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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, June 09, 1900, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Editor, Reamer Ling.
Safford has a street sprinkler in
operation, and the visitor notes a
marked improvement. i
Bob Brown, one of th Fairbank
rain, ro,b.borjt.g,ba3,.beenacaughtia
Barnom, Texas.
Ex.Speakcr Heed continues to be
of the opinion that -"he has hud all
the politics be-wanls forawbiIo.
The senate seemingly doesn't
like the plan ofL-baving senators
elected by direct vote of the poopfe
for tlho- proposal which passed the
honso some time ago has been sent
back tot the senate by the cojimit-
Tee on elections, with : A aversely
trep.ortoH" stamped upon it. iL;
A South African co-respondent
has this to say of President Kru-
gor: "This grand old man, who is
of a war indemnity from the van
quished is perhaps the best established
principle of -modern international re
lations. If it be thought inapplicable
to a case in which the vanquished gov- I
ernments will cease to -exist, then as a J
plain matter of accountancy the liber- j
at ed territories must, to the extentof
tfieir ability, pay for' their liberation, j
Oeither principle the cost of the war
must be a first charge upon ' the Tev
enues of the territories.now known as '
the Transvaal and the Orange Free
;State... 4 Happily we know that the
wealth of the Transvaal is enormous.
Interest and sinking fund upon the
Facts Ttat
Every Patriot
nd Vote
Ought to Kaow,
January 1st.
THE 1900
World Almanat;
-AJL-ney 01 Apacne couair. Omce, in the'
Miuit nuuic, ot. juuuD; Arizona.
long past three score and ten nd ' war debt ia a burd,en that can easily be
has grand children nghtine in tho
army, will ze recorded by the fa
taro. historian as one of the' grand-
Th&fhines at Cohgresg-hateilate-Ty
been soltd a Kcw .Torffiom
p:iny;nco, $3,000,00(t ""
The summer meeting- ctft-ha A-
oststaiesmon of the. present age.
Hn will rank with JJusmark and
Gladstone. He is. a natural ruler
and leader of men."
. One of- tho Rough. Kider Cap
uuna wno nas SKirimsaeci a I once n
single hariiess for something less
than sixty years will marry a love
ly Arizona.girl on the 15th of June.
mericariEorestry association will ? Of course we wouldn't give the sol
bo held in Now York cfty June 25
nd 26,tKi3fycr. 'j
Solomonviile is enjoying big
JgUof basi nes, a nd--th e t own
fetter prospects than - ever bo-
forest is claimed.
Ten barks have been started' in
Arizona within hV past Jtwolve
mo.ntlis. SFomp one is.blessed with
Tosper!ly here and not only a few
'Should you attend the Paris Ex
position you would find th nt 815
persday would about tako you thru
provided you Iefcoui the side show
dier away, a he might take it into
his head to- fnvado our sanctum
with his big. c me. Capt. Alexan
der doesn't want anothor wife, and
he-doesn'trnsG u'CAficfVutTivo'lL die
before we will violate the secret.
i.Tbo credentials which senator
Ckrk has filed in the senate under
his new claim to a seat, show .evi
dence of conspiracy ou their face.
'J hey aro written in typewriter and
dates.fillod in with pen.
Tho .Reunion of Itoosevolt's
Bough Riders, which will be held
in Oklahoma City, July 1-i, is at
tracting attention of tho press and
the public everywhere Oklaho
ma City is preparing to outdo her
self in entertaining tho gallant reg
iment, its distinguished leader and
the many thousands of visitors who
will', come to tho citj" during tho
four da3's-. Each day there will bo
widely diversified' free entortain-
,ment8r morning, afternoon and ov-
ening, under the auspices of tho
Reunion Association.
Thoro aro 52,600 census eriumer-
atprs and over'2,000 special Agents
at work now taking tho 12th con
''us. Over 15,000,000 schedules
for uso in taking the statistics have
Jboen sent out.
Soon after tho falL election, ore
may easily locate tho sympathies
, Even the President of the great
United States has troubles which
come to all alike to the married
man as well as to tho Jbachelor.
WThilo Mr. McKinley was making
an after-dinner speech at a banquet,
recently, his trousers gavo way at
a very important point. It was
embarrassing to the president that
the pantaloons of his spotless dross
suit should act so' treacherously,
but ho finished his speech, though,
rth&n'the.Tr&nsvaalwwould heveli&d-J
to bear under the away of the gangs
of adventurers who have hitherto mis
governed it.
