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Terrible Disaster to a Siberian
Tomsk Almost Entirely Destroyed and
Many Lives Lost
Sixteen Workmen Killed by tbe Burning of
t Cartridge Factory in Italy—Can
adian Parliament Prorogued.
Special t>y tfce Cai:rorn!» Associated rr»M.
St. FXTEBEBVBe, May 16.— The city of
Tomsk, in fciberia, has been almost de
stroyed by flood and fire. Many lives were
The city of Tomsk is the capital of a
government of that name in \Ve9t Siberia
and is situated on the Tom River. It is
mi stly built of wood, but has substantial
public buildings, comprising a cathedral,
tribunals, treasury, fur magazines, bar
racks, hospitals and an orphan asylum. It
is the residence of a bishop, a civil Gov
ernor and of the Superintendent of the
Altai mine?, and carries on a brisk trade in
cattle and furs. Its population is 2j,CSO.
Oermany Defines the Boundary of Her Fo--
«es«ion«— An Objection.
London, May 16.— The Lundcn Chroni
cle's iierlin correspondent says he can state
on good authority that Germany does not
daim Uganda and I'nyoro, but she will in
sist upon the thirtieth degree of longitude
east oi Greenwich as the western limit of
her territory. The southern limit she al
lows to be a matter for debate, and, there
fore, that question is left open for the pres
ent. The Government will not recognize
the activity of Dr. l'eters outside of the
German sphere. Thus the northern limit
oi the German sphere will run in a straight
line from Kavlronds to the junction of the
Unity-second decree with the Equator and
thence westward along the Equator to the
thirtieth degree.
The Chronicle, in an editorial, proceeding
on the ba?is that Englaud has already con
ceded the foregoing c;aims to Germany,
•ays: No wonder Germany assured the
world that the negotiatious were going on
amicttily. We would rather Lord Salisbury
Lad ceded Ireland to Germany than thus
meekly to surrender our vital strategic
points iu Africa, upon the keeping of which
cur imperial position in two comments de
pends. The cession of home rule to Ire
land would be a trivial matter, so far as the
English race is concerned, compared wiln
luik surrender.
AHmlon to the Per.d Negotiationi at the
Prorcgnia? of Parliament.
Ottawa, M.iy 16.— Parliament was pro
rogued tu-nicnt. The speech from the
throne contained this: ".Negotiations re
specting the Behring Sea question are still
in progress at Wasmngton with good pros
pects of an equitable settlement. Mean
while the continuance for another year of
the modus Vivendi will 6erve to show our
earnest de?ire to cultivate friendly relations
with the L'uiteu States Government and
Burning cf a Cartridee Factory at Arigliane,
Rome, May 16.— The cartridge lactnry at
Aciglinum, was burned to-day. The build
iug was niled with workmen, sixteen
were kil.ed, and many otliers injured.
A Hnrdercai Serrant.
BXBLTN, May IC— A servant has been ar
rested here fur decoying children from their
hornet, tilling their mouths with dirt and
strangling them. There have been several
Tictims. Physicians declare the man is a
victim to homicidal mania.
A M q of Iron.
Beblxh, May 16.— At a banquet to-night
tendered, to the Emperor by provincial
leaders, lie said that whoever attempted to
■ tuck the security of the country would
find niin a man of iron, with sin army at
Lis back.
Ths Bihring Sea Question.
Ottawa, May 16.— Parliament has been
prorogued. Macdonald, answering a query,
■aid he was awaiting a dispatch from Wash
ington foi definite information concerning
the Behring Sea question.
Giccit ct's Admirer!.
LoHDON, May 10.— Gladstone's routs from
Ipswich to Norwich was literally lined with
admirers today. No greater demonstra
tion of popular admiration for a British
subject was ever witnessed.
Church Struck by Lighmtej*.
Bkki.i.y, May IG. -Lightning struck a
church at Nuremberg to-day during de-
Totional exercises Four persons were
killed and several injured.
Thirty-»ix Persons Drowned.
BKBIJK, May 16.-A ferry-boat was cap
sized to-day near Bmtibor, Siiesia, and
thirty-six persons were drowned.
Stanley Engaged.
London, May 16.— Explorer Stanley is
enß.iged to be married to Miss Dorothy
Teunant, a young English beauty.
Mr*. Liilit'i Denial.
Pauip, May IC — Mrs. Frank Leslie de
aies that she is engaged to be married to the
liarquis of Leuville.
Preiident Adam» and Pany Looking Over the
Puget Sound Territory.
PojtTi.ANii (Oregon), May I<;.— President
Charles Francis Adams, Vice-President \V.
11. Uolcomb and Director F. L. Ames of
tlje Union Pacific. I.ailway Company ar
rived bpre on a special train to-day. Adams
•tates that the local officers will not be re
moved. Jn relation to the construction of
a road on the Sound, President Adams
stated: "We are out here lor the purpose
of informing ourselves as to a Sound iftvis
ion aud arriving at a conclusion as to the
course which will be to the best Interest of
the company to pursue." Kecardluz tho
terminus on the Sound, Mr. A -Jaw* said
nothing, as he has not yet acquainted him
self with the true situation, but v.ill be as
lie says, better able to talk on tlie subject
when he returns from th<» trip over there.
Chicago, ilay IC— The Atchison has
made a new outlet to Liverpool for eraln
from Kansas. The route is from Kansas
points over the Atchison to Galveston, and
thence by boats to Liverpool. The first
boat was loaded and started across ttie
water a fen days ago.
Joe McAnliffe to Spar With Dominick M--
Cfcffrpy X'xi Week.
Niw Yoi:k, May . 16.— Sullivan is willing
to Cclit McAuiiffe to a finish for not less
than $10,000. lie says*h« is confiaent of his
ability to defeat the Calilornlan.
Joe McAuliffe will appear in an exhibl-
SiS.^wttgtr l Domlaick iicoiirruy
■ ihoiiias Nolan, a member of the Cali-
Xoriiia Athletic Club, sails in a fow davs for
Lngland to see the Wnllace-Dixon Hgbt
Ike Weir wants to fight Australian Mur
phy, and hopes the California Club will
offer a purse to induce. Murphy to remain
in America,
Ai&rming State of Affairs in the State of
Coahuila, Hex
San Antonio, May IG.— Worl has been
received here from Eagle Pass, which is
Just on the border line of Mexico and the
United Slates, that a revolution of cousid
eruble proportions is Imminent iu the State
The Morning Call.
of Coahuila. Mex. Governor Jose Maria
Garcia and President Diaz hate had very
unpleasant feelings toward each other for
sume time, and it is reported that the Gov
ernor has matters all arrauged for a revolu
tion in his State. This report receives
credit by nn order from President Diaz
commanding 100 cavalrymen, under charge
ot Colonel Valdez, to march to Juari-z Irom
Lagle Pass, in order to be near at hand in
iase of an outbreak.
Probability of tho Estab'ishm of an Epis
copacy in San Francisco.
St. Lovis, May 16.— 1n the Southern
Methodist General Conference in session
here it was to-day resolved to elect two
new bishops; to inalte the election the
special order for next Monday and to con
tinue the special order until the matter was
settled. The election will be by secret
ballot. Oue of the new bishops will oc
cupy the Dlat-e made vacant by Bishop Mc-
Tyiere's death, and the other'* residence
has not yet been fixed, but it will very
probably be out on tlie I'acitic Coast, where
the church lias great and Browing interests,
with no Episcopal residence nearer thau
hat of Tex is.
The Committee on Euiscopacy lately sub
mitted a report suKtiestin^ the estaLlish
niint of an Episcopacy at San Francisco,
and it is considered almost certain that an
additional His Ik will be assigned for duty
there. One ol the names mentioned as the
most pri.balile candidate is that of Dr. 1).
