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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, February 22, 1902, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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What I
A dull, throbbing pain, accompanied
jW- sense of tendcrnef and heat low
Itorm in the Eidc, "with an occasional
shooting- pain, indicates inflammation.
" On examination it will be found that
the region of pain shows some swell
ing-, xms is tne first stage 01 ovaritis,
inflammation of the ovagy. If the roof
of your house leaks, my sister, you have
it fixed at once ; why not pay the same
respect to your own bodg ?
You need not, you ought not to let
yourself go, when one of your own sex
kolds out the helping hand to you, and
will advise you without money and
without price. Mrs. Pinkham's labora
tory is at Lynn, Mass. Write a letter
there telling all your symptoms ana
get the benefit of the greatest experi
ence in treating female ills.
" I was suffering to such an extent
from ovarian trouble that my physi
cian thought an operation would bo
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound having been recommended to
me, I decided to try it. After using
several bottles I found that I was
cured. My entire system was toned
up, and I suffered no more with my
ovaries." Mbs. Anita Aston, Troy. Mo.
"Don't you despise people who talk
behind your back?"
. f "I should say so. Especially at a
'&.v-3fe concert or during an interesting play."
Wm?T Philadelphia Bulletin.
For Infants and Children.
Till Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
RldlRK the Wooden florae.
Torture ou a grand scale went out
with Felton, the assassin of Bucking
ham, but torture on a small scale con
tinued toeroctleed on military of
fendersdown to Ihe eighteenth cen
tury. Tlje form most frequently resort
ed to. $as that known as the wooden
horse, to ride which was the punlsh-
jment accorded 'fgr petty thefts, In
subordination and so on. The wooden
horse was made of planks nailed to
gether so as to form a sharp ridge or
angle about eight or nine feet long.
This ridge represented the back of
horse and was supported by four posts
or legs about Ave feet high placed o
a stand made movable by truckles. To
complete the resemblance to the no
blest animal in creation a head and
tail were added.
When a soldier was sentenced, efther
court martial or by his commanding
officer, to ride the horse, he was placed
on the brute's back,, with his hands tied
behind him, and'frequeutly enough, in
order to Increase the pain, muskets
were fastened tot his legs to weJgn
tb-em dcrafe&r, as was jocularly said.
o.i'nrevent the liirv. untamed, bare-
vesit th
biieked steed from kicking him off.-
The skin is the seat of an almost end
less variety of diseases. They are knewu
by various names, but are all due to the
same cause, acid and other poisons in
the blood that irritate and interfere with
the proper action of the skin.
To have a smooth, soft skin, free from
all eruptions, the blood must be kept pure
and healthy. The many preparations of
arsenic and potash and the large number
of face powders and lotions generally
used in this class of diseases cover up
for a short time, but cannot remove per
manently the ugly blotches and the red,
disfiguring pimples.
Eternal vigilanco is the price
of at bosostSSfisI compioxion
when such remedies are relied on.
Mr. H.T. Shobe, 2704 lucns Avenue. St. Ijuxs,
Mo., says : ' My daughter was afflicted for years
with a disfiguring eruption on her face, which
resisted all treatment. She was taken to two
celebrated -health springs, but received no bene
fit. Many medicines were prcscriued, but with
out result, until we decided to try S. S. S., and by
the time the first bottle w as finished the eruption
began to disappear, A. dozen bottles cured her
completely and left her skin perfectly smooth.
She is now seventeen years old. and not a sign of
the embarrassing disease has ever returned."
S. S. S. is a positive, unfailing cure for
the worst forms of skin troubles. It is
"the greatest of all blood purifiers, and the
only one guaranteed purely vegetable.
Bad blood makes bad, complexions.
purifies and invigo
rates the old and
makes new, rich blood
that nourishes the
bodv and keeps the
akin active and healthy and in proper
condition to perform its part towards
carrying off the impurities from the body.
If you have Eczema, Tetter, Acne, Salt
Rheum, Psoriasis, or your skin is rough
and pimplv, send for our book oa Blood
and Skin Diseases and write our physi
cians about your case. No charge what
Iver for this service.
Kilobit and sobn
bhereber good crops
are grobn.
Sold everywhere.
1902 Annual FREE.
No. 50
Seme of tine Best Ideas Come to Oae
Wfcile Half Awake.
