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7773 Ftt;il AXD POiyV
km r.K.YTitrxti nrmr.-w h
Points Jott$t3 Dy-'- B$r
Who A;e A?rays on the
Alort ic? Auy Item.oi .
Mr. al Mrs. Clawson departed this
morir'ng for their home in Bisbee:
A'i iroJ lx-iow cost at J. Mi-jers iV I!ro
Allen Htul Flllh street.
Captain T. W. Ileyue arrivtu in
this city to-day from Bisbee.
All n sw style dress goods. s.t th
New Yoik. Stote
Mr. R. Cohen, of tho Mechanic's
.store was amoug the arrival last
evening by coach.
Have you seen the show windows of
Seaman it Son. 11-18
The enterttisiuent tobe given this
evening by tholadie' of the Methodist
church, promwe.-i to be a musical
Ladies mid children's shoes sold
cheaper than anywhere else, at the
.eir iork fctorc.
A drummer never blushes, but you
can eaten him with a bobtail Hush
once in a while if vou care to call and
sue him. How is that, 11. G. A.
Blankets and quilts very cheap, at
the New York Store.
Ben Williams, Bi.bec; D. G.. Me
Gowan, Now York; Geo. L. Pearson
and wife, Michigan ; W. J. Mullender.
Sau Francisco; are registered at the
Occidental hotel.
Dyar fc Baldwin have a lino lot of
liv Thankgiving turkeys. 11-11)
Our stock of boots ;md shoes 'are
the iine-t this sM" of San Pram :-.'o,
sit Su'iimeriield Bros..
('apt. Hoyne, of Bi'sbee, arrived in
this city from that camp to-day.
Zephers, yarns, aivi all kinds of
fancy goods, at tin New York Store.
J. C. VitzJiMiry. lte of this city,
has opened a huc store in Lok An
geles. The finest display of jewelry in the
Territory at Seaman A; Son. 11-13
H. A. Tweed and A. II. Stcbbins
have gone into California on a little
jJeasure trip.
Freali exz nalwy? nt. li:ind ut the Cash
Biore of .W.ii.oitt V Mesick
Iuis Price is running a sutler's
store at the mouth of l'incry eguyon,
in the Chirichua mountains.
Ladies should not fail to call atul
examine those handsome embroidered
and headed robes just received at
Summerfield Bros. n2if
llenrv Frv and Chris Graucr came
in from the Chilcstcn mountains last
' In clothing we positively take the
lead at Summerfield Bros. o23if
B. A. Fiekas will enter upon his
duties as Clerk of the District Court
to-morrow morning.
Russian sardines in keg? at R. P
Mansfield's. o27-tf
The Chirichua Cattlo Company have
negotiated for the sale of 10,000
worth of beef cattle, to the California
Go to Dyar &. Baldwins on Fremont
itriH:t, between Fourth- and Fifth if
you want to buy groceries cheap.
County Treasurer Bitter is kept
very busy these days receiving" taxes,
which are being paid principally by
cattle men near Willcox.
Havana Billies, the best in the city
at Fortlouis.
Mrs. James Coylc and son, .Tack,
left this morning for a visit to Califor
uiaaud(.in consequence, our Chief of
Tolicc' is now ' a grass-widower until
their return.
Dude. Ed. Carpenter, now of this
city, was very mnch elated last even
ing when he learned tnat tlw "Dudes"
had won the race in Prescott on Sun
day last.
Ladies plain and embroidered flan
nel underwear, .-rt the New York Store.
Boneless sardines, at B. P. Mans
field's, .
;w t
; surely te coining city of the Vvest,
M r" Vl1 Duncan, '"' ?rot cuttle
mzoi ioxas, uud.ua twontv-two car
r .