]'. Fitzgerald of the California Conference,
but wliq has for two years been editor of
the organ of the church at Nashville, Tunn.
A resolution was adopted, instructing the
Publication Canuiittee to consider the
feasar.ility of establishing a church paper
in Sim Francisco.
Stricken With F»r»ly*ii.
Kansas City, May Hi.— George 11. Paul,
President of the Fort Scott Cement Com
pany, and ex-Postmaster of Milwaukee, is
brine in a critical condition at his residence
here, the resuit uf a stroke of paralysis.
Hnnteri Silled by an Explosion.
BA3GOB, (Me.), May 16.— Three hunters
were killed and two seriously wounded by
the explosion of powder in a eabiu in which
they suiuht snelter from a storm.
Colouel Blacdouxlir* Regiment Does It
»rlf Proud.
The Second Artillery Begiment, N. G. C,
did itself proud last evening on the occa
sion of its reception and bull at the Me
chanics' Pavilion, ami tlie military exercises
were such aa to leave oo doubt of the creat
advance which the command has mude
under the regime of its new held officers.
Tlie attendance was creat, over four thou
sand people having been present. The mili
tary exercises comprised an inspection and
review by Colouel Macdonald with the
battalion under command of Lieutemint-
Coionel Kr.ster, followed by £imrd tin unt
in double line aud a dress parade with Ma
jor Geary in command. After tlie latter
medals were distributed to Captain Waters
for twenty-live years' contiuuous service in
the regiment, to Lieutenant Bentty for
fifteen and to Captain White, Lieutenants
Leo aud Batchelde r aud eight enlisted men
for ten years' seivice.
The entertaiumeut was, from a militnry
standpoint, the most satisfactory ever given
by the regimeut, aud was interesting more
over because of tlic many innovations in
troduced, liriftadier-tieneral Cuttiujj and
staff, Culonel Harry nf the Third and staff,
Colonel Fairbanks of the Fifth and mem
bers of his regiment, besides officers of the
First Infantry, were among thu invited
A Slul cal and Elocutionary Recital by
the Young I.ntlif*.
A musical and elociuinuary recital was glvea
In Metiopolitau Temple list evening by the young
laaiei of living Institute. Tlie assembly waj
composed principally of ladies.and few seats were
uuoccupied. Tbo recital w.n one of tlie must
pleaiaat entertainments ol tlie season. Tlie pro
gramwx wm as follows: Piano solo. Khapsodv,
No. C (Liszt), Amelia Jolinsun; recltatluu, " Tlie
Senator Entangled," Alice Tavlor; piano solo,
"TarantWie"(UiopiD), Dora Myers; recitation,
"Ttie Heatlier Boy," with piano accom
paniment oi Schumann, Myrtle Slieaier;
Dlano solo (a) "By ll,e Sea," (b) "Hark ! the
Laik" iSchubeit-Li9U), Grace Spuigron and
Mattle McCorwlck; rectlailou, "llnee Giadti.
ales,' IU t. Lane; piano solu (a) KanUaie, U
minor iMuzail), Etude In G ll.tr. Up. 10 (CliopUl),
Viola Hoduers. Scenes from "The Love Cbase"
-Cohsiance, Lulu James: VVlMrake, Myitle
Shearer, Fisuo duo, "L« I'reludes" (Liszt), Hie
Mia«ps yruck.
Then followed tne cantata of •' Little Snow
White," by Frauz Abt. under the (iiiectlon or 11.
.1. Stewart, aDd willi the followlnz ca*t: l.itne
Snuw White, Carrie Korer; the Wicked Queen,
Giace de Forest; Ihe Stveu J)-,\;ttTv Alice Gii
lusbl, Clara Ullluniv Alice Tajrlor, Viol.i lioil.-
er?, I.uiu James ana Gertrude Itopklm.
Tlie sioiy lietweeu ibe musical parts was re
cli.d by Geoigia Hit-s, Dura -Myer«, ETangellne
Nixon, Heurieila Zeile, Alice Galusha aud Sar*
Biigoilov In the Ocrnn Emits IMllnrs of
Flrft Red \- I, -g.
The famous Alaskan volcano known as
Bcgoslov, tl at arose su strangely from the
ocean some seven years neo, is once moro
in eruption. It is expected that some very
vivid descriptions of the island volcano,
with Its creat of flame and lire, will be
given by passengers of the Alaska Com
pany's steamer St. Paul, who saw the vol
cano and will probably arrive here to-day.
Beeosluv is nearly due west from the island
of Oonala^ka.
Captain Everett Smith of the steam
wnaler Orca passed near the scene soon
after tne first eruption. He noted that four
new islets, earn detached but near the
volcano island, had arisen from the Ueptiis,
and the mountain itself had alto risen con
siderably. During the eruption the sky for
weeks was clouded with ashe», and these
fell in liberal showers in the town of Iliu
liuk, forty-four miles away to the eastward.
To the people there who saw the eruption
it seeiut>d that the pillar of fire and smoke
was fully fifteen miles high, rising from tho
horizon and losing itself in the low clouds
of the sty.
J«m«i XV. iiaurkcr < fii.i -if ii of a
F«loi<y I'iwlrr tin Code.
James W. Bancker was cod vie yester
day afternoon of felony for deserting an in
fant child. On April 9th he placed his lit
tle girl, about 4 month* old, in a barn nt
Utah and Yale streets and abandoned her.
Her erics were heard and she was rescued
in «n almost famished state. The child is
Bancker's Illegitimate ofT-juring, the mother
being Mary Wilson, who Is now in Los An
geles. Bancker claimed that he left the
child only long enough to go aciocs the
stieet for a elass of lieer. He was prose
cuted under Section 271 of the Penal Code,
and it is the first Instance of a conviction
under that law. The maximum penalty is
seven years in State Prison.
Hacel at Oaklauii.
The Oakland Driving Association will
give two races this afternoon at the Oak
land track, open to gentlemen's road-ters,
to be driven by their owner?. There are
five entries in the first and four in the sec
ond race. The races will be commenced at
3 o'clock.
A L*rgn Coiiirftr:.
The Risdon Iron Woiks were yesterday
awarded the contract for all the winding
machinery for the new plant of tne Califor
nia-street Railway Company. The work
will all be done in this city.
A tureer'H Nentence.
David Percival was sent to Folsom for
three years yesterday by Judge Sliafter. He
pleaded guilty to forging the name of Por
ter tiros, to an order for six boxes of
oranges un the Southern Pacific Company.
I""'*** Venrii f«»r I'orjtttrr.
John F. Kussell received a term of five
years in San Quentln yesterday in Judge
Shatter's department for forßing thn name
of K. Dunsmuir & Co. to a chuck for $300 on
the Pacific Hank. ■
■■.!■• a .Sealskin.
William Havnes w.as yesterday sent to
San Quentin for three years by Judge
Shatter for having stolen a sealskin sacquo
from Bridget Greggnins of 25 Clinton street,
on April -list last.
Art I iiiiinilt.il.
Tliis will be the last Uay of the free ex
hibition by the Art Association. The award
of pictures to the members will be made
this evening.
Washington, May 10. — 11. 11. MeCalla
was to-day detached from tho command of
the Enterprise.
1{ »nc»lu» In I'ark I,ot»,
aiso in ittciimond aud outside lands, and Bernal
Uelglils. Apply 37 Pout street, Itooins 6 and 6.*
Carlisle Nominated for United
States Senator.
ill Bat One of the Opposing Candidates
The Mystery Surrounding the Disappearance
of a Notorious Woman— A Fatal
Duel Between Drummers.
Special by tbe Calirornl* Associated* Press.
Fisankfout, May 16.— The Democratic
caucus which wag held to-night to nomi
nate a candidate for the United States
Senate to fill out the unexpired term of the
late Senator Beck was short, yet full of
interest and excitement Immediately upon
the assembly of the caucus the withdrawal
of ex-Governor Knott and Hon. Kvan T.
