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mar ,
TIio Staurg a ol lta urerj and How
to 'I TTRt It.
Fmiu the New Vork Times.
Besi.lo the cliuraot.-r common to the
group known as exantlionmtii, scarlatina
is almost always utteuded by sore throat,
huiI the soitrlot riinh or eiuj tian, which
f;ive the name to the disease, breaks
out as early n the socon J day uftor the
.ilpnrnnc! ol tho fever, and ends on tho
wxth or deveuth day in the separation ol
the eutielo. Xt nrl.y all intJicnl writers
niontiou threes vnrioties of tho disease
scarlatina simplex, in which scarcely any
throat trouble attends tho fever anil the
rash ; scarletina anginoho, in which
throat trouble is more prominent than iu
either of tho other alt'wt;onn, and scar
latina nm.'if tia, in which tho system is
Immediately overborne by the violence
of the disorder, aud tho patient exhibits
treat weakness aud lo;s of vitality.
The disppso begins with chilliness, lati
tude., he ;d:K'he, rapid pulse, dry, hot
akin, flushed face, loss of appetite and
fnrn'd tongue. Pr. siutly the throat
feels irritated, grows rid, and ia often
fwoilen. Tim email points of tho rash
so inorua.se that tho skin soon seems al
mtt uuiforuily red, extending from the
tiu'e, nick and bn.iut to the trunk and
extremities. rihe separation of the
cuticle iu the scales umuIIj
nils iu a fortnight or mora
from tho declaration of the disteaiper.
The fever continue with tlie rottli ; is
.metiiutis a-j. omj uuiod with delirium,
even coma. I.i the maligijfuit, or Hunt
f inn, the riwli conies out Into ami piir
tijtllv, beinjj at times barely perceptible.
At other tiiue it may abruptly recede,
or bo mingled witii livid epots. The
skin is coid, with feeble pulse and ex
treme prestation, and drain niny occur
frequently from bloud-pcisoniiig in a
few hours. In such esses liie tongue is
dry, brown, tremulous ; the throat is
livid, swollen, uicrutod, gangrenous;
breulhing ). iajpe.lert by viscid mucus
that collects about the fauv", end medi
cine avails little. Even in scarlatina
unginoMu tliere is con.sidero.lile danger.
It may prove .fatal irom the inflamma
tion or fh'usion within the head, or from
diaorgsuiitrttion of the tnroat aud slough
ing olT of adjacent parts. Teeming
women are iu imminent pord from the
mildest phase of the fever. When it
seems to be cured its consequences are
hazardous. Children, to whom it is main
ly con fined, of course, are subject after
a severe attack to permanent ill-health,
and to some of the many forms
of chronio scrofula, as shown by boils,
sores behind the earn, inflammation of
the eyes, glandular swellings, and stru
mous ulcers. Scarlatina is oltcn followed
by a peculiar dropsy, afl'ecting the sub
cutaneous cellular tissues and larger
serous cavities. It occurs, like all the
exanthemata, as an epidemic some
times in Tory virulent type. In the
Rim pie variety, remaining within doors,
non-stimulating diet and regulation of
tlie bowels are generally fouud suflicient.
Iu the second variety, leeches are often
employed, especially where delirium
supervenes. The two principal sources
Oi dimmer in the malignant variety are
from the primary effect ot the contagious
poison upon the body and from gangre
nous ulceration of the throat. The tlnaj
r-'sult is always uncertain. Whether it
is contagions throughout its course, or
at one period alone, has never beeu as
certained ; bnt that the power of con
tagion rt mains in clothing, furniture,
tto., is nnquebtioneJ and unquestion
able. Old People's Unconscious Joke-.
Long life and oi l hnlnt create an
amusing self-oblivion whn comparinou
witn otnt rs is suggested. It is some-
thing like the inebriate's phantasy which
'tuKkiis uiui cnange places wit ti the world.
Hjsd think every inuu drunk but himself
or like the simple nnconspiousness (.1
tbe old English servant, who, when hi.
i8tr, meaning to discharge him, tolc"
bun, " Wo must part, John," asked,
" Wlsere do ye propose goin' to, sir ? " .
Tiia old story of Thttd Slovens spying
to tlie stout young men who used to
"rry him in his chair to tlie House of
L-prraentativea : " Well, boys, who will
- iurjt mo when you are gone ? is older
tha Stevens, however original it might
have been with him.
An old gentleman, 70 years old, once
remarked : " I tnka pains with my writ
ing, so that when I ivm old I shall be
ablu to rend it."
Another, o;;ad 77, at the head of a
Lirge publiihing-honse? on being remon
strated with for working so hard, au
nwervd : "Id n't feel it now, but I ex
. pert I shall iu after life."
