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Arizona weekly enterprise. (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona Territory) 1881-1893, February 04, 1882, Image 2

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Arizona Weekly Enterprise
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Jnb Work f rrprr detn Ipllon donc-p-mit!jr
anil In tlic it bent and luott
niclc uau.'r al rcasoualilo rittm.
E. C. DIKE. 65 Mi-n-hanl' Evchangr, It
ir only aiillkorliiil ax.-nt In San Kraucit
o, California.
Kouwtl at Um Flunooi PcM-Oftiet at mcuui1)u
A family, niinied Romano and residing
near Corinth, Ky. , were poisoned on tho
28th by arsenic placed in bread. Five of
the family are dinp.-iiiwl of.
Aocormno to the Vitiztv, the suit pend
ing between the Head Center and Con
tention mining companies, of Tombstone,
has been decided in favor of tho latter.
Advke.h from Minnesota state that in
addition to the three persons who died
there recently from trichina, five more of
the seventeen affuctud are at the point of
The Territorial government is much the
cheaper, and, for the present, will sup
ply our ntseds in that direction. It is not
so good for the politician, but it is letter
for the tax-payer, and upon the latter
depends the future of Arizona. Nevada
dropped her swaddling-cloth and put on
pants in injudicious haste, and is now re
penting the overweening ambition that
prompted her to the folly. We should
avoid the mistake.
Editor Brach, of the Miner, has re
turned from Washington, and it is tobe pre
sumod that the President will now feel free
to act upon his individual judgment f?i the
distribution of political pap and patronage.
Rumors of a rebellion in the State of
Julisca, Mexico, have reached El Paso,
7krs. The rumors state that Jose A
JHoinero was fatally, and Lieut. F. Gon
ale .seriously wounded by their own
Irunkow soldier. It is about time Mex
ico wss having a revolution, if she means
to maintaiu the supremacy of record in
that direction.
Th I "cheek11 of the Chicago reporter
is excelled only hy that of the Chicago
drummer. A reportorial representative
of the Tin called upon Mi-s. Scoville
recently, and enquired if there was any
truth in the rumor that her husband was
thinking of sueinj; f ir a divorce on the
grounds of insanity. T'iks is ouo of the
instances in whick assassination would
have been justifiable.
CoNuEE-iriMAN Warnkr, of Tunnessde,
moves fr a reduction of the President's.
alary to $30,000, and proposes that the
4uturi and representatives shall nat re
ceive umr than $4,000 a year. lie's
deluded patriot, if he imagines that tht
presout congress will favor retrenchment
in that direction. He should have taken
a glance at the heads of the committees
before he broached the subject.
Tjcleoraphic continuation of Hun. F.
A. Tritlu's appouintment n3 governor of
Arizona has been received. We have no
personal knowledge- of tho gentleman's
qualifications for the position, but those
of our cotemporaries, who enjoy the
honor of his acquaintance, rate him high
in executive ability, a..d credit him with
full knowledge of the wants and ways of
our people. One thing in his favor is tho
fact that he is not a political pauper, sent
hither as was his predecessor, simply in
obedience to his party's obligation' to pro
vide him with means of support, but in
stead, is a man of means and has large
business interests here. Hence he has
the stong incentive of personal interest to
control him in the administration of the
Territorial government. This, in con
nection with the ability his friends claim
for him, gives us hope of a 'wise and eco
nomical management of our Territorial
afl'airs during his incumbency.
The Newlfork Tribune, of the 28th,
publishes the following interesting item:
''At a meeting of the directors of toe St.
Louis and San Francisco railroad yester
day, Jay Gould, Russell Sage, C. P. Hunt
ington and Leiand Stanford were elected
members of the board. Places were made
for them by the resignation of Walter L.
Frost, Allen Speare and Francis B.
Hayes, of Boston, and Oziaa Bailey, of
'White Cloud, Kan. No other chan es
were made. It is understood the Atlan
tic and Pacific will now be completed to
Muhono canyon, of the Colorado, and
there join the Southern Pacific, a plan
proposed by Huntington two years ago to
the Santa Fe people, but rejected. The
Little Rock and Fort Smith road is to be
placed with the San Francisco in the new
combination. Moat of the Boston people
retain a large portion of their interest.
It is Btated that under the terms of pur
chase of die St. Louis and S in Francisco
road, the Atlantic and Pacific will be
owned by the Southern Pacific, acting in
harmony with the Atchison, Topcka and
iuita Fo, while the the St. Louis and San
Francisco becomes the property of Gould."
