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Wallowa chieftain. [volume] (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, July 31, 1902, Image 1

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jjnty Official Paper.-.-
City Official Piper.-
-1 ! Sit i
I Ol
: t
ng.iB. ,ipi aiajB
It P
J r
Tehave just placed on our Bargain counter nil strictly
::mtr Pro? gpjxU consisting: of Mercerized Fouliards,
'-:-"e'-- i'iv.nkp Iht:.vcs. etc. at greativ reduced
vs. r-i-Mci':
n-t :.y
' --ii . a r .1 vou'. j J?tra.
at ui.-fi half
1 : : is na k
f sl,:es in ti..
! L.
2". .1 :,n
fr '.rr: ? to
Additional Locals.
Born. To I.en Emmons and wife, n
daughter. July 30, 1002.
Hay hands are as scarce as hen's
-octh. Wages aro $2 per d;v.
Charley Horner brought out a load '
of fnv.t imm the Imimha Monday.
The show in town ln-t ivening va.
sdd to luve been a very ordinan
There is absolutely no definite trace
:i Traeey and he is still ahead of tin
Bathing in the ice pond iirTorth
ann-riiifut to unite u number them
rm days.
Mi-s. E. J. Forsythe and children
rr'tiu-iieiJ Friday from a two weeks'
" at tho lake.
Heinl;-iei.-on Bros., of Iiradis,
w''" ''"n business at tne Capita!
City last Saturday.
Q'.iite a few Enterprise people wib
attend th? Kinjrlin3 circus at La
Grande August 14th.
The big C01I strike is on will.
Httleprrwjfvt for an maie-alde settle
lu-.tit anyways so'n.
F. A. Clark wiliassNt tV ofiieinl
l:y Chu-K t'-lnu.l- Lo-ko.;Al dnr
i.ii: the eh rk's alw.-nee.
"!: WnsTTU-i and M;-s Grace' Pratt
'' '' v thos v.!r s--nt a ,deas-
i:t day at tlw laku Suudi.v.
It- U lin.'.-rstnol that lr. y. V
' f,'--'-.cl ti. -itivet ft.!
h'.l-'Z .th, Kl'te; i I.... .1
Ki!t,r 7 ,y : ; f.
fi:'it. Tiey v-r,t . the i,;.;..,
r.-.. ; ! v-: .-:,?
" t!iv : . f:i:-hi on I. .-.v..
- Vw.l-;;v!.t:;.t., re:iiHii
T--.- ' v 'v.-:-- the pts. !.
: ' i ! 'i v .-v d if-:; t.
' '' ': . the i::;-;!.i!ii
.:'. An't ! L, I. ;: hi- u-. t,. ;h
'' t-.-..i ...j .:!.- . i , w!..:.. ,.
l-e::clit t.
: ''.!. t! :i .i .-.
! !:':.
I i ; s I
le I )
:) '1 '. : -, v
';'" f-'-"'V-"y t.. r-:.i f,vt. t-if.t:
vn r..;,i-J to itee ....r.:..Lit' til-
: ' l.V.vh !.-..;.. tl.V .;:.,:,. aj-.i :1.
Ot'lt-r i )!;.'). M'TltS to t'.V
' .-ar !3 .!..!;.! f:tn:-iti T'i;.-;;hiy fr,.,.
i'ai..,- t.t't.T r;s .-i-'.-i- anil eoiii:
t - k f.,
a: on;
a f:;iV ." uu Cia:ap!.m ni .
' " J
; ." .
f-.y v.-c bar
-..T Vt't '!!
i'e'id'-loi !i.-a. is i:; th Iiilai.d !a
i ' '"1TM.. tiy ;t l.-i'y, j-i-. "T ) t : -
'!- i- il 5 ii a lv;..!;.-;e iii t",.
I Mi-- t'r;i ' M.i.vw.'! who leis Irci
I to .. '!: i id" f ...r..' :n-!s!h.-i cs.tn
li n.t hist iiv'ni-st. iiiiii will v 1 .-i :
! i-ds U:..'l ielalives.
f. ' it-s K :('!!.')!) 'i? ,vi!) have :
s-i'i' of f-!" :d, i"e cr:i!ii, cakes, jiic
at th'; KnterttrL--.- ie.-.t Mitrke'
t .S:i"'i: irsy al't.'.-iii.-ii).
