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J eerftiy aau-unce myself to tlie voters of
rmlMtune as an inrtepenucm
sasUilr rr lily Treasurer at Hi eJccuuu
U? fit -r.eW November Slid.
l'dlt CITY IEC'5CSK!l.
1 br.b junr.iince niyfcelf to 't've voters
Ik City ot Tombstone as an Independent
MidliAttfor City llecorder. at -the election
vales- wilUbr. held November 2m!.
m SllTcr Quotation.
The following is the latest price of
siWriu New York anil London:
k v NkwYckk, Oct.21.
Laat'en; H
Xw Yprk 97Jcts.
A. O. U. W. meet to-night.
Silver was quoted this afternoon in
XiftSL'otk at 9So.
Read Dicator Blinn'a letter in an
other column.
Thr. thermometer registered 79 dcg.
At noon to-day.
Willcox will give a majority for the
Republican ticket.
District Attorney Savage is reported
ilk in Th'minf 7Ciw Mpvico. I
Tom Soriu is in town fiom his
wood camp in the Dragoons.
Sam Katzonsteiti is in this city
from Charleston.
If. T. Williams took a little trip out
it town to-day.
Local items were like hen's teeth
to-day very scarce.
At the present timo in Tombstone
the life of a local reporter is not a
happy one by any means.
Mr. Barnctt returned last night
from Kingston. Barney says that
Tombstone is a very good camp.
Dr. Willis has removed from his
late residence on Second street to the
house next door to Judge Robinson.
The order of the day in Tombstone
is tj remove your saloon. No leis
than thrci saloons w.ero moved this
Col. Ilafford has opened a cosy
Moon in the promises formerly oc
cupied by Stevenson & Crowley, nest
door to The Tombstone office.
The credit of the funeral proces
sion of the late Ed. Richards is due
Ut (lie artistic skill of Mr. John
Billanoy, the undertaker.
Our city presented a deserted ap
pearance 1 1 ii3 afternoon, for every
imo t tint cmiM plainly procure a
Jinrse or buggy went lo iho funeral if
Mr. Ed. U.cl ardf.
Gol. llaffurd will occupy th" prcmi-v
scs vacated by Stevenson A Crowley,
and to-day fitted up the same fur a
saloon. The Colonel is an old saloon
man au.l will co a gojil business.
As usual, the Epitaph blunders in
its reports. In this morning's issue
it save that Miss Mamie Herring, of
Tombstone, was Married to Mrs. C.
W. Clum, of El Paso.
Messrs. E. G. Norton, Bramer
Brown, Dick Richard, i'nd Allen
Walker, left this afternoon fr Bisbee.
That these gentlemen will meet wilh
success in the great Copper Camp, is
an assured fact.
The different Republican candi
dates who are out canvassing the
county will return tc-moirew night?
so that they will be in Tombstone in
timo to attend the Grand Republican
Rally on Saturday evening next.
Mr. Bcnuett,the unfortunate miner
who was hurt i i the Stato of Maine
mino yesterday, is improving rapidly.
The Tombstonb, together with his
many friend in this city, hope and
truil that ere long he will be able to
ho on the street rh.tking hands with
his old comrades.
Thirty pounds of giant powder ex
ploded iu the 300 foot level of the
Caledonia wine, at Deadwood, J). T.,
on 'he 5th inst., blowing four men to
pieces and injuria; six others. A
spark from a pipe calmed the explo
sion. 0. C. Bean will address the people
.of Tucson to-night, and private ad
vices .-late I hat, the entire population
will turn out and give him a rousing
reception. IJrotbrr Republicans of
Pima should hurrah! fur i!w entire
Republic in ticket of the Territory
Hud of the several counties in the
Territory will be elected.
Mr. Harry Stevenson has im.yui)
his Willows salo'iu from the id I staijd
it u block further up "i Ali-n stref.-l,
aijil i now loe.itcd vtn Allen bclwueij.
Fiiirih and Fiflli, opp;-irc limivn &
ll..r.-'s siali'.e.--. llarty wi'.X !i..v- a
laiul opening lit-morr-iw niht, and
invites him.i:iy frien !. .:u 1 t lis pub
lie in general ID drop i.i at lib cosy
quarters. "
Itlicm tlie Monopolist.
Wc republish below a letter from
monopolist L. W. Blinn, lo O. D.
