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Blalark PrrdMct.
SATURDAY, JUNE 19. 1880.
. WIlJJJiWM A r-OLL, EeUtsrs.
Tbs slcation is over. The people of this
mmmtjaHkd wisely in defeating the bogus
ffiaHWking Division candidates for the leis
latasa, , Now let a petititon be circulated be
tween tnis ted' tle meeting of the legislature,
sisrwisng the lines, and asking that body to pass
asa act dividing the oanty into three counties,
object to ratification! the Toters of the
outy... Tbif can be dne harmoniously, and
if it is the wish of the people to divide there
ill be no trouble about the matter. This is
aha lissjsst end only way to divide this county,
and if those who .have harped so much about
division are honest as they professed to be
tney wiil assist in the matter, and what they
attempted to do by force or fraud will be done
in an honest and legitimate way. Let a mass
seating be. eafied and let agree upon suitable
lines and then go to work as brothers, and
ot in a manner that will cause any strife and
contention, Of eottrse everybody cannot be
suited fa the location of the county lines, for
it is ca&y aatuxal that every man shool J work
Jar his own interest and want a county seat at
Jus door. We would like to hear from the
people in different portions of the county in re
faranne to the matter. Edit Oreaoniau.
'He epecioas pretences in the above,
1 4bp 'Very impudent charges therein
lied, we have referred to elsewhere-
Vhere feould any weU balanced mind find
tforoa or fraud," in the late Division
(Movement! But that is not what we pro
peee to discuss. Division of the county
is what we want. We tried one method,
-nod from reasons given elsewhere, it
failed- Now any honorable method will
secure our hearty ccrperation and we ac
cept the above proposition in good faith,
, i and will gie our best offorts to secure
Its ftocciDpQshuient,' Let the E. ,0. go
.ahead and call the mass meeting, and;
'Weston will be. on hand to participate.
B LA LOCK PBECISCT, June J5, 1880.
Eds. Leader: In your last issue I find
reference is made to the wrong that was done
to the people of this precinct particularly and
the blow struck at the fairness and equality
of elections in our county and State generally.
For want of poll-books .no voting was done in
Blalock precinct, but according to Sec. 9,
chapter 14 of the Code, "it is the duty of the
County Clerk to furnish to one of the judges
of every election precinct in the county, with
two poll-books, at least five days previous to
to the time of holding any election." Has
our successful candidate to? County Clerk
done his sworn duty toward this precinct
when he delivered the poll-books to a non
resident of the State? Rather, did he not
violate the plain letter of the statute in so
doing ? The Co'uuty Clerk was an interested
party to this election, and he should have
been twice viinlant to miard the neonle's inl
o a - . j
terests, and in this way escape any just criticism.
The Constitution of Oregon provides that
"all elections shall be free and equal." Has
not this negligence on the part of the County
Clerk been the means of frustrating an elec
tion in Blalock precinct ? Perhaps the senti-
timeut iu this precinct toward the regular
ticket was too well-known ' io make an elec
tion in Blalock precinct a desirable event
The people of Umatilla county have another
morsel in this to stimulate them to reflect be
fore they are driven to support regular tick
ets. Will Mr. Keeney arise and explain why
he did not furnish the poll-books to the prop
er parties, and above all, why did he carry
the poll-books to W alia Walla and leave them
with a non-resident of Oregon as he is said
to have done ? Sec. 40 of chapter 14 pro
vides special instructions to all persons con
cerned in conducting elections, and if Mr.
.r . i .,... . . . ...
aveeney nos not vioiaiea tnat section it is a
strange affair. We hope that the County
Court will see the rights of all protected.
Blalock Precinct.
HEX or
Its'. tiAKFIELD.
It is amusing to watch the Radical Press
fall meekly into line and earnestly and sincere
ly laud their presidential nominee. ' Not many
weeks ago they were all denouncing him as I knew his head was empty,
, There was much ' talking and
planning among the "ring" at Piendleton.
2. The object was to ' defeat the
wishes of the people who desired a divis
ion of the county.
3. The father of the ring was Bolting
Jio), a mighty man in hi way, and filled
with much cunning,
4.. 1 The remainder thereof: were an
incongruous crowd chosen from both
parties, and renowned chiefly for their
adherence to the ring. ,
5. And fear and trepidation fell heavi
ly upon them, for, said they, Jo, if this
thing .come to pass, our dominion over
this foolish people is. ended, and the
tithes and the spoils are no longer ours.