Thi "';.-s:s-.'r sn-.v yinr party le-f-.h'f
j-'; in tr -: river wher,
t:i ' .v to "!rv,.y ut ii couj,!-.! ;
t.e.vi-.iiit.-' of overiiiii- 'i' lutiJ.
1. L. Caid-ier and J. V.; XtW
e rivtr vvi-t -
Geo. Conner, a j.rofessor of music
ill arrive here about- August 5th
ith the intention t.r locatinj;. He
ill give instrumental ami vocal les-
ons, and also organize a chonil
jrreat mccesij. having eclips-,! anj
-t!ier hatchery in the s-tato for havir,
turmnl out the greatest nuniler oi
younjr fish, that it was tleoi.lod tlii.
l?ws lrr lii.tti 1 :. i - t
, m,,M'- 1 '"' IH-.-I Bl.iel.aek salmon. Large, safe
Conner comes hdy reoemmended . ilnj s.,,lre ,,lcks, m:lllo (f lon,
,a uradiii-.te of the llovulL., ., i ....... .... , .
Veiule.r.y. l. mdon. anl ,,.s t one ! I,,m)t. Hver and the mouth of Salmon
::me t.ra!i:st at Leicester Cathedral i -i .1 i... . :
. . ' l" "'"ai I more than 12 imduit Iopr. As .-
NKiety- i- n.f. Conner will he heartily j I(.,l:lt ,;, river is literally alive uitl
.velco!,U-d oy sill, but more especially ;!illf.e Chinook .salmon weihim; fron
n.V the imtMf lover of Knternr'se I :n, to i -,
U!l l w Hi to 40 jKiUitds, foraniilc or nior.
Baki:!! City, July 28. There lias tvlo-.v the raeks, ht-sidos numerous Vij.
Hn eons;d ralde excitement among I invy trout that are unable to fmvt
inlr er.ii ets ie this part of the
state over the receipt of the news
rom Washington, D. C, tl.it the
lepartment had wkhdrawn s.ene
l.'nto.oo.) ar.IV f (li;est .n
a passage through tho iinpri gnahh
urea tn works erected by man.
!cputy rih Commissioner Allei
Iris a foiee tf men at work huiidiii;
iinoilier rack across the Graml,- 1,.,.
Eastern 0.-,s-..n ils ;, r-s -tve. A num- some tlnec huutlivd yards above th
:.er of cr. users relunied yo.U-r.lay j t one erected. When this is coin
ivm the John Day outiTry and .-r.it-. d ' pleted a passaua will be oj-em d in th.
hat it wa-t all up v.i:!i them. Tt.-y low.-r jack a.vl the tih pi r:v.it!ed 1.
vciv i.inch s u ji.-is, , ( the issu;,iic- : ush I'or-.va-d into the !:, t slnu-!it.-i
-f toe onl.-r tit W-islsic.-f .,n, an.l li-r- J ;v,i prepart-i for them. The kiLi.,.;
i-isbc- u c.ii-;,!, i;,;,;v. ,;..lk th.it tl-isjai.- k-.pl. in the p.-n uu'il A.i
cli in of the ,i:.-.ve:-i!;iu-.!!. wan in ("lie ! ust hi, win -i nuliiie ha. provided th.,:
uteres! of t), s-,.v:uill and ti-M-it'., f male i hail ,1-,, l:i:t h-r ,-p.,w.,
K'rotivvn.i-.s v.-h-j v.-..i M evei.t.t-..!!y ! Then the tj.-h a.-.- r incd ,e-t' an i
e pi-en th,- pick r.-serv.-.I Un.ls, j'he . i.-l i; i M1,:i!!, -!, ,-..'
nit th- iv i-- ii . proof here of any s-.,-li ( .in,; Imelic-s air si;- -I A :.; j,,
oitenli.-n n p-t oi the .uovt-i-:! c.:,i. so ..t a ,-,,;; fl
1 'r a Jr.- -s- ,..;.s-:i :i let.vn'-.:ti' - i ;,.., r a :;- .. :. :, :',,..vl-,! (,- !. ,,v,.r ;,.
