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Hood's Sdrsaparilla
Has uon "urress far beyond the effect
if 8lvertisiiiJ only.
The secret ff its wonderful popular
ity it explained by its unapproacliuble
B:tf--il u m a prescription which
cured peopli considered incurable,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Unites the best known vegetable rem
edies by. such a combination, propor
tion nd process as to- have curative
power pucn'iur to itself.
fjt oires of scrofula, eczema, psori
gw. ami every kind of humor, as well
as , .tnrrh and rheumatism prove
Hood's Sarsaparilla
the best blood purifier ever produced.
Its cures of 'dyspepsia, loss of appe
tite and that tired feeling make it the
greatest stomach tonic and strength
restorer the world has ever known.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is a thoroughly good medicine. Hegin
toUikeitTODAY. Ciut HOOD'S.
. In Doubt. -
Iiihlnd Did the size of her pile make
you hesitate?
l'erkius Yes. For a long time I
didn't know how much she had.
Mothers will find Mrs. VVinslow's Sooth.
Ine Kyrup the best remedy to use tor their
children during the teething eriod.
Hit Quick Retort.
The lady Yes; it's only men that
tarn tramps. Why aren't women idie?
The Tramp Iieenuse most of tliehi
are busy Indies, mum.
Are You Using A Urn's Pont-Faun
It Is the only cure for Swollen, Smarting
Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Hiinion.
Aek lor Allen's Koot-Easc, a powditr m ho
thaken Into the shoes. At all Iinigglsts and
lima Stores, 2 c. Sample sent FHKK. Address
alien ij. Ulmsted, l.eltoy, N. Y.
" Cautious.
Small Man Yes,' sir.; he's a con
Wmptihlo scoundid, and I told him so!
liig Man Did he knock you down''
Small Man No, I told him through
the telephone.
Pico's Cure ran not be too high I v sunken
of as a coiifrli ciitc. ,1. V. O'Hiukn. Ail
-i i i- 1 Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan.
An Easy One.
"Sleepless" wants to know: "What
rotild yon give a' d6g to- prevent its
barking at night'."
"Ciive it away."
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Bears the
An Acceptable Neighbor.
Blizzer How does your wife like
that lady who moved in next door?
liuzzar Oh, all right! She hasn't
as many gowns as my wife.
Stop guessing! Try a certain cure for
painful ailments bv getting at once a
bottle of Hanlin's Wizard Oil.
It Is Running Down.
"I should advise," said th polite
eronpiler. as he raked in another stack
of Lord Rosslyn's blue, checks, "that
you take something for your system."
X rEZg ad true-guaranteed!
KOWI (sifts Tlmto USE IT.
Why Was the MilK Sour.
. Mamma Bessie, dear, you must not
drink that milk. It's sour.
Bessie (aged 4) Why, mama, has
the cow been eating pickles?
There U a certain
disease that has
come down to us
through many cen
turies and is
older than
history itself,
yet very few
f.uteirtA rf
those who have learned from bitter ex
perience know anything of its nature oi
waracteristics. At first a little nicer oi
lore appears, then glands of the neck oi
rroins swell; pimples break ut on the
oreast, hick, or some other part of ' the
ly and Cll with yellow pustular matter ;
the mouth and throat become nil
uie tongue is nt all times badiv, coa'ed.
Heartaches are frequent, and muscles ud
loinu turob and hurt, especially dj'.1S
tup, rainy we;.tlier. These are ifyue0'
we svmptoms of that most loatbue ?f
IU diseases, Contagious Blood iison,.
n-. This strange rfi..-
OntaiOUS on does not aiTect
Blood Poison
jten tip with jt w;tm'n a short time after
in,r inoculated, while others show but
light evidence of any taint for a long
time after exposure, but its tendency in
wery case is to complete destruction of
the physical system, sooner or later,
iv t ' S' ' a 8afe and infallible cure for
wis bad disease the only antidot-; for
wis specific poison. It cures Contagious
Blood Poison in every form and stage
thoroughly and permanently. S. S. S.
tontams no Mercury, Potash or other
harmful minerals, but is strictly and
entirely a vegetable remedy, and we offer
iOoo.oo reward for proof that it is not.
