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V: -V.: :
VTell. el..
r.rx. :j W bd
5-..:iue r-n a.rv iirz gn?nr. s zi.
E " : .r t: LLv:"- very n:u
bjmil u;-. anil he ?raa;5j;v when i: i
-Az- r:
d:t -r r :
Is a-'.:
le n.aj-
h tiie t et p;ir. .ys a
.i:Uu It i iu-.-fey for the
aLL'jal :a: H--TT Kru; ;-w-red
to j.uuiyh j-evi'ie for
H":s 11 S.-.ite feii from the platf-rm of
a N-vc York street v;:r aud narrower
es'a;--d l-.-::.s rat: over. He v.a't
turt. bat r-rohai 'y insist on Lav
lns his ui.-iie; rerxrueO aarv&y.
The u'.K''.'r who att-jnieu Christopher
L. Ma?ee. of p;r.sburs. d.-:::; his la:
Uln-rs La itth uw-urW a fee of Si'..'.-
lie wanted $2 ... but the
Jury evi.l-Et.y took into custderatin
the fav-t that Mr. Ma;-e died.
A Missouri pa;Hr tells of a man who
was cured of a case of rheumatism of
sixteen yvars standias by beir.:;
thrown from a horse. The p'aystelaL
wh" signed the death cvrtihcate pro
nouuced the cure permanent.
The recent lession of Congress may
be rememberel in history as the '"I'itoh
Congress." The catioiiai system of ir
rigation which Coutrress autiiorized
will be a network of ditches, and the
canal across the isthmus wiT certainly
be fuee:ious!y described as "the great
flitch" between the two "bis ponds."
No place is exempt from the adver
tising sign nuisance, it would seem.
He Las invaded the cemeteries in some
towns and tacked his d:snrur:n siti.s
on the trees there. Why dn't adver
tisers sti:ik to the newspapers, where
they get some returns for their money
and avoid distsuring the landscape
and violating the propne:.es, as in tnis
A visitor from -S -otiand to the Toron
to conference said a great many people
In his country regarded Canada as "the
Icing on the American p'.um-case." Less
poetic than the cuaracter'zatioc. "Our
Lady of Sorrows." the description of
the I-ominion yet appeals to the imag
ination of the epicure. The visitor
added the sirciiicant remark that he
believed Cacad.ans themselves had a
treat share of the cake.
One of the most sensible moves in
connection with the army is the pro
posed change in uniforms. Kahkl has
been found by British experience in
South Afr.ca to be too light, so the
proposition is to dress our soldiers in a
working garb of olive-drab that is hard
to distinguish at a distance from their
environment of trees, haze and earth.
The change proposed is practical and
businesslike, but. aiasl what becomes
of "the boys in blue?"
The art of retracting without taking
anything back if the bull may be al
lowed seems to be understood in Japan-
A young orator at a political meet
ing called a public official a thief, a
policeman on duty gravely rose and ad
dressed a remark in a low tone to the
speaker, who thereupon said: "The
chief of police requeaw me to retract
the word which I have just spoken, al
though the word of a sage should never
re-enter, let us make a concession: let
ns take back the word and keep the
Idea." Great applause and cries of
"Bravo" greeted the orator's escape
from his d4Iemm
W'omen of the present generation
have not lost all the characteristics of
their grandmothers. No colonial house
wife could have done better In an emer
gency than the New Jersey woman who
fell into a well the other day. As there
was no one within caii she had to save
herself or drown, se she climbed up
the To,;. ,W'bcn she got oct she dis
covered that the kitchen had caught
Ere from an overheated stove. She In
stantly pulled a bucket of water up
from the w.-:i, and rushed to the hou.se
with it uLd put out the fire. Then
she go: vme dry ciothc-s on and went
about her w- rk as usr.aL
c--7-;: N. .'.v; s -x.. ,.,
v - :zT: i-'iil
Mr hwi.i is v-: o-i-l YVe".l "
. . v. ;.; . i. ;
cus: i- : : rttv : .i-v so-tL; . .
tlr-.s:r:..:.? : -tir..:.:. 1: --.-rr. to 1
t..-'- :r Vt--:.-v to. 5r.e up.
you:.,: th- re he w.U iii-e s;:-.,!
on li'.r:- whei. te gets 11.