ninM'i.r e;"' and ::.;!,.;;,. l;n.;. j - ,-on-i:, ,.,..ty ;,,,-;! -j,., ,.s
efC-.-tl.j.Ae"-s. C:-:ii j.;.,! !ir' u, vied, -vij;--;, -'. ..pair, ii; .i t i T
ai.i!i- ) i:.,- w '.-lount.nn i, o i i;; I :., tl.v t.-n:; .. r.il.tt, oft.,.
sCopi..-l,i:i. ',i,e present, I:.?---:,. .-i'.cr M.-. ' .hatch..
ni:- I M t- ' 1 '"n ' o'i:U- -i im ,n ilia iit.i. more thai-
Kinjli.vf Bros. L-..tcuri-.;'jn5. I , -. .,. ,
1 1 ' . ill ,' I It.l
:.i in (. ill
f H-ilV.-l hi-.V. ! !
ie- n:a;i :r
ori. IV 0 , : ;
s on hi!
I : ii t i ; i j . -
j I1-. ..1 I i h- u f.-st
il l! Ii
i'V.M -I io
r ii l- c;,ie i.
' I i'l! , ib. hi
i t 'i'm j: e
ill h fiiiib, 111 t ol r-i
- - b ' lo i-l :-e th.-h- -,viy .lowi
i n t t..it v.-:-! u '.tii-, 'it. (alJii,
-.v. an.; ..- '
I il'.l :.o I,, ' , irnii t.-
i.i- t...:,:- i-.- jo.ls I ,II;---.VIV. . i-'. -i ' -. t. , tr .'vit. Villi. -h ni-
cs H-atly ( t!.--..-ir ti- Mi, .The fpav.i
" ---h f-i-;.:
UI J J-l J V, '. !0 J,
il ;
a '-.i: ii . u
, -li-i,
t!.--sis-.i.U and th
. .' .ii:ic Mil.-.--" da in Mi'-,-...;.Jh
r;- i ; - : -' ' j''. ' '"-'II t Ol lili-. .,:
' oi v';;--, v. ie '. -,-i t!. id,) ,!-
- ' ii'-. i i ' nil .-.,. d t-i ,h j,o .it I-,.,
"j ' 'II iv to ii-ii :(-., only I '
. '-"" ' ' ' ' .'-!. oV' i- I- t.'li :!i
t ii-.- f.ii '
in- .-:i!y poh-.t hi ih'.s v'.ciiii v v. i.
::'J -il-i v wi:i i ili'ul -.; i .,.
Olli- .Oll..i ll-.'S tie- Op! I ,.-,(;;;:
' s- it. !?::..!:.. H- .s.' ,.-!;..-:.
i ,' ' '. if ' :! i .-: ith-;
: An-.-r..:.! ; .r s,.-.- v-ri, I. -it
il-".- is ll.-Vf.- I--I- ..il' 1.0 e -.(;,.
. r i.iit.it Ion. Alth at ii it !. i-;,!
. l--.-i i 'ii p i:t;t of (- ::: ; ie ij i .
.1 t.M i -..'.m-i.i;,,. s (-:,.! i-.-Jy
- I lid the liKii.ili.iiii i.f I , ix-
.i'-iti--:i .r's :;i t'd:-- ! ti.'. !..'- ! in: ;i;e Coh.i.ihh livt,- a: : tiii .
vr bice t;t!.-;-ip:.-l. Til--e ;- ., !i:.'C" 'Hun r.-i.- each yt.-.r. olili.i t-.-l
:- 'ij--: 1'ii.i, e . oi:-;- ;o!i .ivei hi
!'"'-:' :o-'--'J a-ci-ti, i,.i .
Teacher's rxrm-.lnztioit.
Notice is hereby given that, the
County -School SuH'rinteinlcnt ot
Waliowa county will hold the regular
examination of applicant for State
mil County papers, at Joscpl,, Oregon,
xi follows:
Fo:i .SlMTf. B.tKIM.
