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County Official Pap
Eiuer.i.i in tlio l'oi-:ik-.' at. ll.itrrpi i
Ore., a Ser.i.i.l-i-l.is-s manor.
srjwi'uirnox uatks.
Sintif copy, jvr year
Sin'.e coiy. -i.-: months
t-injrle copy, three months
When you chanirc- your ad.iross. notil
Miis ottite, sivins your jire,':it ami niM'
e-juMflnv ad-lre. o t!iat the fuitiTM
m;'.y rer.cii jou promptly.
Thi y ier is kept on tile by Albet
Tozier's Advertising Aieti'-y , l'ortlain
Or son, where advertising may be re
ceived for it.
President ilooseveii's n;i..--s.r.ii.' le
congress is a masterpieje from a
master hand. He recommends in
no uncertain term? the pa -sage oi
laws that will curb the trusts and
stop the big frauds in government
01 eiiurse there are doubters ami
kno.-k ri at the Imiuha copper
mines, but one sure tiiii!:.' the cop j
per is ther.' in quantities suiiii'ieht j
to piy working, and capital is
going after it. The doubting j
Thomas.'? will never any of it j
eitner. Iney talked a tew years
:10O -Inilt ;l tinr-.oi J- nn-it.lo 1t
Tn - i .i l i
tnl W.ilt la Hint rtf t b itn ini oin
would not encourage a prospector
because thev did nof ktuv.v that
thorn n-m ..onu io Tnii
,,, n; ' " .'
country. Ot course there is not a
Tllinp In Hint. u'mu in,,' tf tlmi-i. :
was it could not be secured for a
few dollars. There are many
promising prospects on tin Imnalui
l remains tor capital to make
mines out of them. The knockers
will not have a hand in it.
A Cncnjavt UraduiiC.
, T ,
A story plloasned in t.iu liO -
"rial from the Pendleton Tribune
ii ot. of m triy that ratrht be tohl
hOW; n 'I how difficult, ii not C11-
tir-ily vain, i the attainment of the
uesirvl r.-sult in ti:e work being
carrii-.l un by thv (.'.ovtrnmc-nt of'
ed.ucatiir: Indian youtti in schools.;
Jennie Peo, a Umatilla Vudk!. n j
' I
WO.nan Was LTilduated at C'iiCtli.'.wa !
, , , , I
:tnd went home--lo do wmu .' j
What use had she for hereduea -
tion? What could siie do with it?
, , , . ,
JLli IV 3 ll llillU lyillLiil 11 HO '
... -.1 1 1 !..,- T-.i:
so sue rciiipntu lino u iic.-ic aiiuk 11
squaw again, married a mere buck
Indian, and not being satisfied
with him, 'estranged the cffectioiis'
of another squaw's husband, and
t ie two women had a rough-and-tumble,
hair-pulling, face-scratching
mud-rolling fight in a Pendle
ton street. What good did the
''eduja'iou" do? Mav ii not. have
doiu more harm than
mig it le too much to say that this
an 1 many other incidents that
?night b narrated prove conclus
ively that the system of Indian
education is an entire failure, but
thoy do prove that it is . a; failqre
to a gr.;at extent. It will fake rot
a few years, but several generations
to educate the Indians into uili
'.'H3 anywhere nearly approaching
iii Caucasia standard. As a rule
aitpr their education is gained,
they relapse, either swiftly or
gradually, into their old life.
Pacific- Coast Cities Win.
T n? Interstate Commerce
Commission has decided the
main points in contention, between
I'aciiic Coast and interior cities
in relatioi to freight rates-to this
Coast in favor of the Coaeticities.
It will be remembered that. certain
middle cities led by St. Louis and
secom'e 1 by Chicago, Kansau City
and MinneapolisSt. Paul, com
plained that the difference between
carload rates on westbound freight
from those cities was too great.