In spite of all that can be done to
eradicate the sesrtional issue, it persists
In obtruding Itself. Its latest manifes
tation appear in the disagreement be
twen the Eastern and Western m&na-
aa issue-,;
si oruer
e Jori
"ii;'T r-US: SU.-h
wiis wt. re they w.i,
ra.c. The Vr:m
l otj-t m cut b
: :-r sa.i
eL.ror.--i or.
, hi s J- or the Allfjuary
And there you Lav it -
:-e S-t-ui.
or :;e w e: pitted aii:is: :ne ex-
en -s i.f u;e Eas:. I.' :'. issue
r-t . ;.;.: . n.- asa could
trait :he o.:t - i:ue rou:j be.
:iie ;r;.c ; ;r. Wtsj u
,v ;-s......;ie. Cue a
t s-.a.e:i-'e ?or iri-ikea-r
cy w-r. tr.e r;'.r-.'r
.rr--:eJ "l .t t
jur. i--: ni" Lave
.J :te "I
t.c io yi u ric thirty ;
'.Tii.-T lu.i To oc bis
:e r iy hotte -i sevr tiia
. c-u- iit- Li-1 e-.'ured a Unr
i. ..:!. i's a frvict: :rr..n hi- ii was
fl :n K:r.a nr:y or :x:y trau.;s
v- vr- u ti.:.,- ::.e.r wty to Coiorailo -f r
'.;-.r L.-:-.j. Tii- raraer proirpCy
i-;r-i .U-n. two ilnilar? a dy and '
? -lkI r--I U4;5i!?. bu: ;bev di--;Li:i,c
to "bun:" their Sivitp.
Tie ;,rjiirs tau'::t o:U?rwis. They
"Tuud ! u;x" the h-ie T"!:t shot
cul aj set ta-ii. at wcrk In the
r.eid-s. where the women, aruied with
-;:::s. sur-rxled th-m. Sc:e amateur '
: ao-orruiijers who thoucr.t the chsnee
-.- p.xi to n.:ss are said to have had
dirSoulty in pe:t:c? thir sub ects to
oik tilt asant.
j It is r ported rr
; !ienra; Crozier. c
; l"rar:u"?c: or the
! a Tluie fue whi'.'h :
m Washinsrton that
Lie; of the ordnance
nary, has perfected
to revo'.utl-.nize the
I jh-::
:nd::s-ry. Eouip a shell with
: tl.i- uc i. e. thick waiis and a b.sh -x-;
plosive, asd it may be made to pene
i tr-te fourteen inches of Krurr- armor
; ierore ti-e ..ietour.t.on. As the heaviest
j ar.ii-ir ue,j on si.'.j'S of war is on'.y
I twelve iii' hes thi-k the shell cnid
: rea-.-h the iuteri-ir of any of them with
I o:t f.xi''.o.!;us. ?.nJ then deal de.:ruo
tioti in e-ery directioa. Exclusive pos
i ses-ion f r such a pt-wer would make a
j c-'mi.'utant irresistible under the pre
j en: cjp. iitlons of defease. Moreover,
j it is pointed out that there is a limit
to t':e weight of armor which a ship
! ean carry. If it Ls too heavily loaded
i u sacrifi'-e of speed and carryins ca
! pacity would be ne".'eary. Such :n
j volitions suould le hailed with greater
j joy by the unswerving friends of peace
than by the enthusiastic exponents of
war. The certainty that they will in-
I crease the carnage of war is bound to
! act as a deterrent on military powers,
j and it may be said with coundence that
; they have had that effect already,
j There has not been a war between na-
tiot.s of the Erst e!a since the Jtrug
j c'.e between France and Germany.