Settle was announced, after which a ballot
was taken, resulting in Carlisle receiving
52 votes, Lindsay 33 and McCreary 30..
The name of ex-Governor McCreary was
then withdrawn, which left the contest be
tween the {treat Democralio Congressman
and Judge Lindsay. Then a second ballot
was taken, resulting in Carlisle's victory,
the vote being, Carlisle 72, Lindsay 43.
A cummiUee was then aupuinted, con
sisting of Hon. James Mulligan, who nomi
nated Carlisle, and Hon. Claude Thomas,
who seconded the nomination, to notify
Mr. Carlisle. They escorted him into ihe
Senate Chamber with groat lause, where
Mr Carlisle made one of the most brilliant
speeches ever made in the City of Hills, ac
cepting the nomination nnd pledging his
fidelity to the party.
Openine Session cf the Gmera! Assembly at
Saratooa, May 16.— The Presbyterian
General Assembly convened yesterday.
The annual sermon was preached by the
retiring Moderator, Kev. Dr. \V. C. Roberts.
Bev. \V. E. Moore was elected Moderator.
The Committee on Amending the Con
fession of Faith reported, '.and recommended
that a chapter be added to the book of dis
cipline and directory of worship, aud that a
two-third vote be necessary to change the
confession. The report will be discussed
A report was placed before the assembly
showing 132 presbyteries were for revis
ion, 60 against, 7 were non-committal and
4 not responding. Referred to a special
committee, consisting of Patton of Prince
ton, Edwards of St. l'aul. MeCracken of
Xew York, clergymen, and Elder Shanklin
of Indiana. Other business was transacted
as follows: Standing committees were ap
pointed; a spe'.-ial committee reported it in
expedient for the Uuited State* to take the
initiative regarding the liquor traffic in the
Congo State, aud sevi-rni oilier reports were
received. Tlie committee to digest and ar
range the answer of the presbyteries with
reference to revision is said to stand as
follows: For revision— McCracken, Ed
wards, Shankliu. Against revision—Pat
ton and Thornton.
The eutiro afternoou session was occu
pied In debate on tho committee's report on
the methods of effecting changes in the Con
fession of faith, and the discussion will be
resumed to-morrow.

The Kvstery Attached to the Disappearance
of a Notorious Woman.
Chkyknne (Wyo.), May Hi.— A territorial
sensation fora week has been the supposed
murder of Lou Pi Ik, a notorious woman,
at Casper, a new town up north, by a man
named Lee May. The latter had threatened
the wtmau's life innumerable times. They
rode off on the prairie after an unusually
lively tiff, one on a borrowed horse. Their
continued absence utaited the story that
Lou hud been killed by May. Neither cuuid
be found, though a Sheriff's posse scoured
the range. In the search a cowboy wns
met who said Lou aud Leu May had passed
him and the womau asktd him to help her
escape. May silence d the outsider by pull
ing his six-shooter. Every one believed
that the girl had been murdered until a
Cheyenne doctor to-night received a tele
gram from Lou at a town 9DO miles from
Casper. She s;iid her noso had been shot
off, and asked if the physician could replace
it. .She is liustching to this place. It is
evident that May tried to kill the womau
arid was worsted, perhaps killed.
Twenty-six Pericni Known to Have Been
Ki led at the Mine.
Wilkesbakke, May 16.— Nearly a scoro
of houses were destroyed in the Ashley
mining disaster. The present cave adjoins
the mine In which the extensive cave oc
curred two years ago. It extends over half
a mile square and includes a portion of the
thickly settled village called Slefettos
Fourteen of the imprisoned men have
been saved, nineteen bodies have been
found and six men are yet missing.
Twenty-six persons are known to have
been killed at the mine.
Th. S. earner City of A mindrii Heets With
D faster.
Key West, May 16.— Tne steamer City
of Alexandria, from Now York for Cuba
and Mexico, is aslioro ou the Florida reefs,
near the entrance to Biscay ne Bay.
bpongers bring report that the caigo is be
ing jettisoned. The steamer curried both
passengers mid fi eight, and much anxiety
is felt lor the safety ol tin; former.
He la Anxious to Cany On' th» Bapub'icao
Platform of 1888
New York, May 18,— Kussell Harrison
was Intel viewed to-day and said: "The
President stands upon the Republican plat
form of IXKH, which promised a revision of
the tariff aud additional silver legislation.
He is anxious that these promises shall be
carried out. 1 am sure he would sign any
satisfactory bill on these subjects."
A Detroit Man D.;app»ars With Honey Eor
rowfd Frcm Friendi.
Dktuoit, May IG.— C. 11. Smith, a promi
nent business roan, former partner of
Mayor Penfree and President of the West
ern Knitting Works, mysteriously disap
peared this morning. 11 is affairs are badly
involved, lie lias borrowed from every*.
body. Ilis total delalcatign is $100,000.
'i'hflie is much excitement.
— — ■♦•
An Accidental Meeting of Two Drummers
Followed by a Duel.
Scale, (Ala.), May IG.— Louis Smith and
Edward Elklus, two traveling salesmen
from Montgomery, met here by accident on
a country road. Both drew pistols to settle
an old grudge, mid began firing. Elkius
was killed aud Smith fatally injured.
Cheapo to Have Natural Gas.
Chicago, May 16.— Recently Gas Trust
stock has been going up steadily aud Inside
holders have been selling with the view of
buying bnck on an expected break. It is
now announced that the Standard Oil Com
pany has secured a controlling interest and
will pipe natural gas into the mains from
thu Ohio field.

She Leapt d to Death
New Tokk, May 16.— Mary Bangerweue,
a bride of 20 and an invalid, discovered her
bed clothing afire and leaped from a third
story window aud was killed.
» •
Commutation Becominanded.
Columuus (Ohio), May 10.— The State
Board of Pardons has recommended
that Charles Blytbe, the murderer of
Colonel Jones at Cincinnati last year and
now under sentence to be hanged, be com
muted to life imprisonment.
1 ♦ v
. An Illegal Election.
Indianapolis, May lo\— The Supreme
Court holds that William Teetle, State Sta
tistician under the Legislative election, is
not legally entitled to the office, and that
William Worrill, by an appointment by the
Governor, is the rightful Incumbent.
Dosb'.e AtphTXi&tinn.
Worcestkh (Mass.), May 16.— wife
and daughter ot President Hull of Clark
University were found dead In bed yes
terday smothered. The illuminating gas
was turned on accidentally by an electric
P^wderJy Indicted for Conspiracy.
Scottsdai.f. (I'a.), May 16.— Grand Mas- |
ter Workman I'owderly of the Knights of
Labor has been indicted on a charge of
conspiracy to defeat Callaghan fur the
Senatorial nomination and ruining his busi
Riilroad Laborers Killed.
Scranton, May Hi.— Three Italians were
killed and several injured in the collapse of
a i-o.il bank at ()!i|.huut. Sixty other men
narrowly escaped. All were railroad
Excise Commission en in Trouble.
New York, May 16.— Tbe Excise Com
missioners have been indicted tor failure
to entertain complaints against dealers who I
sold liquor n> ar the polls at last election,
also for licensing improper persons.
A Cccainn Wreck
Lexin-gton (Ky.), May Hi.— Dr. J. Addi
ton Stocky, once a famous physician of
enormous practice, was to-day seDt to the
State Lunatic Asylum in Consequence of
the cocaine habit.
Results of Yesterday's Races at Brook
lyn and LoniSYille.
Brooklyn, May 16.— 1t was clear and
warm tc-day ; the track was heavy. Xho
races resulted as follows:
Blrtt race, six furlongs, Kemp'.and (Tay
lor) won, Shotover (Jones) second, Koyal
Garter (.1. Regau) third. Time. 1:17%.
