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The Daily Tombstone. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1886, June 02, 1886, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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'A ff 1
r h .lair m ;b is 53 pfcss. F-'S
T)!(i. Rones
Volume Y .NO.
tfafti&r- Fiftii- and Ilcn;
IJavo'alvrays in stock a Full Line
. ql'astoni and astern Canned
lopds, Fancy and Staple,
ijiuttanist i Fareiij- & -Bakers'
KlourSHga"', Hani, IS&jor. set,
always ( ai
51 1? .fo
.'rices. A Complete StocV of
-i Underwear,
Hats and Gaps,
QQt ?and .Shoes,
- -:- Sole Aeis tier."
Budweiser Beer,
Superior to any ir Market.
;Hay,- Grain,
Mised Feed,
!.OX:n a&d Wheat,
For sa'.u tft. U.aantities to suit
9?$pittr as:yva do in
!r foel jaaisn.d in saying wean
i 51 i
s undersold A Liberal Dis
vit ta one Cat? i Tj'okle.
Harry and Johnny.
Fancy Mixed Drinks "'of all
Kinds a Specialty.
Toa Kaltls Rye, and Cliff Springs
' a ijjMirbon. Also -
Allen Street btr'.iirdaricl Fourth
7SN(r.t;'W!- fc lUe.0 K. Corral.
Tiilze- Cattle
on Shares.
One of the very
ranches in
Bulpher Springs
Valley, ten mile
range. Plenty of
four good
on range;
of shade,
Fqj? particulars
apply at this of-
John Sullivan,
Practical anil Mechanical
X 3 jSI T I S T.
Uflice on tlie sgmth fide of Allen street.'
turce doors cu or fcuTeiitu.
3 ktaJa-of deli! ii wotk promptly-
jri.i;in aU of A.-tifichil Teelii a
.SprciaHy. Ti-t-th liiled jv6 cxtrarttd
'. wi'.lmul" psin. .Ml w-il- dor.c at t!i
lowst rates and WAURAI.'TEU. 3 21) tf
CalifGrieia fire Worts,
Hat an J rounJ, iron acl tteeL Guaranltod o( tho
bos quality and vorkicicshin.
;!:,.( for tck5raph,teIe)hone, baling nay, fences,
i lIU ( bridges, spring, .tc, ail kinds and tlzes.
rjnt!i.'l Hfiicsnlaiiy iicsnES'l msnnfactur
UUl UGl! li il Bl cr c! 2 tad ilx)lnl.rejr.uir and
thick sof. Oar enjt-imers ara piarazUjad ajanst law
suits. i
Gopher Traps, Bird Cages
caca, avatie3, Euimuor-hoiiaes, etc
Wire Gloih and Netting!
ilegres of strsngth.
All kinds of Wire Goods
tx the llinrr, rrEV!r an J goneral publia.
XOTCTTo (irty cnjnprtitlcn .u: roll yc3
hefter &ogs st Jc "tiic tii-UI oascem uinn-
in the J-ustieL's coup.t, TOTVUsnip
So. 1. in ihi- CBKjity of Codmr, Tcir;tor ol
A4izor.a, bsfuro p. E. Alrcrd, J. 1'.; Uctuand.
I'adwcll & Staf rd, Pl-ictifr, 1 .
Win, Coviucton, Dcfiindant. )
Territory ol .Arizona teridi erecting to
WUiiara L'ovir.Kn, defendant: You aro hereby
?iminnncd anil rtqniicd Ic spgexc tcforc rau at
my office tn Tombstnce, county tf Cochise, on
th3Ul!i dsy r.f Ajirll, . ) lC, at ten o"clocs
a. m , to ajtver the complaint of the aluve
uuei plilniiJTs, ho dimar.d cf yd tbat yt.n
are indebted lo ibeni In the ftir. t lll-W. '"
gonas and mcrchsndisa pnrchn- cd'lurf ?ilivcred
lovou at joui iaetaLcc and icque;t, i niurt
fully appeals bv u-intilaiiit now on Ji'e in ry
itaw. Andif you fail io app' ar and ai;MV?i tuid
cnip!"ii.t as herein rtrqniied, the tilninulTs will
lake juSsmi-nt against joa as cemand";! and fr
1I10 cos'.a vt this suit. Uien under ray hnnd lino
If. day of Ma:cfi, A, 3., lSii. C 1J. Al.VOIiD,
" . Justice cf the 1 ea,c.