tbnush iutertmtional jealousy and ha
: tred have ie?en very pronounced upon
1 o-'casioa. and in Europe at the present
i time the disposition Bmi to be to
! wait for accessions of streocth. Ixith
j from alliances and from these new in-
vention-v Meanwhile the progress of
i liivec.icc !s o nearly even that no
! so-, emment maintains en advantage
for any great length of time, and all
governments count the probable cost of
modem battles. The whole situation
is summed up in the phrase, "one ia
afraid and the other daresn't." It is
only when provocation comes from
wvak and ha'.f-civllized people that
martial ardor is encouraged to the
fighting point by responsible state
men. Undoubtedly another cause of re
strain: among civilized communities is
a growing aversion for war. bu: the
Inventors have had their influence.
They are unwittingly among the great
est benefactors of mankind.
A Penny Photograph.
A famli.ar automatic machine in En
giand Is an automatic phot.e-r.ipi.er.
Drop a penny In the slot and get a tin
type! The person who wishes to be photo
graphed stands in front of the machine,
at a distance of about two and a half ;
fee:, end looks steadliy Into the lens :
for the space of Eve jeroads. The i
sound of a gone informs him when the
operation is over.
The interior machinery then passs
the tinpiate on which the likeness is
taken through a chemical bath in order 1
to aeveiop tne picture, and another to
secure Its pennaneno, an ! . tinallv
through a water ba:h where it
washed. " j
In less than fifty aecnmls the finished
portrait Ip ejected, and if you ore in a
spendthrift mood you can for another
penny ouiam a gnt rrame. I
Simp e. Indeed.
It seems as if tne acme of
"" . . , " - '-'"er
who explained, with many appmp-iate
gestures, his system of sustaining l.fe
ou . t-c v. a .re. ,
1 u"r m' ."-"''- ea, .0
VLT Tv t!U
ednesday j
"On zat day I have at my rwu.nr.Bt
one large, veree large, dish of tripe and
some onions 1 abhor ae tripe, yes. and
ze onion also, and togezzer zey mke
me so seek as I have do more any
appetite till Sunday. Ton see. It is
veree simple." .
It is usually said of nearly every
woman who Is ailing: "She would be :
all right if she would take care of her- j
- " I
It's easier to Dick a fuss with vonr!0"1 coai-t or lAni island hound,
... .. ... ... . .
neiennor uian it to pics BusiC out of
a Uxju. J
.sar - VtE" S.-CCLL6E-CRlD.-
e J n "I Sn-r
the b-::,r : r.iiL.: to
! Whia hi
: --ved in ;.:
c :: n;.'.L"
he que:-. t
on-? !o aavxt
rvc.jl'y lo the
" o: c r.:rov
ii!i.vid";'. K U'i
.: A: t-r t
r:a::.is the
v. se :
.2 o. the
net ci a l. : j
waom I a:--:. : ...
: h
! iii
r c-u.-'.i.-
: v-y i-h):
oi 'U i of ni-,-e-s.tr l:.-;
and whose juvt-nlie nse
PjT.t s-t to tai hatd gricu-: Le
f '- The s-'lf-n.ade . n.an ha- :h"
ivi:..;- of tiie start. lie is
away its fr-at. trained ami pra t. -i.
aad ;'.cruji'S w.th tlie loai.i..;ijus i f h
tr:uur .a.i. waea the oiii '.'v man i.ai
vaja-.-iy ;-., "tLv areiii." s ire with '. :
tai. br'.!.s-,-?. a r'e:ttiry of deiii: ii
i '-a---. ia.'um: ered w.th a load of kn-.-wi-eiv
t uv ieU'.ixiorrd what !i.' do
with, av.-ades.k- un-.-a-brac. hut business
Au.'th-r thing said to be in the self
made ilsl's fa Tor in the battle of l.fe u
he starts pvor, that he is ::niu.ate4
ia his str..'les by the sharp r.iur of ce
eessity. Tue seir-n-.ade man. as we know
t-t t.-sut.-a: Am-.-..au product, is nnallf
:ar . ft-;.r.a- ..f ier ;arerti. brouri: up.