Second nice, one mile and a furlong,
Judae Morrow (WarwicK) wou, Kleve(Clay
ton) second, Griinaldi (Taylor) third. Time,
Tliird race (Myrtle stakes), oue and a six
teenth miles (Si'lliui;), Raymond G (Barnes)
won, Golden Keel (Jones) second, Lotion
(Buun) third. Time, l:.u{4.
Fourth race, five furlongs (selling), Wood
cutter (Covicgton) won. Sequence colt
(Kcyer*) second, Parolina (Taylor; third.
Time, 1:05
Filth race, six I urloncs, Dalsyrian (Ivimby ;
won, Rancocas (Þon) second, Strjke
(Fairgooil) thiid. Time, 1:17%.
Sixth race, ouo inile, Exiie (Hamilton)
won, LUiniODT (Jones) second, t-ntu Morse
(A. Covinetou) third. Tiuie, 1:40%.
Louiiville Reiu'ts.
Louisvii.lk, May To-day was clear
and warm. The track wrs muddy. Follow
ing aro the results:
First race, od« mile and 100 yard* (handi
cap), Ja Ja (Steppe) won, Camilla (Britton)
second, White Nose (Fax) third. Time,
1:56 Ji.
Seeund*racp, oue and a sixteenth miles
tDelbeck handicap). Sportsman (Allen) won,
Blarneystoue Jr. (Fax) second, Polemus
(Griffin) third. Time, 1:00' 4 .
Third race, oue mile (selling), Bliss (Fax)
won, Limle rkranz (Smilb) second, DulKelty
(Malloy) third. Time. 1:51 1 -.,.
Fourth race, rive furlongs, Kossland (Fish
burn) vron, Rose Howard (Allen) second,
Ethel S (Steppe) third. Time, 1:0*.
Fifth race, one and an eighth miles
(selling). Birth-lay (Fmx) won. Rowland
(Griffin) second, Julia W (J. Partei) third.
Time, 2:05%.
E.itub for Lounyilie.
Lotjikvillk. May 10.— The entries for to
morrow's races lire as follows: First race,
one and a sixteenth miles— Eugenia 01,
Tinuie 91; Lena II 91, Fairy Queen Ot;, Cecil
B 90, Datlikins iii, J li Freed 101, War Peak
101, Bluir 105, Ed Hopp 107.
Second moe, Alrxander stake — Gascon,
Liberty Bell, Allain Bane, llueneme,
Green Leaf, Major Thornton, Georgetown,
Tom Rodgers, Mirabeuu, each 113; Dundee.
luird race, handicap sweepstakes, one
and an eighth miles— English Lady
105, Clamor 107, Gleekuer 110, Hiiutress 122.
Fourth race (selling day), oue mile— Silver
King Sti, Julia \V M, Semaphore \<i, Ayleu
CKi, Buckthorn 91, Warpeak 100, Uronkful
106, Weeks 100, Uuckeyc lot>, Jake Miller
110, Quarterdeck 10-.'.
Fifth race, une mile— Mamio Fonzo-97,
Major Tom 'jy, Kli'Jit, Piincb Albert 99,
Auut Kate loi, EleetrieitylO2, Koliin loti,
Banner Bearer 100, Birtlnlay 100, Vidette
110, Mncauley 110.
Sixth rare (for two-year-olds), five-eighths
of a mile -Hindoo Lass 99, Mi>> Courtney
102, l.a.ira Ayres 102, Coriane Kiuney 10t>,
GeuLral Caldwell 107. Caprice 108, Orcaa
108, vVoodiord 100, Jay Jay C C 10U, Sir
Planet 118.
Gravesetd Entriei.
New York, May 10.— Following are the
Graveaend entries for to-morrow:
First race, tivo and a half furlongs— Eon
122, Gregory 110, Dalsyriau 110, Reclare 103,
Treatlle 102, Folsom 102.
Second race, one mile— Tlpstnff 112, Xow
or Never 112, King Crab 110, Drumstick
108. Tanner 105. Cynosure 106, Glen Mound
105, Be 11 wood 104, My Fellow 100, Burling
ton 100, Maximum 'JO.
Third race, live furlongs— Cascade 118,
Bay Chester 11H, Chatham 118, Bushbolt
118, King Alta 118, Stratlinieath 118, Gray
Rock 118, Corel 115, Seminole 115, Masgte
Ward 115, Miss Ransom ll.'i.
Fourth race, ona uiile and r furlong
(Brooklyn handicap)— Sir Dixon 118, Badge
llii, Taragon 110, Fides 110, Eric 110, Greg
ory 110, Mukkiikl 105, lie Hit B 106, I'rather
96, Gray Dawn 99, VeuEeur 100, Cassius 100,
iladstone 106, .Major Dumo 107, Brussels
102, Tormentor 96, Urbana 90, Maxlinus 90.
• Fifth race, five furlun:<i— Bltcklock 111,
Sir Rae 111, Lord Harry 111, Slratngeur 111,
Runsell 111, TuscalooxH coll 111, Vagabond
111, Ailvenlurur 111, Vocaieltw 108. Latina
10», Ella T 108, Bettie Prather 108, I'ct filly
108, Lizzie 108.
Sixth nice, six furlongs— Kaymond 112,
HanisburK 115, Manola 112, Aihd 112, Fre
jols 114. Decoy Duck filly 93, Gitriison 10">,
Pozzle 105, Monte Cristo 101), Vivid 110,
Lemon Blussom 112.
Jock j Anderson Xillad Daring a Race at
Louisville (Ky.), May 16.— Jockey An
derson was thrown from his horse aud
killed this afternoon.
An FxchanKe of recent date contains the
following sketch of the Jockey Anderson:
Une of the most amusing little jockeys on
the turf ia "Spider" An
derson, a coal-black mite
of humanity, who was
born somewhere in the
State of Maryland, nine
teen years ago. The
"Spider" does not go in
(or book-learning, but
he is a capital little
rider, and has landed
more long-chance horses
this season than any
nther jnckev. He it was
who rode Grover Cleve
land the only time that
unfortunate animal ever
wod. lie piloted the 'crazy Conoemnra to
victory when she beat a crack field, aud
rode Radiant when tlint uncertain per
former beat Brahmin. Anderson is a polite
little ' fellow and meekly says ''Yes, sir,"
and "No, »lr,". with his eyes fastened on
the ground; but when he is in a crowd of
jockeys he makes them stand around. He
carries a trunklul of pistols to terrify the
more fearless of he stable-boys. He is an
odd mixture of simplicity, ignorance, hon- 1
esty, good nature and superstition. He
cares nothing for money, and is as faithful
and as attached to his employers, Messrs.
Davis & Hall, wilii whom lie has beeu for
five years, as a dog to his master.
Bsyartl'i Tips.
New York, May 16.— Bayard's tips for
the Graveeeud races: First race, G*egory or
Fordhaiu ; second. Now or Never or Tan
ner; third, Chatham or St. Charles; fourth.
Badge or Graw Dawn ; lifth. Adventurer or
Lord Harry; sixth, Raymond or Mauola.
Brorgr Andntnn.
The San Francisco Postoffice
Commissioners' Report.
The Choice Between the Howard and
Seventh Street Properties.
Captain Sampson to Be Relieved as Super
intendent of tbe Naval Academy
at Annapolis.
Special by the California Associated Press.
Washington, May IG.— Nathan K. Mas
ten of the commission appointed on the
San Francisco public-building site called
at the Treasury Department this morning
in company with Congressman Morrow
and delivered the report into the custody
of the Supervising Architect. Secretary
Windoiu, being obliged to attend the Ckd
luet meetiug, could nut receive or consider
the report. He will do so to-morrow. Until
then it will be kept from the public. The
Secretary desires to peruse It, so that ho
can reasonably decide whether he will ap
prove the recommendation ol the commis
sion or not.
