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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, April 02, 1885, Image 2

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'Published every Thursday.
Kenry Reed, Editor and Proprietor.
Ai-rertisisis: Spates.
One inch, one Month, -- $ 2.00
" one Year 20.00
one-quarter Column, one Month : .5.00
,f " 0110 Year. 50.00
One-half Colunra,one Month, 10.00
" ' one Year, 100.00
One Column, one Month, -.20.00
" one Year. 2(0.00
Local notices will he inpertcd at twenty cents
aline first lneertioh and tan cents a line each
aubseqneut insertion.
Lesal notices -will be inserted at $2.00 a square
(ten lines of this type)for the Cm insertion and
il.00 a square for each subsequent insertion.
Stock brands will be inserted one brand on cut,
one vear. $10; each additional brand on cut. same
.owner, $5; each additional brand or character,
bar or connected letters, requiring engraved
block, one year, $2.
All communications should be addressed to
The Herald, St. Johns. A. T.
Subscription $4.00 per year, in advance.
In view of the fact that there are
recognized reconstructed govern
ment persons who have fail
ed to profit by the teach
ings of the apostles of Republican
ism, the illustrious devotees of
union and liberty; Lincoln and
Sumner, who have gone into im
mortality leaving legacies of love ;
for the whole people ; that there
are peons who fail up to the pre
sent time to see any patriotism or
human sympathy in the action of
General Grant, who lead the armies
massed for the preservation of the
union to victorj', who in the hoiir
of the country's triumph, sajd to
conquored hosts, "Keep the impli-,
ments of your warfare for use in
the pursuits of peace; let your
swords be turned into plowshares, j
and your spears into pruning hooks,
your horses will aid you in the cul
tivation of your lands, ani you will
need them alh" The great general
stands upon the threshold of eter
nity; the gates are opening and he
is almost in companionship with
Lincoln, Chase, Sumner, Garfield,
Stanton, Andrews, Brownlow and
the patriotic Host that have gone to
'their reward. Ask him while yet
upon the earth, if he regrets his
love for his fellowman, whether now
ithere is anything dwelling within
his heart but fellowship for e.very
one above whose head floats the
stars and stripes.
Upon this subject we quote from
Harpers Magazine of the 21st of
March, testimony from the living
and the dead, severally represent
ing the extremes of the North and
South. We commend the article to
those from whose lips the word
'Rebel' falls so constantly and con
temptuously :
"Eleven years ago, when Charles
Sumner died, Secretary Lamar, a
"rebel brigadier," and then a mem
ber of the House of Representa
tives, said and his words may well
he pondered br those who respect
the memory of Sumner, and who
believe with lum as he said in the
bill which he introduced in Decem
ber, 1872, that the names of battles
rath fellow-citizens should not be
continued in the army register nor
placed on the regimental colors of
the United States Mr. Lamar said :
"Let us hope that future genera
tions, when they remember the
deeds of heroism and devotion done
on both sides, will speak not of
Northern prowess orSouthern cour
age, but of the heroism, fortitude,
and courage of Americans in a war
of ideas a war in which each sec
tion signalized its consecration to
the principles, as each understood
-them, of American liberty, of the
bonstitution received from their fa-
Ihers. Charles Sunnier in life be
lieved that all occasion for strife
:&nd distrust between the North and
"South had passed away. Are there
not many of us who believe the
same thing? Is not that the com
mon sentiment, or, if it is not, ought
it not to be, of the great mass of
our people north and south? Bound
to each other by a common Con
stitution, destined to live together
under a common government, for
ming unitedly but a single member
of a great family of nations, shall
we not now at last endeavor to
grow towards each other once more
in heart as we are already indissol
iibly linked to each other in for
tunes? Shall we not over the hon
ored remains of this great champ
ion of human liberty, this feeling
sj'mpathizer with human sorrow,
this earnest pleader for' the exer
cise of human tenderness and char
ity ,lay aside the concealment which
serve only to perpetuate. misunder-
standings and distrust, and frankly
confess that on both sides we most
earnestly desire to ne one one not
merely in political organizations,
one not merely in community of
language and literature, and tradi
tions and country, but more and
better than all that, one also.in feel
ing and in .heart?"
"Now we ask whiqh statement does
the Herald desire us to believe." Mil
ner's Orion Era.
Bishop, f here is nothing inconsis
tent in taking both doses ; its like
taking calomel and jalop, the last
is necessarj7 to make the first aper
ative and beneficial. The first Sto
ver anti-pohrgamy hill passed both
Houses by a large majority, but
was nipped, abstracted, stolen or
spirited away from the Hall of Leg
islature before reaching the Gover
nor. The second an.U-polygamy
bill was prepared, more stringent in
its provisions, and passed almost
unanimously ; it was watched and
guarded 'till it b.ecame a law. Are
you answered?
