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The St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885-1903, February 22, 1902, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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wser . J. ' v' i it u: ii
I knair net how m-
"T "U'liCaiCi I u; .oiv. hi.
; Claudt Murray was "down "rorn
' SurinseTville yesterday lie came
for medicine tor his father. - !
"Mr. and, Mrs. Berhabel Leal
returnSl yesterday from an ex
t'ndeovieit to relative in New
P. L. Mcor ; an old time f print"
who has held cnes on Snips since .
ir was launched on the fitful sea
.of Arizona journalism, has left us.
Frank Gallegos a n.ej.hew of
Don Lui& Chavez is visiting with ,
his relative im the city. He will put ' :
in a few weekg helping the Snips j
family get out a sheet.
It is reported that several more
of the St.Johns young folks have
secured entranoe into the Govern-
Wn$ Indian School. This time
tUy iq to Chilocco, Oklahoma.
Meters, Luis and Abran Chavez
return. Moaday from a visit
with friends &tftfrelatives in New
Mexico. They enjoyed the trip and
, afe much refreshed by the vacation.
"I have used Chamberlain
Cough, Remedy for aritimber of
. years and have no hesitiaucy in
saying thaftt is the best remedy
for coue-hs. colds and croup I have
ever used In my family. I have
not words to express my confi
dence in"this Remedy- Mrs. J.
A. Moosk, North Star, Mich.
For sale by St. Johns Drug Co
G. E. Waite left Tuesday for
his home in Hamah, N. M. Elder
Snow who is doing work here for
the Mutual, accompanied him.
Mr Snow is the son of the late
president Snow of the Mormon
Don Meliton Perea left yester
day for New Mexico. He goes on a
trip of much moment to himself,
and one other person. He is sin-
gle now but, when ho returns he
will have an help meet. Congratu
lations Sfliior.
The Secret of Long Life.
Consists of keeping all the
main organs of the body in heal
thy, regular action, arid quickly
destroying deadly disease germs.
: Electric Bitters regulate stomach,
Liver and Kidneys, purify the
blood, and give a splendid appe
tite. They work wonderous in
. caring Kidney Troubles, Female
Complaints, Nervous Diseases,
- Constipation, Dyspepsia, ajid Ma-
'.laria. Vigorous health ami
strength always follow theipuse
Onjy 50c, guaranteed by A. & B.
Governor Mujihy is back from
Washington. He haS small hopes
fr Arizona? Statehood. We still
for Arizona btatenoou. we sun
cling to the hope that Justice will
triumph, but probably, if we had
been with .the governor we would
agree xith him.
Don Evaristo Martinez of Con
cho, will take unto himself a wife
m the 25tb. inst.The bride to be is
Misa. Del uviiia, the popular daugh
ter of Mrs. Amalia Chavez. The
groom is one of Concho's prospe
rous juitb.ens. Yc congratulate you
Heads Should Never Ache.
Never endure this trouble. JJse ;
at once the remedy that stoped it .
;f or Mrs. K. A. Webster, of Win-:
nie, Ya.,- she writes "Dr. King's
Kew Life Pills wholy cured me
sick headaches I had suffered from !
for two years." Cure Headache, j
Constipation, Biliousness. 25c at '
A. & B. Schuster.
Hon. Solomon Barth and Don.'"1
Jose-Saavedra left last week for
New Mexico. Mr Barth goes to
Albuoueraue to visit his sister
who is therefrom Michigan spend
ing the winter. Mr.Saavedrawill
vinit friends and relatives at va
rious New Mexico towns.
The angels of Death have again
visited our town; this time to
Fummon tho innocent spirit of a
little ohil.d, to the great beyond.
Tim bereaved narents are
and Mr. W. J. Mallory, who have
the sympathy of the entire com
munity. May He who said: "Suf
fer little children to come unto
1me,"eomfort their down cast spir
its and heal their broken hearts.
