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litalten CChufiam.
County Official Paper
Enteral in the r.ist-othce at Eriterpr:
Ore., as Second-elan matter.
sfr.soRinios maths.
Single copy, per year
'iiiip cony, six months
b'in-'le fnpv, three months
When you change your aiMre3. until.'
tiiis orKce, (riviii; your present ami tut-i'i
ostnf.ice address, so that the I'Uiiftain
may Teach you promptly.
This paper ii kept on file by Ali ?.-
To'ier's Advertising Agency, Portland
Orgon, where advertising may be re
ceived for it.
A form was unlocked ami the it w j
inserted. The paper was delayed
about fifteen minutes. Again we
were thanked very sweetly. Yee
tjrJay we wanted a darning needle
art I the merchant charged us a
cent for it, and that was burners.
Wi could telL a hundred stories
IUe that. If there was any busi
ness about U3 we would get mad
a id swear. Bui there U no busi
ness about us, so we don't can ,
a id rather enjoy the joke oh us.''
Passion's Slave.
THURSDAY, SETTEM Iilili 18, li)U2.
So action lias yet leen taken in
relation to the proposed liluc
Mountain forest reserve. In
speaking of the matter recently.
Hon. 1'inger Herman, connni--sioner
of the general land cilice
said: "The tract has merely been
withdrawn irom settlement and
whether a reserve wi (1 be created
and, if so, upon what lines, remains
to be determined. Concerning the
effect the creation of the reserve
would have upon the grazing war
in Eastern Oregon, I can say noth
ing, except in a general way, that
the department is friendly to the
grazing interests, and the regula
tions have met the approval of the
sheep anil cattlemen. This would
seem to be a demonstration of the
bencicient influence of the forestry
regulations. The department is
liberal in granting grazing privi
leges except where is found that
grazing injures the trco growth or
interferes with the watei flow.
The local dramatic company enter-
t tined tlu; public last Friday nig'it h
present ins the drama entitled I'a!on-1
S ave. The text of the play w is of
events and trials often met in cverj
day life and the enterpetation by the
different actors was very vivid ate!
realistic. Bruce Cox, the viliian, was
c vd and deliberate in iiis demeanor.
W. S. Buitoif'h, wrongly ucetisi.! ('
many crimes committed by the vil
iian did his part well, as also did Jlis
Nellie Brusha, the heroine, who be
lt -veil her lover innocent in the fact
o' the crimes laid at his door.
Wilford Green, as the father of the
heroine carried ov.t his lines in a dig
nified and appropriate style.
W. I. Calvin, as the comic dutch
nun and Claude I.ookwood both in
love with the maid actid their part"
to perfection and brought forth up-ro.-irous
laughter. Sirs. J. 31. Conner,
who saw the crimes of the viliian am!
c mvicted him :t the proper time did
her part in a pleasing manner.
Gertrude Brusha as the wiley little
in lid acted her part to perfection.
J. M Conner as the police otlicer
made a good record.
The company are to be compli
mented on having such fine sitting
and scenery for the stage. Within"
do'ibt the stage in the Knterpri-v
Opeia House U far ahead of anythii g
this side of LaGraude. It is hoped
i hat they will produce a number o;
i !::yi during the winter.
The man who does things, who
brings about results, who feci.
within hiinsdf the power of achieve
ment and is determined to make
him-el: known to the world, never
Tails to see what the crowd is
so: an to do. II- (be not ask ad
vice of everybody he knows, or
wait for precedent. lie lays on!
his own plat"?, thinks his cv.-n
thought, directs his own energi-s.
Jle floes not complain because cd
,sl.;dei appear in his path; and
when he comes to them he goes
through them not over them or
around th'.-iu. He never whines
or grumbles; ho simply keeps to
his t 'sk and works in a vigorous,
manly way. He goes a 'out ev?-y-''.liing
he undertakes witn a de'.er
miiiation which means victory. It
takes coura': and crigin-iity to
step out from the crowd and act
independently, to jump into deep
water, a.-i if it, were, and swim or
.r(ir;k. The man who acts boldly
wins the confidence of the world.
Administrators Notice.