Most people, If asked the question,
would say that "bed" was the place to
rest in, not to work. And though this
Is true of the great majority of people.
there Is still a decent modicum left
wno find "bed" a very congenial place
in which to do their work, or a great
part of it, and who, In fact, do not dis
guise the truth that they can work
there very effectively. e
This plan was followed by the great
poet Campbell, who tells us that he lay
awake thinking of his projected poem
"Lochlel," when there came Into his
mind, with other poetic thoughts, the
idea of the shadows in the room "show
ing up" as the day began to break, and
he at once jumped out of bed and wrote
down what has since become a world
wide proverb, "Coming events cast
their shadows before."
Many writers owe much of their sue
cess to.. clever plots and articles which
have been begun, worked out, and linal
ly set into proper form during the time
that their authors lay between the
blankets. The writings afterward have
often been merely mechanical, and
even much of that was done In bed; the
setting of the plot and the dialogue was
the chief thing, as most writers know
too well.
"I trust you'll excuse me," said a cel
ebrated doctor lately to a friend who
had called to see him early, and who,
on being asked to go up to his bed room,
found the physician still enjoying .the
comfort of the sheets. "Kindly sit
down, my boy, for a minute, till I've
done answering these letters'. I have
my letters brought up Immediately
when they arrive in the morning and
I go over them in bed and put down
the replies in pencil on the back of
them. Then when my secretary arrives
at 9 he has nothing to do but go and
answer them. As you know, I am kept
busy from 10 o'clock, when I first ap
pear downstairs, till late at night, and
thlo plan, you see, saves me nearly an
hour's work with him."
That students often "burn the mid
night oil" In bed is a fact commonly
known, but few are aware of the
length to which this is carried out, es
peclally in colleges. I know a college
in London where any night one could
find thirty or forty men all working in
bed, with note books, manuals, pencils
and all In full rig-oiit, many of them
having their writing desks before them
on the bed. The contrivances for turn
lng out the gas without getting out of
bed when work is done would do credit
to the Ingenuity of an Edison.
"And where did you ever find time to
get through your classical authors and
do your mathematical problems so thor
oughly as to gain distinction?" said I to
a London University man, who had
graduated a few years ago with dis
tingulshed honors. For I knew he had
worked hard at his own business all
the day from 9 till 5.
"In bed, old fellow, In bed!" said he.
I used to He awake in the morning for
an hour before getting up and employ
ed the time In thinking over the Eucli
dian 'riders' and 'conic' problems that
had. nuzzled me. Almost invariably I
worked Lthelr solution out in my brain
reaper or pencil while lying in
bed. And every night before I went to
sleep I went over so many dozen Greek
verbs and Latin annotations till they
were all just like the multiplication ta
ble to me."
There is another class of men who
work much in bed viz., the legal fra
ternity. Not very long ago a leading
Q. C. in an Important case only got his
hrlef delivered the night before the
case came on for trial at Manchester
isslzes, and yet, to everybody's aston
ishment, he showed next day a most
surprising grasp of the case, and dealt
so successfully with it and the wit
nesses engaged In It as to briug off his
client successfully. Asked as to how
he had been able "to master such an In
tricate brief In one night, the Q. C. re
plied: "Took It to bed with me and
Went over It this morning." Pearson's
Root Suffocation.
It Is difficult to get people to under
stand that trees can die from drowning
just as animals can. Trees feed pri
marily by the roots, but there must be
a certain amount of oxygen in the soil
to enable them to make cse of the food.
Standing water prevents the action of
the life-giving oxygen. A Boston corre
spondent refers to two large horse
chestnuts which were moved last
spring with the greatest skill, but they
died. In the fall an examination was
made and the holes found to be full of
water within one foot of the surface
of the ground. The holes were really
flower pots without the necessary holes
in the bottom to allow the water to es
cape. There can be no better lesson
In gardening than to be continually re
membering why it is necessary to have
a hole in a flower pot. Mehan's Month
ly. Sparkling Atmosphere of Pekin.
A German diplomat is responsible for
the epigram: "You approach Pekin in
tears, but you leave It weeping." The
reason for this appears to be the pure
atmosphere. The quality of the air is
described as one continual exhilara
tion; "in winter, dry and sparkling, the
very champagne of atmospheric vint
ages; In spring and autumn, a delicious
blending of frost and sun." The keen
air braces the nerves like a tonic. They
admit, however, that summer is hot in
Pekin, but residents enjoy health and
physical comfort in the crisp Pekin air.
