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take possession of the body, and
L- lrds of Misrule.
I They art- attended by pimples, bolls, the
a-chiiur tetter. Bait rneuin, and other cu-
Simous eruptions; by reelings of weakness,
SiMUor, general debility and what not.
f Tuey cause more uU-rlng than anything
f Health. Strength. Peace and Pleasure
Inquire their expulsion, and this Is posl-
tflv effected, according to thousands of
trsleful testimonials, ty '
Hood's Sarsaparilla
jVhich radically and permanently Idrlves
gueni out and builds ud the whole system.
Her Spring.
"If ninn sprang from a monkey
Hid woman spring from?"
f "Pon't know."
"Why, a mouse."
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth-
tie Svrup the best remedy to use tor their
tiiiuren during iiw teeming period.
Poctor I'm slightly in doubt as to
whether yours la a constitutional dis
rate or not. ,
I Patient For heaven's sake, doctor,
tare I got to go to the expense of ap
pealing to the United States supreme
fc.mrt to find out whether it is or not?
Jiichmond Dispatch.
I Viewing With A'arm.
I "Esmeralda, " aBKed her lather with
Jome sternness, "what was that young
iongreesnian'n business here last
tight?" .
J "We were merely holding a caucus,
II 1 ! -.1
pa, sue rupuuu.
Hi! he rejoined, glancing nt
iniethin? that sparkled on one of her
gimpely tinpurs, "and you adopted a
srinping revolution, did you?" Chicago
Waiting lor in Order.
Col. Abraham Gruber entered a res
taurant recently, and, after waiting
fall an hour to be served, called the
ailer, and inquired how long he hud
freen there.
"Two weeks," was the reply,
I "Oh, then you're not our waiter,"
replied Col. Gruber. "We gave onr
jonier at leust tliretj weeks ago." Xew
ork Times.
All Explained.
Mrs. Twickenham (to Mrs. Slimson)
Of late we have been havine our
steals sent in by the various caterers.
1 Willie SliniHon (to his mother)
Mamma, is that what you meant when
1 you said that Mrs. Twickingham didn't
mow where the next meal was coming
L-ooi? Exchange.
Always in Trouble.
Kan Whut is she worrying about
I Fan Because she can't think of any
Jiiini; to worrv about.
I Rheumatic pains ore the cries of protest
nd distress from tortured muscles, nching
jl ints anil excited nerves. The blood has
iwa poisoned by the accumulation ol
aste matter in the evstem, and can nc
aonger supply the pure and health sustain
ing food they require. The whole system
Seels the effect of this acid poison ; and
Jot until the blood has been puriBed and
brought back to a healthy condition will
aches and pains cease.
Sr.1v- Jame Ke'.I, of 707 Ninth street, K. E.,
rilnBton- D- C.. writes as follows: S'A few
vonlhsago I had an attack of bciatic Rheums
niniUKorform. The
lin was go intense that I
ame completely proe
The attack was an
oimiallv severe one, and
T condition was regard-
u being very danger-
I was attended by
W the mo't able doc
"iin Washington, who is
: member of the fac-
yof a leading medical
jo-rge here. He told tue.
W continue fcl '
Jadl would Ret well. After having !' fillet
.r. I"?" without receiving the slighlesl
EnJ. ' I,dclncd to continue his treatment an
JS? heard o S. S. S.(SwiffsSpeciuc)
Pmmended for Rheumatism, I decided, almost
TiS VP", ,nwrver-to B'v the medicine a trial,
JM alter I had taken a few bottles I was able tc
I,,.;larund on crutches, and very soon there
lu'Zi no u,f for " ' S. S. S. having
S;" f .nl aud well. All the distrewiinp
t r r"t lcft mt' n-y appetite has returned
tilth PPy to aeam rettored 10 perieci
tut j-rcat vegetaUi
purifier ana tonic, is ;
the ideal remedy i:i al!
rueumauc irouDies.
fcinetali! ; j: : j
Fd to ruinous habits. I
l'e have prepared a special book on j
Weuruatism which every sufferer from i
rff rife
r--juiuiaisease should read. It is the uare var( or, to express It in famil
leki.fl!!!L "wTJ-JL !t tar terms in an agricultural.commuuity.
ft kind in existence. It will be sent free
r"1" ne desirintr it. Write our nhvsi-
ns f utly and freelar about your case. W
foitlaud, Oregon. Founded la?
