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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, April 20, 1901, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Wfry a Woman
e Able to Help Sfok Women
When Doctors Fmll
, How glaclly would men fly to wo
man's aid did. they bnfc. understand a
woman's feelings, trials, sensibilities,
and peculiar organic disturbances.
Those things are known only to
women, and the aid a man would- give
is not at his command.
To treat a qase properly it is neces
sary to know all about it, and "full
information, many times, cannot be
frivpn hr a. woman to her familv n"hv-
sician. She cannot bring, herself to.
tell everything, and the physician la
H;' "" :. MRS. G. ILvCffAPFELL. , ?
; c
&t ljedasfeiit disadvantage his is'
whfcjT past-4wty-;fiva years,'
thotfSgbfisftf women haye. b.en con
fidUmriuKirf' troubles JEbas.- -add our
advigfc. hafc.' brought happjniss &nd.
Mrk!-hap)eU, o;Grant Paxk, I1L
whosc;poEferait we .publish, advises 'all'
miferiflkffiw,.iW' line,- 'tore alew of-jp'ur circulars
J3 it. Ji.VSJr' ---''
kEOwlidffe'.'-'and". her experience oucrhfc
to give others'cdnfide.ncei ddrss-MrJs-.''
"Doyotrl WwfZ&?V&?&' be . next
woria H:;7oriv,he:shnT pcppa
tions ttitighwey.' n$f&(fttyij:
lug lnly, " -
"No," SJfl'l wtfie'. chnrchmaii ; .'leyry--
body will attend. to Uis;-own,jDusiness
there' Syracuse"tandflrd;
The Best Prescription for Malar In.
'Chills amijevfir is a bcUlo'f Citove's.-taste-Ichb
CtiilTonic. rlt is simply iTOii alia quiuuie
In a tastelesstIJrm.o cure viio pay, riiuu oou
- ... jgnea .IJim .
Railway' Ofncial (traveling lncogl on
his own line) They say there has been
Bome faulty found with thp lamps - on
these trains. ""Do you see: 'anything
wrong with them? .
rjassenger No, sir. On the con
trary, they are exactly the kind of
vlamps I like to see used.
Railway Official (highly pleased)'
x prtJis.unieyoujireji4Jraxessjonai man.'.
I jimr.ah. ofchrvC;:
list London ITun.
Inflamm:ation?of fhe
Lungs it used to, -be
called.. It is npw
called Pneumonia.
If you have a cough you are in'
danger. If-you survive Pneumoiyia,
your 'lungs are weakened, and . Coh
Vumption easily fastens itself upon
you. ' .
will cure your cough and thus prer
vent PneumdYiia.' It will heal sore
lunsV;? lX w1 positively cure
CoBsUmptkvrk. Always sol.d .under
a guarantee. vi :;
i. "Write, to. lis. for' testimonials and
free illustrated book on Consump
tion. t .. . , -
Said it S5o, 50onnd 1.00 n bottTo.
If you art not. satlsfled return the bottle to
you deacutst, and get yourioney back.
W.H.'Sooker & Co., Propra., Buffalo, N. T.
Drankennesa. In .Scotrtm.d.v. ,
In the matter of slieer, besotted) over
? mastering -drunkenness we stand with
out rjv-ols In' shameful isolation. Dun
dee .d-YQrUser. ,
Wheni-yOtj tUke iGrovo!Ji TasfelesB Chill Tohlti
causothe' formula la plainly printed on every
bottle ahowlnp that la is simply Iron and Qul
slne In a tasteless form. No. Cure. No pay. 60c.
Mrs. Brown We are going to give a
progressive jutfchre for thq popr.t I love,
to dojiSrpetJyng for the poor.v ..
Mrsyr5nes--6 do' t t ibve'to play
. progressive, .euchre, for, themi Brooklyn?..
:;X? Jfc Si t&. -C2S. " TTii
3IKSS., WV elf lnstihtftivers
W'JrV- Journal.
o - - ' ' - ,
The Question with Him.