Notice is hereby g:vt?n that the ur.der
!:;iieil has been iiot-oinled Administrati r
o: tin? K-tate of Lewis Ne.!, deceas-d
and all persons having claims anits'
aid estate are hereby required to present
too fame will, the proper voucher?, te
saitl Atlniiiii-t-rator at. 1'ruita, Oregon, or
at the ollice o his attorney, 11. V.
Sheahan -.t lai'erprise, Oreaon, within
cix months from the date of this nodcr.
Dated this U!th 'lav of September, 1)0-'.
. I is, a Administrator.
Is Tub Circuit Coubt of tik Stati o
B. P. Lapiiau,
Allem S.iicsp-Sheasisg SIacuikk Co.,
To the Allen Sheep-Shearing Machine
Company, defendant.
Yon aro hereby required to appear
and answer the com) laint filtd against
you by the plaintiff in the above entitled
court and cause, within six weuks from
and after the 7th day of August, 1902,
tiie Fume beina the date of the first pub.
lication of this eummonts.
:i will take notice that if you fail fo
to answer said complaint withinsaid
time, vim will be in default for want of
answer, ami the p'niut iit will take judg
ment atiainst you for the sum of $17:.C0,
with interest thereon at the rata of six
per writ per annum from July 13th, l'.RH.
n.d his costs and disbursements, which
ju l,:;cent will also include an order to
irijetlect that the following described
personal property, to-wit. a debt amount
in;.; to the sum of iihou' tpJ'Jo.OO hereto
fore attached anil garnished in tiie hands
of tiieF. I). McCully Company, at Joseph,
Oregon, or so much of such debt as may
be necessary, be applied in satisfaction
of such judgment or the execution that
may he issued thereon.
This summons is published in the
Vallowa Chieftain, of Enterprise, Oregon,
i'or six consecutive weeks ami seven
i-iK'S thereof, by order of Hon. Roiieri
Kakin, jatle of the above named court,
which order is made and datctl nt Cham
ber, at Union, Oregon, the 2ud day of
August, la02.
Scott '.. IIcndicrjom,
Attorneys for Plaintiff
United States Land Office,
l a (.ir.inde, Ore., June 13, 1!;02.
Notice is hereby jjiven that in compll
anee with the provisions of the act of
W.itress of Jure 3. 1878, entitled " An
.-:ct !or the salt' of timber lands in the
St.tR-s oi California, Oregon. Nevada ami
Vit-hiiiton Teii't' ry," as extended to
uP l he i'ablii' Land Suites by act of An,;
ust 4. IviJ, William K. Taiiiart. of Coi
lax. i i.unty of Whitman. Slate ot Y,if.h
iiiiitoi., has t' is dav liletl in tiiis office
in- swoi:istatc:iii':it No. 10 ll, for! lie : 'iv-eha-e
of the SK'.4' SW'j Sec. 11 W.,
NV-4 Mi'4' NU !j of Sec. 14 in i'.iv. u
siuii No. 1' N.. Hant:e No, -jo K.
W. M., and will ofMr proof to sho v ihat
the iantl M.iiLtiU is morrf valuaitle fm its
liin t'r or stone tii in for agricultural pnr
i o'ns ami to establish iiis ciaim to said
j Iar'd befell tiie Uenister and Ueceivor
of tics nfiice at LaVirai.de, Oregon, on
; Friday the 12th day of September. 1I02.
. He names us witnesses:
j (it-ore N. Lar.ibee, Anson C. Lnr.ibee
j Lola F.. Clark, a i of .Moscow, Idaho, and
: David F. Trimble, of Colfax. Wahint-'loi..
! Anv a id ail iiersoos cl liniic.:: adversely
! tiie a love-ilescrilied lands are refj'l.5s!ed
' to tiie tiieir claims in this otiice on or he
, foresaid 12 dav of S-jpiembor, 11)02.
j , K. V, P.vini.KTT, Hegister.
Unittd Statr Und Office.
La Grande, Oregon. June i:t, 1002.
