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r T
H ' i
Is what you want when you sub
scribe for
A County Paper.
Look Over The
?. r, Aim ii in-dmn
wmu mm
ni i
It Gives the County News.
a 13 d
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Address or Call on
The Wallowa Chieftain,
Enterprise. Or,
LOCAL- HAPPENINGS i ,.A c- :n ,L:l
By The Chieftain.
i firande arrival in the city Tuesday.
' The family will ttay a few wwks at
KIlis House at the hike white Mr.
Miller is looking after busimvs affairs.
Jacob Bauer and faniilv arrived in
Picked Up Here And There the city Wednesday from Omaha and j
will take r.p their resilience in the 1
.Gardner proixr'v as soon as their
j household goods arrive.
! Mi sr. Guesner, Burleigh ami Cal-!
Ui.lXH t,. h-an at 7 per cent inter-Tvin ,llillle tr; ,0 the , ( tht. Hur. ;
j riciiiie creek inonntaiuslast Wtdnes-
; day ami secured some fine panoramic j
views of the ruirgrd scenery. (
l.ots 01 i ."luiwCi now m tne r.. ji. .v ;
M. I'n. Store. '
Here We Coma Fcr
m jiwik R- Ufl MTV
TK- A Til?
'St on
. ti- security.
C. T. McTUsikl
John Bariihiil, the livervman at
! Elgin wa. in the city WVdnesd.y drip Jner- gjj GOSt
'ing lor a traveling salesman. He ' J wtv w w
ing at present.
; Sheriff Shack'.eford and deputy
Kerns arrested Joe Moxley last Fri
day eveninir on a warrant from Col-
Calvin will crive vou 15 cents a doz
savs that business in his line is rush
Ilo:;x: July ', to the wife of Ford
Hillm.in, a daughter.
n n-.s: July 11. to the wife of J. C.
Shiickieford. a datr.'hter.
ii you want t.. i.uy a mower or raKe ( fils Wash., on a charge of horse
it will pay you to see Calvin. j
If y.ui want a -.). d Range for little! chet Bidw, 11 and Mr. Ouinland of
Island City and two other gentlemen
passed through town Wednesday en
route for the lake for u few days nut-:
The excavation work for the new
Eiv and Ida B..ter left : hotel w progressing nicely. The city
a visit with relatives at receives the dirt and gravel in the pit
land is grading the streets with it.
and family left tr.il.iv I lie ladies nf the Wallowa Valley
io:k v. sc.- the E. M. vt M. Co.
v. Walt will preach in the I'res
hytfriaii chureh Sunday night.
Mrs. Ethe Scott, a sister of John
Hailev. i vi.-itiiej in the county.
Tii- Mi
Sinul.iv :'.
Iil.itul City.
J. A. Frem
for th
We are now offering at
cost our entire stock of mill
inery, including the latest
styles in Ladies', Misses and
Children's hats, either plain
or dress hats. Good hats
for the Fourth at a low-price.
l.tUe Where
M . I. I. I,-t,- 11
. ... ... i.i' . .i 1. 1 . ..I. t . . . ... j ii t
and Mis I','... i:;;e;isliip, both of:
i'r:.ir:e i-.c.k.
It i- n;;-i;-'-'-'! that "Brick" John- ,
-.u i- in the toils i f ;:;e law in Idaho
II . !!! ' '.'e i.f )o! ! stealing. j
was i.s.Mit.1 Tuos-
hey v. i'l camp for ' Chapter are intending to enjoy
I h'.neh
! i .
if ice cream and cake at thei:
The !'i !ta Saloon is now owned by !
Jacob ii.iuer. he having purcha.-i d :
city license last week. Levi llilev i- !
A lt:.l-.-ta.'i- Ii
d..y to Ciie-ter
r.i 'i'i-ou
tending bar tor him.
The county court has been huv
this w.ek chicking up the old d. din-
A p'.ir.gton and Editi. oiiei.t tax rolls ami putting them
th of Joseph.
:. Wol
. Ii. ill
the pnhit
hurch Sunday
ir will ie at
1 : loi'.i.
! -Ah., h:
i net- f j:
A. E. Ivr.nhoe of La (itaiule
s ben v:-:;::iu Mrs. J. S. Wau
: )!!o time h fl for her home
brother of Jame.
, arrived from West
!; and is visiting
Linn Conner, a
Conner of this city
Virginia last v.ie
Ci. M. Voris and J. F. Johnson are
iinisiiing the repair work on W. P.
Samms' undertaking estahiuhn '3nt
tiiis week.
J. I). Zurchr lft on Wednesday's
tage for Albany where he goes to at
t i;d the encampment ci the Oregon
National (iu ud.
J. F. Johnson has purchased the in
ter : of C. M. Vo. is in the Enter
prise l'laiaing mil! and is now the
sole proprietor.
Bliss MeKcnnon arrived out from
Imti.ioa Wednesday where he has
been engaged in putting up a crop of
hay for Sam Ciasltill.
Mrs. Ethel Lord arrived in town
Wfdm.-da on a business trip. Mr.
and Mrs. Lord are staying at the
mines this summer.
