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Local happenings
Picked Up Here And There
By The Chieftain.
' ,. - V
j Mrs. Hen Boswell has been seiioiioly
fil tor few days. ,
, Gertrude Brush is assisting in the
telephone ofliee at present.
, Xt far as can be learned Enterprife
is at last clear of the small pox.
, ,Xarly all the people who attended
theoircus at LaOrande have returned.
. Work ha begun on the foundation
if the new hotel. All wind work has
etascd. , ,!
V. S. Burleigh and C L. I,ockwood
dove out to Flora Friday and back
fc'undiy. , , , , ,
, Mr. S. J. Osborne, of North Yakima,
formerly of this county, is visiting in
the city.
v Dentist Fosner is ' spending this
week at Wallowa. He will return
Saturday. . ,
-i 0. A. Thornton the supervising
irehitect of the new hotel ha? arriv. d
in the city.
f Hdlie Boswell returned .Sunday
ion Union county where he has Win
for tonic time.
Vims, to the wife of B. M. Marquis,
Aig.i ID, a baby girl. Mother and
child doing nicely.
Miss Edith Kieh, of Fruita, ,is visit
ing at the home o'. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Rankin in this city. .
'. L. E. Caviness and wife - rauirned
ff.uesd.iy from a visi'. with relatives in
C;rar.de Ronde Valley..
-$100,000 to loan at 7 per cent inter
est on real estate security.
C. T. McDaxiel
1 Tl. ,L. Day and wife and Mi s. ,Eula
forsythe returned Tued lay from a
short, visit in Union county.
Anyone wishing to be vaccinated
call on Doctor Temple. He h.is just
voceived a fresh supply of vims.
Jus. Dougherty and S. T. Lippetts,
of Chico, were in the city Tuesday ami
'tVdnesday on a business trip.
' S. C. Smith, the photographer and
Mr. Cranston drove up to the lake
Monday to take some pictures.
Fred Otto is iurnishing some fine
ind to Cortraotor Book for use in
Mie mortar-in the hotel building.
The E. M. tt M. Co. are preparing
to' renew the part of the flume for the
Touring mill near the planing mill.
' Fred Locklny h:i b?en in the county
roveral days in the interest of the
'Jrejen Journal published at Portland.
Mr. M.igness was down Tuesday
iro:n the Watson ranch with some
;ue cherries which he readily disposed
c-f. .
I.. J. House and C. D. Emmons
tune down from the former's ranch
en Alder Slope Monday with a load
A frujt.
Mi-':. Lillie Boswell returned last
cek from Medical Springs, where she
lir.s1 been engaged in teaching for
soma time. (
4 The repair of the water works is
progressing and .soon Enterprise will
have ample fire protection and supply
of good water.
: Mrs. Phillips, who has lieen visiting
;it the-honies of A. C. Smith ami F. A.
Eeavis was a passenger on Mondays
itage for Union.
'.'Geo. Mack, cashier, of the First
fcank cf Joseph, was a juvssenger on
Friday nights stage enroute home
froru.Ii Grande ,
''Miss BellC Forsythe returned Friday
frota'La Grp.ndeWhcre shcacconipan-
;wJ ner'sister, -Margaret cn livr return
to Mah'H,, Idaho.., ,
: The KOdle 'and 'Bidwvtf Bros1., of
Islr.r.d City, bt'.ve purchased the tfour
toig mills at f'nion; They also own
the wills at Jdaritl City.
Chas. Slack assisted by . V. D.
Weaver and J. M. Conner r.rr busy
.'igging a trench for a new water main
cast of the Public square.
llev. Green and family, of Utica'
New York, arrived in the city Tuesday
and will be the pastor of the Presby
terian church in this county.
Cattle buyers have been in the city
mid country for several 'da"s but most
of the cattle men do not see"m paitic.
ulary anxious jto sel! at present. ;
The E. M. ? M. Co. is offering conic
excellent bargains in percales, dimi
ties, lawns, batiste's, iind wash goods
of different character. It will pay
yki t7purckaste these goods now at
1 10 ru'.uceu prices. 1
Ttie lieot alfalfa, clover or grain
farm in Wallow count at sacrifice
for the next two months Burleigh
The E. M. A M. Co. la now intro
ducing the famous John Shnrtman
shoes in ladies 'a nd men's wear. They
ire excelled by no other shoe in i.ual
ity and price.
Ex-county Judge Wills, of Crook
county was in the county last week in
company with John A. Wood, of
Walla Walla and Lightning Canyon.
Mrs. J. P. Gardner and sons, Jewett
and Alfred arrived in the city Tuesday
from Walla Walla on visit with
frieods and relatives. They will re
turn some time next week.
