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Silver Quotation.
The following is the latest price of
silver in New York and London :
New York, Nov. 10.
L..ndon.- -14'1
Xew Yoik 93 cts.
A tiillodull to-day.
I. 0. O. F. meet to-night.
Not an item was furnished our re
porter to day by the justices' courts.
W. M. GritH-.h stagii man, took his
departure this morning for Tucon,
Joe Behr was among the passen
gers by coach thi morning.
Judge Miller, of Benton, still lingers
in camp.
J. J. Williams came over from the
boss copper camp yesterJay.
One carload of Ilumbolt potatoes
received this day by Macneal & Moore,
to which the families of Tombstone
are particularly directed. 12-ltf
N..t a wheel was turned in the
""county court to-day.
A large invoice of line fresh roll
itter. just received at Maon.-il &
aixoreV store, from the J. E. Durkee
ranch, at Los Angeles. 124tf
Jim Geary came up from the Grand
Central mill to-Jay.
Itecohed this day at Macneal &,
Moore's store, one ear 1 ad of the
lint of canned goods. Don't over
hole the opportunity to buy them
cheap foi CASH. l"2-il
S. W. Wood, superintendent of the
Grand Central mill at Fairbank was
111 town to-day.
Just received at the leading busi
ness audTnercliandUc house of this
city, iz: Macneal & Moore, one car
load of Scotch oat meal, anil a large
lot of JEdmond cheese. 12 4tf
The Mite society will give the ree-o-id
of their series of socials at the
residence of II. G. Howe thin evening
Mr. G. W, Ling arrived in this city
last evening from Los Angelc, and is
a. guest at the Oocident.il hotel.
M ithers can send their children to
thi? Fulton market, cornel Fremont
and 7th streets and .get )iist what
they sc. id for.
Our readers were pleased with the
account of Stein's Peak :i.ines in the
Issuj of Tan Tombstone last even
ing. Hear ye! Hear ye!! Just received
a whole car loud' of New England
mine mu.it, fur Christmas and New
Years. Those wh are wise and waul
cuonomiz'.' had baiter call and see
n, Macneal it Moore. 12-4 if
Jack Dwlan locs not .know any
thing about, his leaving for for Stein's
Feak to-day, as mentioned in this
morning's contortion.
Grand Baffle. Tickets for the
riiilj for the half model Schooner
Yacht and rillh-, at .50 cents a chaiii-e
are now ready at llany Jfiikii'&
saliion, where the. yacht and riflli can
now bu seen. TI10 raflle will take
place next Saturday evening Decem
ber 11. 1SSG Go and take a chance.
The biithday. parly given by V. II.
S.nith, at his residence last evening
was a very enjoyable affair, and was
numerously attended b.v his many
The examination of applicants to
piocire county ceilificates to teach
Bkdmll in this county will bj complcr
ed this evening. It is the wish of
The Tombstone that all applicants
miy pisi with high honors.
The following letters are held at the
postolfice in this city for a lack of
postage: L. N. Bailey, Julian, Cal.,
Col. Sam T. Cur'is 412i California
street, San Francisco; Daniel Sulli
v.ni, G21 Fir?t siicet, San Franciscr,
Sim Kalzenstein the solid muldoon
of the village of Chaileaton paid this
oftice a very pleasant visit to-day, and
having learned that our Thanksgiv
ing dinner consisted of chuck beef
steak, deposited a half eagle with us
lor his yeai's subscription, coupled
with the hope that more of our sub
scribers would do likewise, and ena
ble us to have a tuikvy for Christmas.
The Lis Angele?, Sin Diego, Si"
TJernaidmo, San Jose and Sun Kran
tisco papers, have told enough of the
wonderful cures .of the paralytic,
lheumatic, lame, deaf, blind, and
those alllieted with caUrrah, nervous,
biUioi-s and ki.lm'y diseases dyspep
sia, scietiea, diplitheiia, dysentry, and
female troubles, by the world f.nued
Egyptian and Oriental retried ies of
the rekuowed Fioueh D 'ctors. While
they are to be obtained here in town,
and consultation for advice and in
struction for their use f;ee; the nf
il cted should hasten to avail them
s. lv - 'f'iheni. Itvfi'-mati'ii . Wi
-r. . : ft
An Klis-Iy ?Ior:iinsr 4-'c3eHSt:il
Vhitor 'J'lia ( is Eairto Hoc.
