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The I'ioucor Daily of the Camp
AL'ULbT a,
'Sundays Excepted,)
Office on Allen Street, nOrtli sidefljetwecii
Third and fourth. " .
Sul)scriitioii Kates,
One Tear ; $10 00
'Six Months '. .7. .''6 00
Three Months :'........ 3.00
One Month '. 1 00
'delivered by'Carriers for 25 cents a Week
Oochise County.
The darkest cloud has a silver lin
ing ; so with Tombstone, the brightest
'days are 'still in store for it.
.You who desire to serve the dear
people for the next two' yeats had
fetter put in your announcements
pretty pronto, if you desire a showing
in the coming convention. A word
lb t-e wise is sufficient.' '
In another column will be found a
Jettdr from Air. King, of New York,
which reflects great credit upon our
worthy Probate Judge Feel; 'and ex
Jiublic administrator Alex. Freeman,
arid it is with' pleasure that THe Tomb
stone publishes the same, a's it'is a
deserving compliment" tc two worthy
bfficials. '
U. S. Senator A. P. Williams, of
California, w'lio has just been elected
tO'succced Gen. Miller, is' not' a politi
cian but a ' man Of the people', 'and a
'title bluj Republican, lie haS spent
thousands of dollars'for'lhe benefit of
the Republican party and never
would receive an office! He did not
seek his preserit'hdrior; being absent
5 n' the eastern stales' He' Ip j however
the right man in the right place.
The late "Otto PetersbnWhoEe body
r,vas' found a few weeks ago' near War
ner's Lake, left a few" effect's at a
lodging house in tins city, among
"which were found his naturalization
papers taken out in the Third 'Judi-
cial District of Montana, in'thc county
of Lewis & Clarice, on' ove'rnBer'Gtti,
Soon '' tt : - n' '".-- '"-
looi. iiis ueiieimiar) ceruncaie in
the A. O. U. W. was also found, attest
ing his membership with Silver Creek
lodge No. 19, of Maiygvill, Mon
tana, under the jurisdiction of the
Grand Lodge ol Nevada. It is dated
May 30th, 18S4, and is made payable
to'iiis dnlci. No receipts for dues or
assessments were found. Citizen.
Senator Hearst, whom Governor
Stoneman of California, appointed a
lew months since, to succeed the late
Gen. Miller in the United States
Senate, has been deposed, aud Mr. A.
P. Williams, chairman of the Repub
lican State Central Committee of
California,' elected iti his stead. The
legislature of Ih'at State have done a
w'isc thing in tfms'dcposfng Hearst,
.as he .was the laughirig'sUfclrof" Wash
ington, and caused a flush" of sliam'e
'to mo.int to the temples of every
Pacific" coaster who hail occasion to
visit Washington. Senator Heartl
however is very wealthy, and owns
the San' .Francisco Examiner which is.
the leading exponent of the. Demo
cracy, in California, he is.aUo a .yery
'vindictive man and. will iti" all proba
bilities return to California" and make
it warm for the Stoneman fadtion in
that State, thereby givirig the Repub
lican party a clean sweep' tlils fall. "
' '
Wanted A. Middle aged women
desiring a situation in family or hotel
to do housework. No objections to
the country. "' Call or 'address M. this
cilice, ' " ' &L5 td '
Mr. Joel Lyall and his mother left
to day for Wilcox frbin whence they
will take the train to-morrow for
Hanford California ' Mr. Lyall sub
scribed for Tun Tombstone before
itarling. - ..' --
..," - ."Vol Ice.
A!.1 'Ha lc uavX-':fs. "ills or other
property "belonging; tb the Rescue Hose
Company, will please return ihc sami at
once sum avoid trouhlc. r - .
7-22-1 w -. President.
Cordial., i.yrtips, vine, whiskies and
cv-wf L V ..' . uit's liquor
iKOoms oa Ai.en ureet. -J
Gregory's Restaurant.
Fremont street,4 opposite" Scliief
felin hall. OA and and after May 11,
1880, nVeaU from 60 tents and up
wards. Breakfast from 7 to 2, Dinner
from 4 to-8.-- -myl2-tf;
Go to the swimming baths at the
foot of Fifth-street. ' Baths-' with- suit
and to wel8 -twenty-five cents. Ladiss'
day Wfcdttesdttyahd"'S'atarday from 3
to .6 o'clock, p.m. ' 7-7tf.
Macnefl' & Moore are regularly re
ceiving ty 'tjxpre'ss' that- 'excellent
butter frd'm J. 33. Durkee's Los" An
g'eles Ranch. ' Price 75 cents per roll
... - !' jr.. . 6-12-2W."'
Take fjotlce.
