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StlTer Quotations, .
The following is Hie latest prico' of
silver in New York and London :
New York, Nov. 10.
London 47 d
New York 102J cts.
Gaily the candidate
Who has got there
Smiles as he walks about,
Head up in the air.
Badly the other chap
Goes lo the hole,
Pulls it in after him.
Mournful his soul. Ex.
Uncle Billy Piaster arrived in camp
to-day from his S .mora a tie ranch.
Oysters in every style at the Elite
( hp house. j. w
County taxes are coming in faster
and faiter each day.
All y goods are paid for atd as I
want money and want it bad I will
make $50 suits fer $35. Harris- the
tailor. 813lf-
The thermometer registered 72 de
grees to day.
Nice Eastern apples and mince
Meat at F. N. Wolcott's.
Jimmy Letsou and Pasqualle Nigro
took their departure this morning for
Broth's Baltimore Oysters con
stantly on hand at the Elite Chop
Home. $1 per can. lw
There will be services in the Meth
odist church to-morrow at 11 a. m.,
and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 12:15
p. ai.
.Waitted. From 40 te 60 head of
ilch ct.w. for hire. Enquire at this
In the Episcopal churrh to-morrow
there will ba religivs services at
11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday School
at 10 a. m.
Don.t forget th Elite when you
vmt fine plat of oysters, a good
square meal, or in fact everything tbe
market affords, cooked in the finest
style. If
The many friends of Mrs. John
Slaughter, who has been seriously ill
were pleased to notice her enjoying a
bi ggy ride this morning, the lint
time in many weeks.
Units well and thoroughly cleaned
for 1JW fey Harris ! lailer.Bethia'
Uek 12tf. i
Quite a number of Tombstoners .
have lately got the Phenix fever, and I
if tiaies do net pick up in camp between-
now and the first of the year a
large exodus may be looked for from
this camp to the ' Gem of the Salt."
L;ve orders far wood at F'. N. Wol
G. S. Bradthaw will be united to
morrow eieiing to Mrs. Frankie
8tump in tho holy bonds of matri
mony. The Tombstone with Brad's
many friends congratulate him cn
tho btep he is about lo take.
Koroe feiag recent Dress-good
bargain counter. "Palace." 27tf
At 12 nt. to-day the jury in the
Doulai case was charged by tho
court and retired. At the honr of go
ing to press the jury is still out. The
supposition is that ahe jury disagrees
en the question of punishment.
Rolled Oats, Eastern1 Oat Meal and
New York State cider and dried beef
at P. N. Wolcott's.
To Fred Parker, of the Elite Chop
house the publisher of The Tomb
stone is indebted for a can of Booths
delicious B..llimc.rj oysters. Many
thank, Fred old son, may your shad
ow and your rottisserie never grow
The choicest groceries ia the city
can to procured.at F. N. Wallcott tf
The argument in the Douglass case
was concluded at noon to-day. Judge
Stilwell, counsel for the defendant
made an able plea for his client,
while Dislrict Attorney Ben Goadrich
presenU-d his side of the case in his
usual masterly manner. At the pres
ent writing the jury is still out.
The HillaJay Windmill for sale as
F. N. Wolcott's.
C. S. Fly will shortly take his de
parture from Tombstone with a series
of views, emblematic of the capture of
Geronimo by General Miles. The
view are taken from life by Mr. Fly
and are as life like and realistic as na
ture could make them.
For fresh cranberries go te F. H
John Doe was run in last uight by
jhe officers on tho charge of being
drunk and disorderly. He deposited
$15 as a bond for his appearance in
the ptlice court dock this morning.
Tho dsfendant failing to appear
Judge Ciowiey ordered tho bond for-c:tod.
JLiExlMirum'M major EtplniuN
Why Hi; Fired (He Shot.
