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nrr moist, scaly tetter, all forms
ee'zi'inii or salt rheum, pimples
, other cutaneous eruptions pro
fVi from humors, either inherited,
ac-nuired through defective di-
Liion and assimilation.
Tn treat these eruptions with
Ling medicines is dangerous.
The thing to do is to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
;bich thoroughlycleaiise the blood,
spelling nil humors and building
p the whole system. They cure.
Hood's Sarsaparuia permanently cureo j. u.
ih Franks, 111., of ecema. from which he
La raftered some time; and Mm Alvina Wol-
fcr Bx '!! Alfiona. is., 01 pimpius on ner
twsnd bek nd chafed skin on her body, by
fsicti she had been greatly troubled. There
l-emore testimonials In Javor of Hoods than
Lube published.
Umod'u Smrmmnmrlllm promlmmm lo
lire mnd kamom thm prommm.
"There was a crush at the redding,
"Crash? Whv, the ushers had to
nrm a flying wedge in order to get the
:iiial party up to the altar." Life.
Pi?n's Cure is the best medicine we ever
eti for ail nllei-iimis of the throuc and
Wh. O. Kniwlet, Vanburen, Ind..
feb. 10. 1SKJ0.
In the Future.
"You are nearly an' hour late, dear."
"Ycb; the airship broke down, and I
i.ia to nv nome. l.uv.
it. Permanently Cured, to fits or nervousness
IIS attur iirT .Inv's ii,inf llr k lin..'. flrtnir Nnrvc
lotonr. Send lur Fit E IS 8 J. 00 trial liottle ami treat
L. lla.B.11 . Kline. LU1..KI1 ArcUSt.. Philadelphia. fa-
Their One Fault
Fond Mother Tliere, my gons, I
Live spent all the morning making you
i.me cookies like Aunt Mary s, lou
ike here so much. 'What is the mat-
Disappointed Boys You never cut
tmout with a pail cover!
Oregon Blood Purlflor is
K.'htly liumed, because it purifies the
i.ood and tones up tne body.
High Art
Mies Gush Isn't her complexion
lovely? It's like a beautifully tinted
!inna cup I saw-
Miss Kostique Yes; it certainly ie
beautifully painted mug. Pbiladel-
hia Record.
I.k Tour Dealer Tor Allen'i Foot-Eaae,
1 pimder. It Cures Swollen, Sore, Hot, Callous,
nir,sweatlnsKeetuiialnKrnwlnR.'ulls. Mnkes
KWOf liEht eitHV. At all 1l .(.,., .wl .J,.,.-
"ires. I", rent, lnn.nt i.
- --' i' nuusmuie. r-aruuie
tee. Address Allen B. Olmsted, Lelioy, N. Y.
No Vaunt Lot for -Her.
He Dnrlinc. I love vnn. Will vou
:otmake me liannv bv shurintz mv
bumble lot with me"?
She Is there a nice little house on
Ihe lot, Henry? Boston Herald.
Mothers Will find Mr Winnlnnr'a Rnnth.
Jig Syrup the best remedy to use for their
MUdren during the teething period.
Between Friends.
Enpeck I understand vour wife is
Meeker Yes: she hasn't spoken a
ford for three davs.
hnpeck Good! You always were
lucky dog. Chicago News.
Too Thin.
Church Music Committee I thoucrht
lou said you were a fine bass? You
pn t be heard ten seats from the or-
Bass-Well, isn't that n fine voice?
fuetun llerald.
Haiiilin'fi W 17firi1 Oil in on rA ramprlv
r'd like an old tn.'iwl nmv if diMiHtuled
In- It cures pain.
Wouldn't Squander It
Mr. Hardfiste If eive vou this
rnny, niy man, will you squander it
f uririKV
Weary Walker No. sir: I'll use it
fgit a new autymobile my old one's
tarin' out.
For Infants and Children.
p Rind You Have Always Bought
W the yf "
Pignature of (-JATsZS
f nattier Resolutions
PAKE mm,
fHK i Kr.Mnm mm
w lief from liquor, opium an tobacco
Habits. Send for particulars ui
s.IuYllKtHlltp owd to 80 Williams
""" UlJlllUlC Ave., ro.tlamd. Oregon
hlf'h .,a.l8e economy to buy groceries
Wcaf ".P st tne expense of quality.
Tor th.. "orl to tamper with your health.
,0t reason you ought to buy
laD1?"re"',V) hd and very reasonable
All first class grocera handle them.