Sij Horns Schm! for Boys.
I f Military and Manual Training
J ' rite for illustrated CaOilmjua.
Li ARTHUR C. NEW1LL, Principal
o .viius HiiimKti.
ni"U'XY, W
AfcHIMiTON, I.0.
- Williams)
lkcar on Third .
tlnxU lo Upper Al
bins. Pnont, Pink
Itbi Otejcon.
in It
JeTnoat f ai'hth
oomed at." said a well-known Wash
lugton newspaper man, -but there are
oc-cnsmnnlly authentic instances arls
ug which rn:s3 uouhu as to whether
nf Tn,TV,",tbe-aft'r ne sort
of Iniletlnable spiritual phenomena Id
the Incidents.
-It may be recalled that a well
known chief of division In one of the
flopartments. n nppnreut perfeit
health on the la.t day he appeared at
he otfiee. died recently of apoplexy on
that night. I have since learned that
on the evening In question, shortly be
fore he retired, a large dog In his
household set up such a rrolonged and
dismal howling in his yard that he
went out with a revolver, under the
supposition that there might be la
trunVrs prowling about, although the
dog howled and did not bark. The dr."
refused to stop howling npon the ap
pearance of his master, and followed
him in the aouse, whining and show,
ng evidences of distress, looking up
nto the official's face In such a peon
liar manner that the members of the
family at the time thought it exceed
ing strange. The dog continued to
follow his master about the house, act
lug stmngely In the manner I have de
scribed. On the following morning the
official was found dead In his room.
"The above incident Is a curious fact,
as is also the following, and while not
of startling ghostly Interest, Is also
local to Washington, the pnrties being
members of my own family.
"Some time ago my wife's mother
started on a Journey to California. Sev
eral days after her departure an elder
ly colored woman, who had been a
B.ave In her family, having been raised
with niy wife's mother, called nt the
house. As in similar Instances In the
South, there had been a warm attach
ment existing between former mistress
anu slave, which had continued through
me. ne declared she had been 'warn
ed' thnt my wife's mother had died at
nn early hour on that morning on the
train. When nsked whether she had
received a telegram to that effect she
replied that she had not, but that nt
the hour in question she had been
awakened by the ringing of the front
door bell. In responding to the call
she had found no one on the steps In
each instance, the bell having been
pulled three successive times. Her
house, by the way, was on a down
town street, and was recently razed
to make room for a business structure.
'At about 10 o'clock' on the morning
of the day when the former slave had
communicated the intelligence of my
wife's mother's death we received a
telgrum from the officials of the rail
road, dated from a far Western State,
announcing her sudden death at about
tue hour when the colored companion
of her early childhood had heard the
pulls at the bell. Had the bell been
rung during the ordinary hours of the
day we would have attached no Impor
tance to the former slave's positive as
sertion of a spiritual visitation from
the deceased lady, but ns It was at
about 3 o'clock in the morning the In
cident has ever been one of more than
usual Interest in our family. If the
pulls at the bell were not supernatural,
they were assuredly a strange coinci
dence." Washington Star.
Volcanic Dust.
The Barbadoes Agricultural Reporter
has sent to this office a specimen of the
volcanic dust which fell on that island
on May 7, S and !(. "Borne from St.
Vincent," it says, "in the upper strata
of the air, and there suspended, this
stuff obscured the sunlight, aud nro-
j duced the phenomenon of darkness. In
' color and consistency it resembles I'ort-
ltiud cement." It quotes the following
description of the dust by W. U. Free
man of the local department of agricul
ture: "From the calculated results of a
series of observations made in Strath-.
Clyde on the fall .of volcanic 'ash,' it
vuulil swmu that, at a low est! mute.
about tuirteeu ounces fell per square
foot between the hours of 5 p. m. on
W(.dnesUay a,1(i 5 a. m.. on Thursday.