I First Publicotioil March 15, 1SSG.
IVoti.cc for A?g15eatioTs.
(PllEClIl'IJON No. 117..)
Linu1 Office at Tjbcsok, A. T., 1
Jfarch IL lSbG. 1
Notice ! hereby given that ths follo-ffins-named
settler lias filed his r.oScc Dt ialin
i'tun to make fm.il proof in support of his
claim, and tl,atid proof will be nude be
rnrivihn w,,uiri - and Keeciver at'fucon'
i'Ari?,.na. on April "J". ltG, EuL-etie K.
ltfj-etc, of Bi tuon.fiAi'izoiin, ior tuea-. 4 01
S E JT of Section 10-. and W of S W of
Scc.Jl. Township 17 South, iiange 20 E.ist,
Gila and Salt Kirer base eitd meiidian. Ife
names the followiiiK witnesses to prove his
'cont'nuuu? residcuce upon, and cuiriration
of said land. viz. v . G. .Johnson, K. E. tt il
son, Jiuiiis I'atten an'1 Guoige Kent, alio
lieiison, Ariiosu.
' B M niOM3 Pristcr
:i sr p. cp.owmet.
TIic. Finest in Hie lLand.
These fine Tom & Jerry's, hot
Scotch whisky, hot Jamaica, St. Ctix
and Nfxr England rums at Henry
Campbell's Keg House. 1-5 tt
All luenibsrs of this league, and all
persons who sympathize with its prin
ciple, are" hereby earnestly requested
rfol to patronize the following-named
persons or firms, or tiny business in
which they arc engaged.:
'L.VW. Blinn, of tiochUcII. & T. Co.
E. W. Woodn, gas and ice man.
L. Hart, gunsmith. .
-II, I-C.Tweed, general iftt?rciandisc.
. J. P.'Olum, "city rocdr'di'r., " "
Chas. Uaccigalupe, butcher.
Webster Street, county judge. j
' II. Q. IIoye, surveyor.. - ',
G. G." Berry, lawyer.
Dr. WilliSj 'couuty physician'.
L. Shoeufeld, cf Shoenfeld ll'ey-
man. - "'. ,
Daily "Epitaph."
JJnison Doree Eestisuraiil.
Cochise Couu y Bank.
Tombstone "Democrat."
Ben. Goodrich.
By order of the
5-7-tf. Anti C!ii::esh League.-
Adf ico to Jioleiei-.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for
children teething, is the prescription
of one of the beat female nurses and
phyticians in the United States, and
lias been used for forty years with
never-failing success by millions of
mothers for their children. During
the process of teething, its value if
incalculable. It relieves the "child
from pain, cures dysentery and diar
rhoea, urining in the bowels, and wind
colic Bv giving health to the child,
it rests the
hrother. Price, '25c a
The undersigned has leased for a
number of years the Oak Grove Dairy'
and over three hundred corns,' uud'
will on and after Tuesday April t!Oth,
be able to furoitsi frch-and. pure
milk and genuine ranch butler in any
quantity i.ud deliver the san.e.
4-lu tf- - . . JOUXSV.-SuiSLDSr
The Cuba-liuiid-niadc tTgar made
only by C'.ib.m workmen out of the
linest Havana tobacco. This cigar ih'
the fineptbi cigar ever sold in Tomb
stone. Ashman & Walker, the tobac
conist of Tombstone, are tho soH
agents, and all judges of a line cigar
are recommended to give them a" trial.