,'.. ... , - .. ,c
MerM lfc Co- wlllch SPC:,k3 for ,lself
Tombstone, A. T., July 11, 18S5
Messes. 0. D. Merrii. & Co. Saw
Mill, Carr's Canon, Huachuca Moun
tain. Gents: Wc have received in
formation to-day that you have of
fered to deliver to Mr. Nels Warring
ton a bill of lumber required by him
for a livery stable, at a price of $35
per thousand feet, in such quantity
and sizes as he may require, the lum
ber to bo delivered here in Tombstonr.
Were wc not assured that Mr. War
rington was a truthful man, we could
not believe this, even this of you, but
wc are forced to the conclusion that
notwithstanding all that 1 have done
for you, and was willing to continue
to do, is not appreciated by you, ami
that you seek to make a light with
this company. All I have to say is
that I am ready for it, and I can make
it just as hot for you as you want. I
will take great pleasure in being quite
a.s ungenerous towards you as I havo
heretofore been generous. I can as
sure you furthermore that while I am
generally agreeable, and accommodat
ing I can be very disagreeable, and
make things very uncomfortable. I
propose to speak lo you plainly iu
this matter, and in words that you
may not misunderstand, and when I
say that if you supply one single foot
of lumber into Tombstone market at
any such rales as those proposed, or
in any way enter into direct compe
tition with me here, I will see that
you cannot make enough out of your
lumber to pay the freight. If you
enter into competition with us else
where I will makn the same light on
you, and pending your action iu this
matter I herewith cancel any, and all
orders made to you for this company,
and would say that it rests' with you
ontirely as to the proposed light, in
the ftiturs. 1 am fully aware that
your mill docn not. ri-ie lo the dignity
of a decent opposition, but to far as
that opposition gues I am prepared
to meet it. This letter will reach you
by the hands of a special messenger,
and you w.ll ph-.ise be manly enough
to return an nnswer as to what ymi
propose to do. 1 shall leave lo-mor-row
morning for California to be ab
sent a few wceki. When I return 1
trust your action will be dev.-loped,
and wo shall know hew to proceed.
This light is not our reeking, and we
wain you to be verv careful what vou
Yours truly,
L. W. Bu.sn,
General Manager.
Last Hail EIIJcm.
The funeral of the late E.Iwarc!
Richards who was blown to pieces
yesterday at the Mamie mine, took
place to-day from the residence of
Mrs. Winii'ii, on Fremont street.
The funeral procession waj one of the
largest that has ever taken place iu
Tombstone, and shows with what
high respect tuts deceased was held in
by Iho people of Tombstone. Mr.
Richards was a man among men, and
to know him was to respect him.
Honest, upright in all his dealings
and Tombstone looses one of its best
citizens, and Heav n gains another
angel. Too much praise cannot be
given the Cornish boys of tiiis city for
the manner iu which they showed
their deep and hiving appreciation of
their fellow countryman.
May his ashes rest iu peace.
ine louowing instruments were
filed in the olfice of the Countv Re
corder lo-day:
By Ben James, constable, as against
W. Iv. Meade, to recover certain
moneys on a promisory note. The
aid Ben James, constable, has levied
on certain mining piopcrty in Tomb-
btone mining district, and on tlie in
lerest of said Meade in and to the Astec
House iu Tombstone, to satisfy a cer
tain, judgment for $340, and interest
and costs (hcieon.
Jos. M. Stamp to Howard Herring
tljc Bonanza mine, Tombstone dis
trict; .;-.jioo.
yalkyrie mine, Swisslielm miniug
district, Chas. E. Baiiholoinew and
Howard V. Herring.
WUy Mo Khald Aot lo F.lcctctl.
The man who seeks an honorable
and responsible office through the
medium of tke ballot box should dem
onstrate to th people that he is not
only competent, but also deserving,
of the position and trust to which he
aspires. Ben Goodrich, Esq., has se
cured the nomination of the Demo
cratic ticket for District Attorney of
Cochise couity. This is an office of
great respoiuibilty and importance.
Not only doM the proper restraint
and punishment of crime in our midst
depend largely upon the zeal and ef
ficiency of the District Attorney, but
his acts and decisions directly effect
every taxpayer in the county. He is
not only lh prosecutor of all offend
ers against territorial laws, but he is
the legal adviser for the coi'nty in all
matters, and in this relation becomes
largely responsible foi the proper col
lection and expenditure of the pub
lic funds.
As a fitting text to this discussion
of the qualifications of Mr. Goodrich
for the potition he is now seeking,
we may refer to the records in office
of the County Treasurer. Wc find
there th following assessment against
Mr. Goodrich for the year 1S85:
Lots 7 and 8, block 22 $ 200 00
Improvements on same 500 00
Law library 500 00
Two hone 150 00
Buggy and harness 75 00
One watch 50 00
Household furniture 400 00
Total ?l,b75 00
TJpoa this property the ' taxes
amounted to $71.25. These taxes Mr.