People who cay that this is a capital
ists war will no doubt reflect with
pleasure that this is the way to mako '
the capitalists pay their proper share
of its cost. Apart from direct ivar ex
penditure we have In sighta continuing
extra expenditure of apparently at
least some, ten millions per annum.
It is made up of what is called normal
increase of the army and navy esti
mates say a couple of millions an
other couple of millions due to project
ed additions to the army and six mil
lions for "temporary" measures of
home .defense. So far as really tempo
rary the cost of these measures ought
to count as part of the war cost. But
If 'these particular measures are not
made permanent,- and some of them,
we may hope, will not be persisted in.
then other and wiser measures will
have to be adopted if our army is to be
satisfactorily maintained on a footing
commensurate with the necessities of
imperial defense. 1
A Political He
I Every
j jwaiwnt
j; P2 I
Containing: Full Information
Upon All Statistical Facts
and. Figures
Complete "Guide to the
Forthcoming Elections
of J900.
SPECIAL The South African
FEATURES. I War; War in the Phil-
ippines; The Interna
tional Peace Congress; Our Naval
and Military Establishments; The
Samoan Settlement ; The Gireat
Trusts and Their Capitalization and
many other subjects of equally vital
Tbls Writer Says Her War la the
Tramvaal Will Cost Her
Dearlr la Ckina.
of tho American voter. Si.mV of ll is suid hU red ,aca caQ8ed much
out- wfiipper-snappor statesmen
will have plenty oi timo then to
Btudy tho Boera' rights and, their
own toadyism. - . - .
Mrn. Julius Wotzler of Williams
who. has boon visiting hor parents,
Mnf'finct Uv. I. E Solomon of this
plijeo; expects t? bo joined by her
X husband, about Juno 10th, when
they will start on a European trip
lor tho summer. Bulletin
Tho littlp Republic of Liberia,
over- which this government oxer
eised a protoetorate for man' years
has lost its entire navy, and has
appealed to the presidont for ono
or two ships suitable for patrol
work in tho shallow waters noar
Monrovia, the Liberian capital.
uheaine8H among his friouds.
A hill has been adopted by tho
IIoueo, which is designod to pre
vent competition between prison
and free labor. It provides that
all goods, wares and merchandise
manufactured' wholly or in part by
convict labor or in any prison or
reformatory, transported to anoth
or state or territory ior use, sa'o
or storage, shall bo subject to tho
operation of tho laws of the stalo
on their arrival within the bordora
of the state, and shall not bo ex
empt from these Ltwo by reason of
boing introduced in original pack
ages or otherwise.'
There aro 3,000 womon now at
work in the Census Bureau. An
oxpert statistician says this about
them: Blondes, 45 per cout; 55 por
A curious White House custom
which . has often provokud the
laughter of tho profnno consists in
setting a largo number of umbnilla
cans about tho Fobby and the corri
dors. There are half a dozon of
the8o.Thoy aro huge cans with han-
eont brunettes; clerks with red .dies on, and are shaped just like
hair, 5 per cont; short girls, 75 per garbage pails, there only distin
uoi;85 per cent pretty girls,, aud 5- guishlng feature being a coat of
per cent masculmo girls.
Hinistor Wu in convers itisn con
cerning, tho 'Boxer'' disturbanco
in China when asked the meaning
of tho word, said: I presume that
the" name comes from athlotics.
Hen who box are athletes. , I see
by the Chinese papors that tho or
ganisation is called Yeo Ho Chuan,
which signifies righteousness, har
mony and fists'
Dccrik of Tbwcl.
Otie drawback to lodging house life
Ax -England, if one makes long stays, is
the curious scarcity of towels and nap
kins, which, moreover, arc seldom re
newed. This is no doubt partly owing
to the prevailing English custom 0
"putting out" the family wash. At a
private house where we were visiting
cur hosts were much astonished to hear
that nt home in. America our washing
was' done in the house, and our hostess
said that she felt Very triumphant be
cause she had prevailed upon her cook
to wash the disk towels.. Even at the
small anil well-Rept boarding house
wlicre wc staid in London the bed
linen was only changed once a fort
night. Of course, in regard to house- j
keepings the. conditions in town were j
different from those in the country,
and we heard as. much complaint about
unprofitable servants as. we ever, heard .
in our own benighted land. Harper's
Bazar. -
green paint. After business hours
Unclo Jerry" comes along, dumps
the water out of themind carrioi
away what pails will not bo need
ed. "Undo Jcny' ia a tall, good
looking old colored man, about 72
years of ago, who has boon an em
ploye of the White Houso many
M. Paul Leroy-Beaulieu, one of the
most eminent French economists, ex
presses himself in these terms in
speaking of the relative influences of
Russia and England iir China:
"Each successive day, every rail laid
in Manchuria increases the Russian
influence, and the sort of fascination
which the czar exercises at Peking.
