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The DAiLVA;p.HpipN
The Pioneer Dailr of tbe .Camp
0c on Allen Street, norta side, fcetirte'h.
Third nd Fonrih. ' ' ' " " "
y r : . .
SHbacriptiut Rates
On Tetii :..;........-..10 00
BtxM.ntln Xu.'.:...j.'...r... 00
Thrte Mouths .j,.C.. .'. S 00
Ob Mnrith f.".,. ,1 00
Oei'iTered bj Carriers (or, cent, a. Week
WILL A. NASH.i.;.... . . .-. EDITOR.
Cochise County.
Between the Yaquls, - the Revolu
tionist, and his $20,000 house in Her
nosillo, Don Luia Torres is ready to
exclaim, '"the lot of a- -S'onora- goVer-
aoris not a hnppv one."'
The Fhenix Quzetie f a recent
dnte, states that Directors Stewart and
Lincoln of the old board af Insane
asylum, Directors liaye' turned over
the books and papers "-of the" institu
tion to the new 'board.
Not bo much -is heard. about the
mines of New Mexico and Arizona a?
there was a year, -or .two ago.. The,
mines and the ore are there all. the
came and some 'one will reap the
benefit in time -"as "development only
is nceds-d to show up' the mineral
richness f these territories. Mining
Beview. . .
Honry Ward:tBeecher is BotUing
If cot sensational. Oa m on day last
he preached a.sermon in which he
-declared that he had outlived his-en r
1y education, and the theology of his
inthei, and thaiIthere is not. now a
.religion on the face of the earth with
which he can not "stand in sympa
thy." Henry Ward has evideutlyidis
covered that theology is but a means
of superstitionr and that the Master's
sermon on the, mount Js.. a better
crtcd than any .v-since promulgated
by men. ,
The Prcacott Journal-Miner pays
the following compliment fo tiolonel
i ' . '
Wliite, a former, well known Tomb-
stone typo.
Col D. S. White, the able" associate
editor of the Hoof and Horn, is" one Of
tbe best posted .stock editors iu the
southwest. Ilje rjoeij.not permit any
thing of intesest "to stockgrowcrs to
.escape his notice. "
The contemplated appointments by
Sheriff elect Slaughter, of Messrs. E.
A. Shatruck as under shsriff ane Geo.
Farrington as jailer, appear to meet
the commendation of the public at
The democratic administration has
been so busy trying, to make a good
showing in lhe,shite election (hat it
has neglected .to provide.this judicial
district with ?a. judge. . The conse
quence is thatthe regular, term .'of.
court will be postponed .for- nearly a
month, and men who have. been sum
moned to appear .next Monday,, are
here, and will,coiitinue tp.como. Tliis
ay be a smHlLmatter to.' -the . presi
dent, and Gov. Zulick, but not to the'
men who have.left their homes and
thtirwork antl,come,.8ome more.than
e. hundred milest to .attend court, and
must either .retnxu-r.rcmai"a. litre a
month, at their, own expense. Some
days ago a poor .fellow who had come
ixty miles was. informed by Judge
.Bush of the sjatef affairs, and of
course could da.npliiing but take de
mocratic soup, -j All such men t-hould
be paid for their trouble and expense,
jiud now we would like to ask,- whe-
arill pay them?"Presdatt Journal-
jMiDCr- ffiy.;.. :-''
iL paper pulhj;hrf1iji'tiii inurest of
frimeUlisin at Cleveland, and knowii
.as the Silver Dollarpublishes" the fol
lowing .pertinent points on. silver.
"The two hundred arid forty millions
ot silver dollars:thafi(;i.ve been- coined.
and put in .circulation :sincs 1S78, are.
nil that is iiowavin"g.;the nation, frnm,
a general J3natjci.il crash Wo aie.
tided over the breaWr's'simply by sil
ver. Does any '"one" doubt jl Let
jhimJiins,wer.t.he questbu then. What
.w.quldjbe the coalition of business lo-
day.if-lli? circulating medium was
suddenly contracted by the loss or
distruction of $240,000,000? The.la
bor strikes we now have are as a sum
mer .zephyr to a cyclone, to the con
dition ,of things that would then rule
Silver, is indeed, a blessing, ant Hie
inconsiderate business men of' this
country, who would strike it' down
know not what they do; but the con
spirators know what they are abou'.