OUR MEDICAL whloh was estab-
MENXt ls aQing noble
v . . ,n ""lining aofiering-. Give onr
Payaicians a short history of your oase
" stat their advloe. This will cost
jou nothing, and what you say will be
k 7 ln trioteat confldenoe. With
jnelr holp and a copy of our book on
vont&gious Blood Poison yon can
wnrnje your own case and oure your
at home.
-v imunt fin. LldC I ILJS
JHh fciyrup. Tunica Gooi. Bee Vw J
lino. Slrt hr rt ru ig i i fc 1 M
ODD cure for toothache;
Peculiar Remeilythe Old-Clothea Man
i.ave to a Sufferer.
When the old-clothes man dropped
inta the kitchen of a South Side resi
dence the other day he saw the man
f the house hugging the kitchen
range, with a woolen shawl tied over
his head After the dealer had got
thraugb haggling with the mistress of
the house as to the price to be paid
for certain cast-oft articles of apparel.
proceeding punctuated by frequent
fcroous from the region of the stove,
he Jerked his heud toward that quar
ter and Inquired:
"What's the matter with him? Is
he cold?"
"He's got the toothache, and he has
been suffering tortures all night with
It." answered the wife of the sufferer.
"Is that nil?" said the old-clothes
man. "I thought uiayle he was cold."
"I only wish you had It," snarled
the sufferer. "If you hud you'd be
glad to he cold."
This sally made the old-clothes man
laugh. "A toochtiche ain't uotbiu',"
he said. "I can cute n toothache In
a minute If the tooth nin't ulcerated."
"Cure this jue and I'll give you a
suit of clothes." unswered the num.
The old-clot lies man asked for an
old Iron spoon unci some stilt. These
being provided, he tilled the spoon
with stilt aud laid the spoon on the
glowing coals in the range. When
the salt was as hot ns It could get he
poured It on n clean sheet Of paper,
and with a hruad-hhided knife pulver
ized it Into a fine powder.
"Snuff Rome'of 'this ,. tip your, iiose,"
he said, offering the prrprrr' ttrrhe suf
ferer. "When you want to spit your
toothache will be gone."
It was only .a moment until the suf
ferer sneezed and then expectorated.
"By Jove, but It's gone:" he exclaim
ed, ns lie tore the shawl from his
head n nil then danced n jig in his joy.
"That's the greatest ever." he said.
"How Inthe world did you do it?"
"1 dun' know. Some folks say
there's a chemical action ironies from
the Iron spoon, hot salt, and scorched
paper. But when it goes round your
hopper mid hits t lie right nerve It
stops the. ache. I've tried it on hun
dreds of people, and it never fails
'cept on an ulcerated tooth, and It
makes your bend feel fine!" And then
he laughed: "Shall 1 take your clothes
now or wait until, next time?" Chi
cago Inter Ocean.
Statute providing that no person shall
engage In the business of guiding In
inland fishing or forest hunting with
out registration nnd 'payment of a fee
of $1 and receiving a certilicnte is up
held In State vs. Snowman (Me.), 50 J.,.
U. A. 544, against the contention that
It Is a deprlvation'.of the right to en
gage in a lawful business, since the fish
and game belong to the people, who,
through their representatives, may per
mit or prohibit their taking.
In an action for divorce by the hus
band on the ground of extreme cruelty
of his wife, the Supreme Court of Mich
igan, In the case of Murium vs. Murnan
(87 N. W. Uep.. 1031)), holds that ex
treme cruelty Is not established by proof
that after several years of married life,
on the death of their only child, the
wife refused longer to "live with her
husband, declared she did not love him,
aud went to live with her mother. The
court held that these acts constituted
desertion, but not extreme cruelty.
A father wished to make a gift to his
sou of $1,000, nnd drew his check for
that amount and gave it to his son, but
requested him not to present the check
for payment until lifter his (the fath
er's) death. A year after the father
died, aud the next day the son present
ed the check for payment and the hank
paid It. The executors of the deceased
thereupon brought an action against
the bank to recover the $1,000 so paid,
on the ground that the giving of the
check by the father to the son under
the above .circumstances- did not consti
tute ah executed gift, bniVas merely a
promise to give because the father re
tained the power to revoke It by draw
ing out the money before the presenta
tion of the check, and because the
money could not have been levied upon
before such presentation. But the Su
preme Court of California denied this
contention nnd held that the delivery
of the check by the father to his son
gave the latter such Immediate posses
sion nnd control of the tiling intended
to be given as constituted a completed
and perfected gift.
