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itching Skin
pi- by day and nipht
TiiHt - :! e complaint of throe who are
ruulurtunute as to lie afflicted -with
fcciema or alt Rheum nnd outward
.nnlirntions t'-o not cure. Thrv can't.
Kood-uuike that pure and this sculinc,
burning, itc.'iing skhi disease m;11 disap-
pear, .aciei't uu tuuuiuie,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
riile the Mood of all impurities and cures
ill eruptions. ,
Pu Exhibit at World- Fair.
Jlavot rVink, of Rocky Ford, Colo.,
who ba perhaps the largest bee plant
jn Ame li a, is going to take his bees
tome iMm.iwr.i oi. inig. and
they will n rk there from the time the
eipnmicn opens until it closes.
ion opens until it closes. Mr.
(wink is wii.ing
.illini to construct of bee
niature of the Colorado St.Te
hires a
House at. i'onvw. xnis will require
tbout t.-tO bives, and in all about
5,500,001' oees will work.
Mothers will Una Mrs. Wlnsiow's Sooth.
IneSvrup the best remedy to use for their
tulldreu during the teething period.
A correspondent of the Boston Jour.
ml declares that he heard of a
clergyman the other day who startled
bis hearers by beginning his address
it a funeral thUB: "While there has i
been something discovered to relieve
the pain of having teeth extracted,
there has been nothing discovered as yet
to allay the pain of parting with friends
by death.
f ITO Permanently Cured !fo Ms or nmnnr.
Hie !lerli.nyii.nflr.kltne'(lrrotNo I
latonr. Snid tor FK K K 84.00 tril Imttli, and treat. ;
Filth in Public Plica.
A w-i.er declares that there is more
filth, squalor and general slovenliness
in public places and works, in streets,
squares, river-sides, docks, roadB and'
bridges in the United States than in
my other country of the first or even
the second rank. lie says thait in this
respect we rank with Turkey rather
than with England or Germany.
Shake Into Tonr Shorn
Alien Foot-Kane. A powder. It make tight
trnewshoesfeeleasy. It is a certain cure mr
nretting, callous and hot, tired, achinu feet,
told by all liruirglsts. l'ricc.Wc. Trial package
Billed FKtK. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lo
ior, X. V.
Met Their Fate.
"Aio you ready?" asked the first
"I am," came the answer in a firm
"Xhen come.
We may ae well know
the worst."
Closing the door behind them, tliev
iwouiieiy descended the stairs.
"hen they rose from the hoardinu
oouse tauie, they agreed that the meal
kid been no worse than usual. Judge.
... - "3
I am sure Pio's Pnr r.n- r,.,,..f!
wmi my me three vears ao. Mrs. Titos,
Kobbins. Jlaple street, Norwich, K. Y
ICO it. 1900,
Uncle Hczekiih on Golf.
"I don't Bee whv thv rail crnlf n rnv.
uana ancient game," remarked the
j -
WDoes phllosonher. "I nnver henrd
'tit till two months aeo. an' mv folks
b8 lived right in this here country for
aty years. An as for its bein' roval
- ain t played in a court like tennis
"1 QOn t See wbpra Hint- rnniu in An'
'it ii, it's agin the constitution and
tie flag. Judge.
The Reason,
Asked the nthAr lo If la flia an
. MHJ n tlj AM AO OV1
UI IIIS rnpfi rnh.nnttod miii-iile
Brother Dickev rnnlied-
"Well, mil,
ot W ., j .... . .
v ucou to; aey lyncnes em
n enough."
Heffla is caused by an acid humor la
ton. j coming lu contact with the
ana producing great redness and in--"nation
; little pustular eruptions form
EL! " a thin, sticky fluid, which
"tod scales off ; sometimes the skin is
I1 ury and fissured. Eczema in any
Sn ,tc,hlug and burning at times are
unbearable ; the acid burning
to ie out nd 016 skia
nlvLf lves cashes nor other exter
JlW'oiis do apy real good, for as
kSiM. Poisn remains in the blood
"'n" keep the skin irritated.
.? .f0?, OF TETTER.
tW..,,1' to wee
IIDr.. """"-'run,
iW?. """" me
locCn-'ort. Four
tabfr"l too far
5ri, and they
rut,,DO,h.inff fo
ofa R'Vhree
tJi!'y,ig" of mr 'J trouble.-MR9.
