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Cochise County
t.n. in. 'wrtl
Tho thernioriictcr masked 84 to
i The modern Hercules at Ihe Elite
theater to night.
Jusi received at Hcrrcra & McCUtre's the
i'nL'st balled oat hay over brought to, this
city. "5 23 t
Judge Alexander Campbell returned
io Tucson this morning.
It is repotted that, diphtheria has
again m'ade.ifs appearance in camp.
The county hospital contains .ten
The choicest or fesh groceries at ITerrern
McOlurc'i. ... . , ' sastr
Several large signal, fires., were no
ticed in the Santa CatalftT-aVlast riiglit
The cheapest and best store to trade in
town, is at Hcrrcra & McClurc. 5 23:f
Hon. C. C. Bean will please accept
thanks for a copy of the report of the
commissioner of Education. I
Business meeting of tile anti-Chinese
league to-morrow night'; don't
forget it.
ev. Mr. Pearson, pastor of the 31'
3hurch, who has been seriously ill
ome .weeks, is reported convales-
.0 E.ision has removed his of
ihe room formerly occupied by
j Richardson, adjoining ILut
3 jewelry store.
Vednesday List, a track walker
. die S. P. It. R., saw about twenty
Indians pass near tile hrst station cast
of Lovie!
Major S.M. WhiUide, U. S. A.,
now stationed in Dakota, arrived in
this city last evening, after a four
years absence from the territory.
The (statement that the Contention
mine is do'iii no' Work! is1 riot correct.'
Tilers are about a dozen meu esn
jiloed t'.uro cxistiully in tilling out
Mr. C. W. Haggart, brother of Gil
lagg:ml, who was buried on Wed
nesday List, arrived ni the city last
liiht from Fargo, one day too late for
the funeral.
t .fudge ltayr.es and S. M.- Franklin,
Esq., of Tucson, are registered at tlo
Ocei leutal. They came up tb attend
Ihi tcssion of tne District Court and
io get couled off.
It looked las'- evening as if the raiu
god intended favoring us with a show
er. The signs proved treacherous
though, not more than three drops tb'
tHe sq.i.'.re rod falling.'
0. B. Bloomer will start i'l a day or
two, to examine a gold property about
thirty miles b'olow Nogalos, hi SouOra,
belonging to C. 15. -Aycrs. Samples
from the mine show free gold in large
Judge Easlon, wife and grand son
readied Tombstone last evening from
Texas. Tlie Judge states that the
grass is very short in a large poition
of that state, and cattle dying by the
thousand. In some sections, however
heavy rains have recently fallen.' and
at a place called Big Springsj about
400 miles this side ol El Paso the
railroad track for a lotif distance was
The piilv female member of the
Grand Army is Mrs. E. II. Howe of
New York. She acted as one of the
Hides' de camp in the memorial day
procession in that city. At the break
ing out of the war she enlisted as a
drummer, was wounded at Frcdcricks
b'lirg, afterwards threw aside her
drum and shouldered a mu-iket, ud
marched and fought with the regi
ment and was dangerously wounded
at Lookout Mountain. She ia a line
-r.-ewomau and can handle a saber
. cavalryman.
.jibstone, a few' day? since, Tut;
rilithcd aii account taken from the
. lal Record: of the death by drown-
i:i the G'ilallivor of a man named
J. T. Yw'lK It was not suspected at
'. ;? time that it wa3 the J. P. 'Wells
formerly connected with the Boston
Mill and Mining Company, of this
place, as he was thought to be in an
other part of- the Territory. Finns
Sheriff Bob Hatch, however, a re
porter learns that, there caii be little
dorbt lliat it is the same me man, as
he lelt the .locality mentioned aboiu
two months 'siucv, and went to Pinal
county to examine some mining
Washington-. May 30, 1SS6.