This, nerhiins. may not nimear a large
amount; but look nt it from another
point of view. Thirteen ouiices per
square foot means 117 ounces per
no less than 10.2 tons per acre.
"Leayiug for the while minor units,
such as acres, we find that 10,240 tong
of volcanic 'ash' were rained onto every
square mile of this Island during the
last twelve hours of darkness. Suppos
ing the fall to have been approximately
equal In depth over the" whole Island,
the almost Incredible amount of 1,CJ9,
840 tons of solid matter was added to
Barbadoes last night." New York
JJepew's Explanation Failed.
About a month ago a constituent of
Senator Depew came to Wru to seek
his Influence in gettiug an ettice.
"You write a letter telling wnnt ywu
want and I will forward it with my in
dorsement,", said the Senator when h
had heard the man's story. !'
Yesterday the man met the Senator
in the capltol lobby.
"You remember telling me to write
you a letter," he said.
"O, yes." was Mr. Iepew's reply, as
be cordially grasped his visitor by the
nand. "Vet me see. You sent me the
letter,' didn't you, and if I remember
rlghtlv, I Indorsed it strongly."'
u..No said the man, "I never wrote
I the letter. I ve ueen sick. "'uS
ton Post. "y ' " ""'', '
j ' x girl is not the real thing unless she
ta beau out town..' ' -
' Heredity: "Do yon believe In here
Ity?" "Certainly: 1 know a barber who
has three little shavers." Ex.
Youngman I wonder what's the best
way to find out what a woman thinks
of you? Henpeck Marry her. Phila
delphia Press.
Pawson Bjenks is a great believer
In fate. Isn't he? Lawson Yes. he has
to blame his Incompetency on some
thing. Somorville Journal.
An Insinuation. Flora Yes, I sing In
a church where they have an awfuHy
small congregation. Ppra Then why
don't you stop singing? Philadelphia
Mrs. Swellmnn I dreamed last night
that I was with a box party at the
opern. Mr. Swellman I wondered why
you were talklne so loud in your sleep.
Philadelphia Press.
Miss Eastside That Is a lovely
gown, but haven't I seen It before?
Miss Westside No, I think not; I have
only worn It at a few smart affairs this
season Town and Country.
"It says here, Samanthy, thet Rever
end Toogood was a saloon passenger
on the Majestic. Beats all how them
preachers do cut up when they git
away from hum." Judge.
Arthur Yes. I think Minnie lovea
me very much. She's a dear girl; she
has a ;arge heart. Harry A heart like
a London omnibus: always room for
one more. Boston Transcript
Clergyman (lately come to parish)
Your neighbor. Smith, says my ser
mons are rubbish. Farmer Ah. ye
needn't mind 'im. Bin 'e's a mouth
piece for other folks. Tit-Bi:s.
Flossie I'm afraid, Bridget, that
mnrnma Is dissatisfied with you.
Bridget Is she, now? Faith, thin,
she'll soon have a chance to be dissat
isfied wit' somebody elsei ruck.
Inducements Held Out Harriet
What shall I sny In the advertisement
for a cook? Harry Well, say that we'll
take her with us to any summer resort
81-2 may prefer. Detroit Free Tress.
Nothing to Show. "YVbnt is your na
tivity?" nsked the magistrate. "I ain't
got any, y'r honor," said the blear-eyed
Inebriate, feeling in bis pockets; "the
police took everything I had." Chicago
She You wouldn't mind saying this
over again to-morrow, would you,
dearie? I am a member of the M. P.
D. C. Club. "Why, what does that
mean?" "Moonlight proposals don't
couut." Life.
Convincing Proof: May I had no
Idea before last night that Mr. Pilcher
was a man of such lofty ambitions and
exalted Ideals. Maud How did you
come to find it out? May He proposed
to me. Bazar.
Mother There were two apples In
the cupboard. Tommy, and now there
Is only one. How's thut? Tommy (who
sees no way of escape) Well, ma, it
was 60 dark In there I didn't see the
other one, Glasgow Evening Times.
Sure Test: "How can you tell real'cut
glass from the Imitation?" asked Mrs.
daswell. "You can't, always." salJi
Mr. Gaswell, "but when anybody offers
you a piece of real cut glass for fifteen
cents, don't buy It." Chicago Tribune.