"ADHams m. .
ivckk DKua,i rwncrt,
No. 80 1SOS.
W" wrttlnf to swUortlaera pleaa. I
in "tion I
far LM" J 1 1 JH -t 1
I a" uiuab Hinin t..i.
n lime. Sold by drumrlM.
In Great Luck.
"Yon've lynched the wrong man "
cried the sheriff.
"Well," .pHed Alkali Ike thought
fully, 'it's a great piece of luck that
we didn't find it nut. in tima ia
the fun."
Very Unwelcome.
Sandy Tikes Yon Hnn't 1V
pleasc.nt, pard. Did yer get a hand-out
i ic im nouse:
Billy Coalgate Yes, but de hand dat
cum was in de shajie of a closed fist.
Chicago Post.
There are Different Kindt.
Mrs. Sewwed Are you fond of
Mrs. Coyne love one.
Mrs. Newwed Football?
Mrs. Coyne No; my husband.
Boston llerald.
"It seems to me," said the, young
housewife, "there's entirely too "much
water in the milk you serve."
"It won't occur again, ma'am," said
the foxy milkman. "You see, the
farmer's man has lieen giving the cows
too much salt and it makes 'em very
thirsty. The farmer's got a new man
now." Philadelphia Press.
A Woman's Complexion.
In the sprinR. when the young man's fancy is Hfrhtly
turning to thoughts of love, the young lady of fashion
is spending her spare time over her complexion, for
the winter months of close 'titled rooms, late hours
and Ihe long round (if dUsiuation demanded by society
begin to tell strongly oi tne bloom of the feminine
cheek and a thorough treatment must be given to tone
up the system and bring back the freshness before
summer arrives.
The fiTSt thing is to look well after the diet and set
that it is wholesome and varied, and sufficient mi
quantity to keep up the strength.
Some skins in the spring of the year are subject to
disfiguring eruptions and the most approved means of
getting rid of this trouble is tn take Vogeler Curative
Compound, which purifies, cools and cleanses the
blood from all impurities, and removes every trace of
skin eruptions. lleare of any and all external face
and skin remedies, such a3 lotions, powders, soaps
etc., many of which are absolutely dangerous, from
the fact that they contain powerful chemicals, which
have been known to mark and otherwise disfigure the
face for life. Vogcler's Curative Compound is made
sholly from purely vegetable ingredients, from the
formula of one of London's most noted living physi
cians, and has no equal for beautifying the complexion,
because it purifies and cleanses the blood and makes
pure rich red blood Jt also tones up the system,
gives an apatite, ensures sweet and peaceful sleep,
invigorates and strengthens the entire nervous organi
sation It makes people well.
A free sample bottle will be sent free by applying to
St. Jacobs Oil, Ltd., Baltimore, Md.
Very Deleterious.
Mr. Cumso Do you believe in pyro
technics for the holidays?
Mrs. Malap -Oh, yes, if the children
don't eat too many.
Carter '8
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
fee FaoSlmile Wrapper Below.
Very email and as easy
to take as snfinr.
, cEKvaoi auTiwyt wimatu.c. . i
;hJ cinu I Purely Ytfet&le.&!&i
1 Aiaumimim imit'
Got t Good Start
He I was once one of the judges at
a baby show.
She Heavens! How did you es
cape? He We handed in a sealed verdict.
Lost Hair
" My hair came out by the hand
ful, and the gray hairs began to
creep in. I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and it stopped the hair from com
ing out and restored the color."
Mrs.M. D.Gray, No. Salem, Mass.
There's a pleasure in
offering such a prepara
tion as Ayer's Hair Vigor.
It gives to all who use it
such satisfaction. The
hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. S1.M bottle. All aratrUti.
If toot dnifrgist cannot anpply yon,
.endConTdoW and will expresa
you a bottle. Be sure and helve the name
! a a nrpn'n
Information aa to Tobacco and It
Cae by the World.
A history of tobacco has Just been
published by V. S. Pcnn, an English
man, under the title of "The Soverane
Herb." From it some curious facts
can be drawn that will amuse, as well
as instruct smokers.
It appears that the practice of smok
ing was at first a religious rite, and
that It was taken In the sixteenth cen
tury from America to Europe, whence
it spread to Asia. All three modes of
using the weed cigars, pipes and snuff
were found in vogue among the na
tives of America by the earliest dis
coverers. In the narrative of . the first
voyage of Columbus we are told of the
astonishment of the Spaniards at see
ing the natives of San Salvador putting
cigars, or, rather, enormous cigarettes.