... ' gentlemen to a nice serenade. The
.New Century Comfort. ; serenades were invited in and
iwty . . . ' Mrs. Ruiz gave each a slice of her
Millions are daily finding a t)eliciouscake and a glass of-this
world of comfort in Bucklen's is a dry town and of course the
ATinca Salve, It kills pain from glasses had to be filed with Mc
c, rf PnnwTnn. In tosh water. But both serenaders
BurnsScalds, Cuts, bcutses,con- T,Ann-lnA llQri 0 nnrl f:m0
queres Ulcers, and ITever Sores. ;
. ,
f.;rrs Eruptions, Salt Rheum, ?
BoilVntlcFellcns; removes Corns !
andafis. Best Pile .curc on
ci.rtl?. Only -25c at A. & B. !
Or. J. S. Woolford was called to '.
pri.rgrirvi"ile Saturday to attend -
a RtrWTiild of Mr. Becker. The
child is - reported 'belter. While
there the Doctor was called to see
Supervisor Murraj who'has for a
long $hie heen suffering from
Chroni's llheumatibin. It is now
thwugliWiiat he will soon recover.
B. Seller of St. Johns, ar-
rived in Mesa last Saturday to
ppend a few days. He has a big '.
on the Verde, where he will shear !
this season. He was intending to
is so scarce that he has decided to , drop-head sewing machine tor
shear there. He went to Phoenix : $34.00, and give you a year's
todav. Press.
Finds Way To Live' Long.
The startling- announcement of
a Discovery that will surely!
lengthen life 'is made by edit or !
O. H. Dowmey, of Churubusco, f
Ind. " "I wish to state" he writes, j
"that Dr. Kings New Dcovery ;
I for Consumption is the most in- j
for Cougfhs. Colds and ;
It's invaluable to people j
with weak lungs. Having- this
wonderful mebicme no one need ;
Pneumonia or Consumption. It's '.
relief is instant and cure cer-I
tain." A. &B.bchusterguaran-
tee every 50c and $1.00 bottle, and
give trial bottles free.
W. li. Baxter an old time prim
who has been workinc in various
offices in the Territory and occa
sionally doing a little mining on
the side, is now the full fledged
foreman of the Snips sh op. He ar
rived Monday and will remain
with us indefiniteley. We wish to
inform our patrons that our job
departament is in the hands of
this vetean printer and nothing
but the best work can pass him.
- Last Saturday's Arizona Ga
zette announced that U.S. Mar
shal McCord would visit St.
Johns on official business. We
sbalLbe glad to see the Colonel
p .1 'ii 1 l I,,. 4l..i
n wecion-1 iiappeu iu c
we will be extra glad to see him
for there is some question ns to
to provuie ouiSu.w j"
lood etC'anct may ue we can smn
it... :u:iu..
inu rusuuii&iijjui-) .
Hr. Whseler Got Rid of His
t4 During the winter of 186S 1
was so lame in my joints, in iacr
t 11 1 I il 4. I
; ail Over 1113 UUU , luu.l x lumiu
liardlv hobble around,' when I'
j bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
I Pain Balm, hrom the hrstjip -
j lv aH
i nlicntion I bciran to sret well, and
1 -
cured and have worked stead 1-'
the year. R. WheelKk,
: iSortliwooa, i. i, ror sae oy t
.. . T TT 1 1
St. Johns Drug Co. j
rursuant to instructions from
Governor Otero, of New Mexico,
the iheriffsdLGuadalupe, Union,
! Jack Musnrave band . of bandits.
1 "
; which receniiy terrorized that.
region. This means that a war of
cxterminationwi.ll.be waged a
agi 11st the outlaws and exciting
: times are expected in that portion
of a ew Mexico to which the out
laws have retreated. They are said
to be in a fastness of the wild
Capitan mountains. Journal
It will pay you to purchase your,
rboots and shoes from the Drug-
Co. they carry a complete line of
the celebrated Wells shoes the!