The object was to enable the job
bing houses of those cities to sell
the goods in less than carload lots
within territory naturally tribu
tary to San Francisco and Port
land. The defense was that water
transportation from the Atlantic
seaboard or Europe fixed or limited
the rates oa carload lots by rail,
an 1 also that ouch competition
, . liiti ,,i ,
does not apply to less than carload
lots, the Coast cities wtre entited I mdi before .1. F. r.urleili, r. 8. C'.in
i i -i .i i: . nii-sioner at fJHtlno, Oregon, ou Jan. 2t
to the usual railroad ilierinnna-! vjK. '
ti:i between such lots anil carload j H.'l" No. Tin:. Newton A'. Downs one
. . . , of the lii ir.s mill for tin; heir of Mary
lots-'hat. in brief, the Coast Cities i n ii- ,-nri of Inline On-pm. f..r the
. . . i i . ., o- lo : See. "Js lots 1 A- s See. 3,1 & lot I e.
were entitled to their position as- 3j nV!, ish. hk.w.m.
The commission finis that SOr. e
e laughs in rates should be mane
as to which farther testimony is
. , I
to he taken, but the main point for ;
w lieh the Coast cities contended is
attained. E leh city has some
g graphical advantage; our ad
vantage is that mentioned of long
water transpottation if ,
ec-ssary. It the railroads liecome j
too '"Xietinc. The reason of tlie ;
, . . . ' , .. , ,
decision is that n railroads were
r (inhvd to carrv intt rmediate traf-1
tic at rates at which they except : U lj SVl i4 Sei, o:!i NI. iv Stv j Otliee at l.a Grande Ore:n.
t iroudi traffic, thev would loose1 :'-p. 2. N. k.iK. W. Ji. j . .., . .,N,or,-
. , . , , : lie names the follow inn witnesses to i Notice is hereby mven that the loiiow
O the OSeratlOIl, and 111 order to , l ,r()V! llis ,.,,., resalence upon and iIU! settler has fled notice of his iiilen
m ike the local traffic pav, witnotlt ' .ulsivation of said land, viz: I lion to make final po of in support of
...... . f -' Charles Wronn, James M. Blakelv. his claim, ami that said proof will he
a heavy discrimination m favor o. , ...(1,m.it ;llvi.s.inii )om otto Wrenn, all made, before D. W. sneaha... U. S.
throU"h traffic, thev would have to I f Jo-eph, (re;ron I ( omis-ioeer, of Enterprise Ore'oa on
" .. , , . ,,- , I E. W. I'-ABTLEFT, Begister. ' Jan. 14, lhOo. viz.
pit up the the local traffic raHs b j' No s)471i A. Vv.uid.il Po-nvell
to SUeh a point as would obliiiei ' of Knterprise, Orenon. fo. the E'.j N W'.,
them to give up the through tn.ffiej
to water competing points. !! nee j
the policy is to carry through !
frtuht at a small proiit, and to ad j
. ., . i'. l l I V.1:.. : .. . . i. :.. .1 ... . .- :.
to mat proiu iy einu-ini; i.ij;ii---
rates to interior points. j
I Ll L 1 I tl It 111--- U1UV111- - f W VlUr
i;viiluuiu': iiic cuuiiuiiv.! vi v!3
' theory, was lower raie? on "as
than carload lots, so they could
control the territory
lmost to tlie I
very doors of the Ccast cities. Hut
111 this,
iccording to the tenor of;
the decision, they will fail. Tek-
La.nl u;rioe at h i tl.-.inih-, Oro-' in,
J). e .-. pv '
v- .i:.... :.. 1 1 : 1. ,1... f.. . ... I
in: , settlor has :d notii-.-n i
,;! .J'amf t !
. n-'e b.fo:e D w. shedi.m. ,
V. S. Commissioner, of Lnterpn.-e. r .;on, .
1 on .1 -in. id, I'.kii, viz.
L '" '" , '.1,'' n of Knterprise Oregon.
for t ie .Vt SK'., See. I 1 wp. 1 SU. 44 lots
tinu I 7 tiee. 6Twp. 1 Sit. 4.) E. V. M.
I It - r. times the followir witnesses to
( prov liML.onljmms residence upon and
j vuitiv.itiou ofsaid land, viz:
rtLA of Wi, and "A-iriam M.
; Zu.vlier of linterpn-e, Orcaou.
E V.
Li:i ! OHie
r.t La firaude. Ori?on.