A fiery tailed comet h:is made its
appearance in our sky. It is visible
every morning after four o'clock until
the gray light of dawn causes it to
sink into obscurity. The location of
the wanderer amid (he stars is in the
east-northeast sky. I; is not p irtieu-
l.uly biilli.int; yet has a tail which is
visible to the naked eye for two or
thiee degrees, and witli the assistance
of a fairly good opera glasses, meshes
of its fiery tail may be traced for four
or live degrees. The lail is narrow
and straight, and trails upward, some
what to the right of the "Northern
Crown." The celestial visitor is
known as the "Comet Barnard, Oct.
4.1i." so called from its discoveier and
the date of its discovery. It shines
as a nebulous st ir of the third mag
nitude. During the next two weeks
the comet will increase in brilliancy.
To-monow it will be at its neuicct
approach o the earth, being distant
only 88,300,003 miles. Its perihelion
xsll be attained about noon on Dec.
ICtii, on which date it will be within
GJ, 400.030 miles of the sun. Astron
otners say that the inclination of its
orbit to the elliptic is 101 degiees, 47
minutes. Altogether- it presents a
pretty sight, that makes it well worth
one's while to rise eai!ier than usual
to witness. S. F. Call.
A. rc:n .Una.
"Sergent, can I a.-k you someding?"
enquired Carl Dunder, yesterday as
he made a call on Sergt. Beud.ill.
"Of course."
"Vliell, I 'ike tome solid advice.
Shust the next day after election a
stranger cinies into my plaee und
says: 'Vhas dis Mr. Dunder?' He.
vhas. 'Vhell Mr.- Dander, bow do
you like to" be appointed a deputy mit
der new treasurers ofiLv? ' Dot maks
me feel proud. Und I vhas tickled
und I set oop the beer. I'urly soon
another man valks in und looks round
und asks Vhas dis Mr. Dunder? He
vhas, Veil Mr. .Dunder you vas so
shmart on election day dot wo like to
reward you. Maybe you like to bo
dijpuJy sheriff, or have a place in der
shiilJ Veil Sargent dot makes me
tickled some more, anl dot, means
free beer for him. E.iftiy hour in de
day Mimepoily comes inlo mo und
says you wis such an 1 1 1 wheel harse
dot I must be rewt.rled."
' Vhell, 1 like to ask vas (I03 right,
Shake says it was all dead beat, but I
I ilunno Sergent. Vhas. I. a great
"If 1 vhas out cf town would some
election come off sluist tier same?
Exactly, those fellows arj giving
you the guy.
Vhell I believe you. 1 vhas goin
back home and got dot club ready
rooty soon Mjmepndy comes in to ine
mit a grin on his face und asks Vhas
dis Cail Dunder. He vhas. Veil Mr
Dunder, how you like
Dot vhas all, except I telephone
mit der ambulance und der werdict
was: Hit on der hidt mit cr brick
Si rgent goot day. Free Press.
'Che 'I'oiti tsio:i
Would like to know whun the dif
ferent mines on the hill will com
mence operations.
When Dunbar will settle up . dollar
for dollar with the county,
When the Tombstone merchants
will support a newspaper.
What g. g, g. Berry will do with
our citizens' homes after he goto
Whether the next legislature will
ir3 without the aid of honest (?) John
Dunb..r to disincorporate this city.
When the people that are int'cl-tcd
to the publisher of Tub Toiiilstone
will come toward and settle.
How the people of Tombstone ex
pects to have a nepspaper flourish if
they don't support it.
The .following instruments were
filed in the ollice of the County Bu
corder to-day:
Of IX on the left hip and an in
cline bar on the left shoulder.
Mrs. M C. Havihind and J. P. Ilav
ii.md to E. C. Couitney, 38 head of
. -.ilia c : ttf" Him1 iij.-I rui-b
, J. C. Brady of Neptune Wells, re
covered his own today.
The thermometer registered 84 de
grees ai noon to day.
Mr. Albert Springer and family will
leave ero long for Denver.
The county treasurer is kept very
busy these days iMeiving county
Only thirteen days more to pay
your county taxes before they be
come i'e'.iniuent.
Ben (old a reporter to-day that G.
W. could nut resist the temptation
and said he would pay the bet. Don't
say a word Burke.
J. M. Aston and Uncle Billy Plas
ter returned last evening from a short
visit to their respective ranches.
D-. Dunn was spmmoned to go to--Harshaw
this morning by telegraph
to attend a sick person in that town.
Our reporter did not learu whether
the doctor would be able to attend or
Deputy Sheriff Smith returned to
day from a tour throughout the coun
ty, whither he had been to subpoena
trial jurors to be in attendance on
the county court on the lGth of this
Mr. Hugh Eraser and-Chas. llinra
returned from the Sw.'silielms last
evening, whither they had been in
doing work on some mines owned by
Co!. Herring and son. They reporc
everything lovely.