"The whole Mormon community num
ber less than a quarter of a million."
Milner's Orion Era.
Now if the statement of the for
mer editor, M. P. Romuey, made
one year ago, when contention re
garding lands seemed t.o be devel
oping into actual warfare, that the
Mormons could "place a million of
men in the field," shows up as fol
lows: He either statSw4acts or was
guilty of a very irreligious "bluff."
If Milner is correct with regard to
numbers, the forces of the Mormon
church have become unaccounta
bly decimated within the past year,
and makes a handsome showing
among the young of that people of
the growing unpopularity of polyg
amy. Either the earlier editor was
possessed of a fervid imagination
in powers, or the latter, in this pres
ent aspect of church affairs, a spirit
of diminution of polygamous
Duke Charles, of Brunswick, who
died in 1874, "the despicable figure
in the most scandalous chronicles
of our times," is the subject of a
most readable paper in the last
number of Temple Bav. A visit to
the Diamond Duke's famous hotel
in the Champs Elysees must have
been, to say the least of it, exciting.
A spring was touched, an arm chair
presented itself, and the caller was
whirled round and up to the ducal
ante-chamber. This and the bed
chamber were in solid iron ; the
very bed was iron. Tiiere were iron
cases crammed with guineas, cof
fers untouched since Waterloo,con
taining gold pieces of eight genera
tions of dukps.
San Juan, Marzo, 29, '85.
Ed. Herald :
Tomando la fasilidad de poder,
hablar por medio de la inprenta pa
ra Saludos y Sansionar todas los
hechos de Su Papel ya Sea eng in
gles "0" Espaiiol y haora Sefior,
me Siento nu poco orguelloso saber
que Vd se esta interesando a publi
car algunas calumnas eng Espaiiol.
Para la informacion del Pueblo
Mexicano de esta cbndado, quienes
con encias Esperaban, que alguna
persona seinteresara eng sircular no
ticias eng Espaiiol, el Condado de A
pache fue primeromente poblado
por Mexicanos industriosos y tra
baj adores, y para probar los hechos
aqui informare al mundo entero
que. Una sosiedad agricoltural
del Condado de Apache, fue organ- '
isada bajo el estilo Mexicano, y
Sujeta alas leres de incorporacion
de este Territorio, cullo cuerpo de
incorpcracion, al momento puso ai
trabajo (55) hombres para la con
strucion de una asequia al lado
oriental de esta plasa, bajo la Su
perintendesia de Don Serafin Apo
daca quien por sus buenos conosi
mientos a sagrado de coneluir, asta
hoy (6) millas de asequia con el
munero de trabajadores qui asta
haora tiene bajo su cargo, y eng una
semana mas, dise qui concluira el
trabajo, tomando (4,000) acres de
terreno bajo el regadillo de dieha
asequia, Don Antonio Gonzales si
endo el Superintehdente de Agrim
ensuras de terranos, a reportado alo
asosiasion, que 4,500 acres de buen
terreno estau para venderse con de
recho de aqua a prasios comodos, y
para mejor informasion deri jan
sus applicaciones a Don Antoaio
Gonzales quien no destingiraRasa,
Colos, 6 Nbsionalidad (jMenos Mor
niones.) estos quedaran escludos
para siempre de comprar terrenos
a esta sociedad cullos terrenos se
ran vendidos eng porsiones de (40)
acres a coda indibiduo, esta para
concluirse esta hernioso trabajo que
esta dej.ando espantados atodos a
quellos que por medio dela curiosi-
daa lo yen ; y nasi Senores,los que
tengan .el honor de ver esta sircular
espero que tomaran interes de ve
nir a San Juan y proporsionarse un
pedoso de tierra con .buena coino
didad, con tal que esten limpios de
bigamia y poligainia, de otra man
era no entraran eng el reino de nu-
ertra industria. Don Rosalie Col-
omo, tesorero de la corporasion, se
ocupa cada sabado eng pagar el tra
bajo de cada semana, culla, suma
monta a $49o.0u, suma total dese
mbolsados asta hoy $1,980.00 por
madera $40.20, por polbora $50, o
tros gastos $25,suma lotal$2,195.00.
Southwestern Stockman.
Cochise county now has a fence
Maricopa county proposes to or
ganize a live stock association and
a meeting for that purpose has been
, called to meet at Phoenix on the
2Sth of the present month.
