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Arizona weekly enterprise. (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona Territory) 1881-1893, November 05, 1881, Image 2

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fuizona Viaskiy Enterprise
i'lohsxce, final county, a. t.
THIS ENTEnPillsa CO PtiV.ixi.ero.
.. : w
r.TI, Work nf.rvcry .4 f -Ip'-t. ?r,n.
V: W ,b,t .OBj U,"t
sf.lH ui Mm Fleniwe PiOnSc M (vookd -dart
It is rumored that Ccn. Willcox in to
In siiporoeiud by Gn. K;iutz. It would
ha about an even exchange.
TkerB in a dirth of Indian news now-a-'1;v.
The hoii!t; are apparently lost
arl thu troops not overanxioua to
Of.oEOB and throe of hia band have sur
rendered to su'o -Agent Iloa? and, of
s-iurse, will be tre.t id liSo the prodigal
-on. i J
Bum. TJerrLSB. i& g"I am opposed to
very dictate of judgment and every srnti
r.innt of patriotism, to the Panama scheme,
t-uhar iu peace or war."
rOSTtASTEIl-JElRAt JiMEl dellifS tho
'rap-rt that he will reij;n on December
lit, and intimates that he will not quit
tho oftije till some result h:va been reached
i i tho' Star-route fraud.
In the Drill of hut week, under the
abovo caption, a boasted inibccilo, lruown
as Char'es Miller, makes an unprovoked
and indecent personal attaek upon th? ed
itor of the EsTERVftHK. We do not r a':e
uractiee of turni:i!r to lack every irrespon
sible cur that uipy bark at our lu-ols, and
would not do so in this instance, did not
the unpublished facts connected with the
case make it a peculiarly aggravating one.
Last week, befora this Charles Miller
returned to Pinal, ho was introduced to
us as the foreman of the Floyd jury, and
the party introdi'.ein,: him informed us
that an article in the Enteri-hise had
jarred upon the exceeding'- delicate sen
sibilities of the rare and radiant youth.
We were surprised beyond measure an!
graciously hundred how we had chanced
to oil'ond the f-rsat and piod Sir
"Cliawl. s." Thereepon, history repeated
itself, and "the nss opened its mouth and
spake," saying it bad been lead to believe
that our comments on the Floyd trial re
flected on the jury. We were more surprised
than ever, and informed Sir Chawles that
hi3 belief was certainly without founda-
stitument Mr. Summers seeks to creato
the ii.iprcHsion that all the important evi
dence in this ease must have been brought
out at the preliminary examination, be-
j cans? the facts were then fresh in the
! minds of the people. The truth is and
I Mr. Summers probably knows it that
preliminary examinations are seldom thor
ough, and rarely biirg out all the mate
rial facts. Men, as a usual thing, do not
seek the privilege of testifying at prelimi
nary examinations, and in the haste of
summoning witnesses the officers are apt
to miss some of the most important ones.
Aain, those conducting the preliminary
examination, knowit;g.that the case is to
be passed upon by the grand jury and
tried befoie another court, do not use ex
tra exertions to collect all the facts bear
ing on it.
A'ain, says Mr. Summers: "I called
upon Mr. Weedin, of the Enterprise, to
understand what could bo proven by him
sjjlf, taking his own statement with me,
as iji.en before Justice Miller, to refresh
'lis memory, if necessary." True, Mr.
Summers called at our ofiice and handed
j u i our statement before Justice MLler,
pisLir, t'orxTY s?iicosss
4ou:ii.y Ilocostlti".
evidence, which would have convicted the
prisoner, was not introduced, and that
Tns Cabinet question is s'ill agitating
politicians, and the more they investigate
the lets they know about it. Blaine i
reported as saying that it will be a Grant
cr.biuet from' ton 'to bottom, after Jan
uary 1st. - , , .'
A KAfloxA't I id 2' convention is to be
hold at Ni;V Vot-uu the 23th inst, and
accordinvf prrsa reports, the mattei is
cxeitinj considerable interest, and the at
Un l.in.roiuises to be large and repre
It I' imw reported t!iat the recent
wholssalo killiuj in Txnb3tono was un
jantifiable, and the nutter will bo thor
oughly sifted by the courts. The mar
shal's party has been arrested and placed
under heavy bond.
Another lunatic appeared at the Whitj
House on the 30th, Mid demanded ad
mission. He was armed and evidently
looking for blood. It tiok three men to
arrest him. Washington seems to have
a peculiar attraction for lunatics.
Ay oroasizbd movement in Kentucky
last week, to capture the noted and noto
rious James biys failed. The detectives,
sixteen ia number, surrounds.! a housj in
which the outlaws were supposed to be,
but the latter had been warned in ad
vance and taken their leave.
Some prominent citizens of Arizona and
California have Applied to the Treasury
Department, through Congressman Page,
for the appointment of Win. B. Hooper
as successor of Dr. Lord as tis:al aeut of
the government depository at Tucson.