There xas a rumor on the street to
day that Messrs. Gage and Leach had
sold the Carlisle' mine to some Chi
cago capitalists; the consideration
being between five and six hundred
thousand doll irs.
Bobt. L. Miller, Benson ; S. Lucas,
W. Bobbins, Chicago; J. J. Williams
Bisbee;C. V. Merchant, W. Plaster,
J. M. Aston, P. S, Beiiiis ranch; F.
S. Ely, W. A. Fuller, Stein's Peak;
(;. W. Lias, Lis Angeles C. Taylor,
Ch:.s Gale, Huuchuc.i, are registered
at the Occidental hotel.
The property known as the Otis
block, commencing at the building
known at Gregory's rcataurant and
thence up Fremont street to the va
ctnt lot this side of the property for
merly known as the Melrose restaur
ant was sold yesterday under a fore
closeure in favor of J, Y. Eecleston,
10 Geo. Mayne for $1,503.
A -Knights of Pythias seal with
Charlie Trihulet's name engraved up
on it. Finder will receive a suitable
reward by leaving the same at the
Occidental h-jtol.-
.S.'.O'J iicirartl.
I will pay the above reward for in
formation that will lead to the arrest
of tiie fiend or fiends who poi-'oned
my dog. . I. S. Barnes.
Fifth street New Depo.
There will be a Fair held at the
Mining Exchange building, Friday
evening, Dee. 3.1 1SSG, from G to 9
o'clock, for the benefit of the Bell
Tower and Bjctory fund give by the
"Try society" of the Episcopal church.
Refreshments will be served. Admis
sion free.
The Renowned Egyptian
and. Oriental Cure.
Tin: French D. ctor is here in
Tows ; Consultation, operations, a 1
vice and instruction ALL FREE.
Now our town also shall see the lame
walking, the paralyzed restored, the
tLaf hearing, the blind seeing; tu
mors and wens removed, and all kinds
of the wor.-t eluonic and acute suff
erings and iUIlielions cured.
You can buy choice American
beef a.-, low as four cents per pound at
the Fulton Market, Cor. 7th and Fre
mont slteeta" 12 3 tf
The lame, the deaf, the blind, the
rheumatic, paralized, consumptives,
at lunatic, or suffering on diputheria,
dysentary, dyspepsia, catarrh, head
acln s, pilcv, i r nervous, bilious, liver,
kidney, or disorders peculiar to sexes.
hasten to the FRENCH DOC'IOR
while lieie; don't .miss your chance;
it costs you nothing. The only
chance you may have to save your,
life without money aud without pi-ice
The Cottage Lodging House situa
ted on Fifth stieet between Fiemont
and &iffoid, next door to Joseph
Iloetlleis, conducted by Mrs. Mary
Dellaaii, has just, been thorough
ly cleaned and elegantly reiuiu
lshcd, in eve:y loom. Hli- and
cjl 1 b.tths connected with the house.
Rooms on suite or .-ingle. Commer
cial trawlers would di v.vll to ;jtoi
.h - . . i .. .' 1 I! - ' -. "
The People Of Wlieatl.md California
Go Wild Over The Completion Of
The Bridge Over Bear River
Which jleans .Prosper
ity Fcr Their
The Will Of Kx-Prcsldent Arthur Of
fered For Probate And Is Divid
ed Hqually Between His
DiitisMcr and Son
The Editor Of The Salt Lake Herald
I Who Was Arrested I or Unlmvf h
Co-habltatlon Skip's His Bonds
Aud Becomes Xoucst When
His Case Is Called Iu
Stock Report.
Special To The Tombstone.
San Francisco, December G. Best
& Belcher, 24; Chollar $8 25; Crocker
S2.2r; Cm. & CM. Virginia 55: Pe-r
e.l.i;P.erless$!.40; Ojl.ir, S26i; Sav
ago .-jlO.00; Hale & NorcrossS.J; Pot
osi .?1G; Sierra Nevada 16.00; Yel
hw Jacket 6.50; Union Con, 10;
U-.ali 9.75; ConfiJenca 15,00.
A. S'sw fS fids:-'
Special to Tub Daily IomiistonlI
Wheatland, Dec. 7. The Califor
nia Bridge Compmj of S 1:1 Fiancisuo
completed l!r bridge crossi g th s Bjar
River to-day.
It is nine hu-idre J f Jrt . in leng h
also is (ighteen feet wile .and -is
co si posed of thirteen spans oicli sixty
feet long. The brilo co-i- about 7
000, a-ul is about a mile and a half
from Whea-land, the eby clianiiu
the main country roa 1 so as tj ass
through Wheatland.