Lincoln and Chavez counties arc time. Julius, wnois apupu in uiu poor-nouses, puauuu huu w,.
organixinossesof pickod men ; public schools hero, , vent to Belen lj
to hunt down the members of the Friday night to pay a Visa to .the 1 id ug tauitipiv the number
'ULUld;; 1 'consolation is in the fact that
,u earth. Prices are as Jowi considered dan-
? lowest, quality considered. ; U1C nu
best on
as the
Dist. Atty. Ruiz returned Sun
day from a trip to Phoenix, and
otner points in the Territory. He
' tillo his nephew who comes to
spend the winter here. On. Sun-
; day night ofter their arrival the
musically inclined young folks
tuned up their guitars and violins,
and mandolins and treated the
illlU. SUlClIilUbU imu "
The average man cares not who
makes the hnvs of his county, so
that the woman in feh'e.flat abmTe
Sheep Poisoning.
Reports liave come to 4own 01
je wholesale poisoning of 'sheep
the wholesale poisoning of 'sheep
and iu the on mps along the Ari-
zona eauaj. It is- said that alto-,
il .4 1 AAA It.. .... Kr.m tliu.
geuiw sxiiuui,
onetl and that one sheepman has
ost 350. The poison used was blue-
intone :inl -white vitriol, Which
had been stf ewtiylir "the range
I and which the hheepifiStk'mg
! for snlt, had licked. There has
j been no expression of a suspicion as
to the identity of the guilty par
i . Thfisheeo are to be moved
from that deadly neighborhood to ;
the Agua Fria. Repubhcan. . !
w... J
t . , , I
.tiine'to pay
for it on the instali-
in out nlnn. OMie machine is
Lf hUrh nraile five drawer.1,
I teed for ten years.
Wool Shipments.
' . , fi
; , th .
cxc; th.;t owned by Lons-
1 1 1 1 1 1 iiiiu uimnv A v
Afr Riter of Boston,
buyer was
price he paid f. 0. b. rang-
1 4 to 15 cents J.H. Pome-
! mnr.U i.. for hia:, which
SQ t0j.lv ' .
e b ' , . v w
in the
, - yeftp afe
, fayomble to thc sellel,
j The season's shear will, foot . up
consideral,iv over 100,000 pounds
of as fine wool as ever went to
market. Mesa Press.
SorhthinsThat Will Do You Good,
in which
We know pf no way
we can be of more service to our
readers than to tell them of some-
thin- that will be of real good to
i 1,; .,crtn ,t.rwatit
... . ,
; to acquaint, them with wnar e
consider one of the very best - re -
: medics on the market lor cough,
- . -.lartfiinn- com-
iS" We, refe, to
; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
We haVP used it with such good
J (s bur familv so lothat
Wome a household necessi-
i. Rv its nromot use we have-
, . '
i n't .any doubt but tuai u nab
! time and again prevented croupr;
The testimony is given upon our j
own .experince, and we sug -
crest that our readers, especially
; tllose who have small children, al-
.nvQ t-PPT it in their homes as a
- , . .
, . c ) Mesenge
; lnlltlc nrncr
! ' ' '
Boy Shot.
Julius Becker, son of Giistave
Beclccr, the Springcrville mcr-
- L f , nfn cWf?no-
chant, wns the victim of a shooting
accident Sunday, as a result . of
which he will walk lame for some
iacmly 01 ms uncie uom jwkci.
. , TT 1 . T TT ..1
on 11
! While handling a 08-calibre re-
j volver, the weapon was discharged
j and the bullet entered the boy s left
I leg and ranged downward to the
j knee.
j The lad was brought to.the city
1 yesterday morning, John Becker,
j and Dr. W. D Radcliffe attending
him. Dr. John Tasher located the
! bullet bv means of his.. X-ray
machine, and it was extracted
-X-. x j-ir u
without difliculty.-Albuquerque
! We arc very sory to hear of the
:lccmm !lu v u T
i gerous. Journal Democrat.