The applicants were informed that, only
government ollicials could act in that ca
jwoity and that Dr. Lord secured the po-
Eilion by virtue of his bein postmaster.
We see by reports in the Chronicle that
the mines of the (l lobe district are look
ing well. The Mack Morris is turning
out its regular m'ist of bullion, and busi
ness generally is lively, in that quarter.
We are glad to see our neighboring county
prosper. She has ood mines, but h:s
suffered through mismanagement. heis
outgrowing the elTects of the latter, how
ever, and is moving on the lino of ad
vancement and business activity,
Ir 13 stated by men who know whereot
the speak, that the present demand for
freight teams in all parts of the Territory
is greater than it has been at any (hue
durin ; the past six years. This is in
dicative of a general revival of Arizona
business, and is encouraging. The prices
for freight are also advancing, and this
fact nii.ybe taken as another he.dthyfymp
t;iin. We would sr.y to thofo who have
doubt about there being unusual activity in
all branches of busint3s here this winter,
ha content and wait; the good times are
surely coming. Those without patience
never w in.
Thb editor ot the i'rescott .1iiicr, who
opposes the appointment of Hon. John J.
Gosper to the ollice of Governor fur per
sonid reasons, makes a va;ue reference to
a mortgage against him, a:id asks our in
inspectiou of it. Mr. Gosper may have been
compelled to mortgage hia property, but
even if this bo true, we fail to see how it
would disqualify him for tha position of
GoTcrricr.- If the simple fact r.f a man's
property bein oiortgaced unliU him for I
office, there are n host of men, now se,itd !
in high places who should bo "booted
out." Our contemporary must present a
better reason for its opposition to Mr.
Gosper, if it expects to mako converts in
this quarter.
Tn Silver Kinj mine, of this county,
turnod out ? 150,000 worth of silver dur
ing the month cf October, the largest sin
gle bullion out put reported on the Pa
cific Coast for that period, go far as we
have seen. This mine becomes more
rnorvclous as depth is attained. The 75!)
foot level, just recently opened, ij not
only richer than any of those above, but
showsamuch larger ore b id y. Tkeumount
of ore now in sight b wonderful.' There
hi-s been but very little (Coping done, I'.ie
ore from tho leveis and shaft being u
cier.t to keep tha mid goin. And from
this or dividends amounting t.i nearly
for th's reawn he escaped the punish
ment his crime merited. To make as
surance doubly sure we brought the pout
ing poltroon over to our sanctum and
read the article to him. He then pro
ceeded to uncover the "ni ger in the
wood pile," by sayini that he iiad no'
neen anything wronjr in tho article till J.
D. Rej inert and II. B. Summers came to
him fitaung that it was a reflection on the
jury and it was his duty as foreman to an
swer it. Ho did not wish to have any
thing to do with it at fir.it, ho said, but
finally yielded to tha persuasion of that
Oily Gammon and g b of guts, J. D. Bey
mei t. He further stated that Reymcrt
had written tho reply for him and for
warded it to tho Drill. '-But," said he,
"I am sroing up to Pinal on the st.isje to
day (rhnrsday), and I pled. o yon my
word that the article shall not fro into the
paper, for I know th;.t Beymert is your
personal enemy, and I see now that he is
trying to in iko a tool of mo to gratify his
ovrn spite." Ho also stated that be
thou -ht at the tir.io Beymert had s nm
personal interest in the matter, for ht
would scruple at nothing to accomplish
his own purposes. From this point the
confiding youth discussed, the cunning
coward pretty freely, st.itinjf thai he knew
his record back for twenty-four years, anil
it showed him up .as a "d n rascal m
ever' sense of the word." He volun
teered considerable more information con
cerning the tricky transactions of thU
dough-faeed dastard, but it is unnecessary
to mention them at this staje of thegame.
Supposing Miller was a man of his Wsjrd
and would disdain to lend himself, know
ingly, as a cat's paw to ruke Bcymert's
chestnuts out of the fire, we were sur
prised to see him father the filth iu the
Drill and thus parade himself as a stupid
i s? and a very common liar. The act
proves one of two thin, s, viz: th.it
"Chawles" is either a f ! or a k l ive, f c
certainly ho would not consent to per.'om
the dirty work of a man he calls a rasja',
unless he is a hopeless idiot or a con
scienceless knave. That he is a liar is
proven bv his voluntary promise to slop
the pub ication of tlie libelouH and un
warranted article which appeared over his
signature. That ho is a dead-beat is
1 roven by the fact that he could not pro
cure a suigde meal at the Silver King ho
tel without putting up tho coin or living
security, T.iat 1 e is a good judge of
whisky everybody knows. But enou h
of Chawles fur the present. The real cu prit
in the case is that moral leper, that ciiii, -ing
coward, that quintessence of a' I that
is moan and-contemptible, J. D. Boy
inert, from whose tilth-emitting brain the
article emanated, and who, true to his
cowardly i.isliucts, shifted the responsi
bility for it onto tho shoulders of thi.
poor dupe, lie knew tho article bore the
impress of fdiiit.y on its face. He ki.e.v
that every reader of it would see that its
aim was not to resent a real or imaginary
reflection on the Floyd jury, but to grat
ify a personal spite against Thos. F.
