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y Official Paper.-
City Official Taper.--:
szviii. m 33.
A as Imjji af aj-.
Respectfully yours,
E. M. ri. CO.
toy Big Store
Prcsldsnt niller, of the Smelter
Company Returns.
"That there is copp?r already expos
ed in the Snake river district of suffic
ient richness and extent to justify the
erection of a smelter, we do not be
lieve there is the slightest doubt. In
fact, there is ore to keep a half dozen
smelters busy. Transportation facil
ities alone are required to put the
district into the steady producing
This was the statement made yes
terday to a Tribune reporter by Mr. J.
T. Miller, a capitalist of Chicago and
Sterling, Illinois, who is president' of
of the Eureka Gold Mining and Smelt
ing company, .recently organized for
the purpose of erecting a smelter at
some point on the upper Snake river.
Mr. Miller returned here Saturday
evening from a trip of inspection to
the Imnaha district, and will leave
this morning for the cast. He was
accompanied on the trip by John
Olson, a mining expert, and Mr. Win.
Strow, a hydraulic engineer.
"We, of course, had been previously
informed regarding the ores of the
district," said Mr. Miller, "and our
vfcit was made on matters directly
connected with the installation of the
smelter. However, I wish to state
that the smelter is an impossibility
until transportation is afforded. The
idea of getting heavy machinery into
that country under pi esent conditions
simply cannot be entertained, and its
operation, without convenient trans
portation facilities, could not be un
dertaken. When the smelter r.nm-
piny was organized we understood
that a boat wouid be put on the river
and early information was to the
effect that the service would be in
olTect last summer. There is now
nothing to retard the early and full
consummation of our plans, if a boat
service is installed and can successful
ly be operated. With the confidence
that the river can sncces. fully naviga
ted, I cannot understand why business
men nave not long ago opened up
mer as tax collector and J. B. Olm
stead as treasurer were sppioved.
Road petition of W R Stoke was al
lowed and J R Williams, C if Dexter
and N D Varner were appointed as
Road petition of A T Shuman was
allowed and S D Cole, Wm. Bacon and
Wm McCall were appointed viewers.
Road petition of B F Bechdolt was
allowed and Grant W Johnson, J J
Berner and W II Niccason
zen or public officer his character is
above reproach. He is well versed
with the legislative needs of the peo'.
pie of Eastern Oretron. and if eleoted
will labor earnestly for all legislatu n
in the interest of the peopl at large
regardless of party or location.
J. A. FRENCH, the popular young
Democratic nominee for County
Clerk, is well known throughout the
county for his h OllPstv. illf.pirritv oiJ
were ap-jgenial sociability. He served W.il.
IloWftCOUntv tun vo.iro ... l,n.M' l
j - .. w jvmo uo Biivim miu
pointed viewers
Road petitions of Albert Daniel was e m" ' ' T.,n
i , . , . Rave entire Satisfaction tn in nn
cieniea lor lack of proof of nostine ,;..,.. .-j , .. -
t i- . y ', """'CUM iinu people at larce "Jolin-
of notices Aceonlin tn !,.. ... 11 Jl",n
e ...
$175 was appropriated to build a
bridge acsoss the Imnaha river near
Benj Marks place to be expended by
by J A Bleavens under direction of
the road boss.
$50 was appropriated out of tlm
ny deserves th liber.il simnort of
every Democrat in Wallowa county.
H. C. CRAMER, is an i, spa rant for
re-election to the office of Sheriff.
Nobody can say but Mr. Cramer has
..given entire satisfaction as an official,
and according to the the time honor
road fund in fuvnr nfn P it.i,... a BC
repair Promise Land road. " custon, 18 enlitled to the second
John McDonald Jr was empowered
to purchase a suitable safe for the
treasurer's office to cost $330 in Fort-land.
It appearing that the treasurer lias
on hands in the county road fund.
$1782 31, collected from the various
road districts and was distributed as
No 1 T M Hamilton superv $ 218 05
No 2 E W Southwick " 216 21
No 3 John Rankin same 502 40
No 4 A E Cole same 20(5 31
No 5 N Craven same 171 23
No 6 J w Huffman same 42 05
No 7 J A Bleavens 10 51
No 8 J II Horner same 120 98
No 9 G W Han-is same 54 73
No 10 S A Hart 101 59
Noll H A Thomas same 65 98
No 12 C J Yeager 30 20
No 13 Irwin Hopkins 3 86
No 14 BP Hawley same 58
Democratic Nominees.