6. And as they counselled in travail
and anguish together, said Bolting Jim
in a loud voice, I will send forth Kon
Oh Lie and Coquescalksoocktcox, who
are strangers to this people, who will
revive the traditions of our 'fathers
among them.
7. Truly they must supply the wants
of Kel Ee and Tom Sun, else their knees
ill quake under them and they wither
away, for they know not much.
8. And Coques (which is curtailed
muchly,) fully opened his mouth at you
Umatilla, and said many unwise things,
which were there returned to him, and
gored him exceedingly, insomuch that,
being simple and of light caliber, he fled
him back in hot haste and fell panting
sorely before Boltiagjim
9. Saying, "Woe is me, for I am un
done. I am a pudding with te stuffing
pressed out The enemy hath pfnetureel
me, and lo ! your words and lessons
failed me in my hour of trial" .
:Jt0. And he shook pitifully, for, he
r m
LtMD Qms AT LA Qbaxds, Or., May 19, 1830.
Notice is hereby given that the following named Bet
ter bat filed notice of tiis intention to make final -proof
in support of his chum, and secure finnl entry thereof
at thecxpiratum of thjrty days from the date of this
notic. viz:
Maaaes at Wlllaaas.
Preemption No. 1.62S. Proof will be made before D. P.
Dwjgiit, a Notary Public, at Pendleton, Umatilla coua
tv. Oregon, on June SB. 1S80. fox the I s e 1. & at. sw 1.
see. 4, T , N K 34 E, and names the following- as his
witnesses. Tit: j. m. wataer, jxia imviumm, i. u.
Davis and J. w. Dayie of Centerville., Umatilla county,
Oregon, JJkkbt Daieirr,
Appetite, ref reshing sleep, the acquisition otfaesh and
color, arc blessings attendant upon the reparative pro
cesses which this priceless invigorant speedily Initiates
sad carries to a successful conclusion. Digestion is re
stored and sustenance afforded to each Dfe-sustainlng
ormn by the Bitters, which is inoffensive even to the
'feminine palate, vegetable in composition, and thorough
ly sale.
For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally.
Once Used Always Used
is the best family medicine, and will be found oa
trial to be the most easy, natural and comfortable
aperient obtainable.
will act gently on the bowels, remove wind, cure
heartburn, sour stomach and dizziness and promote
. a healthy secretion of bile.
is the most effectual remedy for headache, giddiness.
nervous depression, palpitation of the heart, lassi
tude ana general aeuuty.
will relievehe worst cases of rheumatism and gout
prevent gravel and stone in the bladder, and cure
au diseases of me moneys.
ives sseedv and durable rellefln bilious and liver
complaints, weak digestion, shivering, spasms,, low
spirits ana lrntaouity. j ,
is invaluable as a remedy for the piles.' It has been
tryedfor manyyeanand has given great satisfaction,
. If yon are afflicted try it.
being untrue to the best interests of the oonn-
Heppner we .thiftk will be, suited, i.and j try owing to his champioBship of the high
Hilton will Ceaterville probably wants
mxmitAfkjaoy as iby their vote they
.did, not .support -the line advocated by the
.-nominees on the Division ticket Any
line suitable to the majority will suit
. Weston. If Milton gets the county seat,
we will bo well satisfied. If Centerville
- gat it that will V still more convenient
for wZ Anything less than three new
eounties would necessitate further diyis-
,ion at ajrfarly period, and we have area,
.population and .wealth enough to sustain
,thre good counties. The citizens of
iGreasewood are fair-minded enough to
, recognise the pressing necessity for divis
ion, and will aid the movement intelli
gently and courteously. The south west
em portion of the .county will turn to
jHsppuer as i being the business and geo
graphical centre of that part, and thus
.they will have no local struggle for -the
eounty seat This end can arrange the
tmatter by petition, and thus everything
. .an be amicably adjusted. If this is "the
honost tod only way," let us give it a
fair trjal, and labor faithfully for it
. - . if-
tariff on the pulp of wood; the most important
element in the manufacture of paper. As we
stated not long ago in the LEADER, it was
Mr, Garfield's support of this odious and op
pressive tariff, that caused us in common with
very newspaper in the land to pay a double
price for our paper. Every journal experienced
the result of his course and denounced him ac
cordingly. But now he is the Republican
candidate for President and the Radical papers
support him. Again, of late years it has be
come the habit of some prominent Radical
papers io auvocaie rree rraae. Those same
papers are now adding their strength to at
tempt a Garfield boom. Why, Gen. Garfield
is the prince of protectionists, and for the time
being those journals who have been stealing
democratic thunder will be obliged to lay their
rree trade doctrines on the shelf until after
the election. "Consistency, thou art a jewel.'