Mr. Cranston, a prominent sheep
man of Baker county was in he city
Sunday and Monday on a pleasure
trip. He Is fishing and tailing sonic
views of Wallowa county scenery.
The Enterprise Dramatic Co. have
begun rehearsing a new play entitled
the "Passion Slave." They expect to
be ready early in the season to enter
tain the public with dramatic art.
V. R. Holmes started Monday for
La Grande where he will meet his
family who have been spending the
summer in Portland and at the sea side.
They will return Saturday or Sunda.
Miss Mary Brown, of Spokane, a
Methodist deaconess for this district,
spoke to a large audience Sunday in
the interest of her work. She is an
able speaker and all appreciated her
A number of red fish, formerly very
numerous in Wallowa lake and
Wallowa river, have been seen this
summer. The question is "Hovr did
they get by the hatchery on Grande
Mrs Win. Luttrell and Miss Lucy
T.uHrull tif Tlm.L lil-ilm tirrivpfl iti
' i ' i . ' i .. '
t ritv S:itnril:iv iii'Mit ami are visit-
ing with relatives and friends
in this
vietnitv. They
remain about
three weeks,
Surveyor Tleavif i working on a
complete map of the county showing
all the school districts mid voting pre
cincts. He expects to have it. com
pleted by the September term of the
eountv court.
W. C. Wilson and two soils of Fa ra
il ie, were m a barn during a rain
i storm last week when lightning
struck one end of the building. The
throe were knocked down but not
sriohsly injured.
W. II. Wagner air.'. Geo. Longi' re
turned Monday from Wa'la V alia
where thoy have boen with horses.
They will return next week with more
hor.-i's for which they say there is a
fairly good market.
Jack, the monkey owned by W. P.
S.imins: escaped from his l-3ge one
day lust week. The li:st hing hot
found was a can of lamp black with'
which he proceeded to thoroughly i
blacken his face and body.
Roy Howard, a friend of Jas. Zurcher
who has been canvassing the., county
for some weeks with a set ;f books
left Tuesday for his home at Prineville.
Mr. Howard has made many friends
while here and they are sorry to have
him go.
The school directors have given
ample notice of the time of beginning
school and parents should make a
special effort to have their children in
attendance on the first day. It is a
great help to the teachers and the
general welfare of the school,
It is now claimed that the reasori
so many people are always chewing
something -tobacco gum, toothpicks
and the like iH that in a primitive
age, jieoplc chewed their cud like cows,
and it is simply the old habit mani
festing itself.
The I Jvc Stock Protective Associa
tion of Wallowa county met in this
'city Tuesday and adjourned until
next Saturday When it is expected
there will be a large attendance to
discuss matters ertaiiiing to the wel
fare'.of their business.
Harvest hands arc very scarce this
year. Many farmers have offered as
high as $2.50 nr d'ay fin- help during
hay 'Harvest. Many Wngo earners
from' this comitv bave gone to Uma-'
j tillilcounty and lift; Folous country
to v.ork when they could hare gotten
better wages at home.
Mrsj Margaret Funk gave a delight
ful party Monday evening in honor of
Miss Carrie Wasson. The time was
spent in playing progressive games,
after Wh'rc?t 8 dainty lunch of cake
t Utlft f,0"l U.-.ikl isfcva'Arl f Iioj.. .............
were: Mrk. W. J. Funk and the
Misses Bolle Forsythe, Lena PeVore,
Carrie Wasson, Althea Gift, Margaret
Funk andAdii 'Woe, and tlic Messrs. .1.
). and Will ZurSher, Geors.--and War-
per Furik, DoiwiRl Lewi, Glarence
je8t,Ela Wnllrer and ltoy Howard
School Superintendent Conley in
forms us that the coming Teachers'
Institute will be one of the most in
teresting ever held in the county.
Prof. E. B. Conklin w ill bo conductor
and will be assisted by State Superin
tendent Ackermaru and President
Campbell, of the State University all
of whom are the leading educators of
the state.
Necessity for SJorajf. Reservoirs
in the West.'
, , tm
A significant indication, of, the agri
cultural progress of tie, .West Li e
growth of public , opinion toward the
fullest possible use of the streams for
itrigation, and especially toward the
conservation of the winter and spring
Hood waters which now run to waste.
A rteent report received by the United
States Geological Survey, in its study
of the country's water resources, from
Mr. A. L.' Fellows, resident hydro
grapher of the Survey for the State of
Colorado, throws iuteiexting light up
on the water situation now existing
in that State.
The urgent necessity for storage of
water, says Mr. Fellows, was never
more fully demonstrated than by the
great scarcity of water in Colorado
during the present irrigation season.