The youngest daughter, of 72 years,
having died, one of her parent, who was
100 years old, remarked : "I always told
thee, John, we should never rear that
8nioido is a crime under the laws of
nearly all civilized countries. This
legislation, howver, ia relatively mod
ern. It used to be considered the cor
rect thing for a man to kill himself if he
o df.irei Tho impression that it ia
wicked did not prevail among the an
cients. And, iu fact, the Bible says
nothing about suicide. The Old Testa
ment and the New Testament alike are
dumb, anil nothing is found concerning
it in the Oriuntal theolosi8 or in the
j (,oftu codes. The old philosophers re
u iecd the matter to a question of op
portunism. Cicero thought that "the
tr i wise man ought to pusn w;th pleas-nr-i
from tho.0 shades tocelestud bright
ness" whenever he feit like it ; and Sen-cc-i
uid : " If 1 sutler from diseaso, 1
should not kill myself to escape from
psin, lor that would le an act of coward
' ice, but if I perceive that my disease ia
incurable, I should end my life, because
the disease would deprive me of all
which can render life worth having. It
is eowwmy to aie to escape Buttering.
It is stupid to live in order to auffor."
Sliicli-.V'eded liefiii'tlon.
"What is a cold?" asks Chumb'W
Journal. Well, sir, supposing you le
rin by sneezing so hard you neur'y
break your nock and bite your tongue
terribly. Then your noso gets stuffed
up and yon need aliout fourteen hand
kerchiefs a day and the end of v our nose
get more tender than a boil. And your
eyes aeho aud are watery and yoit begin
to eolith so the folks ocross the way
can't sleep; and you feel lame all over,
as though you had been mi ler a lire
engine, and you're uly aad kick the
ig and clirn-e tho eat with a ljoot-jack,
tell your wife she can't ek and make
the household a gelu nna for ten days
Then you've ut a cold. flosfon Font.
A fciu;iU) Apparatn.1.
An ingenious Frenehnisn Las invented
pimpio appai-a'aiB for the use of bathers
who cauuot swim. Inflated India-rubber
bags support th swinmier, and en
able him to sit upright with head and
shoulders above water, so that he enn
projiel hiniHi If. The principal novelty
of this coutrivouce lies in the propelling:
device, which is constructed so as to
collapse when pulled for word, and to
spread open when pushed baek. like a
nuck's foot when swimming. The pro
pellers nre suspended by chains orcorda
attached te bnovirr iqelcet.
Thb wish often falls warm upon
heart that I may learn nothing her
that I cannot continue in the othe
world; that I may do nothing hero bu
,V"dH that wii! tv iir fre.it in heaven.
Teaching Him the Business.
" Harman," said a Foydras street mer
chant clothier, addressing his clerk,
"haf ve sold all of dsse overgoats vat
vas left over from last vinter
" No, sir ; dore vas dree of dem left
" Veil, ve must sell 'em right may, as
de vinter vill not last, you know, Hor
mnn. Pring me one uf do goats uud I
vill show you Mmedings about de pis
nes3. I vill dell you how ve vdl sell
dem oud, uud you must learn de pisness,
Herman ; de vintor vas gone, you know,
und ve hav had doso gouts in de store
more en seex years."
An $8 overcoat was handed him by
his clerk, and, smoothing it out, he took
a buukskiu money-purse from the show
case, and, stuUing it full of paper,
dropped it into one of the pockets.
" Now, Herman, my boy," he contin
ued, "vateh mo sell dat goat. I hat
sold over dirty-fife nv -dem shust de
same vay, and I vant to deaoh you de
pisness. Veu da nexd gustomer Cornea
in de shop, I vill show you de vay Rube
Hoffeubteiu, mine broder in Detroit, sells
his clod Lug and udder dings."
A few minutes later a negro, in quest
of a suitable pa r of cheap shoes, entered
the store. Tho proprietor advanced
smiling and inquired :
" Vat is it you vish ? "
" Yer got any cheap shoes hyar ? " in
quired the negro.
" Blenty uf dem, my frent blenty ;
at any price you vaut."
Tho negro sUted that he wanted a
pair of brogans, aud Boon his pedal ex
tremities were inci sed in thrin and a
bargain struck. As he was about to
leave the proprietor called him back.
" I ain't gviue ter buy nntiiu el-e ; I's
got all I want," said the uegi-o, su leuiy.
"Dot may be so, my utar bir," re
plied the proprietor, " but 1 shust vante
you to look at di gi at. It was de pure
Russian vool, and din dime hist year you
doan got dot sau.e goat for $23. M ne
grauious, ch. thing vas gone down to
uoding and dro va- no iuo.iey iu de pis
neas any longer. You vaat ftomediu
dot will keejj you hvm do vedler, und
make yoa Icel va m as bummer dime
De gonsumption vas toing rund, uud
da doctors dell me it vas lie Vi dder.