Readers of The Tombstone will rec
ollect the killing of Clements Lin
strum by Wilson Douglass in this
camp some weeks since. The homi
cide has generally beon considered
a cold blooded murder, and it has
been wiih a great deal of curiosity
that the public has awaited Douglass'
trial to learn what reason he could
posibly assign for the commission of
the. deed. Yesterday the defendant
was placed on the stand and made
the following statement:
My name is Wilson Douglass; have
been a resident o( Tombstone about
five years; 1 first met Linstrum in
July last; nerer had any difficulty
with' him prior to the killing: had
made an arrangement with him the
day before the killing that I should
accompany him to the mine on the
following day. On the morning ot
the killing was with Linstrum from
six o'clock in the morning until the
shooting, helping him to load the
wagon ; Linstrum and I visited sev
eral saloons and took several drinks
that morning; took a drink in Liu-
strum's house a couple of hours be
fore he started with the wagon : I am
easily influenced by liquor; Linstrum
had engaged me to go to the mine
and work for niin, and I knew noth
ing lo the contrary until about five
minutes before the shooting; When
the wagon started to leave .the house
Linstrum and his wife were both on
it; when Mrs, Linstrum saw that I
was to be left behind she told her hus
band that it was a "mean trick;" I
then told deceased that 1 wanted my
shotgun from the wagon ; I had my
rifle in my hand; deceased said that I
could not have the shot gun unless I
gave him the rifle, and at the same
time grasped the barrel; I sprang
back, ha still holding the barrel, and.
in the melee the lifle was accidental
ly discharged with the result known;
I have a wife and child ; prior to the
shooting Linstrum positively inform
ed me that he would not take me
with him as he agreed ; 1 naturally
felt very hard toward hina.
A JSjxterioux Cum.
Chief of Police Oaks received from
San Francisco 1 ist evening, a letter
from Mrs. C. C. Laing atking for in
formation concerning her huehand
Gustave Laing. From her letter it
appears that her husband left this vi
cinity about two years ago fer the
Sententrion mine in Chihuahua, Mex
ico, where he was under engagement
as mi engineer.
Failing to hear from her husband
for seme time, Mrs. Laing wrote to
he manager of the company and
learned that her husband had been
murdered in the mountains of that
vicinity. It appears however, from
Mas. Laing's letter to the Chief, that
the information furnished her con
cerning her husband's death was so
vague and indefinite as te lead her to
hope that he was yet in the laud of
the living, hence her letter asking for
information. The letter farther states
that the Sententrion mining com
pany had advihed her that a letter
nnd a draft for $120 had been for
warded to Captain Heil Halo of Tuc
son, whihh was to be cashed, and the
amount forwarded to her. Neither
the letter nor the money ever reached.
Mrs. Laing, and she particularly in
quires, "Who can Capt. Heil Hale be"
If anyone knows of the whereabouts
of Laing, or auy of the particulars of
his death, he will confer a favor by
communicating tho same to Mrc,
Carmen C. do Laing, No. 812 Taylor
street, San Francisco, or to George
Oaks, Chiuf of Police, Tombstone.
Exlay Notice.
Came to my place in the rear of
the butcher shop, a flea bitten gray
herse, branded W on left shoulder.
Owner can have the same by paying
charges and for this advertisement.
tl Chas. Tkibolet.
Attention Fireman.
There will be an important meet
ing of the Tombstone Firs Depart
ment next Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at
the Engine house by order of
Chas. Tkibolet, Chief.
Mrs. Judge Robinson and daugh
ter returned last evening from a pro-1
tracted visit lo California,
From I.oi AbRcIck.
The following letter, bearing dale,
Los Angeles, Nov. 21st was received
from Mr. A. 'Abhmun, the express
man, who started overland for Los
Angeles during the latter part of Oc
tober, which will be of interest jto his
many friends intbis city.
Fkiekd Bagg : I am happy to say
we arrived here last Monday, all well,
twenty-six days from Tombstone and
twanty-four aud one-half days travel.
Grist turned off at Colton for San
After resting my horses for a few
days I stated out to work on Friday
Of course I did not expect to do
much being a stianger, but the two
days I have worked I have made ex
penses. I went to Passadcna and saw
Mr. and Mrs. Finney, Lon Giveus and
Mr. Winnans, aud many others, all
doing well. Both towns are rushing,
and are bewildering lo a person com
ing from Tombstone here, after an
absence of eight years; I am lost, the
few people I knew here then, are
wealthy now.
JNuw in regaru to our trip. A.itcr j
leaving Yuma, we crossed the river on
cars, and should have remained on
them until we reached Ogilsby, as this
was the worst part of the road, badly
washed by the late rains for about 15
miles; then a few miles of good travel
then about 40 miles of sand, across a
portion of which we made only 12
miles per day; then a good road and
a deep wash every few hundred feet
where the horses stood on end one
side, and the wagon ditto on the oth
er. On emerging from the desert we
encountered salt and boggy land and
my team got mired ; then after leav
ing Indio, heavy sand until near Ban
usng's and then God's own country;
trees, -grass, flowers, houses and the
tinest kind of a picnic. It was pretty
rough, but we never wanted for feed
orwateras the former -we carried
with us, and the latter was very plen
tiful all along the railroad.