Mn.. Editoh The Pro-ident has
several tjmeo during the past. week.
driven otit to his recently purchased
summer residence upon the Tenally
town road, and on Wednesday he sat
upon the broad front veranda for
mora than an hour and enjoyed the
magnificent view whieli is obtained
from tliis point.
It is generally conceded that -in
nothing that Mr. Cleveland has done
since he became President, has he
shown- greater good sense than in the
purchase of this estate. The place
has long been known as "Pretty Pros
pect," arid it was rightly named. The
locality is qttilc an aristocratic one
Near by is "Woodley," which was for.
merly the home of Philip Barton Key.
and is now Occupied by Chief Engin
eer Henderson, of-tho 17. S. Navy,
while a short distance to the west
ward io "Grassland," tlie country seat
of Secretary Whitney, and upon the
opposite side of the road is the estate
of the Georgetown College.
Not only has the Presidsnt secured
a delightful summer residence, at a
sufficient distance from the city to
enable him to pass the summer
months in comparative freedom from
the cares and worries incident to a
life in the While House, and at the
same time near enough to insure his
presence on short notice if occasion'
demanded, but at the sairie time his
invest rh'erit is likely to prove a very
profitable one. .Massachusetts avenue,
which is soon to be extended, will
reach very near the estate, and a de
lightful drive of one and a half miles
will then separate it from the White
.Every indication about the White
House for some time past, has been
such as to point to a social crisis of
some kind, and the fact thai tlip Pres
ident's, wedding was to take place :u
June has been generally accepted.
Newspaper correspondents have fath
oined every possible source of inform
ation, ia hopes of ascertaining the cx
ac. date of the occurrence, and having
failed, they had re.-olved themselves
into a sort of self-constituted commit
tee of arrangement?; and viftiially
settled the question in their own
minds. By unanimous decision of
the aforesaid committee, the date was
set upon June 19th, and the ceremony
was to" take place in New York City.
Everything having thus beeii settled,
excepting perhaps come of the minor
details, tfic official announcement,
which was made on Saturday morn
ing, to the effect that the wedding
would take place in the Blue Boom
of the White House, on Wednesday
evening, June 2nd, created a sensa
tion not only among nespaper men
but tlie general public, such as has
been seldom equaled. The arrange
ments will be of tho simplest order.
The President will go to New York
to-day and will participate in the
Deeoratioii Day observances, and will
return on Tuesday in company with
Miss Folsom and members of her fam
ily. The ceremon- will take place at 7
o'clock in the eveniug, and will be
followed by a wedding supper in the
Stale dining room.
Probably no bill that lias been dis
cussed during the present session of
Congress has excited a more general
and hearty interest, both among the
members themselves and the general
public, thau Ins the bill which im
poses iv tax of ten cents per pound on
oleomargarine and other substitutes
for butter, and making the Interual
Revenue Bureau responsible for tlie
collection of tlie tax. The bill won a
place upon the calendar on Mouday,
arid the de'jate was opened by Messrs.
W. L. Scott, of Pennsylvania, and Mr.
Uokins, of Illinois, both of whom
spoke in favor of the bill. They main
tained that so great had the industry
grown that the dairymen of the coun
try who are engaged in the manufac
ture of butter from milk alone, can
ik t long survive the competition oE
the oleomargarine makers, and that
the tax is proposed as a metliod of le
strietiug the manufacture of an un
wholesome product. The opponents
of tlie bill insist that the bill is un
constitutional upon the ground that,
it is. an attempt to regulate matiufao
tures, by protecting one class at the
expense of others. The sentiment ol
the House is, however, overwhelming
ly in favor of the bill, which will
doubt'ess' become a law if a rotcis
secured upon it.
In accordance' with tlie usual cus
tom the President issued an executive
order closing the several Executive
Department's oh the 31st inst., to en
able tile employes to participate in
tlie decoration of the graves of soldiers
who fell during the rebellion. A very
large majority of the clerks will, how
ever, avail themselves of th(runu,ual
low excursion rates which arc being
offered by the railroad companies to
Harper's Ferry, Pen! if Mar, Luray
Caverns and other points of interest.