His power henceforth is without rivalry.
"England must be stricken with a
veritable dementia, to attach to her
foot Xhe South African chain, at nn
hour so serious for her future in the
extreme east. How much more her
Asiatic interests must be important to
her than the possession of the sterile
plateaus, which smuggle ephemeral
gold mines, and where she loses at
this moment, besides thousands of
men and millions of money, a precious
opportunity which she will never re
cover. Her people recognize this at
the same time that they delude them
selves with the vain hope of restoring
it.' It ie too l'ater and the place is
"Tho scandalous war which she is
prosecuting in Sduth Africa is going
to cost England her. share oi China..
That will be one of the chastisements
of her criminal and sanguinary mad
ness. "If the British empire is really, :is
Cecil Rhodes said, the first commercial
purpose of the globe, it is a very i!l-
dlrected one. While she is absorbed
In an enterprise without cither honor
or profit, the immense and rich Chi
nese empire falls more and more sure
ly under the vassalage of the czar."
Pire Alarm That Gives Particular.
A fire alarm recently invented i3 a
combination of the graphophone and
telephone. In the use of the talking
ilarm one of the graphophone machines
is placed on each floor of a building
and connected with the telephone fire
alarm system. For each machine a rec
ord is prepared. 3?or instance thp
graphophone on the second floor of a
building would contain the record:
"There is a fire on the second floor,"
etc. This record is then adjusted so
that these words are repeated into the
telephone by the expanding of a ther
mostat whenever a fire occurs. In thia
yay the origin of a fire is located imme
diately and automatically. The alarm
also lights the electric lights in the
building, sets a red light blazing in
front of the building to guide the fire
men and sounds the alarm into the
street through n giant megaphone so
we are told. Science Sittings.
A compUte History of each of
the Ships in the American
Nanvy, by Edgar SUnton Hc
Uy, Historian U S. Navy.
Postpaid So' any iddreu.
A mafden 'ncath .the JInfnt stood
One fragrant summer chy;
The breezeu rippled through the wood
Like sportive elves at play.
They touched her che'ek, her braided h&Ir;
They kissed her lips and brow.
The maiden smiled. "Life is so fair,
Could love but bless It tiowl"
A woman to the linden came.
With children at her knee;
They plucked the lily's ruddy flame.
And laughed In careless glee;
For her the robin's clearest lay, I
The sweets of bush and bine.
"Llfeis so bright," she said, "to-dajr
If only wealth were aiinei"
Beneath the bending linden tree
An aged woman passed,
When shadows deepened o'er the lea.
Uncertain, vague and vast.
"Oh love may fail," she said, "and gold
Grow dark as humid sod';
Life's path is fair, when all is told.
Because it leads to Gpd."
Lalla Mitchell, in Good .Housekeeping.
feAtPoNY. Sickly
nU . &j!K M SUISSE
H Was a negeJar Attendaaf
Cbarek Dot Came of a Wreck
InK Family.
Yielded Almost Eaoagrk Gel a
9 lire r La Year to Eojaal
the Cost Price.
Tata Aatfcerttr 9a? tfee Soath Af
rican Statea Will Be Repaired,
te Par All Bills.
. Carollaa. KLce-Brcai.
Borli pound of rice until it ia quite
Boft;. when, it is cool mix with it yeast
and salt as for other bread, and wheat
iiour enough to- mafce a dough- that
you can knead Let it rise in a- warm
place, then make into-loaves, let rise
sgfiia ant! bake. Ifarm asd Jblreakki..
A correspondent, whose able exam
ination in a series of letters published 1
in our columns of the general questiou
of imperial taxation a year ago will
doubtless be remembered by all serious."
students of public affairs, addresses
us to-day upon the more special prob
lem of the taxation inrolved by the
war, says the London Times. The pre
cise amount of new taxation required
is, of course, doubtful. Some of the
data are obviously imperfect and must
so remafn for some time to come, while,,
on the other hand, there is room for
some difference of opinion, upon the
question of how the necessary expendi
ture, whatever it may be, should be di
vided between capital and revenue.
Wie need not, theref ore, pin. ourselves
to particular ngures. It suffices for
the moment to let the figures remain
avowedly provisional and to deal with
principles. There is one great dis
tinction to be drawn at the outset
between expenditure directly due to
the war and expenditure arising out
of the lessons the war has taught ub.