The most reliable data obtainable
remarks an exchange, shows the
number of head of live stock in Ar
izona to be as follows : Cattle, 288,
.000; horses, 31,800; mules, 18,600;
swine, 1&,000 ; total estimated val
ue, $9,000,000. '
The Stockman would again urge
upon the several stock associations
of the territory the importance of
speedily making their selections for
cattle inspectors to cany out the
provisions of the quarantine law,
and recommend the same to the
Governor for appointment. It is
quite sure that many cattle will be
brought in this season from Texas,
as there have lately been many cow
men from that state looking for
ranges in Arizona, and every pos
sible precaution should be taken to
prevent the introduction of any
that are diseased.
f Holbrook Weekly Press,
Crowded excursion cars pass
through town nearly every day.
Mr. Smith, of the firm of Smith,
Carson & Co., is at the Apache
J.X.Wood, of Winslow, took an
over dose of aconite accidentally
Friday night and came near losing
his life.
Messrs. Thwing, Ofdenkamp and
Bartel have settled upon a ranch
twenty eight miles west of Holbrook
near Hardy's station.
Judge Howard, wife and daughter
arrived from the west on Wednes
day's train. They are putting up
at the Holbrook House. District
Attorney Ager, of Yavapai county,
also came in upon the same train.
Florence Enterprise,
The stage passengers, mail and
express are ferried across the river
now ; too much water to ford.
The Gila river has been booming
for a week past. The rise in this
raging confluent of the Sea of Cor
tez is caused by melting snow in
the mountains nearnts source.
According to an act of the Legis
lature this county has been placed
in the Second Judicial District, and
Judge Pinney will probabi3r hold
court here instead of Judge Fitzger
ald, who, according to the same act,
will in future dispense justice to the
people of Cochise County.
Prescott Journal.
The Arizona Copper Company of
Clifton is shipping weekl3T 100,000
pounds of copper.
The City Council has passed an
ordinance prohibiting the presence
of women in saloons.
. Judge John Haynes, who was re
cently appointed judge of the Pima
county .court refuses to accept the
Hon. Thos. Fitch, the bohemian
of the legal profession, has given it
out that in future he will make San
Francisco his permanent home.
Prescott Courier.
; Route for Maricopa and Phoenix
! railroad is to be surveyed the com
ing month.
A short railroad to connect Dag
I gett with the Calioo mines will soon
be constructed.
Post-trader Oliver last evening
informed us that the "hippie con
tingent of the Third Cavalry started
yesterday for Texas.
Globe Live Stock Journal.
The hogs history dates back three
thousand years.
One hundred thousand head of
cattle are grazing around' San An
tonio, Texas, ready for 'shipment
President Cleveland says the cat
tlempri must leay the Oklahoma
Mr.A-. J3. Touzalin lias resigned
the vice-presidency of the Atchison,
Topeka" and Santa Fe, to take effect
April 1st.'
The quarantine -law-is .hailed with
delight by many of our local stock
men, while others view it as an in-
fringmerit upon the rights and priv
ileges of the stock industry atlarge.
Some rbody went through the
Mullensy-ille post-office in Edwards
County and got away with'one hun
dred and forty dollars.
The Pacific express company has
issued orders to its agents that they
must not knowingly receive or
transport any wine, beer or intoxi
cating liquors of any kind address
ed to any point in the state of Kan
sas. All special rates, on contracts,
for transportation of wine,iieer, &c,
to points in Kansas, are revoked.
"The Monarch'
Billiard Parlor
St. Johns, - Arizona.
The Monarch has been establish
ed by its proprietor to fill every
want of the resident or wayfarer
The house is entirely new and has
been fitted-up with the most ex
quisite taste.
Appropriately arranged pri
vate club rooms for par
ties when required.
Absolutely pure wines, brand
ies, whiskies and cordials
served over the bar.
Mixed drinks artistically pre
pared and are made a spec
ialty at the bar.
Imported and domestic cigars of
the finest quality Hay, grain
and stabling large and well
cared for corrals always
ready for tlifc patrons.
Sanford- Jaques,
MMPlans, specifications and estimates fur
nished on appliatlon. All kinds of cabinet work
and coffins made on short notice. 1-1
Sol SBSOiX-tlx's;
Choice Brandsof
Foreign and Domestic
gF"We offer a place, to those so
inclined, to spend a pleasant even
ing. Come drink and be merry.
In connection with the above he
has a
Where travelers can feel assured
that their stock is properly cared
20,000,000 ACRES OF LAND FOR
Sale in New Mexico and Arizona.
