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-The daily tombstone
the Pioneer DailY of the Camp
iCfltST 4,
'Sundays Excepted,)
Olllce on Allen Street, north side, bctweeu
Third and Fourth.
Subscription Kates,
One Year $10 00
Six Months 6 00
Thrco Mouths S 00
OnB Month 1 00
Delivered by Carriers for 25 cents a Week
Cochise County.
Gregory's Restaurant.
Fremont' street, oppisitc Schief
felin lull. On and and after May 11,
1880, meals (torn M) "cents' and up
wards. Breakfast from 7 to 2, Dinner
tronuio 8. myiA-u-
Go to the swimming baths at the
foot of Fifth street. Baths with suit
and towels twenty-five cents.' Ladies'
day Wednesday and Saturday from 3
to f o'clock, p. in. 7-7tf.-
Macneil & Moore are regularly re
ceiving by express, that excellent
butter from J. E. Dnrkec's Los An
geles Ranch. I'ricc 75 cents per roll
A Republican victory in Cochise
county is now an assured fact. The
present national aumimstration is
such, that the people fear a local or
territorial administration under Denv
Sheriff Gabriel of Pinal county,
who has just returned from a visit to
" i 7 I
El Paso, states that the people of El
Paso do not seem very much troubled
oyer the fate of "scab." Cutting who
is confined m a Mexican dungeon.
.The Epitaph's reliable special tele-
announce that Gen. Logan
spoke in Salt Lake City, August 2d,
when as a matter of fact the General
arrived in San Prancisco on Sunday,
A.ugust Jat.
.Cleveland" may be abje "lo paralyze
our mining interests for awhile by his
action on the silver question, but he
can't hurt our cattle interests, as he
jhas no chance to veto the rain which
visits us every day in refreshing quan
tities. '
3Ve have received a copy of the
pacific States newspaper directly for
188G and' i887. published by Palmer
& Key of San Francisco. Itis a neatly
bound book and contains the name of
circulation and age of every paper on
.the Pacific Coast and is a valuable ad
junct to any newspaper office. It is a
model of typographical neatness.
John O. l)jyibarrjjsha madly into
jjrlnf this .morning abusing A. T.
Jones for stating that the Epitaph
. and Democrat were going to con
solidate. Wo do not know what
Junbar has got against Mr. Jones,
hut he certainly did a very unmanly
act in thus attacking him this morn
ing. Mr. Dunbar cirao to the editor
f this paper las.t evening and asked
him whether he had stated that the
Democrat and Epitaph were going to
he consolidated. He was answered in
the affirmative. Dunbar then asked
whether AJ. Jones ,had given us the
authority, and we stated no, that he
had not, that we had our authority
from another source but was not. at
liberty to divulge that source. Wo
Dimply reply to the attack on Mr
Jones and make the above explana
tion as a matter of justice.
With this issue The Daily Tomb
stone enters upon its fourth volume.
When it was started it had many
troubles to contend with, but it down
ed them alland almost immediately
became the paper of the peoplefor
whose interests it has always look
out. .When it has found any wrong
perpetrated upon the people of Co
chise county it has never been back
ward to show them up. It is owned
by no clique or set, and is Irce to at
tack any party or clan. It is a staunch
Kspublican paper and ' will strive to
elect only the best men of that parly
to omce. inanlcs to an appreciative
public if, is now on a sound financial
oasis, and in entering upon a new
volume, it can promise the citizens of
this county an improvement on the
past, both hi appearance and in mat
ter. Th.c first improvement is a fine
new heading in this issue.
'I'alio IVolicc
If you want a good drink of pure
Hermitage Bourbon, McBrayer Bour
bon, Giickcnhcimer Rye, and Hermi
tage Rye, call at Henry Campbell's
Keg House", All the finest Iced
drinks made in the highest style ot
perfection; Champagne Cocktails a
specialty Also English Ale and Gin
ness Porter, always on hand. Free
Lunch every day. Come All, and
Come Often. ap30-lf
Ayer's Pjlls possess the positive
virtues of some of the best known
medicinal plants, prepared and com
bined with scientific skill rejecting
the crude and drastic portions, and
retaining only the active principle
the part which cures and does not
harm. If you are sick try them. 9-1 w
TTKjSl-TIOIsrir " "
' And all who may visit San Francisco next month.
