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The Pioneer Daily of ike Cninp
" ' ' ' 'Kuudays Excepted.)
Office on Allen Street, north side, between
Third and Fourth. '. . r
Subscription Kates.
6ae Year '. $10 00
'six Months 00
"Three Motilhs.' 3 00
One Month: 1 00
Te!ivered"by Carriers for 25 cents a Week
.Go.cHis& Couniy.
For years the people of Arizona
-haWbeeh Ifylrig to impress on their
Easiern brethren .an idea of the suf
ferings' to which they hare been sub
jected by the raids of the murderous
'Apache; The sickly . sentimentality
of the East has heretofore drowned
' every appeal" sent up from, this sec
tion, and rapine and murder has gone
on at the will of Geronhno. Light,
"however, seems to be breaking, and
already come of the most influential
"of Eastern journals look through the
Apache RiiiBs frbm an Arizona stand-
. point. We recently published a forci
ble article from the Washington
"Critic, arid now comes the St. Louiri
Globc-lJemocrat, one of the leading
newspapers of the country, with the
following commentary on the Indian
situation. It says :
,"If tho people who protest against
General Miles' offer of $2,000 for the
capture of the Apache Geronimo,
dead. or alive, anil $50 for eadi of hie
1and, do so on the score of its extrav
agance, they are informed right heie
that each hostile Indian in tho couu-
try costs the Government on an av
f - .
erago about $3,000 a year. This was
the computation of a Government of
ficial a year or two ago. Of course, at
this figure,' the Government could af
ford to board all of them in first-elate
hotels, and give the weary soldiers
Tvho have been hunting them a much
iiceied rest ite. If hu nani'.aiian sen
timents inspire, the protest, it would
tie'wel for the protcstanis to reir.eni
iortrfatthe policy of humanitarian
Asm has led to the cold-blooded mur
der of dozens of innocent persons by
"these Apaqliefieuds in the past tix
months, and that these atrocities are
still kept up. Every means if civil
izing the Apache, except the one just
adopted .hy General Miles, has been
'tHed and all failed. The declaration
yist the only good Indian is tho dead
Indian ia"gopel when applied to
Geronimo and his bind.
r.ev:s ib usually called good
news, but ao Isdiaa news at the pn
ent junctare hardly eor.ies cnder'ihat
The Epitaph speaks c: the
Melodious organ" of Judgs Barnes.
What is it, a mouth' orgsn, hand or
gan, or one of the organs of the de
'cayinjg Arizona DeipocycyJ
-Fbo prejt report states that Senator
Hearst i very "iirc-d" of his nei,liori
oie. We doubt' very niueh if his
'weariness, co.mpur ivith thai of the
people of 'California in seeing him
with the Senatorial toa cn. '-
The.ro is an abjclute dearth of news
cbntrrihig.the wliereaioilts of Geron
imo" iirifl his B.nd' of cr.tlhroals.
'Nothing has been heard of them for
-five duvtf. It Is tsirelj' poiou lb it
'the actirity .?;ith which O'eneml Miles
iaa been pfiru?ng theni ais driven
ihenffrom the Teniwry to tctk.safo
y Hpiid the rccotyc-i cf the ii.-rrn
'Madrce. '
This evening, in the White House,
Alll Gccrir y.i3 weddj yj of ?:"-p!!t'ii
'Orc'ver Cl-JV-lam), Trfeident iA tho
'the United rit te, stud aJi-a 1'olbom.
Althougli tl:t' unioL is o'v!i beiwi-en
Gay and J?t;ec:itt.T, Ti'.v ToafssTtixr
-Jrusfu it ii:y Jirv- .c a ii.ippj'oiif, .n,J
Jhi't when t'r vt-i- p'.rni.'.nenily r.'tirt.4
ifom tlip cr.rw H o5.:e on the 4th of
lurch, lScl), Iil- m:iy li.ivi i,tAVil
lore c .; a:.!y for domostic bliss than
ne hs '.u'j-uau'iiig tlu1 ..itiOii.
The starting up of the Rattlesnake
mill does not' look as ii the camp had
gone, to th'c denihitiori bow wows.