"Will you please raise my salary?"
"Why, I gave yon a raise only last
week, because you told me that you
! had your mother to support. "I know,
, but my mother got married aud now I
i have two to support." Ohio State Jour
' nal.
I Farmer (In cart) II I. stop: Stop,
I vou fool'. Don't you see my horse is
' running, away? Driver of motor car
(hired by the hour)-Yes, it's all very
well for you to say "stop, but rve rot-
gotten how the blooming thing works!
-Punch. ,
Bobbie You know them preserves
out in th' pantry wot you told me not
to eat? Mother les. Bobble ou
I . -.1.1 . I .- ,1 n,nbn I. !..!. IS
KnOW you MUU I i" J u ummr iaiit Dim 11
I et 'em, didn't you? Mother Yes.
Bobble Well, they didn't. Ohio State
"Belinda, your brother Georgle tells
me that you were sitting on that little
Mr. Thomklus' kuees last evening. Is
It true?" "Yes, papa; but I'm sure you
will forgive me. It was Just one of
those little moral lapses, you know."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Haddock I met poor old Ituyns
creeping towards bis office to-day. aud
he complained bitterly of being all run
down this spring. Juddock (defensive
ly) Well, confound him, he had no
business getting in front of an auto
mobile. Harper's Bazar,
The Floor Walker: First Clerk Poor
Jim! It will be a long time before he
gets another place. .Second, Clerk
Don't you believe It Why, be got a
place as floor walker. First Clerk
You don't say so? Second Clerk les;
he's got a new baby. Judge. "' ' t
Mr. Williams (Fanny's admlren is
your sistah going to the seaside this
summar. Tommy? Tommy That all
depeuds on you. I heard ma -say It
you and Fanny were engaged before
the season opened, there wouldn't be
any sense In her going. Stray Stories.
The Kind That Get Away. "That lit
tle minnow," said the first fish, "seems
to have got a big opinion of himself all
of a sudden." "Yes." replied the other,
"he managed to wriggle off a hook
this morning, and then heard the fish
erman bragging about his size." Phil
adelphia Press. ' ' ,;.'
Tour Shirt.
. If the earth were equally divided
among its inhabitants, eih peis-on
would get about 23 acres.
Provt It
We want yon to prove onr staten-ent
that Monopole ffpices are the purest
nd strongest in the rorld. For sale
by all grocers. To enable you to do so,
we will send you free a 10-cent tin of
white pepper or cayenne, or ginger or
any other variety yon may prefer, if
you wilt send ns two ?-oent stamps for i
I postage, and give ns the name and ad
dress of your grocer. Triie coupons
packed with every can. Send to Wad
hams & Kerr Eros.; Portland, Oregon.
To Continue Thi Dispute.
"I wonder how they ctme to marrv
each other?"
"They were nnable to decide which
was the better ping pong player."
T.ftillra Cnn Wrsr Shnri
One lie smaller aftrr usitiir Allen's Foot-Ksse.
Cures swollen iet. blisters on J illoiisitsnd
is certain cure lor iiiirrowlnsj imils, sweating,
hot, aching feet. At 11 lmiggists. ay 1 riel
c.kun FKEK l.y mail. Address Allen 8, Olm
sted, LeRoy, N. v..
What Hsppentd.
"Did the sermon produce
enectY" i
"Well, it was followed by what you i
might call a religious awakening." i
Agetable PreparalLonror As
similating IticFoodandBcgula
ting the Sloinadis rtnd Bowels of
Promotes Digcstion.Cheerrur
ness and Rest.Contains neitlier
Opium.Morphine norIineral.
fimfJtm Seal
jUx.Smui '
jkatirtml e
Bt duiauUiJUf
Apetfecl Remedy forConslipa
non, Sour Stoinach.DiarThoca
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
exact copy or wrapper.
- . ,rr.zr;-rr- .... . m, . ...'-irT"
- - - n uik wml uui oi your system, ana eei
ready for the summer's trials with clean, clear blood, body, brain free from bile. Force
is dangerous and destructive unless used in a gentle persuasive way, and the right plan
is to give new strength to the muscular walls of the bowels, and stir up the liver to new
me and work with CASCARETS, the great spring cleaner, disinfectant and bowel tonic.