Weedin. He knew tint., Wing known as
a lawyer, ho would make himself ri licr.
loiis by abusin us for not attempting to
o3er heresay testimony on tho witness
stand. Considerin ' these facts and re
membering that he has j:s black a record
as ever haunted a guilty c msciencc, the
public will readily understand why he
should have induced Zdiller to father the
article. It stands him in hand to fiht
shy of personal controversies on his own
resiousibility, and he can oi.Iy seek re
ven.'e on those who have e.ir.ied his ha
tred, by resjrling to methods that any be
in,', having an instinct above that, of the
brute, would scorn to adopt. If he ex
pects to prnciioe these methods with im
punity, iu dealing with us, he reckoi.s"
I without his ho3t. We do not like the
practice of airing men's social and bnsi
uesi corruptions in public print, but are
liable to read this sin-soiled puppy sev
eral interesting chapters from his history,
past and present, if ho tries at:y more
such games on us.
with tlie reoufcst that we should read it to
tion, as the article stated clearly that tho refrea:i oul. u,emry. He did not ask us
if any additional fact3 had come to our
knowledge since the preliminary examina
tion. He did not ask us if we knew of
a- y persons, not examined before Justice
Mi.lerj who could testify to important
tacts bearing on tho case. We ai-.l not
volunteer such information for tlie rea
son that, after the preliminary trial, we
had ascertained and published in the Ex-
terfeimb the facts we restated in our is
sue of the 22d, and presumed, of course,
that Mr. Summers was familiar with them,
lie is a subscribento the paper, and has
-eceived it regularly every week since the
aist number was published. In view of
this fact it is natural we should have sup
posed that our report of tlie murder and
t .e facts connected with it had been read
by him. Passing from this point, we
quote: li. is very easy to make asser
tions, but a diuerent thins to prove them.
and if Mr. Weedin, or any other citizen,
.Viis Cognizant of proofs t.iat would have
i-csulted in the conviction of the prisoner
for inuruer, it was thtir bonuden duty to
present the same that they could have
been produced upon th trial.
All evidence that legitimately came to my
knowledge as material in the case I availed
myself of." In answer to the above we
submit the following affidavit:
. TtumroiiY ov Arizona,
Chas. W. Tillman, being duly sworn,
deposes and says 'that he ia a resident of
Florence, Pinal county, A. T. , that he
was present in the said town of Florence
at the time of the killing of Charles Ber
nard (American Charlie) by J. II. Floyd;
that he was1 present in said town of F.or.-
ence prior to and at the time of the trial
,.f the said Fioyd for tlie killing of the
3aid Bernard; that a few days prior to the
commencement of the trial of the said
'icvd, he (Tillman) called at the office of
II. B. Summers, district att r ey, und in
fo.iued said II. P. Summers that he (Chas.
V. Ti.lman) could testify on rath that an
hour or so before the shooting, he ( i'ili
iiian) saw Floyd with a j istol and heard
aim Bay, "I am ying to hunt up the a -n,
of a b h, who got my dollar, and plug
aim in the belly;" that said U. B. Sum
aiets replied, "why didn't you come
sooner ? I spent a w!w!e hour this morn
ing hunting up evidence, and couldn't
ii.id any;" that he (Chas. W. Tillman) was
n it called as a w itness.
(Signed) C. W. Tillman.
Subscribed and sworn to before uiu this
3d d.y of November," A. D., 1331.
J so. J. DivixE, Becorder.
By Win. D. Griffin, deputy.
If Mr. Summers used all the evidence
which came to his know'ed e lcitimate-
y, how is it he did not have Mr. Tillman
siimimnod! Perhaps it was not "legiti
uiati." and "material" to prove that FiOyd
iiad declared his intention of killing Amer
ican Charlie just an hour or so prior to
the committal of the murder; or perhaps,
ihe district attorney was so exhausted by
tlie exercise of rushing arci:nd a iJicle
hour in tpiesi of testimony, that be could
not make application to the court to have
Mr. Tillman summoned. We were not
i ware, at the time we commented on the
resu.t, that he Lad made such strenuous
clo. ts to procure e.ideiice, else we should
ha, e tcmpeisd our criticisms accordingly.
Of cei.rs , t e E:ai?.itiaE and the peo
ple oi X'nial county c mid not expect the
district atlorney to spend more than an
hou- i.i looking up evidence ia an unim
portant murder ca3e!