The question," replied Prince Tnan,
"is whether or not there shall. be any
partition of China."
"It occurs to me," said Prince Chung,
"that the main question is whether or
not there shall be any partition of you
and UBaltimore American.
Vf How to Keep in the Swim.
"itrs. Fotheringay Jibbs came to my
reception without an invitation:"
"You don't mean It?"
"Yes; she explained to me that she
felt sure my omission of her was an
oversight" Indianapolis Journal.
Running: Expenses. .
Jones They say the running expenses
ofSlobb, Jobb & Co. eat up all 'fh'e
profits. ' ' : -.
"Smith How so?
Jones Slobb was running for Con-,
gress and Jobb was playing the races.
Plain Evidence.
Wife What shall we name the baby,
John? - - : . i
Husband I have decided to leave
that entirely to you, my dear.
"John, you've been drinking again!"
Smart Set -
And Do It First.
Askit What Is your understanding
of the Golden Rule? Does it mean:
"Do unto 'others as you would 'like' to
.be done by?" .
.Blznegji No; my interpretation' is:
"Do unto otfiers as you would 'be like
ly' to be done-"by." PhiladelphiaPress.
Tlxe'Profeanor's Dilemma.',
..';Bfoker-Pf6f. Delvinfon 1s InVji ter
r-';HoQke:r Wify, "what's thivf trouble?
- Booker fie has discovered a new dia
base and "can't find any germ. for. it-
Chicago News
satahevagent of We. steam
A Bore Indication.
'J" ti1; 'hnt1r bier. nrl-tJnT ifocnrfn-
Hohs of winter fours to out-of-the-way
places dn-ur" vessels."
, The bahkfeashier palecL and. shrank
backxViih h.gesture-of alarm...
;R:6Take---em '"away1." he'erasped. -"If:
64e of theIlEectorsudJee those things
Rstfcklhg' out of myV'pocket, he'd put a
-juuiicxi expens on-.my dooksi aase
'ejh'awayr.' Wafihingtoh Pg'st" '
'What's tfi'e matter with Jones?
"Well, you know he ,was. desperately
"in fote !wltiT :Miss-8ayglrfi a'hd one
,night he--thoughessly ifsked nerto
marry him, and " r ..
: "N-he ccenir him," Colorado
Springs Gazette, .
JOn.Hl Mind.
Teacher Who can name the; hones of
the skull? '
Bobhy I've got 'em all in. my head,
.hut I can't think of them.
Thought He Ate the Tires;
Star Boarder Well, even if this Is an.
age of improvements, they have not yet'
found a substitute -for the Thanksgiv:
lng turkey. ' 1
Mr. Sourdropp I don't know. I think
they gave u.SvSomie stewed automobile
last "year. fiaitlmore American.
Overdid It a Little. -Rev.
Mr.; Saintly t -wa's very sorry
that I couldn't fill my-pulpit last Sun
day, but I hope yon Jlked my substi
tute. , ,""
Mrs. Wiitherb Oh, yes. He was fine,
and I told- my husband, who didn't go;
that he little knew, what he had
missed. Life,'
-? "Worse-Yet. .
Mrs. Wunder What are these straw
berries worth?.
Marketman One dollar, lady..
Mrs. -Wunder What ? .A. dollar . a
Marketman No, mum.; A dollar
apiece. Baltimore American.
A Very Good Reason.
SupdayiSclmoJ Teacher Herbert, can
you tell me how Christmas came to be
celebrated? , . .
Little Herbert (promptly) Yes'm.
Santa. Claus was born on that day!
Philadelphia North American.
... Candid, ;
"Did you do nothing to resuscitate
the bodjVwafr .recently asked of a
witness at a coroner's Inquest.
!"Yes,. .sb; we searched the pockets?"
was the reply. Sacred Heart Review. '
T 'Hdt'a-Puffrofcist:
"Madam, are you a woman suffra-
-No, sir; I haven't "time to be."
iiHaven't tlmetf ."Welhnf you "had
the privUegeof ..voting, whorn wQnldyou
"The stinie manTI-htve supported for
the lQst: ten; -yeara-rrmyv hnsband."-r-Modes
and Fabrics.,
:" Proof.
