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' - TUe. i'ione'or Taily' bf' tiie Ciiir.p
AUGUST. 7,. -J.
'Ruudays Excepted.)
Office on Allen Street, north -$'.de, between
Third and Fourth.- g
Subscription Itnics,
One Year '.' . . . . .. .$10 00
. Bix Jlonths C 00.
Three Mouths S 00
One JIonth...;.-....-w1w... 1 00
., Delivered by Carriers for 25 -cents - a Wcel.
Cochise County.
Jas. Gordon Bennett' got mulcted
"in the sum of $25,000 for libeling
Cyrus "W. Field. Served him right.
Frank Prcscott and family miyn,ol
improbably leave for California before
rnany weeks, Epitaph'.' '.Will .tome
.one be - kind "enough to interpret the
above for us, n's we cannct?' . ...
Under Sheriff It takes a man rt
ability (o fill that position, and no'
man of common sense wouldever ac-
cuse Dunbar of being able to fill it.
The Tombstone which i3 always
alivo to the public's interest was the
only paper in the county that had en
ergy enough to telegraph for an ac
count of the Plienix fire.
The Epitaph was the iirst and only
paper in this county- to announc
(J JO. Pridham as a Candidate for tin
.office of-Qounty Treasurer and now i:
.comes to the front and tries to knock
Ijim down.
Pursuant to call a meeting of thorn
.citizens ".overjoyed" at the confirma-
.tion of W. Kidder Meade as U. S
Marshal, was lield.attlie oifice of .tlx
Epitaph"' last "evening. There wen
present John O. Dunbar, John Dun
bar, J.'.O. Dunbar, Dunbar, and the
proprietor of the. Epitaph. The gath
.ering was entirely harmonious.
Mr. G. S. Abbot deals a pretty hard
iblow at John Dunbar in his card
(which appears in another .column.
He says that in'-lhe e'vi.nt of h.is elect
ion as Sheriff he would not appoint
Dunbar under-sheriff and that he
would only appoint men who had the
G':pect and confidence of tho entire
.community-. T.his is kind of rough
,on the editor of the Epitaph." "'
: .And now conies aWisrdugion pa
"'jper -with" the information that Cutting
iis in" league with Mexican officials to
jget the State 'of 'Chihuahua annexed
.to the .United States. Aye believe tho
:story as Cutting and Medina, his Mex-
'can accuser, arc both capable of do-
jing anything mean and underhanded,
jin fact' that kind of business is their
jprpfessiqu. , .
The. unfortunate insane Mexican
- -.who has been confined in the jail at
- - . - . V--1 -
Clifton and tin 3 place for many
' "'oii'ths "Still -langnishes- in -"diir.ance
ivile" like" a.. condemned .felon denied
.medical aid "to a mind diseased" a
. waiting the opening of the Torritor-
. ..jaiausano Asyium for the Insane. As
:a matter of economy it may be wise
:to delay his .removal for death will
ffioon releive him of his sufferings, and
tthe county of further expense- but in a
. jhumanitarian "poirit: of view such
itreatmept is darjinable.. Clifton Clai-
- Jon. - - .
.It.is' only Another ski for . Nocasati
;2uljckio-burden his soul with. .
Dennis McCarty 'seem.8 .to have a
Vgreatdeal of business to- transact in
xthis end of town of late, but'.wearoon
.to him. all the. sanve. - -. . - '
. ..There will be no services i-i tlicdiff
.erenthurchej, save the. Catholic, to
morrow, owing (0 the absence of the
;past9rf.. There will be Sunday school
.-at.th.5 rcgujar hour'howevqr. ;
- - - fg-j
'It "wmild ho a good idea forthd -citizens
of Tombstone to orgmiiin and
.capture all the' habitual croakqrs jn
.town and give them about two -hours
.to leave. They fairly make one sick
twith their'talk and you can't escape
If Tombstone was subject to earth
quakes there would surely have been
one this pfternoon as it was so sultry
one ccu'd hardly breathe.
Bob Darrali reports the -causo of
the non arrival of mail last night as
caused by the ditching of the cast
bound train near Yuma. The engin
eer and fireman were slightly in
M. W. Steward is making arrange
ments to place large reservoirs of oil
in Wilcox and then run pipes from
the same through town and supply
the people of that town with oil for il
luminating purposes and also for
A rumor gained curreucy in town
to day that a large number of Chirica
hua Indians had left the reset vation
and taken to the war path. A tele
gram was at once sent from The
Tombstone office to ascertain the
truthfulness of the report btit up to
the present writing no answer has
been received.