For the wetk ending November 3, 18S1 :
Lone Star, Casa Grande district Goo.
O. Thomas.
Orange Star, Casa Grande district Geo.
O. Thomas.
Solid Silver, Ha'stcad district S. F.
Woodcook, Casa Grande T. Andrew,
E. Trenberth, L. M. Cox, jr.
Flora Chaunsey, Mineral Hill district
John Olvaney. C: O. Miles.
Ellen GvWan, Mineral Hill district
John D. Slbbald, Win. P. Miller, C. O.
Mediie G., J m N Gila river Win. D.
Griffin, P. Morgan, M. L. Moran.
Little Yates, in N Gila .river Win.
D. Griffin, P. Morgan, M. L. Moran.
Lucien E. W.lker to C. C. Hastings, f
Maflhatten; $GG0.UG.
C. I. Putnam to &. C. -Huntings, J Man
hatten, 333.33.
J. B. Condron and J. II. Brown to Alx.
Williams, J Condron, Mineral Hill elis
trict; 10.
James II. Elinors to S. M. Hamilton,
Dover and Oxford mines, Pioneer dis
trict; SI.
Francisco Barragan and wife and Jesus
Barragan to Buekalew & Ochoa, SE j,
Sec. lo, T4S, R 10 E, and water rights;
$1,80 j. 03.
Freeborn Mason to J. D. Bey.aeit, lot,
4 rods by 8 rods, Pcospect Hill, Pinal;
Bond J. Champion to Samuel Link
ton, Martinez mine. Pioneer district;
is probable we shall, in the course of the
next twelve months, hear somo good re
ports of it. The Tombstone mines and
the mining districts of Southern Arizona,
hitherto, almost overlooked, aro rich in
mineral also, and destined to yield large
amounts of treasure. "St. Louis is the ,
large city in the States that lies neare3:
to Arizona, and it is here that the large
future trade of the Territory ought to
come and it is here it will come if the
business men and capitalists, of our city
put forth tho proper eTort3 to secure it.
It might be thought that the mining trade
of Arizona would go to San Francisco;
but the truth is Sa-i Francisco has
uniformly treated the Territory with un
friendliness and forced its people to look
eastward, instead of westward, for their
business connections and this, together
with the easy railroad relations about to
bo opened between the Territory and St.
Louis, is one -ood reason why the voods
and machinery needed in the Ter ito y
ought to be procured in St. Lotus and a
large shire of its ores bought to St.
Louis for reduction. It m i.y be taken as
an assure 1 fact that an early and liberal
cultivation of business relations with the
Territory will bring to our city a large
and profitable trade, and for this reason
step3 ought to be taken to establish such
relations at once.
W1VZ. H. HARVEY, Til. D.
Florence, Aeizoxa.
An Open Icttr.
HG3.ACE L. S ilirH,
Attorney at Law,
Floke.ce, Arizona.
Attorney at Law,
Florence, Pinal County, Ar'zona.
' . J l.).-V . T
Aitop.nkt it Law. Minino interests a
Final Citt, A. T.
All persons are hereby cautioned agiinst
negotiating a certain promissory note for
201.25. dated November '. 0th, 13D, pay
able in o' e year from its date, and iriven
by T. Buchanan to Thompson cfc Bowen,
said note being the pro; erty of the sub
scribers, and no other person having au
thority to endorse it.
Bowev & JONE3
Stiver Kin, A. T., Not. 1, 1831.
Meat Markcti
Etmmrg Daily fiom Casa Gianfie via IlcrencB, final, Ffl
ver King and lUyemile to eioto,
casa ussakUi: uaily at 7 A. Si.
ACEXTS:-J. A. Wright, Casa Grande; A. Yeaton, Pinal; B. Williams. Silver Kimr
J. J. Voaburab, Globe City. ,
AV. H. Sutherland, GenT Sept.
Wn. H. Guild, Secretary.
Eaptefv O-rrcs:
88 WALL BT1 I H, N. Y.
BtUia A-ii.uitnil Wirtk. Lt.tl.ia.
13 to If n OT filllT.
103 m d ill PJNE ST.,
8as I tAXOltCO.
Kit 9 to 16 "J-iT tET,
h rvni mi 4" ' . "r '
IT fl J I 1 i E H & I fill
i nyiiumi
Tic Sew Centra". I'aitic iSui
A. So tt, of the Bima Crur
is reeeiveei a letter from Lis
irnu.-j t dite I near Joke- J to be the last oi my e.ir.-esp jnde.iee.
Yours truly.
John Millse.