To be had only at Ashmun & "Walker's
Tobacco Emporium. 4-12-3t '
llemlicrN Ajiii--ItiKeie SiCtsgrsie
Any member of the League know
ing of any person or persons giving
washing, buying vegetables, or em
ploying Chinamen in any capacity
arc earnestly iHJ.'iuesled to report the
same to any member cf the investi
gating committee, that they may ws.it
on said parties and request them to
desist from said action. The utmost
secrecy 'will be maintained and the
names of such informers will hot be
made public.
Fiiask Broad,
- Cou Dean,
Josiah Kir.i.cw, .
W. J. Weeks,
James Chatham,
Members "of Investigating Cominil-ibe.
2?nrc Cliniit'e.
ron ' sale
A house and lotin Bisbce; the'lerd-
in Concer Minintr-CamD in Arizona j
0 11 - , ."
Teirilory. itv the renter Of the busi-
, j
ness portion Ot tile town. 111 ta.C j
cash, cattle or real estate in Tomb-1
stone in payment thereof.' Apply to
XT en,.,Tr.lrLTl-S !
The Pioneer JcwelerT
Allen Street, between 4thand.vtb,
Tombstone, A. T. - J-lfitf
T have appointed Mr. J. V'V.ick
crs mv agent to collect all outaland-
ring accounts due Summcrfield I&os.,
aiT-i.also to pay all delits owed by. sr. id
firm. ' lisscii Summekiield. 5-7tf
Tlfara-CIn-sii aj:ie.
There will be another third-class 01
emigrant stage- ljr.o start to-morrov?
morning between t.his. city and Fjc5.r
bank. Fare, 25 eents.
Tom Taft, I'roprietor.
IlAKr.v Stcveiiso:;, aVgt.
At the Willow's Saloon. - '
Anhoneei beer on draught' atiho
Oiieuti-.l, a 'ine luech thioyen in
Township, or the Com j jt tioehi-e, lerri
tory of 'Arizon t. before. Jt o C. 1s,iiii, Just
ieo of the Peace:
11. C .McCaifioy and c C. Lrvtin, pln!ntii
ve. I).iuiel Vmi, detLUdan;; dcrpaud SItO
Tlie Icnitory of Arizona sends greeting
to Datiiel Wood, an alm-u defe:!d-nit.
i'Ou aie hcreliy coiuinanued uud reqnirVrl
to .ippcar Uelore :ne at my otliee ih the citj
ol 'I'oniiStaii.., cou'itv of C'jrlH-e on tl e
3d day of Ouiu-, A. 1). :.t ,0 oVioek.
:i. in., i) imsuer the c&tnpliiint of the nbo7t
liaraed pl.iinl ill's tvho (Um.md of jou, "th.il
you are lndeoteu to taeui in tuc sum
ol o,. limnned tSlOO) doll.irs, for assess
ment ivork done by pl.iiutill's on the I'lingor
mine, m loinu.-torie Uisluct, at jour special
instaiito and request.
And if you fail to appear ccd answer said
eomplbiul as herein required the plaintiffs
wiii f.Ke juujrment against you as demand
ed by default and for eost-s of suit.
.Jjiteu under mv hand at s.t'td township the
"S3rn 'fiay of rvInu'llA. i). ' . i
Jiwtiee of the I'eat'e ol said Townshlo.
IT H THE Ji;tvTICii-ls COUf.T. Towr.snn-
JL No. 1, in tLe couiiiy of Oechic-c, le.ritory of
jurizenn, lH-!ore U. ii. AIoid, J. I; demd, jc6.
J. J. Ilenntlt. Dcfenr'an.. I
Toa 'i errl.ory o Anziila secd3 preetis to !.