Late 'of Tombstone, have one of the largest
... 4
In California at
942 Market Street 942
'Under the Baldwin Hotel. '
And invite all their old friends when they visit San Francisco, to cn)l on
them and get the" finest clothing, cheaper than any other place in
San Francisco.
1 L BET. -itll -A-NZ) Stll
At a great bar
gain in a very de
sirable locality an
elegant residence
five rooms, closet
and bath, with
carpets, kitchen
and dining room
furniture. For
further particul
ars inquire at tmY
the Couuty ol Cochise, 'I erntory of Ari-zona.
Action brought in the Counlv Court nr
Cochise, Territory or ArUnna. and the com
plaint filed in the e aid County of Cochise,
in the office of the Clerk of the said County
'the Territory of Arizona sends greeting
to Alexander Loudon, Defendant.
You are hereby required to apr-ear in an
action brought-agaiU!.t you by the' aboe
nnmcd plaintiir, in tl cCounty Court of Co
chise County, Territory of Arizona, and to
answer the complaint tiled therein, within
twenty days (exclusive or the day or senice)
after the service ou you or thU summons, if
eerved within this county; or if served out
of this ,f ouuty, but in this district, within
thirty days; otherwise within forty days, or
judgment by default will be taken ngairiet
you according to the prayer of- said com
plaint. Said action is hroucht to recover a decree
of divorce from the lionds of Matrimony, as
fully appears by the complaint tiled herein,
t duly certified conv ol which is hereto nt.
tachcil. And you are hereby notified that if
you lau to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
win appiy 10 me uoun loi me rcJlcl prayed
for in baid complaint.
Given under my hand and 6eal of the
tiouniy uoun ot tjocinse county. Territory
ui Aruuui, mis m uay 01 August, a. 1),
A. 0. WALLACE, Clerk.
Having Fitted up this Restamant new and Complete in
every particular we are prepared to herve to
the people ot Tom hstone the
Fines I; Meals Xjia.-iich.epa Suppers
That the -Market Aflbrd3.
.llen St., B'pt. 4th and 5th..
Having determined to close out our business
in Tombstone, we offtr ou:
entire stock cotsistim; of '
Private Ice Cream and Coffee Parlors.
' 4 " GLASSWARE, and
' ' - .;
At such prices that will induce you to buy; we will cjuo'.e a few prices to
convince you that this is a' Genuine Closing Out Sale and no liuuibur.
Suppers for Parties a Sp'ecialty
Call in and be convinced,
At u X2arg't;iti,
t?..- o.., ..... ....
iui uoic, uuu omuetMiicr, escursien
spring wai;on, canvas eotcrid, tud leathe
trimmed, In j;od ordei : also one set ol
double harnett, one saddle, one bi idle, one
pair of spurs. Apply to J. It. Tracy, Ben-
on, a I. 7-S-Jm
Thirteen tuoroutfhbied Blown Leghorn
itooslcis in lots to t,uit. Iuquire at tins ol-
m-e. 7 g,.
lteauction in price of La Rosa
Bluuca Uigur. 'Ihese cigars havt
ueon heretofore sold three for iifty
ceutB, but owing to having a large
ttock on band, Ashniun & Walker
will hureafter tell them at twelve and
a-half rents, this giving the lovers of
the fi-jrite weed, a fine imported
cigar, two for twenty-five cents.
For Sale.
a norse ana nai;oii horse kind and
sjenllc. For particular apply at this office
Ice for .Families.
Commencing luesdayl May 4tb, we will
issue weekly ice tickets for families and
other small con? timers, at $1.00 and upwards.
Olivers are not allowed to deliver ice to
weekly customers witLout weekly titkets.
Soctiiwestcej,- Ici Co.
6-23 tf
Notice ofrorfeilurc.
IVotice. " "
All parties having hats, belts or other
property belonging to the Rescue Hose
Company, will please return the same at
once and avoid trouble!