The Epitaph this morning contain
ed an interesting letter from,. Harry
AVuods, a former well known news
paper man of this county, who is now
in Peru. Among the rec&snt victories
achieved by the wandering Arizona
- .
scribe, is his having nrquired the
Spanish language without the aitl of
a ".native dictionery." Tin' achieve
ment is the more wonderful, when it
Is. remembered that it used to' bother
Harry when here fopeak' his mother
tong'ue without tho help of two cr
three Lexicons. - -.
What has become of the liLel suit
threatened against the Prescot Jour
nal-Miner by young- Jim Bayard,
who by that plank in tliu late Nation-
I al' Democratic platform, which pro
vided that none but- bona . fide resi
dents of the territories should be ap
pointed to federal offices therein, was
transplanted from the oyster buds of
the c.'stern shore of Maryland,, and
lu-ide Territorial Secretary, Is Jim
my afraid that the Journal- Wiiiir will
provo the charges, and realizing that
Truth crushed to earth will rise again
The-eternal years of God are hers,
While error wounded writhes in pain,
And dies amidst its worshippers.
Concluded to postpone his libel action
and tarry in Jer;cho I'ntil his beard
is grown.
-'Eino spring chickens and fresh
ranch butter for sale at the Fulton
Market. if;
' All ptrsons indebted to Schoeifeld
A Ueyman are hereby notified to
settls forthwith, otherwise their ac
counts will be placed in the hands of
an attorney with orders le fac col
lection. A'l persons having claims
against the firm or against L. Schoen
frld, -are requested to present the
same at the store and receive pay
Tombstene, Nt. i, 1886. if
:mtlce. . . .
. All perseas are hereby cautioned
against purchasing a certain promi
sary note given by us to Chas. D.
Cole in Auj;. 1686, for the pubi of
$5,000, the consideration . having
failed, and the note will not be paid.
W- S. Davis.
51 Mr. E, Davis. '
notice ot foreclosure Sale,
Alfri D. Otis and J.Straiu and D. S.
rii.Tton.3t tl- Hfainets ot tsaid Aided U.
Otl, defcndantii:
Unde' and by Tirtue of an order of fate
and Gecrue ot foreclosure and alc issiird
utof tbe Dittrict Coilrl of tlic First Judi
cial District' In and fur the Coustj of Co-
rhi-e. lernwrj or Arizona, on Ibe Hall da;
of 'N-vcrate'r. 1SS6. in the nbore entitled ac-
ti-in, wherein -Jit.ves Y. Ecrlctton, tlie-.aborc-
ramrd cimntitr, ouninua a judgment and
decree of foreclosure aud fale ajraintt Al
fred D. Olis and J. Straus and D. a. Pujton,
assignees of said Alfred D. Oti, defendants,
on. Hie tOtL .day of November, 18S(i, for the
.turn of Tho Thousand Einht Hundred and
FillT-live Dollars ($0,S.-5), lawttil nnnej-, be-
siaes lnleresl an cie, 1 am comncanded
t:i sell all those- certain lo!f, pieces or par
ecU.ot land, situ.Ue, 1 injr, iind bcinff in the
t-ity of Tombstone, county of Cochise, Tr
ritory nl Ariznn i, nut bounded and de
scribed a follows:
Lts 3.4 and 5, in blocfe '8, according to
the .urrey and map of the lowntitu of tte
villaje (now city) of Tombstone, irnde by
Solon M. Allis, (J E, Starch 5, 1679, and ac
cording to the oQiciat map of baiil tuwusite
now in tbe office of lbe City Auditor f said
city of Tombstone Said lots 2 and 4 are
each 30 feet in width and U!0 feet in depth,
and said lot 5 is 30 feet in uld'h and 150
feet in depth. Said lots front on Fiemont
street, between F-JUrth aud Fifth streets
join each other aud together are bounded as
follow:: Commencing at- a point on the
southerly hue ot Fremont street CO feet
easterly from the point of Intcraceticu of
said line of Fr-nient street with the easterly
iite of Fourth street; tbenee southerly
p.iralli-.l with Fourth street 120 feet to' a
poiut. thence easterly parallel with Fremont
itreet GO feel to a point, thence southerly
parallel with. Fourth street 30 feet, to a point
(beintrthe southitett corner of said lot 5): I
Uhcuce easterly parallel with trrmont
treet to a point; thence northerly parallel
with Fourth street 150 feet more or less to a
rint on tht tald southerly line of Frcmout
treet (being the nnrtbeast 'eorner of said
lot 6); thence weterly along R.iid line of
Fremont street 90 feet to the, place of b:
ginning, the same being Ihe northwest cor
aerofsaid tat 3.