-.aws: iroa. tae time he t-ezaa to seak.
wita tiic institutive cotiou that he wo-i.u
ta-.v i,. do soaj.-thm for hia-lf. and
u :t i;-ii.-k.y. s,a; out iijl. the vori
Vila :usit.ess ai.;te-.t oa viizo. with
aa anxious eye and an inj:r:ng m.ad to
seei; and .-eize uj-.n every opportunity to
avivaa.-t n:s pvSiti-'U. The consoinusness
of i"ssrss;sg w. a.ta. the ahseai-c of sm-
u-a':;:lU-'e1V'; r,r "r W',T77- ha cv-
u.a..y a .end-n v to sail enersv. to
stroy auibit.oD t . a"-":n'.tii.ite. Never-taei-----.
a ousiuess traiuiug needs in-.a-T
J:1 oraer n-M? and ii-.-v-.op :;. liiuins
Capital eolllit for llliie.
IJe a.leg-d business or i-.:
'- wai-:h is given in e.-li-of
c-cjrse. as different ; :he rea. .
as theory U pra-ti-.-e. The -t-a-iLg
may le Beipful in mat
.-.I. .ie genuine business -
t- ua.y oi.tainaL.e in the store or ta- of-
" . iae amount of it a young man wT
r-.:e:ve and utilize wm de5-ead upon
powers o: ap;,.i..-atioa or intuition or utr-
The faires- answer to the question o
ae.f.maae versus college-bred is. it d -penus
aim,st entirely on the man. A
eo..ege education will not ham;-r anv
bod.v in tae battle of l.fe; ,lt c,,..
trary. it will greatly asi: him if he has
:ae gn: and talent to turn i: to ns-fti!
- - --v-uv. ijo.v ne can c:i..2
n Dt!si-
w t cannot Say;
iiest. iini.T
pr-sen; con'jitions
it is a rather d
ous i!omnodi-y
business bustle
in tae market,
a knowledge o;
In the
Mad Anthony Wayne Captured the
Fort from the British.
"t.e of the onmt brilliant engage
ments of the revoiuti..i;;.ry war was
he .-ft-re-nr bv VaJ Anthony W'avne
of Stony I'oin:. on
the Hudson, the;
l2od aiiiilversary !
of which was ob '
served by the u-?vli- i
cut ion of the bat-;
-.b'tieid as a State
part, and was
and many State of
licials. The park '
has l'en created
by the patriotic labors of tiie s.H-ie-v
for the Preservation of S.-eni- and His
toric Places and il,jets. and is now
under care of the society.
Stony Point is a small, rocky prom-
ontory on the west bank of the
Hudson at 'h c-nii-'-e to h -h-'
lands and oppose Yerplanck's fofnt-
ootn tuese n.aces curing the revo-i
-y -5 "e
o-.uer ciiomes. u was tne Key to the
Eariy In the summer of 177S Sir
Henry Clinton, the British commander
at New York nt n ti iir!..n nn
the Hudson to capture tbe forts. The
'exped.rion was su'-cessful. Stony
I'oivt. ail the fortifications of which
were not cjTji-e completed, was a ban-
dor.ed by the Americans, and Ver-
plan, k's Point was taken. Embolden-
,: ed by bis nu"-e. Clinton (M-tt out (
o:h-r expeditions. One of these, com-'
. . rK..,..
maiided by General Tryon, and con-
is .aTTa jrilt'C OJ All MIL H IMI I1MS
yon, and cod, ;
. ant toplun-
Island Sound,
, ' .
iv. .1 j - . ,.
i"uuur' in., uumeu
Fairfield and Norwalk and committed t
4 i-W-r .
