigate Into this Methusaleh's
claim to extraordinary longevity?"
To Prevent Shlp'a Boiling;.
A German engineer, Otto von
Schlick, who has been studying for
many years the prevention of ships'
rolling, believes the solution lies In a
gyroscope. Herr Schlick proposes to
steady ships by mounting the gyro
scope In the hold, and his first expe
riments on n large scale have been
undertaken with an old torpedo boat.
In this craft a gryoscope with a disc
weiglng .1,030 pounds was mounted
with a steam turbine which would ro
tate it at a speed of more than 2,000
revolutions a minute. The oscillations
and pitching of the vessel were care
fully measured before the steam was
admitted to the turbine, nnd then when
the turbine was put in revolution the
motion practically censed. So success
ful were these experiments with the
sixty-ton torpedo boat that It has been
decided to proceed with a larger craft.
Sending Meaaaarea In Pari.
The telephone system of Paris leaves
considerable to be desired and meets
with constant complaint on the part of
the subscribers. One of the latter en
deavored to test the speed of the vari
ous means of communication of the
city, sending messages In different
ways from his rooms In the Rue Rich
elieu, in the center of the city, to a
friend on the Avenue de la Grand
Armee, near the Bois de Boulogne. He
found that a bicycle messenger made
the trip In eleven minutes and fifteen
seconds, as compared with twenty-three
minutes for a cab. A messenger sent
via the Metropolitan Railway required
thirty-five minutes, a message by the
pneumatic tube three hours, while the
message sent by telephone did not ar
rive at all.
Didn't Write to Her.
Little Dorothy came hurrying home
from school to tell in glowing terms
about her new teacher, says the New
York World.
"What's her name?"
"I don't know," said Dorothy.
"Why, then, how do you address
"Why," answered Dorothy, "we do
not write to her." New Orleans Pica
yune. More Appropriate.
. The district attorney was about to
summon another witness In the great
blackmailing trial.
"I can't get his real name," said the
attorney, "but I'll just put him down
as John Doe."
"But he has so much money," ven
tured the assistant, "suppose we put
him down as John Dough?"
' Tier Claim a to Patronnge
When Mrs. Lombard offered to rec
ommend Miss Simpson to her friends
as a dressmaker, she was honest In her
vylsh.,to help.; the little woman, but her
efforts bore "more" evidence of honesty
than of lact.
; ''I wish you would try Dora Simp
son," she said earnestly to three of her
frlentfs 'vlio were calling upon her one
day. "She's nich a good little body, and
so unfortunate! Her old customers
have dropped off one by one, till there
Is scarcely a person In the neighbor
hood who employs her now.
"As I of. en say to my husband,"
continued Mrs. Lombard, with basic,
as she saw signs of Inquiry on the laces
of her friends, "suppose she doesn't tit
very well, that doesn't alter the fact
that she !i an Invalid brother to sup
port, and .! :' : lie tried everything else
from pte;t::;vjhy to cooking, and only
took sewing as a last resort, and just
hates every stitch she takes, and al
ways has. Now. do try her. some of
you. Che's been with me for the last
four days, making a Jacket for my Jim.
Dora Is Just as patient about It as can
be. though we've had It all to pieces
three times."
Lincoln the Lawyer.
It is conceded by nil his contempo
raries that Lincoln was the best all
rour.d Jury lawyer of his day In Illi
nois. 1'ndoubtedly his knowledge of
human nature played an Important part
in his success. He possessed another
quality, however, which is almost. If
not quite, as essential In jury work,
and that Is clearness and simplicity of
statement. His logical mind
marshaled facts In such orderly se
quence, and he Interpreted them In such
simple language, that a child could fol
low him through the most complicated
cause, and his mere rctltal of the Issue
had the force of argument. Century.
Neglected Opportonitlea.
Mr. Sidencr had made his first pub
lic speech. His subject was good the
Iniquities of industrial economy ami
he hoped his treatment had leen ade
quate. He was not sure. He waited
for his wife's verdict, but she was
strangely silent.
She had listened to him from the gal
lery of the town hall, and he had half
expected her to meet him at the door
afterward, and to say. as soon as they
were out of hearing, "Oh, It was simply
great, Eddy !" But they were half-way
home, and she had said nothing of the
f "Well." hr began, awkwardly, when
he could bear It no longer, "what did
you think of my speech?"
"What you said was all right," she
answered, with guarded enthusiasm.