This br'dge will be of greit oilmen
ance to ilie public as tl-.e Bsar river
every winter during the high water
lias been impassable.
The completion of this bridqe has
given Wheat'and a ne-.v life mid ad
b ranches, of business are improving
vi r, f si A numb r of . ow houses are
being built tlu in:; the last, month and
others are to follow s on.
The Cdif.jrnit Bridge Company,
the contractois, hive done excellent
work and hive built a bridge t! at will
s aul for many yeais.
The citiz:ns of Wlie Hand are mak.
ing preparations to celebrate tins event
by a barla uc and also g-.neral j I. lid
don. Fojllaill Eit-Siou.
Speri.il to Tub Daily Tounsrosis.1
Sacre.mento. Pec. 3. Tue farmers
ue"in t clamor for n in as in some lo
caiities there Las , not been sulfieienfc
rain for plowing.
The number of (rets that will be
set put in this section du ing the next
two unntl s will be larger than in any
proceeding year principally orange-",
B.irtlelt 1 e i;s, dates, peaches, prunes
and lij.-s.
A large c luoy is about to locfe
on the Sin Juan grant just nordi of
the city.
D-rii:g tli? past . month there has
been a decided b.'oui in real e.vato
throughout the valley extending to the
f.w !m)1 rf "R! D.-a-K Pl.irer .-'l
Ba'. -
AilIutr'M Will.
Special" to TnrrrAtMr'TojtiiafaN'B.I
New York, December G. ThewilJ
of px-pre.ident Arthur wa-j offered 1 r
rob te.
Afer a time b quesf, the e.tVe is
d'v!ded equally between his son and
dauglite-, Chester Allen Arthur, and
Ellen H. Artl.ur
Tt.e income of the estate is 1 1 be
devoted to their mo u til the on ar
rives to the age of thirty years and t'-e
daughter at twenly-threo when the
trustees are to turn over to them their
Mary E. McEIroy is a pointed guir
dian of the daughter during her minor.
ity and Ciias E. Malley, Danial G: Eol
lins and Seth B. French, are execu
i tors.
The son has reached his ninj irity
but the daughter is not yet fifteen. The
value of the estate is abjnt 150,-.
il'.iarrel Or;r a Teiito.
Special To The Tombstone,
.Portland (Or.), Dec. 6. Near Ore
goti City to-day an old mai named
Stnckler killed-Jarues Candles with
an axe in a qrtirn-1 over a line of
fsuco. which vra dividirg their rar.c!
Spccisil to The Dailt TomiistoneI.
Pahis, D c. 7. Merlitti whi haa
fasted tnirty-ninn days fell ti-day
from extreme -weakness.
The committee 1 f physicia'is which
has been in attendance upon h:ni dur
ing his long nbstin.'-nci alvised hira to
trrmiuate his.fasfc which. he refused to
do. The physicians thi-reupon declined
.to 'ake any further responsibility in the
Odd In lletl.
SpeeL'l t tub Daily ToiiosTONB.l
Tula be; D.-c. T.-.-ilabel Andeisnn
a yottn womai was foun Id a.i in b d
this morning. Her lover W. S.Bjwon
w-s asphyxiated by gas ir. San
FroncUco during S -ptein'ier, and it is
thoujht by some that thecirl c Minnit
tod saicid" because f g'i f over his
los, though death .may have resu'ted
ironi tit tural causes.
Spcci.il to -I1.C Daily Toiiibalon -.l
Georgetown, Dec. 7. D Hogau and
his lartner, a man named Poineroy
were t-ayed on in a prospecting tunnel
ab ut one mile-south of Garden City
to-day, Hogan being killed outright
while I'umt roy sust-ined severe inpir-
KorfeHed I!I Hull.
Sptciul to The Daily rumbstoin-.
Salt Lake Cit, D c 7 1 ler B. II
Huberts editor of.the Herald who was
arrested yesterday for unlawful cohab
ititifiu aLd hehLin 1,000 bonds for
exaui-nutiuii t )-day did not turn up
at.d his bond was then declared forfeit
ed. Sm:i lpnx At A'?salei.
Special to The Daily Tombstoxe.
Locales, Dec. 7: 1 Fr. nteiizo the
Spanish paper published at Tucson
makes a statement ttat smallpox is
rap'dly spreading in Nogale?.
The statement however is false, as
there has only been one case in a mild
form here.