.ooaus o: cows here to-uav, and state I
that himselfaud fiv other cattle men
in Texas were making preparations to
land in the Sulphur Spring valley
from 2,003 to 50,000 head of cattle
by the first of nest March, and flint
every arrangement is about completed
so that they can commence making
their dikes to I lie railroad, where limy
will be placed in cars and shipped to
Willeox. He states that he will ui
once establish men all over the valley,
at a distance of rive or six mile apart,
and boro wells to a depth of 20 or SO
feet, which will give him water enough
to water 500 cattle at each well, and
put in San Jos pumps, and place
largo troughs near the wells, which
will l.e kept full of water at all times,
which will keep the cattle in plenty of
water as they arrive, and, that as soon
as the last of them arrive, he will then
establish several more wells at shorter
distances. Clay Merchant, of the San
Simon valley, corroborates Mr. Dun
can's statements and says that in the
nest few mouths the largest thip-
incuts of cattlo that have ever been
known in this Territory will bu j
shipped from Texas. W. S. 1).
Willcox, Nov. 17, 1SS
Phil. Sheridan ititod this sretion
of the country some time since, and
pssed tlnotigh Aiiiua on the cars.
II now makes his report on the In
dian question and states that Crook is
the only man in the army that can do
us any good.
The Mexican who wa? arretted by
Deputy U. S. Marshal Kelton some
time ago, for not entering certain cat
tle at the Custom House, and who wss
brought befi'io pilgiini g. gordon
adams, who held him over to answer
to the U. S. grand jury at Tucson, was
discharged by Court Commissionor
Dungan, on Tuesday Inst, on the
I grounds that thru- was no eidence
whatever to hold him. Only two cases
did this old fraud try while in otiice,
and in both instances was bis judg
ment sat down upon and the parties
turned looe.
No extra charge will be made for
ehuwine; the celebrated John B. Stet
son hats zt ftummei field Bros. 10-1-1 j
U. S. Surveyor General John J lis?
is expected to reach Tucson this even
ing, although nothing definite i really
known concerning . his movements.
ii ....: fi.: -.,. i.:. ...:.t I
lie was in t liieago when Ins appoint- J
ment n ached him, und lie wili piob
ably su!:r.it his lK-.nds; bcfoie leaving
that city. Mr. D. Henderson, of this
city, who knows Mr. ilise well, speaks
of him iu excellent term-", and think,
that he will prove to bu a good, capa
ble and efficient official. Citizen.
Just received at Summerfield Bros.,
a new lot of ladies' plain and brocaded
lobes and cloaks, ulsters and other
wearing apparel. 10-11
We understand that under the or
ganic act of Arizona and New Mexico,
tho Legislature is not allowed to enact
any special legislation, and that under
this clause our city charter, as amend
ed by the last Legislature, is null and
void and will be contested in the
courts. If this should bo done here,
it will effect the charters of Tucson,
Phetiix and Prescott, also, ss some
very able attorneys contend that the
act granting charter to any city or
town must be a general one in every
particular. It would be well for our
citizens to look into this matter.
Twenty lots of new clothes just re
ceived at Summerfield Bros. Come
and sec them before puri;liasins else
where. 10-1-i
Encourage the growing chicks to
become friendly by giving them feed
near you, and tlion from your. hand.
It makes their care much easier, all
through life. When you want a roast,
when you wish to show a particular
bird to a friend, or when you wish to
lift your setting hen from the nest, the
thing can be done without terious
trouble. EajweiaUy is it well to have
birds intended for exhibition quiet
'ind gentle. They will pass through
an ordeal of that kind iu letter condi
tion suffering little from frights or
changes of scenery and when
brought before the judge will appear
to much better advantage tan if
frightened at a touch, or if they
struggle and flutter whan Iwing han
Items That ' riease . srouie?,
"While It Mvtl-cs tht
Guilty Squirm,
The reoplo's Paper Alwitys
to the Fiont When
There is ADyUiiug-
to "be Found
Miss Mamie Twomey celebrated her
sweet tixteenth birthday to-day.
Wa will have no more Distiict
Couit until February.
Judge Ih.vnee took his deoarture i
this morning for 1 ucson. J
1'ilgrim Adams lias not knocked the '
Countv Court out of date vet. I
'l'hi many friends of Judge Kaston.
late Custom House oiiicer in this city,
are urging his anointment as Justice
oi the Peace, vice C. S. Clark, who is
now p'istiiia'ter. Wa do not know of
a better man iu the city than Judge
Kaston for tho position.
San Jose fruits in glass at B. P.