Masten guarded the report carefully and
Secretary Window stated that it would nut
be given publicity just yet. It recommends
six available sites, but the only ones re
ceived with favor are the locations ou How
ard street, between Second and Hubbard,
and oue on Seventh and Mission. It is
learned to-night that t!ie former is more
favorably considered, and will likely be
adopted to-morrow, but Mr. Windom will
tirst cuiiMilt .Stanford, Hearst, Morrow and
Cluuie. Several protests have beou received
from ban Francisco.
Captain Sampson to Be Relieved a< Enperia"
tendent of the Annapolis Academy.
Washington, May It).— Secretary Tracy
has decided upon a successor to Caitain
Sampson as Superintendent of the Xaval
Academy, but the name of the officer is not
known. The change of officers will take
place iu June, at the end oJ the academic
term, when Sampson will depart for the
Pacific Const to take command of the new
cruiser San Francisco. Capuin Pythian,
the present Superintendent of the Naval
Observatory, is said to be the man, aud
I'apuin F. V. Mouair is undeibtood to be
booked to go to the Observatory.
Washington; M»y 16.— California pen
sions: Original— William Rude, San
Jacinto; G. Gale, Grass Valley. locrease—
John Bonn, San Francisco; John In
graham, Culton; Charles Clarke, Los An
geles. Origiual widows, etc.— Sarah A.,
widow of Jesse H. Clements, San Frau
cisco. — Minor of Henry Sterudt,
Sail Francisco. Oregon: Original invalid-
James Baker, Adams. Nevada: Increase—
Manassas Boyle, Guld lliil.
i Washington, May IG.— Rev. Father
Fitzsimons of San Francisco is here. lu a
few days he will leave for Europe, and C.
B. Stone 'if San Francisco leaves to-morrow
for New York, thence home.

Kills' Manifesto.
Washington, May 10.— Roger Q. Mills
will to-morrow issue a manifesto attacking
the Farmers' Alliance.
Sherman's Bil! Providing for the Eetiremjnt
- of National Bank Notes.
Washington, May IG.— Senator Sher
man, by request, to-day introduced a bill
providing that the compulsory requirement
of deposits of United States bonds with the
Treasurer of the United States by national
banks is hereby limited in amount to £10,000
bonds for each and every national bank,
provided the voluniary withdrawal of bonds
for the retirement of national bank notes
shall not exceed the sum of 83,000,000 in
any one month without the approval and
consent of the Secretary of the Treasury,
and further provided that this act shall not
apply lo deposits of bunds which may be
required by the Secretary of the Treasury
to secure deposits of public moueys in the
national banks. On the surrender by the
national bank of auy sum of its circulating
notes by the required deposit of lawful
money with the Treasurer for their re
demption the entire liability of the bank
for its said surrendered notes shall utterly
cease and they shall be redeemed by the
Treasurer and destroyed in lieu of the fund
of lawful money heretofore set apart for
the redemption of the surrendered notes of
national banks, amounting to the entire
sum unredeemed of said surrendered notes.
The Treasurer shall establish a reserve
fund of lawlul money, not less than 5 per
cent nor more than L'O per cent of the entire
amount of the. surrendered notes unre
The llouso amendments to the Trust Bill
were non-concurred in by the Senate, and a
conference askeii.
Stewart introduced a resolution provid
ing that the special Committee on Irriga
tion and Arid Lauds be continued uutil the
subject is disposed of.
At 12:30 o'clock Jones' silver bill came
up as unfinished business and debate was
proceeded with on Sherman's amendment.
Plumb's amendment to Sherman's amend
ment vya* debated at length by Plumb, His
cock, Sherman, Gibson and others.
The afternoon was spent in discussing
Plumb's amendment providing that the
Secretary of the Treasury shall at no time
be allowed to hold in the Treasury Depart
ment a surplus exceeding $110,000,000. -
The amendment provided a long running
debate between Ingalls aud Sherman.
No vote was reached and alter a brief ex
ecutive session the Senate adjourned at
4:45 o'clock. ■
An Amendment Increasing the Wool Tariff
Washington, May 10.— The House re
sumed cousideratijn ol the tariff at 11
The Ways and Means Committee has
agreed upon an amendment reducing the
duty on burlaps from 1% to 1%.
John S. Henderson proposed an amend
ment leaving the duty on lamp-chimneys
the same as under the present law.
A good deal of discussion was evoked by
the amendment, and a great many Republi
cans voted with Henderson.
McKiuley, for the lirst time since amend
ments have been in order, exhibited some
signs of uervuusuess.
The vote resulted on the amendment
ayes 104, nays 107.
Most of the afternoon was spent on the
wool features of the bill, and several
amendments of littlo importance were
After a lengthy discussion the duty on
woolen yarn, which the bill fixes at double
the amount of the duty ou wool, was raised
to two anl a half times the duty on wool,
nnd the duty on third-class wools, valued
at 13ceuts per pound or less, wns increased
to S'2 per cent ad valorem. Those valued at
over IS cents per pouud were fixed at 50 per
cent hi valorem.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in a
rather acrimonious discussion between
Mansur ami Struble, who had a lively tilt.
There was abo a spirited Uubaie between
Clark and Doliver.
At 5 u'clock the. Hou*e look a recess until
8 o clock, for the euusiderntiou of private
pension bills^
William Corraa'a Hearing for ITslnsf a
I'latol on Ilnnry I'eteri.
The examination of William Curran on
the charge of assault to murder was cou
eluded in Judge Joachimsen's court last
Curran entered the saloon of Henry
Peters, on Battery street, on May Ist, and
engaged in an altercation with the pro
prietor, who endeavored to put him out,
when Curran drew a pistol and shot him in
the thi«h.
Upon the hearing the defendant set up
the plea of self-defense, and tbe prosecu
tion endeavored to show that he went into
the saloon for the purpose of raising a fight,
as he resided in the locality, yet had never
entered the place for two years. The Court
reserved its decision until Monday.
Election of Officer* — Sinta Kota the
Mertlng Pines.
The Grand Couit of California, Ancient
Order of Foresters of America, in session
at Oakland, adjourued sine die last night,
after the installation of the newly elected
At the morning session several resolu
tions were adopted, and the court spent
nearly all day iu considering the laws gov
erning subordinate and junior courts. A
code of procedure was also adopted, and
the reports of the Committee on the State
of the Order were read. By the enacting
clause tlie former are now in force.
A litw wai adopted permitting the forma
tion of juvenile courts, to consist of boys
between the ages of 12 and 18. The appeal
of Court Shell Mound from the action of
the Executive Board was sustained. A
proposition to form a Board of Kelief was
referred to a committee of five to report at
the next nnnual session. An appeal of
Thomas Ross of Court Inter Nos was sus
The Executive Committee" was author
ized to present to the retiring High Chief
Kanger his portrait, and it was also recom
mended that the High Chief hanger of the
High Court procure a flag and banner. The
Committee on Acts and Decisions and on
State of the Order presented reports of
Interest only to tlia High Court.
Santa Kosa wns chosen as the place of
meeting of the fourth annual session,' and
an election of officers which took place iu
tbe evening resulted as follows:
Wish Clnef lunger, Lewis Tliorue of Los Au
eelej; Si.!, li Cliief Banfror, J. U. Case of Sau
tiaucUcu; High Secretary, C. S. Bremerot Ala
liiedn; Hlcli Treanurer, F. C. Heusley of Sail
FiancHco; Hi^ti Seuioi Woodward, V. W. Duffle
of San Francisco; HlgU Junior Woodward, W.
W. Soutucoie of i;r:i-n Valley; Hi|»li Senior
Beaule, U. \V. liayrutlier of San Francisco; High
Juuior llemlle. (j. W. Myrick of Woodlaucl;
lllKli Trustees— l'DUlp Llviii^itou, D. D. liuut
and li. Colieu. all ol San Fi auui-co.