You are herebv notified that I hav. rl
pended 'the sum of ($1,000) one thousand
dollars currency of the Unilcn Btatt-s, in
labor and improvements uiion tbn 'V..1H.
situated in .Miller's Canyon, Huachucamouti
tain.s, Cochise county. Territory of Arizona,
in order lo hold the said lodes or mining
claims for the years ending December 31st
18S1; 1882; 18S3; lS&i and 1SS5, under the
provisions of section 2324. Ruvhcd Smtntce
or the United States, to wit: For labor and
improvements upon the said claims for the
year ending December 31st, 1SS1, one hun
dred dollars each; for the year ending De
cember 31, 18B2, one hundred dollars "each;
ror the year eiidin:.' December 31, li!83, one
hundred dollars each; for the year ending
December 31, lbSl, oae bundled dollars
each; for the yeai ending Dcem'jei 3t,
18S5, one hundred dollars each 'Total for
the five years, the sum of (-51.0001 ouk thou
sand doll.irs.
The location notices of the said claims
being recorded as folios:
Nellie James miti nsr claim, in hook 4
pages 212 and 213
saunas mining ciaini, in book 4. uhl-cs
213 and 214.
In tin- leconls of Cochise countv. Terri
tory of Arizona, transcribed iroia the Pima
county records.
And n wuliin (SK)) ninety days after this
v, by puhliraii, n, yu rail or reuse to
itititc, each oi jm., 13uf pr"i i'iicn --r
V'c have appointed Mr. J. Gatchell Jones
our agent (with power of attorney) to collect
all money due to us.
All persons knowing themselves to be in.
debled to us, are requested to settle with
Mr Jonc.
Jacob EvcnuAnnr & Co.
Toinbston c, May 1st, lbS6. 6-3 tf
Just received at Ilcrrera & McClure's the
finest bailed oat hay ever brought to this
c,?y- 5-8 ft
Mr. L.B. Van Burt will sell the entire
stock of wines, liquois, cigars, cordials
syrups, etc., in fact everything carried by
wnoicsaic lirm in ts to suit purchasers tor
casn- (j
Walnut Marble-Top Bedroom setts, 7 pieces
Walnut Wood-Top " "
Imitation Walnut "
Wood Beat" Chairs -"
Perforated Chairs -
JPKOPKIETORS lf frs.,ff t0L - -
wcuaicoua liuiu ?Vt cuuil HI1U Upwards
Patent Spring Beds, (each) - -
Carpets from 25 cents per yard and upwards
Crockery and Glassware at less than cost
H7 5Q
4o do
25 00
- 63
1 00
3 2S
1 7q
"TTnTClHnlr Vigor enrea baldnew.
AX JIiJAi Hair Vigor restorc yontfi
fal freshness and color to faded and gray
hair. It attains thesa resnlu by the Um.
nlatlon of the hair roota and color glaads.
It rejuvenates tbo XX A XX and cleanies It.
It restores to tho XaAJJLV that, cither by
reason of age or diseases of the sculp, hag
become dry, harsh and brittle, a pliancy and -glossy
silken softness cf extreme beauty.
There is no dye In Ayer's Ilalrx7"1"i iT
and tho good it does Is by the V XVX J XX
It Imparls to the follicles, and tho clean
Uncss and healthfulncss of the condition
In which It maintains the scalp.
"VT?T?'C "1'r Vigor renews tho hair.
JXXJllJX fS Hair Vigor Is the best euro
nown for Drashy llalr. Scald Ilcad, Itching
Humors, Tetter Sores, Torpid Follicles, and
til other diseases of the scalp that cause
the falling of the XT A TT and Its fading.
Nothing cleanses XxAJULv of the nuisance
of dandruIT so pcrfectly?-and so effectually
prevents Its return, as Aran's Hair Vioor.
In addition to thC' curatlvo and restorative
virtues peculiar to Ayer's Hair "7X1 "VO
It Is a toilet luxury. Tho Hair V XlXVXV
Is by far the cleanliest halr.dressing made.
It canses the hair to grow thick and long,
and keeps It always soft and glossy. '
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Contains no deleterious ingredients. Its use
prevents all scalp disease, secures against the
hair growing thin or gray, and sorely cures all
baldness that is not organic.
rnrrAEED bt
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co, Lowell, Mass.'
Sold by all Druggists.
Terms Str-ictly Oasli.