I find lots of old Tombstoners here,
all in good spirits, aud if they are not
doing well, they expect to.
I met Mrs. Borland to-day. She is
located liere. Ed. Dean is in the Pi
co House; Johnny Shields is working
for Miles. E. G. Ashniun has got a
job and has gone somewhere to tend
liar. Carpenters are all buiy here.
Good carpenters get $3 50 per day,
and poor ones what they are worth ;
there is no end of building going on
I have heard that the Anti-Chinese
ticket was elected. If that is so,
what a "et back it must be for some
of tho "B. C'?" I hope that Crow
ley got there. Ask Jim Nash to send
me The Tombstone. I intended lo
have subscribed before I left, but for
got it. Kind regards to all enquir
ing friends. 1 hope to give a good a s
cotint of myself next time as I have
something in view.
A. Ashmux.
The undersigned, belli practical
miners are open to de astesment work
en one or any number of mints at
reasonable r.tes.
Johm Gray fc Co.,
Martin's Saloon.
H. C. Hooker of the Sierra Benita
ranch, Graham county, is in town.
Messrs. J. W. Buckniastcr, and
Hale McCormick, of Ouray, Colorado
are registered at the Occidental.
The framework for the Episcopal
church bell arrived last evening and
the bell will arrive, this evening. The
weight of the new songster is 600
pounds, aud it comes from the cele
brated Meueely foundry of Troy, New
Mr. A. E Jacobs of Tucson, arrived
last evening for the purpose of as
biiming the duties of Cashier of the
Cochise County Bank, the position
made vacant by the contemplated re
moval of Mr. A. Springer to Denver.
The flag flying over Masonic Hall
to-day, indicates a meeting ef the
Blue Lodge this evening.
Among the departures to-day, was
Mr. Pat Brcslin, late foreman of the
T, M. & M. Co.,-and-his family, who
go to Kansas, where it is understood
that Mr. Breslin has purchased an
extensive ranch. Mr. James Breslin
accompanied hij brother. The
Tombstone wishes the party bucccss
in their new home.
To Let House of three rooms,
with line garden fruit trees and grape
vines bearing, will be let reasenable
to a permanent tenant. Address' 11
E., this office. tf
Diamond-toed Shaker socks, IS
nuts per pair, at Bagg's, 13 tf
The LateKx-Preslden Arthur's Will
Not Opened In Presence Of The
Family, But Is Filed At Once
With The Surrogate.
A' Yount; And Lovely Belgium Wo
man Arrested In New York For
Stealing; Laces and Other
' Goods.
Death Of M. M. Hoxie, General Man
ager Of The Gould Sou thwJ it
em System.
Dr. David H. Weir Of Oscoda Ontario
Arrested For The Murder Of
a Young Woman.
The Trade in Steel Ralls Booming.
Prices Are Firm At 935 And Or
ders Are Booked Fer Delivery -En
Arthur' Will.
New Iork, November 27. Ei
President Arthur's will was not, read
yesterday as had been expected. Sher
man W. Knevals of the law farm of
Ki.evals fc Eanson with which tbe vx
President was connected, said tho will
would not be formally read in the
presence,, of the family but would be
opened and filed with the Surrogate
probate to-day.
The document .was executed last
Msrch and is believed to direct the
disposal of about $256,000 and person
al property. -
It is said the beqnea's, except in occ
or two instances in which charitable
institutions are benefited are of a pri .
vate nature.
Nearly all prominent persons who
cam)) here to attend tho fnneral ' have
departed from the "city. The family
remained in secluaion to-day 'and
receiving only a very iew intimate
ABelsIitn Boantr As n HuKfZ-
Special To The Tombstone.
New York, Nov. 27. Lace goods
of much value have been smuggled in
to New York through various channels
some time. Mis Josephine Scha'uv
iens a young and lovely Belgian living
in this city wai arre3ted to-day. The
young lady siys she has. ..relatives in
Belgium whom iHe frequently visits
They send lace by hor to Bell in this
country. n
The last time she returned by the
steamship Switzerland landing in
Philadelphia. It is alledged that she
bought it in this city and peddled it
in the city. In hor appartments was
found lace which valued at nearly ?3,
800. The young women mcde no secret
of the way it came into possession
She secerned to bs unaware that she
had committed a ci imo in smuggling
lace into the citv.