The Kate Greenaway Gnard Ontdrlllg
F at the Firm.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Twelfth
street Christian Church held a bazaar in
the parlors of the church last evening. The
most enjoyable thing on the programme
was a competitive drill between the Kate
Greanaway Guard and a corps from Com
pany F, First Infantry, X. G. C.
After the corps, under the command of
Captain Rosenthal, bad .cone through a
series of military evolutions twelve beauti
ful younc liirtirs, dressed iu a tasty uniform
and each bearing a burnished tray by way
of armf', filed out upon, the fluor aud pro
ceeded tu show the military manual of
ai ins. They also performed a series of evo
lutious with surprising grace and precision,
shouldering, carrying nnd presenting
arms, deploying as skirmishers, advancing
en the enemy, relreatiug and charging in
double quick, aud all in accordance with
The drill corps ol Company F was cast
into the shade and after the drill whs over
the people presant, with one voice, de
clared the young ladies the winners of the
prize. They were under the command of
First -vi f»ni C. K. Garrison of Comiiauy
F .iud their names are: The Misses Lam
bert (First Sergeant), May Frew, Emily
Frew, Slay Allies, Lillie Vance, Surah
Austin, May Presley, Annie Presley,
Marian Webster. Etta Squire, Emma Baker
and Minnie Garrison.
After the contest was over the victors
treated- the gallant .vanquished to a tasty
little supper. . - • >: -; i
P. J. Hazen, a Mudvato attorney, is at the
Mrs. Jesse Grant of Alameda is stopping
at the Palace.
John Thomann, a St. Ilelena vineyardist,
is at the Palace.
Postmaster Stephens of Sacramento is a
guest at the Lick.
General T. B. Bunting aud wife, of Santa
Cruz, are at the Palace.
J. YV. Oaten, an attorney of Santa Rosa, is
registered at the, Grand.
Captain C.*X. Seamuiou, U. S. R. M., is
registered at the Pulace.
R. W. King, a prominent business man of
Stockton, is at the Lick.
F. S. Chndbourne aud family will spend
the summer at San Jose.
Grove L. Johnson, a lawyer of Sacra
mento, is at the .Baldwin.
W. J. Hotchkis*. a wine manufacturer of
Healdsburif, is at the Lick.
Judge S. O. Houghton of Lbs Angeles is
visiting friends iu this city.
Dr. Gustave Rietzke has returned from a
tour through Ceutral America.
Rev. C. M. Hyde, D.D., of Honolulu, ar
rived yesterday on the Australia.
T. G. Yancey, a prominent resident of
Modesto, is registered at the Lick.
J. O. Colby of the British Navy arrived
on the Honolulu steamer yesterday.
Major Frank McLaughlin, an Oroville
capitalist, is registered at the Palace.
David W. Sines, a banker of Columbus,
Ohio, is registeied at the Occidental.
Ex-Senator A. P. Williams and wife left
yesterday on an exteusive northern trip.
Walter S. Maxwell, a prominent capital
ist of Los Angeles, is a guest at tho Palace.
Ex-Senator Clay Webster Taylor, the
well-known orator of Shasta, is at the Pal
Charles J. Haas, a Stockton merchant, ac
companied by hla wile, is registered at the
C. Mohn, a Nevada merchant, and H. H.
Wood, a vineyardist of Wrights, are at the
Will Clnyton, a real-estate man of San
Jose, accompanied by his wife, is at the
J. T. Waterhouse, a leading merchant of
the Hawaiian Islands, arrived yesterday
from Honolulu.
Hon. D. U. McMullnn, Provincial Secre
tary of the Manitoba Legislature, is a guest
ol the Occidental.
George 11. Rica of the Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company is spending the 6ummer at
San .In-e with his family.
A. H. Cameron and C. H. Cameron, prom
inent fruit-growers of Santa Clara Vailey,
arc stopping at the Grand. '-' ■»:•:■
John K. Mackenzie, ex- Recorder of Mo
jave County, Ariz., and a prominent inine
owner, is stopping at the Ljck.
Ex-Mayor John Bryce of Los Angeles,
accompanied bv his wile, is at tho Palace
and will remain in the city for a few days.
Professor Samuel Adelstein arrived in
Naples ou the Ist lust. He remained there
a few days and then proceeded to Rome and
Dr. 11. nipkins, President of the Royal
College of Dental Surgeons of Canada, and
Dr. J. Patterson of the. same college, are at
the Giaml.
J. K. S. Kynnersly, the Honolulu sugar
planter, and wife, arrived on the steamer
Australia yesterday. They are on the way
to England.
S. PhelpH, an attorney-at-law and son of
the Hon. Phelps, American Minister to Ber
lin, came up on the steamer Australia from
Honolulu yesterday.
Hon. Henry K. Mitchell, a well-known
lawyer in this Slate, will soon resume the
development (it gold and coal mines owned
by him near Eureka, Nev.
Mayor VV. D. Comstoek of Sacramento,
with City Trustees 11. C. Wolf and William
McLaughlin, are in the city on business re
lating to the water supply of Sacramento. -
W. J. Buzacott, representing the Brisbane
Courier. Evening Observer aud - Queens
lander, Brisbane, Australia, is in this city.
He hns come to study the American news
papers and their systems.
Harry N. Gillig and wife (nee Crocker)
aud mother, accompanied by two servant-;,
arrived on the steamer Australia from
Honolulu yesterday - and during the after
noon left for Sacramento.
William Montgomery, proprietor of the
American Exchange, will leave for a trip to
Europe on Tuesday next, accompanied by
his family. He expects to be absent from
the Slate about sixty days. , . •
"T. and B."
The traveling agent for George E. Tuckett &
Son, tobacco manufacturers ol Danville, Va..
who Is kuowu as ," T & U," Is la this city. • • ; :'.
Stealing fkom : Cars.— EdwarU O. Nell and
James Carroll, two young fellows who had beeu
stealing liuru lue railroad cars uu Kiug slieet,
uear Fouitn, were anesied last uigbt.
The Home Team Again Defeats
the Colonels.
Sacramento Wins a Close and Exciting
Contest From Stockton.
Results of the Games Played In the East
Between National and Players' League -
Clubs— The Record.
The Colonel* sustained their first defeat from
the Frlscos on their owu ground yesterday. Tiie
men from this side, with one exception, were in
fine playing conditlou and. barring tlie third in
nlng. gave the spectators an exhibition ol steady
fielding. Youue was In the box for Finn's
team nud lon control ol the ball in tbe thiid in
ninc. seuding thiee meu to bases by li ls Inability
to put the sphere over tlie plate. Tlien some bits
and errors followed and four ol the OaKlands
traveled homeward. Youhb, however, regained
mastery over bis curves alter that Inning and
pitched a splendid same. From the fourth In
ning to the close of the contest he allowed but
tlnee safe lilts and but one member of the oppos
ing si de was enabled to score.
He whs well supported by his side, although
Ruchan did some poor work at third. Sweeney
cuiii'detl the liiinal In liist-cla>s shape, and
bulled out Miielei when tuey weie needed.
Ebrlght and Shea bandied a number ol hot
groutideia neatly, and Levy made himself pioin
inent bolu at bat and In his position. Speer
caught a good game aud baa lib throwing ana
wl'U him.
Cobb had almo9t perfect command of tlie ball,
but bis pitching was not effective. Tlie Frlscos
earned half < f llieir 111:11 from him. JJuusan
piHypd without a uassed ball or an error behind
tlie bat. and thiew quickly itud accurately to
base*. -McDonald and Siiefcney were the only
lulielilers wlio gave Ihelr pitcher decent '•uiiiiort.