' ' v , , .' Ill
Grant! Cciitml iSfotes. -
From Charlie Leach, foreman of
tlie Grand Central mine, The Tomb
stone learns that the caving at the
mine nas about ceased. At the-time
of the lire the cage caught somewhere
in the vicinity of the 300-foot level;
on t'ais fell the debris from the burn
ing hoist, and since that the caved
ground, with this as a foundation, has
tilled the ihaftupto within ab'ottt
twenty feet of the mouth';
No effort has been made to enter
the mine since the almost fatal at
tempt last week, and it will probably
be several weeks yet before explora
tions can be attempted with safety.
Superintendent Gage, who arrived
last eveniug from the East, was to
have met lie appraiser sent down by
the insurance companies from Cali
fornia. Upon the selection of an ap
praise- by 3r' Gugc the work of esti
mating the damage will begin. If Mr.
Gage's selection is made here, the
work will probably begin to-fnbrrow'.
If he detei mines to send to Califor
nia for a party, it will, of course, lie
delayed soms days. As to the luturc
inoNeiiients if the company nothing
! has been learned.
Tle full complement of tliirty-hve
men has been secured, about an eqn.il
number of Americans and Mexicans.
They arc all picked men, every one
of them has been under lire and wil
not flinch if they got under an Apache
volley. .
The rangers have for captain, M. G.
Samanicgoj sc'coiid iii command, IV.
N. Leather.vood, trailer, Jesus Maria
Elias. They will have a pack train
of I en mules. They go out to get
Indians, at any cost, and will leave
this morning for Fort Lowell where
they will be provided with mounts and
all o'ther necessaries.' General Miles
will probably sec them to-morrow and
give them instructions. The Star has
big faith in the men who make up the
Tucson ltanger3 and predicts theywill
return with a good 'report. Star,
June 3rd,
,nnd Office Circular.
Washington, June 2. The follow
ing circular has been issued froni tlie
General Land OlHce to-day :
To Registers and Receivers U. S.
Land Offices:
Gentlemen The repeal of the pre
emption, 'timber culture and desert
land laws being now subject to con
sideration by Congress, all applica
tions to enter claims under tho said
laws are hereby suspended front and
after this date u'ntii the first day of
August, ISSo, and you are hereby di
rected to receive no filings or new ap
plications for entry under eaid laws
during that time.
Signed Yr:i. II. J. SrAKics.
Approved, -
L. Q. C. Lam ah, '
The following instruments nave been
filed iri the office of the County Rec
order: LOCATION.
' Dial gold and biker mice, J)ca Ca
bZim district, James Seen Henry
Dial, J. P. Johnson.
Solitary mine, Dos Oabezai district,
A. F. Moo'sam", J. Carver.
Of Henry Percy, as to,- number of
cattle killed during the month of
Mr. Ghas. Ames, one of the owneis
of the Grand Ceutuil milie wi 1 arrive
in this city to-morrow eveniug from
Youugstown, Ohio.
-It is learned that a new shaft will
be started on the Grand Central with
in ten days, and that all the men t.iul
woik cm b; found for, will receive
euijioymeu t.
Trial of I-iCST ff,iiiirueiit da -ivliicJi
Reputations Depend.
No class of professional men are so
.susceptible of prbfesiotia! jealousy as
doctors. When an invalid calls in a
certain doctor, he must be content to
abide by his advice, unless he can
afford the expensive luxury of a con
sulfation, y;hero a dozen or more of
tlie piofessioii put their heads to
gether aiid sit upon his case. The
assuring comfort of a word of advice
from a single physician, without the
consent of a regularly employed
medico, is denied .him. It would bo
unprofessional, and though the out
sider may intimate by nods, slnugs,
exclamations, groans, and pve.i in
definite profanity that the other
doctor is-dosing his patient o death,
he will not commie himself to an a -sertion
of that, fact toT the patient.