.j. teaneit, jjiieLoaut: iou tre nt-rety eum
mobed aid rtq .ir.d to upj:e-r oefurd ae at to
cf'ljeiu TomuMtpce. onsiv of Oi.i.hii'e. ou thl
3ln cay ot April, A D lSii, at tea o'ciack a. m.r
lo answer tn couipiaiM ol to a'io e-niiaca
piii;;u s, vino oenuaii oi jou tea you are m
rti. htsa tu them in he snm ol S5S, lor o&ds and
raercfiaLdwe porchastd aud tielitcn-d toyoaat
joar intince and rtqitept, as niori fjliy npnears
jji- ie.cit;Le iu euiuim. nor 0:1 nie 111 my
uilice. At.d ifToa lait to anuenr and answer saio
conipliint r.s beie:ur(.qaiii.d, the plnintifl'a will
iai.e janiimect atiiu.t you hh aeoiiucea ana lei
the-ti ets f thisssit. (in en under ray hand this
Sih day of iiuich, A D 16.
Kotiec to Crcditurs.
Rokwiin, deceased, are liereby .i-ilitied le
present llieii cl.iinis, with proper voucheis
lo me, at ths store of Tliosnas Ati-hison,
corner ol SiStii and Alien street, Hitniii torn
months fr.om tin: date ot tiiis notice,
D.iltO iHreli'lOili, lct4).
tiKO i'.GE R. WATT,
Administrator o the Estaluof Ileury fK
nuin, di teased. -
in the .utssrioE's oouisr. tow:,siiii
So. 1, in tao Uoua y of I o. ebe. Ter.itvrj o.
-ri3oaii, betoru C. ii. A'l'.ord, J. I',; dea.au.;.
dutt'ci. a; sianiera, i-iaiai;ii, I
v.-. J.
J C B.-toIce, Ije.end ait. )
TheTeriii.ry of Ar zoni seeds g-celin to J.
C. lirooke, ("eftti dal : Yoa arj hcriby earn
mai. 0 and leiiuiied toa peJ4 bf-ire laatiaj
oiteciii loai'j loiio. cuaiiiy ot-Vcae, on tht
3Uth dtiy oi .iptil, ri i , Itsbr at ten o't'n eii e. ui.
io ausuei tne c-ra-la.iil ol tf.e above n-iaed
pi iiiiiU's, who dca.end n sou turn joaattin
uebicu to teem la tne sum 1 guV.iD (or good ad
laeicoaudise pi .-chased and u-lhered ioyoj a
vi.ur lastaece aad ieqjot, ta mo.c fi!l uppea-s
bvc -inii?.iit i.ow on 2iC in at ehiee. incl'l
u la 1 10 appear a d tnsur said ei.mn a m as
auiu r. qui ej, thj iKin ifld td lake jnUg
meuc r -last yu ai.d for the co s i.f ibis suit
txi.cn iiu-er my hand this Is day oT ila eh A. il.
INS. f. E.A.-YOiiO., J. -.
1 it- tLe C'ji.uy of Uutl.i-e, TerrJimj ol
Arizona, befo e'C. E- Alwd..I. P; d-.inand,! tt'.
C'ad, e!i i btioiiord, I'lamtili, 1
vs Y
Henry Siebe-t, Oef-i.d9nt. )
The Teiri orj of Alcona sindd grOitinj to
llfnry s:e .err, Uefcadoit: Voa aie I.eroDj
tummoned Lnd re,p.lred to ftj-penr b' fore m- a
ray otri-.e :n Tomlw uuo, coun'j ol Cuch fa b ihi
t't.th.i.ay ol April. A. 1). lasii, at teno'c.ocU a. in.,
to aiitVer ilu coni Jaiu! of f.-w aove-i.amid-plAiuiiU'tr
who ceniaa of yoa thit 50a .us u-i.e'1-ed
10 llrom ia th suui t.t' -l't.6,l, tor irm-d
and mc-chaunlse pstchu-ul a..i! dolhirvd ai
iiir .r.-;i,uce and reqt.es--, &8 more tuiiv a,ipoars.
m coaiidaii now cn tile iu lny t,lllce. A. d 1
yen la 1 .0 appear .ti.n a.tv.er sa.d '.opiidiiiut ai
Ii.ru n leqmr d, ihepjaiut.l"s vli lukejiiegiaeiii
aa nst J uu as eem.iiiued and lor tLe costs 01 hi-'
bint. Uiveu under my hand t. is l?t iy ol JUrch
j.. 1) l: IS. E. ALVOiiD.J.P
No, 1, entity "1 l.'ochjs , Territory of Ailana,
b.iore C. b. .ilvi.id, J. P.; de.uaud, JSD
C-dnell Si btauiurd, i'knuih't, I
s 4
W II. rriee,D!rr.huit,
ti-ii Ter 1 orj of .-iiix n-a cnos gne'.ing lo W.