Hill took care of everything Ihat came bis way,
and Meettau '11 rlebt field was glveu but one
chance, which he accepted.
Iu the secoud Inuiug for Frisco Levy hit a two
banger to right and scored 011 Speer's saciilice
ana Sweeney's ilogle.
In tbe third for Oakland Cobb and C. O'Xelll
were given bases on balls aud the former scored
on Stick uey's single. O'Neill tools thud on the
hit and StlcKney took second on the throw In.
Sneer throw to thiid to catch O'Neill napping,
Buchau eried mid the Itfvneider went home
Slickney scored on Meeeau'.x single. Meegan
went to third on ground hits by McDonald aud
Lobmau nud scured on Hill'* sacnliee.
In the third (or Frisco liuchan hit an Infield
single and Young took first on balls. Shea's sln
gln sent KiK'hau home and Young to third. Shea
stole recomi, aud witu Young scored ou
Sweeney's siucle to cemer. llunley hit to StlcK
uey, who threw out Sneeucy at secoud. Hanley
took second ou Levy's scratch single and scored
when I.ulmh.lii picked up Sneer's grounder
then threw wild 10 first.
lu the stxtu for Fii-co, Stevens hit to Stickney
•nd was sate ou the fumble, Buchan baited to
Cobb. who threw wild to first, Steveus scoilug
and Buciiau going to third, Shea hit toLohuian
who llnew -poorly to tha plate, and Buchan
crossed the rubber.
Iu the seventh for Oakland, Cobb was given
first ou balls, Mole s.-coud aud third aud scored
on Dungan's single.
Iu the eighth for Frisco, Speer bit safely past
short aud Steveus was given first ou balls.
Buchau hit to Lobmaii, who tbrew out Stevens
at second, and McDonald, In attempting a double
play, threw wild 10 nrsi, Speer scoilng. Young
hit safely to rlehl, seeding Buctian to third
Shea struck to Louiiud, who thiew out Buchan
at tbe platr, aud Young went to third. Shea
stole second aud, with Young, scored on Sweeu
ey's slnule.
SIJi.MAUV— At Oakland, May 16, 1890— San
Frauclscos 10, Oaklands 5. Earned runs—Oak
land* 1. San Francisco* 5. Two-base hit— Levy.
Saciltk-c Speer, Hill. McDonald, Stickney.
Hrst base on eriois — Oaklauas 4, San Frau
clscos 5. First base on called balls— Oaklauds 6,
San Frauclscos 2. Left on bases— Oaklands 6,
Sau Franci«cos 4. Struck out— By Cobb 2, by
Young 2. Hit by pitcher— Shea." Double plays—
Buchan, Shea aud Sweeney. Passed ball —
Speer 1.
SCOIIE nv i»'ikgs.
1 .' 3456789
Cltjbs. . — —
Oaklands 0 0400010 0— B
San Frauclscos 0 14 0 0 2 0 3 •— lO
OAKI.ANI'S. AB. h. BH. bb. ■ TO. A e.
C. O'.Nelll, I. f- 4 10 0 10 0
stlckney,3b 4 110 2 3 1
lmugan, c. 3 0 10 4 3 0
Mceg»n, r. f 4 110 10 0
-McUouaKl, 'J b 3 0 0 0 6 2 1
Lobinan.s.* 4 o*o 0 0 4 2
Hill, C. f. 4 0 0 0 4 0 0
Isaacson, lb 4 u 0 0 5 0 2
Cobb, p ■£ 2 12 12 1
Totals 32 5 4 "2 24 13 7
San Franciscos. ab. r. bh. sb. to. a. K.
Shea, 'J b 4 2 1 '£ 3 3 1
Bweenay. lb 5 o 3 0 13 0 0
Hauley. c. ! 5 10 0 a 0 0
Klirißh:.*. s 3 0 0 0 4 2 1
Levy, I. 1 4 12 0 3 0 0
f-peer.c 4 1112 3 0
btevenc. r. f 3 110 0 0 0
tturhan. 3 b 4 2 10 0 4 3
Vouujj, p 3 2 10020
Totals 35 10 9 3 27 13 6
Umi>;re— .John Sherlilan.
Kcorer— J. W. Btapletoo. -
Time of gam.'— Dae hour aud forty minutes.
AtU'Uilauce — 400. - - ■ '
Ad Exciting Game Won in the -Ninth
luniugr by Hacrainento,
Stockton, May 16.— Sacramento defeated
Stockton to-day Iu a close and exciting game
by a scoie of 4to 3. It was either club's game,
all through, and every point was foucui for.
Farrott and liariicr were Hie opposing twnlers
aud both pitched splendid ball, four bits being
made off l'arrott mid live off Harper. Sacra
mento got two ruus in the third and ihe Stock
tons tied Ihe score In the fifth, In the sixth
Stockton got another run, and Sacramento tied
the scoie in the eighth, scoring the winning iuii
In the ninth.
Bowman gave Harper perfect support, but De
Panguei's hands were so sore it was with diffi
culty he caught at all. Fudger and Selna car
ried off the fielding honors of the game.
Summary— Al Stockton. May 16, 1890—Sac
rameutos 4, Slocktous 3. Earned runs—Stock
tons 1. Buse on en Stocktons 3, Sacra
mentns 3. Base ou balls— Stocktons 3, Saera
mentos 3. Left ou bases— Stockton* 6, Sacra
meoios 3. Sti uck out— By Parrott 4. by Harper 8.
Double plays-Fogarty, Fudiier, Selua. Sacri
fice bit— rudcer. I'assed bails— De rangher 2.
Wild pitch— Harper 2.
SCORE isy uonsGa.
12 3 4 5.6,789
Cl.l'BS. — — — — — __
Stocktons 0 O 0 U 2 10 0 0— 3
Saerainentos O 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1— 4
Stocktons. ab. R. BS. SB. ro. a. _
Swan, 1. r 4 0 110 0 0
Cnhtll.r.f 4 0 0 0 10 0
Kelua, 1I) 3 0 0 0 16 0 1
Fudger, S.S. 4 112 4 10
Fogarty, -' b 3 0 0 0 12 0
Wl.suu. 3b. 4 110 0 4 1
l*arrutl, p 3 0 1 0 0 2 1
Stewart, c r. 4 110 2 0 1
Do I'augLer, c. 4 0 0 0 2 6 3
Totals 33 3 6 3 25» 15 ~5
Bac_ — f_VToa. ab. b. bh. sn. ro. a. _
Ooodenoußli, c. t.... 3 2 1 0 I^.o 0
llowmaii. c 4 10 1 8* 4 0
lMly.».s 4 0 10 18 2
Staiiletun, 1 b 4 110 8 0 0
Collar, 3 b 4 0 0 0 2 0 1
Reitz, 2 b 4 0 0 0 2 3 0
BOMT— , 1. f. ;... 2 0 0 0 3 0 0
McHale, r.f. 30 0 0 10 0
Harper, p 2 0 10 10 0
Tot.V« 30 4 4 1 27 10 "i
Umpire— John Douobne.
Scorer— V. Kelly.
Time of came— one hour and 40 minutes.
*One man out wbon winutnc run was scored.
To-Uay'B Oinie.
The Oaklnnds and Sau Franciscos clay again
tbls afternoon at the llalgbt-street ground.*. The
b.itlerles wllr be Meegan and Lohraau for Oak
laud aud Lookabaugh aud Stevens for the home
team. ■_
■ . .. •
Anson's Men Whitewash the Bean-Eaters.
Scores of Other League Games.

Boston, May 16.— local players were
unable to do anything with xfutchinson's
delivery to-day, while Nicholls was touched
uu at the richt time. The game was wit
nessed by 2500 people. Summary:
805t0n5..,,... .......0 0000000 0— 0
Cblcagos 2100 0U II '- I
Base taits-lioitons 3, Cblcagos 6. Errors— 3 each.