First Double-Decked English Ship.
The first double-decked ship built in
England was the Great Harry, con
structed In 1500-by order of Henry VII.
It was 1,000 tons burden, and cost 14,
000. a sum worth more in those days
than 120,000 uow. At that time 50 to
100 tons was the usual burden of mer
chant ships. The Great Harry was
burned by accident,
Persia's Royal Standard.
An aproh is the royal standard of
Persia. Gos, a Persian, who was a
blacksmith by trade, raised a revolt
which proved successful, and his leath
er apron, covered with jewels, is still
borne In the van of Persia u armies.
The first Invitation a girl receives
from a boy, starts the longing to vhave
a?prlvatewi'lting desk of her own.-;.
Further Prospects for War in the Near
An official announcement has been
made that Chile has purchased from
the Lairds in England two torpedo
boat destroyers.
The purchase of these vessels is
considered in Argentina as being a
violation of the agreement of botn
republics not to increase their navies.
Argentine,, as a resule of Chile's ac
tion, has decided to purchase a battle
ship of 11,000 tons and has instructed
one of her ministers iu Europe to
enter into negotiations for the pur
chase of the - vessel. ' It is believed
that tae. ship will, be ready for ser
vice next May.
It is believed that the Chilean ad
ministration will propose an evacua
tion of the disputed . territory by the
forces of both republics until the de
cision of the boundary question is
announced by the British government,
to which it has been, referred for arbi
tration. It is understood that the Chilean
government wishes to let matters drift
along and try to avoid an actual con
nlct with Argentine and yet refrain
from making a frank explanation. Ar
gentine has decided to insist upon ob
taining a response from Chile that will
clear away the unsatisfactory features
of the case.
Is the Only Possible Way of Having a
Permanent Cure.
If you see a woman or a man with
luxuriant glossy hair, you may be sure
neither has dandruff to amount to any
thing. In nearly every case where
women and men have thin brittle hair,
they owe it to dadruff. There are hun
dreds of preparations that "claim" to
cure dandruff, but not one but New
bro's Herpicide tells you that dandruff
is the result of a germ burrowing into
the scalp, and that permanent cure
of dandruff and its consequent falling
and baldness, can only be had my kill
ing the germ; and there is no other
preparation that will destroy that
germ but Newbro's Herpicide. "De
stroy the cause, you remove the effect."
"I want to ask you a serious ques
tion, mamma," said little Fred.
"Well, dear, what is it?"
"If I eat a lot of dates will I become
a calendar?"
Many good physicians and nurses
use Wizard Oil for obstinate neural-
ia and rheumatism. It's the right
thing to do.
Mrs. Tattler I'd have you know I
weigh my words.
Mr. Tattler It must keep you aw
fully busy. Yonkers Statesman.
Everybody's constlnated now and then, and
the only sure, pure, harmless cure is Cas-
carets Candy Cathartic. Buy and try! All
drufirsists, 10c, 2oc., 50c
under the experienced management of
J. S. Young & Sons, has lately been
extensively altered and reconstructed
in every department, at a cost of $85,
000, neither pains nor money being
spared in making it a first-class, up
to-date, home-like hotel.
The House is fire-proof, and thor
oughly equipped throughout with all
the modern conveniences in vogue at
the present time in hotels. This es
tabnshed House is finely located in
the very heart-center of business and
hotel portion of the city. They are
noted . for the excellence of the table
they set. Their dining-room has now
one of the finest interiors of any hu
tel dining-room in the State. Their
service throughout is first-class.
Mrs. Smithers I can't get Willie to
carry in the coal or do anything any
more. I wonder where he is?
Mr. Smithers He's over to Jimsen's
helping their" boy carry in their coal.
Indianapolis Sun.
The Expression 'He Toole His Life la
His HnndH."
"The expression 'he took his life in
his hands' alwaj's struck me as being
very foolish," said a bright young gen
tleman, "and I have often wondered
why bo many persons persist in using
It when they want to speak of extraor
dinary dangers. Now, extraordinary
danger is one thing and the simple,
commonplace thing of taking one's own
life in one's hands is an entirely differ
ent thing.