Public notice is hercbr riren that n
Mcnday, the lith day ol December, Utd, at '2
-'clock p, m. of that day. In' front of the
Court House door of. the cuurty of Codilie,
t will, in obedience to raid brcl .r of sale and'
tcri;C' ot forecloauie and sale. rll the
iboro describcid'property, or so much '.licic
f an niiy-be net-eosary to satisfy said judg
ment, with interest and rosts, etc , to' the
tigheit and"bet"biddf for lawlu'l money or
fKe-t'niteii Males.
DUcd NoTficbxr 16, IsSftr ' -'
" lt.S. HATCB. Sheriff
By Q. KEPPT, Uad'.-r Sheriff.
Strayed' fron! ?oldier Holes." about'
on month ago a bay hort-e with buck
le brand on left hip, and a running M
on -left shoulder. A leward will be
paid to any oueri-turning him to John
Montgomery' coirol, or giving infor
mrtion as ttMvhere he -can be found.
tf " 1)ax Ci.earv.
rSoticc of Snl.
- The underVigned' desires to state'
that he has m'U the Pacific Clo;i
Htitife to Mr. William A. Andtispti
who will .fund act the samo in the In"'
tu re in the iaiiic manner as I have
uonducteil it.ni the past, and I desire
all parties know-ng themselves in
debted 'to. me to pay the tame to bra-'
at their earliest convei'ienee. ..
"W. D. Coleman.
Tombstone, Oct. 30. . '. ,?lw.
XTTAifFHD Lady tgentu cf.ially-clear
' $20 daily with my woi-derlu enliie.y
new patent j-ubl.er UBdergaiment. fcr le .
males. A minister' m'Hc sold 13 first hour
MADAM W. I'. I l lM LE.
Bx 4t3, Cuieajo, lil.
Whereas ' my forinerrpartner iFritsc Gert
hardt has niyteriouly ditapprared froia
bit plact of buiines in Bisbee, CocbUe
County, A. 'l., an peisnns are eereby noti
tied that I will not bt responsible lorany
debti which bt nay contract.
Sitbtt, Angsst 4tb, '&S6.
Look Out. -
And da't yon forget it, that Woleett
Meuk-k hare the f nest tellut aoaca for ialt
thai kis eror keen ofi'ered to tht pedBft'oF
tbis city.- i-ilU
vSlieriff's Sale.
5 ix.ucd out of the Uiirici Uourt ol thc.tlri-t
JudicUl oniric , in ana lonne u- iyoi nra-.-
Terri.ory of Arizona, to rac directed and ctcuwr-
22(1 dtyof of March. iituS, ?u favor of Tha Arta"
Mining & t-mr.Hijg (.'ompany and aguut lhe
r.c-iison-Million Jt binching l'ompan. wherein I
am command d to make the mm cf $1,711.88
damage i:li m-treat ther. oa irom dat j .Ijiilg-.