A ICearny-street storekeeper, a man
who makes hi3 own wares and sella
them, was laid up the other day with
a badly swollen leg, occasioned by
undue indulgence iri the Highland
fling at the Caledonia picnic. He
called in liis family physician, who
prescribed a lotion. "Bat tho more
vigorously the patient rubbed in the
lotion, the more the swelling increas
ed and the other leg, through sym
pathy, began to exhibit an abnormal
dv-elopment. The sick man was
badly scared. His faith in the physi
cian's skill was wnakeued. Ho re
solved to consult another doctor on
the aly.
"Hump! what have you b'ceii doing
for th'ia?" asked the second scientist.
"Nothing, doctor; nothing," re
plied the patient, glancing nervously
around to see that no trace of tho
first adviser's medicine was visible.
Number two wrote a prescription and
departed. Hopefully tho patient ap
plied it; but, to his horror, die legs
were larger than ever tlie iidxl iftorn- j
irig. , , , '
"Henry," he .-aid to his son, "I'll
give both those doctors i fair shake,
Now I'll assign Doctor A. to the right
leg, and Doctor B. to the left, and
we'll time 'em, Henry, so that B
don't get in a spoonful more lotion on
the left than A. do.JS.on the right, nor
one secoric's more rubbing. Give me
ny 'watch,' lad, an 1 we'll have a fair
Being of a sporting turn, the sick
man infolmed the sympathetic friends
who visited him of the nature of the
trial, and the pools sold like wildfire,
the patieut claiming only a small per
centage in the form of bottled ale on
the bets.
"I won't put up a cent on either
leg, or you fellows might think I
wasn't handling the legs fair," he
said. "Measure 'em, Henry." The
tape showed a decline of a quarter
inch in the circumference of the light
leg, and Dr. A. went up at orice in tlie
pools and was a strong favorite during
tlie rest of the day. But when on
(lie evening measurement the left leg
had not only offset that quarter inch,
but had dropped a quarter on its own
account, the betting was ten to four
on Dr. B. with few takers. The con
test will not be decided before tho end
of the week. A bulletin board posted
at the head of the patient's bed gives
the latest measurement quotations
and tlie re'eord of the betting. A
large sum will change I'ands on the
rosult. though the disponition of the
early bookmakers to hedge. both ways
is very apparent. S. 1' . Call.
Tho Britle'f 5rcs.u
The press report brings a tw.!-col-ilinn
account of the President's wed
ding. The only item of interest in
the report is one that affects the fem
inine portion of the community,
namely, a description of tho bridts'
costume, which was as follows ;
"The bride wore an enchanting
wedding dress of ivory satiu, simply
garnished on a high corsage with
India muslin cressed in Grecian folds
and carried in exquisite falls over the
petticoats; The orango blossom gar
niture coniniencing upon the veil iif
a superb coronet, is continued
throughout the costume with artistic
skill. Her ve'ri of tulle, abodt five'
yards in length, completely enveloped
her, falling to the -edge of h-T petti
coat in fr.mt and extending the entire
length of her -full'- court train. Sue
carried no flowers and wore no jewel
ry, except .an engagement ring, con
taining a sapphire and two diamonds
atid a plain wadding ring, which had
bjen pl.wed on her linger before she
descended the staircase."
Apaches .Tnmp Jimmy Carr's
Ranch in tlie 23nacliuc:i9.
Pat Maloney, who has a ranch at
tho southwest end of the Huachucas,
arrived in camp this afternoon, and
states that while passing through
Charleston a messenger arrived from
Jimmy Carr's horse ranch," on the
west side of the Huachucas at the
mouth of Hayea and Tanner's Pass
with the" news that the Apaches
jumped the ranch this morning and
killed a man. They also it is thought
ran off som? stock'. Thcro were two
men named Malone and Cole in
charge of the stock, and tba report
would indicate it was one of the tivo;
but which' is no't known. TKa ms
scngor asked for assistance and it is
stated a party was made tip" to go' to
tho scene of the massacre.