Mansfield's. 10-12
Budolph Cohen, proprietor of the
Mechanics Store in this city, returned
last evening from California, after an
absence of almost a vear, and bis
many friends in this eity are pltasd
to welcome him back to his old home.
Fasern and California cheese at IS.
P. Mansfield's-.
At a recent tourmr smt at Prescott.
hetwesn a ho.e co any called tho
"Dudes"' an;', ano er called the
"Toughs," the form' were faiiccessful
by 2 seconds.
Soused inackpie something line
at IS. P. Mansfield's. ID-J-
Dining the past two i-ionth there
has been a great many new member.?
initiated into the Knights of Pythias, j
and thoto vouii'4 members have an
nounred Iheir intention of giving the
old memlcrs a grand banquet in a few
days. The time and place will be an
nounce 1 through those columns.
Dnpey hams and bacon at IS. P.
Mansfield's. 10-12
Wo leceived a letter latt evening
from Y. S. Uivis, of VHlmx, which
tv.ic i::!" trnrlv in "Cnviiiti.-i- tmf
. ... t.. .i.r-nnt, mn,
. ..... .
owiinr to some blunder oi the made.
has failed to put in en appearance be
fore; consequently, the itiuns it con
tained were too old to be of any use
to us.
Lunch baskets of all kinds at IS. P.
Mansfield's-. 10-12
The execution of Biel iu Canada,
on Tuesday last, is liable t. ca'i.o the
English gnvr rnnv-nt consi'1.-..M. t rou
ble and pr-jf-ipiiate aii't!.:: i..:'!.iv.ik
in Canada, and, owing to the govern
ment not paying volunteers who
served during the last outbreak, the
half-breeds will have everything their
own way for a long time.
The best teas and coffee at B. I.
Mansfield's. 10-12
The following item of news appeared
! in this moring's isun of the Bocord-
Epitaph : " We understand that Jns.
E. Brophy has old hi ranch to the
Chirichua Cattle Company." This
item appeared in The Dailv Tomb
stone last April, at the time the sale
was made and Mr. Brophy became a
member of the company.
Jockey Queen cigars 12t cents each
at Ashnmn i Walkers.
Two hundred thousand Northerners
are expected to visit Florida this win
ter. If each leaves there but an aver
age of ?10, that will amount to 2,
000,000. The importance of directing
more of the tourist travtl to Califor
nia. ought to be apparent. Alta Cali-"
fornia. Yes, or to Arizona, which for
health is without equal in the United
j St:ltcs'' especially durii
the winter
moutiis. star.
Try a Lottie of Old Forrester wli's"
k ey, at K. V. Mansfii WV.
Just opened, twenty (lessen of l'erin'a
French kid and line make of l.idies'
shoes, at Summerfield Brc.
Cranberry sauce at ll. P. jF.ins
HoM'a. iy.13
New brand of Koy West Cigar, El
Sol do Cuba, afc-Portlou'i'.
is:z?2zzz 'zzz& n mlov. s
S'riRlslS'ttl 0wIttits.-t:?iiJri o2 a
. ?ifit:or Sy lsrSor:-1TIi:tt
Eio:i It .ITijuitV
Not long ago a weeping mother
cal'ed to bid good-bye to her otily ton
who was fouti to be executed.
"Woman," he exclaimed in a mo
mentary ficnsy, "Woman, I would
never have been here hud you done
"your duty by me when 1 was young!''
This was a tenil-le parting! Tt
horrified the spectators, it nearly
craz-d the tO:iscie!ice striki-u uintliei.
Ono can scarcely overestimate the
mother's influence in th'.- iisouldij-; of
the character ot Iter ofisprius. But
how oft'.n. ch, how ofiin.''" aoth.-rs
seem to ignore this ;esi.ou-i,1il;;y !
During a recent trip on the rail the
writer made the acquaintance of Dr.