nient ut the rate of ten tcrcciit pcr'aaoum an il
paid; leather wilh J5MO c eta anJ accruing
COi-ll. " -
I hsxe thia day li-v ed npoa ihe-foliening dc
pfriben pn-peny: to wil:
All the right, liile "anil I' tereit of the UcD'ifelf
Mining and rjni-Uii.g.Comany, i th.t esi half
of the foutheai-l quar.-r of bed ion 10. Townvhip
17, Miutii; Kange20. Earn; in Cuaue uumi,
Aririn-H Terriiorv. aud in he oretm-ltlnz and
n dnctiou wor ahd mACliiijeiy erected .tuereor, ;
sis il exuded on lbe oa or Mi.rCM. lssij
Public uotke 1 hereby given lh-: ou Saturday
lhe'27ih day of November, leSfi, nctujn lhe
honm of 9 a. m. and 4 p. in. "i. frmit of tne Mur
ia" offie-.intbe ihty f 3'ou.b? lone. v'c
l ounty, Ar!7.o- a Teriilr.ry, I v.T.1 A.il all the
li.-ht, idle d u.tere-t il .l.e liiu Beuti.n .vin-1-ig
ud Mnclttng -onipiny. la ainlio th abov
deeenb-d pr"terij- ai Pu Pc Atict'on, to th
big: cl m o bett bidder, lor caih.UKlu! muaty oi
lbe Untied Males, tu ml fyaid.cxvuhn and':
all co't.
Dated this lhe Ctb day of NoTemb.cr, lSSfi...
H. S IIATC-tl.Vdir.ff.H;
By C. D. REPPV, Deputy sbciia.
PoalpoEiKcnt.' -
The above sale is hereby postponed
until Menday, December 13, 1S8G, tft
the same hour and place.-- .....c -R.
S. Hatch, Shoriff,
By C. D. Keppv, UndcriSht riff
Dated, Nov. 27, 18&6.
V other tlood-parifyin jr laedicins it mds, .
or bu ercr been prepared, which so coo- '
pletely meets th rniu c: physicians aud
tha jenerxl, public as il.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
It led the litt s a trniy soientific prerra
tlon for all blood dresses. If there is n lurlc
Pnnnnn ingtuint or Scrotals aNiut yon.
VuKUrbLA Ayek's SaksaparilljC will
dislodge it and trpcl it from your systoru.
For coustitutioual or scrofutout Catarrh,
PsTannn Avek's Sassapakilla. is tho
liAIAHnn true remedy. It Las carat
numberless cases. It will itop the i!eju -catarrhal
discharges, and remove the sicken
ing odor oi the breath, which are icdicalio&s
oi ccrofuloui erijiii.
J!lPCnn!15 Uao,TeI.,Sepr-K,l!S. .
ULuLBuUO "At tho ago of tiro years one of
PnaCQ my children, n terribly arlliefcd
OUilDj with ulcerous running sores o'rt-its '
face and neck. At tne same tii.ia Its eyes
were swollen, much intlamcd. and very sole.
QflDC ITVCO Ph-.-sicians tokl ua that a po'w
uUltt 1-1 CO crfulaltcrativ-Qincdicincmust
be einpi07ed. They united in recoiliaieudinji
AYEU's SARSAPUtiLLA. A few doses pro
duced a ierccptible iraprorerncnt, wliich, by
an adherence to your directions, was ccnUn.
ned to a oonipleto and permanent cure. Xo
eridence has since appeared of the exit$ics
of any scrofulous tendencies; and no treat
ment or any disorder was eycr attended by
more prompt or effectual results. -Yours
truly, II. F. Johssox."
rrtE'rxjtiD by
Bold by all Oruf jiiU- Jl.sUbrttlas farSi
Voss .'Veed
Bccmik, It will'aid'you m'rV- tfTfliSnj--tliinr
else in acquiring knowledge. Because
it will help you t. a eo'd-liusiness.- ' t
fllow can it be learned!"
By the aid of a book studied st hoar. and
U-ssnns by mail f-on aq accociplished
teacher. '
At what expense?"
The .trifiiaj: sum f f6.05, facludint;
"Why so cheap when collescs adrertie
tho 8ime cburie of instruction f..r J25."