All Aboard for Nineveh. .
The Bagdad Hallway, which is to be
extended from Constantinople to Per
sia via ancient Nineveh and' Babylon.
ls to have a connection from Kowet
on the Persian uuir to Hyaerauaii in
the railway system of India. This will
make a through connection with
i French Indio-China on the Pacific.
The time necessary to traverse Europe
and Asia from sea to sea will then be
but fifteen days.
Makers of Coal Tar Colors.
The Joint capital of the six largest
manufacturers of coal tar colors in
Germany amounts to $12,500,000. They
employ together about 500 chemists.
850 engineers and other technologists,
1.300 business managers, clerks, trav
elers, etc., ndmore than 1,800 work
Couldn't Stand That.
"Your English friend doesn't call any
"Xo; he heard I called him a bora."
Philadelphia Bulletin.
Titles in Russia.
There Is one titled personage to every
bundled commoners In ItuHsla.
A boy's headache Is alwaya worse
Just about school time.
'shipbuilding of the world.
America Rank Second to England,
Including Colonies.
United States Consul Monnghan at
Chemnitz has made a report to the
State Department In regard to the
world's shipbuilding for 1000.
- The total number of vessels of over
100 registered tons built during 1900
Is given In German returns as 319 sail
ing ressMs and 000 steamships, with a
total tonnage of 2,208,038 tons. Of this
number.' 20 sailing vessels and 70
steamships, with a tonnage of 1 1.850
tons, were built by Germany.
The following table gives the relative
position of the shipbuilding countries
for 1000, number of ships and regis
tered tons:
England (exclusive of col-
ouies) fi'18 1.471.475
America 1!)7 2U7.1KU
IJermany o 211. S50
France ,.. ai 101.318
Italy 37 54.382
According to these figures 10 per cent
of the whole falls to Germany.
During the six months ended Dec.
31, 1!H)1, there were built In the United
States and officially numbered by the
bureau of navigation 717 rigged ves
sels of 154.073 gross tons, compared
with 5tiS rigged vessels of 170.220 gross
tous for the corresponding six mouths
of 1000." Canal boats ' and unrigged
barges are not Included.
lue principal decline. 10,752 tons. hH
on...the, Atlantic seaboard, nnd Is attrih
utable to work on several large ocean 1
steamers, which will be completed dur
nig the coming six months. Includectj
In the six months' figures nre thirtyin
elgnt vessWs, each over 1.000 tons nnd
aggregating 103,832 Jons,. Of these
fourteen steel steamers. aggregating
52,310 tons, were built on the great
lakes. Four are for the. seaboard, two
banana steamers, Watson and Buck
man, eiieh of 1.820 tous; the Hugomai
2,182 tons.- and the Mlnnetonka, 5.270
tons. The Mlnnetonka will be cut In
two to puss the canals.
On the seaboard fifteen wooden
schooners of 24.804 tons were built
says the Washington Stnr. five steel
steamers for the coasting trade and one
steel ferryboat, aggregating 20,004
tons. Square-rigged vessels are the
steel ship William P: Prey.. 3.374 tons',
and two barkentines on the Pacific, ag
gregating 2,310 tons.
About Cenis.
. The- diamond, although not so rare
or precious ns the ruby, holds the first
place ns favorite among precious
stones with almost every one. The
liigh estimation In which It Is held Is
due to Its remarkable hardness, rarity,
and brilliancy. In spite of Its beauty.
It merely consists of carbon a simple
elementary substance, aiul In Its great
est beauty. Although diamonds are
usually colorless and clear, like water,
occasionally from some slight foreign
Inter-mixture they are white, gray,
yellow, green, brown, and more rnrely
orange, red. blue or black. The hard
ness of thd gem ns everybody knows
renders it incapable of being scratch
ed by ui;y other substance, and in cut
ting aud uolishiug diamonds dfamond
dust Is employed The art of cutting
diamonds, although long practiced In
India aud China, wiib not known in
Europe u.Mll after the middle of the
fifteenth cetitury.