A low;cry pf-anguish. fell-from-lier
:j4lps. ...... K ...
4iMy heart Is broken r she moaned.
Guardedly We "expressed "a doubt 'of
tinu v - j
"Yes, yes!" . persisted the .girl, wildly
wringing her hands. "For why, else,
j-hae I to-day written fewei? than ten
pages in my diary?- r
. "Kow although we had comparatively;
-small unde,retanding of .the.. subtler
motives of the everlasting feminine.
eat ConsuriiptJori. or thtf'TTdrrd.
bread-eaters of the;world require
f AAA SS r AAA 7
,jnofe,,uian z,duu,uuu,uuu ousnels of
t eery teie uiuuuis.
i' f.
.wr.Itec sa.ys. that
probably due to his
naving siippea- orjt n?peai ot munaer. i
. 'l young man seldom- belfervfes that a
girl enjoys a kiss unless be has-it from
There :
fire 2400
jisor3eifs incident ;tovthe human f rame,
of which a majority ar.e caused or pro
moted by impure Blood.
The remedy is simple. t -.f. ''
Take Hood's Sai-saparilla.
That . this medicine radically., and
effectively purifies the blood is known
to eveiy druggist,' known to hundreds
of thousands.of people who themselves
or by their friends have experienced
its curative powers.
The worst. cases of scrofula, the
most agonizing sufferings from salt
rheum and other virulent blood dis
eases, are conquered by it, while
those cured of boils, pimples,, dys
peptic and bilious symptoms and that
tired feeling are numbered by millions.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Will do you good. Begin to take it today.
Moral Effect of Pistol Toting:.
When a man carries a pistol con
stantly, slipping it" into his pocket ev
ery morning and taking it out at night,
feeling its constant pressure against
his person, these things tend to famil
iarize his mind with the Idea of killing
and lowers his conception of the. sa
credness of human life." What does a
maiJ carry a pistol' for? To shoot some
other man with. The ..miserable thing
is made expressly to kill human be
ings. It has no otber,earthly purpose.
What a hardening effect it must have,
then, upon the conscience and heart of
a man who carries it constantly in his
pocket and lives in daily contact with
it and with the Idea it constantly sug
gests to his mind! Let us arn young
men and old ones not to carry pistols,
and then you will avoid doing a rash
act Marietta (Ga.) Journal
In the spring, take Garfield Tea.
This wonderful Herb Medicine purifies
the blood and gives new and vigorous
life to systems depleted by the trying
winter season.
Philadelphia Record: Hoax I saw
you at the theater last night. You
were in the dbg seat. - -
Joax Sir, what do you mean?
.Hoax Weren't you sitting in K-9 ?
I do not believe Fis'd's -Cure for Con
sumption has an equal for coughs and
colds.-rJOHT -P. BO'YER, Trinity
Spring; Ind., Feb. 15. 1900.
rWashineton Star: Do you think;
bachelors ought, to be, taxed?" asked
Willie Wishmgton.
No, answered Miss -Cayenne. l
think the girls ought to make up
purses and pay them bounties for not
making, homes unhappy."
k Stops the Cougli -and
"Worlir off the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne Tablets, cure a cold
lnone day. Ne- cure, No pav. Price 25 cents.
"Topeka is going, dry," remarked Mc-
Swilligen. .
"But Mrs. Nation is not dryine: up."..
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward fm
any case of 'Catarrh that cannot he dured by.
Hall's Catarrh Cure. ...
F; J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0
we, ine unaersignea, nave Known i. j.
Cheney fc- the last 15 years,, and believe him
perfectly hanorable.lnalUbusiness transactions
and financially able, to carry out any obligation
made by thdir ffrm.
West & Tkoax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Waldihg, Kinnan & Mabvin, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, O.