'The Junction Republican is the wild
.est and frothiest sheet that our good state
ttolerates. It screamed in frenzied accent
Jfor Grant and Grant only, and now that
,the Chicago convention in its wisdom has
seen fit to drop the much-traveled Gen
oral, it whoops as loud as ever for Gar
field. Just like the man who was chas
fig the burglar, shouting "stop thief,"
intn the latter hastily turned and lodged
his boot in the pursuer's abdoman, who
hereupon turned immediately back at
ull speed, shouting "stop thief," as be
forS. We have only contempt for those
.who flaunt the "bloody shirt" as their
only argument against Democracy, and
this journal is one of the most flagrant
ol the kind; Its articles read like a thun-
The little Independent which thinks it has
been working against Division all the while
(perhaps it has been, no one noticed), puts up
its rooster and shouts "victory", because Di
vision has been defeated. It is nice to see the
little thing feel good ovar it anyhow, and
imagine it helped to do something. Like the
little boy who was blowing his breath in. the
direction of the great oak tree when it was
overthrown by the tornado, and then laughed
ana cnuckled believing he had done it all. It
strikes out with ita feeble meanness at the de
feated, and crawls up the side of the defeated.
like the worm over the prostrate sleeper, and
laughs its childish glee, when, to its own sur
prise, it has reached the top. But it is nice to
the weak little thing happy.
- The pleasure and profit to be derived
from the cultivation of a taste for good
reading are not easily over-estimated.
The man who has this taste, and the
means of gratifying it, possesses that
which, under every variety of circum
stances, will be a source of happiness and
cheerfulness to him through life, and a
shield against its ills, however things may
go amiss or the world frown upon his en
deavors. It places him in contact with
11. And the soul of Boltingiim went
out in sompassion toward Coques, and
putting forth his finger and thumb he
lifted the flattened form to his mouth,
and blew into his capacious ears, much
words and wind.
12. But Kel Ee entered and said:
Kiver thy mouth and stop it; fur how
can I kerry him to the Legislatur when
he's so big? And Boltingjim eeased
thereat, and said: Coques, our faded
stay at home and learn wisdom
13. And he stayed.
14. Then Kon Oh Lie, habited in
the garb and colors of a chameleon, with
a Green Back,- the picture of Kins
Hayes over his heart, his vizier present
ed by a Re Publikan Justice of the Peaee
and the Albany Herald, floating proudly
at the summit of the Demo Kratik wand,
arose and shrieked aloud, at the people,
but Williamsteen wounded him nigh un
to death in the fields of Cottonwood,
with the lance of truth.
15. And likewise at Milton.
16. And broke his helmet at Weston,
besides bruising him at Centerville. ;
17. And when Williamsteen ap
peared also at Greasewood, the valor
ous Kon Oh-Lie betook himself to his
chariot, and sped him away to the bos
om of the ring.
10. Then said they, the people, Yea,
all the people of Bla Lok must have
their armor kept from them, else are we
vanquished. It was done. The re
mainder of the people were slain because
of it, and now the ring laughs a loud
laugh, yea, from the gosling up to the
father of it, all make merry over their
mischief. .
nurifles and cleanses the blood, and nmaves all
scrofulous affections. It is health-giving, ref reshiag
, invigorating.
has an established reputation as an efficacious remedy
for sudden and severe eolds,coughs fevers and ague,
asthma ana pntnisis.
cures chronic, nervous and sick headache, nervous
depression, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, pimples
on we lace ana irecKies.
Land office at LaGrande, Or., May 24, 1380.
Notice Is hereby irivcn thsz the following umal set.
tier has filed notice of his intention th make rhial proof
in support of his claim, aud secure final entry thereof
at tlieexpiratiou of Uiirtv days from the date sf this
Isaac 3. Wlrkertthsw.