Becauss new text book is uf cd Hint re
duces the labor of Ir.i'-nini; iiroportiona!cl:f
to lhe litfcrcnce in price by system be
ine madesimpler than he'retofore and more
nructicai, besides bein the most popular
method, barin; the, indorsement .of. our
Congressional and prorrpsional reporters
ercry where, .together with over 1000 jradu
ates ot our 'Chain ol Ehonojrranhic Col
leites. Boy and men -riTl lie fjrm, iu work
shnpt ani alsevlieru; Kilte- at hinm.-, in fjc
torirs and at school tiava learned the art in
from three to six inniilho' sli-tfy duriui;,
spare moment and been helped to :o, ilium
in pjlices by Mr Si-ott-Brnwiu;, wlicrd they
have earned from 412 to 20 a week. " Write
I and ak for a free bsmple. i-iipy of Browne's1
! oi r..w.i'.i... 1 ..il ..fIU'.'. r
r mniui;i u (Mir- muihuij miiu lull .u ilL uihi ,
r-rens V. h. .Scott-Br-wne, 23 Clinton
SjuriLi.-X " J Jl So "'
-j - -
M torn . ,
The most common signs of Dyspepsia, or
Indigestion, are an oppression at tho
stomach, nausea, flatnlcScy, Vater-brashj
heart-burn, vomiting, loss of appetite, and
constipation. Dyspeptio patients suffer un
told miseries, fcodfly and mental. They
Should stlmulato tho digestion, and secure
Segular daily action of tha bowels, by tho
Sjj jf moderato dose3-o
Ayer?s Pills.
After the toircls aro regulated, cne of theso
Illls, taken each day after' dinner, is usually
''all that is required to complete the cure.
r"!fiTXR's Pills are sugar-coated and purely
vtspU'jlc a pleasant, entirely safe, and re
liable medicine fcr tho eure"of all disorders
of tha stomach and bowels. They are
the best of all purgatives for family use.
Op. J.C.Ayer &Co., Lowell, Rlaerj,
Sold by on Druggists.
l3 v&A2n cV
A. Paaitlve Care for Every Form t
OKhi ana Slood DIscass, frsnt
. t;iJlc3 to Scrofula
TnOUSAXJ)3 05 LETTltoS in or noi-ecion
i-psttit4 story; I hire been a terrible iaiTrer
for jeirs with Uiard and rtkin Humors; bars bffa
ebliel In thun public pl.tcas bj region of ntr
ti;urinK tuincrs; hiro hd tho bast pliyioiaBr
have ipf nt bondrcilt of d''iBM and f?fl &3 Tf"' r
Uef uatil I iucdUiQUrricu&ARESOXTONT.tii4
Blocd lurritr. iJiornal!, j:H (!uxico?.a and
CirncrnA Snip, tne Grt S'sia Ciiret 5sd Skin
'BaaatiStrc, eitftrnnll.T, nhicb. hurs ursd ict &nd
iBftmr ihia tcJ blwcj s$ v .re ,. ft clii'd'a.
J anei 53, Elcknrlon Cjetora llonm. ITew
Or:euj, on emit, ayt: " In 1ST0 Sarufulooi Uictn
broLe t'ion ur bo-jj until 1 was a mass of corrup
tin. nTtrythinr tiion t'otbe mt!ictl facultjwn
tried in rain. I b-cat jo a niera ttmcI:, At tiraaa
jon)d not lift nr hands tft my bead, froutd not tura
mbeti: was in constant inin, and looted oyoa life
a curse. No rctirf or o ire in tea years, jnlsto
I h-iTvl or ti a ;rnctitA Itzuiiss, utd tbi.u aa
aa l'f rfettlj enrti.
horn t j Lforo U. S. Cora. J. D. CU.VTTrORT).
TTI!1 Iclioaalil, Paarbon Stret. Cfcl
ezo; craio'uii wict;s a cure of fCczsnia.oT
ball UliBum. on b aid, neck fsee, irmi. sl It tor
aenten;oiri: cot ab!r 1 1 in .ire. cicept oa hDtii
iti'I ksiei.fciroia year: notb : tthslphiiaiIf fr
i;ht jjtr: tried hii-idred; r-neditt; dctori
pronoun cad )ii cit hop-,it-; r-scraanentlj euid
IT. E. CAnnater, iIfndraot.??. T;, mrfd
PasrWsia of JeT-ruir. of lvea.7 jtkT'. fttan-linj. by
CUTTcrr.V Kedic. Taesr.D3t wondarful cure
"on isccrd. A duatpjtjf il rf ca!et ir'l frora hira
'daily. 'hysi-iLna and Lufnestlt tboueht bf mutt
di O ira iwon to before a justice oft!.ptaie
and liai Urmu'i rat jtr ra sent cluzc ni.