"I work In a big building. There are
a steam engine and a mammoth boiler
in tljejaseinent. Whenever I enter
thatvullding, if they are running the
engine in the basement, I take my lite
in my hands. I get on the elevator on
the fifth floor; I take my life in my
hands. I go out of town; the car
may tumble over a trestle somewhere.
walk along the street; a sign may
fall on me. I make my way across the
thoroughfare; who knows but what
a street car or a vehicle of some sort
may not run me down? I cross the riv
er; may I not suddenly find myself in
the swirling stream and sinking for
the last time? If I walk along the
street, may not a brick or a loosened
cornice come crashing down upon me?
There are a row and a shot or two on
the corner; may not a stray bullet wing
me? And so on.
Pessimism? No. Logic. That's all.
It just shows the difference between
taking one's own life In one's hand
and the matter of confronting extraor
dinary danger. These risks are ordi
nary, plain, old, everyday risks. The
fireman who dashes into a burning
building to rescue a child, the fellow
who grabs the bridle of a runaway
horse, the hero who will plunge into
the river to save some person who is
about to drown these are the persons
who confront what I would call ex
traordinary dangers, and the worn
platitude of saying of one of these 'he
took his life in his hands' would not
fit the case because there would be in
the act an element of heroism which
would place it much above the com
monplace." New Orleans Times-Democrat.
A Wee Drop.
Sandy And will ye tak' a drap o'
whisky afore ye-gang hame. Tammas?
Tammas Ah, weel, just a wee drap-
Sandy Then say when, laddie.
Tammas Nay. mon; the glass will
aay when. London King.
A Thoroughbred.
Sher-ls It true- that when you pro
posed to me you didn't know whether
I was worth a penny?
He Absolutely; But I always was
wjlllng to lakchabees. Detroit; Free
How it reddens the skin, itches, oozes,
dries and scales!
Some peoplecall it tetter, milk crust or
.salt rheum. 1
The suffering from it is sometimes" in
tense; local applications are Tesorted to
they mitigate, but cannot cure.
It proceeds from humors inherited or ac
quired and persists until these have been
Hood's Sarsaparilla
positively removes them, has radically'
and permanently cured the worst-cases, and
is without an equal for all cutaneous
Hood's Pills ure the best cathartic. Price J5 cents.
AKoort Ozone. '
Many people talk about ozone with
out so much as knowing what ozone is.
There Is a prevalent Idea that it is
something you get at the sea and that
it Is good ' for the lungs. What that
something is, however, few people have
sufficient curiosity to inquire. Ozone is
what chemists call an nootropic form
of oxygen that is to say, it is oxygen
n a highly active and concentrated con
dition. In ordinary pure air ozone ex
ists, but only in what chemists call
"traces." Larger amounts are found in
ocean and mountain air. It Instantly
disappears when brought in contact
with decaying matter, dissipating it
self, as it were, in the act of oxidizing
that matter..
Ozone Is known to occur more plenti
fully during thunderstorms, and we
have, of course, the analogy of its be
ing artificially produced from oxygen
by electrical' discharges in the labora
tory.. On the body "ozone Is believed to
act as a stimulant; hence the popular
notion of its beneficial effects as expe
rienced by the sea, but in any greater
amount than mere traces it is a violent
irritant' One authority goes the length
of asserting that it is doubtful whether
It is beneficial to animal life at all.
The Amex'Icnn Soldier.
That West Point is the best military
school in the world is conceded by all
Impartial critics. Its methods trans
form the average raw youth into the
honorable, refined and highly educated
officer of our army. He is pre-eminently
taught the "habit of command,"
which, as a rule, he uses without any
of the arrogance shown by officers of
some of the armies of Europe, notably
that of Germany. He is made to realize
that he commands men who are as sen
sitive as they are brave and who ap
preciate and respect a character com
bining generosity, kindness, firmness
and, above all else, physical and moral
These traits of character are careful
ly cultivated at West Point, with a re
sult that, besides having the best en
listed personnel, we have in the United
Ktfltpi nrmv tvltliniit nnnctinn cv rlnn'hr
IT. V I . -, , 7
-tp-rjsit. triimnii nun most nnnnlilo fpn-
.. n
tlemen as"7)fficcr.'u iirmy and Navy
A Precocious Youngster.
Tommy Mamma,, the teacher says
it's wrong to wound anything.
His Mother Yes, dear.
Tommy Well, papa wound the clock
last night. Jewelers' Weekly.