Hall'.'. Catarrh Cure-is taken -internally, act
ing ilTectly upon the blood and mucous surfaces-
of the system.. .Price, 75c. per bottle. Sqld
by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pla are the best., . .
Storm's 'on tbCRancht '
A former co.whoj' ?ays: "When X usnd
to be u cow imncher, . the,, o,n.e thing 1
dreaded was d''thuudcrstorntf "for light
ning usually; feels out and -.strikes- the
highest thing ia the 'place where it.. hits,
and out on the plains the-hvau on ' horse
back is the tallest thing out. When a
storm comes up, you have constantly to
ride .hard, for "tnS" cattle' get restless" and
need close watching to prevent them from
stampeding, and I can" toll you it tries ji
man's nerve wlveu'ybu can 6ee the light-
ning-strike all abuuty-ou and-know-that it
is almost an even chance that i.tvwUlvulti-;
mately 'seek y.qut o,nt; c;nd sla'y ou."-T-St.:
Xouis Republic.. . ' v ' "'
No External
.The blood may be in bad condition,
"yet with no-external. -signs. no. ' side
eruption or sores to indicate it. The
symptoms in such cases being a variable
and a generairnm-down' condition of tbd
system clearly, showing the blood ha
l&st its nutritive, qualities, has become-thia
and watery. It is in just such cases thai
SyS. S. has done some of its.guickesf and
most effective '-work-"by building up th
blood, and supplying the elements lacking
to make it strong and vigorous.
" My..w"esused ev-.
eral .bottles 6fS. S. S.
as a blfod' burifierand
Ltb tone.up. a weak and.
emaciated system, with
very marked-effect by
way "'of improvement. -
" we regara it a
"jreat tonic and blood
purifier. J. F. Duff,
-Princeton, &. "J
is the greatest of all
tonics, and you will
find the appetite im
proves at once, strength
returhs", and nervousness vanishes as n"ew
i&h pure btodd ;brrce rm6re Jcirculate'
, .thrugh--air.paTtsot-.tJie"systnT.
S- sS js-thd.X)n .purely- vegetable
blbodpurjfigi; known.. It contains no min-4
erals -whatever. Send for our free book
bn blood anrl"skxn diseases and write out'
physicians for anyinformarion or advice j
ivanted. . Jcharge.fpr-medical advice,
ftHBtl- WMFHT Alt FlSt FAILS. - "
Bost Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
in tima. - tsoia dt otukkibib.
No Keya to Wnlte House.
In these modern days the front door
of the White House is not locked at
night. Practically no doors are locked,
and if the steward should look around
for keys he would probably not find
half of those formerly in use. . Big po
licemen are abdffC-itie only doors at the
executive mansion? They guard the
main doors at -all hours of day and
night, and tberejsna need to close and
l,ock the inner doors. Before President
Lincoln's tinie;lcemen wWe rare ata
the president's home, and when all thV
clerks and servants, had gone home at
night the housekeeper went around
and carefiriiyocked-all the doors 'ih
side and outside except to rooms occu-
pled by those gomg.m and coming out.
Hush! Don't You Hear the Uaby Cry?
The only safe medicine for sour curd colic
in nursiDg babies is Cascarets Candy Cathartic.
Make mower's milk m'ldly purgative. Druggist-,
10c, 25C, 50c.
Chicago -tTribuhe: "Ybu won't
touch that xjikei" his wife tearfully,
exclaimed. '"'A'hd I made it on purpose
to please you'' You have no heart"
"Perhaps, not., Maria, replied, the-
dyspeptic husband, with a siigh. "But
I am painfully conscious of my fiver."
Now. -that the winter season is past,
it is weii'-tocieanse the system and
purify the: blood with Garfield Tea
an Herb Medicine that brings good
health. ' '
ClfQ Permanently-Cured. No fits or nervousness
rl 1 O after firet day's weof Dr. Kline's Great Nerve
Rpstnrer SendforFREE 82.00. trial bottleand treat
faaf DlkuSsE.Etd..931ArchSt.,Philadelphia,Pa.