Touto rroiih'lea Uacte Sa.!ii;
Hets oii & siolidriy.
Measra Van Alen, Samuels and
Laird arrived lately arrived from Gen
eral springs, at the head of East Fork
Verde. They etate that thev wara on
the road to Apache 'county arid found
on a tree dated May 28th' a note sign
ed Mr. Salter stating that GOO Indians
had left the reservation on the 20th
and that 300 of them were headed for
Ton to Basin country and that all par
lies were warned to move their famil
ies to Green valley for general protec
tion and safety. They - immediately
retunied to Prescott. From the Mog-
olion mountains they could see.firra
in the direction of the dry fork of
Tonic. She supposition is that the
infqnualioii was forwarded by runners
as llu notice stated that the inform. -
tion was started from Globe. Courier
EriiTon ToiicsTONn : Tho Epitapl
made me say, (in its report cf my
speach) that "Mr. Justice Pinney's
misfortune changed all of his Grocer
ics and provisions. I did not say
that, but did say that it changed all
of his previous predilections;
Yery Respectfully
CiiAM.r.- Granville Johnton,
Vai-d oi" TliaiikK.
Rescue Hose Company desires to
return thanks to Mesdames Jenkins,
Bagg, Cook, Howell, Clark and Wehr
fritz, for their kind donations of flow
era on Me r.orial day, and to' Judge
Stilwell and J. E. Durke for a bounti
ful supply of refreshments.
Mrs. T.A. Jones arrived to dav from
Mrs. L. Schoenfeld and Mrs. A.
Fortlouis are enjoying themselves at
Fort Htlacliuca.
If you' desire something fine for
breakfast, go to the Maisou Doree and
Dau will cook you some of those fine
fat frogs.
The news was flashed over the
wires to-day that Judge Barnes of the
Firat Judicial District of Arizona, had
been confirmed by the Senate. This
wil. end fh'e controversy regarding
the president's right tc remove trie
judiciary. .
At a meeting of Engine Co. No. 1,
held last eveaing, it was unanimously
resolved to join with Rescue Hcse Co.
in the ball July 5th. A meeting of
both companies will ba held at Reeue
Hose house this evening to make ar
rangements for tlie saine.
Attention is called to the mam-
lh'oth advertisement of II. J. Sadler,
which appears in this issue. This es-
tablisment, the largest m tho general
mcrchandieo lino in the city, an
nounces a sweeping reduction in
prices, anu inteuomg purcnasers
would do well tb pay them an early
call and secure bargains.
For sluggish bowels, torpid liver,
indigestion, bad breath, flatulence,
ick headache, Ayer' Cathartic Pills
aic the certain remedy. By land or
at sea' out on the prairie or in the
crowded city, they are the best pills
for purgative purposes, everywhere
alike convenient, efficacious and
safe'. -4-iw
An error crept into The Tombstone
the other nay in the statoment that
in modifying the injunction in'the
water right.cise of, Hill et al vsJLc
Nbrniand, the Court had granted'the
defendant t,he use of the water from
sunrise to "sunset cv'tfry-other night
durinir the summer. It tliould have
read every other night for ten days.
E'erfect 2.11.
The following is a list of perfect
scholars. at the public school, for the
week ending June 4, 1886:
. First Grade Michael Walsh, Nich
olas Cas.tello, Harry Tl:-.mpson,
Thomas Dorsey; Cora Goodrkh, Jesse
Lowery, Allie Howe, Minr.: Hill,
Addie Slaughter, Frank McCuilough,
Maggie McCormick, Nellie Hughes
Maggie Hill.
Second Grade Minuie Bauer,
Harry Hughes, Rosa Hattich, Emil
Hartmann. Ralph Brown, John Chy
nowclh, Emily Ashman, Tonkin
Williiim's; Irene Packard, Harry.