Joe Pascholly is extremely fortu
nate on his selection of employes and
can always leave town with the
knowledge that no matter how long
ho remains away his businets will be
conducted as well as though he was at
horns and inihis connection it of fords
US-great pleasure to testify as to tlt
Efficiency of the polito and obiiging
night clerk Johnny Dean who seen 1
to have a 1 atuial panchant for the
hotel business being obliging and po
lite, besides having a thorough knowl
edge of the business.
At a great bar
gain in a very de
sirable locality an
elegant residence
five rooms, closet
and bath, with
carpets, kitchen
and dining room
furniture. For
further particul
ars inquire at thit
the County ot Cuehise, 'territory of Ari
zona, CECELIA LOUDON, la ntiflf,
Action broueht in the County Coi;rt of
Cochise, Territory of Aii."nu, and the com
jdaiut tih-d in the said County of Cochise,
in the ollice of the Clerk of the said County
The Territory of Arizona sends Kreetinx
to Alexander Loudon, Defendant.
Youaie hereby required to appear in an
action brought asaiiift you by the :iboe
named plaintiff, in tl.c County Court of Co
chise County, Territory of Arizona, and to
answer the complaint tiled therein, within
twenty days (exclusive of the day of service)
after the service on you of thl summons, if
ierred nitiun this county; or if served out
of this county, but in this district, within
thirty days; otherwise within forty days, or
judgment by default will be taken agaiu.t
you according to the prayer of said com
plaint. Said action Is brought to recover a decree
of divorce from the Bonds of Matrimony, as
fully appears by the complaint filed herein,
! duly certified copy ot which is hereto at.
tached. And you are hereby notilied that if
you fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff
.will apply to the Court foi the relief prayed
for in said complaint. -
Given under my hand, and seal of the
County Court of Cochise County, Territory
of Arizona, this 4th day of August, A. D.
A. O. WALLACE, Clerk.
IVolicc of forfeiture,
You are hereby notified that I have ex-
S ended tlie sura of (S1.000) one thousand
ollars currency of the United Stat-., in
labor and improvements upon the Nellie
James and Salinas lodes or mining claim,
situated in Miller's Canyon, Iluachuca nioun-
lair.s, uoeuise couniy, lemtory of Arizona,
iu order to hold the 6uid lodes or milling
claims for the years ending Deci-mber 3lst,
1SS1; 1SS3; 1SS3; 1SS4 and ISS, u-idcr the
provisions of section 2324,-RevUcd Statutes
of the United States, to wit: For labor and
im-jrovements upon the sa;d'tlalm& for the
year ending December 31st, 1S81, one hun
.dred dollars each; for' he "year ending De
cember 31, 18S2, one hundred dollars each;
for the year ending December 31, liS3, one
hundred dollars each; for the year ending
December 31, lbSf, one hundred dollars
each; -for the- year ending De'-embei 31,
I8a5, one hundred dollars each Total lor
ihdTtive je.irs,-the sum of (Sl.OtX); one thou
sand dollars. .
The location notices of the said claims
being recorded as fulfows:
Nellie JjJHies mln ng claim, In book 4.
pages 2l2.snd 213
Salinas mining claim. In. book 4, pages
213andl. v - -In
the records ic.f Cochise counrv. Tvrrl-
tory of Arizona, transcribed from the Pima
county records. -r
And If within (90) ninety, days after this
C.by publication, you'lall orreluseto
ii utc, each ol you, j our j ropoi tion 'r
j, per.ditiire.as co-owners. our interest
., aid lode-, or mii.Ing cIji'ils, -will l,c
ihe prppertv of the undei signed un
section 2324.
s;ce, ttdi Uni y Jul
And all who may visit San Francisco next month.
Late of Tombitpue, have one p.f the largest
In California at
942 Market Street 942
Under the Baldwin Hotel.
And invite all their old friends when they visit San Fninpisco. to call on.
them and get the finest ciothinjr, cheaper than any other place in
San Francif-co.
i AI-il-iHIN ST.
A -
Having Fitted tip this lestaui ant new and Complete in
every particular we are prepared to -servo to
the people ot Tombstone the
Finest M!eals Lunches, Suppers
That the ilarket Affords.
Private Ice Cream and Coffee Parlors.