Goodrich refused, and still refuses to
pjiy. They became delinquent and
$2.30 collector's fees, and $5.55 pen
ally were added to the original amount
due tke county, making a total of
$79.10, M'd;for this sunt the cntiie
property enumerated in Mr. Good
rich's assessment was sold to tbe
Territory on February 7, ISSfi, and
deeds irsued for the same on the 28th
of AugUkt last.
Here is man who has been a citi
zen of Cochise county from its crea
tion. II has accumul.-ite)l wealth
and enjoyed evciy benefit and protec
tion secured to the wor:hict citizen,
und yet he declines to bear his pro
portion of the expense necessaiy to
procure such benefits and protection.
Nay more; he has gone further
than this by advising certain of his
clients not to pay their taxes. Mr.
Goodrich is a citizen; he is alio n
lawyer. He lias taken advantage of
every privilege accorded him as a cit
izen, and as a lawyer he proposes to"
defeat the just claims of the county
against him for securing such privil
eges. He is endeavoring (o force up
on his fellow citizens the payment of
his just proportion of tiie expense of
supporting necessary public institu
tions, and light on the heels of such
dilyalty he asks these citizens and
tax-payers to elect him, by their
votes, to a position on iho county
ticket which will enable him to collect
auiuslly as salary, the sum of $3,000
from the moneys these tax-payers
Again, it is the duty of the District
Alterney to proseculu all cases on be
half f the county against delinquent
taxpayers. Here is a man who not
only declines to pay his own taxes,
but claims that thu county can not
ferco him to do. so. He allows his
property, valued at $1,S75, to be sold
to the Territory for the paltry sum of
70 10. He advises some of his im
mediate friends not lo pay their taxes
It is estimated that the county will
lose in delinquent taxes for las- yeai,
frem $4,000 to $5,000 as u result of
tbe advice given by Mr. Goodrich,
thus increasing (he burden of every
honest taxpayer. In the face of this
discreditable condition of affairs Mr.
Geodrich now asks these honest tax
payers for they are the honest vo
ters to elect hi::: to the ollieo of
District Attorney.
Let us ask further, what has been
tho relations of Mr. Goodrich wilh re.
gard to tho criminal element of Co
chise county, whom, as District At
torney, he would be required to pros
ecute f Take a brief retrospect of ihe
turbulent days of U:81-S2. When tbe
worst gang of thioves and murderer.
that ever crippled I lie progress or
blighted the prospects of any com
munity, were living in open i.'efanci:
I law, Mr. Goodrich was their legal
defender, and wilh the fees collected
from them he laid tho foundation for
his present competency and purchas
ed property upon which he now de
clines to pay taxes. Is this tho char
acter of a maji who will force the iron
heel of Ihe law with fatal effect upon
the neck of the criminal?
Mr. Goodrich has not only availed
himself of every privilege guaranteed
to a citizen, but his children have
been educated in the public schools,
tho expenses of which he now So'
generously allows his neighbors to?.
The position of District Attorney
requires sleepless vigilance in protect
ing every interest of the county, par
ticularly the collection of her reve
nues. Does Mr. Goodrich nppcaf to
be the proper man for thai position?
He certainly does not. The position
he has taken on tho tax question, if
successful, means immediate bank
ruptcy to the county. If he should
be elected to the position he seeks is
it not probable that the county would
be put to the additional expense of
employing other counsel to protect
the county's interest, not only against
delinquent taxpayers, but against thu
advice of the District Attorney, him
self? The man who aspires to a public
position should be public spirited ; a
man inc'ined to encourage and assist
in every public benefit; a man who
cheerfully bears mutual burdens with
his fellow men ; a man whose record
is in all respects consistent with the
ditties of the office he seeks. Mr.
Goodrich is not that man.
IotcI Fihinsr.
"Ever catch full on a - whisky bot
tle?'' asked a man with a red face as
he leaned over one of the counters in
Spalding's Madison Square store and
looked into the blue eyes of a clerk :
"Well, you're not up with the time.
You don't know what real sport is.
Why, they know of no other way to
fish up at Lake Villa, near the Wis
consin line. I'll tell you how it'a
done. The natives up there buy a
bottle of whisky and drink the con
tents. Then they put the cork back
into the bottle, fasten about five Jeet
of line around the neck and bait the
hook with a- minnow. When they
roach deep water they throw toe bot
tle away from the boat and wait for
results. Of course the bottle is ::s
buoyant as a cork, and the .le'i'jn of
the waves. has the effect to keep the
bait iu a constant stat-j of agitation.