If you want ti grSoij ilrink of pure
Heriiiitagb Bourbon',' Mc'Brayer Bour
bon, Guckenheimer'BjeVariU Hermi
tage Rye,: call- at Henry--Campbell's
Keg House, All "the finest ''Iced
drinks made in the highest style ot
perfection; Champagne Cocktails a
Epecialty Also .English Ale and Gin
ness Porter,' always'-on hand. Free
Lunch every day. Come All, and
Come Often. ap30-tf
Ayer's Pills possess the positive
virtues' of 'so'riie df the best known
medicirfal plairts, "prepared and com
bined' with scientific 'skill rejecting
the crude and drastic jjoirHori's, Vind
retaining only the active principle
the part which cures and does not
harm. If you are sick try them. 9-lw
At a great bsbr
gain in a very de
sirable locality an
elegant residence
five rooms, closet
and bath, with
carpets, kitchen
and dining room
furniture. For
further particul
ars inquire at thifc
the' Couuty ol CucbUe, 'lerritory of Ari
zona. CECELIA LOUDON, Pla ntifl. )
ALEXANDElt LOUDON, Defendant f
Action brought in the County Court of
Cornier--, Territory of Arizona, and the. com
plaint filed in the said County of Cochise.
In the ofhee of the Clerk of the said County
Court. ,
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting
to Alexander LoudoD, Defendant.
You are hereby required to appear In an
action brought agalntt you by the above
n.imt-d plaintiff, in the County Court of Co.
ehisc County, Territory of Arizona, and to
answer the complaint tiled therein, within
twenty day (exclusive bf the day of service)
after th service on you of thi summons, if
eerred within this county; or if served out
of this county, but in' this district, within
thirty days; otberwiie within forty days, or
judgment by default will be taken against
you according to the prayer of said com
pl.v.nt. Said action is brought to recoTer a decree
of divorce from tht Bonds of Matrimony, a J
fully appears by the complaint filed herein,
h duly certified cony ot which Is hereto at.
tached. And you are hereby .notified that it
you fail to anni-ar and answer the said com -
plaint, as above required, tie said plalnliif
wiu.appiy 10 me uoumo'. me reuei prayed
for in said complaint.
Given' under(--tny hand and seal of the
uouniy uourx oi jjqciiuc vounry. territory
bf AriMia, ihlMth- day of August, A. I).
IBPO. ' .
A. O. WALLACE, Clerk
- Notice rrrfelttr.
You are hereby notified that I have c
pended tho sum bf ($1,000) one thousand
dollars currency of thu United States, in
labor and. Improvements upon the Nellie
James and Salinas lodes or mining clalus,
situated In Miller's Canyon, Iluachuca moun
tains, Cochise county. Territory of Arizona,
in order to hold the .said lodes or mining
claims, (or the years' ending December 31st,
i03i; itvw; -oo; ia: ana ibso, uiaer Hie
provisions of icrtion 3334. Revised Statutes
of the United Slatrj, to wit: For labor and
Improvements upon tlw said claims for the
year ending December 31st, 1S81, one hun
dred dollars each; ior the year ending De
cember 31, 1883, oue huudred dollars each;
for the yearendlnr December 31, 1-JS3, one
hundred dollars each; for. the year ending
December 81, ISSt, one . hundred dollars
each; .for the year ending- Dc-em'x-l 3l,
1835, one hundred dollars caA Total for
the five yearg.nhtium of.'fSl.OOO) one thou-
cafid dollars. -
The lucatU-u notices of the said claims
being: recorded ai follows:
aellte Janes mm Jig-claim, In book 4,
pages 313 awl SIX . j ;
Salinas ralnioi.' claim. In-book 4. na-'es
3I3andJJ14, . :....
In theTecords of Cochise countv. Terrl-
tory-of Arixojcwtraoscribedirom the 1'irua
couuty records :-a-.-fr r'i' . i ".f"
.And il wtiwu ISW) ninety days after (hi
. eby imljlicivHon, you fail -or refuse to
ibutc, 4-ai-li-ot yo' if, your proportion f
xpeuuiuirc.as cownerc.jourln.ere.'-t
-.--v-aid lodes or ratting claims, will be
the property of the undersigned uu
section 3334.
stcn, Cschi't Ccunty, A Ja'j
-"".nd all-who may Visit Saii' Francisco next month.
Late of -Tombstone,
In California at
Market Street
"Under the Baldwin Hotel.
And .invite all their old friends when they visit San Francisco, to call on
''f 'th'cm'and ge't'the finest clothing, cheaper than any: oilier place in
' s , San Francisco. ' . ;
11- iAtiIiST. A BST. -4t.il ".NZJ 5 til A
Having Fitted up this liestatuant new and. Complete in
every particular we ai'e prepared to 5el''e to
the people ot Tornbstone the
Finest Meal s Lynches, Slippers
That the Market Affords.
Private Ice Cream and Coffee Parlors.