J UISTuUl'vi SIoM luiM.,.v 1.
or I.at.n. or EuoIiJ. or ;.5ari:ha. vvut
i r. h::.e. It U a ;ae::-a o: a. j.:--::.
ver"i niatter oi (ai-t. H-mer or V:r,
wf.:.J n;aie but a j"vr iacl r ir C;.
a n: jt'rn br.in- The vMi.h
sr.r train.ns and tip rien- t.i.it
".y o;:a:on to le quaSed to run a:,
th.ss from a peaout stand ! a r;:r.
ani-,h l-etier then the raw co!'
n though the latter may be ati
to wr.te a business U tter in S.ia-i.-ri:
make out a bill of go ids in Runic cunei
form. There it no royal or certain rvn ! to '
suv-i.T?5s. Chance and opportunity o.'ten
arise, gad there is many a s -caliei so.f- -made
n-.aa who is a tjinetenths act. idea:.
I'u: he is an ext-eption. I believe, hff-- :
ever, ta.it. all thine else being eii-.-.al.
the i-oliege-hred man or the highly edu- ,
oated man has ly far the better pppor- 1
tuaity to succeed in life, as compared ,
with the usual type of aelf-madc man. j
If the former would do what the latter
mast do or has done to win. if the young
man from college has the talent, courage,
and determination to face the battle of
business, to go through ali the drudgery,
rough work, end general initial nnpieas-an-ues.
just as the g-anin-.ar school grad
uate does, he wnuid speed!. y outclass v.v.i
outpass the latter. Ku: this the average
collegian will nut do. and. therefore, he :
is handicapped in the ra-e. He mint
work from the bottom rung up if he
would finally utilize his educational ml.
By Samuel 6omp.-rs-are
14T.tyi anthracite miners on
strike in Fenr.syivania . Tae question is
easily answered.
For more than twenty
five years the con
dition of the miners
in the anthracite
coal districts has
worse. In seas in
and ont they have
suEered reduction
. MMVf'i
1 ii
",r. ue:r
v ii
ueeessar.es- o: life,
tae IKW-
der nsed in blasting
and tae t.mls nf i...
bo,;hey have had to buy from the
... , I- o. e.jewuere.
e . e o-eu ooi.gea io live m the
company's "boggs." called dwellings.
Nearly two years ago these m:nri
after a protracted struggle, succeeded in
.-aiiH-iling mine owners to increase wag-s
1" per ver.: and to maiie SOme otuer
"haiiges and improvenieuts. As is We!
known, cost of living has larg
in -
otner outrages at Sag Harbor, on
L.'t;g Island. In the course of a few
days the niisparitts: wretch burned 230
dwelling houses. Cve churche end 12Z
barns and stores. Many of the inhabi
tants were cruelly murdered end a
number t women were subjected to
UT.speakr.Ke indignities.
The outrages grca-ly inflamed the
Americans aud stirred them to greater
activities. The loss of Stony Ioiiit
was one keenly felt and it was re
solved to recapture the place, m.w
greatiy strenctheued. at anv hazmd
made noteworthy Tn undertaking was a desperate one.
by the attendance ns tce fur" could only be taken by ur
of tjoveriior dell j Ine. and in looking around for a
ieat.er Washington used upon General
Anthony W'ayue.
The latter rendlly consented to lead
the nttai-ki'ig force and determined to
i.nl-e rj),. a-teiiipt p.: midnight. In or
der to guard a-gr.iiis: n betriyl of his
movement every dor in the i-i.-imrr
' was put to death A m-cro frtilt
was found who knew the fort well
he ee t r." 7- d
f spVt. P" Au,en,M 10
At mi.lnii, ....
musket. lest an ar-cldental di-hf
should rain the movement t i
to be depended uZ
' The negro, accompanied by Two wl"
diers. di,guised as farmed rS
M. fir-t .r.,,..i hed
sign was given. Instantly the nr i
was bound and gagged A -ond
tinel underwent the same t'rnatm t"
A third sentinel, however gave th
alarm and the cnrriur.n ,.L
., ' o arms
and ojeued Ere on the Americans It
was too late, however. The latf
advancing in two bodies on two ; f'
on two sides ' .