Coinmeiiciii- Wi-dnesday, August
111, at nine o'clock . M. and rout in
ning until Saturday, August ll. at
tour o clock T. M.
Wednesday I'eiimiinship, history,
p-liin;T, ah.;, bra, n -lding, and seho. l
Thursday 'i it ten uritlimet ic.
'Iitoiy of te.iehir.c. piaiiuuar, h.i..ik
cepinu, pliysi.s. j, nd civil yovnn
nent, l'riday-l'bv.:.,!i -v, gtsigraphy,
-neiitiil 'aiitliin, (i--, cumpositioii,
md Jihysifil -ro",i .iphy.
Sii" ui-.l.iy 11 .l-iiiv, plane geometry,
;eu,-i-iil history, lin-iish lite.atuie,
nil piyeb.do-y.
Vo.: Cor i v I'ai-i:;!.
"ir t . S -. i:d i: d T-.ii.J Grade C. i-ilii-it
W -t'e. - .'ay T'- ,ih:p, hi--tory,
a t 1 1 1 .. i ,l,y , in i
i'--.' v '-do.
i ll l i'.h:-.et ie
,i miliar, si-'i-i'
i y, ni vita! iirith-
-.- v a el ei il i;m ( rn-
!ll ' A . ;- loin- :n 1 1,-,.,!,.,, ui-'o. ., .1
I-'. !. -C; . :
Il . ie, ;
11. Ii'.
1 :IVC' ' a 1 .1 i." t'KS.
-,"r,lo,-- .., m.--. hip, rt!i'-
,rr:-1 oy. ! ...iili,; ;,- n- il liin-. ie.
Ti i- --i-iy-- :t -if. tiii.-tie.iiin-.
!-- -tu t, -.'.',. in,.-, iiii-thods, pby.-i-
! Sn it. of scho.d
N.",t;e ..
Jl. !,s . la , i.
.it ! il,- SI. 'oil il
a w.
i i
e,--iC '.tivcl pi-icei
!: itt-h.'i i 'i of ( ii i-,,i
:o-i ! i i!i,. ti I i,o.
-t H .' ; t.l tile l-!a!
Ii 1 '! U
,. 1,1
Mill. -lis f,f o.-.o-n
d. -N -I," M..,-
i .- i.io'ai.- ill. it
i .1
a 1 in ii:
; ni'-i:. or.- t.ii1;.r .-. v'
i .' 1 b-oi-, l-,;h. do..,, j, ,
nd eh id -. : ,i ii,,. -oiii. ..,,( :..
,. "-t ci'- a .i-t in. .i.t-ieii.-, v, oil -b -;- ; '
::ii.i.-its tin; n-.Ay ;:ii-,.:T. o:, -..-tfi; -1: r- i " i'!.
i'iV'-'H .i- !-.'.. I ... ;!-,: oid Ii-
,.' c t ' i:
I " I ,.i.
.a -
--,t f iie Iti-iin, i .-.::i f i-i'-t-r
r Ti--, j -or-jf i-.rt--.-i I..I--1 at i 13 1 ;.- ., . . .
-' L '-v - - : i tn:np trie t:-o;t vi :n.ttr.i . to vwit
I; V vt l..:-.lCs.tU ii hiierr.iiSf:tiri;iK Ui lo.--p,:rt of th.
Surveyor I. L. lira via went to
. .,!iii Li'i-'K' titix w.-,-k to make i
::-:trI(juurter!vftr Mivd-cll wagons lG 1 u5C0Unt j eS..jc-.-.I: the BUrvt-y of the Ku.mn
. t 1 jr.ud re ei-.tly p--tiiio,i,.l for at thai
-- ? ' ii , Jt -- - : .,'-.,(,
i'.r .'v-i- , c r- i - -,.v.,..rS -f. w rntinlote Fit;:?i-.:tu"i8 tb-: greatfs.t rnidjle-
V,ti4 bevl-.l to f:;j.irs With '0U "i anything you j icoeke,! f,ut at Fan Frand:o Frithy
;r,, ' ' !i.;:ht in ii.'bt hotly contested round.-
Kosivjctfuliv yours, fy
V -
1 1
by Jc'l'ries th.: rvtst heavvAt-i' h
t;h:impioa fighter on earth.