Suppers for Parties a Specialty
C'Ml In and
At 11 Uiii-uin.
For Sale, one SUalcbakcr, excursion
r. prime wuaon, vunvas c-utervd, tud Jcalliei
trimmed, in oud order; also one Set ol
duuble haruetf, one saddle, one bridle, one
pair of spurs. Apply to J. U. Truer, Ifcn-
.-.ou, A T. 7-S-Jin
Tliirlc.eu tlioiculibied 13iorn Leghorn
Kuo:terju lots to (.uiu Inquire at Huso).
lieduction m price of La ltosa
131anca Cigar. 'ihete cigars havb
been heretolore et.ld three for liftv-
cents, but owiug to having u large
stock on hand, Ashniun & Walker
will hereafter sell them at twelve and
a-half j-eutx, this giving the lovers of
the f?"jrite weed, a lino imported
cigar, two for twenty-five cents.
For Sale.
A horse and wjigon horse kind and
gentle. For particular apply at this o0iee:
Ico lor Families.
Commencing lucsday, May 4th, we ill
issue 'weekly ice tickets for families and
other small consumers, at $1.00 and up
wards. Diiversare not allowed to deliver ice tn
weekly emtomers witLout weekly tickets.
6-23tf SOUTIIWESTEltX Ics Co.
We have appointed Jlr. J. Gatchell Jcncs
our agent (with power of attorney) to collect
an money Que la us.
All-persons knowing themselves to he in-
dehted to us, are requested to settle with
Mr Jone.
Jacob EvERiunnr & Co.
Tomb5ton c, May 1st, Jbfe6. 6 2-tf
Just received at Ilerrcra & McClure'a the
finest bailed oat hay ever brought to this
cily- 5.8 ' ft
Mr. i,.B. Van Burt will fell the entire
stock of wines, liquors, cigars, cordials
syrups, etc., in fact everything carried by-
wholesale firm in ts to suit purchasers for
casn- o
JFor Knlo
Or Rent, a houie fn-Benson. containing 11
rooms including a kitchen and lar.ge dining
room fitted up for a restaurant with range
utensils, etc. Apply to J. II. Tracy, Benson,
A- 1- 7-8-lra
Attention lEcpublicuus.
There will bo a-racciing of the Republican
County Central Committee held in tills city
on the tenth day of August, for tbe purpose
of making the county apportionment. The.
day for holding the primaries .will nli-o be
established, A full attendance is desirable,
as the en'ire business of the committee will
be transacted.
J. O. Dunbar,
-22td Chairman.
No. Three, in the Count) of CocLIsc, Tcrri
tory of Arizona.
E. G. Norton. Plaintiff, vs.. William Mc.
Comas, Defendant.
Before S. C. Pi?rrln Jnctir-o nf tlin Pmo,.
.demand, $41.2).
the Territory of Arizona scuds gteetin"
to William MeComas. defendant.
xpu are hereby summoned and required
to appear betor me at my oflk-c In linbeo.
County of Coehlsc, on the 17ih day ol Ail"-.
., . v. i, in oi'jocK a.m., to un
"wer the comprint ol the above named
piainun, wno demands or jou th.it vnu are
indebted o him in the sum or C-4l".2C., 'or
merchandise purchie-ctland delMercd to you
at your Instance alrd. iqu-t, t.s per com,.
Dlalntnow on tile in my office. And ir jqu
fail to appear and ai swer :iiri eoitiplnitit :if
herein require.!, the plaintiff win ul:r iuilsr
metitngainsty m as deia.ii.dcd anr. fur the
costs of this suit.
Given under my had th s Wtliday of
EST. -itli AND Stll A
bu convinced.
A "XT 1.1 1C Hair Vigor cures baldness.
A X JCXV O Hair Vigor rcitores youth
fal freshness and color to faded and gray
fcslr. It attains these result? by the itlm
clatlon of the hair roots and color glands.
It rejuvenates the TT A TT and cleanses it.
It restores to the XXULXV that, cither by
reason of age or diseases of the scalp, has
become dry, harsh and brittle, a pliancy and
glotsy silVcn softness of extreme beauty.
Thcro Is no dyo ln'Aycr's Ilalr-C7"r-i (Yfi
and the good it docs Is by Ih'o XvX VX
It imparts' to the follicles, and tho clean
lipess an4 healthfulnesa of tho condltloa
In which It maintains tho scalp.