McGee St., Kansas City, Ma
toolstwJi.', ne,utralizes this acid poison,
Wttral ..f051 and "stores it to a healthy,
in. v 8lalei and the
soft, smooth and clear.
cures Tetter, Ery
sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum and all skin
diseases due to a pois-
"adeth ,case- Our physicians have
help vrl,?t seasea a lif atudy, and can
ehiLl, b7. their advice : re make no
toaductenn (So;;.f"J zSES? e'
Tur .....
ar, .? "NtHt all else pails.
"lunh Syrup. fal Good. Use
H f I I I t I I i i i , ,
T I I I I I I I I 1
An old
Sexton In ...
tnTt r, - i iue aown-
plants in . WaH arrang:ng
. " " "lu .Tara w here he
'ur many j-t-arg
Cuddled n hit
lie talked.
and this is part of what he
seems to mo ti.. u- n.
t,i. "" living or
I bout t? D,0t qUlte 80 "ctionate
I about their dead as their forefather,
,ued to be. Leastwise, they dou't
jiow it on the tombstones.
I IT you will examine closely you will
nnd on everv tm ,..
; some tender words:
'Here lies the be-
loved wife'
there. 'At rpt In ti.o v.,..
Om Of God:' over rnn.lo,. .tn
, In Jesus:' nmiln 'in i.....
'brance of .7 "Z ,, . S remem'
j 1 V !
blessed hone of a u-lnrl
"There is a tribute to every one of
the dead in this yard. You will find
around the corner a monument erected
To the memory of a beloved aunt.'
lou see. It made no difference a long
time ago whnt the kinship was. All
these stones are not in memory of a
husband, or wife, or son, or daugh
ter. I "Do you rcteniber the Inscription on
itlmt n)onunient away up on the River-
siue arive. In the shadow of Grant's
tomb? 'Erected to the memory of an
amiable child,' Is the reading, although
few people ever quote It correctly.
"You will wander about the cemeter
ies of New York a long time before you
will find an inscription like that. I sup
pose amiable children still live and
die, but who ever thinks of savins so
on a tombstone after the child is dead?
''In the newer cemeteries are many
costly monuments and tablets and
mausoleums. They are erected, no
doubt, with or much nffection as these
old stones were. But you don't find
any of the tender tributes cut on them
which you find here, granting that you
have to look pretty closely for some
of these.
"The 'beloved auut' hasn't anything
of that kind to her memory on the
modern tombstone. On some of the
costly shafts I have seen In the newer
cemeteries I read the name of the dead,
his birth and death. Nothing to tell
whether the dead was a father, a hus
band, a brother or a son.
"They say It makes no difference to
the dead. Well, that's so, I" suppose.
But I can't help thinking that it kind
0' Interests the living.
"It mukes you think a little better
of the world to read that It has re
membered a devoted wife; that It has
missed a man who passed away In the
hope of better things; that the beloved
aunt was Dot forgotten.
"As you pass out through the east
gate, sir, you will see a slab on which
there Is hardly a letter to be de
ciphered. But before the cuttings wore
awny thej read, 'Hie jacet a Noble
Friend.' Does any modern stonecutter
ever cut 'Hie jacet'? And where will
will you find a slab or monument to a
'noble friend?'
"The slabs to the left as you go
out." New York Sun.
Reviving Ancient. Papyrus.
Papyrus, supposed by many to be an
extinct plant, nevertheless does exist
In some of the lake margins of lower
Egypt, and occasionally is found else
where, as, for example, in the famous
mountain of Arethusa, in Sicily.
Whether this be the real payrus antl
quorum from which the paper of Egypt
and Greece was made, or the papyrus
corymbosus, abundant ln India, aud
used for mats. Is not so sure. But why
should not the papyrus be added to our
paper stock resources? It could prob
ably be .domesticated In Florida
swamps and Louisiana bayous, says
the Springfield Republican. Moreover,
it might be planted in the vast marsh.-s
of the Amazon system, bometning
must be done to insure the constant
supply of paper; the forests of spruce
and poplar are not going to last ror-
ever under the drain of the pulp mills,
and attention should be turned to the
rank marsh grasses and sedges, among
which there must be many which are
capable of use, and so or cultivation.
It may prove a mistake to drain and
bury all our marshes, even in the
north; and the apparently Irreclulm
able gulf Inlets, swamps and ever
glades might well ue experimented
with bv cultivating papyrus. iue
papyri that are found are brittle, after
some thousands of years, but It Is
possible that the resources of chem
istry may better that tendency. At all
events, why is it not worth trying?
Pat To!d Him.
An astronomer was trying to explain
, an Irishman that the earth was
round; but Pat coma not uuuensiuuu
hmv it could he possible. After some
discussion the astronomer said:
"Now where does the sun rise;
"In the east." said Pat.