The railroad advertising party, in
cluding Immigration Agi!t McKinnev
iintl others, mrived hy speci.tl train
this . uiorning from Elgin; on their
return from Wallo.va fcountv.
t'i ,-:' -V "
i lid :-!:;':! ot '
'' it..' i. .- -.
,- -r v.,i
o - 1 t i,c inc.
i.V -' 'i HI hut
i y. y--t .1 i on i v
' '" ' d .i -h a c
." V .O-d by tii.- -,.! - r. '
'.'.id -.-.-I '(!! nty v, i licit '::.i fif.im.i-.
I'.ili.-l f-.r io p!-.-..,(,,. y par.-. ib
' '"' !'''.' -- th" I'-t '-at tf (he :,,.
I :. i 1 )i!S 111; ;...!! J,,. , fp-,;li.i:ll). 1-
i C.ibi--:ie.i iiv..; iir.il:i,i!!;,,n.
j a :r r.tiicn ynien b.icn u'oiaiie d ei,i
!l . i -'.if i-:i in thd iun-it -? of tie- ii-l
U.-.-t ai.d to the J . ob,;,- e-iiirui'io,
Ii .. .1 .'.(, , si....-.- t ..::.. , ,i.. .
I pr.si:;,ieh,itj, .., ,,,U;':v ' :,,,..,, Wallov,',
-.TV t.-iv p-ni!o of ..-l!owi.. c.-i.uy . ., -,l:(i. ,li,, u ,, ,,,..
;n-w nfiythm ef -.!. inetlio U u-i .. -,i ,i i, , .-, ,
.- i - . . . -. . . l. I 1. o I'd i
Ol,-. -
i e t, u-l b is tviiied it s and we
.!' 1. Vl.'llt. hnt iliit.
;ltio'. i.'iici'.- .Ly opfi,'; - i - i -,
.rii.i.iot t-r.et- p.-.i-i-d-, two mill,; in
.en-;: ii. I (,,;' faii ,.o v.-e it.
Tlic Salmon Hatcher,-.
Tionc: Cii;hi-r..!N:
oi the i.-opo-ition of .- .it, ion by th
ir.'.i i-.'.i-a I; itt br-ry, a-d c-, uoo'.t
tiien- Ht-c a g,e-!t li,.iiV w ho mi- i.t.
ii.uoli.as iitvarts oi the fact tiiatwi
t . -
I. ., r .i . . - . 1
i 't "HI re'j.tiri-.t li'it l er. ov
oo ,.-:; i-vuh,:, t he t,,de,s of Wi,Mf ;, ,,,,,,,,
";W" C,'i!,,'' i" rl;i,V ..-v ii ilmon at this l:.a,!,,-y Th-
M:v;oo-oorM..e.,iy of br.iu food, liy , ,.; ,;f, ,.f ;l m is
...eupyn, a portion of your taluabie l. , ,,0,,,, x!.;,.;,f j..t.VJ .j,
-H..I wdlKiwyoiirr-ndeis a hri.-f e,?5t ...,.,. r,; ;;r:s ,,nf ft,r
-''.-"u;i i 1 wii.it. .j :iijivu as li.,;
in-iole Jbiiide .-odiHou l.:i,.f iiiiudicry
situate 1 osi tin.: t.ran !n Bond., river
it the moiich of Salmon river near
th-i iiotheiri hoiiud.i-y of iVallowa
win.ty itoioe o-J rriih-8 hotii Eni:;,--
pos;ti- sp,-v:i; '
Ctl-.ls and f:nds.
Frunee will sp n'l f .Vi)i)) on repair
.ui.i wine nines uoiii iiiiine m- ,-"-i"'-.-"ii.i',ii . , . ,. . '
nrW. ..-. iu-Zret-ittlv visited this see 'tl, of VerH.ulh-8 du.inj.' tlii, . Any lmir, eudiUr, or. other ,.1, .
. " .. " . . r intertst.-d 111 k.;:d estate iniiv, 011, or
tion on an outing m comi.iuv wiiol-' r- . , ... .