MAi::tii:n: In this, city July 11,
Mr. S. M. Lozter and Miss M. M.
ttudger. both ot Prairie creek. Bev.
Samms ofli ;:ating.
Bev. Walt::, a Baptist minister of
Baker City, preached in this city la.st
Sunday morning and evening at the
Presbyterian church.
Thus. Be Vail, owner of the planing
mill at Wallowa was in the city Tues
day on a business trip in relation to
the contract for thu new hotel.
The Misses Anna and Stella Brooks
of Saunmerville, came in last week,
and on Monday evening braved the
wind and dust storm to stay over
night on their claims.
Mrs. G. S. Craig went out to Elgin
.Monday in company with Mrs. Ivan
hoe and B. F. Stuhhlefield, to visit
, her parent Mr. and Mrs. Dishman,
who are visiting a son at Elgin.
Dr. C. A. Ault has sold his interest
in the property in which the tele
phone office is situated, to J. M. Con
ner, and will move his office into a
room in the Berland building.
On Wednesday Mrs. E.J. Forsythe
and children, Enimett unci Irene, and
the MisoeH Margaret and Belle For
sythe went to the lake to camp.
They exjiect to spend several weeks
Br. Temple started Monday for out
side points. He will attend a niedi-
. ca! association this week at Hot Lake
j and then meet his wife at La Orande
in one book.
Mrs. C. A. Thillip of Wiehata, Kate
!;i 'u in the city visiting with vela
i tives. She is a niece of A. C. .Smith
j Men to work in hay harvest ur,
n w b, ing.tagerly sought and then-
are not enough to supply the demand.
Mrs. Bose Tullcv-Scimeider return- i
ed from Imuaha Saturday where s'n
has been teaching school. ,
B i::n: At Paradise. Ore., July !.
to the wife jf J. S. Kenville, a nine!
Have you ever put on a
suit that felt as if it was
made to vour especial order"'
i - -
n't the satisfaction some.
unique in this day of
cheap everything? Let us
be surveyors to you of your
suits, shirts, collars and
small but necessary articles
of men's wear and you will
be surprised how much bet
ter your clothes will seem to
lit you. Its like everything
else; its the "know how."
pound son.
C. T. McDaniel the real estate and
loin agent of Wallowa was in the city
Tuesday. '
Metingat Alder.
Stock of Shoes
Next Sunday morning religious ser-'
vices will be held in the church hum-',
ing on A'der Slope. A. B. Waltz, of;
New York Baptist Theological Semi
nary, will preach.
Paid J6so Per Acre.
Thos. Hughey has sold his five acre '
fruit tract in May Park to E. Helman,'
recently from Iowa, for !r':i.')i), or at
the rate of iflwO per acre. This is the ,
highest price yet paid for Grande :
Honde fruit land. This tract has a
fair cottage and is entirely set out;
with bearing trees. Mr. Hughey1
bought the place three years ago i
tor .f 1,100. Since that time he;
has expended a good deal of labor and
$1)00 in improving the place and has
also received a fair income from the
fruit anil other products.
Immediately following this gale j
Mr. Hughey made the purchase of
Jordon's residence property north of i
the railroad track. He will remove'
his family to town and will follow his
trade, that of carpenter and contract
or. La Grande Chronicle.
Made by the well known
firm of Friedman Bros, for
Ladies, gents, youths, miss
es and children. These sho
es are flexible, which insur
es comfort; they are of su
perior leather which insures
wear; they are over newest
lasts, which insures fashion,
and they are from a factory
where care in making insur
es economy. My prices are
as heretofore such as will
as money for you.
Expert paint makers have
given the Heath & Milligan
paints the best qualities they
they could have. They are
the kind of paints that stick
and wear well.
Wam-owa Coi'.vtv, Oiie(;o.v,
July 11, 1002.
To Sami-ei, Bkows:
You are here
by notified that we have expended
one hundred dollars in labor and im
provements on the Cold Spring min
eral claim located in the Imtiaha
Mining district, i.i which claim you
w'ere owner of one-third interest ,and as
will appear hy certificate filed July 26,
BJ01, in the office of County Clerk of j
Wallowa county, Oregon, in order to j
hold said premises under the provis
ions of Section 2324 Revised statutes j
of thel'niltd 8tntts, being amount re-j
quired to hold same for year ending!
December 31. 1901. and if within !
; , on ner return from an extended visit H) days after this notice by publi
Garden & Flower Seeds
No need of seuding away
for seeds. We have anv and
all kinds and they will grow
with relatives at Pendleton.
Mrs R. F. Stuhhlefield and two
t -
g; I children returned Wednesday from a
Ii two months' visit in Missouri with
F-! her mother and other relatives. Mr.
fi ! Stuhhlefield met her at Elirin ai-d
EBiSarar?fiU 21 U1 tVVS-n TBSPt . j brought her iu by private conveyance.
tion you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such ex(euditure
us co-owner your interest in said
claims will lieconie the property of
the subscriber under Section 2324.
J. F. Cl TLER.
J. JJ. Kelly.
Enterprise, (Won.

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