Suppers for Parties a Specialty
Call in and.be
Ala nargruiti.
For Sale, one Studebaker, excursion
spring wagon, canvas covered, and ieathci
trimmed, in go.d order; also one set ol
double harness, one saddle, one bridle, one
pair of spurs. Apply to J. 11. Tracy, Ben
son. A T. 7-S-Jm
Thirteen thoroughbred Brown Leghorn
Kooaters in lots to uiU Inquire at this of.
a' 7 8-3t
Reduction in price of La JRosa
Blaaca Ciigar. These cigars havt
been heretofore sold three for fifty
cents, but owing" to having a large
stock on hand; Ashmun & Walker
will hereafter sell them at twelv&jftid
a-half cents, this giving the'lovers of
the fa-orite weed, a fine imported
cigar, two for twenty-five cents.
-' " 27-tf.
For Sale.
A horse and wagon horse kind and
gentle". For-prllcular. apply at this office
-;.- -j. ... 6 isir
Ice for Families.
Commencing fucsday, May 4!h,wc will
Issue weekly ice tickets for families and
other small consumers, at $1.00 aDd up
wards. r - Driver are not allowed to deliver ice to
'weekly customers without weekly tickets.
8-23tf 80DTwrsTERN Icb Co.
We hare appointed Mr. J. Gatchcll Jones
our agent (with power of attorney) to colled
all money due U us.
All persons knowing themselves to be in.
dehted to us, arc requested to settle with
Mr Jones.
Tomrjstone,.lijr 331,316. C3tf
.Just.Tecclvedat.Herrera ,t McClure's the
finest balled oai hay erer brought to this
city. " 5-8 ft
Mr. L.B. Van Burt will tell the entire
stock of wines, liquors, cigars, cordials
syrups, etc.. In fact everything carried by
wholesale firm in t to suit purchasers for
easti 6 '
'pr Sale
Or Rent, a liouie In (nson. containing 11
rooms including a kitchen and large dining
room fitted up for a restaurant with range
utensils, etc. Apply to J. H. Tracy, Benson,
A. T. ;.8.im
Attepsls 9BcpblicniiN.
There will b i mceilng ofthe Republican
County Central Committee held in tiiis city
on the tenth day of August, for the purpose
of making the county apportionment. The
day for holding the primaries will also be
established, A full attendance is desirable,
as the en'irc buslaus or the committee will
be transacted.
J. O. DuxBAn,
7-23td Chairman.
No. Thret, in the County of Cocl.ise, Terri
tory of ArUoaa.
E.G. Norton. Plaintiff, vs. William Ale.
Comas, Defendant.
Bcroro 8..C. f errln, Justice of the Peace
demand; $41.2 J."
The Territory of Arizona sends gteeting
to William McCumas, defendant.
Tou are hereby summoned and required
to appear betor me at my oflice in lusbcc,
Couuty of Cochise, on the 17lh day ot Aug-nstA-D.
ISSd. at 10 o'clock a. m to an.
swor the coiilD.alnt ot-. the above liuiuL-rl
f-iainiin, who UcmaucH oi jou tlul run are
ildebted :o him In tlio jum of f.ir
mcrchauUu iurcllaedit:id dclitet'e-l In you i
al your iistaiir and retjucit,. it per com-j
plaint n-rur uc lilt in me iitlice. And if von !
i. in in .ippe.tr aim an uer mu conii nut :if
heri-iu required, the DLniitllC i!l t.ikc iuU-
mentgaintyou as-dnni ii.d.d :ln(. for the
costs of this suit. :
Oiven undcriuy Iu.,d this 4t!i .l:iy of
u O e, A. D. 1S-. S. (J ?StlliI.,
Justice ol tic li;
ha've one of the largest
: o : :
a -T7 n g Hair Vigor enrcs baldnem.
AX-CiXV Hair Vigor restores youth
ful frcsaness and color to faded and gray
talr. It attains these result by the sum
mation of the hair roots and color glands.
It rejuvenates tho TT A TT and cleanses it.
It restores to tho Xl-aULXV that, cither by
reason of age or diseases of the scalp, has
become dry, harsh and brittle, a pliancy and
glossy silken softness of cxtrcmo beauty.
Thero Is no dye in Ayer's IIa!r-T7"r1 (T
and the good It docs Is by the J-VXVfXV
It imparls to the follicles, and tho clean.
Uncss and healtbfulnds of tho condition
In which it maintains tho scalp.
a X7TIT JC1 Hair Vigor renews tho hair.
A. JL JCiXV O Ilalr Vigor is tho best curs
lnown for" Ilrashy Hair, Bcald Ilcad, Itching
Humors, Tetter Bores, Torpid Follicles', and
all other dfscases' of tho scalp thafcausa
the falling of tho TT TT and its fading.