?A. I'lii-i-, rteeudanl: You are sun.iao..iC and
icniicd to eppeir befo e nie at n.y oJU'as in
T nt. hioiii, CuUuiy o! e'ech-se, on thuSJ.noayot
Aonl A. I). ISS-'i. a. ten o'clnck a. :u.t uasiu-.
tL'i comj laint ofrhtJ-'abore-Miiied plaiut IT-, bo
demand o! yen tiiac you are ;naet e.i to tiieni 1- ,
l::e cum 01 xJ lor. o.s auu ius(ii,aiiui.'e mi-Chst-cd
and oe'.ive ed at your instance and re
qitis:, 1.8 more mllv ap eirs- by eomplatnt low
oucluiu my illl v" And iryni liil tu appear
aid-n-nvvr tiod co'mplaini t hareio rrt -ireu,
the piU t.ffs v; 11 t.ke jiidgttfci.1 aga'Drt y ai as
demanded auu Its: tie c );W tfStU- fUit. Q.ien
andcrmy taafi this 1st day-it'Jfcwcb. .i.P 1-Sj.
U. Xj. .'I7iil'. tt. X .
No. 1, in the lonn-y or Uocntse. Turitory 01
Arizona, bcf.re C. L. Alvcid, S. P.; d.aiund,
ftt..4tl '
unowtll Stafford, rUinliC,
ftll E Stafford, PUInliC; t
is, - t
. E. Ilretian, Defendant.)
n'hrt Tirrlti.rv' f.l Ai.z.La s-.rds cri-ct'irg to
OJ'.aiS-s-'. tiiV.iiin.defhiidart; Yr-ti -Jr- i.ebi
scmu nncd and r. qtur.d to appear tKfrire- iJe M
o;v ofiiei in Po!i.t:slool. c limy of l'o:b sr, 3B '.te
8U".hiayot .ap.ii.'A D 15c", at 10 yVlool: n. ra ,
li. answer t" e.ua;.!s.1i o! tlie aboie airaiej
nifliLtiflj?. who ceioand' of iou th-t 11.1; ..r.i ta-
liebted to tluri In tlieiM:-. i.f Jlo -.0, for good
and merchandise p rcbi?i! he-i ue;ivi..-eniov'.o
Ki yoarils-uece ia.tl rtl-.Et tsrr. In.U ap-
p u.y-bvompIaint.nu-A oufik-mraiiiice auu
f ,on 'ill to not ear and ai d nsir rs;.l com
,.i,,it it.hr.-iu ncbired, tbo plaintilTs vllliak-.
fe7thGiv ttSS tht. V"?
March, a'ij itto. t.u. alvoiw, jcp.
Li a nor D eaier
llis on.har.d consrunlly the choicest brands
of Iiiroorted L-iquois, Wines and Coidials
Family trade iVHiciteq
'AJfaEiSsrv p;.b v5i(::G35S'a,iJ-Ti a.
Fruit trees, small fruits, tuid- grttpe
vines for late planting ; monthly rtosf
bushes, OrJaiiders, and plants and
bulbs in variety;, and the combination
steftni washing machine, best in use,
sold by J H- Tuttle, Second street,
between "Allen and Fremont, Tronh-
No. 1, coamy of Co, blse, Territ. rv of Arizona
b. fere (.:. U. Alvord, 3 P. ; demand gll SU.