All persons indebted to Buck slew 4 Ochoa
are requested to call at my office in Florence,
or on my agents at Silver King or Casa
Grande, and make prompt payment of same.
H. B. Montgomery, Assignee.
Notice of Assessment.
A dispatch from St Louis says: "J. gible for election to the Presidency for
M. Kershaw, on an order of the stalwart the term following that during which they
leaders, has struck off 330 bronze medals, held such office. The presumptive ob-
to commemorate the steady voting of the ject of this proposed amendment is to re
30G at the Chicago convention. The af- lieve the President of the temptation to
fair has been kept very secret. The med- use his position to secure a re-nomination
als are perfectly round, two and three- and election, and to prevent cabinet of-
nnnvfnra itithes ill l i am pf or ill VAp-n liar I fiipra frnm niylf.nt.iirr flmii" Intit'a in mn..
.,,,., , '. , . - ., ...... T, Pinal Consolidated Mining Company, loca-
ters of an inch thick, and weighing near- neuvering for the xresidential prize. If tion o principal place of business. San Fran
lv a. numiil A m-ntilfl nf Grmt is in the this is tlifi intention of thn amendment, ciaco. California.
center, the face twined with laurel and it would partially fail of its purpose, p;naj COQnty Arizona Territory. '
oak leaves. Outside this is a record of should it pass and be ratified. The Pres- Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of
the 30G Grant ballots in a complete cir- ident, while he could not compass his own jfjjsZ nI
cle, the number of each ballot and the re-election through the agency of his of- ty cents per share was levied upon the capital
r . nnn . o,o -.. c.:i 1.1 ;,. r....ii i siocK 01 me corporation, oavaoie unmeaiateiv
vote cast, ranging irom ouj to 010. vo .iiua. position, uouiu use it to runner tne jn United gtateB goM coin the Secretaryj ,t
the center of the inverse side is, ' Com- chances of a friend. In the same way the office of the company, room 37, Nevada
,: i ii.. o,. 1...11..1. t 4i. nu LvLj ..! u l. f 4i. : Bloek, 309 Montgomery street, San Francisco,
nieillOratlVe OI tUe OO UikliUta H WIS VJU VCUIllCU Uim-eiB tUUlU WW IU1 llieir r.0l:fnm:a in rfr-ilr iinnn mti.l. lt.Su nDUADE.
jail on the th day of
elinquent, and advertised
ion; and unless payment
sold on Monday, the 3d
day of April, 1882, to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with the costs of advertis
ing and expenses of sale. By order of the
Board of Directors.
W. W. Travlor, Secretary.
Office, Room 37, Nevada Bloek, 309 Mont
gomery street, San Francisco, California.
Attorneys at Law,
Florence, Arizona.
Guard for L lyases S. Grant for r resident, mends tor a promised return of the favor ment shall remain uni
,l TJW;,r, Vti..r,nl nnnventinti in nt. t.li nrowr llm. Tf wr.,,1,1 V,o iffl..,lt March, 1882, will be d
v I ....... t r - . for sale at public aucti
Chicago. June. 1S80.'" A medal com- to frame an amendment that would ef- is made before will be
memorative of Grant's last administration
shoulil be next in order. Let it be orna
mented with a picture of Grant puffing a
citrar and hueaine a bull-pup. Encircle
this with profiles of Belknap, Babcock,
McKee, McDonald, et als. Make the
medal square, and in one corner sketch
scenes of Black Fry day; in the opposite
corner, a view of Sau Domingo; in one of
the lower corners inscribe "Let us have
peace," and beneath this place a picture
of the troops dispersing the Louisiana
legislature at the point of the bayonet.
In the opposite comer inscribe Let no
guilty man escape," and under this place
a roll of the pardons issued to the whisky
ring. This would be a history in a nut
shell, and would "go thundering down
the ages" side by side with the medal of
the "38G."
fectually prevent the President and cab-
inet from taking a hand in the political
wire pulling.
The Chicago ZYibune is not an admirer
of our unloved and unloving department
commander, whose recent Apache cam
paign was brilliant only as a failure. If
we remember rightly the Tribune had a
Information Wanted.
Information is wanted of one Walter Smith
who left New Orleans in company with one
TClirn" fj4V 2d. 1KR7. T.ar. hflrd fnim wu
correspondent in the field during the pro- leaving Santa Fe, N. M., Oct 1st, 1867, with
a party or torty men bound for southern An
K vol's! man named Lee, while hunt
ing near Pittsburg, Pa., on tho 28th, met
two young lady friends and deliberately
shot at them, wounding both. But thej
managed to reach home and gave tht
alarm. A party went in pursuit of tht
would be murderer, and soon overtook
hi in. He made a desporate resistance and
finally blew the top of his head off in
preference to being captured. Jio mo
tive for his action is given.