To keep boys off the street corners
furnish thorn with a room to their lik
ing and make their boy friends wel
come to it.
In Holland no landlord has the power
of raising the rent or of evicting a ten
nnl. The fa
I Pi
of a laxative of known value and distinctive
action is rapidly growing in public favor, along
with the many other material improvements of
the age. The many
wKf ajiw&l inform
must understand quite clearly, that in order
to meet the above conditions a laxative should
be whoily free from every objectionable quality
or substance, with its component parts simple
and wholesome and it should act pleasantly
and gently without disturbing the natural
functions in any way. The laxative which
fulfils most perfectly the requirements, in the
highest degree, is
The sale of millions of bottles annually for
many years past, and the universal satisfaction
which it has given confirm the claim we make,
that it possesses the qualities which commend
it to public favor.
Patents Send no Money
But n model or drawing with a description,
and we will advise you. J. S. Duffie rDTFi
& Co., (Dept. A) Washineton, D. C, v l i
Best Cough Syrnp. Tastes Good, ttte
in time, tsoia cy arBZKtae.
A Victim, of Scotch Logic.
. A highland hotel keeper was one day
having a squabble with an Englishman
in the lobby of the hotel about his bill.
The stranger said it was a gross impo
sitionhe could live cheaper in the best
hotel in Loudon.. '
' The highland laudlord replied, "Oh,
nae dbot, sin uae dopt; but dae ye no'
ken the reason?"
"Not a bit of it," replied the stranger
hastily. ' . '
"Weelthen." replied the host, "as ye
seem to be a sensible bit callant, I'll
tell ye. There's 305 days in the Luunon
hotel keeper's: calendar, but we have
only three months here. Dae ye under-
sfahdsme nob,? freen'? We maun mak'
hay in the hielau's when the suu
shines, for it's unco seldom she dis't"
Scottish American'.
Trifling that Costs.
Sciatica and Lumbago I
And you may be disabled and
incapacitated for work for
many lone days.
St. Jacobs Oil
Will cure surely, right away,
and save time, money and
suffering. It
Conquers Pain
Price, 25c and 50c.
Professional Shoppers.
Professional hoppers are employed
by a certain large firm of London
drapers to test the abilities of shop as
sistants. This firm owns over thirty
large shops and employs nearly 1,000
assistants. To find out whether every
customer is politely served a number
of lady customers are employed to call
at the various shops. They are told to
give as much trouble as possible and
sometimes to leave without making a
purchase after looking at nearly every
thing in the shop. Should the unfortu
nate assistant's temper not be equal
to the strain, or should a single word
be said that might offend, a report will
infallibly reach headquarters and lead
to the dismissal of the sorely tried
handler of silks and ribbons.
Ftiur Kinds of Pdpils.
The Talmud says there-are four .kinds
of pupils the sponge and the fuuhel,
the strainer and the sieve. The sponge
Is he who taketh up "Everything, and
the funnel is be who taketh in at this
ear and letteth out at that; the strainer
is he that letteth go the wine and re
talneth the dross, and the sieve Is he
that letteth go the bran and retaineth
the fine flour. The student who be
gins at least to wish to belong to the
last named class will not have been
sent to college in vain.
ervtific Drodxidion
yrup ofFis
Squirrels, Gophers, Rats, Mice
Ranch and Orchard Pests.
Sure and speedy in action and reason
able In cost. Ask grocer or druggist for
' For a Very Good Rcanoa.
"1 told him I would make bfm eat bis
words," .tleclated M r. Beech wood hotly,
speaking of a quarrel he bad --had with
Mr. Brushton. "He has been telling.
things about me" that are rank un
truths." - t .
"How foolishly men talk to one an?
other!" commented Mrs. Bee'chwood
"What do you mean?" demanded her
husband. "Do you intend to insinuate,
that men talk to each o.ther more fool
ishly than women chatter?"
"Of course I do,"" the lady went.on
imperturbably. "Now, women never
try to make each other eat their words,
no matter how angry they may be."
"Certainly -not," retorted Mr. Beech
wood, "and for a very good reason too."
"What reason?" she demanded.
"Because their digestive apparatus is
inferior to their vocabulary." Pitts
burg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Why Water Won't Fry.