Trlt, 1 urn for IbeM-lpttinkonlalilafa'leTiund
direct to tn, part it i.' A 1 ,ro tbiv)IiitIr tra r.d
tivea itUhout c trn wto'c! ar iolicit utioi. Tlos't
wt, A'orii Ih, tiEwficnr, cTerrspocieof Itch
iiTfSc!'. limDlj. Lcr.it itoni, Inlip.-itetl. (Int
iic, na Oorper-ca!or tl .i)iiai.ef cl the moo1
kin. and S?A)p. with LjjhoI ll&ir. .V
. ajidhy!ltrarcitt. I-ncs: (Tjn-m Wet :
Kmnr.TEVT. 5 1: six-. V- rt. I'oma Dvuo i da
CllXIUICAJ. CO., jt.x,t4M.
Pile imoViim 1 tliortxlUitof tobacco.
It U the rgl way of naoiiiur. Vci ;ct
more directly at tbe flator an'l fraarranro.
You tale tl.Q smoLe cooler, and tbe tunic
cJeialicc and safr. live amoaJuar i
inoLinif reduce! to a fine art.
The moro th jr.ei..n of tdaltratej
toVacco forw itself on Ui attention of
isic.cri. tho mora JflraUo It lieconie
to Snow preciK y -what jou are mioiiiiff
In Blackweira Hull DurDom Smoiing To
bacco you baTO a ariiari:tef
i'.ftsyc, that it is Nature'! I
on n u:j adulterated irounc?.
IU frairranca, flaror
front tbe soil and air.
Try It, and you will I o.
ijti. Kouo ccnuipe with
out trado-mork 'of tho BulL
AU succesfnl FihhermeD and Spcrt4.
Ein finota Black weir Bull Durham
Suiolcin; Tobaoco, and they enjoy it.
Srands MtlrtrtUed ft abeolntcly pnra
riac a ean top down on 'a but ttOTe anttl JiMtd.tliea
rDior tbocoTerand "tiitll. A cbsraist will net fro ii
joir4 toatct tha prcsenco of aminonia.
laftmlllloahoniesfjr a quarter of a century It ta
tood the onuiiers' rallabl. toaf.
xahkb.- or
Dr. Price's Special FJayoring: Extracts,
Dr. Price's lupiilin Yeas! Osks
, ,ror LIcSt, ,Ullhy Brand. Tlio Bust Dry Hjp
' " Yelft 1 1 lhi World. .
rALE dv cnocEns.
" " ST. aOUIS.
b tllCi
.Dress-goods at'8 yards for $1.00,
pleid!d value, . "Palace," Fifth
t:eet:" 9 S7t
.A splendid line of men's California
unduii-lotlies, a"lJug-'s. 13 tf
To Rent. A house of three rooms,
corner of Seventh - and RrucV streets.
Nice garden, chicken house anil sta
ble; fruil-l.earing trees, grape vines,
etc. Will be rented cheap to a good
tenant. Apply on the piemUes. tf
The finest family flour, at Wall
cott's, on Fifth street. ' tf
We expect a rush for our ds
goods.bargain counter. Falace. tf
Strayed from Charleston, light sor
rel horse, about twelve - hands high,
with white off hind foot; knees show
scar;3.of,old break. Last seen going
down San Pedro. Reward by return
ing to Tombstone M: &M. Co.. 10 6
Tfotico to UrcditwrH.
Etate of Ida A Watc, deceased Notice
t liercbjjgiven'by thu unitersi'ned adrulnis
t-atrix ot tlie estate ot ltlt A VVaitc, dc
ctaaed, to tli,i-rcrltors of, and all persons
Ikiviu L-laim- uKiiiiict tnid deceased, to ex.
iiit-it fit-m with Hie ne.e.flrr vouchers
itliin tout months aiter the first i iib'.iea
.ion of this uoiii-r, nt her orikp, Fienion
street, betu ten. Fourth and Fifth, foinb
tone, Arizvna.