Not-,eU i.x.,v , i.-.-n Hut f..-toiloW, p
- i'-' - ;tw-r iwi ht,-.i T.oii.-v ; i
on iii;,K- limit pr. ot 111 Mi:p r: of h:s
aim ami tiuit said proof v.iii he
be for .lihn A. fiiimhle V. S. Coiand--
t;0ner tt Jos-pii Ore.)t on Jan. 19, U-o.1,
vft K N S,L.H(1 We;,iher'.v of
Joseph Ore-on for tin- N-i si. SM4-s':
!-ec, 2i and NK).,' NKM Sec. 2.' Twp. i 8. u
-i ,
lie pa-lie. the following wltn -ss.-s to
l- v- his continuous resilience upon and
' tiv.u;on of said land' viz
(ie ir-'e C. Oo-.vim;, ltobert T.. f? . f,
. avi 1 I'. Hunter and Agues M. Ye t al.o.
Joseph, Ore
E. V. 15 ARTI.ETT, HegisUr
United States L:ind Oliiec,
Noticj Is hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions of the act of
Coiigr-ss of .lime .'J, I7S. entitled 'Ai.
act for the sale of Umber 1 ::nN in th
S ates o' California, Oregon, Nevada an. I
Washington Territory," as extended lo til! ,
the PubUu L nnl B ates by act ;of August 1 1
4. IstrJ, Arthur R-audoin o Joseph. : j
count of Wallowa, stat-i of Oregon, ha-
till- dav tiled in ihi- oIice hi sworn state-
nic-nt Nt j. 1741. f r the purchase --f !li
S'AS'.'.'A it NEK of Section No. 2o
in T iwiiihip No. South. Sangc N . 4S. EV
A and will oiler proof to show that tin
uii'' si.uudvt is more valuable for its tim
l.un .i cI.,imi tl,.iii F.. liiri-ieiil 111 vi I iiirnr.w...
pnil to rstabtish h's claim to said land
before 1. W. Sheahan. U. S. ( oinuiisoion- 1
erat Enuipri.-e, Oreron, 0:1 Wcdn sday, '
the llth 1 a a Febr-.ia -v ie i.-. 1 m
He nani.-s cl3 willies h-s: Paviil E. ! W
Tucsjor and Peter IJaudoln of Joteih,Js
Oregon and John W. Allen and (Jcdia-j fS
Bail Join of Enterprise Oregon. ' rj
Any and all pevwn .lai -ii' adviwh JBS
the above described lands are iviiuetid to ! m
Hie their claims 111 this oflice'.cn or befor
said llth day of 'c-bruary I:W.
I . W. 1JA1MLSTT, R.gtster.
Delinquent Tax Notice. l
All delinxuent tax up to and in- j
eluding 1901 are now in my hands for 1 '(
collection and by a special order of
the county court I am commanded to
proceed to collect said tax without
delay as presoribed by law, after due
notice I ahull, proceed to collect said
tax and when' noti jmid in cash I shal!
leyy. upon andajl. ipifiicient personal
property to satisfy the amount o'
tax and cost. Ifthero be no persontcil j.
property then upon it-al property 11
there i e any. This publication will
Le considi red due notice.
J. 0. Shacwleioud
...Li ., Slioriff Walljwa Co. .
Datsd Nov. 3, 1902.
' Por. 3. 1002.
Land Office at I.aGrande, Oregon.
Notice is tieronv given that ti e follow-
' ini; named settlor lias filed notice of his
inloiiti.'.n to inato tlnal niDof in support
f . ; . , , , . . '
!))r',w. i(,,itiM.i..us residence upon and
cn ivathm of -dd land. viv.
. I . I . ' . I i.l M - I .t". ,
lu.., ilml iloim n cook a I of Lo-ihie
-' . ,
h. W. UAi'TLhTl.. Kefiister.
Land Otliee at LaOtatuip, Orenn.
Nov. Is, HM2.
Notice it lierebv jsiven that the follow-
ir.i; named settler l. as filed notice jt his
.t.,-0f jn support of his claim, ucd that
intention 10 coniiniue ami miiKe iiiiu
n.iid itoo( will be made bei'o-e .lolm A
ltuiiibic. U. S. S. Commissioner at
..,.,:,. , ,, n:, .i:1. :.v! vi-
M. I-.. No. 41147. lames E. bmtL-eii,"rv j
I W l X' H 1
f -1 1 1 1 t!fli.'a ill t !i ( s r; rwh 1 lin fnn 1
v ... i.. .".