A. J. Benedict, of SackettN Harbor,
N. Y., a person who has made a study
of human development. Referring
to tho murderous tendencv of the
times, we asked that eminent man if
the outlook was not di-eouraging
5' bvk so," he said, -but infancy
vv h.n e .t cause and thj remedv for
lch '"J"- n, m proie-sional caret-r
1 have found bv hard studv that wo
,,.a ,. ulI10I.jj,-.i iroln .savagery by devi 1-
'"-ont ot the nenuus sys;t.m !(nd
: iiiv till' iiiiuui jitv, .ittvt t i. ivtutit i.r
savagery as we ignoie tlie tact mat
without the solid, trustworthy nervous
system, wo cannot hop,.- to save the
race. Boys' Mult dime poels, and the
pistol is to them the only respectably
gloii us instrument to sceuie fame.
Women read trashy litciturp and
etiaiuhtway try to munh heir hiii'
bauds and fiienils bv pui. n. !usi-
ness men yit Id to tho tempter, and
form- and -teal and default. Minis
ters, charmed by ln-auty, forget the
behests of conscience. On every side
we see the weakness of personal in
tegrity." "Do you regard it as a disease?"
"Mon especially as the' result of
disease which, however, may be pre
vented." "Please define how."
"1 cannot now enter into detail?."
Our people can see their bodies, their
blood, their bones. "They never see
their nerves ami consequently many
do not suppose they have any." The
farmer's wife rejoices in a big, physi
cal frame, and jet An dies premature
ly. The nerve cannot stand the strain
of continual work. The minister tails
dead in his pulpit, hut be never did a
day a physical work in his lite, i h
l.wyer faints in the pretence of the i
court and is soon a wreck or a corpse,
and yet the woik is nurve work. 1 he
in in itt titf.iir is iwen-tiTiii. U'itli .iui.
pk-xy; the politician and publicist,!10 rt-Tai-' th interior of tho engine
with liriuht .- disease. 1 lie muv.l ot ,
the untutored man is tired by the ex-
ploils of crime and he lon.- for such
lame. These pi r.-c.ns ovtrwolk or
ovcr-oxcite the nervous system and
this f-n:t kills or deior.-dizis them."
"If all this be so how would you
rectify it then?''
"Bet me tell vou. A few veil auo
1 liilil !i i-liK 1 fc-1 flt-lf vh U'!. Ml! !ltH-P
wreci;. t-Jie was tiiomotlierol several
childien. She lost her mind and
imagined she w.is cur.-ed of God. She
.. .- -- ...:c ? l .....i..
I "" l ,aiT ' '
' :imi Ut. I :u'vr Mi'.va tmvi' hi:ccnra!i
pnvsieai womannoou tn.in sue, n ui
! , i .., i
I lis was a nervous wrt
came bloodless, had the very wort of
female disorders and was in the last
stages of albuminuria or Bright'. dis
ease. This latter disease woiks partic
ular h.ioc with the nervous system
ami produces insanity and despair.
She was insane and desperate and 1
fear"tainted the blood of her offspring"
with these terrible tendencies. I
treated her for several years. One by
one the standard remedies of the
school failed, but 1 finally cured her
with Warner's safe cure, and she is to
day strong and well. Yet thousand?
f women likelier, every year bring
ill-fermed and criminally-inclined
children into the world. Is -it, any
wonder that nervous diseases prevail
and that the whole moral s-iise is de
moralised? If that remed were, gen
erally U'ed, we would have stronger
mothers, stronger children, stronger
inen and women, and with perfect
physical and menial health, erime
would decrease and society be more
Such candfil opinions ' are surely
worth considering. nl7-lw
Sam Ding who runs a Chinese
laundry in this city, came to the con
clusion a few days, ago that he would
not pay any license for conducting
such bu-dness, and consequently whan
Dan O'Conner called upon him to
produce the wherewith necessary to
procure a license, he politely told Dan
in Chinese characters to go to sheol.
This Dan refusod to do, but he did go
and procure a warrant for the arrest
of Sam lling, who was at once
brought into the presence of His
Highness Judgo peon clum, who
mulcted him in the sum of five big
government castings, and ad viced ll.e
cunning Sam lling to procure a li
cense at once, which he did.
2Ir. Ben William is in this city
from Bigloe.
Loral news is searee again to-day.
Mr. and ?Irs. .T. M. Nash arc ex
pected'hiHiie from Sau Frauciioo this
evening. v
t.'itf O'ucivl'.