Supervisor John Montgomery is
looming uptas a strong catididutc for
Slirriff on the Republican ticket.
. There don't 'stem to' bo many who.
want to enter the lists against Billy
Bradley for the office of County Re
corder. Tho politest' man iticamp at pres
ent is tho fellow who' wants an office
this fall. Chesterfield would appear
as ari uncouth boor by comparison.
Do you remember something about
a "boycott ia Tcniibelcne? There was
a good deal written in the papers
about ft. tit the time. Epitaph.
'tis. Messrs. Mongolian, we do. We
re col.h-ct th'ut .by its influence you
were forced to dispose of your job of
fice, to procure, means to continue
publication; and that it is still so
binding on you that were it riot for
Goalie Berry's sack you would be
compelled to suspend. The next time
you get in the conundrum line, ask
us something hard.
A meeting of what is called the new
board of Insane Asylum Directors is
to be held this week at Phenix. Con
sidering the fact .that the old board
have possession of theJ)Ooks, papers,
moneys, etc., belonging to the institu
tion, and refuse ,to,givo. ti'eni up," or.
vacate their positions until testing the
matter in the court.", it looks as if the
new appointees would not rind much
to do except iit around and tuck their
thumbs until such time as the issue ia
legally adjudicated- A,
up :i Band of Eliist-
Waco Tex. .J'u'ue 1 Sony Jloueley
a notorious ho.Sf-thr? and escaped
convict who Las given the officers of
McLennan county a great del of
rouble, was captured last night in
Montague Cotiuty.' Mosely w. s ccn
v;ctedin Waco in 1884 for stealiug
horses and given seven years in
the Penlei'.etmry but he was taken
nwav from his gu rds in November of
tho same year while ho was at work
6n a convict arm in Grira-s c unty
rfince then he has. given the ofiic?rs
many lively chuses, He confessed to
having stolen 100 head of horses in or
around Waco. Wher captured le
had nineteen head of horses and in
tsnded tp drive tin .in to Kaisas &&
sell theinJ
Anotber notorious diameter noined
Jarcei Wilson a' so a MeLenn-U)
Coun'y man was captured with Sniiy
A negro name.d SUrley who was a!so
with ,Mos!ey made his escape, but was
captured iii this city loft night and
to-day ShenifFMcLanoof Montagu:
Cou'ity came after hiin. This cijiture
will do niore'to break up the Sony
Mosejy gang of roughs and the rut
lers ifi-ui any thing whicli has ever
occur.-d since i win tr.auized.
GalviiE'on Ttqi , Jcae 1 Abaus
two wf tics ago a young zzzz. by
naaic ' f James Young who had bsen
,for sorae timt. prior emplo-od a
ca-iiier in the Pacitic Es:, rtss oBc
in tills c:ty disappeared .very suddenly
ni mys:eriousiy wiihotit having pre
vio.iily intimated to ay oiib his in
tended depsrture. His decaitiping
under t!is mj oiroumf.tance led o. an it)
vcatiffation or his accouuta v.'ith ihe
h'xpress oonipany in whieli Lc was
fou id to bo 700 shor. Up tc ihr
time of l.ii fuh'on departure h.
honpsty f.r busit e?s intt'gri:y was not
i-i tha le.ist mailt ioneJ. H: was, in
fact considered a voting man l. exem
p'ery bu.Kiesb habile -Vu'i Wi.s . a
na jve of Cdi.-aua hi A on ieH.ing Gal
vi stou directed Lis c.-uise t;:at way
but tirough ti,e dit iencc cf his bonds
:t;en Ui was intercepted before cr is
ing the ii.ti rh t"o'.i! bound-y s:id ii
cu h;3 wty ba:' to Uiilvcs on.
The Grand Jury t.ov; in c &ui! Las
!. dieted him.
6m: Iti Tiortilfivli Tfirir;j:rii.
Bnrlirigtini June lil.aw to the
depth of, i.c.'r. ai iitoh'es in reported in
vjriom tows s 'ii Noithern Vtrninrst;
;i-'d fears ire. emcitaii.ed of fevtre j
duinHge t-i crqjio. 1, irta: '
StocJitOu In thC
IS a ce.