The expenditure directly due to the
war ought to- be and must be, as Sir
Michael Hic&s Beach has already in-
The United States paid $7,200,000 f or
Alaska, and last year it yielded $5,831,
355 in gold and silver alone. These fig
ures are given by the statistician of the
mint. The increase over the precious
metal product of 1898 was $3,187,068;
Until last year most of the gold and
silver obtained in Alaska came from
the quartz mines near Juneau, and
most of the vast increase of last year
came from the new fields of Cape Nome.
It amounted to about $2,400,000, says
the New York Herald.
From present indications the next
three months will witness an increase
of 80,000 in the mining population of
the territory. Most of them will go
to the rich auriferous placers of Cape
Nome, and miners of long experience
say that the gold output of the present
year from Alaska will equal that of
One of the vestrymen of a prosper
ous Detroit church went to call on a
prominent member. He-would not be
home for 15 or 20 minutes, and the
vestryman, amen fond of horses, en
tertained himself by a visit to the
stables. He found the man in charge
trying to sell a cob that had seen his
best days, and the best had been none
too good. But he had an advocate
worthy of a better cause, say8 the De
troit Free Press.
"There's a bloomin 'oss as his the
pride of the stud. Nothink better
hever drawed the queen. 'Es a fa aris
tocrat from fettle to hear and Vll be
the same to the day of his death.
We're honly partin'- hof 'im because
we'll be haway for our 'ealths the
next quarter and we'll leave 'im in
none but the best 'ands." ,
in- the heat of the discussion the
salesman occasionally grew profane
and" made some egregious misrepre
sentation. When the dealer had gone
for the purpose of thinking the thing
over, the vestryman had a talk.
"My good man, I see that you're a
regular attendant at our church?"
"Hallways, sir. H'ive been in the
church, sir, since 1 was christened.
California, and likely that of the Klon-: There's naught else 1 care so much
dike, during 1899. i for; not heven the 'osses.'.' .
But gold1 and silver are not the only ' "But the way you talked to that
minerals- The enormous deposits of man. That cob ia an old broken-down
copper and coal which Alaska contains hack, yet you represented him aa one
will receive attention from the army tf the finest horses in the market,
of adventurers entering the territory , And you swore when you thought you
this spring and coming summer, and it could make your case stronger.
will not be at all surprising if they add ! "You 'eard the parson preach about
more, to the mineral output of the ter- 'eredity, 'e called it. Hit's what's born
ritory than the gold quartz veias and in the blood. Did you. beliete 'im,
placer deposits.. i sirv "
Veg-etarlnn Bedding.
Sir Isaac Pitman invented the "vege- iHevery man of 'em was
1 ".wwv., uu ui ictucra,
but of mosses, ferns, flowers and hay.
This bedding material, commended as
healthy and health-giving by many
doetorsand others, has become famous
j in vegetarian circles, and deserves to
be more wndely known.. "It smells
like ozone," is the testnnonv of more
Well, sir, hall my people was the
most rehsrious and full of crrace.
a Cornish
1 wrecker and hevery nicrht before
sleepin' they knelt them down, air,
and prayed for a 'owli'n' storm."
What could the vestryman say?
mated; I"? UP-n tfcrrtemtotr.ies Sleeping upon it "gives rest to brain
iirrolred m the sJntggie. Theesaction 3 jajr e Wk-lu v-
Law Offices of
27 William Street,
y : Kavr York. -
"Walters. Logan,
arles M. Demond,
Marx E. Harby,
Norton Chase,
Fred C. Hanford.
Represented in Arizona by Hon, Nor
ton i.jiae. Adams Hotel, Phoenix.
Blacksmith Shop
promptly and in workmanlike maxner.
I iU irA
"fi jkiuiieH ia mBca worje.
9" My shop ii located about an aaairj
araH directly nortkfroaC. M. ilf. j.
are practically annihilated1
by tke ocean cables and:
land telegraph systems'
which now belt the cir
cumference of OldEarth in
so manydifferentdirections. "Foreign-parts" are no longer7
foreign in the old meaning or the term. Europe, Africa, Asia,
are "next door" to ns. What -happens there tb-day we know
toMnorrowifr rad THE CHICAGO RECORD,, whose
Special Cable Correspondents are located in every important,
city in the world outside of the United States. Not oiksr
American newspaper ever attempted so extensive a service?