Get a 50c box to-day a whole month's treatment and see how quickly you will be
all bowel tronblaa.
louaueaa, bad brenth,
on the aComacb, b ion
mm.ll. li.o.UI.. n .
r. ..Tti ir I 1 "iris II 5 i-KLC
. ... .uu.uc-b.iu, iiiiiiiira.
pallia after esllnj, liver (rouble, aallow complexion
ailfl lllfvln... ILL., w . . . .
larly yon are getting alelr. CouaUpatlon kllla uiora
people Iban all other dlaeaees together. It la a
j i ttmXl'T r' " cbronlo allinenla and long; rears of
arrerlog- that come afterward. No matter what
''.yon. atart taking CAM Aft IT lo-dsr, for sou
will never get well and be well all the tlmenntll
f."Jni FSnr lowe' right. Take onr advice atart
:. wttta CAiCAHETI to-day, under an abaolute guar
antee to cure or money rfclunded. M
Mitchell Wagon.
Best on Earth
Peesnse It hi mule nf the best material pmlh
to buy. Ihe iiiniitiiMin-ni atn.i.lui,'iv AV -i
to )er fenl simve the mnrket rhv ol ti4l
era, Irs ol wacon tlnilier for the prl iliir of c-m-linir
over ar.it nkiimiiliig off the rrvam of tlx
atoll slm R, liu h ln.-arn.it Aa-1 to 4 V(.r b
re niaktiiK njv hW'h mean mi liivitnu.ul III
WiMXl Ktook of m-arty one million dollar.
Mll lit- I.L Wa-oiia are ittiMiriniAiMvt r
quality, inHrtkii, Bnlsli. strenglli aud llhl
W hy take chanoo An auv oilier?
Win 11.. I tw Hi U-i.it A MlU IIKt.t.
Mltclll, Lawlm t Star or Co.
rorilaud. heattle. ' MpoKaua, llolsa,
Avnts Fverywbera.
SurTlTora nf Indian M ara or Widows of
I Sui-h as are llerea.eil:
By recent ai-t of oonurewi you h.ve a claim fvr
reiiHlon at thf rateiir.ui pt-r iiiuiiln. Keml ,i ma
for n.lk-ll,.n. A il.lrvss T. W. -'allniaiU-o, Wanll
Ingtoti. 1. L'. A reiialon Attorney fur tui-ty euis.
Old Indian War Pensions
I Cons.
ngreas has just passed a law granting pan
1 to the survivors and to the widows of do-
ri.-ii w in- 1.1111 iv.irp anu io me suniwi Ol UO-
"aaed aoldiemof the Oregon, Washington and
. California Indian wars of 1M7 to In. Full in.
niriiiniioii win lie aeui ov nvingiou A n llson.
No. T'JS Seventeenth Street, ashingtou, 1. C,
or Branch ofllee No. 412 1'arnitt liiillditig, bau
Francisco., Cal. Fees limited by law.
For Infants und Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
thi esMTaua commmv. nsw voaa crrv.
a srrr.
t f
" 1 " 11 11 i"
I Signature Ay
1 r ,fft In
He thinlcs he lives, but he's a dead
one. No person is really alive whose
liver is dead. During the winter
most people spend nearly all their time
in warm, stuffy houses or offices or
workshops. Many don't get as much
exercise as they ought, and everybody
knows that people gain , weight in
winter. As a rule it is not sound
weight, but means a lot of flabby fat
and useless, rotting matter stavino- in
the body when it ought to have been
driven out. But the liver was over
burdened, deadened stopped uork. There
you are, with a dead liver, and right now is
the time for resurrection. Wake up the dead!
appendleltla. fcll-
bad blood, wind
ted bowels, foul
. i .
idOxetsi blfcUUAU
' -- sr aua, arvm v HI M asslalla Bf 1 W1 arUgll
.7 t mum iur money Dark rr t
5 mT . our dTle mttr whut alls uu-sti.ri
3 wail tUICKIV IOIIOW t4ua VOI
VOU sSfB.sllg vfMsl tlidh n.a naTt!- td A U r 1
I 41.1l of MiMilson Street.