A Mr. Caldwell, writing to the Cit
izen from the Meyers district, makes the
astonishing statements that the ore in the
Silver Girt can bo mined and delivered to
the mill at an expense of live cents per
.. . This is little strong for even Aincr
f jdulity. Mining correspondent?
.. (rfted to strain probabilities a trifle,
should keep within the bounds
Uities, unless thoy are competing
iut tae j aim in the matter of stupendous
The English press calls Guiteau a typ
ical American, and cites his character and
his crime as the result of an hundred
years of democratic government and soci
ety. In retort we may mention that the
landlord and tenantry system of Ireland,
with all its attendant cruelties, and thi
barbarous practice of tying prisoners of war
to the muzzle of a cannon and blowing them
into atoms, are the results of centuries of
English government and society. Tht
success of this democratic government is
a thorn in the side of Johnny Bull.
The first number of the Trescott Jor?i-
' htg Courier is on our table. It is a
neat speeimnn of newspaper typography
and shows a healthy condition as to pat-
v ronaj;e, having sixteen columns of adver
t ".enta. Its news department is marked
( t'.o qeantity, quality and variety of
i. nU'ir it contains, whilo the editorials
aiiow the trained journalist in the
style of their composition. The Courier
is a six-column folio, owned and edited by
John II. Marion, the inuuder of the first
, :y ( r publish! Jil tne Turn:
,i n 'i 1 -tii . i '
j A..1,.-- : r ; - v'5. -'Vie wetc fli.e - llti
w J
One of pur brightest Territorial ex
changes is the Florence Enterprise. We
can detect the practiced hand of Hinson
Thomas in many of its brilliant scintilla
tions. Pr-scott Democrat.
Your detective powers are at fault in
this instance, gentlemen. One week,
some months since, we left the Enter
prise in care of iiur mutual friend, Hin
on, and he did excellent work. But,
vith this single exception, he has never
written a line for this paper other than
m occasional corn 'spondence duly signed.
We conduct a paper on the close-corporation
plan, so far as the editing is con
cerned, and never adn.it to our columns,
even itt homeopathic quantities, either
local or editorial matter vritten by others.
Our life, or at least so much of it as we
nave lived, hag been spent within the
walls of printing offices, serving in the
capacity of either printer or editor, and if
this long practical training does not en
.tble us to furnish our own ''brilliant
scintillations" --such as they are we will
lay down the quill and take up the sL.ick.
i'o be editor in name only is not within
the line of our ambition. 'But notwith
standing these remarks, we are grateful
tor your appreciation of tho Enterprise,
Mr. JJemocrut.
Tue chief reliance of Scoville, in hi
motion for a new trial, is an affidavit made
by one Snyder. It is to the effect that the
deponent, while hanging around the Na
tional hotel, discovered tho door to the
room occupied by the jury standing open
and lying upon a table within the room a
' copy of the Critic. Knowing the jury
had no right to read newspapers, he
!ipped into the room and possed himself
of ti3 forbidden document. And then,
inipelleu by a desire to serve justice, he hied
aim to Scoville and presented the paper
with a statement as to the place and cir
cumstance of its capture. An examina
tion of the paper revealed tha names, of
five juryiuen on the margin writn in
mk and in their own chirography. Th;
district attorney asserts that the signa
tures, though ctrongly resembling the
genuine, have been forged, and the jurors
stoutly deny having sen the paper or
having written their names thereon. It
seems strange that the bailiff in cl large
should have left in a conspicuous plr.ee,
in an open room, such plain evidence of
criminal neglect of his sworn duty, and
further, it is a little singular .that this
ailf-aiuioiiited ciiardian of jUftice, Sr-.y-tU'.r,,iouM
a Wen on hand just.Iil
nick o time.' . , ,.;.(.
A rEW days since a man was found
sick at his residence on Congress street,
Tucson. A portion of the medical frater
nity visited him, pronounced the disease
small-pox and hung the banner of warn
ing on the "outer wall." Subsequently,
another party of M. Ds. diagnosed the
case, called it inflammatory rheumatism,
and tore from its moorings above the door
the yellow signal. Out of this conflict of
opinion and authority grew a spirited con
troversy winch resulted in the arrest ot a
duo of the disputants. In the mean
time, the patient passed "over the river,"
just as has many another poor being treated
for one disease when suffering from an
other. How the physicians could have
mistaken inflammatory rheumatism for
small-pox, or visa "versa, is a mystery.