Poor Actresses' Costumes.
In Germany there is a society for the
relief of needy actresses. As ordinary
actresses have to supply their own cos
tumes It is often most difficult for
those who are poor to obtain good en
gagements, says Home Notes. Accord
ingly certain practical philanthropists
started a society for their benefit.
The society Is uow in Its second year,
aud ln the first report It Is stated that
"bram-bes have beeu established In
llerlln. Cologne, Munich. Stuttgart,
Carlsrube aud Mannheim, aud It Is In
tended to have a branch in every Ger
man city of importance before the end
of another year. In every city the
business of the society Is conducted by
a Joint committee of wealthy society
women and the most conspicuous act
ress ln the place. So Car the demand
for costumes has been much larger
than the supply, but this condition has
only Impelled the women workers to
greater activity."
Faith and Works.
A piece of bright class-room repartee
comes from a Western college. The pro
fessor had been annoyed by the tardy
entrance of a student Into the lecture
room, aud pointedly stopped talking
until the man took his seat.
After class the student went to the
desk and apologized.
"My watch was fifteen minutes out
of the way, sir. It's bothered me a good
deal lately, but after this I shall put no
more faith in It."
"It's not faith you want In It," re
plied the professor; "It's works."
British fclleetr c Railway.
The estimate of the cost of con
structing the electric railway between
Brighton and London Is In round fig
ures 7,838.403. The stations will cost
330,000, and accommodation bridges
and viaducts 1,128.301, while no less
than 2,408,720 la to be spent on tun
nels. Pass It On.
"Have yon had a kindness shown?
Pass it on.
Twts nut given for you alone?
Pass it on.
Let It travel down the years, .
Let it wipe another's tears.
Till Id heaveu the deed appears.
Pass it on."
Women in Glasgow University.
Among the 2.038 student at, Glasgow
University last term there were 350
The man who Is willing to lend you
money to-morrow always wants to Lor
row to-day.
. 4 at ,ti .
Sho tails alt etifforJ.ij
cured of Ovarian
1 iiV ......
W ' ' -w-r-Mjaar- WTTTTsTT !! I n is I
3 laj a "-aW
" Dka Mes. PiKam j When I wrote to you a few months
agt) I had been suffering' from inflammation of the ovaries and
womb for over eighteen months. I had a continual pain and
soreness in my back and side. I believe my troubles ware caused
by overwork and jljftinf some years apo. Life was a dragr to me
and I felt like rmn p. I had serernVdortors, but shay did ma
little rooivjWttto use J,ria E. Pinkham's VefstAble Com
pound four months ago'and am irt better health to day than I
have been fee wars. All wnj pains are irone. Your Vegetable
Compound has 'made trie well.- I recommend it to all suffering
women.' ilES. 8. J. Watson, Hampton, Va.
When therfcv Is ne j-mcdy'that la tare, and
hundreds ef thousands of wonts know from ex
perience U rcllabla, is It wlae to cxperlraont with
untried and conaparatlTcly unknown medicines?
Cause Enough-'
Housekeeper Why .. dicj, ,-ou leave
your last place? ' ,-(.
rMirvant Faith,, the lady and her
husband was alwtiys quarrelin'.
"What did they quarrel about?"
"llcknwe I wouldn't lave till me two
weeks was up."
! Worth Makes the Price.
"Iivorres," said the niari who want
ed to.talk and philosophise, "cost antrre
than marriages." "
"Certainly," said the prnc'ical man.
"Why not? They are worth mofe?"
' ' '
The Game of Fame.
Scriblis lo you' think your new
novel will sell? :
Stubbs Sell? Yes, sir-ee; I've hired
a Chicatro man lo 'efun'e forward' and
claim the plot. Detroit Free Press.
Proatratfi Wil li ' himiHtl4i Fever KIs
Times Wltlilll Twenty fara.