Vhcn a man accepts a pub'io office his
oiliicial acts become legitimate si.bjec's of
criticism, and it not on'y is tho privilege
but the duty of the press to condemn
them, if wrong, to commend them, if
right. Obeeliont to thi3 duty, the En r.
piilse in its issue of the 22d, indirect.y
criticised the district attorney for failing
to introduce at the trial of Floyd, certain
atcrial facts which were reported to him
Chas. Tillman. This criticism has
broiigtf fliatrink rLf.toriiev out i:i a
3iw,uw iwvo ncen paw, tissues worKing 1 tentjthy eX.nso in the Drill. In referriui
. ..!.... .,....,!,.. ;.. n. ! ..n.:. j. i .X . '
um.jjuni,,),, .1., , o i.u uauirii. wc gliall cusouss only a
treasuty. If the company shoulil build new
works down on the river, with treble their
present facilities, and open up thtir ore re
serves, the balli n out-put of the King
would astonish the world. We presume
these statements will agitate some of our
nervous contemporaries of a certain other
prominent mining district of the Territo
ry, but we are prepared to back them up
iri.ii o:Ii ri j1 iucts anrl F-ures, if necosw.-y.
iew oi tae p.iueipvLijfjig
t .l,6 -'-"vction, trhieii is
merely an avowal of Mr. Sinillt.t.'8 ,Te;lt
respect for the people of Piibi conntv
we quote: "I made use of all th. f ICVS
elicited at the examination of FloyVj, .
fore Justice Miller, which was held s
after the alleged murder, while every
thing was fresh in the minds of the pub
Mc and euitcmer.t 0rea't.." By this
I.'r. Vm
!y lank, h
or jt u.-, 0
ill", Wy .ni .i.! l'eivito y, Oct.. lii, in
wdiivli 1 e . ies t. e following i o nut cf
i-iilroi.d eleveli j incnts in that reji n-.. Sir.
J.i l.neri sc. tt siys: "The line I am
now running is an ludependint line from
Oorinne, Utah, to Yankton, Dakota Ter
.itoiy, on the Missouri, for the Central
Piciiij, i.i op ijnti j:i t the Uaioa Ba
j.tij. O.ie of our parties eouimencej at
the South Bass of the iiocl y mountains,
aa I is now g !i.; east to Y nk'or. My
ro..fe is froiii Corinne to the ;out.i Pss
mid ri. us thn i'j;h the l.ortl ei st eoii.er e l
Utah, t'u s nit least corner of Idaho and
Western Wyomii g. I commenced at
Coiiune, tlience up Bear lHver in a north
erly direction to Mi da Sprii gs; thence
titbi iin Bear river but in a southerly di
rection to the nuuth of Smith's Fori, at
Cokeville. From hero I sro east to isoisth
Bass, the on'y d.Cieulty being in finding
.a suitable pass eiver these mom. tains trom
I'eiir iier to Iianis Feik ol Gieen river.
I have been out exploring these moun-,
tains for four davs now, with partial suc
cess, but I nave e.'ery nope ot getting
through on a first el.-iss grade. I shall be
detainee! here for some time unless or
dered to skip this and go straight to the
South Vnrs and iinish this on my return.
Between here and ir.oulh Pass, 100 miles,
t!;ere is no p istoffije, so this will be my
address uutill my return for a month at
"Day before yesterd ,.y we had our first
teal heavy snow storm, but it is now near
ly all ; one. Game of all kinds is abun
dant, and-our camp isc.m in :al y supp.ied
wif.li salmon trout, sa. e hens, prairie
chickens, grouse, white hare and venison.
We have a go .d French cook and live
very hi hly. It is very cold, b it we have
sieves in our tents, with plenty of blankets
lid buaalo robos, we manage to get along
v comfortah v. Alter HIV till) e-n the
SiiSya desert this ia the other estreiae."
Florence, A. T., Nov. 2, 1881.
J. P. Gaekiel, SheriU' of Pinal Co.
Dear !me: In my caid, published iu the
Esti p.i r.isE in reiard to the malicious
charges made against me by the commit
tee of the grand jury, I do not remember
of mukinj any uncalled-for remards about
you oryour office. I elid not state any
thing more than what I deemed sufficient
to answer tue charges. I might havi
stated that the unfinished records, on
which the committee put ;reat stress,
were suits for delinquent taxes, wherein
summons and executions had been issued
and delivered to yo.u and never returned;
hence, the unfinished records.
I think you are very unjust, or to say
the least, inconsistent. You state in your
card you told the granel jury that your
fees were 1.40 in the cases of Bosha and
Lewis. It appears by that you were will
ing then that the f rand jury should be
lieve that I was stealing a few dollars
from the county; now it appears you are
willing they should believe you gnerou. -ly
allowed me to retain a portion of your
feeB. As a matter of fact you did recieve
seven d dlars fees iu the ei:sa3 referred to,
and I believe I am able to prove it to
your satisfaction.
In regard to the twenty dollars paid for
me at tiio Guaniani s ue. Mr. Siia.'Lf, you
overlooked a very iai;iort.mt item.