The r-.u!ar meeting of the City
Council, which was adjourned from
las:t owning until 2 o'clock this after
noon, was held to-day. Present, Baf
ferty. Colin and Mayor Thomas.
Tho minutes of tho last meeting
were read and approved.
The following bills were pr"sentcd
and referred to the Finance Comniit-
W. M. Constable $21.00
C. II. &T. Co tt.75
Sol Israel 20.00
Huachuca Water Co ICSo
J. K. Palmer f.5.00
i'!:e bill of Pah. er was for one day's
instruction to City Attorney Savage
and ten days work for the Citv Coun
eil. The Finance Committee reported
favorably upon the following bills, and
warrants for their payment ordered
drawn on the General Fund:
Tim Giifiith $ 0.00
Daily To3II5sto.sk ".00
John Bclauy 5.00
Kecotd-Kpiiaph 1".S0
iSccord-Epifjph 217.20
Tombstone Gas Co B10.00
John Albv .. ... 17.00
Bepairs on Engine House. . . . -lo.OO
The Building Committee reported
Lthai, the woik .done on the engine
house had been .done in a. satisfactory
manner, and said icport was received
and appic.vcd.
A resolution defining the duties of
officer was then rend and laid over
until the next meeting.
A resolution was lead in regard to
the ISepoits of Officers, ami postponed
until the next meeting.
A re.- ltitiou fixing tho ollice hours
of the vaiitjus city offices was also
read, and laid over until the next
ISafferty presented an application
Tor a lease of the City Hall one night
in each week for the u.-o of the (J. A.
It. Bef erred to tho Bull. ling Com
mittee. ISafferty moved that $100 be taken
from the Interest Fund an-! placed in
Contingent Fund. Carried. Ayes,
Baffeity and Thomas; nays, Colin.
It was moved and seconded that the
Kngine Company be allowed -i'!0 cash
On motion the Building Committee
were given full power to act in the
matter of painting the loof of the en
gine house.
Mi. IS. E. Gray appeared before the
Council in rejjard to the time city
taxes become delinquent, and he and
- I 1- . ItA.. 1 11 . !...,! ,., 1-1 ,.-.,l Jy.
-" - v .n.i".- '.
discussion, when Mayor Thomas called
Colin to the Chair, and moved that
the Citv Atlornev be commanded to
commence suit againtt Geo. G. Berry,
for delinquent taxes, within two day.-.
Motion carried.
Mr. McAllister appeared before the
Council and asked that his Pcenss be
e'piali.fd. lMerred to Licenss Com
mittee. On motion the City Attorney was
instructed to levy executions upon all
property where a judgment for taxes
had already been obtained.
The following report of J. E. Palmer,
who had been employed to straight-en-
out the books of the City Auditor, was
then presented.
To tin' llonor.ibis Mavor and Com-
inon Council of Tombstone:
Ge.n"ti.::mkn: Pursuant to your or
der I have examined tho books of the
late City Auditor, ' W, L. Gaston, and
have made uch additions and correc
tions thereto as I deemed right and
proper. I have placed upon said books
ail matters pertaining to the Auditor's
otlicc including records and acts up to
November 1, lSS."i.
There was no record kept of war
rants issued since January 1, 1SS.", and
no record of ordinances and resolu
tions since November, 1SS-1.
The day book or blotter of the office
which thould be kopt up each day
had recorded no record of transac
tions since July, lSSo, which neces
sitated my going outside of the audit
or's oilier for infrrmatiou concerning
the same and considerably lengthened
the time that 1 have been engaged in
the work.
The accts hid not been journalized
sine June, 1S8.J, and then fore no
ledger record kept since that date.
I have made a list of warrants .tit
dUnding on November 1, ISS3, and
I'ud that the ledger' account, of funds
d.i'.s not show the true balances iu the
city treasury, and therefore docs not
serve as a check upon the Treasurer
which is the intention of the accounts.
This I havo corrected by changing
th General Fund credit trom fflsfi.iiS
to 3,420,s7; the Salary Fund credit
from '".,357.42 to 2,G3(U2; thulntur
eat 1 null rfu'iii, fram :, 1,150.52 to
f.lSi.-iy, and tho fonthigi'ii' "
credit, from .?2K.T0 to a i .