This was the' caw of'Mr. Kli Wilt
shire, of LaiulHdoune Terrace, Calne,
Wis., who, during this time, suffered
the moHt intenne agony. He writes: -.
"I heartily endoree the testimonials
which you publish of St. Jacobs Oil as,
a pain killer, for I have been a sufferer
from lheumatism. and kindred com
plaints at different times during the
last twenty years. I have been laid
prostrate with rheumatic fever six times
during that period, therefore I consider
I know something about rheumatism.
Inuring all of these twenty years I have
tried various advertised rheumatic rem
edies, oils, ointments and embrocations.
None of tl.em gave me relief, but when
I tried St. Jacobs Oil I found it, eased
the pain almost immediately, and has
done for me what all other remedied
put together never began to do.
"I could give you several cases that
have been cured ,, which have .come un
der my notice, arid throirgh'my reconr-.
mendation; one of toothache, one of
faceache and one,of sure -throat.
"I have recommended St. 'Jacobs Oil
and shall continue to do so by every
means in my power, as I consider you
deserving." '.i1'"'! '
Limited Ambition.
He I suppose you wouldn't tjjjnk of
marrying a man unless he could afford
to give you a yacht?
She Oh, rUon't know. TCX really
loved him I would be satisfied with a
little smack occasionally.
f , i '. ' - -. .. "
The Cynic
"The number, of people who speak
English," said the amateur statistician,
"is now 116,000,000."
"It is a wonder," said the cynic,
"some of them dit .not find their way.
on to the stage." '
For 25 yesrs I '4Mtve ,never
missed takinj Ayer s Sarsaparills
every spring. It cleanses . my
blood, makes me feel strong, iand
does me good in every way.""'
Jobn P. Hodnette, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pure and rich blood
carries new life to every
part of the body. You
are invigorated, refreshed
You feel anxious to be
active. You become strong,
steady,courageous. That's
what Ayer's Sarsaparilla
SI.M a bottle. Allarsfflsta.
Ask ynnr doctor what ha tltlttlcs of Arer'a
flsrsttpiirllla. Ha knows nil atHMit this arand
ohl fitmllT mtllclna. Follow his adviceaud
wa will ba silfl-l.
J. C. Atsr Co.. Lowell, Mass.
V M-Wfli
women how sha wzs
Inflammation by
Wt have dfpoiritrd wfth
the katiuoal Clly Bai k,
f Lraa. is ou. hirh
will M lo any per.
. ton who caa Cad that the atore loninKimal
, trtieris sat frumat ur was pablisard before
blaming the writer special perraiasioo.
Lviii E PiNKsasi MaoiciNaCo.
n'l VVfl lVUflbaHlf
Showing ruil Line, of Garments nnd Hoktl
Trying to Explain
"Josiar," said Mrs. Corntasse'l,
"what is these neglijay shirts 1 see
advertsed in the bargain sales?"
"Well, they ain't quite so prim an'
scratchy as a b'iled shirt. I reckon, a
neglijay is what you might call a Bolt
b'iled shirt."
With local applications, as they cannot reach
the seat o( lliediseaiw. Catarrh la a blood or
constitutional uiM-aaa, and in order to cure It
vou must take internal remedies. Hall's Ca
tarrh l ure is taken iiilernally.aud actsdlrectly
on the blood and mucous surla:s Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was
prescribed by one of the best physicians In this
country lor yeara, and laa regular prescription.
It is composed ol the best tonics known, com
bined with the best blood purifiers, actios di
rectly on ttie mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two Inirredlenta is what pro
duces aach wonderful rexuits lncurlngaalarrh.
beud for testimonial!, free.
F. J. I IIENKY & Co., Propra., Toledo. O.
Bold by druinrlHts. price 75c.
Hails Family 1-ills are the beat.
Place and Ortf tncss.
Joo I paid f-5 to get info that vol
ume of "(ireat Americans.''
Billy Well?
"All I got was half a column along
side of a man who is the) must noUiri
Vus hittntiug in our county." lietroit
Free Trans.