The only similarity between the symp
toms of the two diseases is a pain in the
small of the back, and this similarity is
not misleading, for the reason that the
rheumatic pain is seriously aggravated by
any movement of the body, while the pain
accompanying the small-pox symptoms is
not. Between the general characteristics
of the diseases there is a wide and marked
distinction. The standard medical au
thorities give as the first and common
symptoms of small-pox, chills followed by
fever, with frequent pulse, hot skin, head
ache, uneasiness at the pit of the stomach,
sometimes vomiting, and intense pain in
the small of the back, with great muscu
lar weakness: sometimes wakefulness, in
other cases delirium, or even stupor; oc
casionally there is great irritation of the
stomach, excessive vomiting and even in
gres3 of that fiasco, and is familiar with
the secret history of the affair. This
knowledge is probably father to the dis
respect for tho department commander,
which is exhibited in the following curt
and' cutting comments from the Tribune,
on the arrest of .General Carr: "We
thought so. General Carr is charged
with "disrespect" to Gen. Willcox, the
commander of the department of Arizona
tho scene of the Indian war of last
summer. It was disrespectful in Gen.
Carr not to allow his command to be !
massacred. It was disrespectful in him
to come to life after he was killed in the
bulletins. Gen. Carr has been guilty of
disrespect to his competitors for promo
tion to the coveted brigadiership every
hour since his thirty years' term of ser
vice expired in not offering to retire on
half-pay. Gen. Carr has always been dis
respectful to Indians, and we fear he has
contracted a habit of general disrespect
from long custom. Evil associations cor
rupt good manners. We don't remember
to have heard by mail or telegraph that
Gen. Willcox has been near enough to a
hostile'' savage durine his service as
commander of the department of Arizona
to recognize him with the aid of a teles
cope. This leniency to savages should
teach Gen. Willcox to be a little lenient
with his subordinate, Gen. Carr. Not
having come to close quarters with the
"nasty Indian, Gen. illcox may not
realize the degree of temptation to be dis
respectful to which Gen. Carr has been
subjected. We suggest to Gen. Carr that
an easy way to touch the heart of Gen.
Willcox, and all the hearts of all the col
onels who want that brigadiership, would be
to get temporary release from the cruel
bonds of arrest and go out among the hos-
tiles and get massacred. It he will toll Gen.
Willcox just what he proposos to do, we
have no doubt the commander of the de
partment of Arizona will detail him to the
service and allow him to go alone! "
sona mines. Any information in regard to him
will be gratefully received by his parents.
Joseph Smith,
423 19th street, North Minneapolis, Minn.
Sealed proposals will be received until the
1st of March. 1882, at- the store of Messrs.
fith and Watzlavzick, Florence, A. T., for
hauling 300 tons of coke from Casa Grande to
the company's furnace at Butte, at the rate of
10 tons per day. Also for hauling ore from the
mine to said furnace at the rate of 50 tons per
day for a period of six (C) mouths. Payments
will be made monthly. - Bonds will be required
for the faithful performance of said contracts.
The company reserves the riht to reject any
ana an urns. w. a. ijensis,
44 Supt. Pinal Mining Co.
Office Jessie Benton Mining Co.,
Florence, A. T., Jan. 20, 1862. )
Notice is hereby given that a special meet
ing of the stockholders of the above company
win De hem at tne ottice ot the company, m
the town ot r lorence, I'mal county, Arizona,
on Tuesday, the 21st day of February. 1882. at
1 o'clock, p. in., when business of importance
will De laid betore them.
44 John D. Walker, President.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Notice is given to J. E. Hixson that the un
dersigned has performed the annual assessment
work amounting to $100 for the year 1881,
on the Cocktail mine, in Mineral Hill district.
final county, A. 1.. and vou are hereby noti
tied that unless yon pay your proportion of the
same, to-wit: $50, within ninety days from the
date of the publication of this notice your in
terest m said mine will be forfeited to the un
dersigned according to the law, and you will
also pay the cost of this advertisement.
W. G. Johnson.
January 7th. 1882. 41-13t
Notice is hereby given that the undersicned
owns and claims an undivided interest in cer
tain cattle branded P, and known as the
stock of the Putnam Brothers. All persons
are nereoy cautionea and warned against pur
chasing any of said cattle, as no one is author
ized to dispose ot them until my ritrhts are ad
jndicated, proceedings having been commenced
tor that purpose. W. H, Puinah.
January 20th, 1882. 42
I'ublic Spirit.
" Below we print a decision recently ren
dered at Denver, Colorado, by Justice
Miller, of the United States circuit court.