Trenton Jnnc 1 There has been a
uudden ghange of sentiment fmong
ihe rcpreset.tHtivo Jtrsey Democra s
concerning the Gubernatorial nomi
ntion. E-Senator John P. Stock
ton is'd- cidcd(y"the favorite just now.
Mr. Stockton &avs he wll except tfie
nomination if tendered to hirti with
sufficient unanimity. It is the gener
al opinion that S; tutor McPhersop
has promised to indorse Stockton's
candidacy and that four-fifths of the
Democratic party in the state consider
h'im the best man Lr the nomina
SUopciucnt vrltli ri .Priest.
Ileckicherville Pa., June 1 There
is considerable excitement hero upon
the discovery lhat Rev. Father ...John
S. Keul.the parish preist eloped last
Satut'lay night to Philadelphia with
M'ss3Iasgie McDvitt a young and
beautiful maiden whose" parents de
signed placing her in a convent. It
is iindcktoDd that thev hive been
IV o Tarrlff Mill at tiiis Session
Washiuhton June 1 A special to
tho Baltimore American says: "Chair
man Morrison states that Co'n'g'ress
will adjourn tturing the first week in
July, lie ia quoted as saying further
that it was not his purptsc to dis
pose of tho Tariff bill dunug this ses
sion, that it wouid come up next week
and would give wav from inie to tjme
for consideration of appropriation
bills ?!nd when they are nil out of the
way Congress will adjourn leavm
the TarriQ' b.il pending. This scheme
will give Mr. Morrison the control of
the House and is to be emp!oeJ as
he savs "to defeat vicious legis
Here is Yoiir laely.
.. . 1
Amoiig the arguments used by
those who arc willing that the Chinese
should go but who want them to re-inaiu-n
little longer, is this, "Ilp"w.;can
we get our.wnthing done.' Any argu
ment nil iii;s quesiioii. is oui,i;u u
this answer: Turchaso-.an A No, 1
Little Jojcep. Washino Machine."
This machine is light and n'mple,
cheap and durable, so siniplo that a'
child or a weakly or sickly woman carf
run it without exertion. It saves time
in fact a large family wash can be put
out in two liouri. It washes clean
and docs not wear out yo.ur,., clothes.
Call arid inspect .one tif tho macnines
at Mrs.- Grant who is the agent at the
American Lodging House, Toughnut
next door to the court house, tomb
htone, A. T. d-12-tf.
In nil cneoi of -Bronchial snd Pulmo
nary Affections Is AVKK'8 CHF.mtv
FscTon.ir As eucIi It U recognlied and
f)re?cribed hy tho mediccl profestion. aiul
n many thousands of families, for tho
past forty years. It has been regarded es an
Invaluable household remedy. It l.i a
preparation that oulv requirtsi to be taken
In very small quantities, imd a few doses
of it administered iu tho early stages of a
cold or cough will eflVct a pecdy cure,
end mar, very possibly, tmo life. There
Is no doubt whatever that - ,
m's Cherry Peeteral
Eas preserved tho lives of great cumbers
o; persons, by crrestiss tho dsvslopmc-pt of
Xarynslus, JSroncfcitis,- Pnouusonia,
and i'tibnonory Consumption, end by
tha cure of tioxs thai'aro-is tsahdias.-1-it
should bs kept rsicy for use in evary
s i!v wiereiierp sre chdrcn, as It ia c
jaodiiirua i- superior to all others in the
tresteeat of S-oud, tho alleviation of
IVhoopingQoush.andthocureof Colds
aad Influenza, ailments peculiarly inci
dental to childhood and youth. Prompti
tude in dealing ivith all diseases of this
class is of tho utmost importance. Tho
lof3 of a tt'cgle day may, m many cases,
entail fatal consequences. Do not wiuto
precious tima in esperimentios: -with
Eedicines of doubtful efficacy, whilo tho
malady is constantly gamins a deeper
hold, , hut tak3 at onco tho tpecdiest end
most certain to cure,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Dr. C. Ayer & Co., Lorrell, Jloes.
Sold by all Dmggistii
. Snninnios.