Icath of A Railroad illaangAr.
Special To The Tombstone.
New York Nov; 27. H. M Hoxie
general Manager of the Gould South
western system died here this morn
ins. . '
Mr. II xiodied:at2 30 o'clock this
morning at his rooms in the Metropolit !
an Opera .use.
The cause of his death was exhaus
tion consequent on an dppration per
formed on him at Saratoga in June
last by removing stones from his blad
der. He has also suffered from kidney
disease for the last thirty-five years.
He Las been very weik for the last,
saven days but his doctors had great,
hops for his recovery.
There will w no funeral services in
this city.
The body will be embalmed and tak
en to Des Moines Iowa to-morrow
and thg funeral services will be- held
en Saturday.
'SC.be lixprcM War Terralnaled.
Special to Tub Daily Tohbstonb.
New York Nov. 27. -A complete
settlement of the express war has been
mada and yesterday the companies re
stored rates to the tariff in force May
1, 1885:
To Chicago $2.50, Cincinnati $2 and
Cleveland 1.75 per 100 pounds. The
agreement was reached at a meeting
of tha representatives of tho com
panies at the tffice of Adams A. Co
Monday afternoon and yesterday the
general agents met to carry the reso-.
lution into practical form. The agree
ment was signed by all of tha com
panics. A Doctor. Arrested For Mnrdcr.
Special to TBE Diilt Tombstone.
Detroit, Nov. 27. David H. Wier,
of Oscoda Was arrested at Londen, Ont.
to-day, for the murder ef a woman in
that place, and will be held for extra
ditten. Dr. Weir kept a drugstore
and private hospital. Miss MableClark
aged 20, was a patient in the hospital'
for seme time, but on November 4th
she managed to inform friends that
she had been subjected to the greatest
indignity. Intense excitement was
caused by the story, Wier left town.
Two or three days later the girl died
aud Wier was held responsible for her
death." A reward of $2003 has been of
fered far his arrest
BrlNkl'mde la Steel Balls.
Bpc'cial to The Dailt TommtonsJ.
Pittsburg Nov, 27 I would ,not
say thenvwas a bosm in steel rails'
said a leading iron dealer yesterday
as indicattd by telegrams from the
East; but trade in etc el rails is very
good, It is semewhat in advanoe ef
tbe iron trade.
In gonoral Ptiees are Aery firm at $35
and orders have be-n taken hrro' for
dilivary in 1887.
There are some new railroads building
in the "West, and ethers contemplated;
but the main canse of the present ac
tivity isvdue to th fact that steel rails
hare almost found iron rails out of the
market. When steel rails sold from
560 to $70 per ton there wa a big
trade in iron rails.
St.- Paul, Nov. 27. T.ie railroads
running through the' northern part of
the State and in Dakota are having
some trouble to-day. In the northern
part of the state along the Manitoba
linethcro is nat mnch snow. The
Northern Pacific is experiencing some
trouble with tha snow which is drift
ing badly and delaying trains.
Throughout the Ped River Talley
the mercury is down in the nrighbor
hood of zero: It has been snowing
nearly all day aiong the line of St.
Paul and Pacific bnt the fall has not
been heavy enough' to "interfere with
travel. - The mercury ranges from '10
I to 80 degrees ab.ove
Dissolution f PartHefiklp. -'
" Te whooi It tnnjr concern: The llrm eT '"
Barruvr & Basrir hut thla ear dissolved h
iiiutual consent, 3. MtBrirfo'w retiring frsn ,i V'fe iL:iVc?
ftfd firm. All Mils sgainit said flriiVrin ke - SX-H 'i
paid tiy 8. C. Bags. . BAGO, '. ..
Geo. E. Kobler will pay ytu mora :
for Second Hand Goods of all kinds,- ' ' A
than any mau in Arizona. KetnemW
the place, oppesite "the Bird Cage' " -
rtl.,.-. . H IK. I --'v.'.j:-
lUWA.Vl. a m
The Cottage Ledging House situa- '
ted en Fifth street between Preaont.
and' Kafford, next door to Jeteph '
Hoefflcrs, conducted by Mrs. Mary '
DeHaaa, has just been thorough
ly cleaned and elegantly relurn
iehed, in every room. Het and -ceU
baths connected with the hause.
Booms-en suite or single. Commer
cial travelers would do well to stop at
this heuse. Mes. Mart DeHaak. . .'