Notice is hereby rriven that in compli
ance with the provisions oftlie act oft on
jress of June3, ISTS. entitled "An act for
sale of timber l.iuils in the Ststcs of Culi
fornia. Oregon. Nevada. Aiul W asliinpion
Territory," ai exten ltd to nil the Public t f
Land State) by act of August 4. l-r-
Hessie '. Warner
of Joseph, county of Wallowa. State cf
Oregon, has this day filed in this ollice
her sworn statement No. liJfKi. for tiie
purchase of the SK'4 SW of Section Ho.
4. in Township No. 1, N, Hangc No. 47
E. W. M., and will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more v.ihiahlc for
its titiiheror stone than fur airrvuhurai
purposes, and to est:l:lish his claim to
said land h. fore John A. IU.nilile. U. S.
Commissioner, nt Jo-tpli, On'on, mi
Thursd.iy. tile llth day of Scptcml-ir
V.f2. He naiuos ns witnesses:
Charles L. Hartshorn, William A.
Jones. Albert liarlshura, Frederick W.
Wa'.'ner, all of Joseph, Orenn.
Any and all persons claiaiin adverse
ly the above.ihcriled lands are request
ed to tile their claims in lids ollice on or
In f ire said llth day cf September. 1!"2.
K. W. llarllttt. lleaister.
Land! Land!! Land!!!
The Burleigh Real Estate Ajreney
h is placed on the market some choice
bareains in real estate. Notice there!
i'iui axrp of tine bottom land with
an abundance of running water with Mil proof will l,e mii()e g
n-mw riehts: lid acres in cultivation; Smith L. S. Commissioner . C.
Land Offiue at LaU
Notice js hereby given that ,k.
iiik nsmeil settler has fiHii ""w
. . UULIIV "I i
.1.., fio,t olflfii nr wheat land: price ! Oregon on October 24. lnn- lerw'
1 S23IX) on easy terms. J' L87-f
intention to commute ami w
proof in support of hit, claim Bt4'
of VM
r i huiii ni v
u- nlv handle property that will H NEW iT
,,11. eonse'quently can quote you the - WK SE J
nr.mertv He 'l"."'" t,,e -'ollnwinB witn
propirtj. I prove i s continnmi. "neM
Call on oi write the firm for lurttier ; cuitivtioii of said T . V e:
Ira I'ratt, Michaal it. KiiLrl.t ,
J Cnu nr luu.. K'.,. Chirk
Own. ' v' LDIwpi
The Bi'iileioh Real Estate Aoekcy
Enterprise, Oregon.
Court Sessiuh.
rrobate court is the session on th, ln
Land O.IL-e at l.a ir.inde, Oregon.
Sept. 5. VM-2.
Notie.i is hereby ai ven that the f dlow
in' named settler h la filed notice jf les
intention to m ike lin o proof in simport
of hlsclaim, and that, siid proof will be
made before I). W. Siieihau, U, S. Com
missioner at F.nlerpri-e, Oregon on
October "JO, l!MU, vi.:
11. L No. i) i44 by WalUr S. Hurleijh
of Knterprisc, Oregon, tor the S1 NW'4
L'Sj SW',4"See. 15 L 1 S. K. ! L. V.,M.
He n.imrs the folio viiu witns'ses to
prove hi-continu us residence upon and
cultivaiioii ot siid land, viz:
John W. K trns, W.llta-n M. S.ivder,
William I. Calvin. Claude M. Lockwoo 1
aii of Knterpii.sc, Oregon.
E. W. RVltTLKTr, Ilea isler.
Lan i O.lice at Latir.in le, (rej;on.
Aicu-t l:. buj.'.
Notice is hereby yivon that l.he foiioiv
iii'' rmincd settler has died notice of his
intention to maUe deal proof in support
ill his claim, and that said proof nillK
made Indole J. F. liu.leijh, I'. S. Com-mis-ioi.er
at Losfne, Oiejon, on October
4 l.viL, v..:
Wiili im A. Womaek, of l.ostine, Ore.
H. E. No. !)L':J7 for the Sl SE'4 Sec. :i,
Twp. . s. k. 4.-; ;:. w. si.
lie names the folio .viuir witnesses to
pmve his continuous test deuce upon and
cuitivaiion of .-aid land, viz;
Crawford W. Wnm.n k. New. on V.