J?itnf, in thu.f guilty of CieM-e, Tl-r.:-
tory or Arizona.
iM.J,'. Lif.le, I'laistiiT. t'. Cb:i-:tti.n,
Ik'fcr- t:. K. Alrri, .7i!?i:ce of the l'eace,
demand, 232. . - ,. ,
The Tirritorj or M;n3? irrcctini;
to'C Cluiil n.e:i, 't-fi:(i:ii!t.-
Y'lti hiu In r li' vjmr.ii'iiid tiinl rcnnin.d
to uDPtar Ih fore me l mv otrce in Tomb-
:cl.i, Coiu-tj of'.Coi ii't-e. the tilth dav of
It-rii1. A. 1. lcio, at I0.,'oli.rK a. in., 1" :m-i-ivtr
Hie cc:ti),f.!tnt o! ti'-e alxivr n itni-d
pialniiii, 1m tl iu i'n? ( T ji.n i'.iai j(-u nrv
h.'l. hitU to.hlni in li, t m;iii i,f for l.i'mr
uif tfr.ii'u tt:ir iitttiut-u nn.l rc,i.t:''l iur
tux the r.r lbXi. a-ii'ore fu'ij ppcars ly
e.r.i;)i..ii!t iiiv j'Jc in inj tiii c. "
Ami li vu fall : !ii;n.f am! mFf'W
Cdiip aii.t i.s lieiein rt quiu-tt, '.'i'' tIjiliittl
v.iil lal.e Jii'luirieiil aaait i.i yt.uas i!-niuiii'id
an.' fnr the i-os'e nf tt.i' Milt. ' '
Given timlci- mv haiid t'lis- dav of
Ai!7i!, A. I). ISA.
- CK.ALVOItl).
Ju-'K-c uf ttiu ivace.
An Efficient Remedy
Ufrss tor Sale!
Tlie undersigned has fc'r slc a
choice lot of eggs for setting of the
following varieties, all pure blood.
Golden'Spangle Poland, Silver Span
gled. Hamburg, Black Polish with
white crests, AVyandots, Lang Shangs
and Dark jLeghorns. Parties desiring
eggs of iiny of the above fo setting,
can procure the sarpe by .applying to
Sandy Bob, at t,He stage I office. -29 If
If you want a good drink of pure
Hermitage Bourbon, McBrayer Bour
bon, Guckenheimer Rye, and Hermi
tage Rye, call at Henry Campbell's
Keg House, All the finest Iced
drinks made in tho highest style ot
perfection; Champagne' Cocktails at
specialty Also English Ale and Gin
nest? Porter, nlwavs on" hand. Free
Lunch? ovcry day. Come All, and'
ComaOftwi'; '" ftp30-tf
Fresh Ranch butter and eggs
vinegar and pickles, California honey.
New potatoes and fresh vegetables, on
hand at the California produce ,store.
Fremont street, betwceii Seventh and
' - 'John Pkindiville,
Proprietor. 4-30-tf
Notice to Firp. Companies in f iic
u Tcrrito y..
Tombstone Engine Co. No! I, have
for sale a lot of Fj'j-e Caps in good
fjrd,cr, which tliey will sell below cost.
For information enquire of
I. JI. Isaacs,
5-20 lw ' Foreman.
Jlrs. Sol Lowcnberg, of Bisbee, has
been appointed agent for this paper
at that pltfceantl all who have sub
scribed and th'oso wishing Lt)tldb so
can receive the paper for 25cts per
week by calling upon lief St the Bis
bee postofucc tf
. .
. (Srcfiory's Kestatirant.
Fremont street, opposite Schief-
felin hull. On and and after.JIay 11,
1886, meals from 50 cents and up
wards. Ureakfafct froth 7 to 2, Dinner
fiorii4to.B. ji"ivl2-!f.
A first-class baker can secure em
ployment by applying at the Eclipse
Bak'eiv or! FfenJonl Strjst. tf.
Lost. A little fawn. A liberal - re
ward will be paid for the return of the
same to Wnii Tomlinon at the Demo
crat cilice. 5-25 tf.
For the finest pickled pigs feet in
the city, go lo Martin O'Laughlin's
'l 1; I I
butcher shop; comer Seventh and
Fremont streets. 5 7-tf.