Notice i- he!,-liy :!ive!i that tl e foPo-.v-
ne liamei! e.ili!r lias in -a notice it ms
1.0 e.i,.ii ...,,,.,. .,. , ., , i"'-'
., i, u ..; .,.,,1 n,..t ,,.) hi I
,muIe ,,'..oreA. c. -mitll. v. s. Cmniis-'
- t vi ivii viiiav, . . y. w. "
H. E. No. lO.ilM. Charles Jolin-ci, of
I ii, nuha. Oregon, for the N V. '4, Si 1 . 0,
ivp. 1, N. U. 4S, E. U . M. I
He names the follnwinu wit lies-'s tin
f iove liw continuous residence tipi an.i
. tilt vation of said land, viz:
Ihonins M.Ciiriy, .iiimes L. , a'ii
ai'd I.ichard Fn-k. of Ime.a.m,- -'" (-'' n
;u.d frank W x lie-- J'i b. "n .'. n.
t.. Vt . li.UiiLl',11, Iwi-illslel'
u;d suppositories will not
positively cannot do 1110
.lain reliove you.
It requires an internal rem
!y to remove the cause am
'Veet n Timnient cure.
Ask your Druggist ior D:
1 1 i in's booklet on the s-ih
Are all of Your Printed
Enve!opes Used?
1 U
j F.l
i 3
j n
j HI
I 3
! L-l
If so you cannot afford to do without iliem
when you can get them at the Chieftain office
for 50 cents per hundred. One Envelope with
your name and address printed on it may save
you 100 times the cost of the hundred envelopes.
Leave Youi Orcfer at
Enterprise, Oregon.
United States lind OHiee,
LuGrande, Oregon, Sept. 18, 1902
.Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Coiiu'Ivbb of June 3, 1SS. onMlled ''An
net. for the sale of timber IiiikIh in the
Sp'tes'of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Vah';nstori territory," us extended to
all the I'lthlie Land States hy act of Aug
ust 4, 18!)2, Elmer J. Korsvtiie, of Kntor
prise. roGntv of Wallowa. State of Oietron,
has this day Hied in this ollico I, is sworn
statement No. 1 !;. for the purchase of
the N W of SI -4' of Section No. iW ill
I Township No. 2 N, Hanite No. 45. K. .
M. and will offer :roof to show that the
land soiistht is more valuable lor its tim
ber or sione than for agricultural pur
pose and to establish his claim to s.ud
laud before I). W. Sheahan, U. S. C'om-miH-ioner
at Enterprise. Oregon on Sat
urday the 20th day of IVeemher. I'.MIJ.
He names as witnesses: .losepli P.
Averill and Ella Kobeits, of .bmeph,
Wreisoti and (ieorne 11, Milleratid Joselin
.Matheny, of l-'titerpns., l (recoil.
Any and all person claiiiuiif utlvetsely
i . . , -i . i i . . - ...........
, to lile their claims in this ollice on or be
ints anove iiescrioeo laiHin aiu ii-iuran-u
fore said 20th dav of December, PHI-'
K. V. B.A U TLi-.1T, Kenister.
A ' I '4 aim -it 4 "'-.4 '
Tp I S. U. 44 E. W. 11.
He names the followint witnesses to
' prove hif
. continu m residence upon and
' '..1.1 ..w.
I II I 1 ill lw( I JI . nm n"
Tl.o.mm.l. Wriuht. Edward A. Ander-
foil, 1 1 ailie 1. Iwsn ei i mm i .o 1.1 .........
, I, t i i 1 1. . i .. , i . 1 1 ... .I , i
.,u of j;tert.ris.' it-'l,n.
I'.. W. l'.ALTLKIT, Itet-ister.
T'nited States Land ofii.:e
aiirande, Oie-o,., Sept. P.'. YMY1
1 v,ti,-e in heiebv uiven that in com-
' pliance with the provisions of the act ot
1 Congress of June Ii. IST-l. etditled "An
! act lor the sale of timber l inds in the
states ol California, Or.-aon, Nevada and
Wushini'toii Territory" usexlended to ail
the Put. lie Land Slates bv act of Ail iiist
4, 1 -:!;. .lames S. Matfill of Los'jue.eouniy
of Wallowa, State ot Oregon has this day
tiled in tiiis ollice his sworn statement
No. 147 for the purchase of the SK1.,' of
Section No, 10 in To.vnship No. . S.