IVivvns, Charles 1". Van l'elt, Floyd Ifam
mack, oi Lestine. Or'on.
Notice is herehv jriven that hi pursuance
of instructions from the Commissioner of
t!ie (.enei il l.antl llllwi', under iiulhoritv
vt-.leti in him by section "inS V. . liev.
Slat., as uMiendeil by the Act of Conre-s
approved Keliruarv aith. lst'i. we will pro
tt ed to tiller at public sale on the 'Ji th da)
in Mft'ther next, nt In a. ni.. nt this ollice
the fol.owins tract of land, tn-wit :
SU'i. .-Ki. See. :V twn. IS. It. 44 E, W
M.coiiiaiiun 4i acres. ! Monday in May, und the fourth Vi
Anv itod iiersoiis i laiiuiuir adversely i :. . , Jur,u -HonA
., . ii....i i i ,i,-i...,l I,.."' vcioner
trie antive tit st iint-ti Linn- nit 11
tile iheii clainis iii this odice on or before
i li.e ilav iiliove desjtiatitl lor the coni
! inciHciiient of said sale, otherwise their
nnts will be forfeited,
Hated August SI, 1!H2,
Monday of each month
Count v court meets 0n the fii -.,
ni.-,l,i.iin 1.,., .... . . '
y . ... ...... ..,,, A,,rli July,,,-
-': i
in tin, conri convenes on rh n.
Settlers Claimant!
D. VV. Sheahan.
It's for You, Reader.
The editor of the Fow'er find.)
I.Catlc-r is a joker with a serious
ness that attracts attention and
"eaves an impression. Here is his
;atest, and a good one, too:
"About once a week the printer
of this paper is ripped up the hack
la-.'!: of business nrineinl
United Suites LandOtlieu .
LaGrande, Oregon, Sept. VI, l'0:'
Notice is hereby (riven thaf in ecin
p!i. tnce with tiie provisions of the ac' of
Coii'.'resH of June .'), IH7. en.tiiled "An
a'-t for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oretroti, Ni.'va-ia a: '1
Washiiiaton Territory" aexieiided to al!
tii-i I' l1 lie Land Srutes by at:' i f A.unst
4, 1802. Jame i 8. 3t of Losliae. county
oi W.tltowa, State of Oregon h is this day
iiletl in this ollice his sworn st i;-iii"n'
No. 147S for tiie pnri.-iiase of the SM'j nf
S'clioo No. 10 in Tovnship No. 'j S.
P. iiiW No. 4:) E. W. M. a.id will ..-ff.-r
r of to show that the land sought is
111 ire valuable for its timber or stone
than for ft2ncniti1r.il purposes and to e. -tabiisli
his cialin to said land before J. F.
A Snap.
A 3H0 aero stock ranch
proved, well watered,
Land Ofi'ce at LuOrande, Oregon.
Au-ust V). lirOJ.
No'.i -e is ie.Ti'by jjivea that the foliow
iio; named settler has died notice of his
intention to commoie and make final
proof in support i f his claim, and thai
said proof will bo made before A. C.
Smith. F.S t'ommisstonei at Enterprise
Oregon, on Sect ttil. ltMIL. vi-' I
.larv I'lathtr, oi .lo.-t ph, .tiieaon. If. I '"'in'' carried
llotiO for the
SI'. NW'i
11 you want tonlen land, pm
up on your homestead, buy sehce'
or state land, or transact AtlV nil..
..Cl 11. ". vim
, , " 01 uiiiu ousiness, cal nn ,
The tourist travel between the . B(j(lresB. - '
East and the Pacific Coast has I
reached enormous pniportions in W. Vf . OlSSSii2.I1
.1 1 . . . 1 . . n . r ..I
tie nisi lew years, aim cans im i rr c ryn 1r -,r rccrr,
seecial el Js of eouipment. Toj' COMMISSIONER.
meet this demand the Pullman
Coniany has issued from its simps
what it technically calls the "Pull
man Ordinary Sleeper." These
cars appear similar to tiie regular '
sleepers heinu built on the same ' .
