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County Official Paper
Knteroil in the I'ost-oHice at Enterprise
Ore., as Second -class matter.
sunscnimos ratks.
(finale copy, per year $1.50
Sunric ropy, six months I.T3
Silicic copy, three months .&
When you change your address, notily
lliis orhee', Riving your present ami future
u-tofttce address, so that the C'hibftais
May read, you promptly.
This paper Is kept on file by Albert
Tozier's Advertising Aaency, Portland
Orpon, where advertising may be re
ceired for it.
THURSDAY, JUL! 11, 1902
Merrill's lody lias been found in
the vicinity indicated by his part
ner Tracy, who said lie killed him
several days ago. Tracy's repu
tation for truth and varacity can
not now be questioned. With the
dailv press of Seattle and Portland
it is different.
Land Orrtcg at I Grande, Oregon.
June 14, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
Pettier has Died notice of his
intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof w ill be made before A. C. Smith
U. S. Commissioner, nt Enterprise,
Oregon, on July 2o 10J, viz:
H.E. 7:i'.il, of Michael Toomey of
Cl.ieo, Oregon, for the XW. NE.V4',
SV; NE' and NE'4' fE;i Sec. 14,
T. 1 N. R. 45 E. V. M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
John 151ow, Daniel W. Warnock,
Edward A. Tinaley, all of Chico, Oregon,
and Isaac Root, of Enterprise, Oregon.
Ouardlan' Sale of Real Property.
Land Omen at LaGrande Oregon.
June 14, 1902.
Notice is herehv given that the following
named guttler hat tiled notice of his inten
tion to commute and make final proof in
support of his claim ami that said proof
will be made before 1). W. Sheahan U.
S. Commissioner at Enterprise, Oregon,
on July 2"), 1902. viz:
II. E. 0713, Virgil J. J.evander. of
Xotice is HEREHY GIVEN that by
virtue and in pursuance of an order
of the County Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of Wal
lowa duly made and entered of
record therein on the 5th day of
May 1902, in the matter of the
estateand guardianship of Clarence
G. Bare, Myrtle B. Bare, Mollie B.
Bare and Frank Bare, minora, by
which order the undersigned is
and directed to sell all the real
property belonging to the estate of
said minors, I, Geo. W. Hyatt,
guardian of the estate and persons
o said minors, will on the 10th
day of July 1902, at the hour of 10
o'clock Ai M., at the front door of
the County Court house, in the
city of Enterprise, Wallowa county,
Oregon, sell at public auction as
like property is sold on execution,
to the highest and best bidder for
cash, payable at the date of con
firmation 'of said sale, all the right,
title, interest and estate, .vhich the
of five distinct routes -to travel.
The equipment of these trains is
the best including free reclining
chairs, standard and tourist sleep
ers, a perfect dining car service,
and also personally conducted ex
cursion cars, each in charge of a
competent guide, whose business is
to look after the comfort of his
guests. No more pleasant and in
expensive means of crossing the
Continent can be found than is
provided by these excursions.
For additional details, address,
J. D. Mansfield, Gen'l Ag't,
Rio Grande Lines,
124 Third St., Portland, Oregon.
Land! Land!! Land!!!
The tourist travel between the
1 thd Paciffe Coast has I
, -ii uiuit uieeia on the
reached enormous proportions in nesiiuy in January, April, Jul
- son.
Court Sexton.
Probata court is thL...
. Monday of each month. ""H
Countr court meeteon
The Burleigh Real Estate Agency
lias placed on the market some choice
bargains in real estate. Xotiee there:
160 acres of fine bottom land with
an abundance of running water witli
water rights; 60 acres in cultivation;
the finest alfalfa or wheat land; price
Bare, Mollie B. Bare and Frank
Joseph. Oregon, for (he WJg swy sEtf j Bare, and each of them, has now
N. R 4tj E. W. M. j or heretofore has had in the follow
ing described real property, with
out division thereof, towit:
The undivided four-twenty-firsts
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Daniel V. Warnock, James K. Shields.
Richard W. Warnoek, Charles Warnock, ! (4-21) interest of, in and
all ot Joseph, Oregon.