Prizes tor Irrigation Photos
levoted to the making of homes in the Atid
j wett, wnnts pholos depicting irrigation with
I Cash prizes will be awarded a lo'.lows:
1st rnxzB
2nd rmzE
3rd i'rizb
I rnbiieher reserve the right to purcliase photos '
1 not winning a pnze. Auarcss.
j v.
! . . , '
; Special sBbcriptiun price, 1 dollar v y-r.
! ' f
i - - .
jsmil.m when
1 1" - .... ; . .
, . 1 " j 1. . 1 . ..i nn'l!
The Little Stock. Man Threatened.
j American Of
Association has cali
Cattle Growers
Association has calied-its second
!.aTmliai .-convention to -meet in'
erwer .on;the4th Sth and 6th of
nnxt monlh. The-iain
to be discussed is -the "land leasing
; bill that has been introduced in
: the National Congress.
Should this bill become a law,
it would wipe all the. small cattle
: nn d sheep owners entirely out of
ithe business. If this is whatj
! the people want they should sit
etill rtf K-iv nr! flo liothine ill
oppQge thig lefc them.4nto
figting harness aWd-go and -oppose
this proposition in thecbn.ven-
For a National Labor Law.
Tito (inrvnnJf'no nn filral vela
lions has reported favor
,u.. 4
the house on the resolution
; favor ot an amendment 10 me
, , , , , 1
! constitution of the United States
which would permit congress i o
j regulate the hours of labor in the
I several states.. Hub r-esolntion has
been presented to previous legis-
; latures. This year at the commit-
rtee heariiig.it was,-supported by
i -which is the organization of the
ffactory.owners-of the . slate, and
i has usually opposed any legisla-
! tion desired by employes. Many
j leading cotton mqnufacturers de-
j siro a law which would equalize
, the hours of labor m
the New
! England and southern. Journal
; Democrat. , -
i An Interesting Letter.
A teacher in a Texas public
: school received the following
i letter the other day: "Sir: will
you in the future give my son
j easier somt t6 do at nite? Phis
is what he's brought hoam two or
! three nites back:" -"If fore gallins
?f bere will fill thirty to pint
Ui1n Vinnr monit nltlfS n 11 fi
: haf botUes will ine galUns-fille-tTrt Gt--,h by building up the
yGf we tried " amocould make
, nothin of it At- all, and my boy
cnea-1 ana launeu auur ccu
J - 1 ;1 J --,1 U -v
"H dn't. dare ..to 20 back in the
, . witl'10u: doin it. So I
haj lo 'go lUU buy a nine gallin
, f r hirh I could ill
-A., A tbn mt find
dy-boties W el r them ..nd m
P! ,U lltLit
tl asTe ss ml
tlV rlnV it. P. S. Please let the
;v. - T
iv,.vt snms he in - water as l.-ani
- - -
notable to buy any more uere..
A MVdcl Saloon Ad.
j irricnds:- Having -opened, a
f.nmhl01i;0nS shon for the. sr.le of
nollid fire 1 embrace this oppor
. ' ... . -r ,
tunity to inform you 'that I have
! commenced the bussiness of mak.-
srer. L'or saie.w ' . A
1 III" 11 L 11 11 IVal 1 VlCi Ut V J J 1 WJ-1
1 uars for the sober, industrious and
I respectable portion of the commu
1 nity to support. I shall deal in
family spirits that will excite men
' to dee'ds of riot, robbery and blood
j and by so doing diminish the
S comfort, augment the expense and
endanger the welfare of the com-
munitv. I shall undertake at a
. t BmaU gum
I an(j ,yith roat expectation, to
'prepare victims for the asylums,
. ,... j;ooncoc vflllfiP1-
VllOUl cooing uiovucw tv. " -
lhose which ar0 harmless incu-
I in drugg whidl
i wm deprive some of life, many
j ol reason, most of prosperity and
i all of peace, which will cause the
i lathers to become nencis; wives,
I widows; children, orphans, and
j all mendicants. I will cause many
'of the living generations to grow
i up in ignorance, proverty and
crime, and prove a burden and a
nuisance to the nation. I will cause
mothers to forget their offspring
I and cruelty totake thc piaOT 0f
I T .I'llt-nmnti'mnc-Avon fAM'linf.