More den nine btohles uied round veiv
I Uf la.t week. Dink of dot. Mm
frent, dat govit vas Russian vool, dick
and hevy. Vy, Mistier Jo:ie.s, wii.i
owns de pank on Canal btreed, took dm
goat home niit Him yesterday, und vole
it all day ; but it vis a luedle dighi
agroas de shoulders und he brought it
pack shnst a vde aj;o. Dry it on, m,
dear sir. Ah ! dot vos dl right. Misdei
Jones vas a rich man and lie lined do
goat. How deep de pockets vas,. but i
was a leedle dij;ht agross de shouldeis.'
The negro buttoned up the coat,
thrust his hands in tho pockets and tele
the purse. A peaceiul smiie played
over his face h n his touch disclosed
to bia mind the contents of tlie pockets,
but he choked down his joy aud in
" Who did you say wore this hyar
" Vy, Misder Jones vot owns de pank
on Canal s treed."
" What ver gwine to ax fur it ? "
"Dwendy dollars."
" Dat's pow'ful high price fur di' coat,
" Herman, here, wrap up dis ot fur
de schentleman and drow in a cravat ;
it vill make him look nice nut de la
dies. "
' Nobber mind, I'll keep de coat on,''
replied the negro, and, pulling out a
roll of money, he paid lor it aud kit tlie
While he was around the next corner
moaning over the stuffed purse, Hofien
stein toid to his clerlu
' Herman, tix up anndder von of dose
goats de same vay, und doan forgot lo
dell dom dot Misder Jones vot tuns de
pank on Canal street vore it yesterday"
New Orleans Timet
The Formation of Coal.
In the swamps and bayous of the moist
regions of the South pure vegetable mat
ter, having the appearance and proper
ties of peat, may often be found in the
very act of accumulation. It frequently
occurs in immense beds, and it requires
no trained observation to see that, in ad
dition to the remains of the ordinary low
marsh plants, it is made up of the ruins
and refuse of swamp-loving forest trees.
Now, all about the flanks and spurs of
the Rocky mountains, with greater or
less intervals, from New Mexico to fur
beyond the northern limits of the United
States, there aro found beds of coal of
peculiar (u ilily. This coal is covered up
with hardened mud containing Bhella and
bones ot aquatic animals, and everything
about it suggests that tho cool-making
material was somehow sunk beneath the
waters of un old lake, and was buried un
der the gradually-increasing bed of mud
with which the old lake-basin yas fiualh
tilled. But the point cf interest is this :
that in many places the Rocky mountain
coal has reached a stiigo of decompositi 'U
not so very allien in advance of the hu
mus and peat of enr modern swamps and
bnyous. We might, indoed, hesitate
about calling some portions of it coal ai
ill for the oiij;iual structure is nlmos'
perfectly preserved yet it must be ad
mitted that for tho mc;st part the decom
position has advanced far enough to pro
duce an article tha deservedly ranks as
coal. In the lisht of what may be ob
served going on in every favorably situ .
ated swamp to dny, the source of t!i
material and the method of aconmntatioi.
of tho Rocky rnnuLtiiin coal can bardh
be doubtf'd. I need n- t weary you l.
leading you step by step through all th
Iniowii coal fields that illustrate the dii
t-rent stages in tho process of coal for
ication. It will le t-ufileiwit to say thai
: perfect gradnntion rony be traced iron
'lie lignite, as it is c.dhid, of the P.ockv
e.ouu'aiiis to tho pv.rtraud moro perfect
oal of the Mir-sisiippi valley ; and so
i-von fefting a.iide the internal evidence
ifonrlowu cel, we are compelled to
i-lieve that it is sin.p'y one of the tonus
if the same series t which the lignite
end the peat belo'i, and tiiat the initial
term of thi'.t a-ries is t" lie looked lor in
live living vegetation cf modern mural,
and forest. A'. &. Calvin, in 1'vpulur
Otir Size.
The New York Herald publishes an
interostiug outline map of the United
States on which tlie areas of the differ
ent European 'states are laid out, sug
gesting at onco to Ihe eye tho relative
size of this country aud the countries of
the Old World lying west of Russia and
Turkey. Engl end is as large as New
Brunswick, Scotland as Nova Scotia, New
foundland as Ireland. France stretches
from the northern boundary of Maine to
the western boundary of Ohio, and to
the southern boundary of Pennsylvania.
Germany con Id be got into the space
lying between the southern boundary of
Pennsylvania und New Jersey, the At
lantic, the Ohio river, tho Mississippi
river, and tho northern boundarv tf
Georgia and South Carolina. Spain is
equal in area to south Carolina, Ueor
gia, Alabama and Louisiana. Italy rev
sembles Florida, both hi size and shape.