It will be of interestjo many here. The
title of the case was Orion vs. Pendery.
ihey were botn located on the same
ground, the Orion beinc the prior loca
tion, but the locators of the Pendery dis
covered mineral in place before the
Public spirit in a community is the very
soul of its existence. It is the animating
sentiment, tho active essence which moves
it forward in the path of progress. It is
the warm life blood of the power politic,
tue sustaining suustance -wuicti gives
strength, vigor and energy to all its acts.
It is the brain to conceive and the hand
to execute whatever may be necessary or
beneficial for its welfare or comfort. A
people who are devoid of this trait in their
The undersigned having been reliably in
formed that a professional mine iumoer. who
chums thirty miles square around Riverside,
final county, and all ot the ban Pedro and
Gila nvers.is attempting to sell part of the Rich
ard III and Black Eagle mines near Riverside,
Notice is hereby given to the public that the
undersigned is sole owner of said mining prop
erties and has expended one thousand dol
lars in labor on the same this past year, and
that neither said professional juniper nor any
other person has a shadow of title to them. In
support of which reference is made to rocords
of Pinal county. John Rdckelshauskn.
Florence, A. T., Jan. 20, 1882. 43
Notice or Assessment.
Florence, Arizona.
Attorney at Law,
and kotart public,
Florence, Pinal County, Arizona.
at Law. Minibo interests a
Pinal Citt, A. T.
Ewming Daily from Casa Grande via Florence, Pinal, Sfl-
m mng ana ltiversiae to liioDe,
AGENTS: John Loss, Casa Grande; A. Venton, Pinal; E. Williams, UlrerVIM
J. Vosburgh, Globe City. .-f.-
Chas. W. Tillman,
Job Wokk, Fitting akd Repaieixq
Stobes and Dwellings.
I Keep on hand a LARGE STOCK OF
WINDOW-GLASS, and all ma
terial necessary in .the con
struction of buildings.
Furniture Repaired, Saw-Fiiing a
Coffins made to order at short notice.
and always on hand.
Meat Market,
Pinal Copper Company, location of principal
place of business, San Francisco. California.
Location of works, Final county, Arizona
rtfrion la 1iiisVh7 irk-nn lifr. nf. . motiriar if
same was discovered by the locators of character, resemble an individual whose the Board of Directors, held on the '2th day of
the Orion. Justice Miller, in delivering vital functions are deceased and who has thi
the opinion of the court, said: "The dropped into a slow decline. Stagnation stock of the corporation, payable immediately
and decay is the certain end of a people
who fail to cherish and encourage this
practical virtue. Progress and prosperity,
on the other hand, attend a community
question submitted to the court is this:
Can prospectors on the public mineral do- j
main acquire any riht in which the law
will protect thein prior to the discovery
of mineral in rock in place, and, if so,
can plaintiffs, being prior locators, re
cover against defendant, who first dis
covered mineral on the ground in contro
versy ? It is the opinion of the xiourt that
inasmuch as the plaintiffs allowed the de
fendant to enter upon their claim and
within their boundaries, and there sink a
shaft in which they discovered mineral in
rock in place before a discovery by plain
tiff, and make a location thereof, without
protest, the defendants have the better
right. But the defendants might have
protected their actual possession of their
entire" claim by proper legal proceedings,
in United States gold coin, to the Secretary,
at the otfi?e of the company, Xo. 840 Fourth
street, San Francisco, California. Any stock
upon which this assessment shall remain un
paid on the twentieth day of r ebruary. lbbH,
will be delinquent, and advertised for sale at
wno realize mat tne wona moves. e
are glad to see the leaven of this spirit
abroad in. Prescott and Northern Ari
zona. On its cultivation largely depends
our future. While it is no doubt a wise
and a provident motto to "look out for
number one," it should not be forgotten
that tne interests ot one are bound up
with the interests of all, and the whole
indissolubly linked with the destinies of
the country. ThoBe men who are alive
to the public interests and use their best
endeavors to foster them, will more sure
ly in the end build up their own. Let us
public auction; and unless payment is made
before will be sold on Monday, the twentieth
day of March, 1882, to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with costs of advertising
and expenses of sale.
iSy order ot the Uoard ot mreetors.
Geo. T. Shaw, Secretary.
Office, 840 Fourth street, San Francisco,
California. v, 45
Probate Court.