J 1 ... . ....... li,-lor H1111I Ii-ii.- Ii ,. ,.l ...u.t .v u..i.l ;
fr. I.-'.ioy G. 'sner of Salem.
Two hundred ai.d fifty Tiappist
The hatchery was ' fitahlishetl less """"''i '' Working ut twelity
than a year ago hv the Oregon Fhd. ,; M""0t;S "th Afr'- , , V- T ' r-T"
';.nmis,ion.:d afti. ' ,.-,, I f . 7 1 '."iT'...?!. "c.k- V '"'ehtnms
'omn.sMon.ttod abent hftte,i.H lhon,f.w, M.iil(? Ht.t s innvni,U)g
young steel-head trillion were tu'rimi '.juantities to Lontlon frtim Vietoriii.
1 xas in tiic river tic a result of taking 1 -"'itzei liind enjoys t ho unenviabl'!
the spawn ot the hint fall rim. The '','t'"c''"" '''V'OK larger pereen-
I- . . i . I'ae 01 lunai :ce tuun anv otlier
! i-terpn, v. O.i:; point iirtoed a.ich a ,,.,. ri. "
V.'.;' . -. .'. (' . . v, ( ii:i:i.nv,
duly II, IV
To :-; '. p i:t. Ii
Y'-'l ,110 h..;-e-y
n-.t i.i. d : '. , t v.. In, ; .v p, nd. d
'me l.-itnl: -'d .i-.I' .1 b, 1,1 r .
-."- :e ! . I -. -id r- pi in'..' lo in
- ti.l t-l.i.in i..i ..!.-! 111 ih-i hoinib..
M ii:inr d .-; i it-t , i.i w hich e! ilia va
el o ,. i.- -r ol on. ' I. i 1 il. i lit i-r. 1 !, ,uii, ,i
will appear- by , 1 , ti i, at,, id- , .Jtilv 2".
'.!, ill t bo obi' a- 01 l .'lilliity Clot k . '
V, mil -o -. i-iHiicy, to. 11, in old, r 1
IV. 1-1 S-.l'l 1 j ;;ir IM.hr till- pl-l)., i
.oils of ; ; lion i. -.'.'. i:,-i i.Hial pIiiUi''
il tii b oi-. d S-i.t. being nun, nut
piiic.d !-! hi !tl o n " jr year e-.idioc
Dn;- ;ob Ut, 1 :.nd 'if uitiii:;
.10 ilil -. ; .,1'.. 1 :,,!.-, :,- , .. by plthll.-M -
tliili'.oe f.-.il ni- 1, ;';!. to root i-ib;, 1 1
your pi -.pott i,.n ,-i-li 1 vpemlitt;; ,
IS e. i-t '.tiii'i- your iiile!(-,t in nai-l
l.jiiim will U i-.oo,- the pii j.erty ol
lh(; -.obei i'im-, - ni,.'( 1 Seel ion' 2iJ- 1.
. F. Ci li.Kit.
.'. M. Ki i.i.v.
I'i'-titc . f i in.",l Settlement.
Voi.ii: - i I.i o.-by eiven, that the
Ilili-i-st;;!ii.-'l, us i-M-i- ,'or of the estate
,fj; idan Ii. l.'-de, diaeei.Mid, h.itilid
in the Colt-)!- coii.t of Wallowa
eor.nty, Orctioii, U'.n final occotiut of
bin n.l.iiinist 1 ion of said eHtiife;
and. th t Mood, y, tin- Jthtlayo'f An
go. t, Y,) d. at 1') o'ido. k 0. III., hns
lit-en itppniiiled us I ho time for hear-
irig oi.j.'t t ions t,. siudi filial account
ami the set 'lent, o! tleeeof
before said tlav. tile ohiyetioiiH to aiii
fiu-.ll Mc.iount. or to anv nartie.iihu-
j item t hereof, Kjiecify ing the particu-
Dated ut Kiileipi inc. Oregon, this.
23th day of June, 1002.
H. Hi' At, 1. Colr,
I). W. Sheithali,
Executor. '
,1 -
. i -?
; 1

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