Nothing cleanses AJL-iAJULV 0f tho noisanco
of dandruff so perfectly, and so effectually
prevents its return, as Ayer's Hair Vioon.
In addition to tho curative end restorative
virtues peculiar to Ayer's H-iir "tTTi fYff
it is a toilet luxury. Thollalr XVV-a.
Is by far tho cleanliest halr-drcselng made.
It causes tho Imlr to grow thick and long,
and keeps it always soft and glossy.
. Ayer's Hair Vigor
Contains no deleterious ingredients. Its use
prevents all scalp disease, secures against the
hair growing thin or gray, and surely cures all
baldness that is not organic.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., I-owell, Mass.
I Sold by all Druggists.
A first-class baker can secure cm:
ploymont by applying at the Eclipse
Bakeiv on Prjcniout Street. tf.
Coolest Place in Town.
he Fountain Rc&tnurant and saloon
the coolest place in tins city for peopl
eat nt. Harry Wisdom has completely
novated this popular resort, and ii;vites
people of Tombstone to give him a
when he wi'.l convince them tliatthey
be served at all timer, with the cho
and to do the right thing by his customers.
The Tombstone public have tried hira and
eycr found Tiiru crooked. 7-34tf
Look Out.
And don't you forget it, that Wolcott &
Messick havc the finest toilet soaps for sale
that, has ever been offered to the people of
this city. C32tf
Just received, by Mr. Van Hurt a;
choice lot of f.ne imported cigars.
Van ;s the.-boss. . .Saloon men should
call at his sljare on Allen street and'
inspect his goods. Everything -that?
can be found in rufirst class wholesale
liquor store can be had at prices- that
would astonish one. ..
Milwaukee, Wis., March 24. The disciples
of the school of total abstinence may perhaps
take some comfort by perusing: the following
table of statistics, from which it appears that
the aggregate amount of beer sold by the Mil
waukee brewers during the year 1SS." shows a
considerable falling off as compared with tho
sales of tho next preceding year.
It will be noticed, howoror, that the old
renowned Phillip Best Browing Company hai
to record a gain, and Is still maintaining its
proud prestige of being at tho head of tha
column, while tho sales of its principal com
petitor show a marked decrease.
The figures are vouched for as correct In
every respect: m
SALES DDLS. rv-'o.'rv'a
snswEns. '.?.2E "P.
' 1331. 1885. B11LS. I1DL3.-
Ph. Best. Brewing
. Company SSJX 385,235 6,715
Joseph Schliu
BroiTlnKCo 3IB,lt 317,B 1LG05
yal.Blatl 1-K.14I 115.UC 8,859
Janir4 Borchert.. fOMi KtfcO 2.9T8
J. Obermann 25.211 2i,2a0 4.033 ;
. K Miller 48,'Ji! 60.1S3 1,235
Cream Cllj Brow-
- Ini Co 29J7S 23.597 -4,0n
A. Oettelman 11,414 1S.I.O 9 sit
Other Brewers.... 59.1K 61,037 6,011
9 Total Bbls l.WMft! 1.0s:i03 23.8a:' SJ.1U
Having determined to close out our business in Tombstone we offer onr.
entire stock cot sisting of
' , : - ? ,a
FURNITURE,- ' .. . -
' ' CARPETS, . - . ' '. '
- .' - " WALL RAPER,. . -. .' '
"r v'! "' '''cRt5"citERy, "" ""
x.t, --fJUASS WARE; and
- t ' , Pli ATEI "WARE,
. . . ' - -I
At such prices that will induce you to buy; we will quole a few prices fo
convince you that this is a Genuine Closing Out Sale and no humbqg.
Walnut Marble-Top Bedroom setts, 7
wainuc woou-rop "
Imitation Walnut "
Wood Seat Chairs . - -
Perforated Qhairs '-
Rockers from 1.25 to - r .,, .
Bedsteads from 1.G5 each and upwards
Patent Spring Reds (each) "'- - - '".
Carpets from 25 cents per yard and upwards - " -
Crockery and Glassware at'Ieai'thm cost
Terms Strictly Casli.
P.. S. All parties "iadeWd to us
s ive cos"s,
Two Dwe'ljng Houses, dasirably located, for sala furnished, or ul'ifurnished.
-" ' ' ' -..' - . i.-' -.1. " 1 1 i
Black Diamond Octagon Drill Sleej
I I Cents a Pound.
. -.! ' i ....
" : Ml kinds of Mining jndMillinf
supplies and " Shelf Hardware" and
Mechanics Todls
we offer and will,
These goods must
6ur4Terms are
0" n
pieces -
?47 50
40 00
25 00
1 00
3 2f
1 75
will p' ease call and settle at once aed
but Sate!
of all descriptions,
sell at
liEtQW COSf ,
be Sojd at Once.
Strictly Cash,

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