Bye and bye a piekure! comas along
and suups.at-.ihc oscillating minnow.
Thu hi ok catches him before he
knows it, and then the bottle begins
to scoot under the water or scud along
on the surface. ' The natives in the
boat may be pl.i ing seven-tip or
whisky poker, 'but the minute the
bottle begins to skip they drop every
thing and begin to pull out the llask
as though a sea serpent was after
them. When the bottle is captured
and the big squirming pickorel re
moved from the line, the hook is re
bated and the. tackle thrown over
board again. Lazy way of fishing? I
suppose eo, but there's heaps of fun
iu it when you have a score or more
boltlos riding around you, It beats
the polo all hollow. The day I was
up there the lake was just covered
with whisky bottles.1' Chicago Her
ald. . . .tut tin 5:iupirc,
A dilapidated-looking individual
limped painfully along Fifth aveuue.
One eye was diaped in a cloud of
gloom. One ar.tn reposed in a eling.
One toot was clad in a roomy slipper.
A stout cane aidsd his slow progross,
and an unmistakable odor of arnica
emanated from his person, permeated
thu atmosphere and ttailed behind
him otj the breeze.
'Charleston sufferer," suggested
some one iu a little group as lie ap
proached, and as he got abreast of
the 'party one of tljeijj facetiously
inquired :
'What game did you umpire to
day !"
"Shut up," exclaimed another. "No
chestnut. The man's: been iu an ac
cident." '"No I huran'l." re.-pnnije-.l tho sub
ject of return !:, '.iutl I ain't i.n um
pire, eltlnti."
"Then what are you? What' the
matter? Vhal have you been doing?"
chnrum-d tV gruiip.
"1 belong to tbe 'a uliest foot hall
leant in tlii- section, aad don't you
forgot-it. We bad the best game of
theseatnu ys.-trrd.iy, and it beats any
fun ycu ever .-aw. Wo need a couple
of sood men for substitutes. Don't
some of you follows want to join?"
Pittsburg Dispatch.
special TELEGRAMS.
Silver Quotations In Stw York at OS
Glorious News for our People.
Great Alarm Is Felt Oror the Mass
, Ins of the Turkish Troops.
The Kaishts of ' Labor Appeal for
Mercy for the Condemned
The Vote of California for the Xext
Moath's Election will Reach
Geronlmo aad Fourteen of his Band
to be Sent to Fort Pickens,
JToy! Joy!! Joy!!!
Special teTus Daii.t Touihtone.1
Njsw York, Oct. 21. Since sending
you the report from New York this
morning silver has taken an, upward
turn, as you will see by the following
dispatch :
London 45$
New York 98
Jas. B. Colgate &. Co.
California Vote
Special to The D.ult TohestoxeI.
San Fjuxcisco, Oct. 21. General
Walsh, register of this city and coun
ty, estimates that (he total vote to be
cast in next month's elections in this
Stale will reach two hundred and ten
thousand, being an increase of four
teen thousand votes over two years
tiea. McBMicrnon Dead. - -
jpectal In Tub Daii.t Tourstojje.
Rangoon, Oct. 21. Major General
McPherson, commander of the Brit
ish Army of Occupation, in Burmah,
is dead.
KlassinsT of 'S'urltEnli '1'roop.
Spseisl to Tiie D.vu.v Touiisto.vcI.
SoriA, Oct. 21. Great alarm is felt
here over the massing of the Turkish
troops, which is at present in progress
along the Bulgarian frontier. The
regency have published decrees con
vening the Sobranje m October 27th.
All foreign consuls, excepting the
Russian', will attend.
Tbe Mocrntury of IV sir Nptaka,
SpeeUl to Tue Dailv TomhstokeI.
Washington, Oct. 21. The Secret
ary of War has ordered General
Sheridan to send Gcronimo and four
teen of his band to Fort I'ickens.
Florida, to be kept in close custody
until further orders, and the other
Apaches captured at tlie same tim
to bo taken to Fort Marion, Florida.
I&uirlity of Ijiiliur,
Suicial to Tun Daii.t Toh.bstoxe.