, thc lnil)isWrs of reiigion, obstruct
t ie progress 01 me gop, u m
the puritv of the church and cause
spiritnai; temporal and eternal
1 death."
j Prizes for Boys and Curls
ha- dsoue'v iilut:ated monthly magazine
; devoted to making
1 wants-new subscribers in this section.
J To the boy or girl in the west sending the
greatest number of subscribers to the national
! Homemakcr by July 1st. 1902, there will be paid
i S25 IN" GOXD; to the 2nd 15 and the third 10
' 1 n addition to this, rll conteMats sinking
i iu ten or more subfcriptlons. will receive lOpcr
: cent, commission for their woik
The regular ubs-rlptim 1 rice is 2 dodsrs
but during this contest it w ill be but one-half
! that amouut-1 dollar.
Cirenlars. Simile eopics and subscription
1 sP1ltrto nH eantestants by ad
: ,,rcssh!sr
.- .
! ' - .
Httsnr.to nicnt)otHheHIeraU--wlieiv
,..mr wrllo-ifA
Stray Horse.
While froing to Holbrook, an
old bay horse branded HC T on
lef t hip, ;-f ollfcwefl-my-teams for 10
miles. The animal is iiow in my
pos'&ssion. -owner "may recover
jame by -paying- costs.
I . Lorenzo' PenClta.
i July 25. 1901.
I have in my possession as
estray one bay mare branded Iv C
on left hip, tip of both ears crop
ped, ag-e six years or .oyer.
; Twner .inuy recover sameiby
" 3Stiliiis,vusra0,:1901.
Duringr the next thirty days I
will pay tlie iiifrnesi
prices of
the vearior Forest Rererve Land
don't Jail to write -me I-wantyour
- W. H. Glark.
Estray Notice.
Notice ia hereby given that I
have taken up as estray one dark
colored mare about 6 years old,
branded gpon left shoulder. The
owner Jean have said mare- on
payment of costs-
Jose Maria Chaves.
Walnut Grove July 15, 19ol.
$100 Reward $100.
The renderB of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one hnndread diseases that science has
been able to ern e in ail its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrah
Cure is the only positive cure known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
n constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, ac ing directly
upon he blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the
t ,1..fw..i nf flio licf'lQf fliul lMvint?
constiturion and assisting nature in do
ing its woik. The proprietors have so
1m1c.l1 fjiith in its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollais for ahy
case lhat il fails to cure, Send for list
of testimonials
Address. F J. C1IKXKY & CO,
Toledo 0.
T'Sold by I)ni5j!ist., 7.".e.
Hail's Family 1'illt.Atvlhe best.
Are you in need of a new suit
Pajits or Ovei coat? If so call on
u's and have -yoi-.r measurement
taken. We have. one.. .thousand
of the latest samples to. select
from. Prices are reasonable,
fit and satisfaction gurante.cd.
Respt. St. Johns Drug Co.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative-Rromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund
the money, if it fails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature is 011
each box. 25.
If you need any thing in the
ready to wear line call at thc
Drug Store. They have just
opened up a nice line of Capes,
Jackets, Cloaks, "Wrappers,
Skirts, Shirts Waists, Fasci
nators, Union Suits, etc etc
Call and examine our goods. No
trcfuble to show goods.
A Pointer for Enventors.
If you wish your patent busi
ness properly and promptly done
send it to SWIFT & CO., PAT
ENT LAWYERS, opposite U. S.
Patent Office, Washington, D. C.
They have no dissatisfied clients.
Write them for their confidential
letter; a postal card will bring it,
and it may be worth money to
you. See their advertisement
elsewhere in this paper.