Oadwtll fc blsnford, Plaintiff, j
s. I
James PIIls. Uffendant. )
'the -eintt y .f Arizona tends greeting to
James rule, atftnd-int; Yi.u nrc. heteby snm
sciumo edara -e.mred 10 appear before me at
my "tip em ie cjt cf Toinbstoae Cvuruy of
Cer.ire, 011 the 3.1tn da .1 .'pri!, A h ISSf), at
iOo'riocke. 111., to au-wK o th" cnmpli-intof
tf-.e abve nnmed phuutiflfi, who demands of ou
taat von are injected to them in the p.m of
S3i JO, fir goods aud MLreiundise pai-caaaflu and
d liveica t.i von at joi.r iastiiut.e and r.1, .est, n
moie tally ap, eats oy x trip hunt row 1.11 file 11.
myolh.e. And if 3 on fail 10 appear aLd a: sn-er
said coaiplaint as herein reqnird, ike. plaintiff's
will tase jude-meut against yoa tis demanded,
and for the costs o tne suit. Qiveu under my
hind at said township, the 2d day of March. A,B
18aG. O. E. ALVORD, J I.
No. l,in the county of Cochise, Teintory of
An.ou, before O K. Alvord. J. P., demand,
$!t 11. ' - .
cauwU.& laforil, rhvintlftj( - -
. M. McnoVl'; ncfeadant. f ' ';
The Tenitory of Arizona sends greetip to F,
Al.McUiiLald, oifendEt; You are hi efcv sum
rnor.edai: reqhiitdto- aiiticar bi-ioie me atiay;
i.-u u i.Hiici ue, c hliv ui u.-uis-, on tae
SH.h day of Apiil, A. II. ISSfe at 10 o'clock a. m , f
to eii-nver tho complaint of the above naaod 1
pumt:u s, u eemaiia or yo 1 that you urn In-1
debted o ihm iu the una ufS7I.il, lor kious
ud nitfrchauoise puretased tnd cePvered to y -u
yout ias'a .fj aad rsq iresT, a: m .-re lally ap-a-s
r.y e.i-np! nut a ,i on ttle in my 011 ce. And
you tail to appear aad answer soid loaipiamt a
r in rtqujred. the p.aintiire vill tale jud,
cnt ag-jii-t-yon as eeinim..ed and tor the cons
this suit, llivei: nndsr mv hand this Vnd nay
Marci.AD C, K Al.VOlil), J, P.
No. 1, Ccchise cot. tv, Artzur.il Tthritory. bctcre
CJ. -Mvoid, J. P ; demir.d,'S!)3.23
(.'aowell & stmt rd, I'laimia, 1
vs. y
Henry T. P.-icj. Defeudflnt. J
Toe Territory of Arizona scnCs g'ta'.ing to
He ry P. Price, defendant: Yoa ari h.rt.tiy
fuwa oned and. lequired to appeal beto-d me at
myefiice ia Tombstone, can .ty 01 Cochise, on
t6e 3Uiti dav or Apti.. A n lit6, ot ten o'clock a
ui.i to imsw'er the 1 o.'iplaiat o; ihc above named
ulaiut-fia, who d-inai.d if )ua that yoa are iu
dootec to tttni in ihe sum of $03.-5, f . r god.
and me chaiid.se port has d atd uelivircd to yon
at juir li.sta' cc ai u Kqttsi, as mote fully ap
peals by c- mpia nt now- od file iomy i.&cc. Aiid
o oi lail to appearand answer said coinpUiai
a.hemc leqaoed.-the piatufn's uiil laKejadg
m iu ig-iinst von as dimanded and ior tEeiAisi-
ot Ihi-suit. ivcn nnd r my. h:,nd tnis 1st day
A ila.-eh, A t j8sti. C. 13. ALVOKD, .1. P.
Messrs.- Cwsar it Wehrfrita have
just received, at the Crystal Palace
.,l,isr, . .nn.tn,.mn.,i .t la .m, v- i
tcr, which they keep on draught, aud
draw from their' nator.t German foun
tains. Go and try some some of it.