Editor Chieftain:
In as much as
the Democratic party of Wallowa
county has no official organ in which
that region. Its wealth is not alone j to voice the merits of that party's
in copper mines. I found on my trip 1 standard bearers, we beg leave to oc
that it is an extensive stock country. cupy a portion of your valuable space
There will be wool and stock ship-'. u recognition of our candidates' nual-
ments, and even fruit. With the sup- fications and worth.
plies going to the mines and heavy! J. A. BURLEIGH, nominee for
travel that will follow the opening of ioint Representative fnr Vr,; anA
an extensive mining district, there Wallowa counties, was elected on the
will in my judgment b3 business Topulist ticket to represent Wallowa
for half a dozen boats, unless the rail- county in the legislature in 1894, and
roads crowd into the country. It althon
seems to me that the development of House, made a commendable record
that country is of the the greatest im- j and was the recognized leader of the
portance to every interest in this city. Populist members of the 18 legislative
We have planned to have the smelter 1 assembly. The Oregonian of that
installed and in operation by October ' date commented as follows: "Mr.
but we are, as I have explained, simply ; Burleigh, the voune PonuliKt of Wnl.
governed by the transportation Iowa, was ngain the object of a good '
feature. Our initial plant will have deal of praise yesterday on account of
a capacity of at least 100 tons daily his strong speech on the matter of
and additions will be made to meet school book investigation. He seems
meet any demands of custom trade- to be sincere and earnest and puts his
The Snake river district undoubtedly ! points iu good order." The Salem
a Republican paper
WILLIS WRIGHT, the popular
cindidate for Commissioner, is a
young man who has grown up with
the country. He has good educational
qualifications which coupled with his
natural ability and goo I judgment
will make a creditable i fficial.
JAS. HAYES, who aspires to the
office of Assessor is a popular man in
the community in which he resides
and wid poll almost a solid vote in
his home precinct, which is certainly
s Btilluiient guarantee of his ability
and worth.
HENRY MILLER, nominee for
Treasurer, is well and favorably known
throughout the vicinity of Entorprise
wnere he has lived a number of years.
He is well qualified in every respect.
D L. REAVIS, the popular candi
date for county Surveyor, has filled
this office very satisfactorily the past
six years and thut he will be re
elected by an overwhel inning voie
goes witnout question
I. O. O. F. Celebration.
All Odd Fellows take notice. On
April 26, the Odd Fellows will meet at
Enterprise. All members of the Or
der and the Rebekalm
to meet at the I. 0. ). F. hall at 10:30
A.M. and march in a hodv tn tlm
church, where a program, consisting
of music and an appropriate address,
will be rendered, after which refresh
ments will be served at the hall. All
members are expected to bring well tln( Koa(l flllld
filled baskets.
has a great future. Tribune.
Court Proceedings.
Journal, also
stated: "Burleigh, of Wallowa, did
the people of the state a good turn in
the House, Friday by defeating Patter
son's bill relating t printing The
The following appointments of bill was carefully worded and its true
indtrpA and clfirVa wbph ninrlp tn fill nKaruniaK waa a: j
j o - - - luui l i iiao uui ujsuuvereu until a ,tj ivgiaiii iui in
vacancies caused by nonacceptances: Burleigh, who is an editor, examined Teachers' Meeting to be held in Wal
Prairie Creek Alfred Kinney, judge the bill and immediately made war lovv May l0- IS-02:
M. t: isiy, ciei-K. i on it uy giving its champion Hofer, a uokenoon
broadside that attracted the attention ,nt of P"iary Instruction Mrs
Resources and Liabilities.
Of Wallowa county, Oregon, on
March 28, 1902.