The gagings of the streaifls by the
United States Geological Survey show
lower stages than have ever been
known before at the same season, and
the fact that a winter How of consid
erable magnitude, although less than
the normal, might have been stored if
reservoir? had bten available, and the
further fact that a number of floods
of short duration, resulting from vio
lent rain storms, were left unutilized,
have opened the eyes of irrigators as
never before to the necessity for stor
age. Although the shortage has been
most marked upon the eastern slope
of the Hockies, the same is true to a
less extent upon the western slope.
Whereas in the eastern streams there
has been practically no high stage,
water being taken in the irrigation
ditches before any high stage could be
observed in the streams, while reach
ing a stage of considerable run-off,
have nevertheless attained their
maxima at early peiiods, and have
subsided quickly, so that low-water
stages have come from one to two
months earlier than usual.
These facts, taken in connection
with ' he prevalent high charge: for
water and the .increasing value of
land susceptible of irrigation, have re
sulted in tilings being made upon a
great many reservoir sites through
out the State.
Treasurer's Notice.
Xotico is hereby given that I have
luniiiient funds on hand to pay all
Wallowa county warrants presented
for payment prior to November 12,
I!) X). Interest on warrants included
in above call ceases August 7, 11)02.
Henry Miu.ei:,
County Treasurer
School Begins ept. 15.
Notice is hereby given that the dir
ectors of Enterprise School District
No. 21 at a meeting held last week de
termined that the fall term of school
shall begin Sept. 15,
An order was also made' tlntt all
pupils must be vaccinated before
starting to school in this district.
' D. L. KEAViri, Clerk.
Cattle Sales.
Ch.ls. G. Holmes as purchasing
agent delivered to .1. C Lonergan of
the Pacific Meat Co., of Tacorna 301
head of beef cattle Wednesday. The
price paid was $3.50 per hiindnd
potinds for steers with a 4 per cent
shrinkage and $3.00 per hundred for
dry eowa. The cattle Were weighed at
the stock corriils north rf to?n.
and suppositories will not,
positively cannot uo more
than relieve you.
It requires au ir.ternal rem
edy to remove the cause and
eriect a irnianoi t -lire.
V'Ask your Druggist for Dr.
avrrSii' Booklet on the sub-
w '' rrm's Booklet on the sub- H
Quardian(5 Sale of Real Property.
Notice k hkhkhy fiivrct that by
virtue and in pursuance of an order
of the County" Court of the SUte of
Oregon for the County of Wallowa
duly made and entered of record
therein on the 5th day of May 1002,
in the matter of the estate and guard
ianship of Clarence G; Bare, Myrtle
B. Bare,' Mollie B. Jlare rtnd Frank
Bare, minors, by which order the un
ders.vyied .is jcbvdkd, authohiskii,
fho, real property belonging to the
estate of said minors, I, Geo. W
Hyatt, guardinn of the estate and
persona of eaid minorS, will on the
13th day of Sept., 1902, at the hour of
10 o'clock a. m., at the front iloor of
the County Court house) in the city
of Enterprise, Wallowa .county,
Oregon, sell at public auction as like
property is sold on execution, to the
highest and best bidder for cash, pay
able at the date of confirmation ot
said sale, all the right, title, interest
and estate; which the said Clarence G.
Bare, Myrtle B. Bare, Mollio B. Bare
and Frank Bare, and each of them,
has iiow or heretofore has had in the
following described real property
without division thereof, towit:
The undivided fjur-twenty-firsts
(4-21) interest of, in and to the West
half of the Xorth-east quarter and
the East half of the Northwet quar
ter of Section twenty.-nine (2!) in
Township two (2) North of Kangc
forty-eight (48) E. W. M. in Wallowa
County, Oregon, containing one hund
red and sixty (160) acres together
with the tenements, hereditaments
and appurtenances thereunto belong
ing or in any wise appertaining.
Geo. W. Hyatt,
Guardian of the estate and persons
of Clarence G. Bare, Mvrtlo B. Bare,
Mollie B. Bare and Frank Bare,
In the Matter of the Estate of rt;f -c,,
Adaline N. Buford Jeeeased f ltlI'"
To Ciarinda Noliles, William Nobles,
Giles Noliles, Ciarinda Slick, Nathaniel
Noliles, Jaiiit-H H. Nobles. Siraii liulonl.
Soplironia Winchell, and to the ur.know 1
iieirs of Adaline N. Huford, if any sui-b
there be, and all other pjrsons interested
in said estate.
Whereas, application having been
made in due form to the alwve-naniei!