plan, but not furnished with the j ftttO.nEy ?iW GOiiMSSlOr Bt 121
same ek'pa nee. They are equipped 1 kxtkuprisk, omm
Vi 11 ' - aii luismess and corrnspoDilenw i
piiions, p;iii-case.-. nmeis, minus, it-iiueii 10 WITH (lisjiatch. 1 riicliie iot!t
brushes, etc., requiring nothimr of '. State and Federal Courts and keri "3
1.1. . . . , , ' . Mui.ur'ruiitit
the kind to be turnislicU L.y the i v
jyassenger. r .itch car has a stove
for making tea and coffee and do
in? "liuht housekeeping," and each
scctioiiean he fitted with an ad
ius table table. A uniformed por
ter accompanies each car, his bvtsi-
ve:,- neni- in mane up imt.i-b, j (.;,,1U to all parts of the coed
K'-en tne car clean, anil looK alter promntlv answereil.
the tuts and comforts of the pass-1 Kesidence one hlncli East of ShlWl
eiiL'er, In each of the 'rains 'Church. Office tin stairs in Bcrlt
which a. dispatched dailv from j budding West of Drug Store.
1 Portland bv the 0. 11. & N. Co. is!
to lie found one of these "Puliman
'Ordinary Shi-purs." The car at
tached "to the ''Chicago-Portland
! Special" sues through to Chicago
witliout cliaiiL-e, and the one in the
"Atlantic Express" runs to Kansas
City without ehane. Passengers
in this car for Chicago change to a
similar car at Uraner.
Much of the first class travel is
in these cars, the
Enterprise Oregon,
berths, j Calls
J. A. IlintLGiGH. w. S. Bvnui
Practice in all Com Is of tlio SUte.
t o i-i -a o
-4 -" 4 ' a fl 4 c. 1, in i, l.
S. K. -tli L. V.
Ho names the lollowin witnesses to
Well im- prove his continuous residence noini mid
part of crop j cultivation ol 'said land, viz :
t.dfi. ,,i.....i ion ;., ,.i, ;. ..; . joiiii .. oon aim r-tias i ratner, oi
llllll f'litt.l., iltll. Ill l.llUlllttMll.
For the next few dav.- at :2M),
terms. 1'l'HI.EUIII Aoi-.xcv,
Enterprise, Oregon
I hist'iei. J N. f-tilb ilelijlil. of Iiiinnloi
Easy . and s..irah Jewell, of Kr.teriirise. Oreuoii.
E. V. 15 A I IT L FT I',
Real Estate and niakeColkc
tions on Commission.
Do Conveyancing ar.d Abslracti:
Office in Court House Bloc!
Hye for Sale.
ates heiii'' lower, and the service
nearly eriual to that in the nalaeo
sleepers. ' ENTERPRISE,
For rates and full information, . '
luckiding folders, write to J
A. L. Craig,
General Passenger
Agent, 0. R. & N. Co. Portland,
Having met with a serious lo?s 1 yj I have some No. 1 white rye for seed
fire we are compelled to ask our cus- ' that I will s. at my ranch two mik
toiners to call at lonce and settle their j southeast of Lostitie or will deliver to
accounts either bv cash or note. Ollice ' parties so desiiino;.
thirh-ili U.S Commissioner at Lostine. i with I). W. Sheahaq.
Oregon on alo.'idav the 8th dav of Dei
ember l!.0'.' '
ih; names ts witnesses: Frank L. !
Foster. Ii O. Foster, E. W. Humble and
U. F.Mays all of Losliiu-. Oregon.
Any and nil i-crsons claimii.j! adversely
the above ile-vrib tl lands are reinieslet
to file their claims in tiiis office on or he
foresaid fith day of Decemln-r, D02.
E. V. n.UiTLETT, Ke-ist. r.
W. J. Fi nk A Soss.
II.-..SI-AU. CilI.K,
Lostine, Oregon.
Land Ouice at LaGramle, Oregon.