On his second voyage the , Islanders
were observed snuffing the powdered
leaf through a hollow cane. On the
mainland pipe smoking was the univer
sal custom, but still retaining much
of a ritualtistic character.
So tobacco went to Spain as clgaTs. to
France (through Jean Xlcot) as snuff,
snd was carried to England with the
pipe by Ralph Lane, Governor of Vir
ginia, on his return home In 158G. Ra
leigh, though he adopted the practice,
was not (as Is often stated) its intro
ducer. England gave It to the Dutch,
and the Hutch carried it to the Spice
Islands and farthest Cathay, so that
almost before the century closed to
bacco had girdled the world. Not, how
ever, without opposition. King James'
futile crusade against the weed had no
effect except to stimulate poets like
Jonson, Ford, Sylvester and smaller
fry to curry court favor by satirical
abuse of smoking and smokers.
Shakspeare never alludes to the prac
tice, and his silence may be Interpret
ed either way. Sultans, shahs, Khalifs
and czars put forth their might against
It, and Pope Urban launched a bill
against Its use, but all in vain; the
frail, withered leaf was stronger than
popes and kings.
Mr. Tenn has omitted a certain fam
ous anecdote associated with this bull
of Urban, and the New York Evening
Post recalls It, as of Incidental Inter
est. On the publication of the bull a
paper was found affixed to the statue
of Pasquln, containing a test In Latin,
which has been thus translated into
English: "Wilt thou break a leaf that
Is driven to and fro, and wilt thou
pursue the dry stubble?" This text U
found In Job xiii., 25. Urban made
proclamation that, if the author would
declare himself, he should receive re
ward. On the next morning the pas
qull was found signed "Job."
Despite both spiritual and secular
fulminations. tobacco held Its own, and
even what few monarchs have done
conquered the church. The present
pope takes snuff, the finest in the
world, which Is specially made for hlni
In Baltimore. But fashions in tobacco
taking, as In other things, have varied.
In the eighteenth century the yipe
sunk in reputation In England and the
snuff box arose. On the continent
snuff had always been aristocratic and
leaders of fashion had rivaled each
other In the costliness and beauty of
their boxes, the exquisite flavor of their
contents and the grace with which the
pinch was inhaled.. England never
quite attained these high levels of ele
gance, and In the nineteenth century
went back to the cigar. The Crimean
war brought In the cigarette, the use
of which the English had learned from
their allies, and in late years the pipe
has come once more Into favor. Buf
falo Express.
A Moving Mountain.
Most people forger, that geology Is not
altogether a history of the past. The
forces that made the mountains are
still going- on. Some mountains are
growing, some are wearing down. Be
cause these processes take a long time
to accomplish visible results, one is apt
to form the erroneous idea that they
have ceased, and that the face of the
earth Is fixed once for all. A case of
geological action so rapid as to be easily
observed Is the moving mountain In
Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
This "mountain" Is a knob, or -mound,
which Is sliding down the sldeif a full
sized mountain.
It has obliterated old turnpikes and
roadways, and threatens to slide sud
denly and do great damage. The land
slide already covers twenty-five acres
of one farm, and has. destroyed the
boundaries of another.
At the point where the mound has
torn away from the mountain Is a deep
gulch, In which have been found many
Indian relics. The place is so danger
ous from ledges and banks which
threaten to fall that nobody has dared
explore the cleft thoroughly.
This geological movement has been
so rapid that a new map of the county
may be necessary. Heavy rains, says
the Detroit Free Press, stir the entire
valley to fear lest the whole hill tum
ble and destroy everything in its path.
Irish Emigration.
The capacity of Ireland for sending
out emigrants has been one of the mar
vels of the world. During 1901 the Isl
and sent out 39,870 emigrants, or nine
in every 1,000 of population, of whom
80.5 per cent were between the ages of
15 and 35. Even this large total la some
7,000 smaller than that of 1900.
Names of Japanese Children.
The children of the Alnos, a people
living in northern Japan, do not receive
their names until they are 5 years old.
It is the father who then chooses the
name by which the child is afterward
The wise man adroitly tries to con
ceal his Ignorance, while the fool awk
wardly attempts to display his knowledge.