For Infants and Children.
The KhitYou Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Chicago Times-Herald: "I nexer
tell all I know," he said, intending to
be mysterious.
"Well." she replied, "it certainly
can't be., because you don't have time."
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
lrugglsts refund the money If It falls to cure.
52. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c.
The Abused Male.
The wickedness of mules is a stand
ing joke, and you are always hearing
them abused. Ever see a team of mules
run. ;a way? Almost every day you see
'a family horse running away, usually
with screaming women and children in
the buggy, but did you ever see a mule'
run away? Did you ever personally
.kiioV a mule to kick any one? The
ifapt is, the mule works hard on light
feed and gets nothing" but abuse.
Atchison Globe.
1 1 1 M
Restored to Perfect Health and Strength
ly Dr. William's Pink Pills for Pale
People A Most Wonderful Cure
From the Press, Grand Rapids, Mich.
. Of the many remarkable cases which
have recently occupied the attention of
the medical world and of the public at
large, none more strikingly illustrates
the wonderful power of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People than the
recovery of Mrs. Jennie Tut'tle, who,
after two years' confinement to her bed,
was restored to perfect health and
strength. Mrs. Tuttle, who lives at the
corner of Fulton and Market Streets,
Grand Rapids, Mich., tells the follow
lowing story:
"I had been flat .on my back in bed
for two years and the doctors had
given me up as a hopeless case. They
had resorted to every remedy known
to their profession and had even sub
jected me to the tortures of five surgi
cal operations. My trouble was due to
change of life and I grew weaker and
weaker until I became helpless and un-'
able to leave niy bed. A nurse and
four physicians attended jne.
"One box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People gave me great relief
and after using .them for three months
I was a well woman, having been able
to leave my bed the sixth week after
commencing the treatment. I can state
'that the cure was complete and perma
nent, as' it" is "how'three years since I
used them. .
"I have recommended the pills to
several of my relatives. My mother-in-law,
who is 72 years old, took them
for" general debility and they soon pro
duced a very" mark'ed improvement in
her condition. I" wish that the thou
sands of women who are afflicted as I
have been may know of this remedy,
which has saved my life, and given me
health and strength.". :
Subscribed' and sworn to before me
this 2nd day -of -August, 190D.
Seal "Notary ' Public.
.JDr. Williams' Pink" Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent postpaid on receipt of price, 50
cents a box, or six boxes 'for '"$2.50, by j
addressing Dr. Williams Medicine. Co.,;
Schenectady, N.'T. ' i
This signature is on every box ,of the genuine j
Laxative Broir0Ouin!ne tablets
the remedy that enrwt n- colVr In one day
Heirs oi: Union Fdldiers who Ii"bni6rf ended
less than 160 sc. es. before June 22, 1874 no
matter if abandoned); should address : '
HET.UT Ny COJ?P, Washington, D. C.
j fa
16 I
They Violated Editor Storey's Cast
Jron Bale, and Were Hauled.
"When we came to Chicago to live,
just after the fire," said a woman who
formerly lived, in NawJuork, -furnished
the house' with all that was nec
essary to make it attractive."!' One win
ter my husband bought a number of
paintings, and after they had been
placed properly we invited -'a .clever
'young woman to come in 'and see the
collection. I don't mind 'telling you
that she wrote for Mr. Storevfs news-
janer. thf Timps. Sim iiti..j
-art. She had been reared iu Boston
and sh hnd srnrHpd nhm-wi
and: she had studied. abroad,
"When the article on our collection
appeared what was our horror to read
that- each picture described had . been
'banged! by a man who made-a spe
cialty of putting up paintings. My
husband :was' teased into a fit of neu
ralgia the-next day by his Chicago ac
quaintances,, who expressed their re
gret that all his paintings had been
executed. Of course the women heard
of it, and there was a giggle for blocks.