Macneil & Moore are regularly ro
ceiviug by express, that excellent
butter from J. E. Durkce's Los An
gelcs Ranch. Trice 75 cent.- per roll.
Genuine Boston brown bread at the
Eclipse Bakery every Sunday morn
ing. Leave your orders by Friday
evening, and it will be delivered to
o. 2-i2 tfy
Messrs. Dyar i Baldwin ha.ve been
appointed the agents for this city of
that elegant batter being made at J.
11. White's ranch, the finest ever
brought to this city. Go and buy a.
roll and try. Only to be. had ofiDyar
it Baldiu, on Fremont street, be
tween Fourth arid Fifth. "
Tl: suulioi: eye,' tlie -p'd com
plexion, the disfiguring eruptions on
the face, Judicata that there is Eome
thhiS: wrongs goikg on within. Exp'sl
the lurking foe to health. Aycr'e
Sarsaparilla was devised for thai pur
jn'sej Had does it. lw.
Jlesers. Dyar t Baldwin the Fre
mont street grocers receive every day
by express that famoha J. it. White
butter, which has no superior. fhiV
butter is made at Si whifu'a California
raiicij," aiiQ'hns tlie reputiittu'v'.of bs
ing tlio b.t butter made in Califor
nia, and Dyar and Baldwin arc the
sole agents in this city. 5 5tf.
, '"
Reduction m price of La Roai
Bl.itica Cigar.' These cigars have
been heretofore sr-ld three for iifly
Ci'Tii"; but owing to having a large
ftoek on han't!; Athmtiti & Vi'alker
will- hfri-after fell thent at twelve awl
a-half centji, this giving tile lover-" of
the tavi.rito v.'cetl, a tine imported
cigar, two for twenly-five cents.-
' Piower Meat JAhvket
Sllll at the Pront! "
The nndr tzfxS wishes to inform the
public that be has old bis ln'eii-t
ht the I ochic H'holef.llo nnd
Tetail nntcherins Ass clitlon to
Mr. J. H. SlangUti-r aud Erneft
'St r'ns, Inctnd'ng rat Is. horbCf,
hogs, Aagon. elan(;htcr-honi!c, ctc.
And the..nnderei2Tico wnnld tnrcner
Inforei tte pnblic nijil bis old oat
roni tbarihd'ls'.hiiHiBC n new
slaush'er-hoa-e, niM thai h will
- c utipae bis wh"lB4le aod ru'all
bnslnees at the old stand,-
Y liie PloneerlUeat IMinli
i i Prtwii Allen and Fremont)
3 AUER priet6r
Tfie Pioneer Wholesale Dealer
Sifrups, and f ,
itfiportecl Ciffarm
cheap i?;oiii CASFJ OliY.
Alldn Street, B&tttecn Fourtli antl Fif;li.
There are imitations of tho releb
rated and old reliable J. B. P.ice
Totacccs." .
; Tlib genuine has the
i -'
IUtl Tshtilc J. B: Pace:
on tne tin tug.
Don't be ileeeiv d. You are im
posed tipm if the initials J. 15. are
not on the tin tajr.
Having chis day sold my uniW
taking business to Jos. Pascholy i
Ca I T,cspcctfully request all need
ing his services to ealJ upon him.
All bills to data will bs P"id and
collected by myself.
A. J. ElTTEP..
llril 29, 18SS. 4-29-1 rri
Referring to .the above we would
say that wo will erideai-or to give
the public tho same court ous
.treatment and fair dealing tliey
have received in the past from Mr.
- ' Jos. PaschoLy t Co.
Successors to A: J." R!ttek.'
4 ?.9-iw
H Hue. in.tgi tmn;y 01 uoriiur, irrti
tory ol Ari;cni, ClmrU-s Xardini. jilainthT,
v. GuIaepi'C Vontana. ilcfetifUnt. ?
riyforo C. K. Alrord, Jiiftiee of the Peace,
C-m:)ft ?;JOO.