- " 2-Glf
;nr 1
Govrnty, City " "Wai rants
and Jurors' Certifieatvs, ac
eoptecl accounts against tlie
City or County "boutrlit at
hlio lun-liacf ti-i o l'lrf-. ni'Ififi of-?
bxi; aiiQi.i.i' o.j uiaxuu jj aui. ui.
tlie Cochise ' County 5ahk
Tf you want bargains in oi! cloths
mil i"i i-Ti.-itu on tn SJolioiinfolil & Miiv- !
I K .
mans- '
and vicinity tbat I hae returned from the East wih a large. -supply
01 the Celebrated
Simonds' Nabob Bourbon Whisky?
and is nov,' Iol sale Ly the gallon, bottle and smaller quantities
at my bar . .iJS. PASCHOLY, Occidental Hotel - :
No. 1,11. the Coniity of (.ocnise, Tnrrno.. y o!
Arizona, bel'jie C, H. Alvord, J, ?. ; tui-ihaad,
L'adwell Stanford, yiilatiC )
Xathui:clAl.tzfmd r,i)crt. )
"ha Ten-'.iorr ofArizo a send grcetirg to
N.-itLau el Altsirder, defendant: Yon aie ' ere
by s'lmmoni-d and required tn appear lieTcre mc
ai mv 1 Met ia li r.ihsioi e, cmaij of CocMse, on
theSOihdav of Apili, A 1 tsB3, at Ua o'clock a.
ni , 1 3 'i'.fv,'ei tn- ti,in-iia'm 1 1 c aoove-i.amca.
pLit tiffs who t-em-nd o! you that y.-a are in '
de it rt o ih m'iit'ih'e mn cf g-'I 45, f. r goods
and merchsa W ;:i-.e-.a id ai d dt-liv. rd oy u
ri.urown Piiftaheand Tfonci. n.are llil.y
Lapj.- rsb- c mplamt now. oa tip- in my office
FAnd if oa hiil to tppcar ar.d aiiswWfajU'c'bm-
j chit as hen.1'. n quir-o, me pinnnu s win iski
1 Kljlneill. agillisi jya r.s utuoiiiueo ai iii.-r.iir
costs cl ibis suit, unen n.ider my nana un
fli-stday of March, A. l. ISS-j.
i.. Ai.v ui:u, ,1 t .
im. a. m ill e 12U.J. 11 oi.i-, itiiuwiv v. f
Arizona, be'i-iv u is. -ivr-j. j-,; cemanu ;g..
L ihi vi (.11 & Mantru, ila:.ili-,
v .'.roe?, l.r.d4r.t t . .
The Teirnt.ry of Arizona seeds Ercftiigto V
Am"1. ieit -iiiii.il.. a 1. sc! ucit'.v 11 IU....U1 11 1
rn r a irsd to eppcar b.r .re ree at wy o;m e ,n i
oa.ostOH C TWlOl 1 e-u-.iii ie oiiu a)
of Apr 1, At) lbse. at 10 o"c'o'k a m. Pianew r J
i..ecomp!ai.t..fthear.ov aa ucd pl.iniid., wio 1
d m r.u.rviiitth4t von ore'iiiaeb'edt,.tui.-iiu
thesumofSSi: f rg.-ods ani"racaci:acui3 fit .1
..KB.i.l a.t i!,.lifr, rt to 1 ou of runr o-.vu ic'stanci-
aidnqust, 1 n,orfl tally cppiurs by cotap'atnt
.v.- ol file ill mv oliice. Aim if yo'jr fa' I loop
rtpar snd answer said 'complaint as htrein re
qalwl, tbpp'laintiiT will tike Jndfrincnt agtvn-t
.riU SF UlI!ianUl.ll aLll'Jl tiai. lu;-ia .u.at.i..
" aven under my hand tnis 2nd diy of Mnich A T
QSI5. ' C. E -'JT 1 V J.P
First insertion March 27, lSSOJ
; Ktitice 01 Foneitiire.