Our VJorhing
XMt to the most favored is not alwnys
full of sunshine, but to the average
American girl or woman who is obliged
to work for her living, and, perhapf
to help others at home), life is often
heavy drag in consqucmc of illness
Women who work, especially those
vrho are constantly oa their feet, aryt
peculiarly liable to the development
of organio troubles, and should par
ticularly heed the first manifestations,
such as backache, pains in the lower
limbs and lower part of the stomach.
Irregular and painful monthly periods
Visa Ella. Boxxxxa, E. Eochbstbb, Oane.
faint new, weakness, loss of appetite
and sleep.
The young lady whose portrait we
publish herewith had all these symp
toms and in addition lencorrhoea,
and was cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. First, she
wrote a letter to Mrs. Pinkham's lab
oratory at Lynn, Mass., describing her
trouble, rccaived in reply accurate in
structions what to do to get well, and
r.ow wishes her name used to convince
others that they may be cured aa she
The same helping hand, free of
charge or obligation, is extended, to
every ailing woman in America, If
you are sick you are foolish not to get
this valuable advice, it costs you noth
ing, and she is suro to help you. Dont
Wait until it is too late write to-day.
If you want to try a tample of the
finest spices you ever used send us 5
cents in stamps with the name of your
grocer and mention this paper and we
will fend you a 10 cent tin of Monopole
White pepper or cayenne or ginger or
other variety you may select as a sam
ple. We know it is only necessary to
get you to try them to make- you a be
liever in Monopole. Address Wad
hams & Kerr Bros., Portland, Ore.
They Had Tried It
My wief and I have love to burn,
But, goodness bless your soul!
It didnt' take us long to learn
We can't use that for coal.
Philadelphia Press.
I have enough good type for
small newspaper and job plant.
No machinery. Will sell cheap
for cash or trade for Portland real
estate. Address
Pm O. BOX 416,
Portland, Or.
An Honored Name.
"Remember," said the impressive
person, 'that your ancestors have left
,-.ai, tin lirmnrfilitu "
"Well," answered the titled youth,
ruefully, "it is all right on a visiting
card, but it isn't much at a bank."
Washington Star.
Eczema is caused by an acid humor is
Ihe blood coming in contact with the
kin and producing great redness and in
flammation ; little pustular eruptions form
snd discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which
dries and scales off ; sometimes the skin is
hard, dry and fissured. Eczema ia any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin
on fire. Salves, washes nor other exter
nal applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
It will keep the skin irritated.
"For three years I
bad Tetter on my
hands, which caused
them to awell to twice
their natural eize. Part
of the time the disease
was in the form cf run
ning sores, very pain
ful, and causing me
much discomfort. Four
doctors said the Tetter
had progressed too far
to be cured, and they
could da nothinr for
me. I took only three a"-'
bottles of 6. 8. S. and T
was completely cured. 1
This was fifteen years
azo, and I have never
siaceseen any aiga of sny old trouble." Mas.
U- Jackson, 1414 McGec 6L, Kassas City, Mo.
. S. S. S. neutralizes this acid poison,
tools the blood and restores it to a healthy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
skin becomes soft, smooth and clear.
cures Tetter, Ery
sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum and all skin
diseases due to a pois
oned condition of the
blood. Send for our book and write us
about your case. Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study, and can
help you by their advice ; re make no
charge for this service. AllcorrespondeBC.
is conducted in strictest confidence.
laaafllclent Appliance at Ilaad Ptd
Not Prevent Operations,
Good surgeons are often men of great
ingenuity, aud ihere are numerous
cases on record of Important and wholly
satisfactory results accomplished with
rude appliances. A writer who was
with the British army In the Soudan,
gives. In a New Vork paper, this Illus
tration of a e'ever adaptation of menus
to a desired end:
After the Battle of Omdurman we
brought back to Abadieb 121 wounded
officers and men. Of this number there
were twenty-oue cases of which an ac
curate diagnosis could not be made by
ordinary surgical means.
By the help of the Roentgen rays,
however, we found the bullet or proved
Its absence In twenty out of these twenty-oue
cases, the remaining case being
so ill with a severe wound In the lung
that It was not considered Justifiable
to examine him at the time.
Of course we had 110 s'.eam engine to
generate electricity for us, and the des
ert heat had dissolved our specially pre
pared candles Into their constituents.