Can rlre rm te ! --fs n in Rolle-r
atnl r iiri;ei. U inttnUW. t'tim, athl ieti
IKl 1"'.lm'ry. U.i.l Mining Mai'biliM a
leeialty. s-ee us heur h mug.
I I'arents desiring hum Inrltieiieea. heaiillfa
siirmundlnga. rvneet elimate. earedil suivr.
tision. and thorough mental, moral and plT
Iral training for their t;s. will find all lhas
reqiilrenieius lullr met at H.. Ill's Sebuul. Mauls,
l ark, San Mateo County, tsi.
hand (or Catalogua.
Iwallti year begins Angnst 13th.
IKA u. UU1I I', I'b. I).. PrtnlgX
X w.m.l.TliI (
ilMtir In toIiwI
ki ttt une hr tarv
IH'tiplr wiihrMit otarv
tiiu tlmt nr gm-n up
In ill1. irm wtih
ttlUtM WiUHltTlUl t'M-M-Kt
llrlM. rMtH, hlMltV.
tmt kihI viKrihl
nm itr vnllri'ly ut
Mown In intstlinl im'I-
' In (hwtwiMirjf, Thr-nih lb umml IImm
hurmlrw. rtiivlift thin ruiiKiua dticii.r kmnn
ittr ncllon r uvvr HW ll(T'rtiit rmr4.1fM, wbtrb
lit l. UIVlll UMt 111 Illffcrt1ll tliiM'IIIMW. IU
KUnrMtiliN-M Ui rum rtrrh, km lit in m, Iuihu
tlirul, tlifUmilUui, iMTVnuattfNi, itoniwU.
Uvit, kliliir.VK, vtr. ; tint. tiuiHlrtM of titiimitf
hiln. liHiiffn nxxlrri-tf. 4 nil aii.1 f litiiu
I'tdlfnln tun of the dl v wrtir for blmtkn Mitd
rm-nlr. HhihI 4 cvnln in ntnmtm. CliNHtir
IJZ't Third M.a PorlUnd, Oret
I OMk Hpr I ''r.v wwi ol ntiituw
lwrv I IWI W timklnir nriltMu. Itnil.
brni, drfi.rmliy uppniMiim wml hII kttnln -ri-Hi.tpltM.
l.nteMi kmhK tw'Hi mniif. Writ
um mid wt'U sliuw ou IhU'mi uppllHiicv Ur yvur
VVlern Aluminum Artlfklal Umb Co.
It-T.1 Vhltminii Nt, 1 lia MtximlfH.
PurtUnd, Oretrun.
$3&$39 SHOES
W. L. liotilas hhtieH are the gtan
flard of the world. 'J'IiIh Ih th renaon
AV. I DiiiikIiis nrnkt-H and kcIIh un,r
niii' ;i.oo antl :..() Hhoes thun uur
other two rniitiiifiifttneiH.
CANNOT Pgr rvrci en
Ji.103.s20 1 :::;... .2.30,
Sett moor'srf ani Amtrlcnn Irathrri. Htyl'm
fattntCalf. Ermmel, Box Calf, Calf. VM til. Clfnm
Colt, Hat. Kangaroo. Fast Color l- yeli la iimiI.
Caution I rh genutna hn w. i. DOVOI.AaT
name anil prlca etamiiert ou bottom.
by mail, itir. rxlm. (, (ululpg fnt
K. P. N. U.
SI 10.
. - i -
W,,,N writn to ad.artlaara plaoaa 1
f snantlosl tola papar. I
TO tlTHKi Five rears ago
the Urat baa or C'AHCAU
KT was .old. Aow It la
over alx aalllloa buaes as
( ill
u .v.tu-rji -ss
staullar meoielne la the vrerld. T hi. Is absiilale ur.mf of"
will sell C.SrAlltTt Hbaolalelr goaranteea to tm, ,r
neney r.fuad.il. tio bag today, two aOc kes.i, give tlieaa m
fair, honest trlnl, as per simple direction., and If you nr.
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