The different funds af corrected
show as follows
General Fund, credit bal...........?.i ' '"
Warranto outstandiiig 310J.''i
Fund overdrawn in Treasury..? 27.25
Salary Fund credit balance. . 2(!."C.12
Warrants .outstanding.. 2Cf,G.12
Nothing in fund iu treasury.
Interest Fund, Dr. h 1 fi52 .'
No wa i rants oui ing.
Amount in fund iu j u-asury.. 0.")2.-!'J
Contingent Fund, Dr. Bal. . . -l.IJO
W ai rants outstanding lo;.
Amount in fund in Treasury.. $ M.S5
The warrants .outstanding at this
date is $0070.21) and the total cash ic
Treasury is $0-10.00, which leaves th
lloating indebtness of tho city .tTiIuO.2'1
I find City Attorney Trantum i
cording to his account in the ledge
till in debt to the eity in the sum cf
$1112.70, when Jiis account should
have been balanced when he went out
of ollice, this amount has been car
ried forward to attorney Savage's ac
count and charged to him, nkhough
he never received the sitmu or any
part of it.
When Ben Jameu, license tax col
lector, went out of ollice, I find him
in debt to the city in tho sum of $631),
as such oilieer and, .?201.05 as tax c 1
lector. His account shouid have ai.
been bnl.inccd unless it is ajaet tl. ."
he still owes the city those sums.
Those amounts have been char,!.-':
to Collector I). O'Connor, although b.
never received tha same nor any p:u'
There have evidently been eredis
that have not been entered in tbr.
books of the Auditor's to balano:
theso accounts, but it would sonnum
more time to search them out th.u
your Honorable body would be willing
to grant.
The last assessment roll has not
been charged to the Tax Collector on
Auditor's books, althoug'i said Col
lector has received credit.- for laxe
collected thereon in tho sum o
f.'ijrii.oS. The same assessment roll
was not charged to the City Attorney
when turned over to him as delin
quent, nevertheless said Attornoy is
receiving credits each mouth for taxes
collected thereon. The assessmsnt
roll should be footed, and all unpaid
taxes at the time Collector O'Conner
received it snould bo charged to him,
and all taxes remaining unpaid upon
the roll when turned over to the City
Attorney Savage should be computed
and placed tc O'Conner's credit, and.
charged to Attorney Savage.
This would balance O'Conner's ac
count as Tax Collector instead of
leaving him a false credit of .JJiV'GO.L'i
as now shown upon the Auditor's
I have placed upon flic docket of
the Becorder's Court all cases of ar
rest and tho disposition made of the
same up to November 1. 1SS5. I have
also balanced the ledger accounts and
carried forward the new lxilar:
November 1, 1835.
Bespectfully submitted,
J. E. Paitr.i:, Accountant.
The Council then adjourned until
next Monday evening, at 7:30 o'clock.
As we go to prces word was receiv
ed of the killing of one of Nels War
rington's teamster. No particulars.
Mr. B. A. Fiekas, the newly ap
pointed Clerk of the District Court,
received the congratulations of hi
many friends last evening.
Tom Jones and wife of Bisb, is
now in this city and will taku Ins do
part ure to-morrow for Colorado, where
he will remain until tho spring.
Superintendent Cheney of the T.
M. &. M. Co., with his family, arrived
in this city last night.
Judge Barnes, accompanied ly
Jutlge James Robinson and family,
departed for Bisbee this morning, a.n&
will take in tho sights of the great
copper camp and return to this ci'v
on Saturday.
The Rev. George I Bear-un z.- i
bride, arrived in this city it ove, i, '
from Michigan. Mr. Pearson is. j
new pistor of the M. E. Church, . , '
is .-. fine appearing gentleman .-;
ingovcr six feet high. ITnoc. -us
well recommended as a tin
and a goo! man. I Te wi"! r- i,
this evening at th la h ; : ,- -:j.l
takes pUc at Mi.iing E -.'ij,.!, ,.
and all liis congreg ition in :y : -ac'iuainted
with him and his w,.
Wanted To rent a piano. E.i
at the Occidental hotel. i.,.
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