"TT'TCJ Ualr Vigor rcn"''" tho hair.
A. JL JliXV Hair Vigor Is' tho best car'
known for Brashy Hair, Scald ncad. Itching
Humors, Tetter Bores, Torpid I'olllelcs, and
all other diseases of the scalp that caueo
the falling of tho tt A TT and Its fading.
Nothing cleanses XXxXXXV 0f tho nutsanco
of dandran so perfectly, and so effectually
prevents Its retnrn, as Ayzn's IUm Vifeon.
In addition to tho curative and restorative
virtues peculiar to Aycr"s Hair VTftfVR
it is a toilet luxury. ThoIIalr XUVXV
Is by far tho cleanliest halr.dresslng made.
It causes the hair to grow thick and long,
and keeps it always soft and glossy.
Ayers Hair Vigor
Contains no deleterious Ingredient. Its use
'prevents all scalp disease, secures agalost the
hair growing thin or gray, and surely cures ill
baldness that is not organic.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists.
A first-class baker can eecure em
ployment by applying -at (he Eclipse
Jlakciy on Fremont Street. tf.
Coolest Place in Town.
hi Fountain Kettnurant and saloon
the roolist place in tins city for peopl
cat at. Harry Wisdom has completely
novated thit popular resort, and invites
people of Tombstone to give him a
when he mil convince them that they
be served at ail timer, with the cho
and to do the right tiling by his customers.
The Tombstone public have tried hiu and
over found him crooked. 7-24lf
Look Out. .
And don't you forget it, that Wokott fc
Messiek have the finest toilet soaps for sale
that has ever been offered to the people of
this city 6-22lf
Just received by Mr. Van Burt a
choice lot of Ene imported cigars.
Vui is ihe boss. Saloon men should
call at his store on Allen street and
inspect his goods. Everything that
can be found in a first class wholesale
liquor store can bo had at prices that
would astonish one.
(irj-jrnry. ICotiiiir.itit
Knii.ont street, oitiiif (.-hit-P
feliti hall. On and and alter .May 11,
1880, meals from aO cents and up
wards. Breakfast from 7 to 2, Dinner
fiom4oS. myl2-tf.
"Vol ice.
All pnrtie having hut?, belts or other
properly belonging to the Rescue Uoae
Company, will please return Ihe same at
once :im! avoid trouble.
ft 3 Bradsiiaw,
T-3-lrt- rresident.
Cordinli, fj-riips, wine, wliiskies and
cigars at L. Ii. Vn Btirt'K liquor
rcr;,ms.on Alhn stuet.
Aycr's l'ill.s possess the popUi f1
virtues of sarnie of the best known
medicinal plant?, prepared and com
bined witli hcientific skill rejecting
the crude and drastic portions, and
retaining only the active principle
the part which cures and doos no
A'llen St., Bet. 4th and t'ii.
Having determined -to plose but our business in -Tombstone, we otTxr ouj:
entire stock corisisting of ' T - t- -
At such prices that will induce you to buy- we will quo'e a few prices to
convince you tbat this is a Genuine Closing Out Sale and rib humbug.
Walnut Marble-Top Bedroom setts, 7 pieces
Walnut Wood-Top " " "
Imitation WalIut " " "
Wood Seat Chairs -PetforateJ
Rockers from $1.25 to - -
Bedsteads irora $1.65 eacli and upwards - -Patent
Spring Beds, (each) .-
Carpets from 25 cents per yard and upwards
Crockery and Glassware at lesi than cost'
Terms Strictly- Oash.
P. S. All parties iudebt d to us
a.iFe cos 8. .
Two Pvrc ling Hougt-s dlrbly losated, for sal funiiShed.tir.u- furnished.
Black Diamond Octagon Drill Sleel
I I Cents a Pound.
All kinds of Mining and Milling
supplies and Shelf Hardware and
Mechanics Tools
we offer and will
These goodsmust
Our Terms are
-pa- r
4 . -t.t-
47 50
40 OG
25 00
1 00
3 25
1 75
TV- -S-r,s-ii -
will p!eai? ca!I and s.eYltr t
once and
out Sikle!
IN " . -'
of all descriptions,
sell at
be, ;Soldt0nce.
Strictly Cash,
u y t, .1. n. tcoi'. a.U. iMUUtl.N,
Justice at ti t P
harm. If vou a:e tick try them. 9-1 v.

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