Austria would embrace Lake Michigan
and tho four SUtes between the lakes
nd the Mississippi river Michigan,
Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. So that
he area of the United States east of tho
Mississippi, or about three-eighths of the
total area, is equal to the slates of ha
rope, excluding Russia and Turkey.
'Twist women and wine, man's lot is
to smal t ; the wine makes his head
aeh, and women his hrart, OtJ rhymi.
The Story of a Veteran.
In a fashionable saloon on Kearny
street, two distinguished- looking militia
men were recounting their numerous
campaigns at Sacramento and San Bru
no, when a man with one sleeve of his
coat empty lounged up to the bar. As
he did so he touched the elbow of one
of the bullion-bound warriors, and at
once apologized to the tierce military
glare fastened on him.
" Beg pardon," said he, " but Tm al
ways kind of careless wnen any of the
boys in blue are 'round. I used to be
one nivseif."
The warriors in blue and gold did not
eleign to respond, but the stranger was
uot on the alert for any obvious slights.
" I lost this arm," he continued, "at
Vicksburg. Aud this ough," he add
ed, as he sho. k on a spasm, " I got in
the same place."
" Rathef a poor recompense, wasn't
it?" askeel one of the militiamen.
"Couldn't you get anything better?'
' Yes," said the wr ck of humanity,
with a touch of genuiue. pride, "I got
ihis, too," and he threw back the lapel
of his insty coat to exhibit a small
As he nuclasped it ,wid handed it over
for inspection, he saiel: " I got it for
i icing tha be'st-elressed soldi, r inth
Thirt enth Army C rps at Miiliken's
Ueud, b-fore tho capture of Vicksbmg.
Wo had been slashing aro ind VicKsbur
a whoie month, aud, for a change, had
gone up the White river aud taken Ar
kansas Post, with 5,000 rebs. When we
got back to Vicksburg again we were a
pretty tough-looking erowd. We were
stationed in swampy timber ground that
every shower u.-eu to make a s.'ough of,
and the tellows were mud all over. The
lay b fore Or nt took command at Mil
uken's Bend we had orders to fix up for
he occasion, aud it was given out that
e best-dresed man in a-b. regiment
w ald get a medal. We all went to
.vora scrubbing aud polishing, but it
.vas no use. A fel ow cojildn't rub the
mud out of his clothes, and, it he; wadn d
it out, the minute tiiey got half dry they
.ooked as bad as ever. Most of tne fel
lows gave it up for a bad job, but I'd
made up my mind I was going to get
the med.d. I had a prot y good ini
foi m, and after I'd sewed it up on the
e bows and tuck-d the skirt of the coat
up it looked good enough, only for the
uiud. It was about as good as any
other uniform in the corps, but, ot
course, that wouldn't amount to nothing;
I winted it to be bcttdr. What do you
ehink I did ? "
' Bought a new one, I suppose," said
tho barkeeper.
The veteran smiled. "I went down
and stcod up to my chin in the Yazoo
for an hour before parade, I'd bur
nished up all the buttons and blackened
iny shoes with a peoe of burned leather
aud pork fat, and when I walked up with
my wet suit I ju.t paralyzed the crowd.
I looked as it I d come out of a bandbox
when I stuck ou my shoes and cap aud
threw my musket over my shoulder."
" Aud you got the medal?'' said one
of the militiamen, handing back the
' Yes, T got it, and more, too. I got
the rheumatism and pneumonia. It was
iu January, you know, and it set in to
blow from the west, and belore the pa
rade was over I was most froze to death.
To finish me, the Colonel was so tickled
with my appearance that I was detailed
i-r orderly duty at headquarters, and
inul to march around for four hours, un
til tha icicles w. re hanging out of my
elbows and coat-tails; and do you know
what Grant, said after tha parade?"
" What?"
" He remarked, - w ith considerable
locling, 'it's a long time between
The barkeeper shovcel three glasses
ver the mahogany, and the militiamen
ijoth pat their hmids in their pockets to
" Yes, gentlemen," said the veteran,
is he wipod his grizzly mustache on his
coat sleeve and edged toward the door.
"I got tho medal, and don't you forget
"1 shouldn't wonder," said the bar
1 et per, a., the veteran flitted through tiie
-.ooiway, "if that fellow isn't au eight
. en-euriit fraud and lost his arm in a
i aw-ruill."
"You do him an ir.justics, I assure
ou," said a thoughtful bat dilapidated
person, Denoting over uio mutu-' -oeiui.ee.
' I recognize him as au individual who
had a limn shot off in Virginia City
while robbing a wood pile." Sun Fran
l iaco Chronicle.
Weai era i.lie.