Cure Your Horses
1 At tJtHltHH, BY MAIL, no.. lllUKKIl'lt l
(I'HKU 1 1IIItTV-FODU llonSKH. fl tYTtrfWm
Fsiimus Rshbiiv Co., lit. Paul, Minn. fj I Sir' U'JSi
Gbntxhmkn: I havr been using the I'KI'ssisa HasVB Pow- ( tfjdQSipiV&'&mM
nsaa the past ei;lit months, and in that time Iih Teen rid 1 1 h.r.s l. f-ftii laSlBHl 5N
of heaves, 14, of distent tr and V of chronic conirh. Your Prussian r. I'.l B J P, I if
kcuiedlea iiuve vained a irreat mtulntl.tn In h tJU,'lr,.Tkil'a Jrt.H?m
HT tjm
fl;s.ir7 utrt takmt its
liaM m Uut klaXeM LL4r
I. HlMr'saUrbr4 t produce. Th U.H. titptuU
MtMoT AiiliilrwrliaM4as.ut.r J0 sauina Svat4
ttlasaw lsStsJ, jftsslsMF's) WvTI s4t takart ' Hast Am s..u Us. sK.a
Mr. r.nsMtt Oar soft C4ntrr ()U U txun4 l aomi.i.iil
rvwlaUts)t osu Krwoff afff
7-twW... ttfuiruanlA tiU4
lri abas h ! tht a win rssal ku
Salztam Manel Wheat 42 bum per Acre
TtW.sily aptiDf tafU m Mrtfc is.ttU wmA a. D.rlBif rB BM.rth asut .si.
Mai wm Md la avar stai 1 the Valmm. Wa aJae bai ih wlihrUsi MmsV
fMsl wasMi, jlaislUf mm. mmt tavsua, ti stub. pt mAtm.
mwrUm trMl m4 m barf
wm tjiw mm Imrwmn (rev u4 mmt iimI
IflfM-ai CaUMfuaj4IU. -
For Oc
0i.WtolM fall iwflsUM t vuf sHUM sWWr,
i A 1 w.--aLa. aar Trtpl lasaw Cmtm, txf 4UU mmil
'' kfliktil pw srttf M u4 tlsrsf
S?, miiwm. r4aieiai to. a f ugaltiay mmJl Mr pu J
ctrawa r-oatr par Mr.
wawu aiu i may win
4f y irt
i-T' -' vkw sw-paaiw wa wa,
. Josm A&alzerSeed Co
tar-rr.-,. . ....u.us.i.,.,,... t.tst-.tso.sSSg-
-1 -T-?T.vi" I L V I L 1 1
(1U A RAM tit: I).
m-wijwrv w i m m m ww,
rndwd f70
A Hemm Sohmml lor Bmym
Mintmry awaf Mmnmml tVatJrt0
- rsw lilmmtratm Omtmlom
We Will Give You
2 Hyacinth Bulbs CDCC
Or 6 Tulips, '"EE
Together with our Complete Catalog
for 1402, if you will sen. I iih ti nuul
order, no matter how small. Writo us,
sod make your selections from our Cat
alog. Springtime is here, una) U is
time for planting. ' '
LAMBERSON Portland Oregon
JOHN POOLE. Iortland. Oregon,
Foot of Morrison Street.
v an give you ine ix'st imrgnis in
Ituggies. riowtf, 1 toilers and Fngians.
Vindiiiills aud I'limps ami (reaarai
Machinery. See us liciore buying .
b'ew Year Resolutions
tCccloy Curo
suraraUaf tiom llqaor, opium and laaaaaa
Sana ia
1 lue parttouian t
fnti Institute.
Mmul to 4'4 Wlttlstna
A vs.. I'urilMiid, Ores,
Ity using my Washing TtihlctH. Nsiuiiils.
Send 50 cents for package sulllcient for
8 months, with full directions. Agents
wanted. V. O. I'OWlil.l,
llox 606, Portland, Orcgoa.
Carte r's
Little Liver PiUs.
Must Bear Slgnatura of
Am Fac-Slmlla Wrapper Be torn.
Tsry small sad as J
to taks as sagas,
.mAmm I oaflpfcsssai wveTNvssMATva.
ti Uejatn-ely Tsffetablo.Wf
H. P. M. O.
WMKN writing U sdvertlaers pUwa
luaiitlw ttila aoar.
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