Lord Salisbury has resigned the
jiremiership of England on account
of his age and failing health. The
King appointed Lord Balfour to
'ill the vacancy. It is expected
that there v.ill be several more
resignations from the English cab
inet on account of this change of
The streams in Eastern Oregon
:ire now of some consequence to
E. W. CARTLETT, Register.
said Clarence G. Bare, Myrtle B. $2500 on easy terms,
We only handle property that will
sell, consequently can quote you the
lowest prices on all classes of real
Call on oi write the linn for further
The Binti.Eie.n Rkai. Estate Aokncv
Enterprise, Oregon
' (he general prosperity of the lish-1 XW14 MV.li of ec. 14
nig industry of Western Oregon. lLllh oirU
.Hatcheries hav been established
it many points along the mount
ain streams where the lish are cap
tured and the eggs hatched. The
following is clipped from a recent
i-sH" .,f t..- 1 'f.'.ini.in:
A 'letter was received at the Fish
Warden's ofiice' today from A. 1).
11 ,
Alien, superintendent ot tne sta
tion for the State Fish Commission
mi the Grande Koiide river, in
which he stnt'.-s he got the racks in
m July. :;. and that a considerable
number 01 cliinuoks have put in an
1 p pea ranee. Tiie;e li.-h are from
lie June run, wiuie loose ta
' no Llackr.'.pias hat;'!
to the
West half of the North-east quar
ter and the East half of the North-
j west quarter of Section twentynine
I (-'!) in Township two (2) North oi
TIMBER LAND, ACT JUNE, 3, 1S7S. j ilange forty eight (48) E. W. M.
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. j in Wallowa .County, Oregon, con-
U LtC 027:1. 1902. ! tainin ne hundred and
Notice is hereby given that in compli- , (lb0) acres together with the tene- :
ance with the provisions of the act of merits, hereditaments and appur
Congress of June 3. entitled "An ! tenences thereunto belonging or in
act for the sale of timber lands in the ' any wjse appertaining. i
Mates of California, Oregon. Nevada and ,
Washington Territory," as extended to j Gko. W. IIvatt, ;
all the Public Land States by act of Aug- j Guardian of the estate and per-1
ut 4.1S92, William E. Taggart. of Col- ; sons of Clarence G. Bare, Myrtle
fax. county of Whitman. State ol Wash-: JJ UT(- Mollie R Hire and Fr-.t.t 5
mgtoii, has this dav tiled in this office j ,' 1Kln-IuUU- u- liarean(1 crank
his sworn statement No. 10:11, for the pur- 1 1,;ue minors. f
chase of the SEl4' SV4' Sec. 11 W1., j '
in Town-; Reduced Rates to the East. '
45 E. ! ':'
nroof to slimrHi.it .
me lamt sought is more valuable f..i its ti , 1
(iini)or or stone than for agricultural pur-, 1 ll0?0 contemplating an eastern '
oses and to establish his claim to said : trip will be interested to know that i
land helore the Register and Receiver , ..1 mi 1 , , i
of this oliiee at La Grande, Oregon, on 1 U,ere Wl11 shortly be on sale great- ;
Friday the li'th day of September" l!)02. !v reduced rate tickets in connection !
with the Rio Grande System, the
the last few years, and calls for a
seecial class of equipment. To
meet this demand the Pullman
Company has issued from its shops
what it technically calls the "Pull
man Ordinary Sleeper." These
cars appear similar to the regular
sleepers being built on the same
plan, but not furnished with the
eume elegance. They are equipped
with mattresses, blankets,. sheets,
pillows, pillow-cases, towels, combs,
brushes, etc., requiring nothing of
the kind to be furnished by the
passenger. Each car has a stove
for making tea and coffee and do
ing "'light housekeeping," and each
section can be fitted with an ad
justable table. A uniformed por
ter accompanies each car, his busi
ness being to make up berths,
Kf-ep the car clean, and look after
the mts and comforts of the pass
engen. In each of the trains
which a. dispatched dailv from
Portland by the O. II. & N. Co. is
to be found one of these "Pullman
Ordinary Sleepers." The car at
tached to the "Chicago-Portland
Attorney and Counselor at la
All business and correspondent,
tended to with iatmtei. i L" n
Special" goes through to Chicago and Federal Courts and
without change, and the one in the ! Dlrt'"t.
Circuit, court convent..
Monday in May, nd the
in October. 'Hotj,,
rr . .
xiyou want louieon 1j .
up on your homestead, buv .a
ornate land, or Iran ct 7
kind of land busing ",?J,4er
address. ' nu 0,1 f
D. W. Sheahan
Eterprise, - . 0re
D. VV. Sheahan.
"Atlantic Express" runs to Kansas
iCitv without change. Passengers
in this car for Chicago change to a
similar car at Granger.