Rfsoimc ks
Cash in General Fund
Cash in StatoRoad fund
t pay ontstonding warrants
Delinqueut Taxes as
per rolls:
3791! .'m
Taxk8 1878 f 175
1879 3 68
" 1880 100 87
1881 9 40
1882 44 77
1883 70 08
1884 7(1 22
' 1885 165 21
' 1880 116 39
1887 1068 74
" 1888 779 09
1889 1276 20
" 1890 771 4i
1891 527 43
1892 1 328 59,
" 1893 852 86
1894 355 48
1895 651 66
1896 521 70
" 1897 924 55
1898 1278 35
" 1899 1414 27
1900 5910 34
" 1901 23,141 27
Amt of rol! 41,800 93
Amt col thereon 21,053 07
3 per cent rebate 606 59
Outstanding warrants,
General fund
Outstanding warrants
on Scalp bounty fund
Outstanding warrants on
State Road fund
Estimated interest Ou
General und Soalp boun
ty warrants
State Tax for 1901
Iklaneo or apparent
excess of Resources
Total Liabilities as per
Cash in Gen fund and
Road fund applicable to
redemption of abovo
Net Liabilities
Total Resources us per
statement exclusive of
Oiish in General fund
28,245 0:i
43,847 ti:
38,933 ft::
Deduct 50 per cent of
above to cover amount
!uh county s.'hools, roads
school districts und spec
ial cities, nlso erroneous
35,036 IU
39,950 IS
19,975 21
19,975 2!
15,061 21
Excess Liabilities over
The above statement was submitted
by Clark and Buchanan, who have,
been oxperting the county records.
Teacher's Meeting.
The following is a program for tho
Land! Unci!! Land!!!
. r. isiy, ciei-K. j on it uy giving its ciiampion Hofer, a tokenoon
Wallowa R. W. Daugherty, judge, broadside that attracted the attention J"4, ' Piary Instruction
A. Bishop, clerk. s of the House. When the rol was Nora Patton
Divide H. P. Throe, jud Charles called but six voted for it. Had the Ecting Int iu Stuly Mi
Craven, clerk
Park Lewis Page, judge,
Miller, clerk.
Imnaha George Haas, judge
Pine Creek Jas Steen, judge
Trout Creek G C Russell, judge
Paradise W B Applcgate judge
Lost Prairie C J Yager judge
Grouse J W Mrciuley clerk
Promise J A Doud clerk
Road boss Lathrop was ordered to
purchase all necessary tools for the
several road districts.
Bills Allowed -Wallowa
News printing 3
J H Horner super sal 22
C J Yager same 16
11 N Williams com miss sal 38 40
I no McDonald same 37
The additional bonds Of H. C Cra-
I, 111 Koxnmo u In 10 u l.i i I Forgvthn
... wuumv " " tv nuuiu nave cum- - -
pelled the county commissioners to Trimary History
publish all of their proceedings at 5 ' Maxwell
cents a line, amounting in some . Gradation
counties to a large sum." )
The Statesman, an independent Pe
paper stated: "Burleigh, of Wallowa. BotRI)y
presented the name of Judge W. D.
Hare, of Hillsboro, for U. S. senator
in an oratorical effort of great merit.
IT.' i
iii reierence to trusts ana cornora.-
tions were vociferously cheered by the ch?1 DciPliQ W. H. Harris 07easy terms
en. eriPR. Mr. Ttni-lo rl, ip nt 1, . " bubb uen riCKett
Miss Priscilla
J. W. Kerns
Miss Dollie McCubbin
E F. Wood
Tho Burleigh Real Estate Agency
lias placed on the market some choice
bargains in real estate. Notice there:
100 acres of fine bottom land with
an abundance of running water with
wtlfi.r riilifu All a prua in iii1tit'ati....i
iss Belle tie finest or wh0at land; pric.'
$25(X) on easy terms.
120 acres of fine alfalfa laud; goml
improvements: a snap at $1000.
320 acres of fine alfalfa, clover r
grain land at $12 per acre.
160 acres on Alder Slope: eooil
Miss Proebitle orchard; a $200 wood saw and various
Afternoon articles go with the place at $1100.
Mathematical Geog 8. N. Ayres 320 acres; 100 in cultivatisn; living
Reading Miss Jessie Rose 8tream flowing through place; best
crnnlf rnnpn in w a nun vullnv sv'iim
galleries. Mr. Burleigh is not only
an orator but an able and far seeing
Mr. Burleigh was electel twice to
the county clerk's office. Ho per
formed the duties of the office with
credit to himself and gave satisfaction
to the public at large, As a citiieh
Supt. J. C. Conley
Lena DeVore, Sec,
We only handle property that will
sen, consequently can quote you
( lowest prices oh all classes of
. property.
ro11 si. tt'VV. A. il
I vm wis ui n i no viic niiii juf iuriner
For Salb A second hand top particulars,
buggy. Inquire of ! Thb Bueleigh Real Estate Agencyi
I.N,rmsm,City.- Wprise, Otegon,
2 ' '

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