Gillam, Harry Waters.
Third Grade---James .Brawn, .".ci
lery Butler, Josio Dutrens. TV,
borah Dodge, Katie F-of. Vir-'
gicia Fetterman, Ava G-.: A-r-nie
Hill, Bertie Holland, EtaJt
Sprngue, Katio Temley, M:eh-,..el
Twomoy, Richard Wood, Albert. Vifc
tigj Freddie Watts. Maggie Hartuett,
Emma Rauer, Emma Stumpf.
Fouith Grade Beatrice Plewiti,
Eddie Bums, John Garrett, Ids Mc:
Cullough, Harry Proop.J, ITormaa
Plath, Lilian Packard, Ceorge Swam
Christian Wilson, Martiri ' Walsh'
Minnie Wiltts:
Orjraiis Cheap.
Mi. Geo. Ivohler his for sals some
fino Organs direct, from the factory
wh.ch he will sell o.n the instalment
plan at 10 per month. Call and see
them at the furniture store on Allen
street opposite the Elite Theatre.. o-5tf
The partnership betweon G. S.
Brodshaw and T. Taft, in the Bisbee
stage lino, will go into effect July 1st.
Quite a heavy rain visited the
Huiichucaa to-diy. The edge of the
storm cloud passed over Tombstone,
leaving a small amount of m'oisture.
Tt is reported that G. 3. Bradshaw
and J. B. Ayers. of Charle3',on, will
enter into partnership, or that the
latter will buy out the Fashion saloon'
; ere long.
The special school tax has been
coming in to da' at a rapid rate. To-'
morrow the tax wdl become delin
quent. Collector Behan can be found
at the District Court Clerk's office
until 4 p. m.
The examination of Dick Richards
fur assault with .intetit to, kill Mike
McGloin, began to-day at 1 o'clock in
Justice Alvord's Court, and is in
progress as The Tombstone goes to
Upon the adjournment of the Dis
trict Court, which will occur probibly
the last of next week, a grand jury
will be called in the County Court for
the purpose of passing upon criminal
Mr. A. Baiir takes the lead of them
all arid invites the public of Tombstone
to call at his butcher shop if they de
sire prime American beef muttou
and rtork.
Mr. J. M. Stump, who has for some
time been working gold properties in .
Miller's canyon. Huachuca .moun
tains, is in the city. Not long since'
he erected a Dyer Cannon Ball mill
wiiicli works suscessftilly; Tlie ore'
contains snlphurets in a large decree
and Mr. Stump is uow engaged io
putting in a-set of concentrators.
The aggregate of San Carlos Ac . -y "
Indians in 1S81 wai 4,57S. live vpftn '
1'iter the official numeration niae'es the?
number at 5,000 as follows; White"
Moumtain Apaches, including Coyote
ros 1,500 ; Sari Carlos Apaches 1,150;
Chiricahnas including Warm Spring
Indians 450 ; Apache Yuma 350 ; Apa- -
cheTonto 000; Apache Mohave 700;
Supai 214.
Upon visiting the stable th'ia" morn
ing an employe found a very valuable
horse belonging to Mr. Blinn with its'"
right foreleg broken. The cause of the
accident is not known, but it is
thought the animal had the leg
caught under the manger in lying"
down or getting up. Mr. Blitin or
dered the animal shot, but &l the re
quest of Mr. G. S. Bradshaw lie was
turned over to him. Securing 'tha
services of Dr. Goodfellow the'limb"
was set, tli3 horse swung up and the
probabilities now are that in due timii
these gentlemen will own a $305 horse''
in good condition.
I Caution.
From ami after'this djile all per'
sons are' cautioned not to truit my
wife Mary Lee as I will not pyhn
b'il!& contracted by her.
C. F. L'ii
Tombstone, May 27, 13B-.

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