10-13-3os. Proprietress.
Cheap second hand furniture and
stoves from $2 up. Thousands of
things almost given away, at George-;
E. Kohler's Second Hand Storo, op
posite Bird Cage Theater, lJ-latf .
' - 1 ?
Tbe Maison Deree' will receive this " f ;
evening the first shell oysters ef the "
season, and keep them, censtantly eta
hana. Call and' try a plate - ii '''f if
then. 9-30it . -w - .-
Attention, Kancliinen!.
The andartijrned hag for tale; la lett-'to- -5.:
suit, .a their mill at tke ul jora'
Uanjon, --, ;
Juniper Timber, SQ Feet la Least,-'
And'eiUer kinili at ijmber, which will be-
aold at prites tliutdefj coupetil.en., Tr- -loi
ot eur lumber ia guaranteed. .
The Skating Kink will ejren to
morrow (Saturday afternoen), and
continue open every afternoen and
evening until the close of the season
If you want the finest kind of eorj- V jj,"-,'
dials, syrnps, whiskies, champagnes, r
etc., ge" te L. B. Van Burt's, 505- ' -!r:'s
Allen street. The trade ni" tX.''J;
pUeeL . : " -
A. Knights of Pythias seal with . " '' xC
Charlie Tribolet.'s name engraved up- ti- '
on it. Piader will receive a suiuble - 'y'l -S' if
reward by leaving- the same aV taw
Occidental lieteL . ;
923.09 Steward.
I will pay the above reward fer ia-"'
formation that will lead to the arrest
ef thefiesd er fends who' poiieVes!, -Wdog.
I. Sxxxus. ' -
Fifth street News Depot
Charlie and Gat Tribolet have re
turned the butennring butinets and
are 'located on Allen street 'a -feV
doors above fifth. They are engaged
both in the wholesale and retail, busi
ness. Only the choicest wf Americata
meats kept on hand. The cheapest u . ,
p . - -u.v -it-place
in this city te buy seeat for $ , .
cash. All kinds of sausages, head ' -i
cfietao.'etc. kept constantly on han(J;52ei-".
Call aud be eeuviaced " 12 10. U. . -".
Free Trade.
The reduction ef internal rerenaff '
and the taking off of revenue stamps
from Proprietary' Medicines, no douVV
has largely benefitted the consumers,
as well as relieving tbe burden .of
heme mauufaeturers. Especially is
the case with Green's August i'lower
and Boschee'a German Syrup as the
reduciion ef thirty-six cents per dee
eu, has been added -te. increase the
sizo of the bellies, containing these . .
remedies, thereby giving ne-fifrh V-'
more medicine in .the 75-cent size. -The.
August Flower for Dyspepsia and
Liver complaint, and the--German-Sy' &,' '
rup for Cough' and Lung troubles,- '."''
have, perhaps, the largest sale of any '''"2 '
medicines in tbe world. The advan- '
tage ef increased size of the' bottles
will be greatly appreciated bjr . the . . ' '
sick and afflicted, in every town and
village in civilized countries. Sample"
bottles fer ten eents. remain the. same
tie. nevA-Iy. . .
Camtioa. police.
Alt persons are berebjr aotifled tkat a-. -wife,
Louia Deltas, haTj'ne letl ntf bed s
koard without tauta. or pruvecttlon, mere ,
fore I will not b" reaponaible f or, aWpi; " V
aaj debts of tier coairac'ticjj froia txA'MUf-t '
thiidaie. dUUNl)JCriUji
Jlia Dec, Sent. 16.
niAtictt to tho Pablle. ; r
I have this day at ployed Jheaor'v-
ices f Mr. V. W. liahlwin, of Jlensoa,. ..":"!t:
to represent me and ajr iaUfesti'iav' -r?'V51'
my store in Benson. Uie .terms of .'- .jt.-. y
which are more apeciacally art iojij- tr-tt
in a power of lloruey," execlitea.fiy' .''lj'?'
me, aud on record. Book ,S, Poiretf ' '' "iC?"''
Attorney, pags 1G-U - .
t TT TTtYt'-t: ' ' '
I Datetf, Tembstoac, OcCipt.''' 'r '''''
-.3 - t -
- atvi!
- Jr." ?t
-v 4 it
-..'-ia---. .
; t'-A -'
- '- t-
- H-.-. vi
- f
. , IS.
'' I. t r

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