Kanae No. -It! E. W. M. and will offer
proof to show that the land nought is
m in: valuable for its timber or stone
than for agneultural purposes and to es
tablish his claim to said land before J. F.
, iS'.ir'eigh L'. S Conimis-ioner lit Lostine.
Oregon on Monday the Sth day of Dec-
: ember 1:;0-'.
j He names as witnesses; f'ratik I.
1 foster, H O. Poster, E. V. Kumlne and
' O. K.Mays all of Limine, O.egnn.
i Any and all persons cl.iiuiiiii.' adversel;,
j the above descrilv-d lands are p "pif sted
I to lile their claims in this ollice on or be-
lore s-jid Sth day of December, VM)Jl.
. V. P.AUTLLTT, K gister.
'l o JSiiKiitirCoiilriinitorN.
The conimittee wilj; wait on it hose
win have coiiti ibute I !-j th. ija'ar
i.e Dec. 20 on Tuesday, Die. l(i.
Land! Land!! Land!!!
The Burleigh Real Estate Agency
has placed on the market some choice
hareains in real estate. Notice there:
160 acres of fine bottom land
on abundanco of running water with
water riKlits;uU acres in cultivoti...,;
the finest alfalfa or wheat land; price
$2f)0u on fstsy terms.
We nnlv handle nronertv that will
sell, consequently can quote you the,
: " .11 !....., f '
lowest prices uii un cioat.-o ui
,, 11 . ! f.. f..Al
t.;aii on oi write me nrin lor lurtnvr
The BiiKi.Kictt IIkai. Estatk Aoency
Enterprise, Oregon.
Treasurer's Notice.
iSotice is hereby Riven tlmt l nave
sufficient funds on hand to pay all
n ... . .
, allowu uounty warrants presetueu
lor payment prior to April 1st, juui.
Interest on warrants included in
above call ceases Oct. 2.ith, 1902.
Hknky Mm.i.hh,
County Treasurer
Tl,., .,,-:..t lua-om, :l,n
x lie uiuuni tlovii imouii
rastand the l'acihc Uoast lias
reached enormous proportions in j
the last few years, a nd calls for a!
t . n '
seeciai class oi equipment. '
meet this demand the Pullman
Company has issued from its shops
,,-i..,t ; .,..i.,,:.,n,. nii i,.. oij,,ii i
II IKil 11 lillll!ll,.iil 11. n-
111:111 m- :n:irv .- t'eiioi-. 1 1 cse
I ill -.11 fill
cars appear similar to ine regular
sleepers being built on the same
plan, but not furnished with the
j snine elegance. They are equipped
with mattresses, blankets, sheets, I
pillows, pillow-cases, towels, combs,!
brushes, etc.. lciniiriii'r nothimr of
the kind t be furnhdied lv thft
i- i i '.
ener. r.acn i ;.r n::s a move
for making tea and col'leo and do-;
in;j; "'liiit housekeeping," and each
section can he fitted with an ad
justable table. A uniformed por -
ter accompanies each car, ms bust-
nrca beino t lliake u, berths,!
k- en the car clian, and lotik inter
the ints and comforts of the pass-
emier. In each of the trains
which a. dispatched daily from
Portland by the O. K. tfc N. Co. is
to be found one of thesn 'Pullman
Ordinary Sleepers." Tlie car at-
tun in. ti ( 'l.i ...,!.... It.. ..,1 I
Social" goes through to Chicago
nullum, i;n.ui!;e, ivnu me one in uie
"Atlantic Express" runs to Kansas
City without change, rassengers
in this car for Chicago change to a
similar car at Granger.
Much of the first class travel is
eing carried in these cars, the
ates bi'ing lower, and the service,0 Conveyancing ar.d Abstracts
nearly equal to that in the palace
Ferrates and full inform.it.ion
including folders, write to
A. L. Craig,
General Passenger
Agent, 0. R. & N. Co. Portland,
o. e. s.
Wallowa Valley Chanter. Xo 50.