An rust 7, l! 0.'
ir laci: or business principles. . "J" ill
. . , , . , ,. ., I A Milfinent contest allidavit havu y ; A tt
) Lord, how would we nve if we be fi'.ud in this odice by lira-.-e .1. l'r.it , jijll'
had anv? We are "lad that we eo.-d-jstaiit, Birainst homestead entry No. , vl 1 1 V
, " .. ' " ', i iij7: rii.in .Iniv ti, for SIC' ictiue i
do no.. W luie we havs sometlr.ng hs.Towrship 1 si. Itange 45 K. V. M. by:
1 W C(yk of liiiliiit
I sin i
o. e. s.
tinier ol the Eastern Sim- I., ,1,1 ;fJ
regular coininiiniealiotis on the First
111(1 the Third Satur.lav of each month,
it 7:30 P. M., in .Masonic Hall, Enter-
A. C. Smiih J.S. 1K
Smith & Hodgin
In all its departments transJCKi
Valley Chanter. No 50. ' ' . U1,B J lc2,'.,.'u',"u V"MrJT:.
; o. ', , . . ' iion. . ah r nines aim vuinw-
fully recorded and attended to:
Flats corrected weekly from
Ofliee at. La Grande. .
Office upstairs in the Berlin!
nrisn li'i.imi, 4 11 ..: :.: t ..
, wnw,,. .iv,, visHinjr tirottiers
and sifters are cordially invited to
Amy E. FoitsvTiiE
Rae E. Dateii Worthy Matron.
-Ilk'-) 7,0)) invited in the prinfia" i J'")b Joi,n t-ontetee. 111 which it is ai- j
" . leed thaf said .iakort John lois whollv
.uisiness and our weekly pay roil abandoned sai l traet ; that he has char.-. I
led Ins re-ldence tlierelroin for more than !
j six yearn Lint (.ast since maUir.i: iaid 1
eniry; mat saia tract is riot sotiie i u; n !
and ciiltivatoti bv said arty as rciiiired
liy law and has never been improved or'
cultivated hy him. except the huildin oi
is larger than any drv goods store
in Fowler, we manage some way to
inskebith ends m?et. Not long
since a merchant came, to us and
reii lested us to print some very
touching resolutions about Rev.
Truby, written ! y our dear friend,
banker Pague; the resolutions
were printed. The merchant
thanked us ve;y sweetly for doing
ko. A mouth or so ai,erwards he
a small house immediately after filiriir en
saitlflana, that his aosenee Iron s.ml ;
land was not due to his employnierit in;
the arinv, navy, or m irine cors of the
L'riiled states, either as a private soii.ii J
or olficer, uiiriri); the late war with Spain, ;
or any other war in which the Cnited '
.St lteJ m -'' have been enu'.iied. j
i-.Mil partic-i are hereby nolitied to ap-1
pear, respond aial offer evidence touch-
1 allegation at 10 o clock a
Fcr the people cf
Wallowa County.
LaGrar.de, Orcg-on will hold a
Sept. 22 to 27 Inclusive
Wouilinen of the World.
EsTEitiMHSE CanTTno. 53.-), meets
regularly on the First and Third Mon
day nights of each month. Transient
Neighbors cordially invited.
F. A. ClahkC. C
C A. Am', Clerk.
U.S. Commissions
K A. Fosner,
in.F i )-i1 oMo.iKin at 111 n'eliVV ft tti nr
wanted an extra copy of tiie Leader ! October -Ju. lii.r?. before A. C. Kir.'iih," C.
To which all people of Wallowa are cordially invited.
$1500 in Cash l'remiumr. Sufficient accomodations for
all. Reduced rates on n'.l railroads, write for premium
list ito
to send to liev. Truby. It took an
hour to find the missing number,
the merchant was under many ob
ligations to js for the trouble. A
tjhort time ago he came to the office
just as tho paper was going to
jiress. He wanted to announce
that Drothc Uuchanah would Le
bere next Lord's Day to prtach.
i.oriiir.i.sisioiier at r.'ir'rpri.se. lre-jii . ,
and tii.it final I:-.rin-,' id tie held at lij ;
o'clm-k a. m. cn C tober 3, 1 00-, before j
ine Ksdstor and f.e.eiver a! tlio Unite I i
States l.and Jrli.-o in 1,-i'ir indi, Oregon, i
Tne said eonterttant havii.j, in a proper :
atrid ivit, Filed March 15. 190J, Ket forth
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Y.. W. liAUTLETT, Register.
Manager LaGraude Street Fair Carnival
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