III I Hi 1 1 lrT ril-a tnn -
of the fort, broke into a run scaled
tbe parapet and met in the center of
the fort In the fight that follow
the fort In the f.i-hf ti.r. ... .
. . . . - " .ouuweo
tne Americans lost 15 killed and 83
wounded; hut they captured the fort
ere gsed s.nre. The miners feeling their
v- ai.ti'a keen'y. presented to the em
;l.vers the following demand: An in
in wages of H er cent. A toll of
a. to consK cf 2.24U pounds. The ap
: -..taiett if a n.n by the miner to
w-.:ii." the we gniag of the coal. I
Tae miners act! d not only in a coni-ili-.
storv .-'.rit. bu: were willing to submit
! tae case to artntr.iti -tx. This the com-,
;.i:::es ri.-e-ttd. The questions in dis
; - te ate nia'trr of fact, not of prlnoi
; e. hea.v tliere can lie no g.Kid reason
way t.-.e companies should reject arbitra
t.ja. Two mocta eiap-n-d between the
' f rn.ala:: in of the demands and the in
auguration of the strike.
When it is borne in mind that the an
thrac.te coal rt-gion is limited in the pos-s-ss.
oi of hard coal, that there is always
a demand 'or that product and. further,
that tii.se ni.ue o;vrators and the ra.i
roads are one am! the same persons, con
trolling the entire output as well as the
price for which coal i sold, it is not dilb
cal: to see that there is some i.:hr nv
, tive taan the one advanced behind the
refusal to grant the miners' reasonable
Tae conditions by which the miners
have been surrounded, the misery which
- was their lot. must nt ver again ho possi
ble. They have moved npward aud on
ward in the social and industrial scale.
Br Hon. J. It. Bromwell, 1. C.
The doctrine of anarchy is like
a foul plague which, bem;
in un -iean and impure surround
ings, is liable to spread and em
urace the gviod and pure as well
as the fciiby aud unciean.
Born in countries which give
to their people few or no political or so
cial rights, a revolt against unlimited ty
ranny on the part of rulers, it does not
discriminate between such g -Ternmeuts
. and those in which the people themselves
I make and execute their iaws and enjoy
! the fullest measure of liberty.
Its aim is not to correct the evils of
government, bu: to destroy ail govern
i men:. It would not only reform anuses.
but would do away with the virtues and
i benehts of all good government and so
I ciety. It would bring social chaos upon
! the worid and would reduce human so
, ciety to a condition where mere brute
' force would reign triumphant.
, No country in the wond is more seri-
; onsiv inlerestei1 in Thi snbieor from nop
I own. for no country has more to lose and
j none has less occasion for social upheaval
I than ours. "Thus far anarchy has ob-
j tamed but little foothold here
out witu
f the almost unlimited lice
e to speak and
1 n-inr whie'n -u ht t.mi. .t...!.... ...
l,eve is the constitutional right of everr
.... ...... i ... :.
' S 'ZZ Z
Ar.nrchT snou.d h tn,.H n
would stamp out yellow fever or the
plague: it should be crushed as we crush
the head of a dangerous reptile, and no
Executive need fear to enforce with strin
gency laws which may be passed, because
he will have behind him and supporting
u.iu .ue oracilcal T nnan n......
, o: tne country.
The British lost G3 killed and 54C pris
oners. K
At the same time another American
or-e attempted the capture of Ver-Piflri-k's
Point, but were unsuccessful.
The Americans did not remain lone
in possession of Stony Point. A strong
bri ish force was soon on its way np
the Hudson and on its approach the
Americans evacuated the place, after
h' -ns dismantled the fortification
American Paint Consumption.