Proof will be taken before p. P. Owtght, a Notary Pub
lic at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Oregon, on June go,
, lor theseotsec 26, T 6 N K 34 K. and names
following as hubaitnesses. via: E. C. Tirulev. Cass
Cannon, Geo. Uavia and James Xerba, all of Centerville,
uuiauua county, uregon. 11K.NKT W. owioht,
Laxd Onucs at LeGraxd, Oregon. May 14, 1S80.
Notice is hereby iriven that the fallowing named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure limU entry thereof
at the expiration of thirty days from the date of this
notice, viz:
bsuhcI av. coe.
Testimony" will be taken before S. V. Knox, a Notary
rublic at weston, Umatilla county, Oregon, on July 1,
1880, for,Oie s e J, sec 14, T & N, of K 35 E, and uamcs
the following as his witnesses, viz: John B. Fraxier.
James Frazier, Henry Piper and A. M. Elam, all of
Milton, Umatilla county, Oregon. U. w. llwiaiiT, -
Notice is hereby iriven that w. H. ParrenV has
this day made application at this office to purchase
under the act of June 3d, 18TS, "An act for the sale of
Timber Lands in the States of California, Oregon Nevada
and in Wasliington Territory," the N E 1-4, Nw 1-4
and S w 1-4, tie 1-4, sec. 17, T S, N K 37 E.
Given under mv hand at the U. 8. Land office at La
Grande, Oregon, this 13th day of May, 18S0.
Keg lb tor.
Manufacturer and Dealer la
AB kinds of
Shelf-Hardware Constantly oa
hand, for sajc cheap.
A Large Assortment of
Notice is hereby given that William M. Bteen has this
day made application to purchase under the act of Con
gress, approved June 3d, 1878. entitled an "Act for the
sale of Timber Lands in tho States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and In Washington Territory," the lot 1 sec. 4,
T S N K 87 East, and M Ssi and Swi 8si see Si T 4 N
B 37 East "
Given under my hand at the U. 8. Land Office at La
Grande, Oregon, this 27th day of April, 1880.
6-1-28 Hkkrt W. DaiollT, Register.
is a gentle laxitiveand tonic; improves the appetite
cures dyspepsia, and counteracts the effect of mala
rious poison.
cures constipation, diarrhcea and dysentery; is cer
tain in results, and corrects all disturbances of the
stomach and bowels. .
U.S. Lass Orrics at LaGsaxob Oox. Feb. 21, 1880.
Complaint having, been entered at this office by
Charles V. Sanders against Tliomas B. Parr for abandon
ing his limber Culture Entry No. 1S1. dated April 20.
1 0-O .... .1.. Halu.) Tnwn.liin A V UnTlir. VI K
in Umatilla county, Oregon, with a view to the cancel
lation of said entry: tne saia parties are nereoy sum
moned to anoear at this office on the i Jh day of May .1880.
at 10 o'clock A. M., to respond and furnish testimony
concerning said alleged abandonment.
nr.rix n. usiuni( iiegistes-3-6
Dakiu. Cuaius, Receiver.
the Terr Seat Material mm Meat Am
proved rattens. All Tinware saasle mt
el heavy material. ia mmmm heat
fJ heat werlusiea eBsswyesL
Rivets, Iron
Steel, Nails
Westssholme't All Stiles.
Burgen A Ball's and "Kangaroo.'
is a pleasant remedy for boils, carbuncles, blotches,
ulcerated and running sores, scabs, salt rheum, and
glandular swellings. '
used successfully for foetid breath, scald head,
rimprorm, itch, prickly-lieat. cancerous ulcers and
skin diseases generally-
has no equal in the entire range of the Pharmacopoeia
as an anti-sorbutic, alternative, carminative and
blood purifier.
gives a tone of health and elasticity to the whole
system and will prevent almost any disease it usvd
at least snce a month.
is a triumrih iu medicine; harmless yet efficacious.
Invaluable iu cue family, at the mines, on the road,
at sea, and every where. ,
is the best medicine for chldren. As a Serine remedy
nothing comes near to it. Everybody should use it
. at tne cnanges season,
s for sale by every Druggist, Grocer and.Country Mer
chant on the Pacific Coast.