Tlie Territ'r.r of Arizona 8-ndi irrceliu
to (iuieoDDe Fohtana, u'ed'irJjnt. ,
Y'Mi nre lien-tiv siimni'uied and required
1 .. ....., . ..... ..o;.... ;.. n...-. '
If" .1J'1 U lt-llJ - "J K, HI II'IUU
slniie, Cmiiitv- of CiH-b'e, "ill ttie 8th day i.f
illy, x . D. li-Sfi. tit 10 Vuii-'.: .' m., 10:111.
siv tr the, coinplaii.t of il.t ulne n:ini,id
pliiintiir rh" iliuiatids of yon tlint you are
ii.d-ltli-il to him in tlie sum of tlrrre Ii'nrrtreil
aiK doInrt. on u piotimor). note r'tvlni;
t ion to' plninliiK us more fulij iipycurs Hy
eiiiiiiiiniiit lion- on III- in my oinct.
And if yon fail In appear and anuvr said
coinplniiit as hrrcln ieinir-d; the pl:intitl
will take judgment i:aiii"t you at tli ni.uidrl
and fr tl e inst uf tlilx fuit.
. (I'vcn under my linnil thiGtl" Har of May
A B lifcC . . vI.VOl),.
lilies jf. f lie I'-utti'.
Kotieoo Creditors.
ESTATE tflti-r.f"TUEELCjCK. .nE
ccned; "riifecredttois of, tfnrt' all 'prn'uns
hnvtlis claims niruinst t!ieB'!ild:n:i'u:cdeptntc,
uri! hereby notlucd 'to exhibit ,thctr claims,
with the nccesfiify V'ouc'jeei', ,to' me' within
four months' fter the first )Vub!icatlon of
this noticcat my ftfflce.lU'.tUcelty'of'.Tomb.
stone, t'ountybr Co'rhije, Territory if" Ari
zona, or the same will bs furwrer barred .
D.ned, Tombstone, May "f tit: ' '
W.,H..EN;F.f '
Adhiiiilitr.".; .
The undesigned lias, about
acres of alfalfa piuturagc.and n'.ou'
10 acres of good grazing land on tlie
San Pedro river, and is picpared to
take horses on pasture. Inquire at
609 Allen street, the French Wine
House. 5-5tf
'y 1 i. . '.4
Of the Comet Saloon has the Standard
Time Whisky.
A ricw invoice of
Of all desi-rli:ioii5.
iirrbKi-ED cIgars,
WIELANIWS Phila. Beer.'
Comet Saloon
Allen Streetj botwaen 6th and 7tH
Billiard acd l'uo tables ccnncctctt wltli
the saloon. 5 4tf
Ai.lek St., Bet. 4th and 5iif .
T031 "WALKER. Proprietor.
The tlnrt imported Wines, Lrqui-i-s i
Imported Ciurs in' this city to bu
found at this flnce.
A Fine' L'tmch spread ever v lav
Saloon and CItib Itoonis.
J&riscoll & JBEemiessi
AXIeiSS-t fift' 4thind SStl-i
Tombstone! Arizona.
Billiard Parlors.
llttlluer & Slsnnglineii., 1'rop.
(Aliea Etrcet Bet- Fcjorth end yiflt.'.
This ia the Ficert BilileM. Parlor Soath:o
Los LulttS. . .
Choice WISES, LIQUORS erd CI (J Alto alway
iu ttck.
Milwaukee Beer .on Draught!
Kotlcc of Forfeiture.
orAi?ins. T.m in' lieicliy ootitled that I
tiaie ('Xpi-iidtt (S100)i,ii liutiilied dull.niM
in l:ittnand iinr.ioyi.iiiinlf on Hie Ohio liuU-
and nuniii!r 'Iaiin, situated In the Hibc-t
ininiii district, county of Cocliise, Tcrritro
r Arizona, in order to haM the claim or tl.tf
yi-ar eiK'ine Dceimlier, IStfi, under the pro
Iskiirt of Section 'ki. ItcvlMd Stnlnui rf
the United Slates. Tlieretore, If nlihiii
ulMetr dats from Miblii-ktlun of this notice.
ynii fail or leftist- to contribute your propor
tion 01 saiu cxpenntiiire an.1 cot or ihl-i
niihlictttion an co-oULer. T(ur interKt
in ld mine or claim will I ecoine thn tron.
eity of tlie undersigned, in ocr Sectinn 233-'.
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