With only a team aud a few dollars
iheeuiigiaut determines to make him
self a home iu the wilds of the West.
His first care is to build a sod-houso. as
he must have a shelter. That done.
ibout the midelle of May he commences
.'reakiug piairie, and, if he has a good
lorse-team, succeeds in getting from
-brty to sixty acres broken by the mid-
ie ol June. A few acres of the first
i peaking are usually planted with corn,
h-opped into a cut made through the
'd with an ax, which incision is closed
tAxn by tho foot of the planter. This
anuot be cultivated, and is wholly at
ne mercy of the season. Half the time
. is a failure, but of a favorable season
yields twenty or thirty bushels to the
acre. Melons, pumpkins and squashes
u udily do well cn sod, and turnips sown
.u mid-uuinicr seldom fail. In the fab
e "back-sets" his ground with his
.-caking plow, taking au inch or so of
round iroin below the spring breaking,
i'iie ground should not be pt.iweJ deepLir
.iiQu it is thoroughly rotted. The ground
i now ready tor t ie crop, and his wheat
is sown the last of February, or in
.Vlme-h. Ue has plenty of work to do,
a-'id hard work at that. No chance to
make money e-capts him. Tho nisi
ear or two is almoct invariably one ol
inrdships and pnvatien for the average
ouiesteadtS". The weak or shiltleaa
nes usually give way in .tespair and
urn eastward. The resolute one-, etsy,
i d soon have colli .or cable homes. But
.o young man thoidd go West unless he
.-. prepared to work hard in the face ot
many dirhouhios.
A Strange Accumulation.
Thomas Dick puts the hoarding of
wealth in this striking way :
Suppose a man could lay up a stock of
clothes aud provisions sufficient to last
mm tor 300 years, whit would it avail
him, since ho can live at most but from
seventy to 100 years? Suppose he laid
up in a stoic-house 70,000 pans of sin es,
to what end would it serve, if he cou.d
make use, during his whole life, of only
the one-hundredth part of them? Ho
would be iu the same condition as a man
who had 100 dishes placed before
him at dinner, but who could partake of
only one ; or of a person who had 100
mansions purchased for his residence,
but could occupy only one. How ridicu
lous it would appear if all that could bo
said of a man while yet he lived was
Biniply this that his whole life had been
spent in collecting and laying up in a
storehouse C0,0j0 mahogany chairs
which were never iuteneled to be used
for the furniture of apartments, or 70,
000 pairs of trousers which were uever
to be worn ! Aud where is the elifference,
in point of rationality and utility, be
tween such absurd practices and hoard
ing thousands of guineas and bank notes
which ure never brought forth for the
oeuetit of mankind. There ia no conduct
connected with the pursuits of human
.icings th. t fppeais more absurd t nan
inch praciicea (however common) if ex-
mined by the elietat s of reason.
Thk old buso-burner A mother's slipper.
The Cat.
Cat?; are curious cattle. They are sel
dsh. They are grasping. When the at
tributes were parceled out among the
animals, the catgut tlie gilt of music.
She got it by violins.
No one knows where cats come from,
tint since the fashion of seal sacqnes
eme in everybody knows where most of
ihern go to. But this is kept a profound
ecret among the owners of seal gar
oients. They set tho seal of secrecy up
on it. Purr-haps the.v ore wise.
The cat has nine lives that is to say
ho lives nine times longer than she
This suggests a problem, which lovers
t mathematics there are those, alas !
who love them can puzzlo over.
If it take nine tailors to make oue live
man, and nine lives to make one cat,
what does a catamount to? (Corre
spondents sending answers will please
inclose a 3-cent stump, not for publica
tion, bnt for the use of the compiler of
this authentic h story.)
The cat is not suoject to tuc. Efforts
have been made to insert a clause iu thr
Dog law to include cats, but thus far
the cats have inserted their own claws.
Not only elo they escape tax, but the
taxidermist also. They do their own
stn fling.
At the time of the flood Father Noah
endeavored to keep tha cat out of the
ark, but the cat got her back up auo
passed iu under the guise of a camel.
Until very recently, every ship ha
since that lime carried a at.
Many stories ar told of the seafarin;
cat, includiug uiue taiis, which are oft n
Iu Egypt cats were regarded t saorccl
animals. To kill one was an offense pun
ishable with deatle.
The cut remembers this, and to this
day takes a fences ou the slightest provo
cation. '
Formerly, when a cat died, all the in
mates of tlie house went into niourniui
Now the household go.out into the hi 1
and eroct bcotjuoks to its memory. T
doa't wait till morning.
Tha Egyptians wivhij-el a cat-hi a
deity, anet mariners, who eing t
superstitious, sti.l set up oat-heaas .
their ships.