Order of the Eastern Star, holds its
regular communications on the First
and the Third Saturday of eacli month,
at 7:30 P. M., in Masonic Hall, Enter
prise, Oregon. All visitimr brothers
and sisters are cordially invited to
Amy E. FonsYTHE
Rae E. Batek Worthy Matron.
Woodmen of the World.
Enterprise Camp No. 535.
regularly on the First mid Third Mon
day nights of each month. Transient
Neighbors cordially invited.
F. A. Clakk C C.
C. A. Ault, Clerk.
visit DR. JORDAN'S
(MauSllUiulgnwtfcJ ,
ID the Vi orld. i
erralut attraeUan n th Cttv. A
,". or n y cn tmct-
??. issu.'So,..',,'' ' "v
urcUllitim tli i'aei6a
UOMk luiUblUlitdiluMira.
mrm and mllli 1
tnm lb UKt et youthfal ludl
erttuiinB fkr t.. .... 1
ciiiloii.; M w ra n M. r r h i.
rntra. HftaihM ii . w. I
' only ir.,rd tmml.i. wrr"" i
. Hln wll Si i
, 'TrWMtIM T u ElMct U.i'.-,
i V. . - mmmtmw- nil rui Ij-k 1
I ur. jonin' ipecWl palolciw nothsdi. ,
I oonIV1!LIA',.'PP1',ntto,,1,wai'rl I
lLZ.!Z1i0iono, nUonmplBlnl. ,
" n u lUW. " -i.
Administrators Notice.
. jjotjee is hereby Kiven that h
1 .,. ,,. . thyt-
! 01 t."e BUto of Lf'v,a Ne . leased,
, rtnd l I,erson8 ,,ttvlD8 .ainis aga.nsl
said estate are hereby required to nrB..
the same with the proper Vouchers J
said Administrator at Fruita, Oregon nr
at 'ho office of his attorney, n w
HI, l, !.'.. ' "
i c'n iJri&u, urej;on, within
J six months from the date of this i,nt;
T......l to.,. J , n "OUP.;
Dated this 13th dav of September
Court Session.
Probate court is the sos-sion ou the fi,
Monday of each month.
County court meets on the first WerfJ
nesday in January, April, July ami SiJ
i 1 '!
I '-ircuit court convenes on the tl,j,,J
.uomiay in .llay, and the fourth Monday
in October.
Settlers Claimants.
It' you want to file on land, provf
up vn your Homestead, buy gelioc
! or suuo inna, or transact nnv oth
n.wl l i i : ,,
mnu ui itlllll UllMIR'tMj (all Oil ()
w Q'"bfk-
V. ?. f.ESOan
: 77. &. CGMMTRRTf) W P
. . ' "'
; JtBVpt'lfse, - - Oregon
... . -
, "1101113' EliU ICUUSBlDr ul I
All business mid 'corrHpi.iideiice a
'uded to with di;;pa!eh. Praetire n, n.
' j!tn,e ""' federal Courts and Iuierw
Calls to nil parts of tlm count
proinntK' answered.
eHiiumeu one lilock Eat of Aleihm!;.
Adiurch. OHiee up stairs in Berlai,
" eat oi xnug 6tkre.
' "
j J- A. ISuiilkioh.
W. S. Bv?.iJ!ici
Practice in all Courts of the State.
Sell Real Estate and make ColkJ
tions on Commission.
j T Ofjice in Court House ElocJ
A. C. Smith , J. S. IIodgi
Smith & Hodgin
In nil its departments traiisacti1
in this ollice. Lund Plats for infjw
tion. All Filings and Contests curt
fully recorded and attended to wit
Plats corrected weekly from Law
umce at- l.a Urande.
Ollice upstairs in the Borland
U.S. Commissicnsf
E. A. Fosner,
G. 8. Craio J. M.Chubch,
T. H. Veaskt. W. K. olHi
Gfo. W. Hyatt.
Pre..!lHtit,.'1.' ' Vice-Presid"!
. W. K. HOt.MB, Cannier.
TVian . L.i.t l,nr,l-,'nir billing
Exchange bouchfc nrf. idlil. Colim
DR. JOPtOAN ft CO., mi MuM8l,t.f
; ions promp,ey. made at umno
pont ftbroa.

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