Asa initterof fact, I re.idcre.1 icvi.es:
as auctioneer at the sale which, at a low
figure, was worth ten do.lars per d.iy.
Please deduct that amount from t learn unit
you very reluctantly inform the pub.ic in
your card is your due from me, and the
amount will not ag0re ate so much.
If you have, as you s.iy, generously al
loweel me to retain small 8U1113 ia many
instances, which were your due, I am
very grateful, for with all my faults I am
not ungrateful. As you have made that
statement, perhaps you are able to inform
me when and iu what cases 1 have retained
your fees. Asf a matter of fact I hive
never to n:y recollection retained any of
your fees longer than I had an opportu
nity of turnin them o. er, except two dol
lars in o:ie case, which is o. 'en-balanced by
fees that are my due, in cases I can call
to your memory. I cannot account for
you losing sight of tlie facts in the se cases,
unless it was through your over-anxiety to
do me injustice.
In conclusion, Mr. SherilT, I make what
I believe tj be a fair proposition. You
may pick any three fair anl i.uparlial
men in tho county; let us put the facts be
fore them, and if they say thi lgs are no'
as I siy, I will aekuow e Ige publicly that
I am wrong. I have never done you a
wrong, or kept a cent from y u that was
due to my knowled e, and I reg.et
p'.y you have forced me to make
p.anatioa. I have stated what I
i.iing to do, sj that the whole thins
y be ainiuub y arran gea. I intend thi
Eastern Transplanted
Lucious, sweet and juicy, fresh opened,
in cans, packed in ice, shipped
In any quantity. Arrival in good onler
We have exc p i nal facilities fer filling
orders for these goods. Prices on appli
cation. Emerson, Corvllle Co ,
E. II. SAXD.JR30".
O L.
St. Luia RtiwUi a, O.t. 3
The rapid progress towards completion
of the several important railroad lilies
that are to connect Arizona with the
States, Utah, the Pacific Coast and Mex
ico, marks that. Territory with special i.i
tertst and demands for it particular at
tention from St. Louis. It is the most
promising mining region in the country.
Its deposits of ore are known to be enor
mous, and it is certain that as soon as
these deposits sliall have been made ac
cessible by railroad, they wi.l be devel
opeel into rich and productive mines, sup
porting, a large and enterprising popula
tion and yiekling large dividemls to their
owners. Mr. B. F. Bivins, long enraed
m mining on the Jraeitio Coast, who u
now in St. Louis on his return to Arizona
from Philadelphia, where he successfully
organized the Gunsijht Mining Company,
predicts a prosperous future for the Ter
ritory when the admirable system of rail
roads building through it shall have been
completed and the new mines now being
opened and organized shall have been
brought under vigorous working arrange
ment. The Gunsight mine has been
shafted and t-rifted to an extent that
shows it to be an inexhaustible deposit of
ore worth on an average 50 per ton, and
as the company owning it are now pre
paring to erect a lar; stamp mill and
have all the working capital th
Sealcci Proposal.
Oefice Board o? ScrEr.vMORs, 1
1'ixal Co., A. T., Oct. 23, 1331.
Notice is hereby ;riven that scaled pro
proposals will be received by the Board of
Supervisors of Pinal cm lty, A. T. u itil
Monday, Nov. 28 th, 1S31, at 10 o'clock,
a. m., f r the fu.-.iuhi irj uittcrials and la
bor for the building of a county jail iu
Florence, A. T.
The superstructure of said building to
be composed of wood and the foundation
to be of stone. Said b'.iikling is to be
two gtoi'ies in height, the lower story to
be divided into thvet cells, for t' e con
fi le iiJ-it of p.'is len n I i li ill for cj.i
venieiit access3 to the eel's.
Jl'wo of he'cells .ire to ho te-i and tine
half feet by twelve feet inside measure
ment; the hall to be ei ht by two lty-twa
feet; the large cell to be sixteen by twen- j
t - wo fee: insile mo .su e; an I all to be
nine feet in the clear.
The upper story is to be eli.icled into
two rooms, each nineteen and one-half feet
by twenty-three fiet inside measurement
and ten and one-half feet high between
floor and c .-ilin :
All m teriils to be furnish e d and work
to be done in acjrdai:e with plan antl
spi c:ti3afioa now o l tile i l this o'Sje.
P ty.ne it for sail work will be in ide i:i
Tiie Board reserves the right tei reject
any and all bids.
PropoB ihs should be sealed and marked,
"Proposals ior Building Jail," and di
rected to the uudersi ned.
Proposals will be opened on Mondiv,
Nov. 23th, 1-m, at 13 o'c o.k, a. in.
By order of bo.nr1. KoecjL. Smith,
Clerk, Board of Supervisors, Pinal
County, A. T. u.lO-Ct
To ihe Un.'orlunate!
DM. G13B0n.'3
ly, e-iand Hctal,
lucsou. Arize na
atbl 1 si -d in ItS', to.