Territory of Arizona, County of Pinal, in
Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Robert Lem
on, deceased, notice for publication of time
appointed for proving will, etc
Pursuant to an order of the Judge of said
court, made on the seventh day of January,
1882, notice is hereby given that Monday, the
sixth day of February, 1882, at 10 o'clock, a.
m. of said day, at the court room of said court,
at the town of Florence, in the county of Pi
nal, A. T., has been appointed as the time and
place for proving the will of said Kobert Lem-
Till initial number of the Dos Cabezas
CM .Vote has made its wey to our sanctum.
It is a seven column folio and everything
in its mako-up seems new except the fa
miliar line, "launched our bark on the
sea of public opinion," which occurs in
the salutatory. However,, a salutatory
minus that dear pld expression would be
departure from the time-honored form
of s ilutatories, and would not be tolerated
by the conservative and exacting public.
The nui41)or bt.-foro us is repleto with
news, and amone other things contains a
complete history of Dos Cabezas. 'lhe
paper is published by J. O. Dunbar &
Co. , and edited by the well-known news-
pajr man, A. F.. Fay. It deserves a lib
eral support.
Pome one has introduced a bill in con
greas for the admission of Arizona to the
sisterhood of States. We doubt the wis
dom of the move. While it would give
us political influence, it would also entail
upon us the support of an expensive State
government. The advantages of the form
r would hardly repiy our people, con
sidering their number, for the outlay that
wuuld be required in support of the lat
ter. It would be well to stop and coll
ider 1W r rniv.e to far in Jhis matter.
A fc r:Fi;. of iu- . t i - i-
iiiiuii to know wheruof ho apeks,. -posi--
tively Rsserts that the Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe railroad company will build
branch road, either from Tucson or
Benson, up the Gila valley, across to
Phtenix and thence, via Proseott, to the
Atl.inUc and Pacitic. Just when the work
of the preliminary survey will commence
he is not prepared to state, but thinks it
will follow immediately the completion of
the Sonora branch now rapidly building.
As to tho inducements offered railroad
projectors and builders by this proposed
route, there can be but one opinion. It
traverses not only the best, but the largest
agricultural and mining districts of Ari
zona, which are now undergoing rapid set
tlement and development. Toward these
districts the bulk of tho business and pop
ulation of the Territory, drawn by the ir
resistablo attraction of their superior na
tural advantages and great mineral wealth,
will gradually gravitate, and eventually,
they will become the commercial and in
dustrial centers of the Territory. The
construction of the proposed road would
tend to speed this result. But aside from
this future promise, the present tage of
development in the districts crossed
would justify the undertaking and insure
the line a profitable .business (com tho
dr of its completion.
then, bj all means, encourage this feeling
prior to the discovery of mineral by the of public spirit and enterprise. The time
defendant, i5T by either party. A pros- is close at hand when there will be an am-
pector on the public mineral domain may ule field for the display of both, and on on, deceased, and for hearing the application of
- , . ' , . ,. ,. . Charles Kapp for the issuance to him of letters
protect nimselt la tue possession oi nis their vigorous application to coming testamentafy when and where any person in-
pedis possession (foot possessions, so to I events Will mainly depend our future. terested may appear and contest tne same.
speak) while he is searching for mineral, I Prescott Democrat.
his possession so held is good as a posses
soj-y titlo against all the world, except the
r government c-i tne United! States.: bot - .if
ho standrt by and allow others to enter
uoiis chum att-yirst disclrerev of i
ernl ill ' "V c i inn i
W. H. Sutherland, Gen'l Supt
Johk Loss, Secretary.
tflofeifce, Sfizoffh.
Eartkrx Office:
s8 wall strf.kt n v
Benicia Agricultural Worki, Beuicia.
13 to 19 FPONT STREET.
109 n.d 111 PINE ST.,
San Fkaiiomco.
baker & Hamilton;
Hrt are & Agricultural Igeii
Ames Engines, thb Genuine -J. I. Case Cilebrated Single Gear Hiibku
Bain Wagons, Champion Reapers and Mowers, Ecp.eea Gang Plows
Star Moline Plows, Gem Seed Sowers, Gale's Chilled Plows, '
Triumph Grain Drills and Seeders, Etc., Etc.
Jiaanfactnrer's Agents for the Sale ofthe
hanufactcrebb, asd dealers in
. 2 14,2 16,2 18 and 220 Battery St,
Ch&mola Sklna,
Curry Comba,
Curry Cards,
Le&luerback Bruahea,
Dat.dy Brushes,
Clarki Clipper,
Tooth Rottps,
Perfect Clipper,
KeTernible Clipper,
?it, Bos', y and Ear,
Hitch -Weight,
OoIuk s Celebrated Horse
Gllbani's Hoof Ointment,
Baker's Hoof Ointment,
Onitile Soap,
Knelisu Crown Soap,
Turner's Eclipse Bo&,
Boston Oil Soap,
Fr&zer's Axle .wae,
HAL Axle Grease,
Stallion Nets.