Why cannot we fry in water? Be
cause water can only be heated to the
boiling point. 212 degrees, aud any ad
ditional heat does not increase its tem
perature. Two hundred and twelve de
grees pf heat will not brown the sur
face of anything. Fat, on the contrary,
can be made much hotter, the tempera
ture depending on the kind. There is a
lesson here for the economical house
wife. Don't stuff the stove with fuel
when the vegetables, meat, etc.-, are
already boiling. They cook no faster
because of the increase of heat.
A Use For tlir II.rpi:cn.
A teacher had just given a lesson 01
the hyphen, and thinking that his clas
understood it now. lie wrote the word
"birds-nest" on the blackboard. "Now.
boys, why do we have a hyphen be
tween birds and nest?" asked the
Several hands went up. and the
teacher pointed to a small boy who
Beemed very anxious to answer. "For
the birds to roost on," was the reply
London Tit-Bits.
We offer One Hundred Dollars He
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure,
F. J. CHENEY & CO, Props.,
Toledo, O:
We, the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honoraile in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
Druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
jJITQ Permaneutly Cured. No flta or nervousncw
IB I v afterflrstday'sHieofDr.Kline'sGreatNerv
Restorer. Seud for FREE S2.00 trial bottle and treat-
!(,. DE.B.U.KuNS.Ltd..931ArcbSt..Philadelphift,Pa,
Longevity of Irish Peasants.
It is curious to notice the great num
ber of centenarians whose deaths aire
recorded in the official returns of Irish
rural districts. As an instance of the
longevity of the Irish peasant it may
be pointed out that the death of per
sons upward of sixty years of age reg
istered in Connaught last year amount
ed to over GO per cent of the entire
fleaths of the province.
Its Ecc&Ikrvce
is due to the originality and simplicity of the
combination and also to jthe method of manu
facture, which is known to the California Fig
Syrup Co. only, and which ensures that per
fect purity and uniformity of. product essential
to the ideal home laxative. In order to get
lsjr!iciad Effects
always buy the genuine and note the full name
of the Company California Fig Syrup Co.
printed on the front of every package. In the
process of manufacturing figs are used as they
are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal
virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from an
excellent combination of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially.
San Fraivcisco,
Lojisvill.Ky. l-wyork,H.V
for sfcle bv &!l drutffots Price fifty cents per botffe.
j r -
worse than none.
Bnfi DFFfl strength',
f rm KllU Pasure and
i IMiftfl IILLIl good health all com-
by the Los Angeles Brewing Go. is always
splendidly good a beer of brilliancy, purity,
delicacy and absolute cleanliness. These
are the points which have won fame for it
in the Philippine Islands as well as on the t
Pacific Coast. If your local, dealer cannot I
suddIv it, write us and we will see that . m
you get it.
LUd Anuses
, Must Bear SIgn,turo
See Fac-SUHlIe Wrapper Be lew.
Terr small aad fcs easy
te take as sugar.
"Say trigger, there's a price on your
"What's that? A price on ?"
"Yes, and there will be till you take
the tag off of that new hat" Phila
delphia Bulletin.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnglow'i
Soothing Syrup the beet remedy to
use for their children during tie
teething period. .
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consump
tion saved my life three yearg ago.
Mrs. THOS. ROBBINS, Maple Street,
Norwich, N. Y., Febi IT, 1900.
Turned the Tables.
A lecturer was once descanting on
the superiority of nature over art when
an irreverent listener in the audience
fired that old question at him:
"How would you look, sir, without
your wig?"
"Young man," Instantly replied the
lecturer, pointing his finger atyhjm,
"you have furnished me an apllns- .
tration for my argument. My;5ajdV
ness can be traced to the artificiallmb
its, of our modern civilization, 1wfaHe ,
the wig I am wearing" here he raised
his voice till the windows shook "is
made of natural hair!"
. The audience testified its apprecia
tion of the point by loud applause, and
the speaker was not interrupted again. ,
Price I
25 cwtel
Rice and Rice.
To most people rice Is" rice, but; not
withstanding this, there is a consider,-;
able difference between the Chinese or
Japanese and the American article.
The former is darker in color and in no
way compares with the latter in flavor.,
or quality. 02 the American how- fi
ever, there are a numher of grades, of,,,
which that grown in the Gar,olina.si
considered the best. When purchas- - :
lng, see that the" grains are large,
plump and unbroken. In washing b "
careful not to break them between the
GJ. '
good health all com
bined. Poor beer is
The beer brewed

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