Much of the first class travel is
being carried in these cars, the
nites being lower, and the service
nearly equal to that in the palace
For rates and full information,
including folders, write to
A. I,. Craig,
General Passenger
Agent, 0. R. & N. Co. Portland,
' - Oregon.
Calls t.n nit rn-t., t
u. lne C0IJnt
proniDtly answered '
Residence one block East f Meihoik
" :"o -oi ui Drug store.
0. E.
xte na.nes as witnesses:
(ieorje N. Lar.ibee, Anson C. Larabee,
i.ola i:. Clark, all of .Moscow, Idaho, and
David r. Trimble, of Colfax, Washington.
Any and all ivrsons ciaimim,' adverselv
the above-deseribud lan.ls aro reijusted
to liie their claims in this etliiv on or be
fore said Ud.iv of September,
E. W, DAiMxarr, Register.
;en at
.re froui
S nri!
:;in! 'i-v runs. Ileretiv
:-M-e th: li;h artin-..'.l!y pr-.-pagatod
:.ive been from tie-,fu!y r.tul Au-!i.,
-lis! inn.-: at nearly i-verv L;U .in.-rv ' ''
TIMIiKR LAND, ACT .U'N!: :;. i.
Nui'b.'i; i'ui: pt'in.ii'ATiox,
I'nit- ! S:at- Land tnliee.
, I 'r. .1 line !.',', I: ij.
I... t.r.,
iti-e i- 1.-
. v.-.iii t;
.- :.r-.i!ie .:
el' timbr.-
ii.iry," as
j famous "Scenic Line of the World."
I This line offers its passengers a
: most delightful and comfortable
journey to all eastern points.
! It is the only transcontinental
I line passing directly through '
j quaint and pictueresque Salt Lake
; City "The City of the Saints,"
I a"tiful Glen wood Springs, Lcad
; vu'tj, Pueblo, Colorado Springs j
' (where a side trip may be made to I
Wallowa Valley Chapter, No 50,
Order of the Eastern Star, holds its
regular connniinieatious on the First
and tbcTbird Saturday of each month.
at 7:311 1". M., in Masonic Hall, Enter
prise, Oregon. All visiting brothers
and sisters are cordially invited to
Amy E. Fohhytiie
Rak E. Rates: Worthy Matron.
Woodmen of tlic World. '
EsTK'tfiiisK Camp No. ii:!,"), meets
reMlai-ly on the First imd Third Mon
day nights of each month. Transient
Neighbors cordially invited.
f. A. Ci.ai:k C. C.
C. A. Anr, Clerk.
i'l.M I'.KK LA Mi,
NOTlC'i: loll
t !i :l t
in compli j the Garden of the Gods and the
summit of Pike's Peak over the cog- '
'11 ti;' L'"ii::nlia. lut
' in".- iriy : '.:n (,f ii-li
: eady to sptivn it is t.
'. i.,"i'.it:!iiii:;- run can I
ir.im ti... .( enin,' lu
;ei! it is
el ;.l that
I-.hhI .-Si. u.
Ill r
' I A.
a.-t Con
"Aa act t'
! :' Cali
W:i -lii.iiti':
i! the 1'iih'i
-'i-t 4, 1 ; '
till-- Cii.'.-lll;.; : 1
1:. w.
ha, tl.,
Ti -.;!!,
' ui tae
'.. and
- i:.iy
Strnyed or iioien.
1 it- tun ''! r or .-;
j 1 urpii,, -, ini'l
i .-aid land i.iure
s 'i:e 1 1
a.-l :
In r .
ray mar--. 1 years uhl.
C'liiiiectei!. 011 l-ft
h:ii stripp , i; r'ra ht side
r-v.ard for return ui
- tor pruef of per.-oii who
11. I1i:am. Paradise. Or.
Ucionel Bro-'n,
i hav,
1 1 1 1 i u u
1 i!! stand bin;
ha-ed tie- above named
on ot Jack' Jeloisnn. anil
it 111 v barn on Sheei.
. M.tt. ei
ttil- "i'lCe
for the
e'-tioii No.
No. 1, N, Itiui-,. .. i:
v. ill otter p-in f f s.'imv
i'-'ht i men- viiliia: ! I'm
in- timn for : ,'i u:tura!
to e-laliii,; l,i claim 1,.
lohn A. i: .:,ibl,... r. s;.
' -'o-rph. ()r'L-..Ii. uti
rmir-iay, tl.e tit!, ,:,y uf s.pu ib,..r.