About thirty million gallons of mi
paint were soiH in r-s. .
. "e vuneu Mates
uring ijwi. The greater portion of
this was not used in the large cities,
but in the towns and villages, where
structure are of wood. In Do ,.ounrrv
i so mu-b paint made as in the United
s:ate uf America. aml tilf, tn,k of ha
j:a;n' T "ml of lead. zinc, and
i-r,oi? ! F;Ud ru;-rJbl shades
a.e ma le of oxiues of irun and other
I.':;.n?.Vn:- - iaB'r "!anufa"tu.-ers us,- a
heir inir.
""'1 the iinanritr
' -
, "'' - I-er cent, it
"e lo-iiriie.!
as an adulternnr
The wate
nsed is llsloill.- -i .'
kaline. and in rhe case of HuYe wi,,. It
"Zr' -'tb linseed
.o.. t.-ijs e paint,
so that it
;c the tin and Is
ca-i.y ;irrd.
and carry home
!U.e which they did
hot shor.r sh....:j
-a-ce warning frcttl tbe fa;e "
"-e experience Is related by the
"Tii. re. my dear." mm i. .
." hU gu taVhTS
. the
r , uu"l(T assumes with bis
ans.nd, "there's r.n i.., . . " nl
p.,,, , . ." "" "r you,
c"5rfed uim Just . i
ab.iut to give np in d.sgust"
"O George.' exclaimed u
,ii " aising.
10 you be so cruel? !,.
pigeon, Iso't it?"
ft much. If. .
: -
"But it ha. . . . .. .
m message en i L?, 'eg Wlth
"Bigelow Arnold .' II
' Ctl Markeh'- aDd
Male, i the MJ
In all but eleven of the fifr-.
States and Territories th.' B?w.
numrs the female population.
"even States are alon ,k "... e
' eabo!m
I frpnt,'1,t
' Dnn,,"ir
eaboard. Calif on, t. ' "!. auantlc
oiuiaoi the
excess of mem th. . .
'0i 8i!C"nd H3 5i- t
1 rWriL1. Wlth lWM- nl Penn.ylv.n'LI
I fourth with l.O07.
ne can take a mrri Z.. -
where for ten cents In keJVe-U
That one Is . general agent of,
surance companT for . .!.
.rr W Lol l , UrUl tfr
ts. Thornton (Ala.l. 55 L. R. a-"1!;j
give him do power to wa .. ;
lany by contracts entered into1
of his territorial limits.
The right to designate the in
- i-'n ai tnrough n.
- v . 7y. cou:nem Ei v
Conipany( Tenn.l. 5T, L. K. a
. .j,rir. ana am,.
shipper, in the absence of a ai
or controlling rfasn to the eontrir
An agreeuieiit .v the . '
ttial beneht certifk-nte to le Euv"'
by by laws subM.;vent!y enaL.ti JT
in Gum vs. Sr.prime Coiiccj i i :
t . vuu.1. o.i i. u. A-i -
I....U.. , 1 .. ... . ) t.
wjv.i ..e iiir iruili-ll.in or tlie bcDJ.
for by his oertiboate f,. .'
for years paid assessments on h. -
An insurance comiiany s
Franklin F. Ins. Co. vs. P.--,.if....r
.V. L. K. A 4S. to 1 Ihii.u . '
icy properly signed and delivered
Cll-OK'.Oir ..f ito .1..... ...... J '
- uu.. uuvuonzed i,
although It has exuresslv fort.i.i.: .'