1 31-tf
, NOTICE. - ;
LAtrn Onics, at La OaAsna, On., May 17, isso,
Notice is herebv oiven that the following n&md u.fc
tier has filed notice of bis intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof
at the expiration of tflirtv days from the date of this
uvticc, viz;
William B. Ainon,
witnesses testimony will be taken before D. P. Dwigbt,
a Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatilla countv, Oregon,
on June za, issu, ior tne w , ne t, ana w se bee.
o . ,u. ...1 ; 1.:..
viz: James Kirkpatrick, J. G, Myers, George Gross and
A- v. t&usscu, ail 01 weston, umatuia county, Oregon,
j Hesrv w. Dwiout,
til A lkdf IWIaI. In AvrAw f I. !
derltorm in theatre, with no rain as J "T . ' J".
. . - Jtory with the wiaeet and thejwittieat
S4S Stt3WU.IfiMuxiuiE:i.
TljsT Iildipindent said befere election
."rote for countv officers regardless of
heir pickets," and then a little further
t said "but Tte against candidates on
fhm Division ticket" Hewever, instead
of being jtaken to task for it, we suppose
iiev should be congratulated for publis-
with the bravest and purest characters
that have adorned humanity. I It makes
him a denizen of all nations a contem
porary of all ages the companion of the
good and gifted everywhere. There is
a gentle, but irresistible coercion in a
I habit of well direoted reading, over ' the
whole tenor of a man's character and
pig two ideas of their own" in the same oono'actt whiqh is not the less effectual,
Issue, even if flatly coniradictory. They" hecause at works insensibly, and because
remind us somewhat-of a liberal-minded fc Prhaps the last thing he dreams of.
And respectable Jtepubljcan friend who I How important then that the plastic mind
paes said io hi in conversation, "Yes 111
always vote for the best man, regardless
of "politics," then added abstractedly,
3nt I'll never vote for a Democrat."
The Independent seems to have just
erength enough tp crow after the enemy
defeated, and barely that
of youth should be moulded with this
end in view the cultivation of a taste
for good reading.
lXn9fl was no election held in Blalock
Emi on the alleged ground that no
books had ban proyufetL The qnee
now is what beoamo of them for
,hey were sent up. Eaet Oregenian.
es, ppbably they were "sent op-"
Sajt Creek, The question now is, what
becfine of theml
Tub E. 0. speaking of another method
of effecting the division of Umatilla Co.
says: "This is the honest and only way
to divide this county." There are stupid
ignorance and insolence both condensed
in that one sentence. It is a gratuitous
insult to nearly 700 voters who testified
their approval of electing a ticket on the
issue. It is not the "only" way, and the
writer of that article, would do well to
post himself on the subject before let
ting himself loose on a long-seffering
public. ' :
Seme days ago Judge Lassater of
W alia Walla and a gentleman of this
city took a prospecting tour up Pine
Creek . with a view to ascertaining the
feasibility of building a flume. The re
sult was extremely gratifying The slope
is easy; and. the cost of construction would
be comparatively trifling! We under
stand that Mr. Lassater was more than
satisfied with the prospects and that
he will at once - commence the work in
good earnest That there is money in
such an enterprise ao on doubts, and
now that the scheme is known to be a
practical one, the means of carrying it
but will soon be forthcoming,
Notice is hereby given that J. C- Medlock haft this
oay made application at this Oflice to enter under tlte
c 01 ikngrus approved June 3d, 1878, entitled, "an
Act for the sale of timber lands in the States of Cali
fornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory , the
ot swi-4 sec. zof x n , k 3f eaw.
Given under my bandthis 9th day of June, 1880. at
tn u. a. juana irmce as .Lauranae, urcgon.
27-31 Hshey Dwiuht, Reffifrter.
and dealer la
are respectful! v informed that the Under
signed have opened and. cow offer for sale a Complete
The Latest Styles of Hats and Bon
nets always on hand in Great Va
and every kind of TRIM
MING to suit the most
Fastidious. AGENTS
Next door to Hardware Store.)
, 6-27-Sm
Shot-Gun & Rifle Ammunition.
A Fall Lisa of
Pistols and Eevolvers! I
Trout Baskets, Etc
RodgerS' CutlerY
Comprising helfvy-plated Knives, 7orks
and. Spoons.