Richmond, Oct. 21. Th following
resolutions were adopted by the gen-
cral assomlly of Kilighfs of Labor:
'i ,'
HcrolveJ, that this'general assembly
appeals for mere" for 'Ihe seven men
f Chicago who aie condemned to b
executed. Ifesolve'd, that while ask
ing for mercy for c-oti iemncd men,
we are not in sympathy with the ac
tiou of the anarchists, believing that
peaceful methods are sure to stand
and arc tho bt'st -mea-is of secaring
necessary rufonns. All business of
general assembly having been dis
posed nf, I'owderiy made a btiif
speech congratulating members upon
their good work during the session
and urged them, to' "depart wjth the
determination to push the work ct
inculcating tiie principles of the
Order. 1'. O'llielly, of the Telegraph
ers, District of New York, sang "One
of the French Proletariat." The
delegates j ined in the chorus and the
general assenjbly adjourned sine Jie.
Burnett ssad Itarron wnSen.
fecial to Tns Diilt Tombs-tons.
St. Louis, Oct. 20. A special from
Sherman, Texas, says: Lato advices
from the Indian Territory state that
the most extcnsivo and destructive
fires ever known in that ory are
sweeping over the prairies. Millions
of acre's of rich grazing lands, which
a few days ago were covered with '
luxuriant growth of grass, arc now
bare, charred: wastes. The area
burned over extends from Vinta ou
the north to Muscogee on 'the couth,
and on citlier side of th Missouri,
Kansas A Texas Railroad as far as th'e'
eye can see, Large numbers of cat
tle have been burned to death and""
immense quantities of hay, baled and
loose,, which was to have been used
for fodder during the winter, havo
been destroyed and cattle men will be"
obliged lo drive their herds elsewhero
to save them from starvation. Inves
tigation into the origin af the firo is
to be made by the Yinita Indian"
Roy rnstd CIsrarrttcH.
Tho City Council of Oakland, Cal.,
has recently done two v.ry wise "
things: First, iu passing au ordi
nance making it a misdemeanor for
boys under the age of 16 to smoke.1
cigarettes in any public place ; and
second, iu parsing a "curfew" ordi
nance, requiring the city hall bell to
rung at nine o'clock every evening,
alter which hour every young person
under th age of 16 must go directly
home and keep within doors until
Cigarette smoking by young boys
has become an alarming evil in Oak
land and other cities, and the ordit
n-tneo referred to can not fail to havo
a good sanitary effect, while it will
also accomplish much moral good
otherwise. In nine cases out of ten
(ho boy who gets the habit of cigar-
.11. fiMaf.lt.w waII rfkl nnAii'liini
will have his days largely shortened
and never amount to much in any
way. An inveterate cigarette or cigar
smoker gives very little promise of
any very extended or useful future.
A large proportion of that class fall
into the ranks of dullards, while ill
are more or less affected with a weak
brain and decided lack of stamina.
The German government under
stands this matter fully and has
placed its interdict upon the habit
with boys of under age, giving as the
reason that a young man who thus
abuses himself can never make an
effective or useful soldier; and all
mule Germans are required to give at
least three jears of their lives from
the age of 21 to 2-1 to active duties
as a soldier in catnp, -To be service
able to the government it is consid
ered necessary that thoy should not
allow their intellect and physical
strength to be undermined with the
pernicious habit; and the Germans
as a nation are the greatest smokers
in the world.
But under present laws they are
not allowed to incur the habit until
the phystcm has become fully devel-r
oped and iu a better condition to
withstand the poisoning and debili?
tat ing inlluencej of tobacco. Js Oak
land to be alone in taking care of hep
embryo citizens who ant goiug to tlijj.
bad? Will not San Francisco also as
sert herself in this direction 1 Just
what the morn! difference is iu the
act of smoking one day short of 1C
and two or any number of days after,
we cannot see, but as that question is
not just now a matter 'of "discussion,
ws should try to be thankful for eveij
the smal) modicum of good sense that
might bo evinced by our city fathers,
if they would follow iu the good way,
only so far as the Oakland council has,
done. Ex.
You can get a dress for 51.50, goo4
wearing gcods at the Palacv, Fifth
street. 9-27tf '
If you want the finest kind of cor
diaU, syiups, whiskies, champagnes,
etc., no to L. U. Van Burt's, 50."
Aileu street. Tiie trade sup-
The Maison D.irec will receive thi
evening the Jirl shell oyster of thu
season, and kjp thctu constantly 6i;
had. Call and try a pUtc of.
them. J-3Qtf
S. C. Bagg, having secured the
services of Fucher Grcs, formerly
connected with the house of Schoen
frld 4c Hcymau as tj:diolstcrer, is pro-t-pared
to do all kimls of work in tha
line at reasonable figures. 1'jJ-J"

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