Court on the 7tli day of .Inly, !M) by
Chas. E. Whitinore, Administrator m
id Ksta'e for an ord,;r and license ili
ecling, authorising and empowerin.'
linn to sell the lieal l-.sla'o heloiiL'ini' In
the estate of said decedent, and described
as follows, to vvit :
The Soiith-e.-tst iiuuter of tin South
east quarter of Sec:io:i 22 the West ball
of th" South-west quarter of Section 'Si j
the West lull' of the North-west quarter
and Nortli-we-st quarter of tlie South-west j
quarter of Section ''i and the East half
of the North-east quarter and the South
west quarter of the North-east quartet
of Section 27 all in Township six (lip
North, of Range Forty-four (44; E.ist W.
M., in Wallowa county, Oregon, and con
taining HiH) acres.
And whereas, said Court fixed on the
tUli day of October, 1W at 1(1 o'clock a.
in. at the Court room of tins Court 111 the
Court House in Enterprise, Wallows
county, and State of Oregon, as the timr
and place for hearing any and all objec
tions to said J'etitiou and tiie grautiug ol
said order and license of sale:
Therefore, In tiik xamk ok tiii; statu ov
okkgo.n, vou and each of you are hereby
cited, directed and required to be anil
appear at said time anil place then and
there to show cause, if anv you have, or
if any exist, why au order of sale should
not be made as in the Petition prayed
for, and way said Petition should not be
granted and said order and license should
not issue.
Witness, the Hon. Geo. W. Hamilton.
Judge of said Court with the seal of said
Court allixed this 11th day of August,
CountylC. H. ('Hciikr, Clerk.
Court S By C M. Lockwood, Deputy.
Seal J
Wallowa County,- (wWon
Jtily 11, 1902
To Sami'kl Drown!
You are here'
by notified that we have expended'
6ne hundred dollars in labor and im-1
rovements on the Cold Spring min- j
enu claim located in the Imnaha
Miniiig district, i.i which claim you
were Owner of one-third interest rind as
will appear hy certificate filed July 2(5,
lWOl.inthe office of County Clerk of
Wallowa county, Oregon, in order to
hold raid premise tinder the provis
ions of Section 21)24 Revised statutes
of the United States, being amount re
quired to hold same for year eliding
December 31, 1901, and if within
1)0 days after tiiis notice by publieu
1 tion you fail or refuse to contribute
I your proportion of such expenditure
as co-owner your interest in sniil
claims will become the proiierty id
the cubscriliers mider Section 2324.
J. F. Ol-tleu.-I,
M. Kki.lv.
A Sweeping
This is the season hen ?6U expect fipecy
reduction sales; but surely you never antici
pated such sweeping reductions as we're mak
ing for this sale. You can't realize the extent
until ycfu come and see.
Easy to Buy
Two good points about
these shoes are they are
easy to buy and they are
Easy to Wear
We believe that we have a
stock of men's, ladies and
thildren's shoes that will
afford a satisfactory shoe
for every caller.
IV i
11 ll
Ladies Hats for fidsummer
These benutiful lints are veritable dreams ami the tush
of the selling season is past
The Inference is Plain
The best of the wearing -season is coming .m d these bats
nmy he bought at a bargain. Be sure to Bee them at once-
Men's Neckties
How are you off for ties? Summer stock
needs replenishing. We at;e showing some
of, the swellcst and, handsomest you ever saw.
Light pretty summer colors, the brand new
ness of the styles, the fairness of the price,
all combine to attract men.
Hot Weather Hats
"We'll fit you with a hat that will look well as well sS
feeling comfortable. The fashionable summer head
.vear shown here ought to please anyone who wants W
f be in style and to be sensibly comfortable
Tffese Straw Hats
will hold their color and their shape. They are good
enough to stand cleaning, which will insure them
being a credit to you all through the eeason.
' ' ' 11-' 1 1 11 n J
Painting as it Should be
The paint we sell is
and will cover vour
colors and all the paints are mined bo they won't run
peel, crack or blister. Just as nearly perfect a4 pai"1
can be made. You" get it at a reasonable price.
" 1 1 ILL- -1 -
n . ,
vOIllpare the UOOdS
It is just the season for 'wearing hfae euninier drcf
goods and if 'you are wiue'j'ou will select one orhioreO'
tl.ein. Tlenty of tarietr 5rr co,lor and grade, but ever
piece is this seabon's stock and vill be comfortable W
your use.
n oners, or.ioufsflo.
Pleasing Clothes for
WellDressed Men
When we buy our stack we
are anxious for right qliahtf
and right price, we are
anxious to procure for our
customers the best the
mnmifnrtitrpre rrri1n-n
There's Quality, Style and
finish in these suits and
every buyer speaks of his
pleasure in owning them.
the rigfrt kind. It has good body
walls AffAetUeWv Plentv of good
V: .

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