'1" ire;!tuifnt of Sex' -..n
. Seaii-iUl Ds; a-
m.is, i i i ll it forms,
.'. IINAL WeaK-.ESS,
iiiP i. ...i . :--. ihf- 1 i-ai P'isit.vely tje
curcil. 1 he si ;k t! a'.fl cte.l sh mid no fail to
call upon U:m. The 1) tiir lias traveled ex
teas vely in lir.ro; e, a'i'Uiisp'-cted thonaiLlily
Ihe v;o-io-is h t;t!s there, oht.ti a g-eu'
deal o? valuable info :aa'iin, wla.-h he 's coiu
)ieteut to impart to those in ne-nl ot li s s-ervi-r-Kc
DH ClBTON w'll made n: i harge un
less In- effect a cure. Persons at a diata'i -e mav
BE crio !' AT HOMK. Ah fomiinniical io-is st ri t
ly coati leat al. Ymi see nn one b it the Doc
tor. Pe-sous v.-rit'ng to the Doctor will pieasf
state the name of the piper they s. e tha d
vert.istuient in. r'har"?s - 'i;.li' " 'l n
wite f-n,r, JR. ;iFBJ5,
i an I H-jff, T c -.o , . A p oa
S n 1 .1 ) fo- c!c-i o in? Ii
mimm k Brother,
Imjtorters i Wholeadltf Dealers ia
G'rQG-koryz .
lamps soil Mirrors
?hzitoiMmmlm,lyj. Sol
y Street.
Ames Excikks, the Gn:riKE J. I. Cafe Cjiiiiatid Sikgle Gfar HrADirs
Bais Waooxs, Champion Reapers anu Mowers, Ecreka Gaxo PLowa '
Star Moline Plows, Gem Ssed Sowers, Gale's Chilled Plows, '
Triumph Grauj Drills axd Seedirs, Etc., Etc. i
SlaauOiclurcr's Agents Top tlie Sale of tho
2 1 4, 2 1 S, 2 1 S and 220 Battery St.
CT-ara- ia Skins,
Curry Com..?,
Cairy Cixd,
Lri.it-r ni.' Fxushes,
T"a.dy J'rusht-,
C I jt' p C iiJiH.r,
FciftCli p&r, 1
evt-iHults C ijiptr,
Nets, B( t.y Ear,
Hit u-Wti ixts,
U.A.t 's C li rated Hursd
iIc'i i bp.
Oj iam II - f Oirtmert,
L-akt.i-8 II,. f OUtzuiiit,
CastiU Sf.ap,
fculush Ci&wn Sna,
TiuTitfxV E. i; Svk?,
liejfitOU C I S T,
Frr.zt r's Axle Create,
n. t L. Ailt Grtutse,
fital i Xetfl,
Vacuc- Oi i la.l fcg,
EixV.ya Dxttxh.g,
FirrvVa Vntir.gt t
Wi itteiTKTe'i 1 'rtssiixg,
Croeoy L'roe-lAg,
X-ran Bl ki'.j,
Harris DrmsiLg,
Jamwoo'i O- ;aicslttoik.
Netts Jreot Oil, - '
ft I.sAUcr. Etc., Eu,
I:- rd Vfin to our larre zti tf cirgk ad d uTlt h?rncR?; hare ftfonifVe lae rf trak harnen to wMrh
we w.uM 1 t e 7i:ti u . f al ' r tf te t. rf ai.d iu gtyte 1 1. quaU.y cc.na. bscura s-r m ihe crc4t "
rrn - .re fvj n- ti'i c t t.y .wh s. V. p rrc- .f h brae bt; t ax d oi cittwly u.sHrr thtm
f rt efTt sitr Uct- i-i the .-vitr a- we irwrH-iee u n ctflt h v-rv a.e. We & t Me. . t
:owu i eta uui roe wigat. l-iaase aial ex&iuL e our rtoti or ft our
r5'Sf'is 1; a,T r.j for tLe Wt't-
i!iisri-a'd at; . i:-.
C VTWFFt'T, .Tr.,
Sa-.i Fruxt i sco.
Of Jcsse Myoic & Co., Louioilla, Ky.
C::rer C:Trre:cia! 5t.
P. 0. Box .Jo. ioJ:
H. B. HrKT,
M iiill Mi fill
4 7 end 4 9 Market Street, bet. First and Fremont Stsl
San Francisco, Ga!.