"I called upon the young woman from
Boston and asked how she had made
such a blunder. She was in an agon
ized frame, of mind and protested that
she didn't write it 'hanged.' I wag sure
she didn't. Then came the explana
tion. A few weeks before there had
been an execution in the Chicago jail,
and Mr. Storey's reporters wrote that
the man was 'hung,' Mr. Storey was
furious, and issued an order, so I heard,
that, henceforth editors, reporters, copy
readers, printers and proofrearers
must write and set up and read
Jhanged' for 'hung.' The rule was in.
flexible. The young woman who wrote
of our collection used the word 'huug''
throughout her article, and Mr. Storey's
rule was enforced. But as long as we
lived In Chicago we were always known
as 'that New York family -who had
their paintings executed.' "
Eata What She Likes an 1 the Waiter
Cajolea in Vain.
A French author haJ.a conversation
with one of the waiters at a restau
rant in the Paris exposition who de
clared that English ladies were the
only really independent women in the
world. "An English lady," he said,
"will only do what she likes: she will
only eat what suits her; nothing can
persuade her to alter her programme.
If one proposes a dish to her she says
'No' in a tone that excludes all discus
sion. She has arranged her menu be
forehand; it Is to be cheap and suf
ficient, and from that rule she never
desists. Generally she takes only a
slice of meat, tb which she adds some
savory condiment which, of course, is
furnished gratis. If, after consuming,
her slice of meat, she still feels hungry,
she simply orders .another, which is
conscientiously eaten without remark
ing the sarcastic glances of the ladies
and gentleman around her. They may.
smile If they like; she takes no notice.
On the other hand, a Parisienne is
easily led to eat the worst dishes on
the menu, if the waiter mentions them
in a tone of conviction as to what a fine
lady should eat, says the New York
Commercial Advertiser, When she has
gone through four courses in that way
the waiter asks in a certain tone:
'What does madame please to take
next?' She then allows herself to be
persuaded to try this fifth course,
which she hardly, touches, vexed that
the waiter has led her to order more
than her means or appetite can afford,
but too weak to refuse, if she desires
to seem aristocratic. In the end, the
Parisienne will pay 20 francs without
having really satisfied her hunger,
while the .Englishwoman, whose bill
comes to barely G francs, is perfectly
contented and refreshed."
Bigamy Common in Italy.
For many years the conflict between
church and state has rendered bigamy
in Italy not only possible, but also
easy -and' not punishable by law. As
the marriage laws now stand only the
civil ceremony is legal, but as the
church up to the present has refused
to recognize this, law the priest has
daily performed the marriage, service
and given the blessing of the church
without the civil ceremony. The con
sequence is that a man so inclined mar
ries one wife at the city hall and an
other before the priest. Such a state
of affairs is so gross a scandal that
many projects have been brought be
fore the house, tcrmake the civil ser
vice before the religious compulsory,
with a heavy punishment' to any priest
breaking this law. However, the effort
has always been useless, as either from
personal religious sentiment or for fear
of offending their devout supporters
the deputies have even refused to sup
port the bill. This has produced the
present absurd stiuarion. It is an
nounced that the holy see, to prevent
a man. from having two wives, has rec
pmmended the parish priests to inquire
well into the circumstances and in or
dinary cases strongly to advise the cou-
jple first to go through the .civil mar
riage, to b6 followed on the same day.
if possible, by the religious one. Rome
letter to Pall Mall Gazette.
Rats Like Sweet Potatoes.