"And where does the sun set?" In
quired the. astronomer.
"Shure. sar, m tue
"Then how does the sun manage to
get back again to the east .'
Pat scratched his head for a few min
utes aud looked perplexed. At last his
face' lighted up. and he shouted, quite
triumphantly: ...
"Shure, sar, It sups oacn iu me
Smallest Church in England.
The village church at rpleatham,
vnrth Yorksuire, is raim "-
smallest in England. It measures 1,
? 0 inches by 13 feet The church
, ... i.nr-k K00 rears. Some of the
tombstones ln the graveyard are dated
n,,.. n,nHni of the amateur artist Is
seldom as bad as she Is painted.
Cured byPem-na cf Catarrh of the
Stomach After Doctors Fails!
Captain O. Bertoletto of the Italian
Barque "Lincelles," in a recent letter
from the chief office of the Italian
Barque Lincelles, Tensacola, Fla.,
I have suffered for several years
with chronic catarrh of the stomach.
The doctors prescribed for me without
my receiv ing the least benefit. Through
one of your pamphlets I began the use
of Peruna, and two bottles have en
tirely cured me. I recommend Peruna
to all my friends." O. Bertoletto.
In catarrh of the stomach, as well
as oactarrh of any other part of the
body, Peruna is the remedy. As has
often been said, if Peruna will cure
catarrh in one part, it w ill cure catarrh
in any other part of the body.
Catarrh is catarrh wheiever it is lo
cated, and the remedy that will cuie it
anywhere will cure it everywhere.
If you do not receive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the ueaof l'eruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving
a full statement of your case, and ha
will be pleased to give you his valuable
advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus.
Forced Them Oat.
"There Is a man who made everyone
get out of that big apartment house."
"Does he own it?"
No; he just rents a hall room. Ton
see, he started to clean his last yeai'a
straw hat with sulphur fumes."
Have Him the Trouble.
Meet My wife wanted me to tray
ner a pug dog for a pet, but I bought
ner a groundhog Instead.
Meeks Why did you do thRt?
Sleek Because a groundhog dlgi ItJ
own grave. See?
Took Him Up.
Pandy Pikes What did de lady
Buy-wnenyer tola tier yer was an old
Billy Coalgate She told me to go out
to ae woodpile and do de split.
Ore on George.
"And now, George," said the blush
ing mm practical maiden, "since every
thing is settled and I have consented to
share your lot "
"Yes, darling!"
"Perhaps you'd bettei see about Lav
ing a house on it."
Carte rs
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5e Facsimile Wrapper Below.
Tory null am aa e y
to Ulte as amfai.
11 11, Usui imia
Best on Earth
Bfraim It 1 made of the bent material powtble
10 buy. The manufacturers ahttoiutuly pay 24
to 35 per cent alxjve the market price ot beat
irraOes of wairon tiuitier fur the privilege of oul
huK over and Aklmminv off the cream of the
wuKn slock, which la carried for 8 to 6 yeara Ue.
lore making up. which ineaim an InveHtiaeut iu
tvood block of nearly one million dollurn.
M1TI'HKIIj Wagons are unmirpaHHed for
quality, proporUuii, ttuLsh, streugtli aud lUU
Why take chances on any other?
Why not get the best? A SllTCHEl.t,
Mitchall, lawa Slmvar Co.
ForlUuiO. beallle. Spokane. BoUa.
Ageuu Everywhere.
Mitchell Wagon.
1 j .
7 w j 1
I aWl u m
Customer V ben
Walter We don't furnish dates with
chicken, air. Only bread and butter.
The Place to Show It.
Tess I suppose she'll go to the moun
tains this summer, as usual.
Jess Oh, no! She has become quite
plump, and baa developed a good fig
ure. Tess Well?
Jess-She'll go to the aeashore, of
course. Philadelphia rresa.
Cruel Cuckoo,
"Ah flo. tj- .. 1
tie young man. "I adore the hnfifi,i
I am a lover of poetry. I am a"
"Uickoor lutemiDted a m.u ,!.- '
In the clock. And then the mm nntli.
young man bit his tongue.
duelling lilow.
"I think I never saw Snnlrmh u .
terly crushed as he waa when his flrat
poem appeared ln the Dally Bread."
"What was the matter? Some typo
(raphlcal error In the poem?"
"No; that wasn't it What crashed
him was that the paper was sold for 2
cents a copy that morning, Just aa
usual" Chicago Tribune,
Their Idea.