Batterles-Xlcnulls aud Deuuett, Hutcninson ana
Hnmb'.ed Giants.
Rew York, May 1C — The visitors won
to-day's game in the second inning, when
they batted out three runs. Two thousand
people were present. Summary :
Yorts.. 0 00001000- 1
Cle.velao.ds 1 3000100'— 5
ltasa hits— New Yorks 7, Clevelands 7. Krrort —
New Yorits 3, CierelaQda 1. Halter s— Welcb aud
Murphy, Heactln and ZUnmer, Umpires— rower*
and Zacuarias.
Oie for the Bids.
Pbiladklpiiia, May Eighteen hun
drrd people wlticsed the defeat of the
ii.'ine team to-day in a well-played game.
Pnlladelpulas.....« 0 1000000 o—l
Cinclnnatls 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 3— S
Base hits— Philadelphia* 3, 1 Clncinnatis 10. Er
ron-rnllidelpblas 5, Clncinnatia 2. ISatteries—
Glrasun anil Schriver, Hl.iiies and Harrington.
McQuade. '
The Gastowns Lot*.
Brooklyn*, May 16.— Pittsburgs
opened the series here to-day by losing to
the Bridegrooms. Attendance 1500. Sam
Brooklyn*. .-. 130020000— 8
ritlsburgs 0 10101000—3
Base ult»— Brooklyns 9, I'ittsburjs c. Errors—
Urouklyns 8. rittsbuixs 3. Batteries—
and Clark, Baker aud wilsoo. U mpire— Lynch.
... »
A Slagging Hatch at Philadelphia — New
York Game Postponed.
Philadelphia, May 16.— Tu-day's game
was a slugging contest and the visitors,
although outbatted, bunched their hits to
better advantage than their opponents.
Attendance 1800. Summary:
l'lillailnlnlilas 03600002 0 10
Plttxburgs 2 14 2 0 110 »-ll
ails— rmiadelphtas 17, I'lttsburgs IS. Er
rors—3 each. ltattrrit's— BulllUKtou and Cron, G»l
--vin aad Carroll. Umpires— and Junutug.
D.wn They Go. '
Boston, May its.— The home team got on
the slide again to-day and were helped
along by the Clcvelauda. Attendance 4000.
Kostous 1 0100020 0—
< Irviianils 4 0 0 0 0 4 0 2 •— lO
Ilane Bottom 7, Cleveland* 11. Krrors—
JiOßtonß9. t'levetaiids 12. Batteries— Klllroy and
Kelly, bruber and Sultclltie. Umpire— June*.
Won in the Third.
Brooklyn, May 16.— The local team wou
In the third inning to-day when they piled
up six runs. Attendauce 1200. Summary:
Brooklyns 0 0 6 0 2 0 0 0 O— B
Cblcag»s ; 2 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0-8
llaso hits— Brooklyns 11, Chicago* 9. Errors—
Brooklyn* 5. Chlcagos 11. Batteries-Murphy and
Kinsiow, Baldwin and Farrell. Umpires— tiaitner
aiitl Barnes.
Wet Gronndi.
New York, .May 16.— Brotherhood
gßine between New*York and Buffalo wu
postponed on account ot the wet grounds.
The American Association
Syracuse, May 16.— Syracuses 4, St.
Louis 7.
Base hits— Syracuse 6, St. Lonls 7. Error*—Syra
cuse 2, St. Louis 4. Batteries— Morrison and liaoly,
Chainberlaiu aad Earle. Umpire — Barnura.
_ kooklyn, May 10.— There was no gama
between Brooklyua and Toledos on account
of rain.
Rochester, May 16.— Rochesters 6, Co
lumbus 2.
Base bits— Rochestnrs 11, Columbsi 7. Krrors—
Rocbesters 7. Columbus 2. Batteries — Callahau
McKoegli, Winner and O'Connor. Umpire— Ensile.
Philadelphia, May 16.— Athletics 8,
Louisvilles 6.
Base Athletics 8, Louisvilles 10. Errors-
Athletics tj. Louisvilles 1. liatteries— Mon:ibau and
Keblson, Strattou and Ky:m. Umpire— Doescber.

E-'.lative Position* of the Natioaal and P.»y
ers' League Team*.
The following table gives the number ot
games won, lost and played by ea^h club ot
the National and Players' leagues.
5 ,
i '.'.'. Z. .*.".'.".".!!!..

Tbey Brutally Assaalt a Servant
C. 3J. Fox, the advertising broker, livei
with his family at 3.'G Eighteenth street,
near Mission. They hnve a comely young
German girl named _ lary in iheir employ
in the caimciiy of a domestic. Last Tues
day evening Mr. and Mrs. Fox went to pay
a visit in Oakland, aud Mary at the same
time set out to visit her sister, on Mission
street. Mr. Fox had only one latch-key
and he took this with him, telling Mary not
to return before 10 o'clock, aud that He
would be home by that time to let her in
the house.
Unfortunately, Mr. Fox missed the Oak
land boat and diii not return with his wife
until past 11 o'clock. Meanwhile Mary had
returned home, and, finding tlie door
locked, sat down on the steps to await the
arrival of her employers.
She had sat there only a short time whea
three hoodlums who had beeu watching
her from across the street came up to her.
One 01 them grasped her by the bair aul
dragged her off the steps. The others
seized her by the arms and waist. They
threw her down on the sidewalk and at
tempted to carry their assault still further,
but the girl's screams brought a neighbor
on the scene and the hoodlums ran away.
Mr. Fox on his return set un foot •
searching investigation to discover the port
petrators of tiie outrage, but the miscreants
haye not as yet been caught, although their
identity is suspected. The police have tha
matter in hand.
The neighborhood has been much an
noyed of late by hoodlums, who congregate
around the corners of Eighteenth and Jes
sie streets, Dut up to that time tuey had
contented themselves with petty mischieC
aud thievery.
Twenty-one Chinese In the Alanieda
County Jill.
Deputy Collector of the Port Jerome yes
terday received a telegram from George E. *
Gard that two of his d«p^.ies would arriva
in San Francisco at a*»»£lock last night,' —
having in custody the twenty-one Chinese
for deportation to China. They will ba
shipped aboard the outlining steamer
China, which will sail on Wednesday next
for Hong-Kong.
Deputy Collector Jerome notified Sur
veyor Kllborn, who detailed a number ot
tne members of his force to go over to Oak
land and uieet the iucoming Mongols. .
The Atlautic express train from the south
arrived at the Sixteenth-street depot in
Oakland shortly after 8 o'clock, and was
there boarded by the deputies who took ■'
charge of the Chinese.
On arriving at the Oakland mole the Chi
nese were lauded and handcuffed two to
gether. They were then placed on the local
train leaving the mole at 9 o'clock and oat
arriving »t Broadway were taken to tha
Alameda County Jail, when) they will re
main until the day that the steamer sails,
unless, as is not improbable, writs ot habuaa
corpus are sued out in their behalf.
Attorney Burris 1* Charged With Falony
John F. Burris, the attorney who hu
been in so much trouble lately with hi*
clients, was charged yesterday at the City
Prison at the instance of Henry Hojjreva,
proprietor or the Hmuboldt House, 231 Kil
teenth street, wiih felony embezzlement
Hofcreve alleges in his complaint thai
Burris was his attorney, and while acting;
as such, last November, was intrusted with,
and had control of $£00 belonging to
Hogreve lor the use of tbe Universal Bene
licial Guaranty Trust and Loan Company,
and that he appropriated the money tohia
own use instead of investing it as instructed.
Burris was released on bonds of 92000. .■■
Berliv, May 16. — It Is again reported
that the condition of Kossutli is critical.
In the Sterling Furniture Co.'a Bu.ldinj.
Pianos and Organs at Reduced Rates.

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