Vacura OH Blacking:,
Blibya Dressing,
Fiereka Precis in.
WbittMoore s Jreesitkf.
Crosby's Dresaiof,
Ltoii lilacidbg,
Harris reai!,
Jamison's Composition,
Keats Foot OIL
Magic Pcliah,
Siist Hat-tiers, Btc, K4.
In addition to our lair stock of single and doxiblc harness, ire haTe a coftplpte line of track harness to which
we would iiirite the attention of all lovers of the turf and in style ai:d quality ail cftnuof&eeunt mre us the credit of
makiuff a superior article to any now i.. use, We make a epe ialty of horse boot ai.d are cocatwilly inakiue thm
fur the fastest trotters to the country atid we gnara..te a perfect fit in very case. We have a full line of race sad
dles ai d sole ipff.U for the well-known Petal una a Toe Weights.
iiiuBtraiea cauuocuv.
Please call and examine our stock ar snd for our
San Franciaoo.
Of Jesae Moore & Co., Louisville, Ky.
. H. B. HFBT,
Son Friuittis&aw.
t Ri na
4 1 7 and 4 1 9 Market Street, bet. First and Fremont Sts.
San Francisco, Gal.
ftae, Hunt & Co., Sole Agents far the Pacific Coastv
Sanderson & Brother,
Importers &
Importers & WholeMde Dealers in
Lamps and Mirrors
Plated and Britannia Ware, Etc. Ect
310 & 312 Battery Street
Corner Commercial St
P. 0. Box No. 1607.
Dated January 7th, 1882.
G. L. Wrattev,
31-5t Probate Judge and ex-Offieio Clerk.
police or Forfeiture.
discovered, against which the mere Jios
session of the surface cannot prevail.
Judgment for the defendant.
Congressman Hekry, of California, is
on the right track. He has introduced a
bill proposing a constitutional amend
ment to regulate railroad fares. It makes
it "unlawful for any railroad company to
charge fare for transportation of passen
gers in excess of the following rates per
mile: Lnder 100 miles, ii cents; over
100 and 200 miles, 4 cents; over 300 miles,
3 J cents. Of course the chances are
against tho passage of this bill with this
clause intact. The railroad lobby at
Washington is a power, and will fight this
bar to the plundering of the people by
railroad companies, with the desperation
of the lion defending his prey. Money
will not be wanting and we fear saleable
votes will not be found scarce. Its de
feat is almost a foregone conclusion. But
should it, by chance good fortune, pass
congress, its ratmcation would be stub
bornly opposed. The bill also proposes a
constitutional amendment, making the
person holding the office of President in
eligible for re-election, providing that at
the end of his term of office the President
shall receive a pension of 80,000 per an
miia, and declaring cabint t officers ini'li
FI.OKZNCB, A T . Jan. 30th, 182
.. Ed. -LvTEBPRrsgr In vhup issue of th
'!i findtr lirifliiii of a dvertisement."
!it inn art article relative to figned '
i " J"' - f bo an ari
i-ribi! of week before. As no namo? were
mentioned in said card, the public would
perhaps never have suspected Mr. Chas.
Putnam of being a professional mine
umper, had he not put the cap n and
worn it, in his advertisement. If it fits
hiin, let him wear it.
In his card he says he does not claim
anything but his own. His habits have
changed for the better then since he left
Kern county, California, with a team be
longing to the Mammoth Mining Com
pany, which he sold at the Coast ranch.
His next escapade, when he illustrated
this trait of claiming "nothing but his
own, was in Sonora for stealing bullion.
His brother, Mr. W. H. .Putnam, a gen
tleman and an honest man, risked his
life in securing Chas. D.'s escape.
Chas. L. a former marital relations seem
a little mixed. Rumor has it Airs. C. D.
No. 1, from whom he was never divorced,
is liable to make her appearance any day
and claim her share of the property.
If Mr. C. I. Putnam wants proof of
the above facts, he can have them in open
court or from me personally, and I further
advise him not to trespass on any of my
nuninc property in his vicinity.
Bakersfield, Cal., and Tucson, Arizona,
papers please copy.
John Ruckelshauseh.