'Just think of those ao lenrl. -n.i.
lag up those voleanoea H TWl FmAAtlt la
down Into their cratera," shivered Mrs
t osdlck.
"They wished to eet an InaM. t
of the situation," explained Mr. Fo-
The Feminine View of It.
,rRllf It taboa wa a sm1,. - i . .
you know," said the man In the case. '
-ur course it aoes. renl erl th
maiden fair. "A dollar article Isn't a
bargain unless one can nurchase if ti.r
two cents less."
Bow 6be Got II Ira.
"Where ln the world did she vpr r?Pt
that ugly little lop-sided husband of
nersi '
"That's one of her finds."
"One of her finds?"
"Why, yes. Didn't yon know she waa
a bargain fiend?" Cleveland Tlala
The Jnry'a BTtnpathlea.
Stranger You still have lynching
here, do you?
Westerner Only In the case of bad
characters. When a fairly good cltl
teu gets arrested for anything we al
ways let the law take Its course.
"That'a encouraging."
"Yes, you see an average Jury can
always be depended upon to hang a
good citizen if it geta a chance."
Iew York Weekly.
Caase for Apprebenalorj.
Mrs. Hornbeak Ezry, I'm afraid
your ma Is losln' her 'mind.
Farmer Hornbeak What makes ye
think so? I ain't noticed any purtlck
ler signs of It,
Mrs. Hornbeak-Why, she's got so'e
she don't 'pear to think everybody that
comes to the bouse Is anxious to hear
all about her gran'chlldren. Judge.
ta-n a ttiiu aIi..l ... I L
Af . r, . , iac. uuecions,
of all their friends and relatives. There's only one
clean inside so as to prevent disease and that is to
Perfect disinfectant and bowel strengthened. All
X I l J M e-1
25c 50c.
bowel troubles,
t .... . 1
. umisi
r f , iiii I 1 1
on tue stoniacn, bloated bowels, foul
mootu, headache. Indleestlon. plmnlea.
Palnsafterfuitinir. Iflw
ir tronble, aallow complexion
and dlzxlneae. U hen your bowels don't move reirn.
larly too are getUof aick. Constipation kills mora
. omer oiseaaea toKether. It Is a
atarter for the chronle ailments and Ions; years of
sun-crlng thai come afterwards. No matter what
alls you, start taking CASVA K ETS to-day, ror yo
will nerer get well and be well all the time until
KTharcYLXr1" rlhU T"k" OUT "vlcet atari
with IAM AHKT8 to-day, under an absolute nuar.
antee to cure or money refunded. M
I - - - I I ,. ...
Lost Hair
Mv hair ci!ti(iiiiifi.ilih..i.
fill an. . I. .. . .
creep in. I tried Aycr's Hair Vipor.
nd It SMr-pc.l the hiir
in? out and restored the color."
nus.fM. u.tjray, r,o. 5alem, Mass.
There's a nlcns::?-!? in
offerin? such a nrcnam-
tion as Aycr's Hair Vigor.
la. a a
n gives to ail who ucc it
such satisfaction. The
hair, becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feci so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. tl.M a torlla. All .rsriWv
If your dniirfftst rannot nil vpu,
vend us one tluiur and, o will r'iprvMi
. .... (. . . .- . ... t. id
of mur iimrMt . . n . . u. . .1.1.
i . v.. a t r.n v ltweil, JHaas.
Oat at Flrat.
fJoftlelgh I-aw had a most de
llghtful dweam lawst nlirlit. dnnrhni
, know."
Miss Cutting Indeed!
Softlelgh-Ynws. I I dweamed that
we were niawwled. doncher know.
Miss Cutting Had I dreamed that I
should have classed It as a horrible
nii: ht ma re.
,,- ii'i'i-a arr.Tacrrrg:jL-fi
round.d 187 O
A Homm Softool tor Sera
MIIHmry mnd Mmnuml Training
Hro for HluBtrmtmd Cmfmloauo
. w -
Parent. it..l.lii h...... i H . i ......
:. i ioiiit., uranium
iirn,unrtiii)t. ineot clluiato, careful super
vision, and thorough mental; moral and ulivs
li altralnlns for their boys, will tlnd all these
leqntrameuta fully met at Hutu's BOUooL Meulo
l ark, Kan Mateo County. Cal.
Kend for Caulotrue.
IwelU) yearbeKius AtiKUst lith.
IK U. uorrr. I'H. !.. PrinolpaU
i S1 fi5 SSa' ffS i (g.fxi )
Columbia University!