P. S.--A11 parties indebted to us will p'ease call and sottjo at once and
save cos's. ..-.-
Two Dwc'ling Houses desirably located, for sale furnished or unfurnished.
out Sale!
A firet-class baker can secure em
ployment by applying at Ihe Eclipse
Bakeiy on Fremont Street. tf.
Coolest Place in Toivn.
he Fountain Restaurant and saloon
the coolest t.lace in this citv for i codI
eat at. Harry Wisdom has comuletelv
novated tliii popular resort, and invites
people of Tombstone to give him a
when he wiU convince them that they
be served at all times, with the cho
JFor Sale
Or Jtent, a house in Benson, containing 11
rooms including a kitchen and large dining
room fitted up for n restaurant with range
utensils, cte. Apply to J. II. Tracy, Benson,
A- T. 7-S-lm
Attention Republicans-.
There will be j mcciing of the Republican
County Central Committee held in this city
on' the tenth day of August, for Vie purpose
of making the connty apportionment. Tho
day for holding the primaries will aUo be
established, A full attendance is desirable,
as tne en'lro business of the committee will
be transacted.
J. O. DuXEAIt,
7-22td Chairman.
No. Three, in the County or CocLlse, Terri
tory or Anzo.ia. I
E.G. Norton. Plnintitr, vs. n'illiam Mc '
Comas, Defendant.
Bcrore a. C. ferrin, Justice oi the Peace
demand, $41.2).
The Territory or Arizona sends greeting
to WiiRii,, McComas, defendant.
You are hereby summoned aud required
to appear belor me at iiiynflice in Bisbee,
County of Cochise, on the 1711i day ot Aug.
us', A. D. lbSO. nt 10 o'clock a.m., to an
swer the cumpiaint ot the above named
pl.iintitr, who demands of j'ou th it von are
indebted to him in tbe sum or ?4f 20, 'nr
im-ichai.dUc i!i.-i-ha-e:l a::d dcliicrcd to yna
al oiir iiistnncc and request, is per eom-i.l.-.int
nuw tile in my office. And ir you
kiil lo appcir and arswi r -aid eoirptaint as
and to do the right thing by his customers.
The Tombstone public have tried him and
ever found him crooked. 7-21tf
Look Out.
And don't you forget it, that ffolcott &
Messick have the finest toilet soaps for sale
that has ever'becn offered to the people of
this city. ' 6-22tf
Just received by Mr. Van Burt a
choice lot of no imported cigars.
Vvl is the boss. Saloon men should
call at his store on Allen street and
inspect his goods. Everything that
can be found in a first class wholesale
liquor store can be had at prices that
would aioni-li one. a
Milwaukee, Wis., March 24. Tho disciples
of tho school of total abstinenco may perhaps
take somo comfort by perusing the following
table of statistics, from which it appears that
mo aggregate ntnountof beer sold by the Mil
waukee brewers during the year 1835 shows s
lonsiaernDie tailing off as compared with tho
baies or tne next preceding year.
It will be noticed, however, that tho old
renowned Phillip Best Brewing Company has
to record a gain, and Is still maintaining Its
proud prestige of belne at the head nf thn
column, while tho sales of its principal com.
pernor snow a marsed docrease.
-ine ngures are vouched for as correct in
Black Diamond Octagon Drill SteeJ
I I Cents a Pound.
All kinds of Mining and Milling
supplies and Shelf Hardware and
Mechanics Tools of all descriptions,
we offer and will sell ai
fkn. t. ii i;.t. (.1
i-. dem i.di d am,' for the
Justice ot the l'cs
every respect: q
nmwERs. sales nnLs. me,n B.c,s
13SI. 1335. BBLS- BBLa-
Ph. Best Brewing
jSsgrv-sMsi 37wso
-.Pawing Co S13.103 3I7.40S llga
T?kPli?e HUB l.OK 8,859 ....VZ.
Jung & Borchert.. HUOj bus 2,'Jii
it Obennann 2W41 210 ,,kb "
Cfe'tyBrew- WM ,B
Inn Co 2337. . ( on
Other Brewers.... to,ll)6 Ufia 6,uM
r. Total nbia i.oai7iftt i,03j.aa aeai ajii
These goodsX.rnustbe Soldaip,nce.
Our Terms are Strictly Cash.
& 1

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