The Egyptian cat liveel in a dark ago :
the modern cat closes her existence in u
Catesk ins were a favorite dress-trimming
in the middle ages, whence arose
the provor that a skinned cat is better
than it looks.
The cat's kin are now exclusively used
as a trimming for back fences.
A catkin is a young cat, and is great
on the spriug. In tuo spring she may
be seen among tho topmost branches e.1
the willows.
Cats were introduced into England
from the Island of Cyprus. They are
not found in the cypress now ; only on
In ancient Wales a cat fetched the
same price fs a calf. Her modern wails
now frequently -fetch a whole oowhide in
the shape of boot leather.
Cats are Baptists by profession, but
thoe who indulge their predilections
during early kittenhood seldom survive.
Cats are very mi:wsicaL They are all
base singers. The nocturne ia their fa
vorite composition.
Nox is their especial deity. Knocks
J ways accompany their concerts.
Cats do not open their eyes until 9
days old. Do they ever close them
again ? Neiu. Throw a boot-jack at a
sleeping cat and you will be convinced
of this.
Cats are supposed to be accomplices
of witches, vdiich is probably because
they love the darkness rather than light.
It is said that cats are cleverer than
dogs and more easily trained. They
are great pedestrians, and can make
more laps in a given time than any other
They are generally healthy, notwith
standing we hear of " the cat ill upon a
thousand hills."
A great many more things might be
said about the cat
But silent be, it is the cat ! Boston
7'r adscript
Interviewing has reached its lowest
depth when we find newspaper reporters
dancing attendance on a cat's-meat man.
Yet this is what ha3 happened in Amer- "
ica, and we are compelled to confess
that the reporter found the purveyor of
skewered victuals far more interesting
than most of the notabilities who are
interviewed on the public behalf. The
particular "cat-man." was indeed some- j
what of a hero one of the self-made i
men of whom cities are so proud when
they die. It appears that when he be
gan catering for pussy he -went his
rounds himself, but he has now grown so
prosperous that 'oxa ast-istauts cuny his
baskets for him. His cat customers do
not heed the change, for they remark
only the quality of the meat purveyed
and not the quality cf tlie purveyor.
Left to themselves, the animals, though
having the run of large warehouses,
would starve, fur Ameiican ruts and
mice will not remain m diy-goods storesr
which are lean livings, so long as they
have choice of fatterincumbduc.es; but,
mice or no mice, the cat ia an institution,
and so the "cat man " drives a thriving
trade. A wicked rival tiied to ruin our
hero by han king fish instead of meat,
and pretending to pussy's owneis that,
as fish contained much phosphorus, and
phosphorus m de brains, no one could
expect to have a really smart cat that
was not fed upyu fish. But the " Cat
man " promptly checkmated his rival by
distributing a liaiulljiil to the effect ihut
fish made cms niaugj, whereas meat
gave them sleek and glos.-y coats. As
proved in the eque.l, the New l'orkrr.
prefer fut cats to smart ones, and the
fish fellow h d no chuucu ng mat Lis an
tagonist. Loiidon Tcleyrajjh.
Sheep that Dive from Cliffs.
John Muir, tne naturaliit of the Sier
ra, writing of tne wild oiie..-p of tlie Sier
ra and of their wi-it-auttieutiouted habit
of diving from precipices aud alighting
on their )i ins, relates tne following an
ecdote :
"At the base of Sheep reck, one of
the winter strongholds ot the Shasta
flocks, there lives a btockraiser who has
tlie advantage of observing the move
ments ot wnd sheep every waiter, aud,
in the course of conv roariou wicii him
on the subject of th, ir diving habits, he
pointed to tho front of a lava headiaUu
about 150 feet hign, which is only 8 or
10 degrees out ot the perpendicular.
' There,' said he, ' I followed a band ol
them fellows to the back of that rock
yonder, and expected to capture them
all, for I thought I had a dead thing on
them. I got behind them on a narrow
bench that runs along the lace 01 un
wall near the t p, and comes to an et d
where they couldn't get away withoui
falling and being killed ; but they
jumped olf, aud lauded all rigut, as if
that were the r. gular thing with thrm.'
' What ! ' said I, ' jumped loO ftet I
Did yon see them do it ? '
" ' No,' he replied, ' I didn't see them
going down, for I was behind them ; hi:
I saw them go off over the Lir.uk, anu
then I went below .uid found then
tracks v here theysuuck on the loot,
debris at the bottom. They sailt-d nghi
off, and lauded on their feet right slue
up. That's the kind of unimai they is
beat- anything else that go-s on loin
legs.'" Teachbr, to boy who has tu be cor
rected frequently: "Can you teil me
-.hero Blue Bi.ltre is?' B..y (nibbing
his shoulder); "No; but I can ted ym
where the black and blue lidie is." He
is treated more vigorously than evei
Notice to Taxpayers.