!!'-'. He 11:11m, us V'tiiv-se:
Cliarle- I.. Uart-h-Tii. Willi.,.., i
Albert Hart-iiorn, Kn-ihriek V.
, all of Jo-i-ph, iri-'-oii.
Any ami lt pv-r-ons ehiiiuiii adverse
ly tin., above-, kwi-ibed lands ar,- rcpiest
eil to tile their claims in tiii., oliiee on or
btf Ji'e said 11th day r f !,-p,.,it)er, Vr2.
I.. W. Uartiett. Krister.
! wheel railroad,) and Denver, the
queen city of the inter-mountain
; region. Stop-overs are allowed on
, -11 elass-.s of tickels.
iltree tuuly express trains make
close connections with all trains
. east and west and afford a choice
!. b)l)L'.
11 celepli-
oi the a. i of
ntitloif "A,.
in the
. as e.No'juleii
ites 1 IV
(U)(H Tiit.rntllTA The Northern Pacific is noted
- - - - -" V
among railways for its adver.
tising matter. Its pamphlets
ranch. lenns sfln. iiiMirat.ce.
IIascall C01.K. Lost i'ne, Ore.
Notice to Contractors.
TLMiir.u land, act juxe :j, wrs'g
I'nited States Land Office, !
La (iratule, Ore., June 7, 1902. i
Notice is hereby udver. thai in compli-! t
ance with the provisions nf.-.ti m-t c i
laress of June ;;, 1S7.S. entitled "An ! 2
tot tlie sale of timber hinds in the States! ?.
of California. Oreiron, Nevada and W ih- i ' i
mu'ton Territory." as extended to all the ; 3
I'nblic 1-aml States bv act of August 4. ' 1
1'L. Albert II:irt.r, of Imnaha. conntv I !
ol Wallowa. Mate of On rotl . ti.iu 1 1,;., 1 J
I day Hied in this office his sworn tnt- :
input No. 10-12. for the i.nreleiso nf tl,', '. 1
' ive
Entcrpris-j Hotel Co. will re-
a!ed bids for the -,)i,stt uction
of SE'i
ii a two story, stone hotel l.tiiMin
1 ......
ti- creei ai at r.nter ri?e. Oregon.
Said bids to b? submitted on or before
Inly 20. Ji'M2. Plans and speeilica
t:otis can be seon at Wallowa National
1 .11!;. nt !:.-..-; :,t c. It
niton's oiiice in Ea Grande (in
l:." ri.'ht is reserved to reject nny
iio! i 1 1 bids.
order of the Hoard of Directors.
G. W. Hyatt, Sec.
o! etNin V,. Hi
Township No. 2. X, It. No. 47 K. W. M.'.
and will offer proof to show that the land'
sendit is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and
loeHiarnwii :.ise;,ini losaid land before i J
1... v. . .-11,, o 1. Commissioner at 1
t; la.tcrpns.., Or-'..,,, At,.,,, ... ,!, 1 J
'wi ui .in'.isi. r.Mij.
He narji.-s as .vittewses ;
liobert 1-. Mnbblefieid. J, Frank
Iijvis, (otben II. Vet, Clarence E.
Vest, ah of Eiih-rpri-e, Oregon.
Any and ail persons Haimirsr udvorne-
ly the aViov il"S-iil)p. I: r 111
S foiiest-
ei'.to C.'.if thir cliniH in thi- ofheooncr
bc!or silil H day ef Aicn-f, f!)n.
E. W...1! ,j;ti;tt,
. m 1 E J TA tf nri- l.lt.l-l.fr ... , . - ,
iMJi iillilrSl ' "cl, eie., are lasteiuiiy
gotten upjind are valuahle for what
they contaiu. Here is a partial list
Nothing f What ySr- -e. Ueucral las..
--!-- cnger.lgent.l t. I'aul, will
send out carefully mailed, upon receipt of
prices given. Any combination can be made, and money
or express orders, silver or stamps will he accepted This is
a fine opportunity to obtain good descriptive reading mat
ter for little or nothing.