,:: Boarding School for Young Men
ft) Finest situation on Pacific Coast. Ex-
f.i cellent Faculty. I.aritest Indoor collune
f' athletic' tlel.l In the world. Over half
4; au acre under an arched root
f' Catalogues Free,
g Address
A University Park, Oregon
Apply to Nathan Iiukfuko,
$11 j f
1 n
milk. HOQ8 crow and fatten quicker If givee this food.
slli. H.St: f.f. Mc.tl. rwgli 68-paKe Hand
K. J. ItUWHW. Coast Agents, I'ortlaud, Ore., and S.attle, Wa.U.
begins In the bowels. It's the unclean
placesthat breed infectious epidemics,
and it's the unclean body unclean in
sidethat "catches" the disease. A
person whose stomach and bowels
are kept clean and whose liver is live
ly, and blood pure, is safe against yel
low fever, or any other of the dread
ful diseases that desolate our beautiful
land. Some of the cleanest people
outside are filthiest inside, and they
are the ones who not only "catch"
appendlrltla, bll
if i7inui inHs
bad blood, wind
uaei uiooa. Wloa
11.11.. .h
wlH t iSPx Z Lb" lnol. We bar. filth as!
i iL V . J.i'T" "hsolutely tniaran treil to cure as
ti!i l ZaZ't.tr,J!U .!' simple llreetlor... and Ifyou nri
Boa ass the eniutjr box te as by snsli, or Ike .li-uiutl.t from
all nT.in? V. "'VVTV B"'tr w ' yoo-stsrt Vot
iday. neaUb will eslekly fallow sod you will bleu the das
oil flntstarted the B.4;Aliei U ETS. Beak freebv mallT
ddresii hliiBUNu UtUKDt Co., AaW .0B M ClSSiuO?
Two of a Kind.
"I see you are weiring atripea now.
aid the window Mind.
"Yes,' replied the awnln?. "and yta
would be w car'.mt then also if you bad
what's coming to you."
"How's that?" queried the blind.
"You are a dajllit robber, same
I am." auswcrtsl tl:e awuiiiif.
What I
"Well, we're bavins a taste of It our
selves, now."
The water en re."
On Vcon.l llan.l Mrhi.U shrfert
Sirstr, ii n..i. with wind (larker.
only ruu 40 d, a barnaW. lti.inn U
font Moniton St.. Purtland. Or.
You don't tim-w wt.al Clood Splcos are m
? unli-s. you bar tried M
i, From y.nr inir. If he divert 't handle 2
.r. t' oin ue 11 ttiil . i.iiii.l.. i. hi. ....... taT
and a stamp.
OKI Indian War Pensions
! rimcTOsa has Just paoed a law praiillnif n,rv
' stont lo the mirvlvora aud to the widows i( iVv
, n-aeed tiddlvra id the UrvK"ii, W a-hliwi.-n ami
; lallinmia Indian nol 1MJ to IN. Knll In.
lorniatlon will be sent bv IivIiil-i.mi ,t Wilson.
I No. TM hevenleenth Si reel, aliliit.ni, li.
or Hra ni b otliot, .So. Ill I'arroit hulldliig,
t'ranclsvo., lal. fees limited by law.
.'3&$3tS9 SHOES..?
rV. I. thmnlan mHohi art tut itmdnrd o(. awrs1.
w. I,. Dos. las made aid sola mors nee's
rear Hull i II.h.i ki u . - .... A
- -aw -w a -sar
l avialh. of ltNW lhaa sny other asaulartarer.
1 n nnn ukh 4" i" i" ")
r.lUiy UJ rn "" tali slslentrnf.
yj: ti.io.vijo i isrssu .2,310.000
can imaanta ana xm.rron Itathtrt, Hey I'm
Pattnt Calf, (iMisif, Bo Call, Calf . M Hid, Coreea
Volt, Mat, Kangaroo. Ka.t Color Kyelel. umhI.
Caution i Th eenulne hve w. i,. DOUOIjiar
... . name and prlo. stamped on bolloua.
Ansi by mail, xHc. titra. Ului. ulaloy rrw
jr. r. if. o.
Ve. S4-lSv
; Iw'n-g'l
Book. Fnistlsn leaeay Ca., Sf. NsL hlaa.
out endanger the lives
certain way of keeping
diseases are
TO rtJBTEi rte years a
the Ortt hm mrfAui
t I S wa. sold. k..u it i.
otcp six aaiiiioa buses &
4u . s"r.. f'r ir
S 1
11 si tii 1 mi a 1 . 111 mi

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