Come and. see our ilrets-goods, ba -gain
counter. Palace Drv Good
Store. 8 27tf
Just receiTed, at Baggs, a new lot
of California men's and ladies' sad
dles. 13-tf
Crockery artd glassware,, of all de
scriptions, at Ragu'i. 13 tf
You can get a dress fer $1.50, good
wearing gcods at th Palace, Fifth
street. - 9 27tf
Rale of JFure.
The following is the rate charged
froni Fairbauk to t:i, ifferent. places
named in tha schedule:
First Em
clai-s r
S.n Frsneiscp ti 70 G
Chicseo Gt 20 4?
t.I.miii -VJ20 -1-1
Uinrinnali.... ti'J 23 5S
Pittsburr, Pa 75 75 55
Philadelphia 81 20 63
New York r 82 70 C4
15-t. n Xi 20 H5
Buflalo, N.T 77 '5 50
Ujliimore 79 53 Jl
Alchiion, Kas.... ......51 70- 3f, ,
Kama City- ...51 70 SO ,
Bassa;c checked to destination
throuh ticket.
H. B. ADPlNfiTON.Arsnt
Ars centrally lndceed
by Icd!;cstloa, Foul
Stomach, Cosilronesi,
Deficient ClrenUtloc,
or some Derangement
and DtsestlTo System.
cf tho liver
Sufferers will 2nd relief by the usa of
JL b
to itlmclate tho stomach and prodaee a rejn
lar daily movement of the bowels. By their
'action on those oraans, Avrx's Pills dirert
tha blood from ths brain, and relieve and
cere all forms of Congestive and Ncrrons
BJeadache, Bilious neadachc, and Sick
Beadache ; and by keeping tha bowels free,
and preserving tho system In a healthfnl
condition, they insnre immunity from fntnr
attacks. Try
Ayer's Pills,
Bold by all Druggists.
Unionlndia Eubber Co.s.
1 nrc Uum
Bubber Boots.
Be Mire the- hoots are stamped on the heels
Lmon lt!Cf a itiiouer Co. vracK rroot," ana
naTe 'he Hiire Cum prints on the loot nnd
insfcp". whicli prevent their craekirts, and
makes them the must durable Kubber Hoot
"Gold Seal"
Bubber Boots.
Made expressly formininjr, fisniug, and any
one whiiine; a very ftronr and durubla boot
For Sale by all oea.rr. All kinds rubber
beltintr, packing, boss spiiLs, clolhine
boots, shoes V.
Goodyear Rubber
K. H
jR- J A,:tnU,
Ton are allowd afrt Mai cf Thirty days or th
ie of -Dr Dj-e'a celebrated Voltaw li.it witn
ElfCtrie 2upenOT .Applianeej, for the fpccdr
reltrfand permancntcute of &imm,s IXtriUtu, luii
of Ylt.Hity and Manhood, and all kindred tronbloa,
jltso for many other dlreases. Compute itora
tleu to Hrallh. Vigor and Jljnhood suarantseiL
i rink Is incurred, lllnrtratvd pampklet lnKolxi
tnvtlop mallei fie.. braddreslnir
VOLTiiO J3ELT CO., Hsrsiall, Mieh.
from a common Biotrli, or nrniitloit,
to tho -worst Scroiulii. SIt-rlienn,
"Fovorl:creR,,' Sjcaly or Jtou;:!i Skill,
In short, nl! diseases cauEl Ly- Uid" blood ar
con(jucred by ti-U poWLrrul. imrlfylnfir, end
Jnvifiroratlng medicine, tircut Uatljig Ul
eera rvpidly hc-iU under bei'.ijn ialluence.
uuiit.ic., c t-r.. ai.i v iii luii aurcs
nml SwelUittri:, Sii(i-Joint Dlccnan,
WliJtc Kivt-llliiKw, tioitic, or ariilck.