Wonderland lf)l
An annual publication, beautifully illustrated in color and
half-fcmo. This number treats particularly of the history of
he Northern Pacific's Trademark, the CusU-r itattlelield in
Montana, and the Yellowstone Park. SEND SIX OKNTS
.lBIiii it 9 uro Wouifcrland- ' '
A neatand dainty publication containing complete history
of the Northern Pacific Trademark. The artistic covers of
the Wonderland 101 are used in miniattim. SEND roCIi
Wild I'lawem from 1 tltow-ionp-
A book of preased wild flowers from Yellowstone Park, show
ing the real fiv.vera in their natural colors. A dainty and
beautiful Honvenir ten specimens of flowers and six full
pa'-'eilhrttratronH of Park geeii.-ry. SKNI) FirTY CENTS
Te!!oi--t4ii( Antioiml S'livu
A new 112-pa-e book iu str.v.g flexible covers, 2o.l paper,
plain type, illustrated, pocket size, a compendium, and
descriptive of the World's Wonderland. SI'NDTW I V"V
.'Zln;!3us- .ttnuul i:iiniir-
An Uluntraled p, ket-size book, 72 pajres, in slronc fl -vibl,,
cover., printrvl on heavy p.,rvr, .lescriptive of an us.-ent f
the lo-hest peak in the Uf.ii,l St.-.t-s msi,le nf .sha
of a jlnei:il nature. SEND TWENTY ! IVE OliNTS.
1 r,i 1 1 In r Hi 4i-i.4T74trtjittiaia-VLt?tSg- it-"" IWgififfig
to tile tlw.lr !..:.;. . " ' 'Wl'leste.l
B I f-esaid 20th OTur,."'
L. W. Kaktlett.
M"V .H'NK ;;, is;
i n;i ;:i) si at::.- ; am. oitici:,
I..K.'.ll: I ().-...-.., M l
Notice S her:;by uivi i, that
ince ttltn ti1(. ),rov:.or,:4 ol the
eo::u're-s ot .in:i(. ;; S?
a' t tar the sae- ot tiu.b. r .U:il
iute. of 1 -aii;'..ni j., t ). (.,.,,,,
010 . a-Mimiito,-! rrit. r
to ,ill tl,.. I'.,.a:.. 1 .
; '": IMC, (.,.! ,:e ll,l:1.
Initi.ou, canty ,,j W ,l ,-.v 1
. ..le o. U.o, , ,;. ( . m '
hi.Mjlhee hisHUorn statement Nu. i:i"
;., Hie purchase of the I.T
v'"', H'. 'lV'l"'l'l1 No. - N".
; '-'; -No I. V.. ami ,w ol!(.r
, ' ' , " lli,r land sor.-ht is
"-"eahiaoie i,.r its t,,,,i. . ..
ti,.,,, i , . ,. , Binnt
...... .. . ,i.,,.,iii!irai purpi.sen, and I,.
est ao iHii his eh.!... ... , ,
I l , I. . Kllld netorv
-.. 11111 oil.' , L
at Joseph, Oregon,
wool Mill- oi .11 1- loo.
He names as witnesses'-
Patrick l.oftns, John I.. Weaver,
, .leaver ami Kichard l
! all of Inina'na. (..
lu.V!Itti!!!..W inn'-adverselv
"ii lilay, the
T A Tl
Practicein all Courts of the Stale.
a ..11 ti 1 ... .
ou n iveai estate and make Collec
tions on Commission.
n ...
uii vi-yancing and Abstracting
iSr Office in Court House HI
1 n .
Smith & Hodgin
Pil 1 URfrEYP, AT I AW
in no 1,8 (teiiartnients tmnsactcd
111 tins ..the... ,,! .i:lts i0T-mvx
tion. All Filings and. CntestKcat
" leeorttcu unci attended to with
prompt nejs.
Otlieo upstairs in the lierland
a. c. mim,
L Ji'osner,
six? 1
a 11
visit DR. Innn
mm uin... -4ii vmi
-"",oriiv.,K. . '
, . ...Hl.a.v . u .... .. .
r-ni,li. .7J. 4jmbi,iu., .f. .
I liM,.r;.. o.vr. tl,. I
' only .jT, Tmrnrtiaw 13T,",' L',',V " Sl
I cur. Th Dooto7...''-.bu' '..
cunt tor l. h ".I 4Md rntuZZ ,
1 vrit. f, R"x?:?",
. book br m..u Ol Jr wrtua iaii5l
" . f '
s inlng, Piumfcin .
Ste-cm k' s
West of Teleplone .Offce,
r 50.000
- 1.10.00
t 9,RAI J . M. Church,
Gfo. W. Hyatt.
' M. C'HTIRoh, G. W. HYATT
j W. it. HOLMES, Cashier.
Does a gjmoral banking btisine
-xel.ange Lought and sold.v Collect
n8 promptly made at homo or
I r"i uuronu,

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