F5nr?i l-!s!t & Hn 9n!r Si?-" fr &z Pone
sa lewis a co.,
AAl'iaud, bb's and Lf hhb per gal $ 4 00
H t ru.iu, ut-io tu.il f uliJi ;tr gj o M
C .tiud, t.-L aad - f U i-cf iu.t 30u
iNV i .raiitl, ij. a 1 .i ij.fiftr gi W9k
iii'C, tiinU Htl . u.Aa ivr g: s W U) 4
it. iu u u e f It in tlx 1 -ts i o u-Ja
A jud i i a 1 c. z U -a-sa, j to gl : 11 CO
A. . riu-'l, o casts, ni x. vj tfx, 5 to t & iu m
AA in. d 10 aas, ia.Zeu.m., -j to tw
AA..iAi;.,ii Uto,'S,'l!2tv.we .... Ij U
AA . in-d, -j aswi, t ; ad i , 2 d. 'i. lii .V
C .1; -.i, 1 duz. tu s-! 8 50
C - rud, 5 if .s, .j to ca; 5
O i-iai.d, 1 c!a, 5 to ga o bw
Tu bond In Kentucky, fiv"'3 15c0.
Iu Ouud i-A lCmitaviv, ..7.....
Cr-owa trand, 1 ta-e, ftog I..
Jfew;i bra-id, 5 ctPK.d. 5 to i
Oi"own K'rau'l, 10 ,uvb. 5 to ga ,
Jrj i traad, ;4M i doz to tue ,
Jiown bra id, i i-ii., i dz Ui S caei
Cr.jwj. t.riiC 1'iutj, 2 r?x tu e-ac, Vj cm....
Aaj.or Cue nui, pin's, 3 doz
AiiLor Ci-aiiij-.ac, quarw, 1 d-iz.
i :
4 -.
r. . . .. .
...! P0
... 1 W
.... 7 oa
... I .
... 7
.... S f
.... M
.... 7
T.vali all Cruaie aa;l Aj r2al Bis ase.
Who may be sufferi i from the ffecty of youth
ful follies or in lis :rlious, will do well to avail
thtuiselves of tliis, tlie rvatest booa ever laid
at the altar of snfferin hnm inity. Dr. Spin
ney will iniar.i'itee to forfeit .?50J for every case
of Sentin d Weak tess or lirivate dise.-.3e of any
kind or haracler which lie undertakes and fails
to cure.
51I3IE-A;E ME..
There are many at the nge of thirty to sixty
who are trouble 1 with too frequent evacuatiora
of the bladder, oten a :o .ui.mie 1 by a H'iuht
sm irtinjj or burning sensation and a weaken
ing of the system iu a nwnner the pntient' can
not account for. 0:1 exami-iins (he urinary de
limits a ropy sediment will o ten be found, and
.ometinips small particles of albumen will ap
pear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue
asrain changing; to a d.iik and torid anjie-ir
auce. '1 here are many men who die o? this
difficulty, ijmorant of the cai.-.-", which is the
second stae of seminal weakness. lr. S. wilt
irantee a ner'ect cure in all su.di cases, and
a healthy reiteration of the genito-urinary
Offi-'fl Hours 10 to 4 and 6 to 8. Sunday
from 10 to 11 a. nr. Consultations free. Thor
ough ex.'.m;uatioa and advice 5.
Call or address
r2.. arirM:v a co.,
wantr itjjn7-tf. No. 11 Kearny at., San Francisco
Dl S i Lii
TTimiinTFIFfi h
17 to 4-1 Main Street.
Kutabushed 1S53. .
:$UU- '; .JU Sri. JiU
a tk:ai cf these wii.1. vox-
iiiiM aid mm t
rmtliiEB Lead Eullior. Eigliest Price FaM for BOLD,
mm and Leal Ores.
.Hi JU
Crej or Lewi Bullion, loaded in cars on line of any railroad in the States and Territories
are delivered t icorht Without (hangs cj cars.
Coji.-'fn o "C. L M.
Co , ISelrtse, Calif-rnia." -
WILISfAM P. MILLETS, General Manager.
II:cx It I or Naie.
In tlae Worlil.
They eSectually cure ma.ar'al d's
cases, v'tal'ze tas system and arrest
the lavages of tha d.cad."ul alcchol
habit, Dysotnau a.
rrFor Sale by ail rn;gista antl
Wine Merchants.
Thompson's ranch, situated about half
mile from Florence, is offered for sale.
For particulars inquire of Buekalew &
Notice of Assessment.
Notice is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the trustees of the Alamo Amarillo
Ditch Company, held on tlie 1st ehiy of
October, IdSl, an assessment of fifteen
dollars per share was levied upon the cap
ital sfock of said company, p;iyibl emiine
diate'y to the Secretary. Any stock upon
which said assessment shall remain un
paid November lst,18Sl, will be deemed
delinquent and du.y advertised feir sale i t
public auction, and unless payment shall
be made before, will besold Wednesday, the
30th day of November, 1881", to pay the
delinquent assessment, together with
costs of advertising and expenses of sale.
II. B. Summers, Sec'y;
Geo. W. Gibbs & Co.
1EJU.ER3 lit
31 to 41 Fremont street, and 2 to 40 Bl
Street, " .
San Francisco, Cah

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