Necessity, however. Is the mother of
Invention, and we had recourse to a
unique method. The pulley of a small
dynamo was connected by means of a
leather strap with the rear wheel of a
tandem bicycle. Having carefully ad
justed the circuit with the storage bat
tery, and also with the voltmeter and
ammeter, a warrant officer took his po
sition on the seat of the bicycle and
commenced pedaling. When fifteen
volts and fourteen amperes were reg
istered, the switch close to the baudlc
of the bicycle was opened aud the
charging of the battery begun.
As the resistance became greater a
sensation as of riding up-hill was ex
perienced by the mau ou the seat, and
the services of an additional orderly
were requisitioned for the frout seat of
the tandem.
As this bicycle practice was generally
Indulged In In a temperature of 110 de
grees In the shade, the orderlies were
not sorry when, at the end of a half
hour, the switch was turned off aud the
machine brought to a standstill.
Answer to Woman Question,
A woman's club in Berlin offers a
prize of 1,000 marks for the best "cate
chism of the woman question."
j(itchelL buggies.'
Olve hotter satlrctlnn than anything on
the market at anylhliiK like the prler, be
cause tlii-y are made of K'hxI material, lo
stand "llreKiin roads" 1 run corners 011
IxKliifi, liraees on Klmlm. heavy aaeond
jtriiwth wlwels, screwed rims. If ynu wmit
to reel sure that you are kUIiik your mon
ey's worth, axk for a "Hen Line" or a
"Mitchell" (ilenufy) IiUKk-y. W guar
antee them.
MHoh.ll, Lmwlm IHuvmr Oa.
Seattle, Bpokaue, Dulse. Portland, Or.
No Staples. No Tacks. Opens like a pniier box, ready for use.
U,M CQ1 lfl H
I TT ...
at Dealers.,' Mall, Mc Free 68-Psre Hsn4
K. J. noWh.N, Coast Agents, l'oitli,,, tire., ..(! Hei.ltla, Wash
ror xears Mci-ormiclc
for harvesting; the
w Hlvl (Ki3'h ! i am
r ml I IrH aHIM
Th McCormick ( O, K. ) Lin of Headers, Mowers, Binders, Rke and
Reapers it described in the FINEST CATALOGUE EVER PRINTED.
- Send for one FREE to
A. H. BOYLAN, General Agent,
McCormick Harvester Co, Portland, Or.
A Nursfl Says: " Pe-ru-na is a
Tonic of Efficiency-"
Mrs. Kate Taylor, a graduated
nurse of prominence, gives her ex
j perlence with I'eruna In an open
letter. Her position In society and
i professional standing combine to give
special prominence to her utterances.
CHICAOO, ILL., 427 Monroe St.
"As far as I have observed Peruna ia
the finest tonic anv man or woman can
J use who is weak from the after effects
.of any serious illness.
I "I have seeii it used in a number of
i convalescent cases, and have seen sev
! eral other tonics used, hut I found that
those who used Peruna had the quick
est relief."
"Peruna seems to restore vitality,
Increase bodily Igor and renew health
and strength In a wonderfully short
In view of the great multitude 0!
women suffering from some form of fe
male disease and yet unable to tlml any
cure, lr. llartnmn, the renowned spe
cialist on female catarrhal diseases, has
announced his willingness to direct the
treatment of as many cases as nmko
application to him during the summer
months, without charge. Address The
Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
On Him.
Husband How long is it since I've
been to church?
Wife Do yon mean to say you've
forgotten our wedding day? Brooklyn
St. Helen's School for Girls.
1'hlrtv-tlilrd year. Commodious build
Inns. Modem equipment. Academic
and rolleae preparatory courses. Hpu.
rial course-. 111 iiiiimc and art. 1 1 1 tie.
rated caiulimiie. All departments will
reopen Scptemlier 16.
Found.d fa 70
A Horn. So100 for Boym
Mllltmry mnd Manual Training
Writ, tor lllu.trat.d Catalogu.
Mstemper or I'lnk I've with I'himiim TIhavs
"wl"s. They AKZ A OHKAT BLOOD PUIllr lEI
nnu lunuiiiunr-s, a aure cure lor all uilmenia liotn which licuvcs
Ihsvs been nMnir Pniuian Heaea I'owders Ihe mint elutit month, snd In that
time have eureit II horses of Hes.es 14 "f lllt. nii r unil 0 of liruule Uiuata.
rue Prusslau ueuiedles have aUUKl a grent reouuiinn In this M-ttlcn
Aiias-ar u&u.M.aa. wark. S.WTiwk
Rrmeily Tn., St. faiit. Minn.
has manufactured machines
crops of the world.

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