.and it is -supplemented by the regular foreign news servicef;
of The Associated Press".- For accurate intelligence of the"
stirring events which are shaking the nations of wars and
rumors of wars of the threatening dissolution of old govern-
ments and the establishment of-new of the onward sweep of -
the race in all parts of the world the one medium of the:
most satisfactory information is the enterprising, "up-to-date"
American-newspaper, THE CHICAGO RECORD.
Holbrook, St. Johns and
9:30 a. M.
12.00 3U.
....7:09 p. m.
. 7:15 p. so.
s:ia p. m.
...12:00 night
8,31 a. m.
4:00 p. m.
12:00 n!Rkt
4:09 a. a.
6:30 a. m.
1:08 p, ta.
1:30 p m.
3:00 p. r.
OAVID K. UDALL, Proprietor.
Lcare llolbrook iaily
Woodruff " .
Arrive Station ,
L v Station " .
Conelio ' " .
Et Johns " .
Ar. SprlnjerTille "
Laavc " .
" St. fohna " .
"i Concho .,
" 8ttion " .
Arrive. Woedruff .
Leave "
Arrive Holbrook '
noia:vo!Lo ryooarux .i to
" St Johss f.A...: s q$
Bpringerville ;. 8 00
tr-.iwv. w
miu ku "uuarua ana return i so
" X eho " " 8 w
si. joans 10 00
opriHerriwe " 14 an
allowed at
nny roint
on the nt
Fifty pounds of baggage carried free for each
mil pasienscer
furnished at
Wo druff.
the station and
good teams, careful aad accommodating driv
For full particulars iuquirc of any of our a;euts
or portaaitera along the line.
JT. R. Hulett, A scat.
Experts Baffled.
Real Diamonds are no better
for all purposes than the
Wo aro the cole amenta to the United
States for theao mArvellous seml-precioua
stouos, which aro tho nearest approach to
Gonuino Diamonds over discovered. For tua
purpose of introducing them quickly to tat
public wo will forward either
, (Ecrowa or Drops), at
These stones are
guarantoed to re
tain their lnstrft
forever; the mount
ings are heavy
rolled plate, and
aro warranted for
Ave years.
One Man to the Yard.
Cavalry, when marenmgr in sections
that rar four abreast occupy as ex
actly as possible as many yards as,
tiiere are- men in the force.
Earrings Are $2 Per Pair.
Do not confound Gcr.nine Barrios Dla
mouda with so-called JRhinestones, White
Tou&z. or other Imitation etonoa, rezardles30f
what the name may he. Genuine Barrio
Diamonds have no artinclal hacking, are
equal to real diamond an to looks anawear.
and will cut glaxe. Tnia offer will last only
short time longer, and la subject to- wtn
dravral 7lthout notice
A BsauttfuL Brilliant, Gcnuin3 'Sarrios
Diamond, mounted in a heavy rinjr, pin r
Btud, vlll he aeut to any addross on rw-8ip
of Ono DoUar. In ordering, fflve full ciroo
tions. and suite whether t-:mali, medium o?
larsjo Ktone In delrad.
CAM I lAiVi- H lil'KAHD, the Prima Dcnna
of the Walter Damroacl: Opera Co., wntoa-
"Barrlo&DIanionds are lustrous and full o
fire. Thy are sianiCcent aubstjtuUw fo
ceuulno dJ'vmonda for ataus purpo-."
Money promptly refunded li eood ara
- n t us rcprcivr.ied.
Beware of Imitators,"
11S1 BroadMay,Xew York, IV. Y.
Meutiou-t. Johns IJLcralA
A lc aap of the world oa Mdrtctor'a Projection, ateonrS5xl3
Inches ia sle,.beautifiii'prlnt6d la colora, with a lar?eseale map
Ot ttrone On the r7a?SlfSIc. jrfIMrTnnJ!yTtn anv aMreM frw of -.
oharye on reccip5.cf-rexjuest.ccorap8nJL by two S-eefit ssiapt to
CAT?f54POfitap:aad -wrspr)In7r2T!ie iur.ps Illustrate clearly- hpw comprheiisiveZy
special cahle-serriceiif The Chicago Recoud covers tho entire civilircd- world; Ad-
dress Thk Chicago Recokd, IB! Madison street, Chicago. -
AX i f '
lift m HP ggiillra-
giss is hz Tom tSfc SB PS r4z
A Lai'ge and Complete Line of
AUo A Full Line of Patent MedieinVi.
W- S
3F- -"
J. R-Armijo, Proprietor-
Fine Wines, Liquors,-
Oigars, Et Cetera.
First-class Billiard Tables.
St. Joros,
For sale Exclusively by
..... m

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