A veteran, provision dealer is author
ity, for the statement that nothing wi!4
draw rats like sweet potatoes. They !
seem to be able to smell this toothsome
vegetable from afar and will come in
i droves wherever sweet potatoes are
I stored. In proof of his assertion this
' dealer said teat he never kept potatoes
In his cellar with other vegetables, but
placed them up In a dry loft. Having a-
! hf-fl nrAvionslv trfpfl-t-rip ovnpTimpri-t nf.
j placing a basket of Iweet potatoes in
side, and although the rats could not
punQture the walls they did gnaw the,.
woodwork of Jhe chest, trying to get af'-
Severe Penalty. j
1- Prince Chji, a Roman noble, sold a; 1
j Madonna liy? Botticelli to an English 1
' dealer last ..winter for $G0,000. To sell '
! art treasures out of Italy without the
j permission-of-the Government is coh
i.trarv to law. Th'e Prihce Avas accord
ingly prosecuted anjTbrdered to pay tp
the Government the"price he received
for the picture.
r i
Wise men- of ancient times
probably no-wiser than other men, bdt
'thpv tnlked 4css.
yHE ' after-effects of the grip are often disastrous. It is commonly
" known to the medical fraternity that the numerous ailments,
and complications which follow the grip" are apt to be more sxrsaos
than, the acute stage of thfe disease.
Some people have'Jthe grip very lightly. They may be confined
to the house only .'a .day or" two
disabling symptoms follow;. All -sorts of tonics and stimulating remedies,
have' been devised to meet this condition. None of them .can compare
in results with Peruna. ...
Every one who has had the grip ought to take a short course o5
Peruna.- Read what the-following 'people have to say about it-
Washington. Teh. 4. LS99. "
The PerunaMedicine Co., Columbus, 6.
I Gentlemen-r'I
have taken Peru
fna now for two
I weeks, and find I
am verv much re
llievedl feel that
I my cure will be
permanent. I
i have also taken it
1 for la grippe, and
x,ke pieasu-e in
rpcnmni a n I ?
f Peruna as an ex-
congressman iiowaru .iirtllf
all fellow-sufferers." M. W. Howard
Congressman Howard-s home address
is Fort Payne, Ala. . -
Grip Produces Catarrh
Henrv Distin.the inventor and maker
ot all the band instruments tor the
Henry Distin Mfg. Co., at Williams
port, Pa., writes:
1441 South .Ninth Street,
.Philadelphia,-Pa., Mav (5, 1S99.
Dr. S. P. Hartinan, Bear Sir: ''I
write to inform vdu that I had a bad
attack of la grippe last December which
lasted mqje than three months and
which left 'me with catarrh, when sever
al of jny friends advised me to try your
wonderful medicine, Peruna. I began
with a bottle the first week in March
and it certainly-did- me a great deal of
ood. I was so well satisfied that I nur-
chased another bottleand followed your
directions, which you furnish ith
every bottle and I am glad to say that
it has cured me. 1 shall certainly rec
ommend the Peruna to all my friends."
D. D.Wallace a char
ter member of the In
ternational Barber's
Union writes from 15
Western avenue, Min
neapolis Minn. :
''Following a severe
attack of la grippe I
seemed to be affected
badly all over. I suffered with a se
vere tackache, indigestion and -numerous
ills, so I could neither eat nor
sleep, and I thought I would give up
my work, which I could not afford ..to
do. "One of my customers who was
greatly helped .by Peruna advisech'me
to try it, and 1 procured a bottle the
same day. l used it laitinaiiy and
felt a marked improvement. Dhfiiig
the next two months I took live bottles,
and then felt splendid. Now my,htad
is clear, my nerves are steady, I enjoy"
food, and rest well. Peruna has been
wortli a dollar a dose to me." D. L.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfactory results from the use.
of Peruna; write at once to' Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your
case and he will be pleased to give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of The Hartman Sanitarium,
Columbus, Ohio.
W2m cm.
Consumption Cured
For the treatment of Consumption
and diseases of th throat. Call or write
for literature and report of cases. - -KOCH
431o S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
from 15 to 25 lbs. per month by a
harmless treatment. Thousands
cured. oUrs. M. A. MacUrone, 431
Hawley St.. Rochester. N. Y .
writes: "Four years ago 1 was,'
able treatment. My exDerience V M I J
asTralned Nurse has tauuht me the dangers of Fatty
Degeneration. Have noE gained." Patients treated
by mall confidentially. Forpartfcularsaddrcss.with
itamp, DR.p.C 8JSYDER, 1314 Jhsoaic Temple, Chicago.'
black ob.ye;li.ow
nr DRY
Take No Substitutes , Fhee CATAt-ocuca
Showing pulu Line of Garments and Hats,
A J . Tower, Co. bostow . mass.
j Always Fresh.
j Always the Best
1 tEEhW l
jwp we sold everywhere.