Step the Cough and Work Off the
Iaxative-Bromo Quinine Tab
lets cure a cold in -one day. No
Cure 110 pay. Price 25 cents.
Remember that we carry a
complete line of the old reliable
M. D. Wells & Co's shoes. Come
and examine our line and get our
prices. We have the best stock
of shoes in the city and prices
are reasonable.
We do not claim to sell ten dol
lar gold' pieces for nine dollars
but we do claim to tfive as good
value for 'the your money as you.
can get elsewhere. Call arid ee
us whether you intend to buy : orr
" ' . .
- Respect! ui ly, .
r-. T' -TOMS DRUG Co.
United States
Authorizei Capital
Paid in Capital
Fosluia S. Hay ne! its
(J W. Flourney ... ,
Frank MaKee"
M. A. fl&wks
Depository of the Atchison, Topeka k
Protect Yffur H
y insure si im
Irmm's Mi
rancisco, Oalifoi'iiia.
areat California Company
Does the largest
of any company
for particulars and rates apply
Agent at
Mnin ' - nrt On li'-rsr . W lnsli. on laft thigi
)!L ('a 8 W slush, on left rthx.
iS' r u-t the fo'l tug hriu!:
Mo: ts Mr.in.1?, HX.har n"'1 DK.on left ihlt;i
Si.ii, thu Jelt hi. i5 - --
Low Kramlj. iT'.TfS lf
b th .11 left side.
it t-both s tic.
irn..rA Malnals ;ai and ""i I nhP"
p.istolHi o. Ui-nvtrn Amr.rlHnN. M
bhrep and wool grower, St. Johns
Ktir murk on cwos square crop right
and swallow fork left, reversed on weth
era. Fire brand on noao. Tarr
brand f on rump.
Range, Apache county
Do Yoi'r SHOES Need Fixing?
Call On Cruz avareii
Shop on IVa cr Ft. rt. Jol ns, Arlzou"-
If you was t your shces properly
and Courteous Treatment to all
St. Johns Drug Co.
We carry the most complete
line of school supplies in the
comunity such as:
Text Books.
Note Books,
Copy Books,
Writing- and Fencil Tablets,
Pencils.Crayons, etc., etc.
Prices are reasonable.
. rhfcusignsturo- iir onnvcrj' box o tho genuine
f,qTflfJve BromoOuimne Tabi3t3
t the remedy that cores a cold ia oao dsy
6 1
. . . Presi'J
...Vice PrcsMtfM
. .Assistant CssM
Santa Fe and Santa Fa Taciae railrA
Insurance iqm
insurance busines
in Arizona.
Atso run followni? lowmls
on left rllc.gaon Iott Mp
Postefilcv. at. Johns. ArUoaTr
JUAft CA?iDEJ-A5?!A.
ccno, aims.
Urand5sctukpt aj
Also owns the follo-vinj? Drandat
Uppof sloV'f rirnt w
and jver bl- Ia. .
fork left, si-l.l ana itpper u.
rP crop tl.o.rlu'kt, Xd&SsA3.4TV
Apsche eouutv. Arisona.
promptly nnd in a workra.nic. manner-
1 will give Special Attantfon to ranch wecx.
C3- My shop i located about osa hndta3
ards directlv north frora F.M.4M.I.
Si. Jo!u. - - Atzosas
Job Printing
just laid in a large as
sortment of New Type
faces ot the very latest
styles, and we are now
prepared to do all kinds
In and fancy
Jo& Priotiflo
in the latest and most i
up-to-date manner.
Letter Heads,
Note Hwuis,
Bill Ksads,
Etc., Etc.,
Our prices are just right
and we. guarantee satis
faction. Let us figure
on your next order.
ess ess
1 1
1 irr'r.v
" -itfr1
" fx
- t
---- --J
makes not the songs.
I "V flit ,W.!ll It;. " - "S?-5JiiJi-"- "JT:

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