Notice is hereby Mivea to Wa. Kyda anJ
J'lhn l.owi that -ths andenignedi has-
tnrmtl the annuat assessment worn amounv
s t 51i" f r J. year lS8J,. ..on the Gay,
T b j l V i x-raiHiU district, Pinal
A. a-, and vag axe hereby notified that
umesn on-pay your proportion of the same, to-
wt: S2o each, within nmety days trom the
date of the publication of.thU notice, your in
terest irt said mine will be forfeited to the un
dersigned according to the law, and you will
also pay the cost of this advertisemont.
Jan. 14th. 18S2. 42-13t
ltanch for Kale.
Thompson's ranch, situated about half
mile from i lorence, is ottered tor sale.
For particulars inquire of Buckalew
Notice of Forfeiture.
Notice is herebv (riven to T. H. Bush that
the undersigned has performed the annual as
sessment work amounting to S100, for the
year 1881 and the same for the year 1881,
amounting to $100, on the Time Keeper mine.
Mineral Hill district. JPmal county. A, 1.. and
you are hereby notified that unless you pay
vour proportion oi me same, k-wil: wu, wnn-
in ninety days from the date of the publication
of this notice, your interest in said mine will be
forfeited to the undersigned according to tne
law, and you will also pay the cot of this ad
vertisement. J . V . 4 ESB1TI.
January 14th, 1882. 42-13t
Notice of Forfeiture.
Notice is hereby given to A. N. Doraey that
the undersigned have performed the annual as
sessment work for the year 1881,, on the Great
America mine, amounting to $100, and on the
Georgia mine, amounting to 100, Baid mines
being located in Pioneer distric t, Pinal county,
A. T. , and you are hereby notified that unless
vou nav vour uroDortion of each assessment,
to-wit: $50 for the Great America and $25 for
the Georgia within ninety days from the date
of the publication of this notice, your interest
in said mines will be forfeited to the under
signed according to the law, and you will also
pay the cost ot tins advertisement.
A. Atkiicbok,
E. Bibu.
Jan. llth, 1882, 42-13t
Succaasoiu to Lewis Bko.
(ii Manufacturers!
A A brand, bbk and hf bbls per gal $ 4 00
B brand, bbls Aud bf bbl ier gal 3 50
O brand, bbla and hf tbla per gal 3 00
Ao. 1 brand, tbia and fcl boia per gal M
Rye, bbls and hf bbls per gal $3 50 to 4 50
Deduction of 35 cts per gal on lots of 5 bbla
AA brand in cae4, 1 oz to tase, 5 to gal 11 00
A a brand, a caaea, i aoz to case, a to gai iu w
AA brand 10 cases, 1 dot to com, 5 to gal 10 00
AA bra d, pint flaska, 2 duz to i-ase 13 00
AA brand, 5 caocs, pint flasks, 3 doz to case 12 50
C brand, 1 dot 5 to gal 8 50
C brnd, 5 cases. 5 to gai 8 35
C brand, 10 cases, 5 to gal 8 00
J. w. DAXra
Tu bond ta Xontncfcy, Spring 13S0. .
In boudiu Kentucky, Spring 1861..
Crown brand, 1 case, 5 to gal 03 0
Crown brand, 5 canes, 5 to gal 7 M
Crown brand, 10 cases, 5 to gal 7 00
Crown brand, pint) 3 doz to caae I GO
Crown brand, pints, 3 doz to ias, 5 eases 8 38
Crown brand, pints. 2 doz to case, 10 eases 8 00
Ancaor Ctiamnagi-e, rits. 3 doz 8 50
Anchor Cuarnpagne, quarts, 1 doz. 7 88
17 to 41 Main Street.
Established 1863.
menu wpi
Miniiaii Smeltim Compiiy,
Purchase Lead Bullion, Highest Price Pail for GOLD,
SILYEE and Lead Ores.
Ores or Lead Bullion, loaded in cars on line of any railiad in the States and Terriieri
are delivered at works without change oj ears.
JNo unarge Xfxacie tor sampling;.
Consign to "C. D. M.
S. Co. , Melrose, California."
WILLIAM P. MILLER, General Manager.
Manufaeturon of all sty lsa of
amity Soaps!
405 Fkot Stkeit,
the best in this martet, is
Pressed and wrapped, 100 bars. . . . 75 Iba.
Pressed and wrapped, 48 bars 36 lbs.
Pressed aud wrapped, 34 bars, 18 lbs.
Plain unwrapped, 40 bars 36 lbs.
Plain unwrapped, 30 bars, 18 lbs.
Full Weight, Purity and Desirabil
ity Combhietl.
Gents9 Furnishing Goods,
Hosiery, Gloves, Eiltas, Laces, and Agents for Merced
Mills Blankets, Flannels, Etc,
San Francisco,

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