"Yon arc hereby notiE"d that I have C3-
pentica one nunarcu iioinirs vvioo;, in -a;iuiM
and improvements on the "Little Jack" Judo
and tuiisintr " claim, sitrfsted in the. "Warren
Miniiiir District, t:our.ty 01 Loeniee, icrn
lory cf Arizona; Iocaiion notice of which
claim is rscordidin Hook of M'nes So. 5,
pae 63d, Cochise County liecords, under
the nrovisioii? of section 2?..'4. Ilyii'-ec
!UituU3 of the United 3!nte. Now ther!.-
fore, if within r-inetv (90) dajs from date
tlioreof and publication of th s notiee.you
bail o' refuse to contribute each of j"U yoair
iiropTtioojr.f said expenditures and cost of
:Us puWirati m co ov.-nere, your :ntcrests
in said tpvae 01 claim, will lecome tho. prop,
eft- of t-tiiinrioisigccil, under s.iid section
2:)S-lvKcviscd Ijlatutes of the United'Stateb.
" , . J.P. jr.XSFIEa.D.
l!j3iTwB,''Aijaa, -March 24, I860.
Vov Sale.
An elegant lady's saddle. For part;
sulirs cnonire at 'his oliice.
Union News Depot
Can Always be Found the beet Astortnit of '
Books, Toys and Stationery
. PfiiiiOfllCALS,
AUcu Sireet,in Grand Hotel B'd'j.
SOL ISRAEL, Proprietor.
- -tB (ffoene oTeve4ecription, cHoi-vst-brarrdu
of KcnsckyJjrWk&y mhg r
of Jill ;i r d Vc.it constnnlly ou .hand au'i
sold at lowest -prices. " r
rank B. Austin, .props
savers supplies always on hand ar.uj
of thf best qnalicy.
is aeknowleucd bv eminent suree'ons to f s
tl, .....I l.."i- l-..... n..a i.i
. ...u .uitsi 41.11 1.111-CI. 1VUU11U, OJJVl llllillUAUlli
'.o luvaliia.
BOX WHISKY has been, wp.11 .Unoivn .for
ninny years, be.tn; unsirrpnwed for liaccoi-.
lent qtulitv and Selielous fia.rpr. Everyboiy
who has fried it says it is the best in". .ha
families supplied by the gcllou, ca.'3 ot
J3"Jone genuine unless my ii;natn.e Is
across the cork, "G. Slram -e.iIs."
ily nr-entio authorized to sell'to the tradcj
I111H barrel, barrel directshipmentfKom Ken.
lucky or from his warehouse it' San -Beruatv
dino. Sold by the bottle and gallon by , .
Sole Axnt6 lor Tombstoao and vlcmltr; '
Tho Foimt.iin. ,
Ttie Foinitaiit Chop House is the coolest
place in the city to lake it meal. No smoke
ticat or smell from the kitchen, it being en-'
tireiy- teparate frb;u the dining room. No
fore-quiirter beef '.used. Nolhiu?. but Ite
choicest cuts, fish, ffatpe, ojaters. etc l'ri-
nto .iitr iiw. fr.m . T.mrrlii.iil clr,...l I.-, ll.r.
Imis. " net7ff.
For Sale. ;
The of( cstablisiiud antf
only Undertaking unsjnes
in Tomnstcne, either iviti
or ivitliont tiie real estafC
Terms rej'sonaoic. ;-Fct
ntien,Iars, address A.
RITTCaC Touilirtbjio, An-
. 2-9ti ;
:uyai ,OC .MalUVi'ii';
, . , -i i
-,v uojcsa.u aau retail ueHit.3 aaa
r ff j Df-
Hjifitff hp If. JjS,T(Sx?
WtS hQi$$ ' AVik&.Vj
. .
9".'3 alt kinds ot
. Mrs. Ifead has been ttppointetS
agent for " Connor's ranch, bnttr"
wliich she receives frcjh eTery-;atjj?
dav. Also fresh- btHterniilk an linncL
' S-17'12?
z ';'
Lny a Lady-
a-l 1
is beautiful, all "but her skin;,
and nobody has ever tolc
her how easy it is to pui
beauty on the skin. Beauty-,
on the skin is Magno,
Balm. """'

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