The Territorial and County taxes for
the year 1881 are now elue and payable at
the Sheriff's office, at the court house, in
this city, from 9 a. in. to 12 m., and 1 to
5 p. ni. Taxes will be delinquent on and
after Monday, December 10. b, at 0
o'clock, p. m. , and unless paid before that
time the usual 5 per cent and costs will
be added. J. P. Gabrhl,
Tax Collector.
arber Shop
Mais Street, Florikce, A. T.
At this establishment you can get first
class work at moderate prices.
Only the best quality of hair oils and per
fumeries used. Razors always sharp.
SAM. EC STICK, Proprietor.
Siiii, Lucy & Co.
Manufacturers of all stjles of
405 FROirr Street,
the beet iu this marLtt, Is
Pressed and wrapped, 100 bare 75 lbs.
Presstd and wrapped, 48 bars, 36 lbs.
Pressed and wrapped, 24 bars 18 lbs.
Plain unwrapptd, 40 bars 26 lbs.
FUin unwrapped. 20 bars 18 lbs.
uSI We!ht, Purity and Desirabii
ily Corrnined.
Mtney & Hasten,
Cfoi)DHio fJfetcc7ci it$
22 and 24 FREMONT ST.,
v srni: li ni: for mPEi'SiA
Re;ul Physicians Certificate on Back of
Sold Everywhere.
Arpad Haraszthy & Co.;
530 Wushiugioii Street.
In the District Court of .the First Ju
dicial District of the Territory of Arizona
in and for the County of Pinal.
James L. Robinson,
vs. 1 laintili
Eliza F. Robinson, f
Defendant. )
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting
to Eliza F. Robinson, defendant:
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brouj lit arainst you by the
above named plaintiff in the District
Court, of the First Judicial District, of
th Territory of Arizona, in and for tlie
County of Pinal, and to answer the com
plaint filed therein in said County of Pi
nal, iu the ofiice of the Clerk of said Dis
trict Court, at Florence, within twenty
days, (exclusive of the day of service)
after the service on you of this Summons,
if served within this County; or if served
out of this County, but within this District
then within thirty days; otherwise, within
forty days; or judgment by default will be
taken against you according to the prayer
of the complaint.
The said action is brought to obtain a
decree "of this Court dissolving the bonds
of matrimony existing between plaintiff
and defendant herein and for other and
further relief as will more fully appear in
the certified copy of complaint accom
panying herewith.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded therein.
Given under hand, and the
seal. seal of said Court, this the
27th day of August, A. D.,
Jno. J. Devinr, Clerk.
By V. j:. I. Griffin, Deputy.
Territory of Arizona,
County of Pinal. f ss"
I, Jno. J. Devine, Clerk of the District
Court, of the First Judicial District, of
the Territory of Arizona, in and for ihe
County of Pinal, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing is a full, true and
correct copy of the original summons is
sued in the above entitled tuition as the
same appears of tile in my office.
Attest my hand and the seal
seal. of said Court, this the 2d
day of September, A. D.,
Jno. J. Devine, Clerk.
By Wm. D. G'biffin, Deputy.
Family Soaps!
-a i. w - i
Globe, A.T.
Nalioi al Svp ai:rt I eatticr Pnk, New York City.
Ta!:k , f Califrrria, Far. Franrimo, Cat.
Vers, F; rs-o & ji ., fc'an Frai, Cisco. Oal.
f-'aflcr. Hurti-oi & Co.. Tucson. Arizona.
e Gallic is
$ie Pioneer
is the cnlyToiuder con
sisting of nothing but
Grape CreaniSariar
SAiJ rn'TMjco.
J. SUTER, Prop.,
A carefully sekcted stock of
Kept constantly on' hand
Ordi-.rs fn m country stores promptly
fihed. .-pedal attention paid to jobbing.
Patent, Kov. 11,1879, i' t7
Patent V a ,c i-H--i--
Medical EleotrisitT ; c
rwf Gf7"!ir First Prnimn ,"aU ialr.
rL,;";,.,'? ?u '-s'wim iwu,
... .i?S e!7 hiit medicins-RheumitUm. Pa.
F&i rEST K'dne' tis"s- Impwency. Rupture.
V iff Nmoajnm. DSpCi,s!a,SpuiaDUeisS
IM. a n m -lv u5CS.. A1SO,
: HtPJBffB B Kittil? or cured. Send for UlustTALOd
; SJVS WBESb catalogrue.Hundredsofcure,
-wj.. kwh SUiiSCU ViaJa
Ecii-buig, SUaiid. J
i Lo-idun, ELg aud.