Nock, and j;:ilai-;-cd uiamli, Send teu
cents in ttimys lnr a largo UtutlK-, with col
ored pintts, oa Sl:in Dis-af s, or tl.u sarao
amo-mt forntn-ntiso on Serofi.lm,; AfTertlons.
"i'lir: RLOOJ) IS Tift?
Thoroufxhir'-clcanw it by irr.inir Dr. Pierce's
Roldou irictHcnl JiPtvcryt rr.d pood
itisoctton, a fair tsUin, buoyant aplr
ita, -itaI Ntrciifrf li, and satintluoaii ol
constitution, will bo established.
which 13 Scrofnlons Ijicesco or Iib
Iuiiffi, is prom)itty nml certainly arrested;
nnd cuiod by this Uod-j-ivcn remedy, if tiien
before tho l.iitstaircscf lhe disease aro rtnehed.
From Its wondcrfu. power over tiiia tcrribiy
fatal disease, when fln.t Oucrlcir this cow cel
ebrated remedy to tbe public, Dn. 1'iEnca
thoufflit seriously ot calling: it his "Con
sum U i o ,i cu re,' ' litit abundoned that name
m too liinltnl fi-r n r.icdicino which, fnjm Its
T.-ondcrful combinnllon of ton!.", cri-tre rtben
insr, altfrative, cr b'ood-clrar.Mnjr, anti-bilious,
pectoml, end nutritive properties, Li nneijualcJ,
not ouly as a remedy lur consuruptiou of tht
lucjpj, but lor all
Liver, Blocd, and Luns
r I w
If you feci dull, Jrowsr, i!.5bi!i;ttcd, hire
sallow color of skin, or yillowish-Lrown t)oU
on face or tody, frcrjucnt headache or dial
ncss bnl tasto in mouth, internal heat cr chilli,
alternating with hot fiasl'c-s, low spirits and
?looniy borcbodines. irrcauiar appetite, end
eoaW tonanic, you rs tiiitcrinir from Itidl
scation, StC)-a!:(, nnd Torpiil I.ivcr,
or "isiliousrscni." In n.any casrs only
part of tDC-e symptoms are experienced. As
. remedy for all such raies, lr. llerce'
fiolilcn 7IodlcaI UUcoer7 has no
i For Weak. L,niics Splttlnrr of niocil.
SIiortuo.1 ot IJrciitli, i:rouctiilla,
Severe C'oiilis, Consumption, .and
kindred affections, it is a sovi relm remedy.
Send ten cents in stamps f--r fir. Pierce's
book oa Consumption. Sold, hy Dru2iat.
PRICE $1.00
IF At- V ,1s ft ajJT,9
World's Qispsnsarf "sdici! AitGcijtici?,
Proprietors, 03 Main StM Bcttjllo, N.T.
aelQVQisa FILLS.
Sold by Druggists. 25 cent a till.
1 $500 REARD
fel iS'&J ,s offered by tbe proprltton
iv-l of !r- Si-e"s Catarrh Itamedy
W f&iK foracaseof catarrh wi:cithy
.a" ' 5 ennnrit cure.
1 f you tiavf- a dfschsrffe froaa
the note. oiTecs.ve cr otiier
wise, partial lo: of smell. Usi ,
or pressure in head, you have Catarrh. Tttou
sands of caeca t.-rmicate in consumption.
Rr.t'acc's CXTUnnn Re'izpt curK the worwi
eucsot Catarrh, "Cold in !ho IZca.tiM
end Catkrrltzl Hes.ds.cUo. SO cent.
To fhe Tax-payers of
Cochise Qouniy. A 1 ;
The Territorial
and County taxes
for the cui'rent
year of 1886 are
due and payable
at the office of the
Treasurer and ex
oflicio Tax Collec
tor of said coun
ty, in the city of
Tombstone, and
must be paid on
or before the 3d'
Monday in " De
cember, 18 8 6 ,
and on failure to
pay the samevas
above provided,
a penalty of five
per cent will be
added thereto.
Treasurer and ex-Officio Tax
Collector for Cochise Couii
ty'Arizsna Territory. ..

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