A man named Murphy from the
Tri-'dn'i mi e JI s:c-j vas tskon drvrn I
and was reir.ored to & .ranch three
-.He. is now convalescent.. . --
lor Kale
ii-igniy neaa ot young hulls, con
sisting of Polled-Angus,Heref6rilfand j
ahortiiorns. Jor Drices" and-naili-.-
irret'H aniiiv lo antLV linn al imp rt.ha
office. '"tt
Hfotico to the Pnbllc.
I have this day p.mployed' ih'ftery
ices of Mr. VV.W. Baldwin, f Benson,
to represent rig and - my interest ia .
my store in Benson, '.ha termt.of,
which are more specifically net J forth
in a power of attorney, executed by
me, and on record, Book -2, Power of
Attorney, page164. " - ...--- .
J,.H.liULL. ?.
Dated, Tombstone, Oct. 30. 188C. ' -
An item in last Mondayjs paper di
reeled to business men brought .forth
fruit to-day, and Messrs. Seaman? 5fc
Son and Geo. D. Machin of. the J?ulr.
ton market, took thev hint and. their
advertisements appear to-day.' Let
other business men follow lomoriow
and show their wisdom. .
Charlie and Gus Tribdlet llavio re
sumed tho butchering business anil
are located tin 4 Hen' 'street' Za .-Jew
doors above Fiftlf; Theyjare engaged
both in tlin wholeiale and .retail busi
ness. Only the choicest'of Ainericaa '
meats kept on hand. Th'echeapest
place in this city to buy.'raoitt' for
cash. All kinds of sausages, head
cheese, etc. kept constantly on hand.
Call and be convinced. 12 10 tf.
Diamond-toed Shaker s'oclci, 15
'ents per pair, at Bagg's. 13-tf
Suits well and thoroughly cleaned
for $1.50 by Harris tbu tailr,Bothi'8
block :48il2U.
Treasurer's Notice
I will redeem all warrants drawn on
the. County General Fuud frons 1998
to 206S, both in.-clusive, if presented
in ttn davs. . a' 1'
' v,
A. J. P.ITTE3.
"" Conr.ty 'Creuatar.
ToiiiaTuNE. DecMt'l8BJ6.
Leave srdera for'wodd'at'F N. VJ
For fresh cranberries go tir F. H
Wolcoti's. "
Something .recent .Dress-geei
bargain counter. "Palace.'.' 27tf
Coat's white -spool cotton, ia.ll size
ust received by express at Kagg'i. f
Oysters in every 'style 'at the Elita"
Chop house'. 'tu .lw
The choicest groceries in the eity
can be procured at F. N.Vallcott'a t
Boiled Oats, Easlcrn Oat Meal and
New York State cider and dried beef
at F. N. Wolcott's.
All my goods aro paid for and as I
want money and want it bad I will
make $50 uits fr.$35, .Harristhti
tailor. "8-13tf.
810 Reward., i
Will be paid for the return" of the
parrot that wus wlolen fronrtht fenc
ot Mrs. Baukin, back ' of tho court
.house, aud no questions asked, lw
Cnalion iotIc.
All person are btrcbj noliOei- that n)
will-. Liuia DcHofi, hurinr lett my bed and
buur0 wituout K-AUea or prorscatlOD, thoro
ruie I will not ba rcspurslblo fur, nor piy.
anVdubU of bcr caiitractiai; from and aiur
tbixuie. JOil.VDKllO.-JH
BloUcc, Sept. 15.
The undersigned, both practical
miners are' open 10 de assejmout WQtk
on one or any number' of 'mines at
reasonable rtea. -
Joim Gray Sl Co.,
Look Out. ;
And don't you forget it, tfc&tWoIeett k
Messick hare' the Sneat toilet .h8 Ut aalc
tbut has ever been offered to th peoalo ot
this city. ' ' 8.22U
Whereas my former, partner JTritz Ser
liardt has mysteriously .disappeared Atom.
his plm-d of buiinejs in .Bisbee, C'cbu
County, A. '1 aiipeisons 'arh.ejebjr noti
lied that I will not be- Tespontlblt tat any
debts which he may eontrict.
3i8bee,AuxHst'4tb.''SS6:''-t :s '
Dssolutiom ptt PartMsklp.
The business lieretiifore fltttibd ou
in this city under the fir aanwjmd
style of Coaterlwuse & Co., hs been
this day dissolved by mutual ccaseut.
Mr. Costerhottse retiri'ngi and .Mr.
John ..Nardiui r-mainingr as sole. pro
proprietor, to v.'Lam all "'Jills owing
the firm inuit be paid, ind.u7 whom
all bills owed .by the firm will) be p.xid.
A UfiUST (TjyiOI'S'E.

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