Miller I Richards,
Scotch Type,
Printing: Material.
rhe Ooilgre!!, "eor'ess I Sabsosk
A. V. KTOt'T.
Jfcvp York.
i. 1
my customers and patrons that T am
stili at my old Stand in this place. I
manufacture the
Finest Beer
Gallon, Bottle,
OE aiiASS.
Bottled Beer
A Specialty.
A Finer Article not Fotnd in the
Territory. i
Beer Forwarded to
Also keep in my Saloon, connected with
my Brewery,
Choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
I ALSO keep a
A Pigeon Hols and BagatslI Table
florence. arizona.
Job Ytork, Fittiko ash Repairing
Stores and Dwellings.
fi'J.T I propose soon to keepon handa supply
of Furniture fcuitahle for this market.
Furniture Repaired, Saw-Filing a
Coffins made to order at short notice,
and always on hand.
P. Liesenfeid,
manltacturre, established 1856, sole
Agent for the Only
Patent Steel Plate Cushion !
The Most Elegant Stock op Billiard
and Pool Tables on the
Pacific Coast.
HE anufactur er of Bill'ard, Pool and
Bagatelle Table and Assignee
for the X'.tentee of tne
New Patent Fool Attaclimeiit,
On account of removing to my new quar
ters, and the savin;.- of rent the prop
erty beinr-r my own I will now
sell Miods '20 less than any
other house on the Pa
cific Coast.
945 Foisorn Streets, Near 6th.
Ke&teo Cqnutjt Gib Bist, Keatnoky,
Special Notice.
Bnckalew & Ochoa,"" special
Agents for Final andGila Coun
The above whisl fast supercedir.e
all other whiskeys I the Coast for its
fine flavor 'and pu- recommended hy
the moat prominent Vicians for medic
inal and family stimuA Try it and be
ThB Great English Kerned?
Ib a neveasf ailina Cure
for Ns"" Denilitr,
Exhu Vitality,
Semi n Weedra-g f
all the terlVs effects
of Self-Ab
ful follies, a
es in mature
such an .Loss oi Memory, Lassitude, ?
Emission, Aversion to Bocietv. Dii
Vieion, Noises in the head: the vital fluid pass
ing unobserved in the urine, and many other'
diseases that lead to inssnitv and death. 1
DR. MINTIE who is a regular phr
(trraduate of the University of Penn) will 1
to forfeit Iive Hckdbkd Dollars for a
of this kind the VITAL RESTORATIV
(under his special advice and treatmeV
will not cure, or for anything impure or faj
ous lorma in re UK. M Xi JS treats all ml
vate diseases suecessfullv without nierearvi;
w.iouiiiaiiuo rx..d. morouga ea.'
animation and advice, including analvtds of.
urine, 85 00. PRICE OF VITAL RESTO
RATIVE, S3 a bottle, or four times the quan
titv. S10: sent to anv address unon reoeint nl
price or C. 0. D., secure from observation, and
in private name if desired, by A. JE. MlrTIB,
M. D.
11 Kercy Street, San Traociaeo, Cal
NEPHRETICTJM, cures all kinds of Kidney
and Bladder Complaints, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Leucorrhoea,. For sale by all druggists; CLG3"
a bottle, six bottles for 85.
are the beet and cheapest DYSPEPSIA aud
BILIOUS cure in the market. For sale by all
drusuists. .
Leading newspaper
a.OF TT1E.
Pacific Coast.
C1.K is the first psper on (be oosst in sbllttr
and in ths frhnM and reliability of its NEWS,
Nolblng that the world dsaires to knov is oaoittn
from its column, it aims to fill every requin
aient of a first-class paper.
lis Telegraphic Reports are ths latest sad most
reliable; its Local News the fullest and spiciest,
and its Editorial! from the ablest peas ia the
THE CKROKICLE ha arrays been, anil
always will be. the friend und champion of ths
people as against combinations, cliques, corpora
tioas or oppression of any kind. It will be inde
pendent in cTcxything, neutral in nothing t fs.tr
and impartial to all parties, yet exposing corrua
ston wbcrerar found, and working with fearless
endeavor to promote and protect erery Interest of
the great public whom it seme and on whom tx
Depends for its support.
CHRONICLE, including tie 6TJITDAY
EDITION, sent to any part of tne United
States, postage paid, for S 6 70 a year. "
50 cents
Postal Order or Moaer,
complete Weekly Newspaper in the World.
CDBOXirLE prints r iiiiarly 72 columns,
or eight pases, of News. Literature and General
Information, also a magninccnt Agricultural
Departmert; and GO cents will pay for it for three
months, Including postage, to any part of the
United States, or
$2 for 'One Year.
. 5 Copies, One year........... $1 60 eooh
10 Copies, One Year $1 60 each
K3- All PoiUnasten reeetve snbt
v l- jju-- 7Pt?-oti .ITS '
- r

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