The Land Grant of this Company, in alternate
sections extends entirely across the Territories of
rew Mexico and Arizona, between the 34th and
36th degrees of north latitude. It is 650 miles long
and 80 miles wide' arid includes Some of the best
grazing lands of both Territories. In the valleys
arc many desirable tracts of agricultural land, sus
ceptible of irrigation. A sufficiency of water has
been taund wherever cattle and sheep have been
grazed, andl'arge herds have been grazed in the
country ever since the coming of the Mexicans.
Wells nave been sunk and good water has been
A stream of tunning water, the San Jose, rises
near the" summit of the Sicrre Madrc, and runs 75
miles eastward to the Rio Puerco, and the compa
ny's road follows the whole length of its valley.
There are numerous fine valleys opening into the
valley of the San Jose, flanked bv erassv and woo
ded hills, upon which there is an open growth of
suiiii u aim pinon. j. nere is an ei nsive ocic
of good pine timber on the mountains, near the
railroad, and good springs are found on both slopes
oftheSierre Madre. There is a large coal field
west of Fort Wingate which has been fully ex
plored, and which will afford labor for a large pop
ulation, there are also coal deposits on the eastern
slope of the Sierra Madre. Many varieties of buil
ding stone are found in great abundance along the
line of the road.
In Arizona the grazing areas are supplied wtih
good water, and the United States Surveyors, who
made the official surveys of the country, say they
areas good, if not better, than those of Wyoming
and Montana. The Navajo Indians grow corn
without irrigation, in the valreys of the Puerco of
the West, on the Company's lands, and in the val
ley of the Little Colorado, also on the line of the
road, good crops of corn, sorghum, oats, barley,
and garden Vegetables are grown by irrigation,
the finest of potatoes, oats, wheat, barley and gar
den vegetables of large size and fine quality have
been successfully grown without irrigation on
Charles Zeiger.
Straight Kentucky Whisky
a Specialty.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Middleton & Hill.
jyL'ipnp.GTXJiinsra- jewelers,
-Watches, Clocks, Guns,
European Motel - - - Opposito Depot.
Albuquerque, N. M,
At this stablishment you may eat, drink and be comforted. Our cooks
have been employed for their perfection in this life preserving and health
enjoying art. The excellence ' of our coffee is at all times appreciated.
jEF All meals served under American names; no necessity for French
or Italian disguises.
W3ME. 3BXTX&ZS.ZS9 Propriet'r,
City Drug Store,
Wholesale and retail dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Etc., Etc,
Orders by mail and express solicited.
A First Class Pharmacy Connected.
Perkins & Stiers
Proprietors of
Billiard Saloon,
The Cosiest and Neatest
Place in the City, Is
Supplied With The
Pare "Wines, Brandies and
Whiskies. f
If you require an hour or only a
few moments recreation, go to
Holbrook, - Ariyxma.
J the slopes of the San Francisco mountains.
ju iucsc uiuuuwini mere is an extensive timoer
belt, diversified by beautiful valleys and parks,
with good water and vroderful canons throuhg
which the road passesCfh fact, the whole of the
country traversed by htf"road is very picturesque
and beautiful, and mady' towns are .being built
along its route,
m The Valley of the Rio Grande, at Albuquerqe
.5oeet above the sea, and the passes of the
Sierrir Madre a'ndthe San Francisco mountains,in
Arizona, have elevations of 7,360, wjtha depres
sion at Winsjow, on the Little CoTofcfdo, where
the altitude is 5,000 feet ; the climate is mild and
saiubrous. Cattle and sheep graze throuEhou,t
the year sad do not need to be sheltered or grain
fed during the winter. The nights are coal "during
the summer.
The Company is now prepared to make sales
of its grazing lands in quantities of'50,000 acres
or more, at prices ranging from one' dollar (or
even less for larger quantities,) to one dollar and
a half an acre, upon payment of one-fourth the
purchase value at date of contract of sale, the
remainder in payments as may he agreed upon,
bearing six per cent interest ; and irrigable agri
cultural lands in tracts of forty acres or more.
The' belt of the Atlantic & Pacifie Railroad
Land Grant includes the only available grazing
land in the country south of the Missouri River
that can be purchased in large areas ; and the
section of country through which this road passes
will become the best beef producing region of
the United States.
Maps of the Land Grant will be forwarded on
application and properly acredited persons desire
ing to inspect grazing lands, with a view to pur
chase and extablish stock ranches, will be gvien
facilities for that purpose.
THOS. S. SEDGWICK. ComiHissicntr
Land Agent 87 Milk St., Boston, Mass
Albuquerque, N. M.
Pistols, Ammunition,-
Billiard Parlor
Choice Brands of
And all Kinds of Lienors and Cigar
Constantly kept on hand.
In connection with the above
he has a
Where travelers .can feel assured
for. "

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