"But It seemed to me you didn't make
the most of your opportunities."
"Opportunities?" repeated Mr. Shif
tier. "What do you mean. Eftlo?"
"Why." Mrs. Sidener replied, "you
had ever so many chances to sit down
before you did."
He Loved Her Not.
A little 0-year-old girl friend of mine
came running to me and threw herself into
my arms, sobbing as if her heart would
"God doesn't love me any more," sha
wailed; "God doesn't love me!"
"God doesn't love you? Why, dear,
God loves everyone," I asured her.
"O, no, he doesn't love me. I know
he doesn't. I tried him with a daisy."
Harper'i Bazar.
The Need.
"Here Is another question that ought
to be brought before Congress," said
the earnest citizen.
"My dear sir," answered Senator Sor
ghum, "Congress now has all the ques
tions it can take care of. What it needs
Is some answers," Washington Star. '
Mrs. Blondlne My late husband was
jealous to the last.
Mrs. Neighbors Indeed !N
Mrs. Blondlue Yes. Just before he
died he requested me not to wear
mourning for him and he knew I look
ed better In black than anything else.
The Itoad to Sncceea.
- Thus the public schools In the last
five years have taken a new place in
the lives of the children for whom they
were created. Not only do they teach
the three "R's," but, step by step, they
help . boy and girl along the
road to success that leads out from
the highway of liberal education. The
girl learns to be strong, womanly and
wise, versed not only in the wisdom
of books, but in the knowledge that
every housewife, every mother, needs.
The boy Is schooled in the practical
gospel of self-help, self-reliance and a
clear conception of the duties that fall
to the lot of a manly man. St. Nicholas.
"Dual DcrilK" of Mle Valley.
Travelers In the celebrated Der.tli
Valley of California have desiril.od thu
wonderful contortions of the sand pil
lars that small whirlwinds sometimes
send spinning across the hot plain.
Even more remarkable are "dust dev
ils" seen by an explorer. In the valley
of the White Nile. Sometimes two of
these whirling columns, gyrating In op
posite directions, meet, "and If they bo
well-niatc-hed the collision stops them
and n struggle ensues as to which way
they shall twist. Gradualy one gains
the mastery, and the two combined rush
on together." Some of these whirlwind
will strip the clothes from an Arab's
back, or send a goat spinning round
and round like a top.
Qoeena Taller than Klnira.
There Is hardly a king In Christen
dom to-duy whose wife does not over--top
him by a head.
King Edward Is quite six Inches
shorter than Queen Alexandra.
The Czar is overtopped a full heud'
by the Czarina.
Kaiser Wllhcl.ui is of the medium
height, but the German Empress is
tall, and that is why the proud Kaiser
will never consent to be photographed
beside his wife, unless she sits while he
The King of Italy, short and squat,
hardly comes up to the shoulders of
the tall, athletic Queen Helena.
The King of Portugal, though fat
ter, is less tali than his Queen.
Even tiie Prince of Wales is shorter
a good four inches than tlie Princess.
The young King of Spain Is several
Inches shorter than his new bride.
The Queen of Denmark towers above
her royal siwuse.
HI Awful Fate.
Giles According to the coroner's
verdict, a mob composed eutirely of
women was responsible for Green's
Miles How did it happen?
Giles He accidentally got near, n
bargain counter where $1 shirt waists
were being sold at 98 cents and was
trampled underfoot. Columbus Dis
patch. Didn't Mind the Machine.
"I hope," said the renter of room No.
1197, "that the rattle of the typewriters
in my office doesn't annoy you."
"No, sir, it does not," responded the
crusty capitalist . whose office was No.
1199; "hut their gabble does annoy me
exceedingly." Chicago Tribune.
Ilia Turn Coming-,
"The boys are saying that Gayman
cleaned you out in the little game you
had at the club the other evening."
"He did but I've bought the summer
hotel at the resort over in Michigan where
as always spends his vacations. Don't
say anything to him about it, will you?"
Krlendahlp'a Tribute.
Mrs. Wellon (trying on her gorgeous
bonnet) How do you like the effect?
Mrs. Chillicon-Kearney Why, it's won
derful. You have the right idea. There's
nothing like contrasts, is there?
Simple Life.
Aunt Mary Tlie Idea of you marry
ing young Wiggins! Why, he can't
raise enough money to buy a square
Pretty Niece Oh, that doesn't matr
ter; we are going to visit among our

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