--" eurn ;i
agent to Insure the mm.
by the policy and the n-.-n, t... .
knowledge that the jmlicy taj
written aud the premium collei-iei
That an assault committed by a Lw
in Jumping upon a stranger aaj .
juring him resulted merely fn,a
miscuievous or playful propensity i
held, in Crowley vs. Grooneil (Vt .'
to absolve the owner from n.ihrii'.
he knew of its disposition to eosaa
such injuries, or knew eunugfa oflfe
habits to convince a man of onli
ltiaence of its inclination to cobs.-
Using a part of a railroad locatia:
outside of the spnee occupied bj ti
tracks for the abutments and appri
of a bridge constructed to carrr an t.
isting highway over the Mad sou j
ntx..ish a grade crossing is LelJ. B
Boston A: A. II. B. Co. vs. Woretta:
(Mass.i. .V. L. 11. A.. tli'S. not to be tfc
Imposition of a new casement on tii
railroad riebt of way so us to ontltle &
railroad company to compeasa:;
A defendant Is held, in Trav?
Protei-tive Association vs. Gilbert (C
C. Apt).. 8:h Co.). 5T) L. R. A a t,.
have no right to avoid a jiidjiri:
against It on the ground that i:j ajer
on whom the process was served bb
npprehended the nature of the i-
believing he was uot the proper pit
son to receive servii-e and lliwlorc
failed to notify defendant, which w
thereby deprived of the oppjrtuni7f
making a defense.
A Judgment for alimony in favor at
a wife, tbe right to which becooa
vested by force of statute upon a
cree of divorce for the fault of ti
husband, is held, in Coffuian ts. Fa
ncy (Ohio), to be a debt against the Ira
band, subject only to variation ii
amount In case of appeal, which. ro;a
the death of both parties pending ap
peal, will survive In favor of the per
sonal representative if the wife, ami
against the personal representative of
the husband.
One who Is only lndlre"tly and
motely affected by a bylaw of a volca
tary association prohibiting. its tnear
bcrs from dealiug on the market tiJHt
with members engaged In the saxa
business or with others who deal witi
such nerutiers and making a Tiolatioa
thereof punishuble by tine or expulsion
from the association, is held, in Iuwa
vs. Bennett Kas.). Go L. II. A., W).
have no right to maintain an aciioa
of injunction to restrain the associa
tion from lining or expelling a member
for his violation of such bylaw.
High Art and Low Theft.
From time to time we hear of son
melancholy connection between grst
literature and nettv larceny. Such a
case is brought to the public notice by
Mrs. Lewis in the Expository Timf.
Leaf 101 of the Lewis Syriac nalimpsen
has disappeared from the library of the
monastery on Mount Sinai, savs the
Loudon Academy. Mrs. Lewis gives a
fac simUe of it and says that she mis
it at Mount Sinai last February, bat
the monks had already discovered their
loss. "I was Informed that a party 01
several scholars had worked for urn
time at that MS. during the course of
last summer, and !t is safe to suppo
that a fair number of passing traveler
had been permitted not only to look at
it, but also to handle it. Aly surmise h
that one of these latter, wishing t
make an addition to lik own coCectioo
of curios, had slipped tie leaf betweea
the pages of a book la the fond belief
that It would never be mis-sed.
The man who knowingly injures a four
teenth century codex of the Gospeo
commits an act of sacrilege. M
Lewis wishes the purloiner to retura
the lost leaf to her. In wbi'-b case It
will be replaced In the codex and
questions will be asked.
Buried Towns.
Italy Is not the- only country that
can boast of Its buried towns and Til
lages, says the People's Friend.
Scotland there are the Culhin Sand,
covering a large tract of country, o
der which many dwellings lie entomb
ed; while In Ireland there is the
cient town of Bannon, situated in
once fertile tract between W exford Wj
Waterford. as effectually covered
with sand as ever Pompeii Tra1
red-hot cinders or Herculaneum
lava. .
Mmwim r. ... B...n PfMlt J
The extraordinary development of th
ards i
German mania for picture postc
attpxtod Uv tho tntol number of r"J-"!
which passed through the po-si
no fewer than 730,000,000. "
Deaf and dumb brides are unsps
ably happy.
... ... iu

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