1001 Seed Annual free.
... -1
itir rm
RT.l ' ' I
and: vet a lone train of disagreeable,
Washington, April 34, JSQQk
The Peruna Medicine Co, Columbas.Ckr -
I Gentlemen
j"Abut twr
months ag I was
I taken very iH
w i t h la gcipe
and was WSgi!
I to go to bed. I1'
tool: three totttes
of PerHa
I very beaefieiaal
1 results and was
I able to leave agr
i ?
I bed in a wees
MMMM.anu resawea
are -
usual strength very soon. I have-w
ing but the highest praise for PenuM
and recommend it to those: siatkirfe
afflicted wherever I can. Frances
M. Anderson. . .
Grip Poisoned Her lUooa
Mrs. T. W. Collins, Treasurer tfc
Independent order of Good Tempfcus!
Everett, Wash., writes:
"After having a severe attack In
grippe I continued in a feeble cndfcMi
even after the. doctor called me esfetlL.
My blood seemed poisoned.
"I also suffered with dyspepsia, a
had either to starve or suffer from wkafc
I was eating. A neighbor who wask
ing Peruna praised it so hitrhly tfeat
she induce me to try it, awl I seoer
found this was what I real lv needed1.
' 'I could soon eat my regular meate.
with relish, my system was built apy
health returncd,and I have remained- is
excellent strength and vigor bow iwr
over Iwo years" Mrs. T. W. ColEsns.
Miss A I ice- DressfeE.
of 1313 X. Bryant ave-
I nue, :Umn e a p ( i s.
Minn., writes as tI
lows concerning: FerK.
na: 'Last spring I
suffered trom la gripoe
and was partla.llc
1 cured, but the be!!
after-effects remained through the sum
mer and somehow I did not get as stresg:
as I was before. "In the fall I caagkt
cold after getting my feet wet and afe
tended a lecture in a cold hall and swf-
fered a relapse. Catarrh ot-the threat
and head followed, and as I was in. a
weak condition physicially previous to
nus, it took but little to break e
down completely. One of my college
friends, who was visiting me, asked)
me to try Peruna and I did so and Se
it all and more than I had expected;.
It not only cured me of the catarrh, tat
restored me to perfect health. Alke
Frances M.
U H. P.
rumps "Water, Saws Wood;
Grinds Feed, and costs two
cents. an hour to run. . .
Get full particulars from 310 Market
Street, San Francisco, Cal.; First and
Stark Sis. Portland, Or.: Los Angeles,.
"Ihavo been uiii CAS CARETS for
Insomnia, with which I have been. afflicted for
over twenty years,nd I can say that Cascarets
have jjiven me more relief than any other reme
dy I have ever tried. I shall certainly recom
mend them to my friends as being all they are
represented." Tnos. Gir.LAiu,-ElRin,lll.
PIc.as.mt. ralataWe. Potent. Taste. Good. Do
uooU, Never 3!ckein.Weaken. or Gripe. 1Cc2Sc.30c
Slf rllng Kf mrdy Coaipapy, Chfcago, Moittrr-rt. Tt'ew TortL 31
NO-Tfl-BiR SpManrt Kuaranieetfbj aKflrnK
nw I U Dllb gisu to OUJCETooaeco Haialt
ire you looking
or trouble
No ? Then you had bet-.
ter get ready to irrigate
your land right novv
You've lostseveral crops
by not doing it do you
" ;vant to lose another?
Our pumping plant
-are fully guaranteed.
Send full particular
-Jercules Qss ngine Works
S&a Francises
CUTLER'S Sr&JSjPocket Maii
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