8uM at Lowest rates tor a rood artids.
Fost OScJ
Lasd pmci at LaGrahds, Ogn June 1, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final prof
in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof
athe expiration of thirty days from the data of this
notice, vis:
Creea W. Brock.
Witnesses proof will be taken before D. P. Dwight, a
Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon,
on July 10, 10, 1SS0, for the 8w J sec 30, T 6 K, R St E,
and names the following as his witnesses, viz: W Baker,
John Phillips, John Bush and Andrew McC'roen, all of
Centerville; Umatilla County, Oregon.
s-27-31 H. W. vkht. Register.
The Best Spring Medicine and Beauti
fier of the Complexion in use- Cores
Pimples, Boils, Blotches, Neuralgia,
Scrofnla, Gout, Rheumatic and Mercuri
al pains, and all Diseases arising from an
impure state of the Blood or Liver.
gSTSold by McColTi Miller.
The Independent with characteristic
simplicity stated that Democrats and
Republicans united to defeat the Division
party, Tom Luoy, of our city, can testi-1
fy to the ftrading-off" to elect some on
both straight tickets. Democrat of
Umatilla County can now see that those
Republicans who took hold of Division ,
at Weston and Milton acted, in good
faith. There were not six straight Re
publican tickets voted at Weston, while j
there were over sixty straight Democratic
tickets. Most of the latter were favor
able of Division, but voted against it be
cause tney were "afraid at tne Republi
cans." The resuit shows where the
trouble really was.
I Aire Omcs at LaGbaxps, Ob., Jane 1, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry
thereof at the expiration of thirty days from the date of
this notice, via;
Witnesses Proof w51 be taken before D.
see. 20, T 6 N. It U E,
P. Dwiirht. a
Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oreron.
on July 10, 1SS0, for the Sw 1
and name the following as his witnesses, viz: O. W.
Brock, C. E. Reed, Andrew McCroen and John Phil
ips. Hbxkt Dwmot, Register.
living in Milton precinct, Umatilla Co mty, Oregon,
an Estray described as follows, to wit: On two-year,
old Stallion; a bright sorrel; star in the forehead;
sasae white on .the nose; left hind feot white, and
branded with the letter r on left shoulder. Medium
size, and vicious among other animals, Appraised at
CATARRH, Loss of VOICE, Incipient
Consumption, and all Diseases of the
Throat and Lungs. Ask for the Cali
fornia Pulmonary Balsam, and take no
Sarcoid by all Drsjselsts.
Main SW Walla Walla, W. T.
Board, per day, $1.00.
Board Sad Lodslnr.
e.w ana .uv, aceoruing so room.
Beda ii and 60c
ITrce Caack the Batrl, far lusea,
Surreyor and Ciril EnglBeera
Pendleton. Oregon.
Town Plats made and Lands Located.
OFFICE At, tke Cout
.E vrro
at, pabbalMd every Saturday, at 622 California st. 6. P
The AaeosAtrr is essentially a California publication
bright, breezy of the Pacific and the medium of the
trood things of current literature. Sent, post paid, to
BUUIC. , upon receipt oi 4.w yearly subscription.
! ArcvMttt.
wight: BaUey,
aleweraf Uad AgrBts, KTatarles raaUc mm
Veal Estate Brsksrs,
- Pendleton. Oregon,
Have TowssBir Puts of all surveyed lands in Umatilla '
CooBty and a record of all Land Claims from tb. ant
location to the present time, and corrected semi-weekly
from the Laad OfiVe at LaUraade.
Will secure claims for parties under any of Ui. Land
Laws of the U. 8., conduct contested cases before tb. -Local
Land Office, awl on appeal to the LiepartOMiit at
WO! lucmlan Soldiers Additional Homestesd Floats
m ruiww win, ktvi UN muvn RWUW wu M jvhwv
Btarket ratei. - . ,
Will buyand sell Isads city property, -, 00 '
Tha Plattf and Records above referred to are the only
ones of the kind in VmatUla County, and mUUm east
save Urns and a tiip to. (inOranda by mni.r; t us.
ITWe have special faeDHlM far Ucattsc sww
TAKE IT efVbesi a3
nem-sieet Local papers in the Nortawest
It -- ansarj .i as an Adrertiaing medium

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